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Usually we start from an analysis of the market competition, both in terms of positioning and retail price, with a methodology that we have developed that lets us identify the exact

positioning of our product on the market. This leads to a sequence of operations which have now been amply tested and allow us in a short time to decide on the best distribution strategy.

EM: What new products are you presenting? AR: The quality of the BellaOggi products is now clearly very high and the new products are increasingly performing and attractive.

The new launches are particularly focused and attractive and represent the best and most innovative products that we can offer on the market.


ATTRAZIONE WET, a lipstick with very intense colour, with an ultra-glossy result. In this case too, we have a really new product which is already trendy: a stylo lipstick with a brand new and special applicator which, with a simple “click” releases the right amount of product for an application worthy of a make-up artist. Thanks to its hybrid formula, it offers the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss and the comfort of a lip balm, the colour is very intense and the result is very glossy.

STAY ON, an ultra-pigmented stylo eye shadow with a weightless texture that reveals a long-lasting pearly colour. Stay on means that the colour does not “move” and stays in place for hours: it is water-resistant and its most interesting characteristic is that, although it is very persistent, it does not settle in the creases of the eyelids, an anti-aesthetic problem which many women feel strongly about. A cream eye shadow that is easy to apply; with full and intense colour, it is easy to apply from the first application. A simple gesture for an impeccable result.

LIP SHADOW, a real lipstick in powder for the most matte effect possible. It does not dry the lips, it does not migrate, the colour is long-lasting leaving an opaque, matte and velvety effect and which is comfortable even hours after application. The colour is very intense but allows creating delicate nuances by giving a 3D effect which redefines the volumes of the lips. This is the particularity of this lipstick which, thanks to its texture and the special sponge applicator, allows creating infinite looks.


EM - Profumeria Selettiva 2-17  

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