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BELLAOGGI a confident answer to the requirements of international markets Interview with Adriano Ripari, Export Director of Bella Oggi

EXPORT MAGAZINE: BellaOggi is today more than a promise, it is a consolidated reality abroad as well. What are the reasons for this success? ADrIANO RIPARI: We can effectively say now that our efforts to create a network representing the countries that follow the BellaOggi brand have given excellent results. The reasons for its growth in the past few years consist mainly of the awareness of the company of the potential of the brand and the need to structure the expansion abroad with a highly competent and efficient work group. From this point of view, the opening of the Milan office is the emblem of the internationalization of the brand, as Milan is a natural junction which also allows us to be closer to all our customers, both current ones and potential ones.


In addition, the recent reinforcement and development in Italy, reaching about 2000 points of sale, lays the basis for a more effective planning of activities, fostering a more constant development abroad as well. EM: Considering the number of countries where you are present, how do you manage to reconcile such different requirements? AR: Undoubtedly, with countries that range from Brazil to Russia and from Dubai to Estonia, the need to have a range that can be appreciated and distributed everywhere is very important both for the distributors and the company. The advantage of having this range of companies consists of the continuous feedback that we have with them

and which allows us optimize our colour range in real time. In some countries, for example, we have to implement on some products – in particular the foundations – policies of extension of the colour ranges, both towards darker complexions for some countries and fairer ones for others, even though they are countries which are not geographically distant as could be expected. EM: What is your strategy in terms of product? AR: Having completed a first phase of construction of harmony of the basic range, our Marketing Dept. is now concentrating mainly in two directions: the first is to make, always according to the high standards of quality of the brand, products with a wide distribution and rotation which can meet the needs of all our distributors. The second direction is that of creating products which, either because they are

innovative or because at the centre of the most glamorous trends of the moment, can please, on the one hand, the consumers most attentive to and in search of new products and, on the other, consolidate the image of BellaOggi as a brand that can create traditional high rotation products and at the same time is capable of keeping abreast of the times. EM: In practical terms, how do you adapt your commercial strategy to countries that are so very different from one another? AR: The countries that meet our brand for the first time learn straight away that the path that will lead them to being BellaOggi distributors will be made together in a climate of great collaboration and competence. We accompany the customer from the very first moment, sharing some tools that allow both of us to understand the best way of entering their market.

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