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NAJ-OLEARI new colours for spring-summer 2017

For the coming season, Naj-Oleari, by EuroItalia, offers a wide range of colours to brighten the face, eyes, lips and nails.

Eye Bijoux is an elegant glossy black compact with a new rounded lid. It holds a trio of eye shadows which offer different effects and results, to be blended with one another or used individually. The pigments have been produced with advanced technologies, together with fixing agents for simple and perfect make-up. The compact contains an intense long-lasting matte shade, ideal for the shadow areas of make-up, a texture with a long-lasting chromatic and multi-reflecting effect and a double pearl illuminating shade, for extreme adhesion. The compact, Simplement Purple, comes complete with a double-ended applicator. Eyes are emphasized with Mascara Volume in Very Black, a multiplying and thickening mascara. Its brand new texture is creamy, enveloping and volumizing. Its formula has been enriched with a technological powder to increase the intensity of the colour and the eyes. The specially designed applicator allows total release of the mascara on the lashes. The Pen Eye Liner in Black is easy and precise to apply thanks to its “felt tip pen” shape. It offers good cover, dries quickly, is long-lasting and has maximum adherence.


For the cheeks, Baked Blush in Sugar Rose is soft to the touch and gives a healthy glow effect. On application, it is extremely comfortable with a “second skin” effect which sublimates the radiance of the complexion thanks to the presence of pearly pigments. A few touches on the cheekbones and on the strategic points are sufficient to redesign the volumes of the face with an effective game of dark and light. Lightweight and silky, highly blendable, it adheres perfectly to the cheeks. Gloss Emotion in the season’s new colours of Tender Rose and Strawberry is a longlasting creamy lip gloss that offers an extraordinary sensation of moisturization, comfort super-adherence and record resistance. The colour is full, luminous and lasting. Thanks to its carefully selected ingredients, this gloss can boast of greater staying power and a pleasant sensation of moisturization and comfort. The applicator picks up the right amount of gloss and its shape and consistency allow designing extremely easily both the contour and the centre of the mouth.

Also for the lips, Affinity Lipstick in the shade of Magenta, has an exclusive creamy texture which releases intense and immediate colour, a fine film that is comfortable and very adherent on the lips. Easy to apply, it offers a special sensory sensation and, with Vitamin E, it has an important anti-ageing and antioxidant function . Emollient Lipstick with Eldew in Matte Pink comes in a new dynamic and classic form: the cap ha a round base and the cap tapers to form an oval. The texture is still particularly comfortable and bright and comfortable on application. Thanks to its ingredients of filming polymers with plastic waxes, extreme comfort is ensured for lips. Color Emotion Classic Effect Nail Polish comes in a wide variety of colours to accompany every look and its formula guarantees brightness, resistance and staying power. Glitter XXL Might Effect is a nail polish with glitter in four different colours (gold, blue, fuchsia and pink) in a transparent base, which can be used on its own or with other colours.

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