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ALV PASSPORT travel memories in a new fragrance collection

The famous designer whose map designs became iconic, is launching with Beautimport, the licensee for international distribution, a new collection inspired by the multi-coloured stamps in his passports. ALV-Passport is the new line created by the traveller-designer Alviero Martini. After having been inspired by ancient maps for his creations, Martini has now found inspiration in the multi-coloured stamps he collected in his passports over the years as a globe-trotter, forming an evocative mosaic. Five fragrances have been created and were recently presented with Beautimport, the licensee for international distribution. They are named after five well-known places in Italy and have been created to evoke their atmospheres and recreate the emotions experienced there. This approach to fragrance is the expression of his personal travel memories in these iconic places of beauty and Italian history.


All the scents of Sicily are captured in Taormina, with sparkling citrus and Mediterranean notes. The top notes of blood orange, mandarin and orange blossom open the way for the heart of juniper and almond and a drydown of white musks, cumin and galbanum. Roma, (Rome) the Eternal City, is evoked by rich and elegantly opulent notes, with top notes of pink pepper, ylang ylang and mandarin, a heart of tuberose, iris and cinnamon and a drydown of sandalwood, patchouli and guaiac wood. The floral and romantic notes of Venezia (Venice) conjure up an oriental scent typical of the city on the lagoon, in a beautifully balanced blend of oriental memories and romantic floral harmonies. The top notes are Chinese mandarin, violet eaves and peony, the middle

notes a bouquet of rose, geranium and gardenia, with a drydown of white musk. As elegant and lively as the city inspiring it, Firenze (Florence) is a fragrance with woody, spicy, amber and musk notes that opens with the sparkling notes of bergamot, cardamom and cumin, continues with a heart of nutmeg, black pepper and leather and a drydown of birch and cypress. Capri is an inebriating and highly feminine poudrĂŠ fragrance which opens with the floral and fruity notes of jasmine, peach blossom and raspberry. The middle notes of cotton flowers, violet, rose petals and a poudrĂŠ accord, while the drydown is warm and persistent with white musk, patchouli and amber.

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