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EM: Congratulations on having thought of returning to the world of fragrances and ask you why you chose Beautimport as your partner. AM: That is correct, returning… in the past we had already launched a line of fragrances, in collaboration with the Michelot family. When Jean-Luc Michelot, with whom I have been friends in the past few years, told me he belonged to Beautimport, ewe tightened our professional relations, I also met Nicola Catelli, his partner, and straight away there was a strong understanding between us. Both our companies have the same objectives of success, based on quality and on a realistic analysis of the market. I am sure that we will be able to assert ourselves both in Italy and internationally, as the line we are presenting now comes after a year and a half of research, on fragrances and the approach to give to the line.

While for bags I have given the collection the names of international places such as Rio de Janeiro, Bali and Osaka, we wanted to call the first collection made up of five fragrances with the name of five very recognizable Italian places. The foreign client, who often already knows my name, will find in the fragrances the characteristic sign of Italian products. The days we spent with the various “noses” in Grasse, Milano and Rimini to choose the essences suitable for the five fragrances were inebriating. I think that Beautimport, which also gave great importance to this project, is satisfied with the work done. Now it is up to the market to give its opinion… EM: As a real entrepreneur, as well as a designer with years of experience, you have a great respect for the people who receive your products.

AM: We are carrying forward an idea of Italian products and quality, in favour of an affordable price. We are building an ‘ALV house’ where everything offered has to be standard. So far we have been able with a work of constant control to ensure that every product that bears our brand is aligned in quality and price. A project cannot be based on the whim of a designer, but on commercial logics which are inevitably dictated by the consumer. In the collection we will also include high-end element, however, as I repeat, it will be the consumers, increasingly qualified, who make their own choices. EM: What kind of relationship do you personally have with fragrance? AM: I have a wonderful relationship with fragrances; ever since I was young I was vain and had my small bottle of fragrance, one with character, a real one. Like everyone, I feel the need to have ‘my’ fragrance; I like those people who when you get close to them wear a fragrance that at times you can identify and at times not, but that represents exactly the fragrance of that person.

In my case, I have an inclination for fragrances that have a well-defined, masculine character. A fragrance has to stay on the skin, it has to speak about the person wearing it, and it is important that the person feels it as their own.

EM: Do you want to send a message to your fans around the world? AM: As a director of several films and who evolves in his career, the undersigned, Alviero Martini, who is alive and kicking, has started a new film called ALV Andare Lontano Viaggiando. The hope is to go far, accompanied by all those who, in my brand see a way of life as as well as the product.



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