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On the cover: Vegan & Organic, save the planet and your skin

N. 2 ANNO XXXVII MARCH / APRIL 2017 MARZO / APRILE 2017 BIMONTHLY DIRETTORE RESPONSABILE GIUSEPPE TIRABASSO Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Milano n. 85 del 16/02/1991 Spedizione in abbonamento postale 45% art. 2 comma 20/B Legge 662/96 Poste Italiane Filiale di Modena - Italy - Tassa riscossa Taxe Perçue - aut. fil. E.P.I. Modena Printing: Formagrafica s.r.l. - Carpi (MO) Art Director Teresa Tibaldi Published by M.T.E. EDIZIONI srl Via Romolo Gessi, 28 - 20146 MILANO Italy Tel. 02/ Telefax 02/41.23.405 E-mail: Managing Editor Giuseppe Tirabasso Editor-in-chief Claudia Stagno E-mail: Consultants Annalisa Aita - Judy Bloom - Roberto Cimarosa Luca Clara - Rebecca Lazzari - Joan Rundo Simona Verga - Catherine Wrenn P.R. Promotion Italy: M.T.E. Edizioni USA: DT Publisher's Representative, Don Timmel, Los Angeles 3705 Greenfield Ave. #4, CA 90034-7030 Los Angeles, Tel. +1/310-838-3484 Email:


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LAUNCH Transvital Dermolab Elements by Byblos ALV Passport Naj Oleari Vegan & Organic CBN Ideo


REPORT Korean Beauty

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Germany’s no. 1 selective makeup brand 1


Source: IRI Parf.+Dep. Store, Color Cosmetics 2016

With our customizable system, high-end quality and special & niche products every woman can find her most beautiful self. ARTDECO aspires to be an essential component in every woman’s beauty routine worldwide.

ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH Germany,




An innovative beauty device by

TRANSVITAL The first dermo-cosmetic self-care for home and professional use

Transvital presents Transvital Regeneration My Mask. This new product is perfectly in line with market trends as recently there has been an increased demand in perfumeries for professional, innovative cosmetics, and for beauty devices with amazing results from the first application. The Transvital solution to this demand is Young Again® a new approach that combines Transvital’s biodynamic cosmetics with the Young Again® medical technology. Transvital Regeneration My Mask is unique and innovative self-care because it can be used at home or professionally in the perfumery, but without the need for the beautician. This device holds worldwide patents and has received prestigious international certifications, from European, US, Australian and Canadian standards bodies, confirming its safety and reliability. Transvital Young Again® has also been the subject of international conferences on dermatology, cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, with the effectiveness of the treatment asserted in medical reports.

Medical technology and Swiss cosmetics The device combines photobiostimulation and photoeudermia to improve the cellular metabolism and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Photobiostimulation is a natural process based on the fact that cells contain receptors that absorb light and, depending on the wavelength, trigger specific biological response mechanisms. In photoeudermia, the activation of light irradiates the tissues, boosting ATP and activating a chemical reaction in the skin cells, making them more receptive to cosmetic products.


Young Again ® technology, by channelling cosmetic products through the epidermis and dermis, prevents and counteracts the blemishes caused by ageing, strengthening the skin’s structure and optimizing its condition. The results are immediately visible with greater volume of cheeks, raising of the eyebrow arch and u nder-eye bags and lines of expression are reduced. As a whole, the face takes on a more radiant and relaxed appearance.

Using My Mask is simple: after cleaning and toning the skin, Regenerating Serum is applied and then My Mask is applied for 20 minutes, followed by an application of Regenerating Cream. My Mask for home use contains Regenerating Serum and Regenerating Cream and My Mask is activated for 50 applications. In perfumeries, the client can use My Mask autonomously in a 20-minute session without the help of a beautician. Transvital also offers the Be Check System®, the first software and hardware that diagnoses the skin and suggests the best cosmetics for the skin type through the measurement of certain parameters. The results are then displayed in a user-friendly chart and subsequently processed by a professional and home treatment programme.

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LET YOURSELF ENFOLD BY THE MASK OF LIGHT REGENERATION MY MASK TRANSVITAL The new luxury treatment which combines the Transvital biodynamic cosmetic with the Young Again® medical technology patented worldwide. The selective light stimulates the cellular photo rejuvenation with visible and effective results in only 20 minutes.

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new communication campaign

The Florentine fashion house’s iconic fragrance gains a new facet and launches a new communication campaign


Signorina in fiore Signorina in fiore is a new Eau de Toilette that celebrates young women who are full of joy and romance. With the arrival of Spring, every Signorina welcomes the new season, allowing her

to reveal her romantic side. Just like a flower blooms when the sun begins to shine, when in love, every girl blossoms. The fragrance opens with the vibrant notes of Nashi Pear Sorbet, blending gracefully with luscious Pomegranate.


Transparent Jasmine and sweet Cherry Blossom merge in a crescendo of bewitching floral notes in the heart of Signorina in fiore. Together, soft White Musk and creamy Sandalwood embrace the senses with a tender trail of profound lightness. This floral fruity fragrance has been created for Salvatore Ferragamo by Emilie Coppermann of Symrise. With the packaging inspired by the colourful petals of a flower in bloom, Signorina in fiore pays tribute to the femininity of a young woman. The bright pink bottle is detailed with a pink-gold cap and an iconic pink Vara bow in gros grain.

The iconic fragrance, Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo, has a multi-faceted personality and the new communication campaign aims to present an unexpected twist to her credo of “My life is a play”. The campaign interprets playing through different games, introducing the new Signorina in fiore Eau de Toilette, which is a celebration of young and joyful romantic women. Signorina Eau de Parfum, Signorina Eleganza and Signorina Misteriosa are playful characters with colourful personalities and feature in a series of coinciding and interchangeable mash-up videos where they play board games. In each short video, a new game is staged with a hint of audacity: love, elegance and mystery are an ode to joy and amusement.

The unmistakable Signorina outer packaging is a romantic and colourful twist of pinks, reinforcing the iconic identity of Signorina. The result is a perfect and charming

blend of femininity and charm, renewed every time the fragrance is worn. Signorina in fiore Eau de Toilette Spray comes in three different sizes (30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml). #signorinainfiore

My Life Is A Play – Act Two The new Signorina Salvatore Ferragamo Communication Campaign


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The new Dermolab formulations come in creams and serums, all featuring innovative multi-sensory textures that meet the needs of women of all ages and all skin types.

Setting trends for over a century in the field of skin care research, the Deborah Group Laboratories have completely revamped the DERMOLAB line with new and enhanced formulations, designed to safely and effectively prevent and combat the most tell-tale signs of ageing.

The range includes face care lines (hydrating, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing), skin cleansing and body care products.

The new and advanced formula boasts a next-generation delivery system: Ultra Filling Spheres.

Patented hyaluronic acid beads enable the Ultra Filling Spheres to soak up several hundred times more moisture than their own weight, visibly filling deep wrinkles and laughter lines. As they absorb water the spheres swell and press out against the surface of skin, creating an instant long-lasting filler effect.


All Dermolab products undergo strict efficacy and tolerance testing to guarantee visible results and absolute safety.





Two new

ELEMENTS BY BYBLOS FOR MEN where strength merges with sensuality Byblos, the international licence of which is held by Eurocosmesi, a division of Coswell, expands its iconic Elements line with two new fragrances for men.

Leather Sensation and Metal Sensation are the two latest additions to the Byblos Elements line, in which strength and sensuality are merged to create compositions for today’s men.


Leather Sensation

Metal Sensation

Leather Sensation is a warm fragrance that becomes a second skin on the man wearing it, recalling an elegant and timeless style. The fresh top notes are sparkling with bergamot and grapefruit, which harmonize with the classic fern scent of geranium and lavender. The middle notes of fern and green leaves give the essence the lightness and energy that distinguish a contemporary fragrance. The woody base, with the dry, bold and amber notes of amber, sandalwood, oak moss and patchouli enrich the accord with appeal and persistence. The box has a leather effect which fully represents the brand and its rock soul. Leather Sensation is an Eau de Toilette (120 ml), a Shampoo Shower (400 ml) and a Spray Deodorant (150 ml).

Power, elegance transformation and polished metal are the distinguishing elements that give rise to the new Elements of Byblos Metal Sensation fragrance. Intense and capable of combining strength and sensuality: the spicy top notes of nutmeg and the citrus notes of lime create a fresh, effervescent and bright debut to this new fragrance. They merge perfectly with an original floral-woody accord of the leather notes. Taking advantage of the effect of contrasts, orange blossom and the fruity notes of pineapple, combined with cedar wood, make the composition provocative and deliberately intriguing. The base is played out on the volume of amber and the warmth of oak moss, all expertly blended with sandalwood to accentuate the roundness of the creation. The packaging exalts the liquidity of metal, which here is transformed into the strength and virility of man. The bottle also exalts the luminosity of the metal, thanks to the shiny sinuous glass. Metal Sensation is an Eau de Toilette (120 ml), a Shampoo Shower (400 ml) and a Spray Deodorant (150 ml).

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DALÍ EXPERIENCE 200 masterpieces an innovative cultural experience widespread and immersive BOLOGNA - PALAZZO BELLONI © Robert Whitaker

November 25th, 2016 - May 7th, 2017



Con il sostegno di

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Via Barberia, 19 - Bologna INFO AND RESERVATIONS: Tel. +39 051 58 34 39 |



Novermber 25th, 2016 - May 7th, 2017 Via Barberia, 19 - Bologna INFO AND RESERVATIONS: Tel. +39 051 58 34 39 |

SPECIAL OFFER FOR EXPORT MAGAZINE READERS! Present this coupon to the ticket office and receive a reduced price ticket (12 Euros instead of 14 Euros).

Photographie : © konradbak

Source intense H yd ra t i o n b y Sent éales With raspberry seed oil & cherry blossoms


11 rue du Colisée - 75008 Paris - FRANCE - Tél. : 33 (0)1 55 37 03 11 -

w w w. s e n t e a l e s . c o m



SENTÉALES a range to naturally nourish and moisturize

Source Intense is the line of products based on precious natural active ingredients for unequalled comfort of use

With their delicate textures, the two Source Intense products have been designed by Sentéales to meet the needs of skins that have lost their suppleness and want nourishing and calming care, as well as boosted moisturization. Cherry blossom, rich in flavonoids and antioxidant and protective tannins, as well as plant sugars with softening and moisturizing properties, together with raspberry seed oil (Vitamin E) and hyaluronic acid, are at the base of this duo of products.

Source Intense Crème The Cream is moisturizing and nourishing thanks to hyaluronic acid and cherry blossom. The synergy of the activity of active ingredients of plant origin allows optimizing the reserves in water and increases the effects of the hyaluronic acid. Source Intense Crème is recommended when changeable weather, heat, cold and sudden changes in temperature causes the skin to lose its elasticity and suppleness and demand nourishing and calming care. Source Intense Crème reinforces its moisturization with the effects of greater hydration being felt from the second hour after application.



Source Intense Masque The Source Intense Masque has recently joined Source Intense Crème to form a highly effective duo, thanks to their precious and carefully selected ingredients of natural origin, their delicate textures and the great comfort in use. Especially conceived for dry and dehydrated skins, this new Mask contains raspberry seed oil and cherry blossom, offering well-being to the skin which is left moisturized and satin-smooth. Supplying both moisture and lipids the skin, it is essential for a face that is both better protected and radiant. It increases the skin’s moisture content and reinforces the barrier function of the skins surface. From the first weeks of treatment, it reorganizes the microrelief of the skin, which becomes softer and visibly replumped. It can be used during the day, left on the skin to act for 20 minutes and then rinsed off or, applied in a fine layer on the skin a night, it can be left on while sleeping for a boosted effect. Overnight, it supplies the skin with all the elements it needs to be moisturized and repaired. Alongside cherry blossom and raspberry seed oil, the active ingredients in Source Intense also include Prickly Pear Seed Oil, rich in sterols and Vitamin E, shea butter, which fights dehydration and Grapefruit Essential Oil, highly efficient in activating the microcirculation and dyamizing the skin.



ALVofa philosophy life signs an unmistakable style

Talking to Alviero Martini is like setting off on a long journey. With infinite destinations and multiple fragrances that accompany us in our search for our ideal personal space

EXPORT MAGAZINE: I am delighted to meet you again in this Milan which, if I am not mistaken, you consider your point of departure and of arrival… ALVIERO MARTINI: That is exactly right, my character is that of a curious person always ready to discover new places, cultures and ways of self-expression. I have made travel my philosophy of life; I cannot stay still, and if my profession has led me to crossing many frontiers, I have to admit that my inner self has always been very gratified, as I have had the chance to be myself at every moment in life. It is clear that you know the real dimension of travel on your return, to your home, your habits and your entourage. In this sense, Milan is my “safe haven” , made up of memories,


memorable events - I am thinking of the fabulous 1980s, when everything was possible and could be achieved with talent and determination – I am thinking of today when the economic and social reality has changed and unfortunately not for the better, and yet I am convinced that there is still room for success. I am cautiously optimistic for the future, and I am convinced that the fashion business, like all the others, besides, can continue to express itself, even though with different rules and after being scaled down. EM: Can you explain better… AM: Society has changed, the purchasing power of consumers has decreased on average; with so-called globalization, we have witnessed phenomena that have spread like wildfire of impoverishment of the product and lowering of the price.

On one hand, the super-luxury, on the other products that can be purchased by the less fortunate categories but which are disappointing. This has led to my reflection on working on projects based on quality, on good taste, with prices that the average consumer can afford. EM: Can you tell us something about your new project? AM: First of all – because probably not everyone knows – in 2005 I ‘changed skin’ and left the world of maps leaving the company I belonged to earlier, I set up a new brand called ALV, the first three letters of the alphabet forming my name. The three letters also stand for Andare Lontano Viaggiando (Go Far by Travelling), by Alviero Martini. I needed a design to make myself recognized and, reflecting on this, I thought of all the passports I have accumulated in time thanks to the infinite number of journeys I have made. I collected the original stamps of my ten passports, with all the entries and exists from the various countries, including the European ones as long as they existed and I

made a texture which is called Passport. Passport is synonymous with travel and it is an international name, that can be understood in all languages. I have made some collections with this graphic symbol, which will be followed by five or six other designs which will build up the collections each time. The Passport line also includes leather goods, watches, formalwear for men and women, socks, junior clothing and babies’ pieces and footwear. Glasses and a home collection will then follow. EM: Last but not least, a line of fragrances is about to be launched… AM: Of course and that is why we met recently in Bologna in the prestigious hotel I Portici for the preview presentation to the trade press… you were there and were able to test the fragrances and see my presentation and that of our licensee Beautimport of Bologna.


EM: Congratulations on having thought of returning to the world of fragrances and ask you why you chose Beautimport as your partner. AM: That is correct, returning… in the past we had already launched a line of fragrances, in collaboration with the Michelot family. When Jean-Luc Michelot, with whom I have been friends in the past few years, told me he belonged to Beautimport, ewe tightened our professional relations, I also met Nicola Catelli, his partner, and straight away there was a strong understanding between us. Both our companies have the same objectives of success, based on quality and on a realistic analysis of the market. I am sure that we will be able to assert ourselves both in Italy and internationally, as the line we are presenting now comes after a year and a half of research, on fragrances and the approach to give to the line.

While for bags I have given the collection the names of international places such as Rio de Janeiro, Bali and Osaka, we wanted to call the first collection made up of five fragrances with the name of five very recognizable Italian places. The foreign client, who often already knows my name, will find in the fragrances the characteristic sign of Italian products. The days we spent with the various “noses” in Grasse, Milano and Rimini to choose the essences suitable for the five fragrances were inebriating. I think that Beautimport, which also gave great importance to this project, is satisfied with the work done. Now it is up to the market to give its opinion… EM: As a real entrepreneur, as well as a designer with years of experience, you have a great respect for the people who receive your products.

AM: We are carrying forward an idea of Italian products and quality, in favour of an affordable price. We are building an ‘ALV house’ where everything offered has to be standard. So far we have been able with a work of constant control to ensure that every product that bears our brand is aligned in quality and price. A project cannot be based on the whim of a designer, but on commercial logics which are inevitably dictated by the consumer. In the collection we will also include high-end element, however, as I repeat, it will be the consumers, increasingly qualified, who make their own choices. EM: What kind of relationship do you personally have with fragrance? AM: I have a wonderful relationship with fragrances; ever since I was young I was vain and had my small bottle of fragrance, one with character, a real one. Like everyone, I feel the need to have ‘my’ fragrance; I like those people who when you get close to them wear a fragrance that at times you can identify and at times not, but that represents exactly the fragrance of that person.

In my case, I have an inclination for fragrances that have a well-defined, masculine character. A fragrance has to stay on the skin, it has to speak about the person wearing it, and it is important that the person feels it as their own.

EM: Do you want to send a message to your fans around the world? AM: As a director of several films and who evolves in his career, the undersigned, Alviero Martini, who is alive and kicking, has started a new film called ALV Andare Lontano Viaggiando. The hope is to go far, accompanied by all those who, in my brand see a way of life as as well as the product.




ALV PASSPORT travel memories in a new fragrance collection

The famous designer whose map designs became iconic, is launching with Beautimport, the licensee for international distribution, a new collection inspired by the multi-coloured stamps in his passports. ALV-Passport is the new line created by the traveller-designer Alviero Martini. After having been inspired by ancient maps for his creations, Martini has now found inspiration in the multi-coloured stamps he collected in his passports over the years as a globe-trotter, forming an evocative mosaic. Five fragrances have been created and were recently presented with Beautimport, the licensee for international distribution. They are named after five well-known places in Italy and have been created to evoke their atmospheres and recreate the emotions experienced there. This approach to fragrance is the expression of his personal travel memories in these iconic places of beauty and Italian history.


All the scents of Sicily are captured in Taormina, with sparkling citrus and Mediterranean notes. The top notes of blood orange, mandarin and orange blossom open the way for the heart of juniper and almond and a drydown of white musks, cumin and galbanum. Roma, (Rome) the Eternal City, is evoked by rich and elegantly opulent notes, with top notes of pink pepper, ylang ylang and mandarin, a heart of tuberose, iris and cinnamon and a drydown of sandalwood, patchouli and guaiac wood. The floral and romantic notes of Venezia (Venice) conjure up an oriental scent typical of the city on the lagoon, in a beautifully balanced blend of oriental memories and romantic floral harmonies. The top notes are Chinese mandarin, violet eaves and peony, the middle

notes a bouquet of rose, geranium and gardenia, with a drydown of white musk. As elegant and lively as the city inspiring it, Firenze (Florence) is a fragrance with woody, spicy, amber and musk notes that opens with the sparkling notes of bergamot, cardamom and cumin, continues with a heart of nutmeg, black pepper and leather and a drydown of birch and cypress. Capri is an inebriating and highly feminine poudrĂŠ fragrance which opens with the floral and fruity notes of jasmine, peach blossom and raspberry. The middle notes of cotton flowers, violet, rose petals and a poudrĂŠ accord, while the drydown is warm and persistent with white musk, patchouli and amber.

2017 A NEW YEAR WITH MANE SUCCESSES Creative signatures, latest technologies, naturals ingredients… MANE is always able to capture what moves! Mathilde Bijaoui and Véronique Nyberg imagined an elegant, exhilarating and intense fragrance: ROMA PASSIONE UOMO by LAURA BIAGIOTTI. An Oriental Spicy creation that opens with an innovative modern freshness, and evolves into a deep, warm and sensual base, inspired by a love story about a man, a woman and the city of Rome. Julie Massé reinterpreted the modern femininity of Sì with the creation of SÌ ROSE SIGNATURE, for Giorgio Armani emphasizing two Rose absolutes: May Rose & Turkish Rose absolutes. Blackcurrant Neo Jungle Essence™ and Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™ that characterized the original Eau de Parfum remain as a part of the Sì trademark. Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier played with addiction and created BONBON COUTURE by VIKTOR & ROLF. The original Caramel facet is even more intense and sensual thanks to the Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™ and a Tobacco note. A « haute couture » reinterpretation enhanced with sensuous Orange blossom and Jasmine Sambac. Cécile Matton signed #TANK, the new Replay fragrance that interprets its most industrial side through its most iconic features. A fresh and chic fragrance for a dynamic and modern man, thanks to an unexpected combination of citrus and spices, of mint and ginger. Leather, addictive Tonka and Musk bring strength and masculinity to the fragrance.

To be continued in 2017 with more fragrant surprises … 21


NAJ-OLEARI new colours for spring-summer 2017

For the coming season, Naj-Oleari, by EuroItalia, offers a wide range of colours to brighten the face, eyes, lips and nails.

Eye Bijoux is an elegant glossy black compact with a new rounded lid. It holds a trio of eye shadows which offer different effects and results, to be blended with one another or used individually. The pigments have been produced with advanced technologies, together with fixing agents for simple and perfect make-up. The compact contains an intense long-lasting matte shade, ideal for the shadow areas of make-up, a texture with a long-lasting chromatic and multi-reflecting effect and a double pearl illuminating shade, for extreme adhesion. The compact, Simplement Purple, comes complete with a double-ended applicator. Eyes are emphasized with Mascara Volume in Very Black, a multiplying and thickening mascara. Its brand new texture is creamy, enveloping and volumizing. Its formula has been enriched with a technological powder to increase the intensity of the colour and the eyes. The specially designed applicator allows total release of the mascara on the lashes. The Pen Eye Liner in Black is easy and precise to apply thanks to its “felt tip pen” shape. It offers good cover, dries quickly, is long-lasting and has maximum adherence.


For the cheeks, Baked Blush in Sugar Rose is soft to the touch and gives a healthy glow effect. On application, it is extremely comfortable with a “second skin” effect which sublimates the radiance of the complexion thanks to the presence of pearly pigments. A few touches on the cheekbones and on the strategic points are sufficient to redesign the volumes of the face with an effective game of dark and light. Lightweight and silky, highly blendable, it adheres perfectly to the cheeks. Gloss Emotion in the season’s new colours of Tender Rose and Strawberry is a longlasting creamy lip gloss that offers an extraordinary sensation of moisturization, comfort super-adherence and record resistance. The colour is full, luminous and lasting. Thanks to its carefully selected ingredients, this gloss can boast of greater staying power and a pleasant sensation of moisturization and comfort. The applicator picks up the right amount of gloss and its shape and consistency allow designing extremely easily both the contour and the centre of the mouth.

Also for the lips, Affinity Lipstick in the shade of Magenta, has an exclusive creamy texture which releases intense and immediate colour, a fine film that is comfortable and very adherent on the lips. Easy to apply, it offers a special sensory sensation and, with Vitamin E, it has an important anti-ageing and antioxidant function . Emollient Lipstick with Eldew in Matte Pink comes in a new dynamic and classic form: the cap ha a round base and the cap tapers to form an oval. The texture is still particularly comfortable and bright and comfortable on application. Thanks to its ingredients of filming polymers with plastic waxes, extreme comfort is ensured for lips. Color Emotion Classic Effect Nail Polish comes in a wide variety of colours to accompany every look and its formula guarantees brightness, resistance and staying power. Glitter XXL Might Effect is a nail polish with glitter in four different colours (gold, blue, fuchsia and pink) in a transparent base, which can be used on its own or with other colours.

MARCH 2018

16 -19 COSMOPACK 15-18 COSMOPRIME 15-18

Organiser BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy ph. +39.02.796.420 fax +39.02.795.036




company of

in cooperation with




what you put on the body is as important as what you put in it

The innovative line of cosmetics that aims to offer absolutely the best products made from 100% certified organic ingredients

The new line of skincare by SIRPEA is simply called Vegan & Organic, summing up its philosophy. Made from 100% exclusively certified organic ingredients, alll the active ingredients must be certified, subjected to tests of effectiveness by independent bodies and above all be functional, i.e. present in the products at a percentage level that can have a real cosmetic treating action. All the products are also “Vegan Guaranteed�, therefore based on active ingredients exclusively of plant origin and certified organic. The products are also multifunctional, in line with the trend of modern cosmetics. All the packaging of Vegan & Organic products is recycled and/or recyclable. The different skin types have been considered by Vegan & Organic, with products for Normal Skins, Combination Skins, Sensitive Skins and Dry Skins. The line is made up of a Cleansing Milk which also has a moisturizing, regenerating and protective action. The Activating Toner stimulates the peripheral blood microcirculation, rebalancing the hydrolipid film and preparing skin for the subsequent phases of Vegan & Organic treatment. The Moisturizing Serum keeps the skin moisturized, preventing dryness, dehydration and redness due to atmospheric agents, such as the sun and the wind. The Moisturizing Cream moisturizes skin in depth and protects it from external aggressions, as well as fighting the deterioration of collagen with a strong revitalizing action.



The Anti-Ageing Regenerating Cream nourishes and regenerates, fights the formation of wrinkles and boosts the skin’s natural defences. The Anti-Ageing Regenerating Mask is an intensive treatment that acts in depth and has elasticizing, nourishing and repairing properties to restore strength and vigour to the damaged skin’s cells. Combination skins can benefit from Purifying Cleansing Milk with a rebalancing, purifying and anti-bacterial action. It leaves skin cleansed, fresh, purified, luminous soft, supple and pleasant to the touch. The Purifying Toner purifies in depth, stimulates, moisturizes, tones and rebalances the functions of the skin. The Rebalancing Serum purifies, protects and soothes the skin, regulates the sebaceous secretions and fights the deterioration of collagen. The Anti-Ageing Regenerating Rebalancing Cream delays skin ageing by improving the production of fibroblasts and collagen fibres. It purifies, decongests, absorbs excess sebum, moisturizes and keeps the skin toned. Pores are closed and skin is smoothed

and purified with the Anti-Ageing Purifying Mask, which also revives the complexion and fights the formation of wrinkles. Sensitive skins are pampered with the gentle but effective products in the line for this specific type of skin. Delicate Cleansing Milk cleanses and frees the skin of impurities; Delicate Toner decongests, moisturizes, soothes and improves skin tolerability; the Protective Moisturizing Serum corrects, rebalances, heals and soothes reactive skins, protecting the microcirculation, protecting the skin from external aggression and giving immediate relief to skin reducing redness and irritation. The Protective Moisturizing Cream SPF 10 has a physical solar filter of SPF 10 and protects the microcirculation, moisturizes the skin, calms redness and inflammation and leaves a protective veil against environmental aggression. Two of the Sensitive Skins Line products are also anti-ageing: the Anti-Ageing Soothing Nourishing Cream and the AntiAgeing Anti-Redness Soothing Mask. The cream nourishes and softens with an immediate anti-inflammatory

action and the Mask restores and calms the skin’s barrier, reducing irritation and stimulating the process of cellular repair, as well as reinforcing the skin’s natural defences. Dry skins and their special requirements are satisfied by the Vegan & Organic products: Refreshing Cleansing Milk leaves the complexion cleansed, radiant and soft; the Moisturizing Revitalizing Toner moisturizes, tones and rebalances the skin, improving the microcirculation; Nourishing Moisturizing Serum corrects skin dryness and deep dehydration; Protective Moisturizing Cream makes up for lipid deficiency and reduces loss of moisture. The line is completed by an Anti-Aging Repairing Nourishing Cream and an Anti-Ageing Nourishing Repairing Mask. Vegan & Organic completes its range with an Eye Contour and Lip Fluid for these specific delicate areas, an Exfoliating Cream which eliminates dead cells, heavy metals and impurities from the skin, reducing wrinkles and open pores and stimulating the formation of new skin cells and Cleansing Micellar Water for Face and Eyes.




steps up the power with a new line to boost treatment results

Power Line is a small new range from CBN of booster serums The new serums in the Power Line by CBN, manufactured by SIRPEA, have been developed to obtain a treating action which is higher than it can be obtained today with normal treatments. Power Line consists of Acude Hyaluronique Serum, Repulp/Lifting Serum and Nouvelle Vie Serum.



Acide Hyaluronique Serum is an extraordinary serum based on active plant stem cells with boosted hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. It is suitable for all skins, including the most sensitive. The unique characteristics of CBN’s boosted hyaluronic acid is that as it is made up of different molecular weights, it has a filling and moisturizing action in the different layers of the skin. This boosts the natural production of collagen, controls the elasticity and softness of the skin’s tissues, Moisturization and protection are also

guaranteed, accentuating the results of any treatment that is applied afterwards. Repulp/Lifting Serum, again based on active plant stem cells and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), relaxes the facial muscles, reduces lines of expression due to age, replumps wrinkles and the skin’s structure. The face looks “fuller”, firmer, soft and smooth, and the skin feels pleasantly refreshed and relaxed. The last product in this line is Nouvelle Vie Serum, based on active plant stem cells and a mixture of 3 exfoliating acids. It is suitable for dull, thickened or marked and impure skins.

It works by eliminating dead cells, refining the stratum corneum of the skin and rebalancing excess sebum. The result is that new cells present in the dermis are brought to the surface for a “new skin” effect. The skin looks smoother, fresher and more radiant and skin regeneration is boosted. All the products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skins and are microbiologically tested. The method of application is the same for all the products: morning and evening after correct cleansing.







Hi-CURLING Mascara



Todi - Fonte Scarnabecco - 1241





Todi - Piazza del Popolo




THE ITALIAN MAKE-UP EXPERTISE ASTRA is an italian company with international scope that since 1988 creates quality cosmetics, based on the idea of an all italian beauty and style. Each product is the result of a careful research in various fields: we are always up to date on new trends, but never neglect the safety standards of what we produce. ASTRA PRODUCT ARE CREATED IN ITALY.

EVERY WOMAN DESERVES A COMPLETE SELECTION OF UNIQUE PRODUCTS able to enhance her beauty everyday. ASTRA wants to offer women an Accessible Daily Luxury, made from creativity, innovation, passion and experience. Our research allows us to make ASTRA a brand that manages to give a high professional performance together with the pleasure of rich and sensory formulas, helping women to rediscover thmselves. ASTRA, BEYOND MAKE-UP YOU.


PERFECT PRODUCTS All ASTRA products are manufactured with the most advances formulas, the most delicate and sensory textures and high-performance color thanks to the use of latest generation micronized powders and pigments. A TEAM WITH INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE WHO MONITOR TRENDS ARE ALWAYS UP TO DATE WITH THE BEST FORMULAS AND PACKAGING.

TRASPARENT QUALITY The Quality Control and the technical direction of ASTRA, in partnership with qualified institutes and laboratories, continuously test and ensure high quality of ASTRA cosmetic products; the entire production process is monitored. TRASPARENT LABELING Each label includes the “history” of the product: its name, the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), weight, EAN code identifying the specific product, the name and headquarters of the company and number of the production lot. Excellent safety for consumers.

ASTRA was born in Todi, a medieval town of great beauty and elegance, located in the heart of Italy, a few kilometers from Perugia. In November 1991, Richard Levin, an American architect and urban planner, called Todi “the most livable city in the world”. In addition to its privileged location on gentle hills and its mild climate, he certainly thought of its inhabitants and their unique and extraordinary way the desire to look beyond, towards a new future. In this mosaic of cultures, art and history, the craftsmen and entrepreneurs have given this city life. Dedicated to conservation as much as to growth and development, they are able to see far to understand the needs and desires of the world and translate them into functional, attractive and successful products.

Todi - Piazza del Popolo






nio - hydran technology

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I y skin m

BY HSA group cosmetic division




BELLAOGGI a confident answer to the requirements of international markets Interview with Adriano Ripari, Export Director of Bella Oggi

EXPORT MAGAZINE: BellaOggi is today more than a promise, it is a consolidated reality abroad as well. What are the reasons for this success? ADrIANO RIPARI: We can effectively say now that our efforts to create a network representing the countries that follow the BellaOggi brand have given excellent results. The reasons for its growth in the past few years consist mainly of the awareness of the company of the potential of the brand and the need to structure the expansion abroad with a highly competent and efficient work group. From this point of view, the opening of the Milan office is the emblem of the internationalization of the brand, as Milan is a natural junction which also allows us to be closer to all our customers, both current ones and potential ones.


In addition, the recent reinforcement and development in Italy, reaching about 2000 points of sale, lays the basis for a more effective planning of activities, fostering a more constant development abroad as well. EM: Considering the number of countries where you are present, how do you manage to reconcile such different requirements? AR: Undoubtedly, with countries that range from Brazil to Russia and from Dubai to Estonia, the need to have a range that can be appreciated and distributed everywhere is very important both for the distributors and the company. The advantage of having this range of companies consists of the continuous feedback that we have with them

and which allows us optimize our colour range in real time. In some countries, for example, we have to implement on some products – in particular the foundations – policies of extension of the colour ranges, both towards darker complexions for some countries and fairer ones for others, even though they are countries which are not geographically distant as could be expected. EM: What is your strategy in terms of product? AR: Having completed a first phase of construction of harmony of the basic range, our Marketing Dept. is now concentrating mainly in two directions: the first is to make, always according to the high standards of quality of the brand, products with a wide distribution and rotation which can meet the needs of all our distributors. The second direction is that of creating products which, either because they are

innovative or because at the centre of the most glamorous trends of the moment, can please, on the one hand, the consumers most attentive to and in search of new products and, on the other, consolidate the image of BellaOggi as a brand that can create traditional high rotation products and at the same time is capable of keeping abreast of the times. EM: In practical terms, how do you adapt your commercial strategy to countries that are so very different from one another? AR: The countries that meet our brand for the first time learn straight away that the path that will lead them to being BellaOggi distributors will be made together in a climate of great collaboration and competence. We accompany the customer from the very first moment, sharing some tools that allow both of us to understand the best way of entering their market.


Usually we start from an analysis of the market competition, both in terms of positioning and retail price, with a methodology that we have developed that lets us identify the exact

positioning of our product on the market. This leads to a sequence of operations which have now been amply tested and allow us in a short time to decide on the best distribution strategy.

EM: What new products are you presenting? AR: The quality of the BellaOggi products is now clearly very high and the new products are increasingly performing and attractive.

The new launches are particularly focused and attractive and represent the best and most innovative products that we can offer on the market.


ATTRAZIONE WET, a lipstick with very intense colour, with an ultra-glossy result. In this case too, we have a really new product which is already trendy: a stylo lipstick with a brand new and special applicator which, with a simple “click” releases the right amount of product for an application worthy of a make-up artist. Thanks to its hybrid formula, it offers the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss and the comfort of a lip balm, the colour is very intense and the result is very glossy.

STAY ON, an ultra-pigmented stylo eye shadow with a weightless texture that reveals a long-lasting pearly colour. Stay on means that the colour does not “move” and stays in place for hours: it is water-resistant and its most interesting characteristic is that, although it is very persistent, it does not settle in the creases of the eyelids, an anti-aesthetic problem which many women feel strongly about. A cream eye shadow that is easy to apply; with full and intense colour, it is easy to apply from the first application. A simple gesture for an impeccable result.

LIP SHADOW, a real lipstick in powder for the most matte effect possible. It does not dry the lips, it does not migrate, the colour is long-lasting leaving an opaque, matte and velvety effect and which is comfortable even hours after application. The colour is very intense but allows creating delicate nuances by giving a 3D effect which redefines the volumes of the lips. This is the particularity of this lipstick which, thanks to its texture and the special sponge applicator, allows creating infinite looks.





When it comes to trends, Beautystreams is considered today at the epicenter of the beauty community. With over 200 experts world wide studying each market and clients over 5 continents, Beautystreams is the only trend company today completely dedicated to the beauty and packaging industries. Beauty brands worldwide look to Beautystreams’ vital and unique insights to fuel their strategy, marketing initiatives, and product development decisions. Today, together with one of their representatives, we will look at one of the hottest markets right now: Korea, analyzing the beginnings of its growth, the current stages, and the opportunities that it still hold for the future.

The reasons of

KOREAN success into the international markets Interview with Michele M. Superchi, BEAUTYSTREAMS Marketing and Sales Manager


Korea has for years expanding into international Markets. What are in your opinion is the main reasons for this? The success of Korean cosmetics can be explained by the high level of innovation and quality of the products. As Korean consumers are very demanding when it comes to skin care, the local market has been very competitive for decades. Therefore, the innovation level of products has increased greatly over the last few years and sometimes surpasses international standards. Marketing twists are original and bold and feel fresh compared to more classical Western approaches. Fortunate timing also comes into play concerning the Korean cosmetics industry success story.

When alphabet creams (BB, CC, etc.) first appeared on the international market under a decade ago, Western consumers wanted natural finishes that looked good both in real life and in HD photography. The unique approach offering both skincare and cosmetic claims with long lasting coverage answered that demand. Ever since then, consumers and brands worldwide have been looking towards Korea to see what the new foundation format will be. With the exposure of Korean loggers and social media stars, other color cosmetics categories from the region have been highlighted and gained interest in too.


How do you interpret the expansion of Asian trends from Asia to Europe and then to Italy? At Beautystreams, we view Asia and especially Korea as one of the main cosmetics trend laboratories of the world. Innovation is pushed to the extreme and you can find the best and the worst the beauty industry can offer.

Our role as trend forecasters is to detect products and trends that could make their way into the international market and how to find a twist that will make them successful. Following on from compact cushions in all shapes and formats, now comes the tone-up cream trend coming from the Asia.

It’s creating real interest and is set to be the next trans-category format conquering the West! Which are the most appreciated categories of products? Skin care remains by far the most popular cosmetics segment in and from Korea. Within color cosmetics foundations-often infused with skin care benefits - primers, mascaras and nail polishes/gels lead the market. Only recently we’ve seen an increasing interest in stronger lip and eye make-up colors as Korean bloggers gain international recognition and are inspired by Western trends, also diffusing those to Korean consumers. This means that in a way, nowadays inspiration goes full circle thanks to modern communication and media combining Asian and Western influence at once.

is still developing, leaving space for more experienced players to take market shares. This industry is characterized by high product turnover, with companies presenting up to 1500 new product launches a year. This is made possible thanks to the big Korean private labels that can quickly develop and put out to market several new products without necessarily needing to create a whole branding strategy around them. This represents a huge opportunity for Western brands that are more trained to back each new product launch with an effective communication that would firstly inspire the consumers and then lead them to purchase. Another high potential is present for Western luxury brands in that they are considered to be of the best quality by South Koreans. Furthermore, these brands would also fill a big gap in the Korean luxury market, characterized by just few players.


What is the potential of Western brands to enter the South-Korean beauty market and what is the best strategy to follow? There is definitely good potential for Western brands to expand into and within Korea. In fact, while the skin care industry is already highly saturated, the make-up industry


The largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East

May 14 – 16, 2017 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE

The face of beauty is evolving. The newest trends, the most recent developments, and truly advanced products and solutions in beauty and wellness can be found at Beautyworld Middle East. Come, see the latest and greatest in action.

Pre-register online today at

Tel: +971 4 389 45 04



EVENTS China Beauty Expo (CBE), Asia’s largest beauty trade show, is going to celebrate its 22nd anniversary and is set to take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 23rd to 25th, 2017

Building on the success of previous editions, international attendance and scope of the expo have been consistently increased from one edition to the next, thus transforming the show into the key reference for the Asian beauty industry.

china beauty expo 2017 Connect the World to the heart of Beauty in Asia China is a market with immense potential, with over 1 billion consumers. According to iResearch, in 2016 China’s cosmetics retail market totaled 583 billion RMB (approximately 87 billion USD). The growth rate is expected to remain above 20% for the next five years and experts forecast the value to be worth more than 800 billion RMB in 2018. It is definitely a market to be part of, for manufacturers and brands who want to extend their reach. CBE 2017 will host to 3,000 exhibitors


with over 250,000 sqm of exhibition space. Among those will be more than 1200 international brands and 500 international direct presences from 26 countries and regions (Increased by 90% over last two years), including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA. CBE is the ideal platform for cosmetics manufacturers, brands and agents to penetrate the Asia-Pacific markets.

The beauty industry’s distribution channels are constantly developing. To keep abreast the constant evolution, CBE 2017 will be the gathering point for 350,000 trade visitors, hailing from all networks, including department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty chain stores, beauty salons, nail salons, SPA, hair salons, plastic surgery hospital and e-commerce. With a range of show features and activities, CBE 2017 aim to provide insight, as well as networking opportunities to meet the needs of manufacturers, brand owners and retailers.


The world’s largest Cosmetics Supply Chain platform - CBE Cosmetech

Show Attractions 2017! Cosmetics Retail Summit Asia

CBE Cosmetech section includes raw materials, ingredients and formulation, OEM/ODM, packaging and machinery. With the participation of numerous renowned international brands such as Fiabila (France), Intercos (Italy), COSMAX (Korea), Kolmar (Korea), LG (Korea), SYMRISE (Germany), Wecherle (Germany). CBE has already became the largest cosmetics supply chain platform in the world. Over 1,000 exhibitors with 75,000 sqm of exhibition space are expected to exhibit at Cosmetech 2017. Related conferences and activities such as Supply Chain Summit and Beauty Ingredients & Formulation Conference (BI&F) will bring together domestic and international cosmetic R&D, technical and purchasing experts to discuss and share the latest leading technology and industry information. China Beauty Expo 2017 All-year round regional tour. Founded in 2012, the China Beauty Expo Cosmetics Business Alliance brings together members from department stores, supermarkets, retail stores and e-commerce from 31 provinces of China. During the last four years, the Cosmetics Business Alliance has established branches in 31 provinces and registered more than 50,000 members. Among these members, 80% are key decision makers and purchasing managers. They are crucial professional buyers for CBE and key players in the Chinese cosmetics retail market.

The 7 Cosmetics Retail Summit will once be again organized at China Beauty Expo 2017. About 1,00 cosmetics chain store owners, agents, managers from supermarkets and department stores as well as the media gathered to discuss hot topics in China’s and Asia’s cosmetics industry, the industry’s upcoming tends, as well as solutions for retailers’ operations issues. th

Business Meetings Asia Where exhibitors and a selection of VIP buyers find and select their future partners, a half-day focused pre-scheduled B2B face-to-face meetings will open one day earlier to the show. In the comfort of a designate meeting space, each 25-min meeting, according to participant’s needs and requirements, will ensure the best use of their time.

Partnering with movers and shakers of the industry in the world, China Beauty Expo highlights upcoming beauty trends in make-up color, fragrances, packaging as well rules and regulations, presented by a selection of international speakers from Europe, USA and Asia. Attendees will take away informative, engaging and practical information covering the most important and timely issues relevant to today’s beauty business environment.

For more information, please check

A gathering of local and international medical beauty and anti-aging experts will explore the industry’s current climate in China, global trends and latest topics, seeking resolutions in the issues faced by the industry.

New in 2017! 100+100 Asian VIP Buyers’ Program Beauty Ingredients & Formulation Forum (BI&F)

Beyond Beauty Trends

Medical Beauty & Anti-aging Conference

Along with the support from relevant industry authoritative academic organizations, research institutes and administrations, BI&F conference program provides the latest market trends and leading technologies.

A delicated program for Asian importers and distributors. • International speakers to lead Asian trends • 100 suppliers + 100 VIP buyers • Pre-scheduled business meetings Cosmetics(finished products) Cosmetech(cosmetic supply chain: ingredients, packaging, OEM/ODM,etc).

2017 Country of Honor – France As of China Beauty Expo’s tradition welcoming a country of honor each year, France will be the country chosen for 2017. The appointment further cements the ongoing collaboration between CBE and France. On CBE, an international platform, French exhibitors will showcase the latest and best of beauty products, technology and services. In 2017, visitors can enjoy French experience at China Beauty Expo.


27 - 29 APRIL 2017 Book your space today! 48




#MakeUpinParis 49


makeup in...

flexibility, staying small and meeting the world: this is the recipe for success We met Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, the co-founders of MakeUp In… at the Parisian offices of Beauteam, so that they could tell us about the journey over the years to organize no fewer than 5 make-up shows in the world

geois Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bour

EXPORT MAGAZINE: Can we take stock of 2016? JEAN-YVES BOURGEOIS: Compared to 2015, we had a progression of 20% both in turnover and number of exhibitors. In 2016 there was the first MakeUp In Los Angeles which, although with only 30 exhibitors, had a good result. The make-up market trend has only reinforced the positioning of our shows, because small, medium and even some large brands are increasingly outsourcing their products. The first because they do not have a factory of their own and the others because there is the competition in development, innovation and creation, a characteristic of the present where the Internet and bloggers etc. mean that everything happens faster.


For the brands to be flexible and innovative, they have to be able to react quickly, and this is where the role of those suppliers who have adopted the strategy of producing quality and advanced products becomes important. Many Italian companies have been highly performing in the sector for years, both in formulating and producing make-up and in having generated the notion of full service. The suppliers often also deal with packaging and accessories. EM: Are you satisfied with the positioning of the show? JYB: Yes, absolutely, we are the full service show for make-up and for the whole supply chain: 60% of our exhibitors are in formulation, 20-25% in packaging, the remainder in accessories.

At the first edition in Paris in 2010, we were aware of the dynamism in the sector but in the past couple of years there has been maximum acceleration. We now organize 5 shows, on 4 different continents: after Paris, New York, then Seoul, São Paulo and lastly Los Angeles. Every two months our exhibitors and visitors meet. EM: Have you created these editions to meet market requirements? SANDRA MAGUARIAN: More precisely it was the exhibitors of MakeUp In Paris who, from as early as 2010, considering the success of the first edition, asked us specifically for the same formula in New York, and then elsewhere. The exhibitors are not always the same as in Paris; some want to exhibit at several shows, others in rotation; obviously many of the exhibitors are local in the individual countries. JYB: We are always attentive to our exhibitors: some requested an event on the West Coast,

so in Los Angeles; Seoul was suggested to us by a couple of our well-known exhibitors and in any case met the need to have a show in Asia. We had already explored Korea to recruit companies for the existing shows. The Asian market is important, but for cultural reasons, not all countries are ready to exhibit in Korea. This is why, from 2018, the Asian show will be held in rotation in Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. EM: You have proven that you have started a machine that works… SM: Thank you… improvement is always possible and they say it takes eight years before you can say a show in consolidated…. JYB: The fact of being in 4 continents helps establish the concept that we are in a fantastic dynamic which lets us know everything, or almost, of what is going on in the world in make-up.


MakeUp In... Team

All the players are present, we have a broad spectrum, in two days, marketing people – about 55% of our visitors, R&D, and buyers can meet… SM: Without forgetting the business between exhibitors as well, they know one another and consider themselves more colleagues than competitors… this is a phenomenon only in make-up, I could not say it about other sectors such as fragrance where there is declared antagonism.

At our shows, you can discover marketing trends, hear high quality talks, both for the subjects and the specialists giving them. About half of the 3200 visitors to the Paris show attend the talks. New players can also be discovered who can give new ideas to develop new products not previously thought of. The brands have to be “nourished” all the time. We are there to look after them, with talks, activities, cultural exhibitions and visiting as many stands as possible.

EM: How do you manage to make the show always interesting, bearing in mind that in the small world of make-up, practically everyone knows everyone else and they meet every year at a rendezvous they cannot miss? JYB: This is only partly true. Each year there is something new: for example in 2016 we added some large companies of ingredients and the digital sector. SM: We are never static, there is a renewal in the offer both in exhibitors, in Paris 10 or 15 are new, and for the collections that are presented exclusively at MakeUp In Paris and New York.

EM: Since the beginning, what has been the strategy for the organization and logistics of the show? SM: Not having been afraid of organizing a ‘niche’ show. The first edition, at the Espace Cardin, had about 30 exhibitors. The next year there were twice as many and we had to change location, while staying inside the golden triangle. Since then we have always been at the Carrousel du Louvre, with our 150 exhibitors in 2016.

We don’t want to become larger: it’s not in the spirit of Beauteam, we are a small and close-knit team, followed because of these very characteristics. Our aim is to be a point of reference for our industry, in Paris we have succeeded in New York it is about to happen and elsewhere we still need a few years. SM: What really counts is the “contact cost” which is not easy to calculate in the case of a show, because you have to know whether the contacts have a successful outcome,

but ideally it is calculated by the proportion between exhibitors and visitors. In the case of MakeUp In…., for all our editions, we are the show with the highest proportional value!


A new partnership for Beauteam Beauteam and its American subsidiary have recently joined the Infopro Digital Group, which has developed several shows in the sector of luxury packaging such as Luxe Pack in Monaco, New York and Shanghai. It is a leading group in information and professional services with the aim of developing their customers’ turnover and improving their productivity and effectiveness. This partnership offers a synergy between the Luxe Pack and the MakeUp In shows, allowing these events to be held in several countries wishing to host them, commented the Beauteam founders and the President and founder of Infopro Digital, Christophe Czajka, observed that the synergies between the teams will increase the power of action of Infopro Digital in the beauty sector, allowing the best of expertise to be offered to professional, whichever country they are in. The winning strategy is thanks to the common values of Beauteam and Infopro Digital: quality, a passion for beauty and luxury as well as the wish to organize high-end events where marketing, R&D and purchasing executives and deciders meet with the aim of “Business first”. In a sort of “return to the origins”, Jean-Yves Bourgeois was one of the co-founders of Luxe Pack Monaco in 1988 and founder of the magazine Formes de Luxe.



Despite the world crises and uncertainty in several parts of the world, the TFWA President stated his cautious optimism and the results of the show confirmed this.

tfwa cannes reasons for optimism in global 2016 duty free and travel retail sales The annual TFWA Conference and Exhibition, held in Cannes from 2nd to 7th October 20176, drew a record-breaking number of delegates, exhibitors and visitors. A total of 22,475 square feet of exhibition space hosted the 492 companies exhibiting on 472 stands, a record for Cannes and an increase of 2.1% compared to 2015.


In addition, 59 of the exhibitors were new or returning exhibitors after a break. Although the challenging commercial landscape saw overall visitor numbers dip slightly (-2%) compared to 2015, out of a total of 6,443, more came from the key industry categories, with 4,625 operators, landlords and agents. The event welcomed 1065 visitors from Asia, a new record and with a 16.9% increase in visitors from the UK, it was the fastest growing of the top ten nationalities. The event started, as always, with a state-of-the-industry address by Erik Juul-Mortensen, TFWA President, insight from its largest retailer, JuliĂĄn DĂ­az GonzĂĄlez, CEO of Dufry, tech thoughts with Randi Zuckerberg, social media pioneer and geopolitical analysis by statesman and NGO head David Miliband, drew a record 1,634 delegates, +8.6% more than in 2015.


In his opening address, Erik Juul-Mortensen took stock of the situation: for the first time in six years, duty free sales declined, falling by 2.7% to $62 billion in 2015. As in 2014, it was Asia Pacific that made the positive contribution to the figures, Fragrances and cosmetics continued to head in a positive direction with sales up 2.5% to $19.8 billion. Figures for the first quarter of 2016 suggest that the industry is inching its way back to growth, and total sales grew by just

under 1%, compared with the same period lat year. While sales in the Americas fell by 8.6%, Asia Pacific saw much stronger growth of 5%. Once again, the fragrance and cosmetics category is the main driver of this growth and its sales were up 7.8% in the first quarter. Attendance at the workshops – Market Watch Russia and Inflight Focus Workshop – also increased. The networking activities were joined by two new disciplines: yoga and yachting and the social occasions gave ample opportunities to create or extend business networks.



Singapore is where the world of travel retail meets from 7th to 11th May for the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition& Conference

TFWA ASIAdateantoessential develop PACIFIC business in this region With the Asia Pacific region one of the most dynamic in terms of growth and opportunity, TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference is the must-visit event in the duty free and travel retail sector in the region. Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, the Exhibition starts on Monday 8th May with the Conference, themed Re-igniting our industry, which will explore the implications of the current political and economic environment for travel, tourism and related markets. TFWA President Erik Juul-Mortensen will look at the implications for the travel retail and duty free industry in Asia Pacific,


exploring recent developments in the market and assessing the prospects for growth. Jaya Singh, President Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association will update delegates on the key issues facing the business in Asia Pacific, touching on efforts to define and communicate tis economic value to the wider travel industry. The keynote speakers will explore how businesses can drive growth amid a changeable political and economic climate. They are Anil Gupta, commentator and member of the World Economic Forum and Rafidah Aziz, former Malaysian Minister of International trade and Industry, chairman of AirAsiaX. The workshops in the afternoon will be focused on Rediscovering Japan and Re-engage; driving customer loyalty. And Re-assessing our industry: challenges today and tomorrow. The Conference is preceded on the Sunday by social events including a Golf Tournament, Tai Chi and a Welcome Cocktail at the Raffles Hotel, marking the formal start of Asia Pacific’s duty free and travel retail summit. The TFWA

Asia Pacific Bar is open every evening in the Expo & Convention Centre, ideal for unwinding with early evening drinks, The Chill-Our Party will be held on Tuesday 9th May at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the next day the Singapore Swing Party returns to Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, with four rides available for the exclusive use of guests with live music, entertainment and a delicious array of dining options. During the event, the One2One personalized appointment service is a tailor-made opportunity for retailers, exhibiting brands and service concessionaires to meet with senior executives from Asia pacific airports, airlines and, new this year, cruise and ferry companies. The success of Singapore as a venue for the TFWA Asia Pacific Conference and Exhibition has been confirmed by the news that this key event will remain in Singapore for at least the next three years. The new agreement will see the conference and exhibition staged in Singapore until at least 2020, with the option to extend this arrangement for a further two years.



where beauty HSA GROUP meets innovation

From hair care to skin care: HSA introduces its latest breakthrough news

HSA Group is a European leader in the development of innovative products in the beauty industry. Established more than 30 years ago with its core business in hair color, the company extended to hair care and skin care, becoming a real marketing partner with a 360° approach to beauty. HSA offers a full-service partnership to marketers who strive to launch their own brands, and developed over 100 brands in more than 90 countries. However, each product range has its own story, based on a specific concept. Research and Development laboratory works daily to find out innovative technologies, create highly effective formulas and develop revolutionary products. Innovation, quality and a solid know how make HSA a top player in the cosmetic industry. In addition to providing private label product services, HSA also offers its own hair care brands - Nouvelle and Silky - plus the innovative Eslabondexx, which is becoming increasingly bigger with the continuous introduction of new products.


After the great success of Eslabondexx and Eslabondexx Color, HSA is launching at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017 a new product, which can for sure be defined the most exciting news in the cosmetic industry since years. The company laboratory’s constant search for innovation gave birth to Eslabondexx Bleach, the bleaching powder that revolutionizes the concept of bleaching. Thanks to its strengthened Eslabondexx formula it allows several consecutive bleaching services in one day (if applied on healthy hair; up to three bleaching services; before performing several consecutive bleaches, carefully evaluate any treatments that have been done previously), keeping the hair at its best. The highest lightening power and maximum protection are hold in a single product: Eslabondexx Bleach can light up to seven tones while protecting

and restructuring for incredibly blonde hair, that are at the same time healthy, resistant and stronger. Moreover, the Eslabondexx range for an “amazing blonde” also includes a collection of tonalising creams, Eslabondexx Hair Toners, available in six amazing nuances.


As far as skincare is concerned, great changes are occurring. Passion and the deep expertise in skincare allowed the company to extend its business from product development on behalf of third parties to the launch of its own skincare brands: HSA Group Cosmetic Division, a new company branch completely dedicated to skin care, has been established and will make its debut at Cosmoprof Bologna with outstanding own brands.

Dedicated to those living the city and loving their skin, Pollution Free is the complete anti-pollution range with Zeolite, a volcanic origin mineral purifying and protecting the skin from polluting agents and impurities that every day build up on the epidermis surface causing dehydration, dark spots, skin ageing and damaging the skin. HSA uses the power of nature to contrast pollution effects: Zeolite

purifies from fine dust, prevents polluting particles from accumulating in pores and removes impurities from the skin, on top of having strong antioxidant action. Pollution Free defends skin beauty every day, facing the effects of pollution with 8 products, ranging from cleansers to creams, preserving not just the skin but also the cutaneous barrier that protects the epidermis from external attacks.

Another novelty by HSA Group Cosmetic Division has been developed according to the same philosophy of Eslabondexx Hair. Elsabondexx Skin is a young, lively and funny skincare range dedicated to young women who want to express themselves, without giving up their skin wellness thanks to Nio-Hydran technology. With very sensual notes, coming from fruit and flowers, the skin is embraced with an amazing and long lasting scent. You can discover by yourself, scraping on the Eslabondexx Skin brochure that you find with Export Magazine.

we will EXHIBIT AT:

COSMOPROF BOLOGNA: pav. 25 - booth A26-B27 IAADFS ORLANDO: booth 433 57


IDEO PARFUMEURS never underestimate the power of passion A collection of fragrances with a cosmopolitan flavour based on talent, creativity and… passion!

The fragrances Weekend à Fontainebleau evokes seduction - the seduction of nature at its zenith - the queen of flowers accompany by orange zest and the sparkle of aldehydes which evokes sunlight dancing on a green floral bed of jasmine, galbanum and rose absolute. The drydown is a warm chypre embrace of patchouli, sandalwood and musk. It is an Eau de Parfum for those who like elegant fragrances with a vintage soul. Prison Blues is a fragrance that is out of the ordinary: a spicy fantasy of a visceral desire. Cardamom, laurel and pepper open the way to a woody heart of incense, cedar wood and spicy geranium. An ardent base is released from the union of patchouli, labdanum and musk, dusted with a pinch of oud: an Eau de Parfum for those who like sexy, elegant and adventurous fragrances. London to Mumbai is a unique hybrid, at the same time exotic and familiar, bergamot, lemon and bitter orange, in combination with lavender and geranium, evoke the classic eau de cologne, but ginger, cinnamon and closer conspire to add warmth – something more audacious and dangerous. An Eau de Parfum for those who like unusual, sophisticated and eccentric fragrances.


IDEO Parfumeurs belongs to husband-and-wife team Ludmila and Antoine Bitar. IDEO stands for Ideal Olfactif, the olfactory excellence which they aim for, through their respective talents: Antoine is a story-teller of great experience and culture (Lebanese by birth, he has lived in New York and Paris and almost everywhere in the Middle East) and Ludmila (a former perfumer for L’Oréal). The combination of these two talents was immediately explosive with six fragrances in the collection, together with an extraordinary line of fragrances for lingerie. Constructed according to the classic rules of perfumery, with a complex structure and rich in nuances, they are also impeccably modern.

Malika’s Temptation embodies the immortal theme of the woman as enchantress with her hypnotic perfume. Roses covered by praline dance with the exotic scent of ylang ylang. In the heart, a warm and opulent accord of cedar, agar and patchouli and in the base an explosion of classic sweet amber notes: the inebriating and seductive combination of vanilla, incense and musk. The Eau de Parfum for those who like sweet sensual accords. Perfect for those who at first sight seem classic and timid, but then turn out to be determined and scandalous. Tarbouch Afandi is a citrus, spicy and woody fragrance: an exception mixture of tobacco and mandarin, An exquisitely masculine fragrance that transmits a sense of virility and adventure, Vetiver, cardamom and animal notes give the fragrance even more of a boost: it is for seducers who know how to dare with opulence and originality. Last Canto is an extremely sensual and unique fragrance, The spicy notes, mixed with floral and talc accords, give an pungent touch to this incredibly sexy fragrance while remaining elegant and timeless. It is for the most sensual, determined to attain the impossible.

The extraordinary Parfum de Lingerie line consists of la Fleur du Mexique, an irresistible combination of white flowers with the notes of sensual tuberose, jasmine, amber, white musk, juniper and ylang ylang; Roses de Grasse, a floral bouquet with a romantic green twist: roses of Grasse and Bulgaria, a green accord, mimosa and musks to create an irresistibly romantic atmosphere, and Gibson Girls, timeless floral and fruity notes of peach, gardenia, tonka bean, rice powder accord, pink pepper.

Ideo Parfumeurs fragrances are distributed exclusively in Italy by Beauty San.

JULY 2017

THE AWARD WINNING B2B EVENT PROVIDES: • THE PLACE WHERE ‘IN THE KNOW’ DISTRIBUTORS FIND RESOURCES • • THE WORLD OF BEAUTY UNDER ONE ROOF - 39 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED • • LEADING CONFERENCES WITH KEY INFLUENTIALS • Organizer - North American Beauty Events LLC.: Sales Office US, Canada, Mexico: PBA - Scottsdale, AZ - USA - ph. +1.480.281.0424 - fax +1.480.905.0708 - Sales Office Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America: BolognaFiere spa - Bologna - Italy - - for info: ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 | Marketing and Promotion: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -



Two great shows, CosmeTokyo and CosmeTech, were held under one roof on the 23-25 January 2017 with a strong focus on natural cosmetics, made in Japan and full-service.

cosme tokyo the broader perspective of Japan’s beauty trends, concluded in a huge success! The Japanese largest exhibition specialized in cosmetics offered to all visitors an amazing opportunity to find, try, compare and purchase the latest cosmetic products and toiletries from all around the world. The concurrent show Cosme Tech 2017, Asia’s leading exhibition


for cosmetics development, was co-held with Cosme Tokyo show and consisted of a unique one-stop platform that covered the entire cosmetics industry from academic research, ingredients, contract manufacturing/private label, packaging, marketing to finished products.


International Growth

Happy Comments

In the last few years, the rise of international exhibitors has been a constant goal of the organizers. The “International Area” has become one of the largest attractions and features of COSME TOKYO 2017 and the number of international exhibitors accounted for up to more than 42% of the total number of exhibitors. The biggest contingent came from Korea, a long-time supplier for the Japanese beauty market. The show welcomed new comers from Greece and the USA pavilion that was new to COSME TOKYO history. The tradeshow renewed the record again both in the number of exhibitors and visitors gathering 647 exhibitors from 36 countries/ regions and 24,812 visitors (all figures include co-held COSME Tech 2017). Becoming larger, much busier and more international, the show has further improved its value as the Asian hub of the cosmetics industry.

The Show Management received many happy comments from the international exhibitors who were interviewed. Companies such as UNITED BRANDS from Germany, GRANDE COSMETICS EUROPE from the USA, RED GOLD ROSES LTE from the UK, NILO - COSMETICS CO from Greece expressed their great satisfaction for the results obtained at this amazing show which offered them a great opportunity to promote their companies and expand in Asia.

Natural Products And High Quality Japanese Cosmetics Fascinated The World There is an increasing sensitivity to health in Japan which is in line with the current trend of natural/organic cosmetic products.

Special Guest To COSME TOKYO 2017 Ms Tina Yong, a multi-talented beauty and lifestyle influencer visited COSME TOKYO 2017 as a special guest. The famous beauty Youtuber after checking out the exhibiting products, posted her experiences throughout the show dates on her SNS. Her post spread toward all over the world and got many comments promoting thus a unique opportunity for exhibitors.

This is another key feature of the event which has witnessed a rise in the number of exhibitors with organic brands. Often using local specialties as ingredients, a large number of exhibitors from all around the world presented natural brands with various characteristics and background stories. Buyers from Asian countries as well as visitors from Middle East, Europe and more have been increasingly attracted by Japanese high-quality cosmetics which are very popular around the world.

A Gateway To The Japanese Market Japan is an attractive destination for new entries. With extensive support services for international exhibitors including regulatory/shipping support and targeted visitor promotion for importers/distributors, COSME TOKYO has built its position as the best and only gateway to enter the Japanese market, especially for newcomers who don’t have importers in Japan yet. Match making programs have been arranged for international exhibitors and importers/distributors. More than 150 meetings were arranged via this program and many of them went to deep discussion. This was also one of the reasons why COSME TOKYO made exhibitors satisfied.

COSME TOKYO 2018 will be held January 24-26, 2018 at the new venue Makuhari Messe, with the aim to continue the event internationalization. The show will be held along with GIFTEX and SALES PROMOTION World with an expectation of 90,000 visitors in total.



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New FLUID VELVET MAT LIPSTICK gives a pure intense colour payoff. The extremely comfortable fluid texture guarantees a long lasting, no transfer result. Available in 12 shades.


EM - Profumeria Selettiva 2-17  
EM - Profumeria Selettiva 2-17  

Edizione Profumeria Selettiva e accessori Lusso E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di prodotti selettivi e accessori di lusso: cosmet...