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BaBylissPRO® @ Cosmoprof Bologna > hall 33 booth C2-D1



Scopri Cotril dai migliori hairstylist. 1



Tone on tone coloring, acid pH gel cream. SMOOTH HAIR. NATURAL SHINE.

Tone on tone cream coloring. NATURAL EFFECT.



N. 1 - Anno XXXVIII february / March 2018 febbraio / marzo 2018 REDAZIONE: VIA R. GESSI, 28 - 20146 MILANO TEL. 02 / FAX 02 / 41.23.405 Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Milano n. 85 del 16 / 02 / 1991 Direttore responsabile: Giuseppe Tirabasso Direttore editoriale: Claudia Stagno

On the cover: Babyliss: successful barbers have the right tools.

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Aestetica Napoli 88-89 Alfa Parf 99-101 Alterego 47 BBCOS 68-69 Beauty Istanbul 87 Beauty Eurasia 83 Beauty Days Poland 72 Beautyworld Japan 52 Beautyworld Middle East 50 Beyond Beauty Bangkok 78 Byotea 75 Babyliss Cover-126-127 Becker 27 CBE – China Beauty Expo 59 Cosmetech 61 Cosmetokyo 107 Cosm.o 119 Cosmobeauté 80-82 Cosmo Beauty Seoul 76 Cosmofarma 48 Cosmoprof Asia 42 Cosmoprof India 44 Cosmoprof North America 26 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 39 Cotril II-1-IV CTL 136-III DXT!NCT 111 Dosetta 79 EBS 77 Echosline 41 Eslablondexx 90-91/94-95 Faby 33-35 Fanola 45 GA-MA 113 G.V.F. Group 54-55 Hair 22-23 Helen Seward 28-29 IBE 90-91 ICMAD 8 Inco 115 Industrie Pagoda 121 Inebrya 43 ING 24-25 Intercharm Moscow 118 Jessica 7-10-11 L’Origine 130 Koeco 96-97 Korea Beauty Biz 74 Make-up-in 103 Maxima 51 Myosotis Insert Nazih Group 131-134 Parlux 117 Pegasus 31 Pettenon 49 Pool Service 20-21 Premiere Orlando 124-125 Professional Beauty 18-19 Robanda 16-17 Rudy Profumi 13 Salon International London 122-123 Salon Look Madrid 128-129 Sensus 54 Sisters 120 Tecnoelettra 5 The Kirschner Group 9 Vitality’s 2-3 Wabel 108


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TECNO ELETTRA CONTINUES TO FOCUS ON NEW TECHNOLOGY Another improvement in the family of TE products

TECNO ELETTRA, the long-established manufacturer of professional hairdryers – founded in the 1980s – presents its newborn at Cosmoprof 2018. The new model, called R.A.M 2.0, is the result of the constant investment in research and development that has always distinguished TE products. The new professional hairdryer is absolute innovation in terms of lightness, performances and perfect balance between power and energy consumption which converge in highly improved output.

The R.A.M 2 components include a Brushless Motor which is extremely light. A 100% ITALIAN-MADE electronic motor – and thanks to its contained dimensions and to the internal conveyor of air, has considerably reduced the consumption of energy. The technological evolution of Tecno Elettra has allowed grouping together all the professional characteristics in an exceptionally lightweight hairdryer, reinforcing at the same time the main characteristics of THE products of long duration, alongside greater power, with an ideal shape and dimensions to meet the needs of the most attentive and ambitious hairdressers all over the world. The latest born in the TE family keeps and improves the main characteristics of silence, perfect balancing and handling of the TE models already present all over the world, like the Formula 6000, the Boss 6000 and many others, but allowing drying and styling in even more reduced times, optimizing the consumption of electric energy thanks also to the presence of the air “conveyor” component which creates an aerodynamic journey of the air without the slightest dispersion.


The term CONVEYOR indicates and defines the functionality of this innovative component which conveys mechanically the flow of air, reducing practically to zero any possible decrease of the volume of outgoing air. If we were to define this new product in a few words, we would have to say that it is an innovative, technologically advanced, eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly product, without having neglected at all the needs of our final customers, i.e. a powerful, lightweight and ergonomic product.

Treat your nails right.™

A NEW GELERATION I understand how difficult it can be to make time for beauty. GELeration offers a unique, natural approach to nail care with self-leveling formulas that bond to the nail for the ultimate flexibility. With the fastest-curing, soak-free gel system on the market, you can get back to your life...beautifully. Welcome to a new GELeration of natural nail care!

Choose from over 100 matching polishes for quick touch-ups and pedicures.


There are places YOU want to be ICMAD can make it happen

Find open doors and more opportuntities when you join our powerful international network of suppliers, retailers, consultants, brand marketers, sales reps, R&D services, and industry experts. We’ve been opening doors for the best in the industry since 1974.

Visit us at Cosmoprof Bologna

Advocate. Educate. Service. Deliver. 8

ICMAD.ORG/JOIN 800-334-2623

LIKE A DREAM with 24K gold particles IX



is the result of the most advanced biotechnologies. It contains Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weight for a younger, more compact and luminous skin. The phytoextracts contained have an antioxidant action and protective function against the photoaging. MYOSOTIS srl - Via xx settembre, 9 - 37129 Verona (VR) Italy T +39 045 50 26 41 - F +39 045 820 77 70 - XII COSMOPROF | Bologna - Italy | 15-19 march 2018 | pavilion 35 stand A15-B16


Worked 256 Trade Shows

Made 25,000 Sales Calls

Conducted 1240 Sales Meetings

Taken 952 Airline Flights

Stayed 3376 Hotel Nights

The Worlds NUMBER ONE CHOICE For Representation In The Professional Beauty Industry

WHO WE ARE The Kirschner Group, Inc. is the largest worldwide sales organization in the beauty industry. We are a resource that guarantees value to your business by offering sales strategies, data and trade information.

WHAT WE DO The Kirschner Group, Inc. promise is to present opportunities that grow sales and enhance profitability. We pledge to constantly develop and implement customized, focused business solutions.

Corporate HQ: 28328 Constellation Rd. Valencia, CA 91355 • 661.257.6260

WWW.KIRSCHNERGROUP.COM Proud member and sponsor of the following industry organizations:


Treat your nails right.™

A NEW GELERATION I understand how difficult it can be to make time for beauty. GELeration offers a unique, natural approach to nail care with self-leveling formulas that bond to the nail for the ultimate flexibility. With the fastest-curing, soak-free gel system on the market, you can get back to your life...beautifully. Welcome to a new GELeration of natural nail care!

Choose from over 100 matching polishes for quick touch-ups and pedicures.



T oiletries , cosmetics , perf u mes , ph y toprod u cts

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit – 3-Day Program Centred On Green Materials, Sourcing And Marketing Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetic & personal care industry. The international series of summits taking place in the major geographic regions of the world, next time will be hosted at the Park Central New York on 16-18th May 2018. The ninth North American edition comprises four dedicated sessions and an interactive workshop. Session One: Sustainability Update How leading operators have been approaching this discipline and what are their key priorities along with issues like ocean plastic pollution, sustainability and aerosols will be tackled with. There will also be case studies from

a leading personal care company and fashion retailer on how they are addressing their impacts. Session Two: Green Materials This session will be introduced with the concept of skin biomes and their relationship with health and wellness. Details will be given of new actives that protect skin from blue light and infrared rays. Other speakers will discuss novel botanical actives, natural skincare ingredients, and whether green always means safer or not. Session Three: Sustainable Sourcing This session looks at some common approaches to sustainable sourcing and its associated benefits. Details will be given of tools that can improve traceability of agricultural materials, as well as approaches to reduce fraud risks. Biodiversity impacts and social value of cosmetic ingredients will also be part of further discussions.

Session Four: Marketing & Distribution Developments This session looks at marketing and distribution developments in the context of sustainable cosmetics. Case studies are given of brands with novel sustainability credentials. The prospects for cannabis-based ingredients in personal care products and digital marketing best-practices will also be part of the discussion. Workshop: Openings in Global Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market This new workshop gives detailed information on the latest market and competitive trends and distribution & consumer developments. An update will be given on natural & organic standards and certification schemes. The business openings in the North American and global market will be highlighted.

Pink Fluyd ,The Perfect Balance Between Skincare And Make Up Glass Onion, an Italian brand leader in the beauty industry, has been promoting flash cosmetology, a totally new scientific approach to cosmetic products. The company has recently formulated a highly performing serum called Pink Fluyd designed to deliver a quick, flash visual effect as well as long lasting results thanks to anti-ageing active ingredients. This magical serum delivers an instant relaxed look in only 3 minutes minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags. One drop applied directly on the skin around the eyes smoothes down wrinkles and fine lines, with a lifting effect. Perfect before going out or a special evening this serum is a must-have solution in a daily beauty routine. Used regularly for at least 3 weeks, your eye contour will look brighter, firmer and more hydrated. Results are guaranteed by an extraordinary blend of powerful active and hi-tech ingredients with long-lasting effect. This sophisticated blend consists of plant stem cells of Uttwiler Spätlauber, a rare apple with regenerating and anti-ageing properties; biomimetic Oligo-peptide that stimulates the skin fibers; vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant able to fight free radicals and reduce

dehydration, mucilage with moisturizing properties and micro ‘soft focus’ pearls’ that fill in and lighten the deepest wrinkles. Glass Onion has found a solution to the increasing demand in the cosmetic market of products that provides fast and effective results.



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APOTHECARY BY RUDY PROFUMI WHEN MODERN INGREDIENTS MEET TRADITION A line of products for personal care ensuring moments of gratification for the senses

The research by Rudy Profumi never stops and today gives rise, in the heart of its main line, “Nature & Arome”, to a new selection of fragrances and products in the “Apothecary” style which skilfully blends modern ingredients with tradition. The line includes all the produces for personal care, Bath and Shower Foam, Body Fluid, Hand Cream and Perfumed Mist in 6 fragrances matched and enriched with fine oils and Vitamin E, perfect complementary elements for the skin which will take on a silky and well cared-for appearance. The meticulous selection of extraordinary fragrances gives a special aura to these products, combining the pleasure of enveloping fragrances with a cosmetic action, to make your wellbeing ritual unique and invaluable. In a world of perennial acceleration let’s carve out a pause for relaxation and serenity, going back to the old

From left: Cristina, Michela, Giulia,

habits of the ritual of personal care, offering ourselves moments of abandonment and following our senses. After a hot bath, a toning shower where inebriating fragrances will have relaxed and reinvigorated us, we hydrate out skin and leave it more luminous by applying the fluid cream all over the body with a light massage. It has a light texture but at the same time it will give your skin a pleasant sensation of silkiness and softness, letting you get dressed immediately without any greasiness.

Lorenzo and Giorgio Calabrese


To end, envelop yourself in your fragrance, spraying your favourite body mist all over your body… and don’t forget your hands, having them moisturized and well cared for is a duty for every woman, throw our hand cream which, thanks to its small tube lets you repeat application several times a day to keep your hands always in top condition! Key ingredients: All the products are enriched with VITAMIN E. Vitamin E is also an excellent moisturizer. Here is how it works: Vitamin E reinforces the natural barrier of the skin, reducing the loss of moisture. Now that the moisture is blocked in the skin, it is softened and filled. The peculiarity of this line is that every fragrance is enriched with a special and precious plant oil: do you like being nourished by nature and are you looking for natural options for your skin? Then these botanic beauties are for you, oils that come directly from nature, which have a real affinity with the skin. Benefits of plant oils: Oils have marvellous cosmetic properties on the skin. Avocado oil has many properties a nd is rich in antioxidants; vitamin E, which help protect the skin from the damage of free radicals, which can lead to early ageing.

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Jojoba oil has a composition close to human skin, and it can be used for the treatment of very dry skin. Apricot oil has emollient properties and is ideal for those who have

Almond oil is widely used to soothe and soften irritated or dry skin. It is light and leaves skin soft and smooth. Rosa Mosqueta oil is an excellent

Parabens, Mineral Oils, Colourings and are 100% Made in Italy. Last but not least, the packaging as always has been designed to capture the consumer’s attention,

sensitive skin, It has a soothing action. Olive oil has moisturizing properties; if your skin often feels dry or dehydrated, we recommend using this oil on your skin, has a moisturizing and antioxidant action.

anti-ageing oil which contains about 30% of gamma-linoleic acid: the role of these fatty acids is to form a protective barrier, preventing the moisture from leaving the skin’s tissues. All the products are free of

combining a traditional style with the luxury of inserts in gold, making it not only a products precious for the daily hygiene of the whole family, but also an elegant and attractive accessory in the bathroom.

All the products are free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Colourings and are 100% Made in Italy. 15

visit the BODYOGRAPHY booth D3 Hall 14 at COSMOPROF BOLOGNA

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High Performance Professional Cosmetics Innovation, Trend and Luxurious Quality Paraben Free, Gluten Free and Vegan Formulas Found in some of the most prestigious salons, spas and stores in over 60 countries worldwide • Cruelty Free Brand Featured in... Spinning Counter Display 16

Robanda International was founded 19 years ago by the Leib brothers and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Robanda International is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA (placing #1291 on the INC 5000 fastest growing list). Robanda’s brands are now found in more than 60 countries worldwide. Bodyography Cosmetics

has seen dynamic international growth, growing to over 60 countries in just 8 years. This sophisticated cosmetics range incorporates paraben-free formulas, age-defying minerals and the latest fashionable colors. Bodyography’s Veil Foundation Primer has been declared a ‘miracle product’ and in 2009 Bodyography Cosmetics was voted best ‘green’ makeup by Launchpad magazine.

Bodyography SKIN

will change the way your skin looks and feels. Treat your skin to luxurious products using the latest in technology and result oriented ingredients for youthful, supple and moisturized skin. Designed for all skin types and promises to deliver anti-aging results and top of the line formulations that will visibly improve your skins elasticity and overall look. Utilizing the power of plant derived ingredients in conjunction with scientifically proven anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients.

ProRituals is a professional hair care

& color brand, exclusively for salons. Many of the wet line formulas are paraben-free, sulfate-free and ecofriendly. The hair color covers gray like no other and the tube is a large 100ml size. Within the USA, hair color was Robanda’s biggest growth last year. Backed by an outstanding education team, ProRituals will rapidly develop into a leading global brand.

Hydra-Oil is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks. It also aids in evening out skin tone and nourishing mature and dehydrated skin. Hydra-Oil is made up of a combination of essential oils which helps to tone your skin and remove the dryness to keep skin smooth and hydrated. Vitamins help fight signs of aging and improve overall health and quality of skin. Tropical Shine nail files are the

leading USA file brand for over 28 years. Distributed worldwide, Robanda can offer the same assortment of top quality files under private label.

Retinol Skincare Robanda chemists have searched the world for the most active natural ingredients, and then researched and developed cosmeceutical products with unique formulas, which ultimately produce incredible visible results on your skin. All Retinol by Robanda products are formulated and tested to be suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Mr.Pumice is the #1 selling pumice

brand in the USA and the choice of nail technicians everywhere. Recent new launches include the metal foot file. Callus Terminator is rapidly becoming brand leader in the callus removal category.

Crack Hair Fix Crack provides the Ultimate Hair Support System that is lightweight and non-greasy. Provides barrier from heat, thermal styling and cuts down drying time. Great at controlling frizz! Paraben and Sulfate free and 100% Vegan! The Twirler Brush The classic ball brush. Great for medium-long hair styles. With a Ball Brush, you can hold the brush in a position that feels comfortable for you while still reaching all of your hair. You can roll it, twirl it, flip it, feather it, lift it – whatever your heart desires! (re)FRESH Dry Shampoo is Robanda’s entry into the fast-growing category. As a waterless shampoo, this product revives hair between washes and is fast and easy to use. Young women and men are now using dry shampoo to complement their fast paced lifestyle. Robanda will continue on their path of smart acquisitions and are looking to partner with international importers and distributors who share their vision of building global brands. To discuss available opportunities visit the Robanda booth at Cosmoprof Bologna or email your inquiry to

visit the ROBANDA booth D3 Hall 14 at Cosmoprof Bologna Robanda International, Inc.

P: (619) 276.7660 • F: (619) 276.7661 E: San Diego, California, 92121 17

LET US HELP YOU FIND YOUR PERFECT PARTNER Leading exhibitions in key destinations. Our management will introduce you to local distributors.


INDIA Kolkata Delhi Mumbai IRELAND Dublin

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24 - 25 February 2019 10 June 2018 21 - 22 October 2018

Contact: Steve James T: + 44 (0) 20 7351 0536 E:





Candy pink


Aubergine violet Lavander lilac Denim blue Sky light blue Lunar grey Ocean green VISIT OUR WEBSITE:





THE AWARD WINNING B2B EVENT PROVIDES: • THE PLACE WHERE ‘IN THE KNOW’ DISTRIBUTORS FIND RESOURCES • • THE WORLD OF BEAUTY UNDER ONE ROOF  45 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED • • LEADING CONFERENCES WITH CSUITE EXECS • Organizer - North American Beauty Events LLC.: Sales Office US, Canada, Mexico: PBA - Scottsdale, AZ - USA - ph. +1.480.281.0424 - fax +1.480.905.0708 - Sales Office Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America: BolognaFiere spa - Bologna - Italy - - for info: ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 | Marketing and Promotion: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -


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YES® by Becker Solingen quality and service - since 1930 The products of the YES® brand for daily cosmetics are presented in a new, attractive packaging design and with space-saving POS placement solutions ñ for optimum sales success. The YES beauty range has long stood for professional Solingen quality for a low price in Germany and worldwide. Now, the manufacturer Becker Solingen has provided the brand used for daily cosmetics, hand and foot care with a new look in order to make the appearance of the products modern and customeroriented and considerably facilitate handling in the self-service markets. The entire manicure and pedicure range consisting of nail, skin and combination scissors, pliers, tweezers, files, planes and much more is presented in transparent blister packs. These support the enduser with a good view of the products, easy-toread, understandable product descriptions and pictograms when selecting the right products.

WINNER OF ETHICAL STYLE AWARD for environmentally friendly production The steel goods are now produced with the help of state-of-the-art automation technology, robot support and an experienced master craftsman from Solingen. Important working steps, such as the “finishing touch”, may still only be carried out by competent skilled workers in order to achieve the desired quality. Each product is tested separately before leaving the production halls.






BE SHINY, BE LUMIA Maximum shine with LUMIA, the broad range of luminous and vibrant shades that ensure a uniform and intense color with a perfect coverage of grey hair. MORE THAN HAIR COLORING Precious pluses enrich the innovative formula offering the hair volume and softness, transforming hair coloring into a genuine beauty treatment.


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ENTER A WORLD OF LIGHT. ENTER THE WORLD OF LUMIA PERFECT COLOR. An extraordinary color that expresses the energy of light.

Helen Seward presents COLOR SYSTEM LUMIA, the hair color that ensures maximum shine with a broad range of over ninety luminous and vibrant nuances. Perfectly mixed together, they guarantee excellent grey hair coverage, a uniform and intense color and a long-lasting result.

Discover more MEET US: Cosmoprof Bologna: hall 25, stand B90-C89 Beautyworld Middle East: hall S1

LUMINESCINE, FOR A COLOR FULL OF LIGHT. Obtained from the Great Mullein plant, Luminescine is a very precious natural extract able to capture and reflect light: it absorbs luminous solar energy and reproduces it in the form of visible light. Thanks to its luminescent properties, it improves hair brightness, offering an exceptionally shiny cosmetic color.

MORE THAN HAIR COLORING. The innovative formula is ultra-performing thanks to the complex of actives that make up LUMINESCINE TECHNOLOGY. The precious pluses, accurately selected, contribute to give life to a formula with an extraordinary caring power that gives the hair volume and softness, transforming hair coloring into a genuine beauty treatment.


OMEGA 9 AND AMINOSILCOMPLEX: EXCELLENT COSMETIC EFFECT AND UNIFORM COLOR. While Omega 9 encourages the penetration of the cosmetic color into the hair fiber, guaranteeing perfect coverage, Aminosilcomplex offers volume and softness, immediately making hair easier to comb. Their combined action guarantees uniform, intense and long-lasting color.


TRIMETHYLGLYCINE FOR PROTECTIVE ACTION. Extracted from sugar beet, Trimethylglycine is a natural compound which, acting as an osmoprotectant, protects the hair and skin in stressful conditions. Thanks to its ability to deeply hydrate, it acts on the hair fiber at every level, protecting the hair and skin for improved a comfortable product application.


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Traditional And Innovative Shades Inspired By Italian Culture And Fashion Once again, the Italian nail brand Faby, is ready to provide professionals with ‘A taste of Italy’, with their new luxurious range of nail lacquers featured in their spring summer collection 2018, Opposite, where women will capture the essence of Italian style as they usually do with the whole range of Faby lacquers but with a new touch of emotional elegance.

Opposite - The Collection Dedicated To Women’s Complexity Faby Spring/Summer 2018 nail lacquer collection is a journey across women’s innumerable emotions and passion. Opposite has been created to meet women’s style that can be a surprising synergy of opposites. It is a two-fold collection embracing two opposite sides of woman temperament: sweetness and fragility on the one side and passion and courage on the other side. While being fashion inspired, woman’s personal look is often the mirror of her personality while color expresses the essence of her hidden feelings. Opposite color palette represents woman’s personality –from light and soft colours to darker and intense colours.

The collection includes 12 shades: Madame Jekyll, A pale aquamarine turquoise; Lightness, aDelicate pale; blue; Vivo Por Ella, a Sweet quartz pink; Sweet as Faby, a Dolly pink; Day & Night, an Elegant powdery pink; Dawn a Pale neutral; Sunset, Vermillion red; Parole, parole…, Wine red; Eternity, Burgundy red; Kikka’s Closet, Chocolate brown; Jump on the Dark Side, Electric purple; Lady Hyde, Deep blue. The full collection is available in 10-free Faby nail lacquers. Faby Opposite Lacquering Gel Opposite collection also offers the following 5 shades- “Lightness”, “Vivo por ella”, “Sweet as Faby”, “Day & Night”, “Sunset” - in the Laquering Gel version with the addition of “Tourist on the Moon”, a silver touch with metallic hues, a trendy color for the next Spring and Summer. Faby Lacquesring Gel is the semi-permanent Led-based technology Faby nail varnish. Easy to apply and with fast polymerization, the gel guarantees long lasting wearability, safety and high professional performance.


Opposite Mini Kit Opposite Collection is also available in a Mini Kit version. A selection of Mini 5 ml lacquers is the ideal solution to always stay in line with fashion, perfect for an exclusive gift to a special person or simply to try the colors of the new collection. The kit is available in four selected shades: “Lightness”, “Sweet as Faby”, “Sunset”, and “Parole, parole…”.


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Jenius Gel - The Evolution In Nail Enhancement

Faby Nail, the innovative leader in the nailcare world has developed a nail enhancement system that is quick and simple enough to adapt to this fast paced society, keeping a high level of flexibility and respect for the natural nails. Faby’s Genius Gel, a LED hard gel system, is a complete range that’s entirely compatible while allowing fast and easy tailored treatments that respect nail natural health. Jenius Base gel is Biotin enriched, to provide your nails a vitamin supplement that helps maintaining their natural beauty. Vitamin B7 is necessary for the entire body wellness and beauty. The system is highly Flexible: with Jenius Gel you can effectively treat even nails considered difficult to work with. You can create a tailor made service by layering gels with different properties and achieve optimal performances while meeting every client’s needs every time. Jenius gel is highly resistant and long lasting, and with a correct application it can guarantee a no lifting wear experience. This treatment is also Quick: with Jenius Sculpting Gel you can sculpt or cover all 5 fingers before curing: you’ll be able to create a salon length full set in less than an hour.

A Range Of Revolutionary High Performing Products That Complement Any Styles The Jenius Gel range includes the following complementary and compatible products: Ultraprime features an Acid free adhesion agent that guarantees the best adhesion even on difficult nails. Air dry; Jenius Top Coat No Wipe is a super glossy top coat without inhibition layer. It protects the enhancement by filtering UV - colors will be shiny and intact during wear. Biotin enriched Gel base works as a double sided sticky tape between the natural nails and the gel coating. It ensures an optimal adhesion, zero lifting and provides the nails with Vitamin B7, essential for their correct development. The Jenius Builder Gel is a flexible gel that follows the natural nails movements. Easy to apply, it reduces filing times and is self leveling. It’s ideal for everybody, from professionals to beginners. Enriched with anti yellowing agents it is available in the following 3 colors:


glass-like effect Light Clear; Sheer Pink that enhances the natural color of the nail bed; Cover Pink, perfect to minimize discoloration of the nail bed and design the perfect smile line for French manicures; A technical gel with high performances, Jenius Sculpting Gel is a strong and resistant gel. With Thixotropic property, it doesn’t move unless it’s touched with the brush. It keeps the shape without running, allowing you to sculpt all 5 fingers before curing (no flash curing needed). Light and comfortable to wear, it has an acrylic-like resistance. Available in crystal like Ultra Clear; Milky Pink, a delicate sheer pink; Spa White ideal for French tips and babyboomers. The Jenius gel range also includes Faby Shaper Brushes. Endowed with high quality synthetic bristles and natural wood handles, the brushes are available in two shapes Flat: ideal to apply Jenius Base gel and Oval perfect to sculpt enhancements and create a flawless French manicure. The range is completed by Faby Flair Nail Forms; Faby Ace tips and Faby Bond Glue.





FABY A FABULOUS SUCCESS IN JUST FIVE YEARS A family-run company has conquered the nail world in five years with its innovative products of great quality

Export Magazine spoke to Fabiana Viale, Faby Vice President; Alessandro Viale, Executive Product and Communication Manager and Alberto Viale, Export Director about Faby and its incredible story.

EXPORT MAGAZINE: Cosmoprof is an appointment that cannot be missed. Which new products will you be presenting this year? FABIANA VIALE: The Italian Cosmoprof is absolutely the most important international appointment of beauty in the world and Faby cannot not be there. As always for 38 years we come to this event with great new products. Every year our appointment is enriched with new products, new colours to offer the Nail world. Every year is a good occasion to come with new projects and new proposals. Always evolving as per our tradition, Faby presents JENIUS GEL at Cosmoprof 2018. The first Sculpting Beauty project by Faby, We have worked at length to find

cation Manager Alessandra Marchesi, Edu

Fabiana Viale, Faby Vice Pre


safe and innovative materials, We have tested them with dedication and expertise, attentive to the details, with the clear intention of presenting a successful product. Our team of nail technicians, headed by Alessandra Marchesi and under my supervision has designed a protocol of use to make Jenius Gel easy and fast, giving all Nail Technician operators the possibility of approaching reconstruction simply and quickly, letting them save a precious asset for us all, “time� without sacrificing exceptional results. New shapes, new lines, new architectures of the nail have been studied and developed to give a new version to the world of reconstruction. EM: How important is it to innovate in the nails sector and how important is it to protect the


health and safety of the consumers? FV: Faby has always paid great attention to the safety of its products and has always been attentive to legislative controls to guarantee comfort and health without sacrificing beauty. With the creation of Jenius Gel, we committed ourselves to research, we chose a range of products that were absolutely safe, enriched with Biotine, a vitamin that is indispensable for the care and natural beauty of the nails. After having given a new architecture to the nails, we absolutely have to exalt them with new colours, obviously using the colours of the new collection OPPOSITE, to accompany the spring and summer with a fresh and intriguing style together with contrasts, giving room for infinite interpretations. A set of contrasting colours that complete themselves.


Today, those who enter the Faby family know that they are not abandoned after purchase and that for anything they need there is a company made up of men and women ready to give their maximum support.

Alessandro Viale, Execut ive Product and Communication Ma nager

EM: How old is Faby and at what point on your journey are you? ALESSANDRO VIALE: We are celebrating our first five years in the area. At Cosmoprof 2013 we lifted the veil from our gem, starting with 163 colours in the range. Today we have more than 270 colours, a spa line, our semi-permanent gel and we are right in the middle of launching Jenius Gel, a new, easy and fast to apply reconstruction system completely dedicated to beauticians. I would therefore say that we have taken quite a few steps, thanks to the presence of the Viale family behind us which has financed such an ambitious and interesting project. The journey is still very long, because we have very many ideas and projects to develop, with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. EM: What are the main elements of the Faby personality? AV: We have a great desire to question ourselves every day, never to feel that we have arrived, to invest in our training, that of our agents, technicians and clients. We are a family and we always like to say this, who do their work with the desire not only to be able to make a profit, but to do so giving value to the life and time of people, our partners and our clients.

EM: Ever since the beginning you have given great importance to communication. What immediate and medium-/long-term advantages do you find? AV: The brand has become very popular, because we have a presence in the best trade magazines today for beauticians. Faby no longer represents a new brand, in fact everyone thinks that we have been on the market for decades, by the quality of image, the commercial offers, the initiatives and events. The final consumer is appreciating us more and more, thanks to the open days that we are holding in partnership with our clients. We are definitely pleased with the public who follows us on all the social media. I would therefore say that we are now a fine brand, no longer a surprise, and to reach this point it has taken us less than five years‌ incredible.

Alberto Viale, Export Director

EM: How important is it for you to distribute the Faby brand internationally? ALBERTO VIALE: I would say that it is fundamental!


Faby is a brand which is offered as a strong international presence and the success of the project is closely linked to an important internationalization of the brand. Obviously it takes some time to implement such an ambitious project, but we are proceeding with a growth greater than our expectations. 2017 has recorded a growth in our exports of more than 45% with a strong growth of the European market in particular. EM: Which markets are giving you particular satisfaction? AV: Europe and the Middle East are undoubtedly our main markets. In particular in 2017 we added the important piece of Spain to our portfolio, succeeding in a short time in becoming widespread on the market, especially thanks to a very effective organization of local distributors. At this point only France is missing to complete Europe and we hope in 2018 to find good partners with whom to concretize our projects! EM: What does the consumer most appreciate? AV: I have to say that our bet of exporting “Made in Italy,� even in a sector where traditionally we do not take a leading part, is giving excellent results! Despite what we Italians may think (now and again we are slightly too pessimistic) abroad they still see us as a cheerful and colourful people, with an excellent taste in fashion. In addition to this, obviously, the very high quality of our products corresponds to the expectations that we create in our loyal clients.



COSMOPROF BOLOGNA 2018 MEETING THE SPECIFIC NEEDS OF ALL PLAYERS IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY The show is evolving to become a tailor-made exhibition for the professional attendees

Optimizing the time for the professional attendees at the reference event for the world of cosmetics is the aim of this 51st edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna which this year opens the doors for professionals in the retail, perfumery and cosmetics sectors, green and natural and the national pavilions of COSMO | PERFUMERY & COSMETICS, held in conjunction with Cosmopack from Thursday 15 March to Sunday 18 March. COSMO | HAIR & NAIL & BEAUTY SALON with the national pavilions of China and Taiwan keep the usual opening dates from Friday 16 to Monday 19 March. The event is hosting 2,800 exhibitors from 70 countries, +3% compared to 2017 and overall, the event is predicted to grow by 7.5%. All the sectors of the event are growing: Cosmopack records +6% with 464 exhibitors from 31 countries; the sector dedicated to Perfumery and cosmetics has grown by 5%.

There are 27 National Collective groups from 24 countries, from 15 to 18 March the national pavilions of Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, California, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA and, for the first time Sweden, are exhibiting. From 16 to 19 March, in conjunction with Cosmo | Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon dedicated to the professional world, the China and Taiwan pavilions are open to the public. The number of visitors also looks to increase, with online sales having increased by 25% compared to last year with +34% of international sales. Cosmo | Perfumery & Cosmetics is an ideal stage for masstige perfumery and the Extraordinary Gallery hosts prestige perfumery companies with high quality products, an expression of the best research and development in the sector.


Subjects of the talks scheduled during the event include “Evolution of Perfumery”, “How To: Shopping in beauty – The perfume experience 4.0: perfumery and luxury between innovation and tradition. Cosmo | Perfumery & Cosmetics in Hall 19, collects all the main trends for retail, as well as hosting the International Buyer Lounge. Part of this sector is Cosmoprime, for new prestige and masstige perfumery trends for the retail channel, with selected entrance. Tones of Beauty is the initiative that draws attention to multicultural beauty, with skin and hair products for non-Caucasian consumers. Cosmoprime is also hosting new areas on the world of green and natural cosmetics: The Green Selection (in the extraordinary Gallery) with collections characterized by ingredients of natural origin of the highest quality and The Green Prime, featuring selected brands specialized in masstige and prestige perfumery and skincare with a strong eco-friendly vocation. The Green area is Hall 21N is dedicated to mass market brands, with over 130 exhibitors showing a preview of their new products.


14 – 17 MARCH

15 – 18 MARCH

A new world for beauty Bologna, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Mumbai

Company of

With the participation of


Organiser BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a, Milan, Italy P +39 02 796 420 F +39 02 795 036

In partnership with



Cosmo | Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon the spotlight here is on the world of professional aesthetics, hairstyling and nails, with the main companies of finished products for the world of hair, nails and beauty salons, exhibitors of equipment for beauty centres and spas, specialists in accessories and furnishing, together with China and Taiwan’s country pavilions. Hair shows with the most prestigious teams and cuttingedge performance enliven the event.

On Hair Collection, on 18 and 19 March, host the teams for Class Hair Academy Schwarzkopf, Hair Company, BH Salon and Wella. Hair Ring is the stage of young hair stylists with a new claim this year: Proud to support young talents. Halls 37 and 38 hold the most innovative machines and products to increase beauty salons’ business and offer customers a higher quality service. Focus on the nail world continues with training sessions for nail technicians, Nail Education Bologna on 19 March, focuses on the most fashionable nail art techniques.

Cosmopack 2018 The event dedicated to the entire beauty supply chain continues to grow: +6% in terms of exhibition, 464 companies already confirmed and a waiting list that is constantly getting longer. This year, 55% of exhibitors are from abroad, with attendance by the most important players in the industry, including Oxygen (USA), Maesa (Frace), Dubai personal Care – Unilever and Marchesini. This year Cosmopack Awards 2018 are to be presented, the natural evolution of The Wall award by Cosmopack, by a jury of prestigious international experts, for the most interesting solutions for research, formulation, technological development and digital innovation. Hall 19 of Cosmoprime hosts the Cosmopack Factory, an interesting initiative for buyers, retailers, company managers and R&D managers, and focuses for the first time on retail needs.

A new advertising campaign Cult photographer Oliviero Toscani has created the image for this year’s advertising campaign: two female faces of different ethnicities, with abstract touches of colour on lips, eyes and hair express the concept of beauty without borders, the expression of a modern, multi-cultural society.


“Haute gamme” perfumery in Bologna This year sees a brand-new installation at the Service Centre of the fair district where the finalist fragrances of the 2018 Prize Accademia del Profumo for the best perfume of the year will be shown, both feminine and masculine, where visitors can vote for their favourite fragrance among those presented by Angelini beauty, Bulgari Italy, Chanel, Collistar, Coty Italy, L’Oréal Italia Luxe, LVMH Italy, Puig Italia, Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums and Shiseido Group Italy. This collaboration between Cosmoprof and the Accademia del Profumo confirms the importance of selective perfumery and the constant growth of the fragrance market (+2.5%).

Education in Bologna International partners and outstanding speakers focus on the most up-to-date topics for the beauty industry. These are opportunities for professional updating thanks to the high quality educational calendar, scheduled according to the new “tailor-made” format with specific proposals for each sector and for the different professional categories. The Spa Symposium is being held for the second year, with international experts, trendsetters and the most influential trade magazines presenting topics of interest to professionals in the spa and wellness centres and for specialized companies. The live demonstrations of Cosmoprof On Stage are dedicated to the world of professional aesthetics and nails, on Sunday 18 and Monday 19 March in collaboration with Esthetiworld by Cosmoprof.


Organiser - Cosmoprof Asia Ltd

Sales Office Asia Pacific: UBM Asia Ltd - Hong Kong - ph. +852.2827.6211 - fax +852.3749.7345 - Sales Office Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Americas: BolognaFiere S.p.a. - Bologna - Italy - for info: ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 - | Marketing and Promotion: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -



PREVIEW Organised-by Organiser Cosmoprof Asia Ltd

Sales Office Asia Pacific: UBM India Pvt. Ltd - Mumbai - India - ph. +91.22.6172.7510 - fax +91.22.6172.7273 Sales Office Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Americas: BolognaFiere S.p.a. - Bologna - Italy - for info: ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 - Marketing and Promotion: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -



Hair: Creative Team Fanola / Photo: Alberto Buzzanca / Make-up: Carolina Cubria / Concept:

PAV. 25 - BOOTH B20-C19

The new professional system for hair coloring, toning, lightening and bleaching to get perfect blonde results SocietĂ soggetta a direzione e coordinamento di AGF88 Holding 45

compan y

ALTER EGO ITALY TURNS 30 AGF88’s flagship brand will celebrate with an exclusive event in Malta

Forty years of experience in the cosmetics industry, the ability to make the most of an important heritage, to understand the present and anticipate the future: these are the solid premises thanks to which Arturo Pegorin – together with his sons Gianni and Federico, in 1988 created Alter Ego Italy, the flagship brand of AGF88 Holding, an Italian group that for over 70 years has been one of the leading manufacturers of professional hair care products. “I had the idea of launching a brand of exclusive professional products in 1988," says Federico Pegorin, “But we would have never imagined such a fast and important growth, which this year led us to successfully celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand with a modern, refined and prestigious image, worthy of competing in the international arena.” A brand that over the years managed to obtain increasing international recognition thanks to its entirely Italian history made of traditions, specific values handed down from one generation to the next, passion for quality, attention to detail and the continuous search for innovation and new creative inspiration.

letta Peruzzo

Federico, Gianni Pegorin and Nico

These features reflected in the offer of a range of cutting-edge products that is constantly renewed to meet the growing needs of the market. Over the years, the company’s mission has been to inspire creativity through ongoing training, innovative tools and high-performance products to guarantee the development and success of professional salons all over the world. With this intent, in 2013, the Akademìa Team was created. Alter Ego Italy’s first artistic team consists of trainers with extensive experience in the world of hair styling and fashion. Therefore, a brand that is growing, always renewing and looking for new trends. The appointment of Leonardo Rizzo as Creative Director of Alter Ego Italy came as a natural choice: "As the Creative Director, I believe its not just about how we can create great looking hair, but much more about how we can connect to the work we do, to inspire others and share these new ideas and techniques through the best mediums and latest innovations.” Says Leonardo Rizzo. Today – 30 years later – entrepreneurship and Italian excellence continue to inspire the company’s choices and the mission remains to constantly pursue, with a committed approach, the philosophy


of an innovative brand with a strong heritage. With lines of specific products created according to the needs of hair stylists and sector experts – from the most refined colours and styling products, to the treatment lines designed for a specific daily beauty routine for hair – Alter Ego Italy aims to build an increasingly larger base of salons and conquer the final audience. "We believe we have achieved an excellent mix," says Alter Ego Italy Brand Director Nicoletta Peruzzo,

"we have a range of cutting-edge and top quality products; we rely on a solid team who works behind the scenes with passion and dedication. This is Alter Ego Italy and this is our strong suit and we are happy we have reached this important milestone through a wonderful evolution of the brand and we are celebrating all together in Malta at the end of May."

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Alter Ego Italy has indeed organised an international three-day convention in Malta from 27th to 30th May dedicatedto training, creativity and fun.

H a i r _ L e o n a r d o R i z z o a s S a n r i z z C r e a t i v e D i r e c t o r f o r A l t e r E g o I t a l y / P h o t o g r a p h y _ A n d r e w O ’ To o l e / P r o d u c t s _ A l t e r E g o I t a l y

The Trusted Friend of Salon Professional’s SINCE 1988

Alter Ego Italy, recognised as the Crown Jewel of the AGF88 Holding, has earned a reputation for innovation and product excellence. A passion for quality and attention to detail, ‘down to the last drop’, along with values continually passed through the generations for hard work, classic beauty and family!



PETTENON COSMETICS S.p.A. Company subject to the direction and coordination of AGF88 Holding s.r.l.

PAD. 25 STAND B20-C19


SERVICING BEAUTY INDUSTRY SINCE 1946 Tel +39 049 99 88 800 · · 49

The largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East

8 – 10 May, 2018 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE

Pre-register online today at Tel: +971 4 389 45 00 50



"A drop of light. This is what we wanted from our formula." Enriched with Luminescine, Argan Oil and Plant-based Keratin, Giulietta delivers that “bright color� that everyone seeks and that we have attained.



COSMOPROF Bologna March 2018 | 16TH - 19TH



©G.V.F.-GIVIEFFE S.p.A. • c/o presso BioLife Medical and Beauty Center via Giovanni Falcone, 8/35 • 20080 Vernate • Milano • Italia • T +39 02 90093743 • Fax +39 02 90093740 55

compan y

G.V.F. Group A great group that looks towards the future

G.V.F.- GIVIEFFE S.p.A. is the head company of the G.V.F. Group and was founded by Lucio Fusaro in 1987. The company has grown rapidly as an industrial and production corporation operating in the professional hairdressing market and it became famous in the industry thanks to ITELY HAIRFASHION brand. Thanks to the ability of its founder and the specialists involved it has succeeded in a short time to establish itself in Italy, and then focus its international development, becoming the representative of the “made in Italy” in the taste, elegance and quality. With the expansion of G.V.F. S.p.A. abroad and the creation of numerous production facilities and commercial subsidiaries, the ownership decided to start a diversification of interests, so the company assumes the role of the holding entity of the Group. In 1989, together with a public company in Belarus the company BIELITA was founded for the development of hair products intended for the market of the former Soviet Union. In 2005, with the acquisition of REVIVRE ITALIA S.p.A., famous Italian brand of professional cosmetics, on the market since 1975, the Group expanded its horizons to the world of skin care. In 2011 REVI PHARMA srl also joins the Group: Revi Pharma is a company specialized in the production of food supplements and probiotics, opening to the Group a new window on the world of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical channel and, recently, opening the door to private label. To complete the range of products within the cosmetic offer, in 2012 it is being acquired the historical brand of make-up PATRICIA MILTON, today, after an operation of rebranding, is called PATRICIAMI.

Headquarter G.V.F. Group

The Group reached a consolidated turnover of €80 million in 2017, with an EBITDA of more than €10 million and a net profit of €8 million. Today the group employs more than 6.000 people worldwide. It’s founder, Mr. Lucio Fusaro, recognized as one of the most successful

And the orchestra is also composed by experienced “solo” players, such as Mr. Ivano Fusaro, Managing Director of the Group, who spent his career in exploring new market.

Ivano Fusaro

Lucio Fusaro

He’s now responsible for the industrial operation and the expansion function is carried by the Board Member and Export manager Mr. Francesco Ioppolo.

entrepreneur of the sector, when asked what’s the main secret of the success, he simply says that “this company is built on very strong foundations: the people who every day commit themselves in this adventure with their skills and hard work. This is not a ONE MAN SHOW, but the symphony made by a great orchestra of which I’m proud to be the director”.

COSMOPROF bologna 2018: HALL 25 - BOOTH B38/C37 Francesco Ioppolo


compan y

Mr. Luigi Grassato R&D Director - Revivre

Mr. Alberto Barbara R&D Manager - Re vi Pharma

Mr. Mauro Ferrari Sales Director Italy - Itely Hairfashion

Mrs. Annamaria Pontini Head of Education - G.V.F. Group

ITELY HAIRFASHION The offer includes different color lines, bleaching products, permanent wave, finishing and styling, and specific treatments for the care and the health of hair. They also provide the educational support, fashion collections and professional tools.

Mr. Simone Bonafede Sales Director Italy - Revivre Hair

Mrs. Chiara Fusaro Marketing Manager - G.V.F. Group

Mrs. Elisa Martinetto Marketing Manager - Revivre Hair

REVIVRE Revivre manufactures cosmetic products, for the treatment of the hair and skin. Its offer consists of high standard professional treatments with natural derivative and great performances.

REVI PHARMA The company produces for third parties operating in the probiotic and dietary supplement industry. The categories of food supplements made include lactic acid bacteria and probiotics, phyto-derived supplements, cholesterol lowering agents, immune-stimulant, tonic supplements. Revi Pharma has developed a division dedicated to the production of cosmetics.

PATRICIA MI The brand provides luxury make-up range. – – – 57


Intercharm 2018 The Gateway To Ukrainian Beauty Market InterCharm Ukraine 2018, the biggest, most recognized and authoritative beauty event on the Ukrainian market will once again take place next September from 18th-20th

The show annually gathers thousands of beauty industry experts. Being a networking platform for Ukrainian and foreign representatives, the exhibition gives huge opportunities for all participants of beauty industry to present new products, find distributors and potential partners, make contracts and just feel the market tendencies. The exhibition covers the following segments: Retail cosmetics, Professional Beauty Products and Intercharm Pack. The 2017 edition of Intercharm Ukraine recorded the following figures: 40,000 specialists of the industry met 583 exhibitors coming from 13 countries (Hungary, Israel, Iraq, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Russia, the USA, Turkey and Ukraine. ) and exhibiting on a total area of 22,626 sqm. In last year’s “Buyer Program”, 655 bulk buyers from 332 companies were in search for new products and contracting, which was 27% more than the previous year. This number includes 4% of foreign buyers coming from Romania, Czech Republic, Moldova, Belarus, Austria, Georgia, South Korea and Israel, and 225 meetings organized through a match-making program. The business program featured the following highlights: 26 Conferences and 7 Championships attended by 2194 visitors; For Cosmetologists 9 Conferences attended by 846 professionals; 5 Conferences dedicated to managers of beauty salons were attended by 391 visitors; 5 workshops dedicated to hairdressers were attended by 295 professionals;5 workshops dedicated to nail service were attended by 272 visitors; the Make-up sector featured 6 events attended by 390 professionals .

Ukraine pigeon-holed in the following sectors: professional Haircare 389; Professional. Nailcare products 464; Prof. Make-up 183; Cosmetology 1400; PharmaCosmetics 434; Packaging and ingredients 464; Retail cosmetics 1134. Market turnover of Ukrainian Beauty salons is estimated at 1.16 billion USD with the average cost for the services of beauty salons per person of 40 USD per year. 250,000 Beauty professionals working in 36,000 beauty salons provide 62% of the Ukrainian economy with the largest share represented by 70,000 hairdressers and 50,000 manicurists and podiatry masters. Ukrainian Professional Beauty Market Features And Volume Beauty and personal care products are an important component of Ukrainians’ daily life. In 2017 beauty and personal care enjoyed a resumption of consumer demand in Ukraine. Growing incomes and stability in economy have fostered sales of beauty and personal care products. Current beauty market sales value 1,45 billion USD (39 167 million UAH) +9.4% growth in sales of beauty products in 2017. In addition, Euromonitor predicts sales to increase by 2% in 2018 and 3% in 2019. 2700 official distributors and manufacturers dominate the beauty industry in


Last Year Trends Trends in 2017 witnessed an Increase of CTM (Private Label) share. Throughout the year 2017, there was the launch of several on-line shops belonging to 3 largest retail chains (Watsons, EVA that leads growth among drugstores and Prostor). Delivery service & order receipt was launched via Nova Pochta (Courier Service) department and finally, average on-line receipt was 3 times higher than the off-line one. The drugstore format has not stopped expanding in terms of both outlets and value sales. Total amount of drugstores in Ukraine is 16,611. Growth is driven mainly by new outlet openings, captivating a new portion of consumers. Cosmetics drugstore sales volume amounted at 64 mln Euro for 34.1 mln packs. Foreign products represent 61.8%. Growth rate of foreign cosmetics drugstore sales amounted 9.4% in physical terms comparing to the same period of previous year. Cosmetics products form 3,7% of all revenue from drugstore portfolio.


XVII International Exhibition of Beauty Industry

18–20 September IEC ∙ Kyiv ∙ Ukraine

+38 (044) 496-86-45




What China Beauty Expo Is Signaling for the Beauty Market With just three months until the 23rd Edition of China Beauty Expo which will run from May 22 to 24, industry insiders are once again looking to the expo as an important “weathervane” for China’s beauty industry. This year, China Beauty Expo is uncovering several important signals about the market. Consumer Purchases Continue to Move Upmarket According to recent data from China’s national statistical bureau retail sales of consumer goods reached RMB 36.63 billion (US$5.81 trillion) in 2017, up 10.2% from the prior year. Of this amount, retail sales of cosmetics reached RMB 251.4 billion, an increase of over 13.5% over the previous year. This marked the industry’s first return to growth after four consecutive years of decline. An overall shift to more upmarket consumption has also accompanied the overall growth in the cosmetics market.

China Beauty 2017 attracted cosmetics companies from 34 companies and regions around the world. By early 2018, more than 4,000 imported brands had already committed to participate in China Beauty 2018. These brands cover categories that include cosmetics, skincare, household cleaning, oral care, make-up tools, facial masks, health care, maternity and baby care, and paper products. Among these, make-up tools, facial masks, oral care, and beauty care products are the fastest growing categories, increasing 100%, 67%, 60% and 50% respectively.

Leading Brands and High-end Products. China Beauty Expo 2018 continues to build on its 2017 base of exhibitors. This year’s high-end brands include L’OREAL, SHISEIDO, SHANGHAI JAHWA, JALA, SHANGHAI CHICMAX, PECHOIN, OUSIA, UNIASIA, OSMUN, PROYA, INOHERB, MARUBI, and WETHERM.


Brands Are Targeting Younger Consumers Consumers born after 1985 to those born after 2000 have become primary targets for cosmetics brands. Demand within younger consumer segments has also driven demand for cosmetics brands at China Beauty Expo 2018. This year’s event will include international and domestic brands, including CARSLAN, KAFELLON, LANSUR, HIFACE, HANAMINO, SUHU, MISTINE, RED EARTH, Japanese Make-up Products led by Polystar, JETRO and other regional trade associations.


Plus, the leading beauty groups such as L’OREAL(MAYBELLINE), SHISEIDO, COTY(MAX FACTOR), AND @COSME will also showcase their cosmetic products. Many of these brands are using popular TV programs and Internet personalities to promote their brands and shape their merchandising. More brands are also inviting male stars to endorse their products. We also see large skin care brands such as Glamourflage and Pechoin beginning to target the cosmetics market.

China Beauty Expo 2018 is responding to these trends by creating unique experiences that reflect the shopping habits of younger consumers. This includes its specially built N5 Fashion District, and Cape of Good Hope. China Beauty Expo will also organize the 2018 International Cosmetics Festival, Perfume Carnival, Meiyi Fashion Stage and other events to create an interactive and intimate trade platform.

Look to Emerging Categories to Surprise Consumers in Offline Retail To compete with e-commerce channels and aggressive service strategies in traditional retail channels, many specialty retailers are looking to exclusive categories and unique products as path for future growth. For example, niche categories such as make-up tools appeal to physical retailers as they look for ways to attract consumers. The demand for these distinct niche products is partially reflected in the 100% growth rate in imported make-up tool exhibitors at China Beauty Expo 2018. Deeper International Cooperation In addition to introducing new international brands and products, China Beauty Expo also creates a unique and important platform for international cooperation. In 2017, China Beauty Expo’s Country of Honor, France, brought their Cosmetic Valley, major cosmetics groups, MUSEE INTERNATIONAL DE LA PARFUMERIE DE GRASSE and other organizations to connect with industry peers in China.

Japan will be China Beauty Expo 2018’s Country of Honor. According to Sang Ying, Secretary-general of China Beauty Expo, Japanese companies will exhibit in the exhibition’s Hall N5. This year’s China Cosmetics Retail Summit, China Cosmetics Supply Chain Summit, and other events will enable Japanese industry experts to connect with their Chinese counterparts and share their latest breakthroughs in products and technology. In addition, China Beauty Expo 2018 will also bring together Asian industry professionals in an effort to share innovations and resources as it promotes cooperation with IFSCC, Asian Cosmetics Association, and Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association, etc. The expo will feature activities such as Business Meetings Asia (an international matchmaking platform), Beyond Beauty Trends (a conference sharing Asian beauty trends), and an Imported Cosmetics Registration Forum. Don’t miss China Beauty Expo 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from May 22 to 24, 2018.

Consumer Demands are Rapidly Moving Upstream Increased research by brands and tighter brand-supply chain partnerships are bringing upstream suppliers closer to end-user needs. China Beauty Expo has also responded to these market changes by creating more targeted industry categorization and product segmentation.

The exhibition segments products into 11 major categories and 38 sub-categories. This includes the identification of more specific product segments such as makeup primer, foundation, concealer, lip cosmetics, eye cosmetics, and eyebrow cosmetics.


report - C h i n e s e l u x u r y c o n s u m e r s -

How to successfully market to the next generation of Chinese luxury consumers VALéRIE KAMINOV – BIOGRAPHY Having spent over twenty years working with a vast array of luxury, premium and niche beauty brands and fragrances, Valérie has extensive knowledge and practical experience of their supply, distribution and retail, pertinent commercial practices and consumer habits on a global and local basis. Her expertise has been highly valued by multi-national organizations, SMEs, start-ups, privately owned companies and financial investors. Certified in Corporate Governance from INSEAD Business School, Valérie has the remarkable ability to successfully set the company’s strategic direction, often across diverse product markets and geographies, and monitor the firm’s risk profile. As a qualified Non-Executive Director who was awarded the prestigious Financial Times Post-Graduate Diploma, Valérie Kaminov is highly trained in corporate governance and is an experienced NED and Director enabling her to have a holistic understanding of boards. She advises both as a consultant and an NED. 
Valérie’s experience earned her a reputation with major players in the industry who hired her to establish them globally. Her expertise in brand evaluation, acquisition due diligence, risk assessment and commercial growth has been highly valued by Private Equity Funds, multi-national organizations and financial investors. She is also dedicated to passing her knowledge along through a range of conferences and events. Valérie has been a guest speaker for the not-profit organisation, CEW, at their Mentoring Services where leading executives offer insights into beauty industry issues and inspiration for professional growth. 
At the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum (IMF) Master of Ceremony, Valérie organises a very unique conference; A global European gathering for manufacturers, brand owners and distributors to come together and discuss challenges faced by their business and the industry by giving the attendees unlimited networking opportunities.

New shifts are currently transforming the way Chinese consumers buy. Millennials have been major contributors to the luxury market growth in China. Extremely digital savvy and increasingly knowledgeable about brands, Millennials are part of the generation born after the economic and political liberalization. Often referred to as Little Emperors, they are known to be spoilt by their relatives (six pockets, one mouth syndrome) and they get anything and everything they want. The Little Emperors favour designer brands and start buying luxury goods at a young age on a regular basis. Long gone are the days when conformity was expected: today’s Chinese youth is self-expressive. Youngsters are orientated towards individualism and are increasingly self-centered. The Western entertainment industry has had a great influence on these value shift, thanks to China’s open door policy. When walking down the streets, Chinese consumers used to look homogenous, wearing similar clothes and accessories and wore little to no make-up and/or perfume. At which age did you purchase luxury goods for the first time?




How many times have you purchased luxury goods in 2017?



15-19 20-25 26-34 35-44 45-54



Millennials Other

Source: Brain China Luxury Consumer Survey, 2017

The fast development of the internet and social media mean that Millennials now have access to new sources of information that has helped them build their own mind-sets. Consumers used to heavily rely on word-of-mouth, wanting to try products that their friends and family recommended. However, mindsets are rapidly changing. The Chinese youth wants to go online to have fun and to get a better insight on what’s going on in the outside world. Internet is an extremely useful tool when going through the various steps of the decision-making process, making it easier to find pre-purchase information searches and product comparisons. Sharing product experiences with others is also important and plays a great role in the purchase decision process. The online channel grew at an impressively fast rate, driven by the high growth of cosmetics with the overall online penetration increasing by 15% for beauty brands last year alone.

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report - C h i n e s e l u x u r y c o n s u m e r s -

This means that there is an increasing need for brands wanting to succeed in China to heavily invest in digital marketing and particularly WeChat, a great platform to connect and engage with consumers on an emotional level. Younger generations also tend to be increasingly materialistic and brandconscious. While older consumers want to conform with social norms and as mentioned above, heavily rely on word-of-mouth, Millennials are pushed by the desire of showing off their wealth (e.g. conspicuous consumption). Having the best brands is synonym of higher social status. This greatly goes against the traditional Confucian culture of modesty and humility. Luxury was once seen as ostentatious and was in a sense demonized. As consumers are becoming increasingly educated, pragmatic and cosmopolitan, their appetite for products with easily recognizable brand logos is spiking. Western brands are often perceived as of higher quality compared to local ones. The country-of-origin label plays a great role in the purchase decision (e.g. Made in France is associated with luxury, quality and craftsmanship). Past generations were reluctant to complain, as karma, also known in China as yuan, is a strong hold belief among these generations. As a result, they have little expectations when buying a product. On the contrary, younger generations tend to be a lot more individualistic, looking after their own interests, particularly when it comes to product purchases. Chinese youth’s beliefs, wants and needs greatly differ from those of older generations. In order for Western brands,to be successful with Millennials, brands must quickly understand this. The future success of a business depends in part on its ability to continue to expand in the developing markets. There currently isn’t a larger market than the Chinese market. China can be a major battleground but it can also offer huge opportunities, if dealt with in the correct manner. Entering the Chinese

Many brands aggressively increase share of Digital Marketing Spending

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing 35%

Many brands spent 30%-60% of digital marketing budget on WeChat

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing 45-50%



market can be a fierce battle: as John Kapoor used to say, “You might have a great thing - but if you don’t know how to market, then you can’t succeed”. Many Western companies believe that Chinese customers greatly differ from Western ones and that they must adapt their products and services to really appeal to Chinese specific needs and wants. This is true to a certain extent but today’s young Chinese needs and wants are converging with those of young Westerners. To navigate in clearer waters and avoid fatal pitfalls, Western companies must understand that seeing Chinese youths through the lens of traditional Chinese cultural values is no longer the adequate marketing strategy. China’s younger generations have a strong interest in Western culture (e.g. they look up to Western lifestyles and the way money is spent). Purchasing a foreign brand is key in China. Yes, it is more expensive but with higher prices comes greater quality. Urban living trends have spiked and young consumers are getting wealthier at a strong pace. With higher disposable incomes and easier access to loans, the Chinese youth is not scared to spend. They value Western brands and see them as of higher quality than local brands: international brands are seen as a sign of prestige. Affluent consumers are extremely status conscious. Chinese consumers are still influenced by the opinions and recommendations of people they trust: if someone in their entourage goes for an international


Other digital platforms

WeChat 30-60%


brand, they are extremely likely to follow. Chinese consumers get great satisfaction from purchasing international brands. Chinese possess an unquenchable thirst for international brands and regularly travel abroad to purchase those brands at cheaper prices. In China, there is a strong gift culture: when travelling, Chinese consumers do not only purchase luxury goods for themselves but also for friends and family. Overall, as they continue to spend more, it seems likely that Chinese consumers will broaden their patterns of consumption which are currently limited by the quality and variety of Chinese goods and services at their disposal. In fact, a shift in preference from mass to premium products is being observed in the young Chinese consumers as their appetite for luxury and sophisticated brands increases. This increased appetite has captured the attention of wealthy Chinese investors who have had over the last few years a powerful force on the worldwide M&A scene. There’s been a flurry of activity from Chinese firms investing in the luxury industry. Chinese businesses benefit from the recognition and prestige these iconic brands enjoy, not to mention the technology and distribution channels developed by their parent companies. Western brands on the other hand, can benefit from the distinctive digital capabilities that Chinese investors possess, giving them an incomparable competitive advantage.

report - C h i n e s e l u x u r y c o n s u m e r s -

As the strong apetite of the young Chinese for luxury brands continues to spike luxury brands must understand that they cannot stop their offering at the product itself. This is even truer for cosmetics and the beauty industry. As the industry is growing on a global scale, there is more competition from new entrants, more distribution channels and more touch points available. Beauty is hard to sell in the sense that unlike Fashion, consumers are not intrigued by the brand alone anymore and cannot feel the product as one would do when touching the fabrics. Experiences are essential: brands must offer unique services, unique rituals because luxury customers, whether Westerners or Chinese are seeking for the “wow factor”. In other words, they want their senses to be dazzled. To achieve all of this, the brand must be an expert at storytelling.

Michèle Perfume, a portray of one of Héloïse’s ancestors

According to a study published by Deloitte in 2015 (The Luxury Opportunity), brand storytelling is extremely important for Chinese consumers. Luxury brands communicate the legends associated with the brand. Myths should be conveyed indirectly and should be consistent in every point of delivery, including products, stores, or marketing actions. Héloïse de V. successfully did so. The latter was born from the desire that emotions created by fragrances should be shared.

Overlooking trends, Valérie d’André imagined a timeless perfumery of sensations and creation. Her fragrances embody aromatic memories that evoke Southern France, where she grew up. She brought this emotional heritage back to life by portraying her ancestors who had strong personalities and who all shared a common love of aromas and flavours. To conjure up the memory of Michèle, Balthazar and Héloïse, Valérie d’André has tapped into the family’s legendary history and the olfactory atmosphere so typical of the South of France. Through the art of blending fragrances, she draws their portraits and brings back to life their personalities. Gellé Frères has also had a permanent position amongst the leading French perfume manufacturers adored by Chinese consumers. The brand’s gripping story began in a French courtyard. The brand was born in 1826 when the Gellés brothers inherited the formulae of Jean Louis Fargeon, the perfumer of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Their goal was to democratize the Queen’s beauty secrets by using flowers. Since the beginning, the house has known how to express its unique savoir-faire and savoir-fleurs. Gellé Frères developed a knowledge of flowers at the crossroads of science and poetry, catching each flower’s soul in precious bottles. To increasingly capture the share of wallet of younger audiences, Gellé Frères strategically rejuvenated its target market by catering to Queens 2.0 (from Queens wearing crowns and gowns to powerful Queens wearing stilettos and pencil skirts).

Gellé Frères precious perfumes are named after powerful emblematic modern Queens 66

The point of sale is the “gate” to the brand. Once in the store, the costumer must be blown away. Luxury brands must be committed on the one hand to unrivalled customer service throughout the whole sales process (from predeparture to post-departure) and on the other hand to customer relationship (core of any successful business). Luxury brands should be able to customize and adapt their retail experience according to their costumer’s nationalities, age and gender. Salespeople are ambassadors and represent the brand and the values it stands for. They also inform clients on the latest products, educate the public on the history of the brand (also known as brand literacy), its heritage, savoirfaire and the brand codes. Héloïse de V. took advantage of this by offering its clients never-seen before fragranced in-store workshops including perfumed massages, perfumed watercolours, personalized fragranced travel book and personalized DIY fragranced jewellery.

Héloïse de V. unique in-store fragranced workshops: personalized fragranced travel book, perfumed watercolours and perfumed massages (from left to right)

As you walk into the Gellé Frères Opéra store, your breath is taken away thanks to the use of premium fixtures and materials such as Carrara marble and rose gold, which create a first-class customer experience. By incorporating technology into its displays, Gellé Frères successfully appeals to younger audiences and provides a whole new level of personal customer engagement, such as having iPads built into the unit to demonstrate the products in an innovative and interactive way through videos or having QR codes on the displays that once scanned directly send the customer to the brand’s official website to know more about a given product.

report - C h i n e s e l u x u r y c o n s u m e r s -

This strategy proves useful in helping customers make choices especially when the store is overcrowded and the Sales Associates are not readily available. Such features/settings reflect the outstanding quality of products sold within the store.

Gellé Frères outstanding Opéra Boutique

Moreover, to create a luxury retail environment, the brands should emphasize even more on merchandising. In other words, the display in a luxury boutique is essential because it is generally considered as the permanent face of the brand. Why, one might ask? Because the display is what the costumer sees at first glance when entering the store and will engage him/her at the front line of the sales process. In case of absence of a Sales Assistant, the visual displays will act as a silent salesman/woman, conveying the same image the latter would have conveyed if he/she was there. The way items are displayed in the store should provide an engaging customer experience in order to drive sales. Through premium fixtures, the use of super quality materials and an

impeccably clean store, a brand can create a first-class customer experience and therefore reinforce the sense of luxury. Such features and settings reflect the outstanding quality of the products sold within the store.

digital tools for their shoppers. Bear in mind that the country-of-origin effect is a decisive factor in the perception of young local consumers. European brands, especially French and Italian have a strong brand reputation among Chinese youths since it is synonym

For example, the desire of both Héloïse de V. and Gellé Frères was to bring the same luxury that clients expect from their products to their point of sale units to showcase their finest product range. The same architectural philosophy and merchandising display patterns have been applied to each of the brand’s stores and corners worldwide.

of quality and higher social status. Chinese investors have been snapping up Western brands and 2016 has seen a record USD200 billion (GBP161bn) worth of deals. Chinese businesses benefit from the recognition and prestige these iconic brands enjoy, not to mention the technology and distribution channels developed by their parent companies. By buying Western brands, Chinese consumers feel different and stand out. To emphasize on the country-of-origin effect, your brand will have to heavily rely on storytelling, which will contribute to the Chinese consumers’ emotional brand attachment. As Chinese consumers are extremely savvy, the brand story – to go viral – should be spread on social media platforms such as WeChat, Instagram or Snapchat. If your brand can build a compelling reputation and a memorable story, to offer sought-after star products and exclusive limited editions, you will be more than successful.

China is increasingly setting the trend in luxury: as young and knowledgeable Chinese luxury shoppers keep emerging, the country remains a pioneer in experimenting with digital services and customer engagement. It is therefore essential to target the Chinese consumers, as they are expected to become the biggest international luxury spenders by 2020, surpassing the USA and Europe. To be successful, brands will have to continue increasing their digital investments, creating unique local

For more information on how IL Brand Consultancy can help you successfully expand your brand into different markets such as China, please contact us on or visit our website at 67





EXPORT MAGAZINE: When and who founded BBCOS? RAFFAELE BERTOLA: BBCOS started business in 2000 and was founded by Giancarlo Beccaria and myself, Both of us come from experiences matured in the sector of professional hairdressing, at commercial level. It was precisely from the daily contact with hairdressers, and perceiving their needs, that the need was sparked off to create a brand of our own, with a different concept from what existed on the market. EM: The professional sector of hairdressing is fairly demanding, both from the point of view of the lines proposed and of the services. What is it that the clients of BBCOS appreciate most? RB: Not having focused on a policy of price, and on a product that is equivalent to the ones existing in the market, we preferred to put on to the market lines which have a value linked to quality, both of the contents and of the presentation, where the question of training for the consumer through the distributor, makes the real difference. We want to emphasize that our company is specialized in the professional sector, our clients are distributors in the professional channel, with whom together we make a journey which sees the products as instruments to give greater value to the professionalism of the hairdresser. This is why we have created at our head office a technical centre, to study in further depth all the aspects linked to the knowledge and use of the various lines offered by BBCOS.

EM: Has your strategy paid off? RB: I would definitely say yes. From the very beginning we focused on foreign markets and now, 18 years later, we have about 50 distributors in the world. I think that our strategy is successful, if we consider that we have only just become adults… EM: How important is it for you to develop your presence on international markets? Since the beginning have you found a good increase? Are there areas where you are particularly satisfied and others that you are exploring? RB: Fundamental and even more important the type of relationship which, over the years, has been established with those I would define better as ‘partners’. The majority of clients consider BBCOS as if it were its own, because it appreciates, shared and knows how to promote the values of the company.


The loyalty that has been created goes well beyond the simple mechanism: I buy, I pay, I resell and I earn. The countries where we are best introduced are some European countries, including Spain, our first market in order of time and of results. Through one of our agents, we have about twenty regional distributors, whose performances have grown progressively, despite the downturn undergone by consumers a few years ago. We are working well in Greece, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. We are also working well in some South American countries, for example in Chile and Uruguay, two different countries by dimension but which have in common a great appreciation of our brand. Many people ask us how this has come about. I think that South America is a passion, If, in complete humility, you enter the mentality of the distributor, succeeding in understanding his Latin character, his positivity, but also his rhythms and the different working methods, it is possible to be successful. Our company is entering a second phase, as 40% of our current clients have been working with BBCOS for less than two years. Therefore, we are expecting a certain growth, and we are getting ready to meet it. EM: How are you preparing for the next dimension? RB: In the first place by starting to delegate more to our collaborators.


I smile saying this because it is not always easy to give up going to a client in the first person, but now, after a period of six months where I was necessarily less present in the company and the company did not suffer from this. I feel i can state that to grow you have to know how to delegate. We have a team of eight people on the various export markets who are perfectly capable of meeting the needs of the different clients. Growth goes through the implementation of the necessary investments, and that in human resources is important. There are at least two other important aspects.

One is to ensure that our distributors feel that they play a part in BBCOS, for his to happen, for six years we have organized every two years an international meeting, hosting at our head office the distributors who intend to take part. We started with 40 people for the first edition, then 70, 90 and reached 100 in the last edition. It is an interesting experience for each of us and them, it is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. Another fundamental aspect has been to reach a turning point at the level of image both of the company and of the products. For example, at the level of packaging, we have replaced 90% of the existing products, to convey to the consumer that the intrinsic quality of the product corresponded to an image of the same quality. If the first result was seen in the doubling of sales, the even more reassuring effect was triggered off in being able to enter markets which until yesterday had been difficult, and I am referring to Germany or the United States to give you an example.


EM: How is a valid relationship of partnership between company and distributor implemented, in your opinion? RB: On our side, as well as guaranteeing a service for the distributor, which foes from the product to training and after-sales assistance, we have to provide visibility, both in the form of promotional material for sales and support in the participation in initiatives and trade fairs. Our positive message is that of being a company which does what it wants to convey. Our distributor has the certainty that at any time, in any circumstance, it can count on the company he represents. On the other hand, I think that the growth of a distributor that represents a company is directly proportional to the growth of the latter. If this does not take place, something is not working. One of our strong points is being constantly listening to the needs of our partners, giving proof of our flexibility. I think that the task of a good distributor is, in the first place, that of making good use of the material that is given to him, using it as an instrument that can allow him take a step of quality towards his clients. One of the prime objectives is precisely that of sharing and promoting the efforts made by the company.






Studied to smooth thighs, knees, calves and ankles weighed down by fat deposits and water retention

Enriched with Carnivorous Plant

Byotea Skin Care

PETTENON COSMETICS S.p.a. Via del Palù 7/d 35018 S. Martino di Lupari (PD) – ITALY


Tel. +39 049 9988800 – Fax +39 049 9988809 –



HALL 5-8

20-22 SEPTEMBER 2018

• Gain easy access to ASEAN distribution and retail channels • Be part of a comprehensive solution for the cosmetics industry • Set up global strategic alliances in Thailand and other ASEAN markets • Exchange ideas with ASEAN beauty professionals leading to business




China Chengdu Beauty Expo

China Beauty Expo

Chengdu 2018.04.19-21

Shanghai 2018.05.22-24



Mekong Beauty Show Ho Chi Minh City 2018.06.14-16

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DOSETTA WAX DISPENSER In a world where it is extremely trendy to have a glabrous skin, more and more women and men ask for total body epilation including the pubic area. When it comes to epilation of bikini line and pubic area the risk of infections increases and Dosetta represents the safest and most hygienic solution for a quality single-use service of wax-based epilation.

In 2015 two entrepreneurs from Rome designed and developed a revolutionary method of wax-based epilation meeting better hygienic standards than those guaranteed so far in beauty centers where this kind of epilation might expose clients to health risk. The doubt that beauty centers might not meet hygienic standards has been discussed at the Department of Biology of University of Rome Tor Vergata where after an extensive study of methods and products used by beauticians during their activity, it has been confirmed that a promiscuous

use of the same jar of wax for more than one client could put clients’ health at serious risk. In fact, it has been found out that the temperature to melt and keep the wax is ideal to make viruses, bacteria and fungi thrive. They are transported from clients’ skin and soft tissues into the jar by dipping the spatula that takes and applies the wax . The brand new device called Dosetta, by dispensing single custom-tailored doses of wax, prevents contact between spatula and products of the jar, avoiding thus infections and diseases.

DOSETTA – Certys srls Via degli Ontani, 14 - I-00172 Rome - tel. +39/393-9920171 – 79






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A Whole Range Of Stunning Innovations Unveiled By DIBI Milano Procellular 365 – The New Definition Of Beauty Dibi Milano, professional cosmetics brand leader, combines 3 pivotal concepts into its new cutting-edge treatment, that maintains the promise of high performance: scientificity, innovation and result. These are the key ingredients of Procellular 365, the skincare line that makes the difference in the frontier of beauty. Procellular 365 is the first DIBI MILANO DERMOBIOTICS line, scientifically formulated for the re-generation and re-code of the skin network. It works through the following active ingredients: a powerful Prebiotic, Pre-Dibiotic, obtained through enzymatic synthesis from natural sugars that act as a skin restorer, improving the balance of saprophytic barrier of the skin and promoting resistance

to external aggression; Matrikines: cell messengers that stimulate the production of collagen and help to repair damaged skin and Bioavailable Vitamin C, an anti-ageing and antioxidant able to regulate melanin production.

Epildream Fiber Pro The US-manufactured Diode Laser for epilation professionals is synonymous with perfection of the laser source. Epildream Fiber Pro is characterized by the innovative launch in liquid light guide, that enables to achieve optical efficiency of between 88% and 93%. The advanced emission system with triple wavelength uses the action of three synergistic wavelengths: 760 nm, the best wavelength to use on Phototypes I, II, III and for thin hairs with very little pigmentation; 808 nm that has the best selectivity of action for hair follicles; 1064 nm represents the best epilation choice for IV, V and VI skin phototypes and tanned skin. Epildream Fiber Pro is now safer, more effective and with higher performance. The integrated system allows laser light to be emitted in Ultra Fast Mode (20HZ) and is endowed with Chiller Pro, the exclusive twin cooling system for comfortable and safe treatment.


This powerful treatment promotes cohesion in fragile skin, making it smooth and firm, stimulates the elimination of toxins harmful to the skin while restoring the natural mechanisms that encourage cell longevity. The Procellular 365 treatment, applied before an aesthetic medicine treatment, acts as a moisturizing protective barrier, applied after an aesthetic medicine treatment, accelerates skin recovery and regeneration. The treatment includes the following products: in the preparation phase, Intensive Re-Texturizing Peeling Cleanser; in the intensive phase Oxy-Age Renewing* Serum Cream, Oxy-Age Renewing* Serum Cream and Pro - Recovery* Bi-Liquid Treatment, a two high-impact treatments in a single product consisting of an oil-based stage, concentrated in selected antioxidant and softening plant ingredients; and an active water stage, rich in Pre-Dibiotic, Matrikines, Vitamin C and Aloe Extract, with soothing, protecting and anti-age action.

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DIBI Time Of Ritual We live in a world that is demanding and full of commitments and many times we forget our own needs. However, it is extremely important to spend more time to ourselves indulging with massage and relaxing sensorial experience: this is the best way to achieve greater balance and get recharged. DIBI Milano has developed DIBI Time of Ritual, the right treatment to make clients feel better simply receiving a harmonious and relaxing treatment. This is an exclusive approach to self-care where functionality and effectiveness, peculiarities of DIBI MILANO, are enriched by new emotions and new emotional perceptions for a functional beauty sensorial experience and, at the same time, for a moment of pure global aesthetic pleasure.

DIBI Time of Ritual helps find a solution to any beauty imperfections with innovative formulas and high-tech method thanks to elements that caress the skin and make the treatment a special moment.


Precious active ingredients make this treatment an effective and beneficial solution. Swisse Pine, also known as the King of the Alps, is a precious beauty ally with soothing, brightening and toning action on the skin; Aloe Extract provides a powerful soothing and moisturizing action. Hemp Oil is rich in essential fatty acids with antioxidant properties. The treatment also features a precious mix of softening and nourishing Rice Bran Oil and Cotton Oil. DIBI Time of Ritual includes the following products: the Cleansing Oil Infusion is a micellar oil that removes make up and strips off impurities while restoring the hydro-lipid barrier. The Enveloping Nectar Mask brings back radiance and glow to your skin. Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid, the Active Youth Mist revitalizes and protects your skin providing a deep sensation of freshness. A youth elixir, the Beauty Essence Fluid nourishes the skin for a soft and soothed appearance. DIBI Ritual of Time will pamper the client with sensations that allow to free the mind and enjoy the treatment – an actual journey of relaxation and psycho-physical well-being.


BeautyIstanbul October 2–3–4 2019 IPEKYOLU Exhibitions with 20 years experience, is back to cosmetics and beauty industry trade with a new project: new date, new venue, a highly-experienced team

IPEKYOLU Exhibitions headquartered in Istanbul, has been in exhibition business almost since 20 years by organising exhibitions in Istanbul, Moscow, Almaty, Dubai, etc... and also has a proven record of success with its previous events. Ipekyolu started its activities back in 1999 by organising Turkish Pavilions to overseas beauty exhibitions. Dubai, Paris and several other destinations. Later 2005 launched and run 10 years a beauty show in Istanbul; in 2014 sold the event to a multinational exhibition company. During last 20 years Ipekyolu organised several other international events in different industries in Istanbul, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. Due to success of its events and quality of services, Ipekyolu has been awarded as UFI (International Exhibition Organisers Union) member status since 2007. As a result of market needs, demand from cosmetics, beauty industry, after 3 years of repowering, refreshing and rejuveunating, IPEKYOLU recently launched Beauty Istanbul event with new brilliant ideas. BeautyIstanbul expect to host more than 400 exhibitors from 40 countries main parts of exhibitors being from Turkey, Europe, Asian countries. Personal care products, perfumery, hair products, spa & wellness products, make up, dermocosmetics, nail care, hair & beauty salon equipment and products, home care and cleaning/ hygiene products will be showcased. An important focus of the exhibition will be for growing trends of Natural/ Organic Cosmetics and Halal Cosmetics. Beauty Istanbul will not only be a platform for finished products, but also will be a gathering place for retail chains source their own brands with concurrent event Private Label Istanbul.


Additionally all the process of manufacturing cosmetics, beauty products, from ingredients, to packaging, machinery, labelling will be displayed at CosmakingIstanbul. BeautyIstanbul will be a 3 in 1 platform bringing together all segments of industry. More than 8000 professional trade visitors are expected from 100 countries being at least 35% international. BeautyIstanbul, in terms of buyers, is not only targeting traditional hub-regional markets but also far destinations: all CIS - Ex Soviet Areas (in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Ipekyolu has its own offices), Eastern Europe and Balkans, Middle East, Gulf & Arabic speaking countries, North Africa and Magrheb, and new undiscovered markets of all African continent covering about 50 countries, including Central – Latin America and Carribbean countries, and South & South East Asia. BeautyIstanbul team recently had a roadshow trip to Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico to promote the event. To assure this targets, BeautyIstanbul’s multilingual big team started its activities for the event, almost 2 years ahead, all over the world, making roadshows, direct face to face contacts and visits, using conventional and online as well as social media.

In addition to organiser-IPEKYOLU Exhibitions own efforts, the magic city Istanbul itself with its business, history, nature, culture, leisure contribues convincing buyers to come to Istanbul and event. Turkish Airlines with its transit hub Istanbul, being the number 1 airlines flying much more destinations throuhghout the world makes it easy for both exhibitors and visitors. BeautyIstanbul is investing for international hosted buyer program to make sure the success and quality of international buyers at the first edition and targeting to host 1.000 international buyers from all around the world. New date: BeautyIstanbul’s October 2–3–4 dates have been specially chosen to meet the expectations of both manufacturers and buyers. New venue: Istanbul Congress Center is at the heart of city, just less than 10 minutes walking distance from main Taksim Square and close distance to all attractions in Istanbul, like Bosphorus, Istiklal StreetTaksim, Old City – Sultanahmet – Grand Bazar Area, Nisantası shopping district and several other shopping malls. See you at BeautyIstanbul, October 2-3-4, 2019 T. +90-

The President of Panama visited tà BeautyIstanbul promotional booth in Bogo 86

beautyistanbul Exhibition for Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair ICC - ISTANBUL CONGRESS CENTER (TAKSIM) TURKEY



2019 Organizer: Ä°PEKYOLU International Exhibitions Ltd


Tel: +90.212.603 31 33 - Fax: +90.212.603 31 34 - Ekim Cd. No: 3 Vizyon Park 1. Plaza Ofis 41 Yenibosna - Istanbul / Turkey





R aw materials , packaging , machiner y

Innovation For Perfumery And Cosmetics Bottles And Jars Quali Glass Coat 2.0 The StĂślzle Glass Group perfumes and cosmetics division is glad to announce their latest innovation in the decoration field- Quali Glass Coat 2.0. The new powder paint decoration process for perfumery and cosmetics bottles and jars within its decoration pole, allows for an array of new decorative effects with low environmental impact and greater mechanical resistance.

Customers are ceaselessly demanding ever more creative options, and this is why Stoelzle Masnieres Decoration already offers a broad palette of sophisticated, innovative decoration techniques that enhance existing shapes. This new technique, which comes from the metal industry, allows significant environmental advantages, exceptional due to the zero amount of solvents and very small amount of volatile organic compounds involved in the whole decoration process. The recuperation and reintegration of exceeding material produced by over-spraying eliminate both emissions and waste.

The powders used in the application process contain no lead, mercury, cadmium or chrome, in line with current European regulations. This new process allows the development of new shades using thermo-lacquering technology. Furthermore, the process allows the creation of a spectacular finish on bottles and jars providing perfect coverage of all surfaces; high resistance to shock and friction; a wide choice of colors and surface effects; chrome, pearlescent, glitter or shading effects on all or part of a bottle or jar, whether transparent or opaque and is suitable for all over-decoration techniques for added personalization.

R&D Facilities Expansion At Iberchem The design of the new centre was developed to broaden and enhance the company’s R&D operations, in addition to accommodating nearly 100 specialists including Perfumers, Lab technicians, Evaluators and Application specialists.

The new center will have a total of 3,000 square meters area added to the existing installations. The company expects the center to be completed by fall 2018. The expansion was announced after the company hired a new technologies director and promised to offer innovative fragrance solutions to customers, prior to the market requirements. The new additional area has been designed to help employees to work more efficiently, more rapidly and allow clients to benefit from even more personalized assistance.




With over 30 years of expertise in hair color and care, we connect our clients with their dreams, creating beloved and successful hair and skin care brands thanks to pioneering product concepts, formulas, design and full-service partnerships. We are the partners of more than 120 brands living in 90 countries all over the world and we offer a wealth of 1000 formulas Made in Italy. We distribute 4 own brands both in the professional market and retail: Nouvelle, Silky, Eslabondexx and Guudcure.

TOP HAIR Düsseldorf 10TH - 11TH March · COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE Bologna 15TH-19TH March · ESXENCE Milan 5TH-8TH April BEAUTY KENYA Nairobi 27TH- 29TH April · BEAUTY WORLD MIDDLE EAST Dubai 8TH- 10TH May




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Condensing Your Kit: The New Article By Qosmetips Pro Blog

Qosmedix Will Be Showcasing Their Packing Solutions at Luxe Pack Los Angeles

No one wants to lug around a heavy make up kit all day. One popular way to condense and downsize your kit is by depotting your makeup, namely removing it from its original packaging and transferring it into a smaller sample sized container. Qosmedix has recently published a new blog post to their website that provides helpful information for makeup artists interested in condensing their professional makeup kits. The blog post, “Condensing Your Kit: How to Depot Makeup,” highlights tips

Qosmedix is thrilled to exhibit at Luxe Pack, the premier business to business tradeshow dedicated to luxury packaging for all existing and developing sectors that will debut its first West Coast edition, Luxe Pack Los Angeles next February 7-8 , 2018. Also, a first for Luxe Pack is the sharing of show platforms with Make UP In Los Angeles, the leading stage for the beauty sector in trends & formulation. On this occasion, Qosmedix will be at Booth # A14 displaying an extensive collection of cosmetics and fragrance packaging, applicators, and beauty supplies. Qosmedix’s West Coast Account Manager, Lacey McConnell is looking forward to connecting with attendees who will be able to learn about a variety of Qosmedix products on display including updated styles of LED Cosmetic Mirrors, 3D Silicone Applicators, Silicone Facial Cleansing Pads and Gel Eye Masks made from biodegradable TPU material.

New Led Lighted Hand Held Cosmetic Mirror, The Perfect Companion For Any Woman Qosmedix introduces a brand new cosmetic mirror small enough to fit in any suitcase and make it great for travel. It is very difficult to put on makeup in poorly lit environment like hotel rooms or public facilities,

for both liquid and powder makeup, and also recommends the best products to use for transfer, organization and downsizing with additional photos from customers who are already using these products to depot makeup. To read the latest blog post, visit but with this powerful, illuminating LED hand mirror, putting on makeup will be easy. Available in black, this small handheld cosmetic mirror contains 11 LED lights for optimal lighting along with a convenient dimming feature. To dim or brighten, hold the power button down or simply press the power button to turn the mirror on and off. 4 AAA Batteries Required.

3D Silicone Applicators-The New Make Up Craze

Beauty Pads for Facial Care by Qosmedix

If you’re tired of losing half your bottle of foundation to your makeup sponge, you just might need Qosmedix’ new 3D Silicone Applicators. These silicone applicators will not absorb any makeup during application and consequently there will not be any more wasted product. The silicone material aids in evenly and flawlessly applying liquid foundation. Easy to clean, they are offered in two different shapes – teardrop and oblong. The 3D Teardrop Silicone Applicators are available in Black Sparkle and Baby Pink Sparkle, while the 3D Oblong Silicone Applicators are available in Purple and Silver Sparkle. The unique shapes of these applicators allow users to reach facial contours with a comfortable grip.

There are a number of face-cleansing tools on the market to help make your face-washing experience more effective than ever. Qosmedix makes this skin care regimens really exciting with the introduction of their four new Silicone Facial Cleansing Pads! They are available in two different shapes – teardrop and oval – and feature textured ridges to aid in gently cleansing and exfoliating during skin care routines. These flexible silicone pads gently massage the face and helps deliver deeply clean, radiant results. The Teardrop Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad is offered in Peach and Teal and was designed to comfortably fit in between fingers. The Oval Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad is offered in Hot Pink and Clear and features a suction cup handle on the back for convenient use and storage. Easy to clean, simply wash with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Perfect for travel too.




Via Ciserano - 24046 Osio Sotto (BG) Italy Tel +39 035 419 7798 - WWW.ALFAPARFGROUP.COM


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ALFAPARF group: A GLOBAL PRESENCE and THE HIGHEST COMMITMENT TO QUALITY In just over thirty years, an Italian hair color business has developed into a multinational company that is one of the largest independent privately-owned manufacturers in the beauty business.

from yesterdAy to todAy The Alfaparf story started in 1980, when its founder, Roberto Franchina, started a hair colour business, focusing on Italy. Business expanded to Spain and then to Latin America by the middle of the 1990s, followed by the creation of production facilities in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. This development led to the creation of the Alfaparf Milano product line and the Alfaparf Group, an Italian multinational company. In the first decade of the 21st century, distribution was to voer 80 countries and sales grew by more than 100% from euro 100 million to 200 million, with sights now set on a target of euro 300 million. Today, based in Bergamo, near Milan, the Alfaparf Group is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturing companies of hair colouring, hair care and skin care products in the world, with five manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world with over 1,200 employees.

Beauty & Business, the private label division The mission of the Alfaparf Group is to raise the quality of services provided by professionals through its high quality products and services that reflect Italian style, creativity and modern international trends that exceed the expectation of its valued customers on a global basis. As an industrial partner of most of the important cosmetic and hair care companies in the world, the Group strives to provide the highest quality products including all the steps in the process, there by providing turnkey solutions for its customers. Beauty & Business is the private label division

of the Alfaparf Group. It manufactures hair colour, hair care and skin care cosmetics, developed through years of experience in the professional market and transferred to private label manufacturing. Today Beauty & Business fully understands the requirements of both customers and the market to create customized products that are always innovative. From formulation to packaging, every step in the product development is carefully followed and monitored to satisfy specific requests and reflects the competence and experience of the company in this sector. From the preliminary idea, Alfaparf assists its clients with marketing concepts. Alfaparf also takes a creative approach with its extensive Research

& Development expertise followed by industrial planning, all within the scope of the highest quality control standards in the industry through to the finished product ready for shipment. The Alfaparf Group’s product lines comprise professional lines for large hair salon chains or distributors who wish to develop their own-brand line (skin care, hair care and colouring); mass market products for modern distribution (retail colouring as well as a complete range of skin care and sun care products) and products to complete the ranges of other cosmetic manufacturers. From personalized formulations to personalized and designed packaging, the Alfaparf Group offers its customers a complete and turnkey service.

A four-pronged approach

The Alfaparf Group has a four-pronged approach, focusing on product quality, meeting customers’ needs with innovative and certified products; global production supported by five world-class manufacturing sites (Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina) strategically located around the globe; experience in a wide range of products and markets around the world and support services in terms of product selection, packaging, graphics and regulations in different countries.


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Research & Development The Alfaparf Research & Development laboratories have more than 30 full-time chemists in Italy as well as labs in Mexico and Brazil. They form a highly skilled team including cosmetologists, chemists and laboratory technicians knowledgeable in the latest scientific discoveries, raw materials and product testing.

They also collaborate with international universities and highly specialized research laboratories worldwide. Research is carried out on hair from all ethnic groups and all testing is carried out using the most advanced laboratory instruments available, to ensure that the products are as effective as possible and their performances are long-lasting.

Worldwide competence All Alfaparf products comply strictly with the rules and regulations on production and marketing of cosmetic products worldwide. The in-house Regulatory Affairs Office takes part in the process of creation and development of all products, and regularly updates the current regulations governing the sale and distribution of hair care and cosmetic products supplied to each country. The Regulatory Affairs Office also provides all the necessary documentation to register products at the Ministries of Health and other agencies as required. Thanks to its direct knowledge in key markets, the Alfaparf Group, can offer its clients full support in developing projects, selecting proposals for packaging and creating unique graphic designs.

Production At its five manufacturing sites, the Alfaparf Group uses a process of quality control that is certified by major international agencies. The quality control process is applied to all aspects of production

which includes raw materials, packaging, processing, finished products and logistics. The five facilities all have a significant degree of automation and are equipped with lines for hair color, bleaches, liquid products for hair, skin

care and body as well as vials and packets. The company’s production sites in Italy, Brazil and Mexico have ISO 9001_2008 certification while all the sites outside Italy (Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina) have local GMP certification.



MakeUp in... Tracking market changes and trends as a winning strategy In a few weeks will open one after the other, MakeUp in Shanghai (11th and 12th of April) and MakeUp in Seoul (25th and 26th of April). An expansion strategy that has already proven its value since the main players in the subcontracting make-up industry (from packaging and formulation to full service and accessories), continue to favour a world-class event, should it be in Paris, New York, Los Angeles or Sao Paulo.

The opportunity to launch the first edition of MakeUp in Shanghai was even more interesting given the fact that Beauteam (MakeUp in... trade fairs’ organizer) now belongs to the InfoPro Digital Group, the organizer of the Luxe Pack shows. This event, with a ten-year proven track record in Shanghai, gives even more assets to this first MakeUp in Shanghai.

Whilst Seoul keeps on being one of the most important spots in Asia when it comes to Fashion and Beauty, China on its side continues developing its domestic market for cosmetics and has been willing to go international. The MakeUp in... concept has relied on its capacity to respond to the market evolutions and even more, to be able to anticipate them. Its unique positioning - the exclusive gathering of suppliers of makeup packaging, applicators and formulas and full service companies- attracts an overwhelming majority (65%) of visitors coming from brands’ marketing and product development teams. This visitor base, makes the singularity and value of exhibiting at the «MakeUp in» shows. The next MakeUp in Paris (21st and 22nd of June) and New York (12th and 13th of September), which will celebrate respectively their 9th and 8th anniversary, are


showing that the concept not only evolves in emerging markets but keeps on being the unmissable events for well established markets, fostering dynamism and development of their key players, and their challengers.

Carrousel du Louvre

21 &22 Juin/June 2 0 1 8 9h - 17h / 9am - 5pm 103


//STYLING UNCOMPROMISING CREATIVITY & PROTECTION The essence of Eslabondexx is “trend-tech”, a contemporary lifestyle in which the research of the most creative design, fashion and art trends coexists with the most avant-garde cosmetic technologies: this is the concept behind ESLABONDEXX PROTECTIVE STYLING, products dedicated to the creation of unique looks, but that do not leave aside longevity and health of the hair.





Cosme Tokyo 2018 Closed On A High Note “Cosme Tokyo 2018 – 6th Int’l Cosmetics Trade Fair” returned once again from 24th to 26th January 2018 and closed its doors successfully in a new venue, the Makuhari Messe, in Japan

Launched in 2012, the event has been growing as a must-attend show for everyone in cosmetics industry. As on previous years, Cosme Tokyo was held conjointly with Cosme Tech, the trade show dedicated to the cosmetics industry supply chain. New in 2018, the two shows were held together with Inner Beauty Tokyo 2018, an event focused on beauty and health foods, and the first edition of Health & Beauty Goods Expo, which focused on beauty care goods. This grand debut was a new trend-setting venue in Japan and Asia and added a new value to its existing beauty exhibitions. Moreover, Cosme Tokyo 2018 had new co-held shows such as Lifestyle Expo Tokyo, Japan’s leading Trade Fair for gifts, home and interior products, where lifestyle goods are showcased and Sales Promotion World focusing on various marketing solutions.

MORE INTERNATIONAL VISITORS FOCUSING THE JAPANESE COSMETIC MARKET The show was a huge success for both exhibitors and visitors with 709 exhibitors from 30 countries/regions and 22,114 visitors. In response to the market growth, the Show Management welcomed more international exhibitors with great support for new comers to the Japanese Market.

In fact, one of the most outstanding features in 2018 was new participants from well-known European companies and large number of Korean exhibitors. For instance, L’ERBOLARIO from Italy and NATURA SIBERICA from Estonia brought various kinds of products, very much attractive for Japanese buyers. From Korea, products with brand new technologies also drew attention and aroused interest from many visitors. The exhibiting floor was filled up with business talks in various languages. Exhibitors, especially from Japan, were very impressed and excited about new business opportunities to go global. Successful Program Of Business Meetings Brought Great Satisfaction Among Operators To make the show more fruitful, a new matchmaking program between international exhibitors took place, and totally 567 business meetings were conducted. Influencers and micro-influencers were invited to the show and toured around and reported in their SNS.


There was also a special seminar called “#BeautyBuzzTalk” with the theme “Why Beauty Influencers Popular?”. The seminar expressed how SNS promotions are getting more important in cosmetics. Undoubtedly exhibitors were very much satisfied with the show in 2018, as reflected in the number of bookings for next show. Most of the exhibit space for COSME TOKYO & COSME Tech 2019 was booked by the end of the show. And thus, early booking is highly recommended for next edition of Cosme Tokyo that will be held 30th January – 1st February, 2019 at Makuhari Messe.




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DXT!NCT: A PRETTY NEW LAUNCH ARDE, fire and energy inspiring the brand: Attention, Respect, Devotion and Ethics

Everything started last year, exactly during Cosmoprof 2017. After a careful survey of different brands, products, ideas and concepts, we sat down around a square wooden table and just looking into each other’s eyes, said, “Guys, it is time to set up our own brand.” The reason why was extremely simple: what had always been clear to us emerged once again. In fact, we had not heard a word about what is essential for every distributor: customer service, a tailored approach to specific demands and needs, in-depth support in terms of explanation of the products, education and real ethical values, as well as a highly performing product. This was how the DXT!NCT brand came into being. Bringing together years of individual experience in the professional field, such as education, domestic sales, in-depth knowledge of the Italian and export markets, the three of us, Floriano Beri, Giorgio Tavella and William Cinquanta, founded 52 Zone s.r.l.. ARDE, the fire and energy that inspire DXT!NCT: Attention, Respect, Devotion and Ethics, human and professional values that are hard to find all together. This is what drives us. To some extent we needed to “distinguish” ourselves on this particularly highly inflated market and so we started to give shape to everything we had had in mind for years.

“My care philosophy, the pay-off associated with our brand,” says Floriano Beri, one of the CEOs of the project, “is aimed at underlining our devotion to all the needs of distributors, in terms of product performance, to obtain the best hair care treatment and to solve those situations that can lead to a damaged scalp and hair and above all, attention to education and to anything they might need for brand awareness.” “The client is our commitment,” adds Giorgio Tavella. To be successful on such a hectic and extremely competitive market as Italy, as well as being attractive for foreign markets, our concept is to be really “different” in all the compartments of our own project. In terms of formulation, we have focused on Italian ingredients: as we are based in the amazing “Langhe” area, the choice of our R & D has been to characterize our products with those elements typical of our region: grapes, honey, hazelnuts, olive oil, blackberries… Respecting high standards of production and development, we have been able to reach the desired results in terms of performances, respect of hair structure and solutions for conditions of damaged hair. As underlined above, we are totally devoted to a wide spectrum of educational services that can fully explain the concept behind the products and their high performances, as well as several stylistic proposals.


William Cinquanta

A team of well-known and skilled Italian professional stylists and technicians are at our side in order to provide the most advanced trends and know-how to our clients, as they are the end users as well as our Italian and international distributors. “The international market,” underlines William Cinquanta, “is what we count on mostly, as the DXT!NCT lines have been created to meet the demands of different markets and countries. For our distributors we are offering a real support programme to make them feel confident and successful on their own market.” The very first launch at this 2018 Cosmoprof, including both technical products such as a range of 59 shades of creamy colour treatments, a violet decolourizer and peroxide, or the treatment lines, such as the moisturizing, nourishing and postcolour line, is based on this concept of Made in Italy. The choice of a minimalist, smart and appealing design has also been our focus. Elegance highlights Italian style. For the entire team of 52 Zone, taking care of the well-being of your hair and of the commitment to the distributors is the main target. A challenging project that will “distinguish” your look and your business by using our products worldwide.


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Gama’s Innovative And Hi-Tech Tools At Cosmoprof 2018 Bologna Gama Professional has been producing professional beauty and styling tools for the past 40 years. Always at the forefront of the professional haircare market, this company produces straighteners, hair dryers and men’s tools and distributes them through a sales and marketing network covering 50 different countries. Cosmoprof 2018 Bologna is the perfect venue where this year Gama Professional will be launching their new Salon Exclusive range of top-performance, innovative professional products, created to respond to the needs of beauty and hair salons all over the world.

Lasting Shine, Color Durability And Younger-Looking Hair With Gama G-Style Oxy-Active Iht Wide & Long Straightener One of the new items for 2018 is the G-Style Oxy-Active IHT Wide & Long straightener, complete with Oxy-Active Gama patented technology that helps keep the cuticles closed and protect the hair. It preserves the integrity of the hair and the colour pigments, adding lasting shine and durability to colour treatments. This straightener is equipped with IHT technology to give you a perfect straight look in one step, meaning less exposure to heat. In less than 15 seconds the plates reach the ideal working temperature (adjustable from 150°C to 230°C), making it from 3 to 4 times faster than traditional straighteners. The plates are large and wide (33 mm x 110 mm)

for quick, easy styling, even for the most voluminous hair. They are also floating, which means that they adhere to the hair with precision, with guaranteed perfect straightening action with no need to pass over the same section more than once. The tourmaline covering the plates glides easily over the hair and naturally releases negative ions for perfect frizz control. Far infrared heat guarantees excellent styling results from the start. Nano Silver technology means powerful antibacterial action that prevents the formation of impurities on the hair. Its light weight and 3-metre power cord that swivels through 360°make it easy to use, while the rounded design means it is perfect for smooth looks as well as waves. The Safety Block system automatically shuts off the tool after 60 minutes, in case you leave it switched on. Pluma 4500- More Compact And Ultra Ionic For Double Shine And Anti-Frizz This hair dryer is Made in Italy and equipped with cutting-edge System C and Oxy-Active technologies. System C is a unique Gama patented technology that guarantees maximum safe use for the hair dryer as well as a longer lifetime, through constant control of the air output temperature. Oxy-Active technology is the result of years of study into the extraordinary effects of active oxygen.


This cutting-edge technology allows the hairstylist to achieve a Color Lock effect, which means greater lasting colour as well as full shine enhancement, thanks to the extraordinary action of the active oxygen and ions released by the hair dryer during use. With Oxy-Active, hairstylists can guarantee salon clients magnificent colour treatments as well as the 4 direct benefits: anti-frizz, shine, reconstruction, anti-ageing. It has a durable AC motor with 2400 W of power for an ultra-rapid drying action. The internal components are coated in tourmaline, a material that naturally releases negative ions when heated and also emits far infrared heat (FIR) that penetrates right into the centre of the hair and by spreading outwards, guarantees perfect drying action in less time, which means less damaged hair. Nano Silver technology with its bactericidal and antimycotic properties increases the health and wellbeing of hair. Pluma 4500 Oxy-Active has 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures; it also has a cool shot function. It comes with 2 ultra-narrow professional nozzles (4 mm and 8 mm) to direct the air flow with precision, and a diffuser for curls. It is an extremely more compact lightweight hair dryer with an ergonomic design for easy handling and control. Freedom of movement is guaranteed by a 3-metre power cord.



Premiere Orlando 2018 The Right Destination For Beauty Education June 2-4 2018 will be the three biggest days when the worldwide beauty industry gathers in Orlando, Florida

and get hands-on with workshops offered in cutting techniques, color application, balayage, men’s grooming, nail art, makeup application and esthetics. The best educators in the world will be there with the common goal to provide The Education You Need to Succeed™.

Premiere Orlando is the international beauty event that brings together professionals of the beauty industry under one roof, providing the perfect forum for companies to introduce new brands and display products to buyers. The 3 days beauty trade show takes place annually at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) which is located in Orlando, Florida, United States of America. Over 800 exhibitors are expected at this event to showcase their products and services. Over 57,000 visitors from 45 countries are expected at this exhibition. Visitors includes salon owners & managers, stylists, colorists, nail technicians, cosmetology students, instructors, distributors who have the space to network and see the latest in the beauty industry. The show is a huge educational platform offered through a diversified program featuring a Main Stage, Hair Color Stage, Classroom Education, Hands-On Workshops and Competitions.

The Main Stage should be a top 5 of things to see in life where platform artists pull their looks right off the fashion weeks’ runway and break them down. Hair Color Stage is the best place when it comes to color application. Colorists will learn everything from everyday color to vivid fashion colors.

With over 600 professional education classes offered and presented by 250 most influential and followed artists in industry, Premiere Orlando can be considered as the “Education Destination”. Attendees have the opportunity to choose from most diversified education program in the industry


Furthermore, this year, beauty professionals can truly engage in their learning and join the conversation with round-table and panel discussions, with appearances from top social media influencers, including: Mark Bustos, Larisa Love, Jenny Strebe, Sam villa, Candy Shaw, Jan Arnold, Rob the Original and more. Beauty professionals and students will have the opportunity to compete in over 10 different competition categories in the areas of Women’s Hair, Men’s Grooming, Nail Art, Makeup and Lash Application for the chance to win cash prizes.

italian company at the exclusive service of wellbeing and beauty professionals.

tel. +39-051/776010 - +39-051/776397 -

In fact, sInce Inco was founded In 1971, it has been working

for hair stylists and beauticians, creating specific products that meet their high expectations, meticulously formulated by expert technicians using cutting edge technologies capable of ensuring efficient solutions.

specific professional lines, versatile and synergic tools are made with the products from which different solutions can be chosen for each individual cosmetic need which depends on the state of the skin, the hair, the technical objective to reach and one’s own creativity. the formulas are dermatologically safe and scientifically effective, of a high quality, with no preservatives, colourings or unnecessary additives.

inco’s vision is to be the ideal professional partner, capable of supporting the ideals of the hair stylist and beautician as entrepreneurs able to manage the elements of success in their own businesses aiming towards diversification by offering specific personalized products and treatments depending on the desires and expectations of each client, distinguishing themselves from competitors in the same market.

creating products for inco means doing so in an eco-friendly system with a low environmental impact, making it self-sufficient in terms of energy consumptions, putting the “health” of professional users and consumers in the fore together with the ability to meet wellness and beauty needs.

taking on new challenges and new projects has been, over the years, the boost to constantly and continuously upgrade the capacity and performance of our company and to depend on its own highly experienced and capable r&d division. a high level quality system, shared also by other leading national and international companies in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical (medical devices) and medical-surgical aid sectors. this extremely important diversification has led to stronger and hugely important production-collaboration relations which, in numerous cases, date back many decades, also making it possible to place significant technical performance Knowhow at the disposal of the professional market.

certified quality by bodies who, inspection after inspection, guarantee and safeguard the objective quality of production processes and management systems throughout every phase of our work.


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PARLUX ALYON®: The New Frontier For Drying And Creativity Of Professionals A concentrate of design, technology and efficiency of use makes the new Parlux ALYON® a small precious jewel. The famous Italian company always at the forefront in the design and production of professional equipment for hairdressers, synonymous with quality and made in Italy for over 40 years, continues to renew and surprises professionals with the launch of Parlux ALYON®, the dryer designed to deliver the best performances. With this launch, Parlux confirms its leading position in the design and production of professional tools for hairstylists. The innovative dryer has a futuristic look with improved technical features for an intensive daily use meant to facilitate hairstylists work. PARLUX ALYON® is an extremely powerful tool endowed with the new K-Advance Plus® motor designed for an intensive use of 3000 hours. It delivers uniform and constant temperature airflows.

New Parlux Ardent® The First Hairdryer Dedicated To Barber Shops New PARLUX ARDENT® for barber shops: a specific high quality tool with Vintage design and high-level technology for the first Parlux hairdryer dedicated to salons for men’s hairstyles. Light, practical and essential, this special professional tool totally meets any barber specialists’ needs. Parlux, the Italian leading producer of the best professional hairdryers in the world, has designed its first hairdryer exclusively for barber shops. With a new unique old style graphite finish and vintage design, its hipster-inspired casing encloses a highly advanced technology: powerful and sturdy, Parlux Ardent® features an AC motor that gives superior performance in terms

It is also equipped with the “Air Ionizer Tech” device which is able to eliminate static electricity and obtain perfect and quick blow-drying for shiny and soft hair. HFS, the Hair Free System (patent pending) is an exceptional integrated Parlux ALYON® device that holds hair keeping thus the tool cleaner and more efficient throughout the time. The new innovative, ergonomic and prismatic-shaped design allows for the best balance and grip. The ergonomic and comfortable

soft-touch switches along with the recyclable materials and the reduction of noise make this tool a highly advanced product in line with Parlux’ Eco-Friendly philosophy. The new PARLUX ALYON® is available in 8 brand new trendy colors: yellow, pink, coral, green, turquoise, brass, opaque graphite and black that meet any hairstylist’ taste and salons’ furniture style. It is equipped with two nozzles, the same diffuser used by Parlux Advance® and a noise-reduction attachment called Parlux Melody Silencer.

of higher power and a longer lifespan (around 2000 hours), which allows precision during hairstyling with the help of two speed settings, and unsurpassed results during technical services of men’s hairstyles and beard care. The new 1800 Watt changeable resistance features optimized heated areas and offers ideal temperatures at all power levels. The “Air Ionizer Tech” emits negative ions for static-free hair and provides faster hair and beard drying. The anti-heating front body allows for a comfortable grip with any type of service. The hairdryer is available in a single version called “ brushed graphite”, the ideal color for most barber shops style and design.

As the rest of Parlux’ dryers, Ardent® has been developed following Parlux’ Eco-Friendly philosophy, with no harmful emission, use of high recyclable materials, energy saving device and can be equipped with practical accessories like the Melody Silencer and hair dryer diffusers like super-volume and shower-like. The new Parlex Ardent®, the hairdryer specially designed for man, is the amazing tool taking care of man’s hair, beard and moustache.




Professional K-ADVANCE PLUS® motor Duration: 3000 hours - Air flow rate: 84 m3/h Ideal power 2.250 Watt “Air Ionizer Tech” technology “HFS - Hair Free System” device “Anti-warming” front body Ver y light and ergonomic Available in eight trendy colors 117



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KROM by Cosm.O offers products for all hair needs!

A healthy scalp is important to the health of all hair types, but especially textured hair. Many curly clients suffer from product buildup on the scalp that causes a suffocation of the hair follicles, which prevents strands from being able to move and breathe, and can ultimately lead to hair loss. Additionally, if extensions are worn or hair is tightly braided, there can be tension and pulling that over time severely damages the follicle.

For these reasons, stylists should offer scalp care in the salon, beginning at the shampoo bowl with a clarifying shampoo and scalp treatment. Then, they can educate clients on how to maintain scalp health and send them home with products that will prevent dandruff, soothe irritation and create a healthy environment for hair.  Krom products offer a full range of cosmetics necessary for healthy and beautiful hair. TEA TREE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER are two luxurious, aromatic and deep cleansing products.

They contain pure essential oils such as tea tree and eucalyptus. Shampoo and Conditioner provides antiseptic action to tone and purify the scalp. NOURISH SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER are restorative scalp treatment. CAVIAR SHAMPOO and TREATMENT are daily root and scalp stimulator. THS CELL line is a stimulating hair growth treatment. REMEDY SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER and LOTION, are the best hair treatments for damaged hair. EVERYDAY PRODUCTS nourish and protect hair and scalp.

COSM.O S.r.L. via Braguti – 25020 Pralboino (BS) - tel. +39-030/9176360 – fax +39-030/9547229 Odorici 119- Ferdinando


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PROFESSIONAL HAIR PRODUCTS Industrie Pagoda exploits synergy between constant technical and scientific evolution and research performed by the internal laboratory to identify innovative proposals, develop state-of-the-art custom preparations designed to satisfy customers’ needs and guarantee the highest raw material and end product quality standards. BLEACHING POWDER Industrie Pagoda bleaching powder produces excellent results without damaging hair. The various formulations available satisfy the habits and needs of customers and cover all techniques: streaks, highlights and total bleaching. • Bleaching power of up to 9 shades • Compact and supercompact bleaching powders prevent the release of volatile powders during paste preparation • Smooth, compact paste that is easy to mix with oxidizing emulsion • Rapid bleaching • Low ammonia content and ammonia-free formulations • Conditioning and hydrating properties • Custom preparation consulting • Preparation formulas can be personalised with extracts and active ingredients based on customer needs

• All formulations can be scented with stable fragrances and coloured in various shades. BLEACHING CREAM Bleaching cream is a revolutionary product with a formula that guarantees optimum bleaching performance while protecting hair. Bleaching cream is easy to apply and powder-free. • Bleaching power of up to 7 shades • Easy to mix and easy to apply • Optimum professional results • Nourishes and protects hair and reduced risk of scalp irritation • Two standard colours: white or blue • Can be scented with stable fragrances.


WITH OUR HAIR BLEACHING LINE! Production and packaging of premium quality hair bleaching powder, hair bleaching cream and peroxide cream, private label, customized formulas avaiable, to meet every need.



13th - 15th October 2018 | ExCeL London

13th - 15th October 2018 | ExCeL London



& photo: Sam Villa

photo: Sonya Dove

photo: Esquire

2 Amazing Shows Together Create

Hair by 2017 NAHA Finalist Sharon Tranter

Register by April 21 to SAVE $15 Off Day of Show Price Orlando/Orange County Convention Center • Orlando, Florida #PremiereOrlando


& June 2-4, 2018 Education Days June 2-4 Exhibit Floor Open June 3-4

1Fantastic Educational Event

For show passes or information on all Premiere events • 800-335-7469 Beauty Industry Professionals & Students Only



Photography: Luis Alvarez | Hair: Jay Majors







28 - 30

SEPTEMBER International Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition









In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the professional cosmetics industry is indebted to Nazih Group, for its evolution, growth and professionalism. Nazih Group is the first choice in the beauty industry for cosmetics manufacturers worldwide, and customers and consumers in the region. Nazih Group is built on a culture, which relies on creating belongingness.

THE GROUP STARTED IT’S BUSINESS, FOUR DECADES AGO IN A HUMBLE WAY IN DUBAI. NAZIH GROUP’S SUCCESS IS THE TRUST THAT IT’S CUSTOMERS ENTRUST ON THE GROUP AND NAZIH KEEP IT’S CUSTOMERS CLOSE TO THEM ALWAYS. The Group believe that innovation and reinvention are the two ways to offer total satisfaction to customers, which lead to create and re-create professional products and services. In Nazih it is an ongoing process in which inputs from professionals, worldwide provide support and services. The Group ensemble beauty systems for customers, by providing carefully chosen internationally acclaimed beauty products from all over the world. Cosmetic products, services, training and value addition are what Nazih Group offers.

Nazih Hamad

Founder & Managing Director of Nazih Group

POLITICAL STABILITY IN THE MIDDLE EAST What political pundits foresee is not a drastic change in the political scenario of the Middle East due to the transformation of power in the USA. In fact they have every reason to believe that the political scenario in the MENA region will improve tremendously with the business acumen of the changed leadership in USA. With closer ties with Russia, Iran will get more opportunity to get actively involved in direct business relationship with the US, based on “America First” and Iran’s recent contract with Boeing to supply a new fleet of passenger aircraft, which is estimated to be worth US$.16 billion. The same closer ties with Russia is expected to bring better and stable political situation in Syria. In addition, the new government’s Middle East policy will be framed with the assistance of the new US secretary of state, who until very recently was CEO of Exxon Mobil. 132


According to economic researchers, MENA region’s aggregate GDP expanded 2.8% in 2016, up from 2.7% in 2015. The region saw better political and economic stability in 2016 and there are visible signs of Iraq emerging from recession and Iran’s reintegration into global economy, and the growth of Iran’s economy to a six year high. The year 2017, MENA region has started out on a stronger footing with the higher oil prices, due to the output-cap agreement by OPEC. The output cut pose serious headwinds to growth for all the oil producing countries, Nevertheless, the economic data trends from the countries in the MENA region shows that economic activity in the non-oil sector is picking up, mainly due to improved political and business environment in the region. Even though the OPEC deal is a boost to oil prices, the reduction in crude output forecasts the MENA region’s 2017 economic growth to 2.5% but a prospective 3.2% in 2018. The year 2017 will see Iran’s economy growing due to its reintegration into the global economy and stronger oil exports. In addition, two of the major economies in the region, Egypt and Qatar is expected to grow with projected expansions of 3.4% and 3.3%, respectively.

Beauty Industry

in MENA Region

Middle East is world’s fastest-growing beauty market with a growth percentage of 6.4% annually over the next five years. According to experts in the beauty industry, demand for halal and vegan beauty products are rising rapidly. According to Euromonitor International the demand for organic, vegan (no animal derivatives) and halal beauty products, especially for bath and shower is on a steep rise. Majority of the cosmetic products that are marketed in the MENA region are manufactured in countries like USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The beauty market in the Middle East is driven by a multi-cultural consumer demand. The number of expatriates living in the Middle East is growing, especially in countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman. Retail demand for natural beauty products in these countries are gaining momentum which is evident in the increase in shelf space for natural beauty products in many specialized beauty outlets and stores. There are in fact exclusive retailers for organic, vegan and halal beauty products in many cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Manama and Muscat.

Trends in Buying behaviour

Based on various market researchers, most consumers bought products based on their own research and experience, recommendations by friends, advice from beauty experts and salon technicians. Most beauty professionals bought products based on attending workshops, getting discounts for branded products, testing free samples of branded products or researching in social media. Key trends in the beauty sector include high demand for organic, vegan and halal products; personalised products and services; and certifications by national health ministries. 133

Middle East world’s fastest-growing beauty market The Middle East & Africa (MEA) beauty market is valued at US$. 25.4 billion and is expected to grow at 6.4 per cent annually over the next five years, compared to the global growth rate of 3 percent based on a study conducted by Euromonitor International. The main players in the MEA market are Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which together account for a quarter of the MEA’s market. These two countries’ growth rate are calculated at 12 per cent and 5.8 per cent respectively. Saudi Arabia dominates the overall sales market, with a national $5.3 billion spend in 2015, but the UAE has the highest per capita spend at $239 in 2015. Although the UAE’s per capita spend will still be the region’s highest in five years, at $295, Saudi Arabia will close the gap, with individual spend increasing from $168 in 2015 to $273 in 2020 (Euromonitor International).

TOTAL MENA REGIONAL COVERAGE The Group is physically present in the MENA region through its marketing network, which includes showrooms, training centers, stores and offices aptly supported by multilingual professionally trained staff. Nazih Group’s customized and integrated business and communication network provides total quality to its customers. The Group’s product repertoire includes a vast range of professional beauty products and equipments to salons, beauty parlours, spas and fitness centres. The range includes haircare, skincare, bodycare, makeup, perfumes, salon accessories, tools and implements, personal beauty products and equipment, pharmaceutical beauty products, beauty parlour equipment and systems, spa furniture The Group has its state of art training institute at its head office, which provides services that include technical training to technicians in application of products and use of equipments and tools. Nazih beauty training institute is manned by internationally trained professional educators and trainers, and they impart latest technical skills and innovative customer management techniques to its customers to ensure business success.

Further information provided by Euromonitor International predicts that the share of premium beauty products in Saudi Arabia would grow from 54 per cent in 2015 of the market to 60 per cent in 2020, with the UAE’s premium market share increasing from 48 per cent to 50 per cent in the same period.


Nazih Group serve its products and services to professional salons and beauty parlours, hypermarkets, supermarkets, large groceries, retail chain stores and pharmacies. The Group has its own chain of retail beauty stores and kiosks, located in all the major malls of the MENA region.

Fragrances and perfumes, with sales of $5.8 billion are the region’s best-selling product types in 2015, followed by hair care ($4.2 billion) and skin care ($3.5 billion), according to Euromonitor’s survey.


The Group has its presence in the social networking groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Nazih Group’s market research wing is instrumental in supporting manufacturers with information about the changing customer buying behaviour and trends in the market.



to customers and manufacturers. It’s approach to customers and manufacturers is based on a simple theme the offer of total and one point solution customers and manufacturers. 134


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Export Magazine 1-18  

E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di cosmetici - profumi - articoli per l'igiene - prodotti fitocosmetici - bigiotteria - articoli d...