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Project Jabberwocky

syn·the·sis /ˈsinTHəsəs/ noun 1. The combination of ideas to form a theory or system. 2. The inside story from the industry-leader in Protein software solutions. It’s here! The inaugural version of MTech’s magazine dedicated to the Live Animal production industry and our efforts to deliver constantly improving solutions to your businesses. Through this magazine we hope to give our partners and customers insight into what we are working on, what is driving our passion, and how we see the industry changing in the near future. We invite your feedback, your suggestions and your requests for information. Dive in and join the venture into Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, and how we are leveraging both to improve your business.

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To all our valued MTechies to the inaugural version of Synthesis from MTech, a magazine aimed at connecting with our customers to share all the stories, challenges and successes we live every day in this rapidly changing technology environment.


In my 25+ years working at MTech I have not seen a jump in innovation like we have had these last two years. No doubt that these are exciting times to be in this space. Prompted by the products and services we all use today, from Netflix to Waze to Nest and others, what first started as an R&D project to learn about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is now revolutionizing our products and bringing a new level of excellence. Armed with Internet of Things devices, Big-Data capabilities and new approaches to analytics, we are rapidly delivering disruptive solutions that promise to lead the industry in the effort to better feed a growing world population. Today we are using Reinforcement Learning to precisely plan the broiler harvesting, egg movements and live haul schedules.

Marcel Cohen

President at MTech Systems USA

We are in the process of re-engineering, all the logic across the system that uses a standard table to project performance, including weight gain, feed conversion, condemnation, hatchability, fertility and other KPIs. Using the machine learning models that we trained on years of history, we can leave the inaccurate

world of comparison to standard behind. Our mission is to deliver adaptive, self-correcting prediction models that see a trend as it’s developing and not after it’s too late to do anything. One of the most exciting projects we are working on using this AI focus is the new Processing Planning module. This product plans all the activities for the plant for a specified period by taking the demand of finished products at the SKU level and aligning to the bird supply coming from the farms. Traditionally, older systems used an optimizer and the law of averages. With the new ML models we are able to leverage weight distribution for each load of birds and use Reinforcement Learning to plan the production activities directly aimed at reducing waste and improving yield results. The launch of this new product is just around the corner, and promises to increase efficiency and profitability like no other innovation before it. You will find many stories throughout this edition that reflect how everyone in the industry is realizing the power these technologies have to change their business overnight. I encourage you to reach out to your MTech team to talk about the improvements in the products you are using and how they can benefit you. Most of these new technologies are simply add-ons to the programs you are already using on a daily basis. We are eager to see where we can go together with the products and technologies in use.



Global Presence 2019 has benn a great year for MTech! We had a fantastic time getting to catch up with all of our friends from all over the world and we were also very excited to meet new people who were curious to know more about us.

IPPE 2019 Atlanta, GA, USA

VIV ASIA 2019 Bangkok, Thailand

SIAVS 2019 Sao Paolo, Brazil



Users Conference 2019 Poultry IT Roundtable

third annual 3-day event featured a Poultry IT Roundtable, where we like to invite our clients and people who have a vested interest in poultry operations. It was our biggest event to date. OUR

These types of events are where we get to have one-on-one conversations to understand real problems and how to address them.

It wasn’t all about work, though. We enjoyed each others’ company at Top Golf and during after-hours events at the conference center. We were happy with the results and are already preparing for next year! Check out a recap of this year’s event at: mtech-users-conference-2019what-happened/ If you would like to attend the MTech Users Conference 2020, please contact for more information.



6 tips to be on cloud nine with your IoT solution Easy Installment Innovative Technology Your Farms Connected ACCORDING to Cisco, 60 percent of all IoT initiatives stall at the Proof of Concept stage and only 26 percent of companies have had an IoT initiative they considered a complete success1. So what determines if you will be successful in deploying IoT on your farms?

1. A proven partner There will be countless IT and communications companies purporting to be able to deliver for our Industry, but let’s face it, poultry and swine barns are two of the toughest environments out there. That’s why MTech, the worldleader in Protein software, has partnered with Munters, the experts in farm equipment and communications, to build the right model for you.

2. Know what to collect There is no limit to the number and types of measuring devices on the market, but are they all worth the expense in your IoT objectives? MTech has approached IoT in a measured way, tackling the top metrics that can be correlated to animal health, 1.The Network, Cisco’s Technology Site May 23, 2017

consumption and growth. Tackle what’s right in front of you and win, then shoot for the stars.

3. Connection stability Keeping your farm online can easily become difficult and expensive to maintain. MTech and Munters take a hybrid approach to internet access on farms, delivering industrial cellular options where required, or leveraging the Wi-Fi already present on farms. Different challenges require different solutions.

4. Big Data enabled What good is it to collect temperature, humidity and bird weights if you cannot correlate it to breed, age or feeding program? MTech leverages the wealth of information you already collect about your flocks to evaluate, analyze and correlate both electronic and manually captured data. No more islands of disconnected data.

5. Adopt Machine Learning Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

From Amazon to Netflix to Zappos. It’s affecting how we make decisions in our everyday lives, and MTech ensures we use this to your advantage in your production operations. Whether it be predicting bird weights, ordering feed or suggesting environment changes, machine learning can give us the insight required to drastically improve outcomes.

6. Global Technical support and Customer service Fortunately for MTech, protein is produced on every continent in just about every country on the planet. So can you trust someone who doesn’t know the local nuances of production? Together, MTech and Munters affect 1 in 6 meals enjoyed daily around the world. Our people and expertise are never far away. Wrapping it Up: Being new to the IoT world can be overwhelming and rapid changes make it hard to keep up. Let’s partner to ensure success and get results now, while we keep an eye toward the future and even bigger results.



Strong Alliances in Europe

2019 has been a crucial year for MTech, we constantly keep on expanding our solutions to all companies who are looking to improve their operations with the implementation of the latest top trending technology in the market. MHP is a Ukraine based company that specializes in broiler poultry and are looking to expand in the European content with their quality products, lately Ukraine has been exporting a lot of poultry meat in Europe, increasing almost 21% in the past 3 years according to our MTech experts. A country also known for its rich soil, makes it ideal ground for production plants to be located. The first conversations for this project started in May from our teammates in

Brazil and U.K. who are led by Mariane Acordi, Jim Johnston and Chris Blosfeld respectively, they’re responsible for this project and have done a fantastic job in covering every detail that MHP is looking for. This year we have executed the blueprint phase and we will start the full implementation process of our solutions PPO and Protein on January 2020. This alliance helps both companies because we are determined to keep on expanding in the European market and working together to maintain a more sustainable production while at the same time having high animal welfare standards.

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Project Jabberwocky The core purpose of the tool can be broken down into two separate pieces: 1. Feature Importance 2. What-if Scenarios While “Feature Importance” sounds complicated, all it really means is:

Senior Data Scientist

“What datapoints did the computer think was most important to the outcomes? What has a bigger impact on predicting a certain KPI than we knew, and which ones don’t really affect the outcome?”

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are allowing us at MTech to seek answers from of our solutions that we never could ask before.

The model built behind the scenes grades each variable by how much accuracy it loses if that variable were not considered.

We believe that the volumes of data each of our partners have collected over the years holds the key to changing both management style and results. To unlock these hidden keys to improvement, we have embarked on a project to build a self-service Machine Learning tool.

In otherwords, if a variable increases our prediction accuracy a lot, it must be really impactful on the performance outcome. So while we may have assumed breed to most heavily influence a KPI, the model may tell us that parent age or housing type is even more influential.

Project Jabberwocky has the potential to help ensure we meet the demand of feeding billions more people in the coming decades without sacrificing animal welfare or the environment.

“What-if Scenarios” is a little more vague, and a lot more hands-on approach. It essentially cycles through all variables to see how different combinations would have affected an outcome. With the model that we have built, the program evaluates your data over and over again, keeping everything but one variable the same as the previous scenario.

Evan Saldon

The approach was to not focus on a single variable and how it affected performance, but to instead ask the Machine to tell us where to put our focus. Jabberwocky was designed as a tool to make machine learning digestible by all, while improving confidence in operational decisions.

For example, picture a model that predicts Average Weight Sold where we might be curious about how Placement

Density is truly affecting our end results. The model will rerun our data continuously, keeping everything the same (e.g. Technical Advisor, Season, ParentAge, etc.) except for our target variable of Placement Density. By running multiple values from your historical placement densities this allows us to examine what would happen if you had the exact same eggs, from the exact same parent ages, on the exact same litter, in the exact same season, with the exact same feed, and all you changed was placement density for that flock, what would be the impact on final bird weight? We repeat this process for all the myriad of variables you collect in the MTech solution about your flocks. Ultimately you arrive at the “perfect scenario” that would have given you the best results. Overall, Jabberwocky is meant as a guided analytics tool as it leverages Machine Learning to give informed business decisions. Instead of guessing how a feeding program will do, or how certain parent ages interact with egg ages, we can let the engine do the analysis and give us the results to ultimately decide on what path to take. This is just one more way MTech is leveraging Artificial Intelligence in our daily quest to improve our solutions and your business. We leave it to you, the experts in production, to determine how to apply these revelations to your operations and gain the improvements possible.





Automated measurement of chicken welfare MARIAN STAMP DAWKINS, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, UK EVERYDAY we encounter with technology, but not always do we see or use tools like, Machine or reinforcement-learning algorithms, that are becoming up and coming trends in the industry.

learning techniques, also they compare results with the ones obtained by standard multivariable logistic regression and suggests that these techniques provide with the help of new insights that are in your data.

These tools have the potential for classification, diagnosis and risk factor identification.

With these powerful algorithms embedded in your poultry management systems it will offer significant improvements in broiler health and welfare.

They use different alternative decisions by learning to identify the features associated with commercial broiler farms, using routinely collected farm management data. These data lend themselves to analysis using machine and reinforcement

Broiler farmers have used data as an aid to health and production management for years. MTech Systems leader in software innovation that creates new ways to help its customers to get better results has assembled a team to focus on statistical analysis,

large-scale data processing, and Machine and reinforcement learning. Having access to data and using it to learn by itself, the program will act and make decisions based on the data given rather than being explicitly programmed to carry out a certain task. The algorithms also adapt in response to new data and experiences to improve efficiency over time. MTech´s main objective is to have a more simplified way that farmers can see and understand what’s happening or about to happen in every field and be able to have them take better sustainable choices.




Chris Lee Director of Data Science at MTech USA AI ON FRAMING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS This time we bring to you a quick interview we had with Chris Lee, Director of Data Science at MTech, topics like Machine and Reinforcement Learning were exposed. This short interview offers a glance into MTech’s vision on leveraging the newest technologies and keep empowering its users with comprehensive and easy to use solutions. Click here to listen the full interview

Simon Cohen Vice President at MTech USA ACHIEVE A BETTER ANIMALWELFARE USING AI Simon Cohen joined me for a short interview, and we talked about what happened in his meeting with Adisseo and also what conclusions were made with the top broiler producers. We also discussed about why Artificial Intelligence is important and how it can have an impact on Animal Welfare. Click here to listen the full interview

To hear the full interview, go to

Trivia Questions • According to Chris Lee, what is the difference between Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning? • What can be accomplished from using historical and real time data obtained from flocks? • What’s one of the challenges that Machine Learning can introduce during operations? • According to Simon, how can Animal Welfare be achieved using Artificial Intelligence? • The alliance with Adisseo is huge for MTech, but what benefits will companies receive from this partnership?

Share your answers on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag

#MTechSynthesis Twitter LATAM: @MTechSystemsSP Twitter English: @MTechSystemsHQ LinkedIn: MTech Systems Instagram: @mtechsystemshq

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Putting our Technology to Work Hear from a grower benefitting from Sonar

farmers want real solutions. They want products that are easy to understand and at the same time solve hidden in-barn headaches that affect their businesses.


Having information gathered directly from the barns, in real time, can help by improving performance and animal welfare. Dwayne Grimes has improved his performance with analytics and alerts on his mobile phone. Sonar is a solution that is user-focused and ensures optimal results. Begin to modernize your farm and watch how your business grows. Watch the full testimonial here: watch?v=yPw0dH4b_w0





Sonar Results

Over the past year, M-Tech Systems, in partnership with Munters has taken a microscope into the previously impenetrable black box of a poultry house.

Growers and service technicians from our pilots have already been able to react to heaters going out in the middle of the night, or feed bins running low.

Utilizing an IoT sensor suite, we now have the ability to precisely monitor the growing environment inside a house, along with tracking bird performance.

With the visibility of feed inventories at a feed mill, schedulers can more accurately plan deliveries, along with minimizing feed pickup after a flock sells.

In addition, by leveraging the power of machine learning, not only can we analyze real time data, but we now gain unmatched predictive capability on bird performance. Enter Sonar, the IoT solution from M-Tech Systems.

Some early pilot flocks were able to reach zero picked up feed, a testament to the accuracy of our bin load cell data.

One of the biggest immediate benefits of the real time telemetry is the ability to alert a grower to any abnormal conditions that may arise.

On the predictive front, we are seeing estimated weights as accurate as Âą0.1lb from the target. This accuracy stems from a machine learning algorithm used to analyze every raw weight reading we receive and filter out

only the correct bird weights. These weights are passed into another machine learning platform that then predicts weight gain up to 21 days in the future. The real power behind this method is that no standards are used, and the ML processes used are unique down to an individual house. Feed consumption is also calculated similarly, alleviating the need for a standard. Stay tuned for more developments as we push the limits of artificial intelligence and revolutionize the poultry industry.




MTech Systems & FoodTech MFE Actively Exploring Digitalization & Software Solution in China Following the digital strategy of our business, FoodTech MFE works with MTech Systems closely to explore the China swine market with “full supply chain traceability” solution of both hardware and software. With more than 50,000 participants and visitors, The 8th Leman China Swine Conference & expo (ZhengZhou, October 19 -21) is considered one of the most valuable meeting & exhibition in China swine industry by providing scientific solution to the complex challenges in the swine industry. During the “2019 International Intelligence Swine Industry Summit” of “the 8th Leman China Swine Conference”,

Chris Blosfeld, Director of Global Marketing of MTech Systems, made a presentation of the “fulls supplychain traceability” solution from MTech and Munters for Swine industry, and he was invited to be a member of expert advisory committee. Driven by disease and other production challenges, the Chinese market is renewing their commitment to traceability, optimization and monitoring that MTech and Munters are well-positioned to provide through their software solutions for Swine, including the Protein Suite, a production, costing and planning system designed specifically for this industry.

The Artificial Intelligence capabilities MTech brings to the production process and leverages data delivered from Munters IoT devices can help solve some of the industries biggest concerns. Many providers in China are trying to enter this technology space but lack the 30 years of direct industry experience of MTech and Munters that will ensure these projects are successful. Chris applauded the attendees willingness to adopt these emerging innovations but reminded everyone that the base system containing years of production data is the critical component to an effective solution.

ABOUT LEMAN SWINE CONFERENCE Allen D. Leman Swine Conference is the world’s largest annual educational event for the global swine industry, with a 32-year history. It is internationally acclaimed for bringing science-driven solutions to the complex challenges facing the industry. Since 2012, China, the world’s biggest pork-producing country, In 2012, the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine organized

the first Leman Swine Conference in Xi’an, China. The Conference presented the latest developments on swine research and production, disease surveillance and control, integration of production and public health, and their impacts on the global economy to China – the world’s biggest pork-producing country. Speakers at the conference represented experts from all around the world.

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Synthesis by MTech  

The inaugural version of MTech’s magazine dedicated to the Live Animal production industry and our efforts to deliver constantly improving s...

Synthesis by MTech  

The inaugural version of MTech’s magazine dedicated to the Live Animal production industry and our efforts to deliver constantly improving s...