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Mar Thoma Church of San Francisco Bay Area JANUARY 2012 NEWSLETTER - WWW.MAR THOMASF.ORG

Another year is coming to an end. This is the time for us to sit and look back the completing year and to reflect on the year’s progress, setbacks and accomplishments. In 2011 we see the nature From showing its ugliest side through earthquakes, giant Vicar’s Desk tsunamis, tornados and a number of hurricanes causing thousands of human beings killing. We went through such horrifying days of 2011. Many high profiled terrorists were killed during this year. There were ups and downs in our economy last year. I phones and I pads in 5 and 6 series were the main attractions in the field of information technology. Now we are entering to a new year. Entering to a new year is just like entering into a long tunnel. We have no long view and we have only a little light for our each step. In Joshua chapter 3, the Israelites came to Jordan in faith. They have been told by Joshua that they should pass it. They were told that, ‘ when you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God being carried by the Leviticus priests, then you shall set out from your place and follow it, that you may know the way you shall go,

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for you have not passed the way before. They are told that they have to go the way that they have not passed before. Thus we must walk after the rule of the word and the direction of spirit in everything, so shall peace be upon us as upon the Israel of God. While we are here at San Francisco, especially in the New Year we must expect and prepare to pass through the ways that we have not passed before. God’s presence will guide us through these paths. Let us remember what the word says 1. Go to the new path. 2. Walk after the rule of the word and direction of spirit. 3. Peace will be upon us in all our ways. Let us treasure up the experiences of Jesus Christ’s faithful and tender carethat they may help our faith and hope in our new paths of life here. We were all privileged with the presence of Diocesan Episcopa , our beloved Theodosius Thirumeni in our Watch Night service and New Year service . The blessings of Thirumeni were inspiring to us all. We are heart fully thanking Thirumeni for His Lordship’s loving visit to our parish. We wish you all a happy New Year. Yours in Christ’s service, ViJiAcHeN

Gen. 1:26-31 / Heb. 6:13-30

Rom. 1:9-17 / St.Luke.1:26-31

Evangelism: Reception into the Covenant Community

Dan.1:1-21 / Acts. 7:54-60

Acts. 6:1-7 / St. Mat. 24:45-51

St. Stephens Day

Micah. 4:1-7 / Rom.5:1-11

Eph. 2:11-19 / St. Mat. 5:1-9

God of Peace

Isa.60:l-1 / 2Pet. 1:1-11

Eph. 4:1-7 / St. John. 17:21-26

Grow in Unity (Ecumenical Sunday)

Joel. 2:12-17 / Rev.. 2:12-17

Eph. 5:8-14 / St. Luke. 13:1-5

“Repent - Return”

Holy Communion Malayalam: Jan 08 & 15 English: 22 & 29 Sacramento (Malayalam): 29th 4:30PM at Friends Community Church

Area Prayer Meetings & Organization Meetings: San Francisco: Friday Janury 6th at the residence of Mr. Isac George (Achenkunju) San Bruno.

San Jose: Saturday January 7th 5:30 PM at the residence Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kuruvilla (Raju & Lizy) Sacramento area Prayer: Sunday January 15th at 5:30 PM Sevikasangham Meeting: January 21st Saturday 3:00 PM at the residence of Susan John (Pushppa) & Deepak

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Jeremiah Kenny Anne George Joel Mathew Jacob Philip

19 Nikhil George 19 Rintu Sajan 20 Rekha George 20 Babu Ipe 22 Anoop Johnson 22 Shawn Mathew 22 Silpa Kuruvilla 23 Renji Puthenpurukal 23 Mammen Thomas 23 Dr. P.T. Mammen 28 Aparajita Bhatnagar 29 Amy Kurian 29 Kenny Mathews 30 Cissy Abraham 31 Libin Kurian 31 Sony Jacob


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is a saying “no need to fear the darkness tomorrow if you are walking in God’s light today”.

Fremont Sacramento

Church Address 418 Junction Ave, Livermore, CA, 94551

S.Vale / S. Clara Youth San Francisco


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P.T Thomas & Rosamma Thomas Boby Alex & Elizabeth Varghese Roby Thomas & Sajini Abraham John Samuel & Dolly Samuel Biju Abraham & Suju Abraham Abuttan Thomas & Shilpa Mohan Mathew P. Samuel & Susan Mathew George Abraham & Julie Abraham Philip Mathew & Mary Abraham Rajiv Kochumman & Tina Mathew Philip Chandy & Renny Chandy Reuben S. John & Sheena Palachuvatil Varghese Chandy & Sheila Chandy Jacob Thomas & Susan Abraham Jacob Mathews & Deepa Mathai Satish Abraham & Anu David Raji Abraham & Ann Thomas Thomas Geevarghese & Aleyamma Thomas Philip Roy & Thankam Roy NEXT PAGE

Joshua 16-21 NIV


Dear All, I greet you all in the name our risen Lord and Jesus Christ. I would like to thank all for attending last month’s services and various activities in our church. During the Lenten season, our church is focused on organizing various events. Prayer Meetings: We are conducting our area prayer meetings once a month and choir is meeting once a month as choir fellowship at the church as well Secretary’s Sevika Sangham is meeting regularly at the church or at various houses. Our Edvaka mission conducted Note fasting prayer on the first Saturday of December. Our Vicar is actively participating and coordinating these meetings regularly. Thank you all for participating in all of the aforementioned activities. Election 2012: On December 4th Sunday after service, we conducted elections for Church office bearers. I sincerely thank you all for attending the General Body Meeting and request all to extend your prayers and support to the newly elected office bearers for 2012. Christmas Carol Service: We conducted the Church Christmas Carol Service on Saturday December 17th and it was a great success. I would like to sincerely thank all of the organizations for participating in the Christmas program as well as a special thanks to Rev. T.K Viji for his leadership and support. Watch Night Service: This year we conducted the Watch Night and New Years service on Saturday, December 31st. Our bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius celebrated the holy communion service. I would like to express our thanks and respect to our beloved Thirumeni for

ACROSS 06. As the Israelites were settled in Canaan, Judah was to remain in its territory on the South and the house of __ in its territory on the North. 10. Joshua belonged to this tribe 12. The one who flee to the refuge city needed to stay there until he was tried before the assembly and until the death of the __ who was serving at that time. 13. The Lord gave Israel all the land He had sworn to their forefathers and gave them __ in the promised land. Not one of the all the Lord's promises to the house of Israel failed 14. After dividing the land, Israelites gave Joshua __ as an inheritance. 15. Elijah's birthplace. 1Kings17:1 Down 01. Ephraimites didn't dislodge the Canaanites living in Gezer. Later king of Egypt captured Gezer, killed its Canaanite inhabitants and gave it as a wedding gift to his daughter, wife of __.1kings9:16 02. How many towns were allotted for the Levites to live in surrounded by the pasture lands for their livestock? 03. The refuge cities were the towns assigned to __. 04. __ refuge cities each were set in the east of Jordan and west of Jordan so that any one who kills a person accidentally may flee there to find protection from the avenger. The refuge city represent Jesus to whom we can flee for our salvation.

his presence and guidance. I would also like to thank all that attended the Watch Night/New Years service to make it a great success. Sevika Sangham: Thank you to all Sevika Sangham members for providing cake after the New Years Service. Special thanks to Maya Mathews for coordinating this effort. After Refreshment Program: I would like to thank all for contributing to the after service refreshment. We need more volunteers and sponsors for this program. When you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries please join at the social hall, pray and celebrate with us. It would be a great blessing to all. H2H Caroling: This year we had an opportunity to visit all houses during the Christmas season. We completed three areas: Sacramento, North Bay and South Bay. Our Achen joined us in the different areas for H2H caroling. I would like to thank all that participated and contributed to this effort. Special thanks to all area coordinators that made this event a success. Sacramento Area Holy Communion Service: On January 1st, our Thirumeni celebrated Holy Communion service in the Sacramento Area. Sincere thanks to all that participated. Special thanks to Mr. P.C. Philip Thanks to Our Guests: Last month, we had a great number of guests attending our services. We would like to sincerely thank each and every one for their participation. 2012 Marthoma Family Conference: Family Conference is July 58 at Virginia. Information flyers are available. Those who would like to participate, registration forms are available. Please pray for the conference. Thanks and regards, John Mathew 05. The tent of meeting was set up at __. Later it was taken from there and Philistines captured it.(1Sam4) 07. The __ in the tribe of Levi received the most towns to live in. 08. __ descendant of Manasseh only had daughters and they received inheritance among their brothers. 09. __ the descendant of Manasseh was the ancestor of the Gileadites. They were great soldiers and they captured Gilead in their conquest 11. The __ inheritance was within the inheritance of Judah.

Church Carol Choir Members with Achen

Photos from Watch Night Service

Newsletter Jan 2012

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