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Mar Thoma Church of San Francisco Bay Area DEC (2011) NEWSLETTER - WWW.MARTHOMASF.ORG Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Again Christmas is coming. After Thanksgiving, most probably in the black Friday, each and every shop, business centers and homes are colorfully lighted to reflect the coming of Christmas. Christmas is the celebration on the hope of the world. From Vicar’s Desk Every where it is colored and lighted, but the situations around us points to the eclipse on our hope. The promise of Christmas but gives new hope, even when our expectations dried up and our hope has been eclipsed. How can we keep our hope alive? It is time to receive the savior of the world. The question is that whether we have any room for God to reborn in us. For God’s irruption into human history through Jesus’ birth, some of the chosen said yes to the God. It paved the path of His intervention into the world. For that hope can we respond with the same Yes to God? Are we waiting for the coming of Messiah’s Kingdom to our life? If the baby born in Bethlehem two millennium ago won’t really make any

Worship Schedule: Dec 04 Malayalam Holy Communion Service. Starts with Praise and Worship at 9:30AM Dec 11 Malayalam Holy Communion Service at 9:30AM Praise and worship will be in between the services Dec 18 English Holy Communion Service 9:30 AM Starts with Praise and Worship. Dec 25 English Holy Communion Service 7:30AM. Praise and Worship will be between the Services.

difference to our lives, our families, our world, then we can’t celebrate the hope of the world. In such a struggling world, where the hope of people are eclipsed and expectations dried up we must have believers like the old ones called Anna and Simeon, who were righteous and devote, worshipping and fasting, prayerfully looking for the redemption of Jerusalem and consolation of the Israel. Then like them and the Shepherds who really celebrated the hope, we can also return to our ordinary lives with hope kindled with Christmas joy in our Hearts and also transformed by the good news of Christmas. We wish all our dear ones the joy and happiness of Christmas. Our Carol service will be on 17th December. Let us share the joy of Christmas through our Carol service and also House to House Carol Rounds. Our Theodosius Thirumeni will be visiting us, at the end of this month. His Lordship will be with us for the Watch Night Service and New Year Holy Qurbana. Let us uphold all these in our prayers. Yours in Christ’s service, ViJiAcHeN


Watch Night Service & Holy Communion Service: December 31st start at 9PM Diocesan Bishop

Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa is celebrating Holy Communion Service on Watch Night Service Day.

Annual General Body Meeting Notice Sunday December 4th after the Service. Election for 2012 Office Bearers. Any Other Matters with the Permission of the Chair

Thanks for God’s Blessings!

Contacts Vicar: Rev. T. K. Viji (925) 556-0301 (Parsonage), (925) 980-9261 (C) Secretary: John Mathew (Mon) (510) 745-0819 (H), (650) 222-9749 (C) Trustee (Cash):Biju Abraham (408) 852-4522 (H), (408) 242-1928 (C) Trustee (Accts): Varghese Chandy (510) 952-9301 (H), (650) 823-7826(C)

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Noel George Zachariah

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S/o Prasad Zachariah & Sherine Sunnyvale

Gen.33:1-17 / 2 Cor. 1:3-11

1 Thes. 3:6-13 / St. Luke. 1:39-45

Bible Sunday

Isa.55:6-13 / Acts. 11:19-26

Heb.4:l-13 / St. Luke. 1:57-66

Birth of John the Baptist

Isa.11:1-10 / 1John.5:1-12

Rom.1:1-16 / St. Mat. 1:18-23

Annunciation to Joseph

Isa. 9:1-8 / Gal. 4:1-7

Heb. 1:1-12 / St. Luke. 2:1-14

Yaldo - Birth of Our Saviour (Feast of Nativity)

Exo. 33:12-23 / Heb. 13:7-21

1Pet. 5:6-11 / St. Luke.12:22-34

Year Ending - (Watch Night Service)


Church Address 418 Junction Ave, Livermore, CA, 94551 Email:

San Ramon San Francisco Central Valley S.Vale / S. Clara San Jose

House to House Carol Schedule Sacramento: Dec 3rd North Bay Fremont: Dec 3rd San Francisco: Dec 4Th San Ramon: Dec 10Th Central Valley: Dec 11th

Photos from Church Convention

South Bay San Jose - Morgan Hill: Dec 3rd Santa Clara/ Milpitas: Dec 4Th Sunnyvale/ Cupertino: Dec 10Th Sunnyvale/ Santa Clara: Dec 11Th

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s & H a p p y N e w Y e a r

Joshua 6-10 NIV


Across 04. People of __ tricked Joshua to make a peace treaty with them to let them live in Canaan. He didn't inquire of the Lord.[Israelites can make peace treaty with the people in far-off citites, not with the people in Canaan.Deut 20:10-15] 05. Achan belonged to the tribe of ___. 06. Achan and all the devoted things that he took was brought in the valley of __ and he was stoned to death. 08. Lord sent __ down on the Amorites who went to fight with the Israelites. 10. Joshua prayed "O Sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon over the valley of __".The sun stopped and delayed going down about a full day so that they got more time to find out and kill their enemies.(Joshua's enthusiasm for the work of the Lord!). When Christ conquered our spiritual enemies(sun went down at noon, brought darkness), he didn't need the sun light . Another miracle about Sun Isa.38:8. The arresting of the sun and moon prefigured the turning of the sun into darkness and the moon into blood in the last and terrible day of the Lord. 11. Joshua conquered the southern part of Canaan from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza in one campaign because the __ fought for Israel. 13. Who did break the oath that Gibeonites made with Joshua? 2Sam 21:1,2 14. Adoni-Zedek King of Jerusalem, probably a descendant from __, joined with other four Amorite kings to attack Gibeon. Gen 14:18 15. How many days later did the Israelites find out that the Hivites were their neighbors? 16. How many times did the priests and the armed men have to march around the city so that the wall of Jericho collapsed? 17. Achor means __. 18. When the Israelites were defeated at Ai the first time because of Achan's sin, Joshua said "The Canaanites and the other people of the country will hear about this and surround us and wipe out our name from the earth". __ also said the same thing when God's anger burned against His people.Ex32:12 19. By __ the wall of Jericho fell, after the people had marched around it for seven days.Heb11:30 Down 01. Israelites destroyed every living thing in Jericho except the family of __ who they allowed to live among them.. 02. Joshua pronounced a solemn oath after destroying Jericho completely "At the cost of his first born son will he lay its foundations; at the cost of his youngest son will he set up his gates". Later Hiel rebuilt Jericho at the cost of his first born son __1king16:34 03. Joshua didn't draw back the hand that held out his __ until he had destroyed all who lived in Ai just like Moses held his hands up until Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword.Ex17:12


16 Thomas Philip

01 Jainy Philipose

16 Lena Mathew

01 Ajay Koshy 01 Anoop Thomas 02 Juvento Varghese 03 Prasad Poozhikalayil 04 Divya Sebu Koleth

16 Anju Geevarghese 17 Sherly Mathew 18 Ligi Samuel

04 Jeslin Jacob

18 Zayne Samuel

04 Rheya Kurian

21 Punnoose John

05 Jordan Mathew 05 Shiny Thankachan 05 Brian Varughese

21 Shiney Mathew 22 Sajini Abraham

06 Sabi Abraham

22 Mathew Thomas

07 Merykutty Varughese

22 Annie Thomas

09 Melanie Zachariah 09 Sherly John 09 Sam Abraham

23 Manoj Abraham 23 Kevin Viji

12 Annamma Varughese

25 Mary Simon

12 Aaron Thomas

25 Mariamma Oonnunny

13 John Mathew 14 Sara Mathew 14 Annie Thomas

25 Biji John 26 Bela Abraham

14 Mary Jacob

27 Tiara Abraham

14 Tareek Thomas

28 Thomas Godfray

15 Sheela Zachariah

28 Sindhu Philip

15 Ivy Kuruvilla 15 Elizabeth Koshy

29 Nina Varghis 30 Nathan Thomas


01 Pothen Joseph & Betcy Joseph

02 Mathew Thomas & Aleyamma Thomas 03 Jose A. Mathai & Daisy Jose 20 Sam Mathew & Shiney Mathew 22 Josie Varughese & Susy Varughese 26 Poozhikalayil Prasad & Sherine Koshy 26 Thomas Alexander & Bindu Alexander 26 George Varghese & Aju Varghese 27 Babu C. Philip & Lilly Philip 27 Kuruvilla Thomas & Lizy Thomas 28 Job Simon & Mary Simon 28 Naveen George & Meena George 30 Mathew Simon & Cissy Abraham 07. Israelites let the Hivites live in the land as __ and water carriers. 09. People of Ai were caught in the middle with __ on both sides. 12. The book of __ was a collection of poetical writings of important events in Israel's history which was gathered in the time of David or Solomon.2Sam1:18 14. The five Amorite kings were hidden in a cave at __.

Dear All, I greet you all in the name our risen Lord and Jesus Christ. I would like to thank all for attending last month’s services and various activities in our church. During the summer season, our church is focused on organizing various events. Prayer Meetings: We are Secretary’s conducting our area prayer meetings once a month and choir is meeting once a Note month as choir fellowship at the church as well Sevkasanghm meeting regularly at the church or at various houses. Our Vicar is actively participating and coordinating those meetings regular. Parish Day: We celebrated the Parish Day on November 13th . Rev. Dr. P. J. Philip, former Vaidika Seminary Principal was the Chief Guest on that Occasion. We conducted a formal Meeting after the Service. Thank you all for attending the Service. Christmas Carol Service & H2H Caroling: Our Church Christmas Carol Service is on Saturday December 17th at 6 PM. Our H2H caroling will start on December 3rd. This year also we are doing in three areas. Sacramento, North Bay & South Bay. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

After Refreshment Program: I would like to thank all for contributing to the after service refreshment. We need more volunteers and sponsors for this program. When you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries please join at the social hall and pray with us, celebrate with us. That will be a great blessing to all. Thanks to Our Guests: Last month, we had a great number of guests attending our services. We would like to sincerely thank each and every one for their participation. One Day Income Offertory: This year we collected our one Day Income Offertory on November 13th . I thank you all for your participation. Those who did not get an opportunity to participate on that day please send your offertory to our trustees. Sevika Sangham: Our Sevikasangham a initiated a can food collection Drive for the needy people in our community. Sincere thanks all Sevika Sangham members for their hard work. 2012 Marthoma Family Conference: Family Conference is July 5-8 at Virginia. Information flyers are available. Those who would like to participate, registration forms are available. Please pray for the conference. Thanks and regards, John Mathew



July 5-8, 2012 @ Virginia

$20 for 2 Yr

For more details, visit:

Carol Service

Dec 17 Saturday 6PM


Fr.MAthew Vellankal

(Holy Spirit Catholic Church)

For Subcription- contact:

Satish David Abraham

MTCSF December Newsletter  

December month Newsletter from Mar Thoma Church Of San Fancisco.

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