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July 2013 Schedule July 4, 2013 – Independence Day Mass – 9:00am July 16, 2013 – The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel July 19th, 20th, and 21st – 5pm – 10pm 82nd Annual Bazaar July 21, 2013 – Procession 12 noon

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER VACATION!!! Upcoming Events Our 82nd annual bazaar is here!!!!! Join us for the best sausage sandwiches anywhere and for lots of fun! July 19th, 20th, and 21st.

DID YOU KNOW…….. YOUCAT Is the cathecism of the Catholic Church for youth. It is written in language that young people can understand. The format is questions and answer. It deals with the entire Catholic Faith as it is presented in the Cathecism of the Catholic Church just not as indepth. There are pictures and definitions meant ot give young people additional help in understanding the text. This book should also be in every household and is great for beginners!

A WORD FROM THE DIRECTOR This week at Mass, I listened to a reading from the book of Genesis. This reading was about two cities named Sodom and Gomorrah. A good man named Lot lived there with his family. The people of these two cities were doing terrible things and sinning against God so He sent two angels to destroy both cities. The angels found Lot and lead him and his family out of the city to safety. The angels told Lot not to look at the cities because of what was about to happen. The Lord rained down sulphurous fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed both cities and all the people. Lot and his family were well out of the city of Sodom when this happened and on their way to a place called Zoar, when Lot’s wife looked back to see what was happening. The moment she looked; she turned to a pillar of salt. She had disobeyed the angels from God. This Bible reading always makes me think of the people of those cities and why God destroyed them. I think about how God must have felt knowing that the people didn’t love Him enough to follow His ways and lead good lives. God was even willing to spare those cities if He could find even a few good people but none lived there. (He did save Lot and his family). I also wonder what the people were doing that was so important that they weren’t willing to stop hurting God. Then I wonder; are we doing things that offend God? Are we willing to give up those things in order to please God and show Him how much we love Him? Why do we make time for everything else in our lives and forget about God? God who has given us everything. All that we have comes from Him and his love for us is so great that we can’t even begin to understand it. God calls us to be holy and not to be influenced by our culture. Sin always has consequences. Are we taking God seriously? Do we love Him enough to live our lives His way? I ask God to bless the United States and keep us always under His protection. Crystal

Family Corner

Summer is famous for hot weather, swimming pools, picnics, and bbq’s. Summer is also the time for Church bazaars. Every Catholic Church has one and this is an activity that screams family fun! As a family, visit the many bazaars in the area. It’s fun for the whole family and it’s a good way to support local parishes.

The Mass Explained The Sign of Peace “My peace I give you” – John 20:19

When the apostles were in the boat and Jesus was sleeping, a storm kicked up and they were afraid. Jesus woke up stood up in the boat and said to the sea, “Peace, Be Still!” and the sea calmed right down. When we shake hands at Mass we are giving each other a little bit of heaven. Pray in your heart that all will know the peace that comes from God’s love. Pray too that all people will know that God is always with them. He wants us to be filled with peace all the time. If something upsets you during the day ask God to fill you with His peace. It’s a special gift He wants to give to everyone.

The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel came from the Order of Carmelites in the twelfth century. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Simon Stock, who was a Carmelite, and gave us the Brown Scapular. (A scapular is a sacramental or religious object that is made up of two pieces of cloth held together with long thin connecting straps. It is worn over the shoulders). The feast celebrates devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Those devoted to her signal that devotion by wearing the brown scapular. According to tradition, those who wear the scapular faithfully throughout their lives will not suffer the pain of hell after death. Mount Carmel is a beautiful mountain in what was known as Palestine and today is called Israel. The prophet Elijah defended the faith in the God of Israel against the priests of Baal. (Baal was a mythical god and people prayed to him to help make their crops grow). We celebrate this feast every year on July 16th.