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Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Historic Catholic Church Serving the community since 1894

AUGUST 18, 2013 Address:

3549 Navajo Street Denver, CO 80211 Phone: (303) 455-0447 Fax: (303) 455-5487 Parish Hall: (303) 433-1049 E-mail: Website: Pastoral Staff Rev. Hugh M. Guentner, OSM Pastor Crystal Peccia Religious Education Shaun Steavenson Minister of Music

Denise Walton Bill Coffey Barbara Iacovetta Steve Luciano

Support Staff Business Manager Facilities Manager Secretary/Bulletin Sacristan

In Residence Rev. Gabriel M. Weber, OSM Rev. Gabriel M. Ramacciotti, OSM Rev. Mark M. Franceschini, OSM WORSHIP SCHEDULE SATURDAY: 4:00 PM ANTICIPATED MASS SUNDAY: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, and 11:00 AM MON.-FRI.: 7:30 AM SATURDAY: 8:00 AM

VISION STATEMENT It is our vision at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, a Catholic Community, led by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim and live the Gospel. We accomplish this through our shared Baptism, celebrations of the sacraments, prayer, hospitality and service to others. Visitors and New Parishioners, WELCOME! If you came as a visitor and would like to join Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, please return the information below by dropping it in the offertory basket. Full Name:_______________________________ Address:________________________________ City:____________________ Zip____________ E-mail:__________________________________ ..

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OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Food for Faith Living from the desk of Fr. Mark Perseverance in living our faith is the key message of today’s readings. They express the challenges faced and the price paid for remaining faithful to God’s truth in the face of opposition in today’s world, and our own society, provide ample proof that doing what God asks contains rejection, ridicule and disapproval at times. The readings provide us with outstanding examples of a living faith. We easily absolve ourselves from the meaning of the message because we do not deem ourselves to be of a caliber of a prophet, and apostle and, above all, of the Son of God! In truth, our normal, daily lives will not present the difficulties which Jeremiah, Paul and Jesus faced. They will present us with regular occasions where standing up for God’s truth and voicing disapproval of the violence in daily life enter into the state, community, neighborhood or church where we live. Jeremiah was a spokesperson (prophet) for God and suffered a great deal for doing so as the first reading tells us. He complained to God about how he was treated, yet came to trust in God being there to help him endure and survive. A closer look at our own lives may trigger a remembrance of God pulling us through when all seemed hopeless. St. Paul simply accepts the fact life is hard and living one’s faith isn’t easy. He reminds us of what Jesus endured for our sakes. To deal with all of life’s difficulties, Paul encourages us to focus on Jesus and we will be strengthened and prevail. Today’s Gospel sounds unreal. Jesus says He didn’t come for peace, but division! He has faced opposition and realizes what awaits Him in Jerusalem, so He is honest in saying that one who trusts in God and is faithful to God’s truth and love will face opposition, rejection and ridicule, even from family, relatives and friends. Standing up for God’s truth embarrasses and threatens any and all who shirk or deny God’s truth. Division is the result, yet lasting peace and joy do come within because a person realizes God’s presence. The true example of faithfulness, Mary, Mother of Jesus, is our model. WE celebrate the feast of her Assumption to heaven (August 15th). Let us be true to our “Yes” to God, life, each other and all others.

Weekly Offering

August 10 & 11 = $4,140.00

DENVER, COLORADO MASS SCHEDULE Saturday, August 17- Anticipated Sunday Mass 4:00 pm- +Eleanor Olquin/Sarah Gallegos Sunday, August 18 - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:00 am- +Alex A. Iacovetta/Peccia Family 9:00 am- +Frank Elliot/Josephine Haas 11:00 am- Our Parishioners Monday, August 19 7:30 am- +Michael Brancucci/Joan & Marie Brancucci Tuesday, August 20 7:30 am- +JoAnne Piccolo/Jeanette Talarico Wednesday, August 21 7:30 am- +Alex A. Iacovetta/Jeanette Talarico Thursday, August 22 7:30 am- +Theresa Dalla/Melvina Bevsek Friday, August 23 7:30 am- +Giovanni D’Adamio/Nick & Debra Saturday, August 24 8:00 am- +Nick Garamone/Steve & Mary Lou Luciano 4:00 pm- +Phyllis Palizzi/Steve & Mary Lou Luciano Sunday, August 15 - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:00 am- +Anthony & Wilma Elliott/Buddy, Donna & Family 9:00 am- +Mary & William Elliott/Elaine Gerk 11:00 am- Our Parishioners SICK LIST

At the beginning of each month, we remove names from the Sick List. If you wish to remain on the list, please notified us.

*Paula ‘Seno’ Lyon*Rodney Rodriguez*Donna Salazar *Helen Philips*Jeremiah Valdez*Donna Valdez *Clyde Gray*SteveZipperle*LouisGarramone*Julie ‘Figliolino’ Burcar*John Porreca*Yolanda Sanza *Gabriella Loya*Steve Luciano*Gerri ‘Petrocco’’ Pluemer*Nina Lombardi*Helen Fiorella*Bonnie Elliott *Dane Ortega*Millie Zalengo*Firemen*Police *Military Personnel

Prima Domenica

Mass is celebrated in Italian the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 am. A Reception is celebrated in the Parish Hall after the Mass. BAPTISMS 2013 Baptisms are scheduled quarterly on the following Sundays at 12 Noon: October 13th. Baptismal class is mandatory. You must make arrangements with the priest first. Classes are on the Thursday, October 10th at 7:00 pm in the Parish Office. MARRIAGE A wedding may be scheduled after a consultation

with a priest or deacon. Please call the rectory for an appointment. Please notice preparation is eight months to a year. RECONCILIATION Saturday: 3:30-4:00 pm or by appointment with Confessor. ANOINTING OF THE SICK Upon request. Please call the rectory. FUNERALS Please call the office before arrangements are made. ..

Archdiocese of Denver Website:

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 11:00 am Mass to honor St. Rocco A procession after the Mass MONDAY, AUGUST 19 2:00 pm - STVDP Soc. Mtg. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 9:00 am-3:00 pm Annual Pilgrimage, please call the office if you are interested. 6:30 pm - Choir Practice

ACA We pray Lord that our desire to evangelize the faith will be evident in our sacrificial response to the 2013 Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal. Lord we Pray: May the Year of Faith be an opportunity for Catholics to renew their baptismal vocation and grow in zeal to share the gospel with others.

ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE DAY: Wed., Aug. 21st, 9 am - 3 pm; we are encouraged to

visit local pilgrimage churches during this Year of Faith. We will be visiting the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Spirit of Christ Catholic Church & Mother Cabrini Shrine. Interested? Please call the office. BLACK HAWK TRIP The bus leaves the parking lot at 10:00 am and returns at 4:00 pm THURSDAY, AUGUST 22 on Tuesday, August 27th. Please contact Irene Fanning, (303-455-3317), Ange Main (303 Feast of the Queenship of the -993-7384) or Lucille Zupancic (303-986-6005) to reserve your seat. MUSIC & ORGAN RECITAL FOLLOWED BY AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL Blessed Virgin Mary 6:30 - 8:00 pm - R. E. in hall Sun., Aug. 25th, join with us in a musical recital by various musicians in the Church. An ice cream social will follow the recital. We are looking forward to seeing you. FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 RCIA Welcome Night - Thurs., Aug. 29th, at 7:30 pm in the parish office for those who would like to know more about the Catholic religion, become a Catholic or those who are Feast of the Servite Saint seeking the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. Philip Benizi RESPECT LIFE May those who speak out for the unborn do so with courage and 7:30 am Mass with the faith. Servite Secular Order STVP Financial report for the month of July SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 Receipts include: Parish Offering - $404, Metro Council Hosing Refund - $76, for a total of - $480. Deposits were low as all were busy with the bazaar but it was a fruitful month. Feast of the apostle Expenses include: Xcel - $574.29, Rent - $340 and Motel - $159.97 for a total of St. Bartholomew $1,074.26. In addition, we secured $3,280.19 in EOC funds for five families. By their fruits you will know them. - - Matthew 7:20 Ministry Fair after A SPECIAL ‘THANK YOU’ I WISH TO THANK YOU, Fr. Hugh and all of the 4:00 pm Mass parishioners who have prayed for me the ‘past year’. After a year of surgery and shots for my eyes, my doctor says I am recuperating. I would appreciate it if you would keep me in SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 -Carmella ‘Millie’ Zarlengo Ministry Fair after all Masses your prayers and may God bless you all. 3:00 pm - Church Organ 2013 FINANCIAL BAZAAR RESULTS COMMUNITY NEWS Recital Quarterly Bereavement Education - August INCOME: 4:00 pm - Ice Cream Social 2013 The class takes place at the Gardens of Booth Income $116,941.90 St. Elizabeth at 1-2:30 pm, at St. Anthony Grand Raffle $ 40,000.00 Hospital at 4-5:30 pm or at Porter Adventist REST IN PEACE TV Raffle $ 2,525.00 Hospital at 7-8:30 pm on Wed., Aug. 21, KATHERINE (Carroll) To learn more e-mail Mary Jo Baker at A & R Raffle $ 1,487.00 2013. COMPTON or Sarah Heil at Bingo $ 2,663.70 or call 303-561-5100. HELEN (Ruscio) FIORELLA Pull Tabs/Pickles $ 2,683.75 Canonization of Popes John Paul II & John MARYANN (DeCamillis) Sun., Nov. 24th or Sun., Dec. 8th. FAILING Rides/Games $ 4,777.00 XXIII Call The Catholic Tour LLC at 216-751-8301 Banners $ 750.00 or e-mail OLMC Statue $ 290.00 Catholic Pilgrimages to Rome, The Holy in the Steps of Paul in Greece & Total Income $172,118.65 Land, Turkey, the Marian Shrines of Fatima and Less Expenses - $ 76,477.63 Lourdes, Ireland, Poland and Eastern Europe, more. Call toll-free at 1-800-288-2688 NET INCOME $ 95,641.02 and for more info. Needed St. Mary Catholic Parish, Adjusted Net Income 2012 -$ 89,704.14 Musician Littleton, CO Please submit your information to Dr. Marcia Marchesi, Music Director no later than Tues., Aug. 20th. E-mail or call 303-798-8507 for more info. “Here’s to books, the Blue Mass Sat., Sept. 7th, at 4:30 pm at the Cathedral Basiclia, 1530 Logan. Contact cheapest vacation you can John Miller (303-715-3156) or e-mail buy.” -Charlaine Harris john. for more info. ..