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Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Historic Catholic Church Serving the community since 1894

JUNE 2, 2013 Address:

3549 Navajo Street Denver, CO 80211 Phone: (303) 455-0447 Fax: (303) 455-5487 Parish Hall: (303) 433-1049 E-mail: Website: Pastoral Staff Rev. Hugh M. Guentner, OSM Pastor Crystal Peccia Religious Education Shaun Steavenson Minister of Music

Denise Walton Bill Coffey Barbara Iacovetta Steve Luciano

Support Staff Business Manager Facilities Manager Secretary/Bulletin Sacristan

In Residence Rev. Gabriel M. Weber, OSM Rev. Gabriel M. Ramacciotti, OSM Rev. Mark M. Franceschini, OSM WORSHIP SCHEDULE SATURDAY: 4:00 PM ANTICIPATED MASS SUNDAY: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, and 11:00 AM MON.-FRI.: 7:30 AM SATURDAY: 8:00 AM

VISION STATEMENT It is our vision at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, a Catholic Community, led by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim and live the Gospel. We accomplish this through our shared Baptism, celebrations of the sacraments, prayer, hospitality and service to others. Visitors and New Parishioners, WELCOME! If you came as a visitor and would like to join Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, please return the information below by dropping it in the offertory basket. Full Name:_______________________________ Address:________________________________ City:____________________ Zip____________ E-mail:__________________________________ ..

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OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Food For Faith Living from the desk of Fr. Mark The mystery of the Cross edifies and humbles us beyond words or response we desire to make in gratitude. It prompts us to live this powerful truth given to the human family: it is the Cross which sets us free and is our victory over death! We can’t comprehend this, but we can be convinced and energized to make it the source of our meaning, purpose and fulfillment! It is how and when we truly live as God’s daughters and sons participating in the building of the kingdom! At the Last Supper, Jesus says: “Do this in remembrance of Me.” St. Paul (2nd reading) tells us, “as often as you eat this Bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until He comes.” Sadly , many people take this literally and convince themselves that worship and prayer is all there is to our relationship with God. Yes, it is easy to single out a statement or event and make it sum up the full meaning of God in our lives. With such certitude, the slope down to self-righteousness becomes slippery. This is a chronic problem found in all religions wherein they justify their stance as the true and only one. Wars have been fought and unending violence continues today because of the moral rectitude people use. Always, our hearts are called to sincerity and being open to the promptings of the Spirit. Each generation has benefitted from all the wisdom collected through the ages of each generation preceding our own. We add to the wisdom by the new insights and clarity as we discover better applications of God’s truths in our lives, thus expanding and deepening the ways we are able to express the essence of God’s love through our capacity to love. This is how the human family develops, becoming ever more human with each breakthrough over ignorance, fear, righteousness, arrogance and power. This is how God’s kingdom continues to be built by every person who lives what they believe, as inspired by God’s Spirit. The process is slow, but many forms of slavery are gone, the equality, dignity and respect for women slowly overcomes their being treated as property, chattel and the many violations of their sacredness. Human rights expand as each form of injustice, intolerance, bigotry, discrimination and hate succumbs to integrity, honor, truth and compassion. This and much more, is what Jesus meant by inviting us to “follow Me” by taking up our cross of love. It is in this that we remember Him and celebrate the remembrance by sharing His Body and Blood at Eucharist today and always!

Weekly Offering May 25 & 26 = $3,574.00


Saturday, June 1 - Anticipated Sunday Mass 4:00 pm-+Dorothy & Christopher Gonzales/Zeke & Mary Lou Sunday, June 2 - MOST HOLY BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS 7:00 am-+Deceased of the Westendorf Family/ Saulino Family 9:00 am-PRIMA DOMENICA/Our Parishioners 11:00 am-+Louis Rizzo/Rizzo Family Monday, June 3 7:30 am-+James Stephens/Mom & Dad Tuesday, June 4 7:30 am-+Ange & Mike Laureta/Rich & Phyllis Laureta Wednesday, June 5 7:30 am-+Christina LaGuardia/Louis Caruso Family Thursday, June 6 7:30 am-+Thomas J. Scardina/Larry & Sharyn Griffith Friday, June 7 - Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 7:30 am-Memorial Shrine Members & All Soul’s Remembrance Saturday, June 8 - Immaculate Heart of Mary 8:00 am-+Ventura & Louise Smaldone/Mike 4:00 pm-+Louis Camacho, III/Camacho Family Sunday, June 9 - Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:00 am-Our Parishioners 9:00 am-+Mary Smaldone/Mike 11:00 am-In Honor of St. Anthony of Padua/ Society of St. Anthony SICK LIST

*Paula ‘Seno’ Lyon*Cheryl Carlson*Leonard Piccolo*Adilynn *Katherine Thomasson*Mary & Dwain Spreier & Family*Helen Philips *Tammy Pullano*Cynthia Falbo*Myrtle & Frank Amato*Lela Casa *Jerry Canzona*Sandy Moses*Cris Brumaugh*Rosemary Zamboni *Steve Zipperle*John Winczewski*Don Hendricks *Millie Zarlengo *Cynthia Ramirez*Linda Marinaro*Margie Lee*Meta Schneringer *Brandy Peonio*Jay Kettleson*James & Kacie Condon*Nick Panzini *Paula Sabell*Louis Garramone*Bob Seno*Jim Scalmanini *Julie ‘Figliolino’ Burkhart*Nina Lombardi*Firemen*Police *Military Personnel

Prima Domenica Mass is celebrated in Italian the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 am. A Cultural Reception is celebrated in the Parish Hall after the Mass. BAPTISMS 2013 Baptisms are scheduled quarterly on the following Sundays at 12 Noon: July 14th, October 13th. Baptismal class is mandatory. You must make arrangements with the priest first. Classes are on the Thursday, July 11th, October 10th at 7:00 pm in the Parish Office. MARRIAGE A wedding may be scheduled after a consultation with a priest or deacon. Please call the rectory for an appointment. Please notice preparation is eight months to a year. RECONCILIATION Saturday: 3:30-4:00 pm or by appointment with Confessor. ANOINTING OF THE SICK Upon request. Please call the rectory. FUNERALS Please call the office before arrangements are made. ..

Archdiocese of Denver Website:


Reception & entertainment sponsored by the Men’s Club MONDAY, JUNE 3 7:00 pm - Alumni Meeting TUESDAY, JUNE 4 4:00 pm - Prayer Group (use northside door) 6:30 pm - Men’s Club Mtg. THURSDAY, JUNE 6 6-7:00 pm - R. E. Teacher’s Meeting in the office FRIDAY, JUNE 7 Most Sacred Heart of Jesus SATURDAY, JUNE 8 Immaculate Heart of Mary 8:00 am - St. Peregrine Healing Mass SUNDAY, JUNE 9 9:00 am - Altar & Rosary Corporate Communion & Election Meeting 11:00 am - Mass in Honor of St. Anthony 1-4:00 pm - Kite Day at Mother Cabrini Shrine REST IN PEACE PAULINE ‘LABIOLA’ HORST, (sister of Rosemary Palmeri)

Please return your Father’s Day Envelope (stapled to last week’s bulletin) by June 9th.  There will be a special Holy Hour for the Year of Faith at the Cathedral, 15th & Logan, Denver, at 3 pm on the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus, Sun., June 2nd. This will coincide with the Holy Hour of the Holy Father, Pope Francis I, in Rome. 

Lord We Pray: For the Holy Father, Pope Francis I, and for all Bishops, may God give them the grace and wisdom to touch the lives and hearts of many during this Year of Faith.

ACA(Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal) May the Lord bless those who have donated to the 2013 Appeal and may He enlighten all families to support the Appeal for the benefit of others.


There will be a Mass on Sunday, June 9th, at 9:00 am. We will meet in the Hall after Mass for a meal and a meeting.


There is a Kite Day and Picnic at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden on Sunday, June 9th, from 1-4:00 pm. Kites are provided along with hot dogs & refreshments for the picnic. There will be a marathon up the steps to the statue of Jesus. Anyone who makes it up the hill will earn a medal. Join us for a grand time! (See the web -site for more info.)


We will be giving out the Silver Cross Award at the Prima Domenica reception. Please join us for live entertainment, food, the award ceremony and lots of fun.


Lord we pray for all who hold political power, may they use their power to protect the dependent and defenseless.

Dante Alighieri Golf Tournament to be held at Indian Tree Golf Course on Saturday, Sept. 14th. Call Deacon John at 303-522-6158 for more information.

Teachers, Parents, Catechists, Catholics Knowing & Sharing the Faith in the Modern World, a special lecture with Augustine Institute Academic Dean, Dr. Michel Therrien, will be held on Thursday, June 13th at 7:00 pm. (Augustine Institute Campus, 6160 S. Syracuse Way, Greenwood Village, CO) Senior Olympians Fri., June 14th, 9:00 am to Noon at the Eisenhower Recreation Center, 4300 E. Dartmouth Ave, Denver. RSVP by calling 720-944-2016 or emailing (learn about a variety of aging services, planning for the future, your assets) Fraud Alert Auto Dent-Repair Scammers are targeting victims in parking lots. Call the Denver DA’s Fraud Line: 720-913-9179 or follow us on Twitter@DenverScamAlert. Vocations Walk Saturday, June 8, 10:00 am –2:00 pmat St. Thomas More, 8035 S. Quebec St., Centennial, CO. RSVP at or call 303-282-3429 for more information. Local Bazaars St. Catherine of Sienna, 4200 Federal Blvd., Denver, May 31, June 1 & 2. Immaculate Heart of Mary

“Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer.” - Ronald Reagan ..