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Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Historic Catholic Church Serving the community since 1894

MAY 19, 2013 Address:

3549 Navajo Street Denver, CO 80211 Phone: (303) 455-0447 Fax: (303) 455-5487 Parish Hall: (303) 433-1049 E-mail: Website: Pastoral Staff Rev. Hugh M. Guentner, OSM Pastor Crystal Peccia Religious Education Shaun Steavenson Minister of Music

Denise Walton Bill Coffey Barbara Iacovetta Steve Luciano

Support Staff Business Manager Facilities Manager Secretary/Bulletin Sacristan

In Residence Rev. Gabriel M. Weber, OSM Rev. Gabriel M. Ramacciotti, OSM Rev. Mark M. Franceschini, OSM


VISION STATEMENT It is our vision at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, a Catholic Community, led by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim and live the Gospel. We accomplish this through our shared Baptism, celebrations of the sacraments, prayer, hospitality and service to others. Visitors and New Parishioners, WELCOME! If you came as a visitor and would like to join Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, please return the information below by dropping it in the offertory basket. Full Name:_______________________________ Address:________________________________ City:____________________ Zip____________ E-mail:__________________________________ ..

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OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Food For Faith Living from the desk of Fr. Mark God’s relationship with humanity stretches from the creation to the end of time. Every generation has hungered for more clarity, depth and expression of what it means to believe. The wide variety of readings for Pentecost display this. The pre-historical chapters of Genesis (Abraham is 1st historical person) present magnificent stories seeking to explain how this happened., The tower of Babel (1st reading) is one of the four “sin stories” as many languages separate peoples from each other and God. Another reading (Exodus) depicts God telling Moses what God intends for and expects from the people. They enter into the Covenant proclaiming: “Everything God has said, we will do.” This is short lived. The faithlessness of people is recorded many times over in the Bible, ever showing God’s faithfulness throughout history leading up to God joining us on earth. In Joel, the sweeping promise “I will pour out My Spirit upon all peoples” points to today’s feast. In Acts (1st reading) the confusion of Babel is reversed: people speaking different languages understand each other! As “the people hear the mighty works of God!” The Gospel sums up the meaning of the gift of the Spirit to all of us. Jesus says: “The Holy Spirit will teach you everything and remind you of all I tell you.” These wonderful words are understood by people of faith. The process of believing is the same today as in ancient days. Still, the problem remains. God respects us by giving us the freedom to decide. This profound truth is the power of love: it neither coerces nor threatens; it invites. Human history, our personal lives, confirm this each time we need to pray, “Lord, forgive me, a sinner.” When the Apostles received the Spirit, they go forth unafraid, their lives changed. It changed Paul from persecutor to proclaimer. Today (2nd reading) he says; “No one can say Jesus is Lord, except thru the Holy Spirit.” This is true for us. Unique as each one of us is, living the Spirit.” we are the one, living Body of Christ! We are a new creation! We have not received a spirit of slavery, but of freedom, to call God, our Father!” Good News indeed.

Weekly Offering

May 11 & 12th = $3,778.00

The Catholic Communication Campaign and Catholic University of America Collections will be taken up this weekend after Communion. Please be as generous as always and keep these organizations in your prayers, so that we may spread the word of God throughout the world.


Saturday, May 18 - Anticipated Sunday Mass 4:00 pm-+Gregory Martinez/Martinez Family Sunday, May 19 - PENTECOST 7:00 am-Our Parishioners 9:00 am-+Dave Piccolo/Len Piccolo & Family 11:00 am-+Nick DiGiacomo/Family Monday, May 20 7:30 am-+Marie Cominiello/Henry Cominiello Tuesday, May 21 7:30 am-+Nick & Olga Aeillo/Royallene Prescott Wednesday, May 22 7:30 am-Thanksgiving/Mike Thursday, May 23 7:30 am-+Dolores Hunt/Lilli DiPentino Friday, May 24 7:30 am-+Annette Piccolo/Elaine Gerk Saturday, May 25 8:00 am-+Dolores Hunt/Lucille Acierno 4:00 pm-+Dolores Hunt/Kathy, Rick & Gina Martinelli Sunday, May 26 - THE MOST HOLY TRINITY 7:00 am-+Doug Wilder/Linda Wilder 9:00 am-+Marian, Anthony, Joseph & Donald Elliott/Frank & Kathy Elliott 11:00 am-Special Intention for Omar Robles/Fran & Larry Daly REST IN PEACE

Jean Scalmanini

Vivian ‘Fiorella’ Tiquet SICK LIST

Paula ‘Seno’ Lyon*Cheryl Carlson*Leonard Piccolo*Adilynn *Katherine Thomasson*Mary & Dwain Spreier & Family*Helen Philips *Katie Gallegos*Tammy Pullano*Cynthia Falbo*Myrtle & Frank Amato *Lela Casa*Jerry Canzona*Sandy Moses*Cris Brumaugh *Rosemary Zamboni*Steve Zipperle*John Winczewski*Don Hendricks *Millie Zarlengo*Cynthia Ramirez*Linda Marinaro*Margie Lee *Meta Schneringer*Rodney Rodriguez*Brandy Peonio *Jay Kettleson*James & Kacie Condon*Nick Panzini *Rod Rodriguez*Paula Sabell*Louis Garramone*Bob Seno *Jim Scalmanini*Firemen*Police*Military Personnel

Prima Domenica Mass is celebrated in Italian the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 am. A Cultural Reception is celebrated in the Parish Hall after the Mass. BAPTISMS 2013 Baptisms are scheduled quarterly on the following Sundays at 12 Noon: July 14, October 13th. Baptismal class is mandatory. You must make arrangements with the priest first. Classes are on the Thursday, July 11th, October 10th at 7:00 pm in the Parish Office. MARRIAGE A wedding may be scheduled after a consultation with a priest or deacon. Please call the rectory for an appointment. Please notice preparation is eight months to a year. RECONCILIATION Saturday: 3:30-4:00 pm or by appointment with Confessor. ANOINTING OF THE SICK Upon request. Please call the rectory. FUNERALS Please call the office before arrangements are made. ..

John Mazzulla

Archdiocese of Denver Website:

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS SUNDAY, MAY 19 PENTECOST MONDAY, MAY 20 2:00 pm - STVP Meeting TUESDAY, MAY 21 4:00 pm - Prayer Group (use northside door) WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 7:00 pm - Bazaar Meeting THURSDAY, MAY 23 6:30 pm - RCIA Mass 7:00 pm - Pot Luck SUNDAY, MAY 26 MOST HOLY TRINITY MONDAY, MAY 27 MEMORIAL DAY ACA (Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal) Let us recognize the innumerable gifts our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us and choose to share a portion of them with our brothers and sisters in Christ through a gift to the 2013 Catholic Appeal.

Last weekend at the 4:00 pm Mass, we celebrated the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. Those who received the Body & Blood of Christ were Jordan Andurlakis, Natalie Dominguez, Grace Fenstermacher & Sophia Ramirez. We also had our May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Natalie Dominguez crowned the statue, Sophia Ramirez, presented the corsage, Jordan Andurlakis carried the pillow, and Grace Fenstermacher carried the bouquet. Congratulations to these children and may our Lord, Jesus, help you throughout your lives. We also congratulate, Ashley Doud (Religious Ed student) & Daniel Vigil (Adult), who received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Mass at 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 9th. The celebration was led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila. As you know we hosted the Confirmandi from Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Welby. May the Holy Spirit keep all of those Confirmed in his special love and may they all be soldiers for the Faith. Lord we Pray: That our faith may be evident as we seek to reach out to the poor and needy. ALTAR & ROSARY The next Black Hawk Trip is on Tuesday, May 28th, please call Irene Fanning, (303-455-3317), Ange Main (303-424-1998) or Lucille Zupancic (303-986-6005) if you are interested in reserving your spot. RESPECT LIFE for those suffering the after-effects of abortion, may they know the healing power and the mercy of God. STVP -the Largest Catholic Lay Organization in the world! Come Join US! Our Report to the Parish for the month of April: Receipts: Expenditures: $1,075 from the parish collection $ 932.80 for rent 66 from the Lenten soup 234.00 for Xcel 100 from a parent seeking help for a daughter 40.00 for RTD coupons $1, 241 Total 18.40 for postage $1,225.80 Total Rental assistance was given to the daughter from the parent making a donation. He is an elderly member of an out-of-state SVdP conference & needed on-hands reassurance.

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School Mrs. Kathy Byrnes is moving to St. Louis Catholic School in Louisville in the fall. We are having a ‘Farewell Party for Mrs. Byrnes” on Sat., June 1st, at 44th & Field from 4 - 8 pm. A-M bring a main dish to serve 10, N-Z Mary, bring a side dish to serve 10. Paper products, drinks & dessert will be provided. Queen of Celebrate the 95th year of Service with the Little Sisters of the Poor Sat., June 8th, from 6:30 to 10 pm at Denver’s new History Colorado Center, 1200 Broadway. Call us at the Most 303-433-7221 ext, 127 for more information. Holy Catholic Young Adult Sports Check out our Volleyball Nights! Call Paul (720-9889632 or go online: Rosary, Today we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost – the sending of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, pray for the Comforter to come and dwell in us, God’s children. Open your heart wide and invite us. the Holy Spirit in to dive even deeper into your relationship with your spouse & with God. “History is written by the Sign up today for the next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. They are: ·June 21-23, Red Lion Hotel Denver ·August 2-4, Red Lion Hotel Denver winners.” ·November 8-10, location TBD. For more info, visit -Alex Haley Questions? Call Gary or Brenda Granger 303.604.6202. ..

May 19, 2013  

Bulletin for Our Lady of Mount CarmelCatholic Church in Denver, CO.

May 19, 2013  

Bulletin for Our Lady of Mount CarmelCatholic Church in Denver, CO.