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issue no. 1 Mt. Baker Imaging/Northwest Radiologists employee newsletter

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DEPARTMENT NEWS MBI celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month with the 8th Annual Mammogram Party!


ANNOUNCEMENTS Find out who added a baby, a spouse or a fiance to their lives!


NEW EMPLOYEES Who’s new to MBI/NWR? Find out here!


MBI MUSICIANS David Alex, Dr. Jensen and Justin Cook express their talents through music.


Message from Admin


elcome to the first addition of our company’s newsletter! Throughout the years, as MBI/NWR has grown, it has occasionally been suggested that some form of “company bulletin” or “newsletter” should be introduced. It could be informative and fun. The idea would always get a fair bit of traction and generate some degree of excitement but it would inevitably die in the exact same spot each time it was discussed; Who would do the work? After all, we all have jobs - and if this was going to be done right, it would require a fair degree of time (after hours), some formal training and know-how, and a heck of a lot of patience and follow-through. Enter Belinda Botzong and Carly Stratton (formerly Carly La Plant). Belinda’s ideas, combined with Carly’s expertise and education in publishing, have provided the framework with which we can finally produce a company-wide newsletter. The first one is always the hardest, but as we get our feet

underneath us on this effort, we anticipate that this will become a very fun and informative communication tool that our organization can look forward to. Join us in thanking Belinda and Carly for their effort and congratulating them on a job very well done! Our leadership team would also like to take this opportunity to express our heart-felt, “Thank You!” to all of the employees of Northwest Radiologists and Mt. Baker Imaging. The last couple of years have seen some difficult challenges but, together, we have met these and are coming out of it stronger and leaner. Although challenges may lie ahead, we are confident that the staff, management and ownership of this company will work cooperatively together to successfully navigate and weather any storm. Keep up the great work! Executive Administration


8th Annual Mammogram Party The ladies in Mammography know how to throw a party! Each October, they spend one day providing walk-in mammograms for women in the community. Kafe 104.1 broadcasts live and vendors fill up the Northwest conference room selling their goodies. Proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

department news

Thanks to the WDC for your hard work and dedication to patient care. This year’s party was a success!

123 56 40 100

total mammograms

walk-in mammograms pink hair extensions goodie bags handed out

MBI relocates to Peace Island Medical Center Mt. Baker Imaging’s suite in Friday Harbor, WA has moved to the new Peace Island Medical Center! Once a week, MBI provides mammograms for Friday Harbor residents. Pictured bottom left, MBI’s new exam room. Pictured bottom right, one of Peace Island’s corridors displays paintings of Friday Harbor’s medical history.

3 department news

Two additions to MRI Team Amber Manz Amber has been an MBI employee for five years. She started out several years before that as an aide in the X-Ray department, left the company to complete her training as a Radiologic Technologist, and returned to work in the X-Ray department 5 years ago. After a stint as Clinical Analyst extraordinaire, Amber was

Amber Manz RT (R) (MR)

selected in August 2011 as an apprentice in the MRI department. Amber put in a lot of hours studying and learning the art and science of imaging with a big magnet and making noise with radio frequencies! She has excelled in patient care while going through a very rigorous training program. The MRI Department is proud to announce that on July 26, 2012, Amber passed the ARRT registry in Magnetic Resonance Imaging! Amber is an excellent addition to the MRI team, rotating to all of our sites and learning more all the time. Congratulations, Amber!

Kristen Schimshal

Kristen Schimshal RT (R) (MR)


Kristen Schimshal joined MBI as a Radiographer fresh out of school in December 2010. When an opening came up nine months later for an MRI apprentice, Kristen was selected as the candidate and has worked hard to learn the physics

and patient care skills needed to be an MRI Technologist. Kristen finished her apprenticeship in less than 10 months and joined the MRI department as a fullfledged technologist and the fifth successful apprentice. The MRI team is proud of Kristen’s accomplishment and happy to have her working with them. Kristen works half-time in the MRI department and half-time in the Xray department. Congratulations, Kristen!

Lauren Frank, new MRI Intern

auren worked at MBI’s Squalicum location as an X-Ray student through BTC. She was hired on during the spring before graduating from the program. After ten months at MBI, Lauren was selected to be a Mammography department apprentice. She spent seven months learning the skills and science of Mammography, and passed her registry to become an official Mammographer this August. Lauren recently became the sixth MRI Intern. She is excited for the challenge and has enjoyed getting to know technologists from various departments. Congratulations, Lauren!

Kim Lockwood

and her husband, Danny, added Amelia to their family on July 6. Welcome, Amelia!

Danzelle Ednalino

(formerly Garcia) was married on September 8 in Everett. She and Royce honeymooned in the Bahamas!

Madison Debruin

is now Mrs. Soto! She and Greg were married on September 29 in Sumas.

ANNOUNCEMENTS! Congratulations to Mt. Baker Imaging and Northwest Radiologists employees who have exciting news to share!

Teal Large

is engaged! She plans to marry her best friend, Michael Robinson, on December 27, 2012.

Mel Custer

will soon be Mel Spinks! She and her fiance are getting married on January 1, 2013.

Carly La Plant

is now Carly Stratton! She got married on October 6 in Ephrata, WA. She and Zach honeymooned in Maui!

Nancy Danke

had Vincent Michael Danke on Septmeber 6. Baby Vince joins his 2 year-old brother, Jackson.


Jessica Edwards finishes first Triathalon


nspired by her sister, Sarah, who completed the Danskin Triathalon last year, Jessica Edwards (CT Aide) set out to join the race in 2012. “I was so inspired by her accomplishment,” Jessica said.

employee news

The Danskin Triathalon is a women-only event that features 1/2 mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride and a 5K run. Jessica began training this spring. To prepare, she took lunch breaks at the Bellingham Athletic club, using their pool to practice the swimming portion of the race. Through a certified fitness trainer, she received a fitness plan which included lots of biking and running. Jessica also played soccer twice a week. Every Saturday, she did her “BRICKs” (Acronym for “Bike, Run, Ick”) and tried to take additional bike rides on some weeknights. “I had a awesome support group in my sister, Sarah, my husband Jon, my soccer teammates and my Cordata team. Encouraging me and telling me that I can do it when I didn’t think I could,” she said. Jessica’s first triathalon was a success. “It was so inspiring to see all of these women pushing themselves to complete such a HUGE accomplishment. I loved training and focusing on completing this event. It motivated me to get more fit and enjoy a awesome new hobby. Also, training and completing it alongside my sister was awesome!”

Joel Blackburn completes Seattle-Portland bike ride


oel Blackburn, MRI technologist at Squalicum and Birchwood has been with MBI for over 5 years. He started as an Xray tech and was the second MRI apprentice in 2008. Joel is a running and biking enthusiast, completing his first half-marathon earlier this year. On July 14, Joel completed his 4th Seattle-Portland bike ride! This year was particularly important for Joel's participation as he joined the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation team in honor of his father-in-law, who passed away earlier this year from Parkinson's. Joel was able to raise $1000 in sponsorship for this ride. His photo was featured on the Northwest Par-

kinsons's Foundation website: Congratulations on your accomplishments, Joel!

Welcome to the team! Meet our newest employees, hired within the last six months!

Not pictured: Jasvin Singh (per diem US tech) and Wendy Wilkins-Russell (Revenue Cycle Director)

Jessica Ivary

SIC Receptionist Hire date: 6/18/12

Brent Lyons

X-Ray Tech Hire date: 8/30/12

Kayla Geer

Reg. Radiologist Assistant Hire date: 7/1/12

Lisa Cline

Scheduler Hire date: 9/4/12

Wendy Isenhart Pre-Auth Clerk Hire date: 9/12/12

Ron Clark

X-Ray Tech Hire date: 7/23/12

Lee Botzong

Maintenance Helper Hire date: 10/3/12

Since June, these employees transferred from per-diem to full time: Michelle Manke, X-Ray Tech Denise Adams, X-Ray Tech Kayla Geer, Registered Radiologist Assitant

Lissa Grey, X-Ray Tech Kelsey Schene, Ultrasound Tech Amanda Snow, X-Ray Tech


service dates


Rhonda Roe Transcription Supervisor


Lars Crabo Radiologist



10 years




Robyn Hoefer Transcriptionist


Kenneth Carpenter Radiologist



Sara Fullner-Perry Rae Ann Westman Peter Buetow Donna King Kellee Timpson

Samantha Snipes Joel Blackburn Karen Tippins Sheri Smith Cynthia Anderson Amanda Marshall Justin Cook James McNeely III Stephen Buetow

Years of service ranges from 35 years to three months. Here we recognize those who reached service milestones this year. Congratulations to all!

Scheduling Supervisor Film Librarian Radiologist Mammo Aide Imaging Services Manager

Sonographer MRI Tech Mammography Tech US Receptionist Sonographer Pre-Auth Specialist Transcription Aide Database Developer Radiologist

Liliana Marshall Aline Elie Jagbir Singh Denise Case Michael Cerar Heather Goucher Ellen Johnston Maggie Hilt Alicia Gates

Scheduler Programmer X-Ray Tech MRI Tech IT Helpdesk SIC Receptionist WDC Receptionist Receptionist Scheduler



light Paula Husky, RDMS What did you want to be when you grew up?

A “mommy”

Where did you attend elementary school?

Longfellow Elementary in Oklahoma City, OK What was your first job?

Besides babysitting, I was a soda jerk/prescription delivery person!

Dr. Ashley, MD What did you want to be when you grew up?

A naturalist

Where did you attend elementary school?

Grant Elementary School in Colton, California What was your first job?

A “Deaner,” assisting the Riverside, California coroner with autopsies while in high school.

Kristen Schimshal, (RT) (R) (MR) What did you want to be when you grew up?

An Archaeologist

Where did you attend elementary school?

Meridian Elementary

What was your first job?

Driving a raspberry picker at age 15.

Ask the Moth Man

Dr. Crabo has collected moths since childhood. He’s named over 50 species and subspecies of moths, and has one moth named after him: Pronoctua Craboi - a brown one that flies near timberline in the mountains of western North America. How did you become a moth collector? Failure to grow up! I was very interested in natural history as a boy growing up in Sweden, especially birds and insects. I met an older butterfly and moth collector in my father’s home town -- a friend of the family -- and went collecting with him a few times. I took a break for a few years when after we emigrated to the United States but got started again in high school, first with butterflies and then with moths. When I was in medical school I would ride my bike to collect moths in the evenings in western Massachusetts.

Describe the process of discovering, studying and naming a new moth species. Finding a new species can be obvious or not-so-obvious. I have found new moth species that I knew were unnamed the moment I first saw them and others that took several years before I was convinced that they were “new” (new to science -- not recently created). The first clue is usually color or wing pattern, but the ideal is to find some structural difference between the new species and previously recognized ones (usually in the genitalia -- that requires dissection under a microscope -- or antennae). The process of formally naming an animal is governed by an international body. The work has to be published, either in a book or journal with the following criterea: the differences between the new species and similar ones have to be described; a detailed description and illustration have to be provided; a single specimen that stands for the name has to be selected (called a holotype) and then placed in a major museum. The process of selecting a name can be fun. You can name it after a place, person, some characteristic of the species, mythological creatures, or a random collection of letters. I have named species after colors, places, persons (famous collectors and family members), and aspects of the places where the moths live. I am in the process of naming two moths after large mammals: orca for a big black-and-white moth that lives right on the Pacific Coast and mammuthus (mammoth) for a moth from the Yukon. What is your favorite species or part of your collection? I have lots of favorite moths. I especially like ones that live at high altitudes or latitudes - above timberline or north of the treeline.

Do you have a good “moth story”? Plenty of crazy stories. When I was in medical school I didn’t have a car so I would ride my bike out to collect. One night I rode over 50 miles into the forests around Boston but didn’t bring a bike light or money for food. I was so hungry I almost didn’t make it back. As I recall I didn’t get anything really great that night. Luckily I wasn’t hit by a car. A few years ago I was working on a big paper about a moth genus called Lasionycta. I had driven to the Yukon to look for a few really rare species of which there were but a handful of specimens. Not only did I find some of them, but I discovered a new species in the same genus that no one but me had ever collected before. I climbed a steep shale scree hillside and sat down because collecting was slow. As I was sitting there a small black and white moth buzzed by and landed on a flower about ten yards away. I didn’t manage to catch it, but I knew that it was a new species right away. Eventually I was able to figure out where they lived and managed to collect over a dozen of them. I named it after my wife Carolyn (Lasionycta carolynae). As far as I know only three people have ever collected this species. Another time I was out with my daughter Emma. Thunderstorms kept us from going up in the mountains in northeastern Washington. We didn’t have anywhere else to go and it looked as if collecting was going to be poor because of the weather. So Emma asked if we could drive to one of her friend’s cabin which is located on the north shore of Lake Roosevelt in a very remote place on the Colville Indian Reservation. The dirt road was wet and had become so slick that my 4WD Toyota couldn’t make it up a gradual incline. We gave up and pitched a tent near a cliff overlooking the lake, essentially giving up on good collecting or reaching the cabin. I put up a few traps anyway, not expecting much. In the morning the traps were full of another new moth species. I eventually named it after Emma (Euxoa emma) because I would never have found it without her. What are some fun facts about moths? There are over 1200 of the species that I like in the Pacific Northwest. Check them out on the web at: www.pnwmoths. Some friends of mine and I just completed this interactive website last summer after three years of work.


employee LIFE

A&E MBI Musicians hit the stage David Alex, Pre-Auth Clerk By day, David is one of MBI’s trusted pre-auth specialists. By night, he is a master clarinetist! David has played for about 14 years, and has a music degree from Western Washington University. He plays for Whatcom Symphony Orchestra. Dag Jensen, MD Also a talented musician, Dr. Jensen plays Bass Clarinet. In fact, he sits next to David Alex in the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra!

Justin Cook Transcription Aide Justin sings bass barritone for Bellingham Chamber Chorale. He’s been involved with the choir since 2004. Justin received a Bachelor of Arts in music from WWU.

Don’t miss their next performance on January 27 at Mt. Baker Theatre. For details, visit:

Check out Justin’s next concert on Saturday, March 9 at 3:00 and 7:30 pm, located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. It will be titled “American Masterpeieces”, with works by Randall Thompson, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copeland, and Eric Whitacre.

Belinda Botzong attends Disney leadership training


elinda Botzong has been an MRI technologist at MBI for 8 years and a Registered Radiologic Technologist for 16 years. This July, she attended the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida, where she completed training in "Building a Culture of Healthcare Excellence" at Epcot Center. This daylong conference included A snapshot taken on Belinda’s back-stage classroom training, interDisneyworld tour inside Epcot Center. active learning about the Disney model of leadership, and a tour of the Magic Kingdom. After a walk the Disney Institute. For the following 3 days she atdown "Main Street", the 70 participants were taken tended the Siemens Innovations for 2012 conference. "behind the scenes" where the "cast and crew" really On her "free" day she headed for a peak at the Atlantic work before coming out on stage. Ocean for the first time (a 45 minute drive to Cocoa The two main take-aways were 1) we should al- Beach/Cape Canaveral) then went on a great advenways strive to exceed our patient and providers' ex- ture to see the Gulf Coast beaches of Clearwater and pectations, and 2) loyalty begins with us being loyal Tampa Bay! to our patients/providers so they can become loyal to Belinda says it was an awesome experience and is our organization. grateful for the support of MBI and Siemens in proAfter a day at Disney, Belinda received her official viding educational opportunities. "mouse ears," with tassel and all, for graduating from

Thanks for a wonderful year of patient care! We look forward to 2013!

Kurt Kringle

Break time

Holiday cheer at Cordata Teal Large, Davielle Shelman, Daniel Robinson, Jessica Edwards

Help wanted! Thanks for checking out the first edition of “The Artifact.� This is a newsletter for you! If you have ideas, announcements, suggestions or news-worthy stories, we want to hear them!

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