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artifact issue no. 5 Mt. Baker Imaging/Northwest Radiologists employee newsletter

Message from Admin Just like it is beneficial to receive annual checkups to promote good health and to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on cars to maximize their performance, it is important for employers to review their 401(k) plan on an annual basis to check to make sure it is meeting the objectives and is the best value for participants. Every year, Northwest Radiologists reviews our retirement plan. The Company, as plan fiduciaries, has a duty to review the plan and its costs. After the review this year, the Company made the decision to switch from using John Hancock as our retirement plan provider to ING Retirement Services (ING). We reviewed four other plans, and we decided on ING, as they had the services most like John Hancock but also provided better services in some instances. John Hancock has been a great retirement plan provider for us during the last 12 years, but due to the growth in the size of our plan, they are no longer as cost competitive for a group of our size. The cost of

by Elaine Haser

the plan to the organization stays the same, but the plan will be less expensive for each participant as measured by the fund expense ratios. Other benefits of switching to ING include, but are not limited to, investment choices and flexibility, a more intuitive and easy to use website, and a strategic relationship with Morningstar, the most well-known fund analysis company. Overall, this is going to be a great move for participants. We will continue to use Kravitz as our third party administrator, and also continue to partner with Michael Meggyesy as our 401(k) Financial Advisor. So, what does this mean to participants? There is an 8 week transition period, dependent on turnaround times, to switch to ING. Our intent is to go live on April 1, 2014. At week 5 we will have Educational & Enrollment meetings. Current participants will not need to go online to enroll in the plan if they are already participating in John Hancock. Each account can be pre-set on how the existing investments map over to


contents Happy Retirement MBI/NWR say goodbye to Dr. Kienzle and Kurt Klucking. The New and Improved Suite 202 and MOP 2 Take a tour of the newly remodeled suites! Valentine’s Day Love Stories Celebrate the holiday with some of MBI’s longest married couples.

the new plan so that the accounts transition over to ING like-to-like or participants can make changes to their existing investments or contribution rates. There will be a blackout period of 10 – 14 days between weeks 6 - 8 weeks where participants will not be able to make any changes to their plan (potentially the last two weeks of March). More communications will occur during the transition period, but if you have any specific questions, please contact me at extension 1008.

The Sweet New Suites

MOP X-RAY 2 & Northwest Ste 202


he year 2013 ended with Mt Baker Imaging expanding into two new suites. The first was an addition to PeaceHealth’s Orthopedics suite at the Medical Office Plaza. The

MOP X-ray 2

suite boasts beautiful views of PeaceHealth’s campus and helps the original MOP X-ray site with the heavy patient load from both the orthopedic doctors and walk-in patients.

Take the Tour P

hase Two of construction at the Northwest Imaging Center was complete on Dec. 4th and Suite 202 was ready for MBI’s schedulers, pre-auth, transciptionists, and administration reception to move in. Eventually the suite will also hold billing. The suite re-used many items, such as furniture


Northwest Suite 202 from the IR clinic’s move to Squalicum, materials from the old administration suite, and even all the doors were saved from the old suite and re-installed. With ample space and natural light, employees agree that the suite is a great place to go to work.


Admin Reception



ANNOUNCEMENTs! Congratulations to these MBI and NWR employees who have exciting news to share!

Baby Mabel Receptionist Rachel Ginnaty welcomed Mabel Grace on December 23rd. She was 6 lbs, 13 oz and 16 in long. Congrats on your beautiful Christmas present, Rachel!

Mrs. Brusseau MRI tech, Lauren Frank is now Lauren Brusseau! She and Kegan were married in Las Vegas in December. Our best wishes for the happy couple!

Happy Retirement! Kurt Klucking MBI employee since: 2001 Department: CT Looking forward to: Golfing and new adventrues, hopefully in Europe! Retirement date: 12/30/2013 (But working per diem so you may see him around once in awhile!)

Dr. Gregery Kienzle

Dr. Kienzle on his last day at MBI with (L-R) Teresa, Dorothy, Rhonda, Diane, Dr. Behrndt, and Kim.

NWR employee since: 2004 Department: Radiologist Looking forward to: Traveling, visiting my sons in Geneva and Philadelphia, business opportunities, and wearing my cowboy hats around town. Retirement date: 12/31/2013

Sail Away

with Michelle Schneider MRI technologist Michelle Schneider is an avid sailer, even owning her own boat! She and her husband, Jim, have explored both Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay by boat, even sailing around the San Juan Islands. In addition to exploring, they also have participated in some long distance races and have seen great success! Keep reading for some of Michelle’s best and most adventurous memories on the high seas.

When did you first become interested in sailing? My husband, Jim, and I first became interested in sailing because my aunt and uncle have a sailboat moored in Friday Harbor and we've enjoyed sailing with them. We decided to take sailing lessons from San Juan Sailing so we could sail on our own. We bought a 12' sloop rigged Kolibri sailboat. It's the same style of boat the Canadian coast guard uses for training. We enjoy sailing it in the bay and Lake Whatcom. Any sailing adventures to share? A few years ago Jim and I were sailing in the bay (we launched from Larabee) on a picture perfect day. The wind was fabulous and the sun was shining. We had just left the dock headed West. We were moving! Soon we realized we were pretty far from shore. We decided we needed to tack (turn) and change course. Just as we turned a big gust of wind filled the sails and blew us over. Jim and I slid out of the boat...the boat is lying on its side! Treading water, I kept saying, "The boat is going under!" Jim says, "No, it's not. It's fine." He quickly explained that the boat won't sink because of the design. The hull is air filled so it won't sink. The next

thing we know, we are sitting on top of the bottom of the boat. The boat didn't sink but it was upside down. It was late in the season so there weren’t many boaters. Luckily, we were able to flag down a small fishing boat. They were kind enough to right the boat and tow it to shore (the sailboat doesn't have a motor). Where is your favorite place to sail? We love sailing in the San Juan Islands. This area is a beautiful place to sail. Last May we became partners in a San Juan 28' sailboat named "Hoerndag". Our partners are really into racing, and we have learned a lot racing with them on Thursday nights. They also love to do long distance racing. Jim and I did our first long distance race called "Northern Century”. It was a one hundred mile race starting in Anacortes. We sailed around the east side of San Juan Islands north to Point Roberts and then back to Anacortes. We finished the race in under 24 hours! We came in first place in the fully crewed and second place overall! We haven’t been sailing long, but we look forward to more cruising adventures.

“’s so important that we know what to do to ensure we are communicating well, and what to do when the people around us fail to do so.” -Bobby Sterling

Communication By Bobby Sterling


f there is one thing that I have learned during my time here at Mt Baker Imaging, it is that communication is key to our work and service, day in and day out. It is so fundamental to what we all do at this company, regardless of our position or role. The foundation of our work might be the desire to serve the patients that we see to the best of our ability, but the way we communicate greatly influences how well we actually do this. When we take the time to communicate well, it seems like many of the obstacles we face at this company become much easier to handle. But as we all have experienced, when there are communication failures it can be a struggle to complete even the simplest tasks. While we have control of how and what we communicate, we can’t really control the actions of those that are around us. Since communication is a twoway street, this can be a huge problem. From what I’ve seen, it seems like so many conflicts are the result of poor communication. For this reason, it’s so important that we know what to do to ensure we are communicating well, and what to do when the people around us fail to do so. So, what does it mean to communicate well? Of course, this changes from situation to situation, but there are definitely some techniques that can apply to just about any situation. Here are a couple of tips that I have found especially helpful throughout my life: Be slow to speak and quick to listen: It is so easy to hear the words that someone is saying, and assume that you understand what they are trying to communicate. I am guilty of doing this way more often than I would like to admit. Thinking back on some of my most difficult conversations at work, either with a doctor’s office or an insurance company, I have noticed that my mindset wasn’t to try to patiently hear the other person out. Instead, I

was trying to fight to say what I wanted to say. While patiently listening might not have made these conversations a breeze, I know it definitely would have made my own communication much more effective. Keep your feelings in check: One of the hardest things to do is to remain calm when someone else is losing their temper. Unfortunately, if we don’t keep control of our own emotions, we will only exacerbate the problem. If needed, distance yourself from a conversation that is evoking emotional reactions. If you can’t really do this, at the very least keep your goal in perspective. While emotions can be very good things, if they go unchecked they can seriously cloud our judgment and make us lose sight of how to best navigate conversations. If you are interested in understanding more about communication, and how to improve the way that you interact with others throughout the day, don’t hesitate to contact Elaine in HR! She is a huge resource to us all and is here to help us learn how to interact well with each other and the people that we are serving.

Bobby Sterling joined the MBI team last July. He lives in south Bellingham with his wife, Heidi and enjoys cycling, brewing hard apple cider, and duck hunting.


spotlight Sabrina Danville,


What did you want to be when you grew up? A librarian. Where did you attend elementary school? Parkview Elementary School, Bellingham. What was your first job? Picking strawberries in the local fields and babysitting.

Cheri Holtrop, Operator What did you want to be when you grew up? An archeologist. Where did you attend elementary school? Fisher Elementary in Lynden. What was your first job? Telephone company and I stayed there for 21 years.

Rhonda Roe, Transciptionist What did you want to be when you grew up? A horse trainer or have my own boarding farm. Where did you attend elementary school? Sacred Heart Villa and Hillwood Elementary School in Seattle. What was your first job? Worked in a scone mobile off and on and on my dad’s fishing boat in the summer.

! e m o Welc

New MBI/NWR employees

Fiona Savard ARNP Hire date: 1/27/14

Molly Knutsen Receptionist Hire date: 11/8/13

Kseniya Trubnikov Medical Assistant Hire date: 10/28/13

Erin Kensinger Receptionist Hire date: 10/28/13

And welcome back to... Madison Soto

Scheduler Re-hire date: 12/2/13

Jose Reta

Per diem MRI tech Hire date: 1/8/2014

Claire Belcher

Scheduler Re-hire date: 12/30/13

Nancy’s Story

Valentine’s Day

Love Stories In honor of Valentine’s Day, please enjoy the stories and advice from two of NWR/MBI longest-married employees. Elaine Haser and Nancy Van De Mark have knowledge that is applicable to any relationship. Enjoy!

Q&A with Elaine:


Elaine and Steve on their wedding day

ow long have you been married? 35 years

How did you meet? Steve and I met through our church. He started attending the church my family attended in Yakima, WA. I knew him for a few years before we started dating. Yes, I was very, very young. What do you think is key to a happy relationship? I think some of the keys to a happy relationship are: 1. Always respect the other person. If you have respect for the other person, you would never want to harm them or put them down just because they don’t think or do things the way you do. 2. Be committed to the relationship in the up and down times of life. Things are going to happen, but if you are committed to the relationship you work it out together. 3. Start out with the same goals and dreams for your life together, and then be willing to grow and change as the years go by. 4. Never retire for the night angry. Always talk it out and be the first to forgive. 5. Never criticize your partner in public. This just makes you look bad and everyone else uncomfortable. Fondest Memories: One of our fondest memories is that after our first date we didn’t think it was meant to be. How wrong we were! I guess if it had turned out that way we would have missed our trips to most of the National Parks in the West, our trips to Europe and all the other good things that have occurred over the last 35 years. It was meant to be!



Elaine Haser, HR Director

Nancy’s Story:


es and I have been married 46 years. We met on a traveling bowling league when we were sophomores in high school, we both jumped into the same car on the way back, our eyes met, and it was all over. We have two adult children, Angie and Shawn, and three grandchildren, Shawn Junior, Rose, and Olivia. Our daughter is a musician and lives in Bellingham and our son is an associate pastor at a church in Richland, Washington. The longevity of our marriage is due to a lot of compromise, knowing what are the important things and what is not that important, and the steadfast knowledge that this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Snuggling on the couch is still one of our favorite things to do in the evening. We also enjoy going out to dinner and sitting across from one another and just talking; we love 2-hour dinners out. One of the things we have done most of our married life was to make sure we spent at least 1-3 nights away for our anniversary. We have been to so many places and have done so many things on our anniversary weekend we wish we would have recorded all of them. Wes is a natural prankster and has had me arrested on April Fool’s Day. He also took me on a surprise 4 day weekend trip to Hawaii. I have learned to be a very good listener when Wes and the kids come back from wilderness adventures and need to get all of the excitement out. We have felt rich and we have felt poor, but even during the toughest of times we will still dance in the living room and have a big hug every morning to start the day.



Nancy Van De Mark, Ultrasound Aide

Life is too short, enjoy your spouse’s imperfections and they will enjoy yours back. Nancy and Wes Van De Mark, married January 21st, 1968 for life!

“ We have felt rich and we have felt poor but even during the toughest of times we will still dance in the living room and have a big hug every morning to start the day.” -Nancy Van De Mark

Seahawk Spirit

Employees celebrate the Hawk’s success on Blue Fridays!

The Northwest Winter Wonderland

Do you like cycling?

Mammo techs in festive sweaters!

If anyone is interested in cycling in the Seattle to Portland bike race this summer, Bobby Sterling would like a training and/ or racing partner! For more info, contact Bobby at

Thank you to everyone who wrote an article, posed for a picture, or supported the editing process. This newsletter couldn’t have been published without you!

Do you have ideas, announcements, suggestions, pictures, or newsworthy stories for the next employee newsletter? If so, please contact Davielle at

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