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Mt. Baker Imaging/Northwest Radiologists employee newsletter

Message from Admin Thank you to everyone that made it to work in the snowy weather to keep our business open and our patients taken care of! We know that for a lot of you, it meant getting up early, staying late, and less than ideal driving conditions. You’re appreciated!

February 2017

contents Healthy You Pg 4 Our DEXA machine is getting featured in an upcoming publication! Employee Announcements Pg 6 MBI experiences a huge baby boom! Enjoy the cuteness here. RIS Tips and Tricks Alicia Gates takes over our RIS feature with new insights and upcoming fun features.

EmployeeWinner! J

Prize: $50.00 Amazon gift card

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ason Plumb has worked for MBI since 2015 and has been a great addition to our CT technologist team. Jason consistently shows patients phenominal care. His nominator states, “A patient recently told us that he was exceptional and made her feel more at ease than she has ever felt in her experience at MBI”. He is the first to offer a helping hand to patients and to his coworkers as well. “I feel I can go to him with absolutely any questions or problems and he would be not only willing to help, but will teach me how to solve the problem.” Jason’s respect for his coworkers helps contribute to the positive working environment at Squalicum and in the CT support group as well. His nominator ends with, “There’s not enough room to describe how wonderful it is to work with Jason!” Thank you, Jason, for your positive contributions to Mt. Baker Imaging. We

Employee Recognition C O R E V A L U E S

• Compassion

Approaches every interaction with kindness. Displays care and consideration to patients, providers, and co-workers. Shows appreciation and gratitude for the work others do.

• Integrity

Maintains high ethical standards. Accountable. Upholds patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. Committed to clinical excellence and best practices.

• Respect

Treats everyone with dignity and encourages mutual respect. Recognizes the value and worth of each person. Professional in demeanor, appearance, and interactions with others.

• Collaboration

Promotes teamwork and a positive work environment. Works to support, preserve, and improve workplace processes and harmony.

Nomination Examples

• Employee’s suggestion measurably improved a work process. • Demonstrated fiscal awareness resulting in additional revenue or expense reduction. • Participated in an inter-department project with a successful outcome. • Assisted a patient beyond the call of duty (outside the scope of normal duties). Do you know a coworker that embodies MBI’s Core Values? Show that their hard work and postive attitude is appreciated by nominating them for the Employee Recognition Program! Winners are selected quarterly by the Employee Recognition Committee and honored in the newsletter (and with a prize!).

How do I nominate someone?

1. Find a deserving employee.

2. Fill out the Employee Recognition Program form (found on the Wiki) with the reason/s why you think this person has earned recognition. 3. Send the completed form (either by email or interoffice) to Davielle in Admin!

Book Sales at WDC Book sales in WDC

If you’ve been to the WDC, you might have noticed a bookcase of gently-used books for sale as a Relay for Life fundraiser. Patients coming in for their yearly mammogram often also bring in their yearly book donations. Our WDC volunteers sort the books and display them where other patients can browse and pick a new book, knowing that all of the proceeds are donated. For 2016, our total book sales equaled $4,511.00! Well done, WDC employees, for volunteering and ensuring that this project was so sucessful! Also, a special shout out to SIC’s reception staff for collecting over $50.00 just by having donation cans at the front desk!

PeaceHealth’s “Healthy You” magazine, is featuring our DEXA machine in their upcoming orthopedic issue! Keep your eye out for us in their March issue, showcasing our bone density technician, Rachel Ginnaty, Dr. Backer, and our “patient”, Lynn Dobson -Lien. Thanks for participating, ladies! ✴MBI/NWR Newsletter Page 4



Fun Fact: Lindsey won Runner Up in this quarter’s Employee Appreciation Program! Make sure to congratulate her on a job well done!

Lindsey Harrell, Reception and Fluoro Aide

What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy spending my free time on adventures with my husband Matt, family and friends. We like hiking, mountain biking, rock collecting, building campfires, traveling and doing home projects. I also love playing guitar and singing, watching comedies and playing with my three kitties. What are you listening to lately on your ipod/stereo/radio? Lately I’ve been listening to Curse of the North, they’re a Seattle band that is great live. If my iPod was on shuffle you’d hear a lot of Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Fiona Apple, Days of the New, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Mad Season and System of a Down. I also love comedy albums like Flight of the Conchords, Lonely Island and Tenacious D.

What is your favorite thing about your career? I truly love every aspect of my career with Mt. Baker Imaging. If I have to choose a favorite thing, it has to be the people I work with. From day one, I have been welcomed into this group and have felt a sense of belonging. I am so fortunate to have co-workers that are willing to share their knowledge and I am having so much fun learning new things every day. Everyone at MBI has been incredibly supportive and encouraging in my journey to further my imaging career. I am honored to be a part of this team and I appreciate all of the kindness, respect and consideration I’m shown daily.

ANNOUNCEMENTs! Congratulations to these MBI and NWR employees who have exciting news to share!

Strider Murphy Cash was welcomed by Stephanie (Pre Auth) and Dennis on October 2nd. The delightful little guy weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 21in long.

Adorable Rose Olive Buck came into the world on September 29th, weighing 7lbs 4oz and was 19.5in long. Myriah (xray tech) and Jory are thrilled, first time parents!

Danzelle (Xray and CT tech) and Royce Ednalino, welcomed adorable Lincoln Wes to their family on October 8th, weighing 7lbs 5oz and was 20.5in long. Congrats, Ednalinos!

Sweet Malia Quinn Marsaudon was born on December 10th, weighing 6lbs 13oz and was 19in long. Congratulations, Madi (CT/MR support) and Alex !

Kristen Schimschal, MR tech, is engaged! Her fiancé, Ian Jansen, proposed in Victoria, BC, on a bluff overlooking the ocean. They plan on having a small wedding in Kristen’s parents’ backyard in August 2017.

Eloise Marisol Frederick joined parents, Kris (Mammo tech) and Reid, on August 15th, the same day as her uncle. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 20.5in long. Welcome, lovely Eloise!

Serena Schulke is now Serena Meyer! Serena married the man of her dreams, Tyson, on July 30th. They were married at a wooded venue outside of Sedro-Woolley, surrounded by their wonderful friends and family!

Teal (MR/CT Support) and Michael Robinson’s family just grew by two! Leo David Byrant and Olive Julie Rae joined proud big brother, Cole, on November 1st. Leo was 4lbs 4oz and 18in long and Olive was 6lbs 3oz and 19in long. So sweet!

Mammo Party ✴MBI/NWR Newsletter Page 8

Mammography Party

Thank you, WDC, for all of your hard work!

RIS Tips & Tricks! with Alicia Gates

The next release of Medinformatix will include the ability to edit PDFs! From the Imaging Inbox, Document Collection window and the Document Repository, you’ll have the ability to split a PDF into multiple files, merge two PDFs, reorder pages, and rotate a PDF or individual pages within a document. Below is a quick overview of how to split one PDF into multiple files. The rest of the PDF editing tools are found under the same drop down menu.

Split one PDF into multiple files: Example of use: It’s not uncommon to find a PDF in the Imaging Inbox that contains two patients’ orders. The example below shows one document with an order for Beth Test, as well as Theodore Test. 1. From within the Imaging Inbox, select the document from the document list.

✴MBI/NWR Newsletter Page 10

2. Select Document > Extract Pages… from the top menu. 3. Select desired page(s) to extract and be sure to have “Delete Pages After Extraction” checked. 4. Give the extracted page(s) a new file name. 5. Select OK.

6. You should now notice there is a new file with the name you gave it in the documents list. From here, import pages as normal.

Other bug fixes / enhancements with the next version on MedInformatix NEW: Add Time to Date in Account Notes / Allow multi-row delete IMPROVED: The Patient History in Demographics now clearly display who made changes to an account, and who made the most recent change. FIXED: PDF file locking issues in the Imaging Inbox FIXED: Document not returned to original location when cancelling ARV request

Doug Panek X-ray Tech Hire date: 9/26/16

Ally Larson MR Support Hire date: 11/7/16

Ryan Holdridge Reception Hire date: 7/18/16

Ryan Scott X-ray Tech Hire date: 8/3/16

Stacy Millar Sr. Billing Analyst Hire date: 8/15/16

Paul Rundquist Reception Hire date: 11/1/16

Teresa Radtke Reception Hire date: 8/1/16

Sharlotte Dye Reception Hire date: 8/15/16

Jessie Scott Reception Hire date: 8/8/16

e l p o e t p x e e r n Mno the o ge! pa

Not Pictured Mariaelena Gonzalez Scheduling Hire date: 11/1/16

Ammany McFadden Samantha Snipes CT Support Sonographer Hire date: 10/17/16 Hire date: 10/25/16

Welcome Back!

Breah Yetter Reception Hire date: 11/28/16

Olivia Ableman Reception Hire date: 1/4/17

Serena Meyer CT/MR Support Hire date: 1/9/17

We’re so glad you’re here!

Adrienne Sanders Xray Tech Hire date: 1/24/17 ✴MBI/NWR Newsletter Page 14

Erin Silversmith Sonographer Hire date: 1/23/17

Erika Myers ARNP Hire date: 1/18/17

Emi Onozawa, sonographer, went hiking in Golden Ears Provencial Park in BC in July. What a gorgeous place!

hiking with emi


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Dogs can’t operate a MRI Machine...

...but Catscan!

Thank you to everyone who wrote an article, posed for a picture, or supported the editing process. This newsletter couldn’t have been published without you! Do you have ideas, announcements, suggestions, pictures, or newsworthy stories for the next employee newsletter? If so, please contact Davielle at ✴MBI/NWR Newsletter Page 16

MBI NWR Employee Newsletter Issue 13  
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