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Ownership & Conditions Students will receive a tablet PC and a

St. Joseph’s School of the Sacred Heart

carrying case upon arrival to the first day of training. Please be aware that students will be expected to secure

Pilot Tablet Program

their tablet safely in their locked locker when not in use. Students will turn in their tablet over the summer for updates and maintenance . Students will also return the tablet when they leave St. Joseph’s School. While the tablet is purchased and maintained by SJSH, students will be encouraged to properly handle and use the tablet for as if it were their own. We feel strongly that our goal of “wise freedom” will be a strong factor in the success of this program. We are confident that the students and teachers in the

50 Emilie Avenue Atherton CA 94027

6th grade are ready to usher in the 21st Century skills so critical to our future.

Questions? Contact Mike Taverna (650) 454-8309

Program Overview

interface and basic functionality using the

This one year pilot program just for stu-

they will be using during classes and simple

dents in the sixth grade is an exciting

troubleshooting of common problems. Par-

way to see the power of 1:1 computing

ents must attend one of these essential ses-

in middle school. The program will in-

sions! Acceptable Use Policy will be covered

volve the following elements: Extensive

at this important training.

training, tech support, service and maintenance, warranty and insurance.

stylus, execution of the primary applications

On-Site Tech Support 0n-site tech support will be provided by the

Service and Maintenance

school. Students will be able to drop in for

All routine service and updates will be

This specialized training will include par-

more advanced troubleshooting and problem

covered by the school. This may include:

ents, teachers, tech staff, and students.

diagnostics. The school will handle all prob-

service packs, antivirus protection and

Training objectives will include: basic

lems that may occur during this pilot pro-

updates, software installation, and other

tablet orientation and powering up, sim-

gram. Common problems may include: no

essential services and maintenance

ple customization, orientation to the

network access, loss of power, keyboard


Out of the Box Training

breakage, virus infection, updates needed, and printing or saving problems. More complicated problems may require turning in the

Damage, Theft and Loss Insurance The school will cover the insurance as

tablet for a loaner. More detail on this will be

part of this one year pilot program. As

provided in the opening weeks of school so

part of the warranty and insurance, the

that students will have many options to rem-

school will insure the tablets for damage,

edy a technical problem.

theft, or loss. However, please encourage your child to consider this a personal belonging and manage it responsibly.

Tablet Pilot  

This brochure explains the program

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