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May 2018 Motor Trader | 1

From the editor



ELLO AND WELCOME to the May 2018 edition of Motor Trader. Over the past 18 months, MTA Queensland has taken a leading role in highlighting the disruption that new technology and new ideas will bring to the automotive industry. Through events such as Carmageddon, and with the establishment of the MTAiQ Innovation Hub, the Association’s goal has been to inform its members, and the wider automotive community, of the industry’s evolution and encourage those working in the industry to prepare for and embrace that evolution. This month, MTA Queensland’s commitment to that goal goes up a notch as it takes a major role at Myriad – the innovation and technology festival that will take place in Brisbane from May 16-18, and which is regarded as one of the best tech events in the country. While Myriad offers great insights into a wide range of sectors – from health to money to culture - new concepts and ideas in automotive will figure heavily

through MTA Queensland’s sponsorship of the Myriad Garage, an exhibition space that will feature exhibits and product demonstrations, including those from clients of MTAiQ. Furthermore, MTA Queensland’s CEO, Dr Brett Dale, will be a keynote speaker at Myriad, delivering an address on the future of the industry, and he will also facilitate a panel discussion on ‘Are Flying Cars the Way of the Future?’. It all adds up to Myriad being a truly important event for anyone interested in the future of automotive, or indeed society as a whole. Best of all, entry to the Myriad Garage is free, and for those who can attend, it will be a truly educational and fun experience. We hope to see you there. In the meantime, you can read more about Myriad from Page 16. While Myriad takes up a large slice of this month’s Motor Trader, we have plenty of other interesting stuff inside. There’s auto news from around the world, training news, a report from the latest outing of the MTAQ Racing Team and, of course, our Q&A and Member’s Classic features. We also have a wrap-up of another fantastic Cars & Coffee gathering. I hope you enjoy this edition, and if you want to let me know of any news you'd like to share; or have a classic bike, car or truck we could feature on our Member's Classic pages, then please email me. Cheers! Jonathan Nash, Editor






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Garth Pettersen Warren Ziebell Glen Morris Ana Wold Mathew Zietsch

577 Settlement Road, KEPERRA Q 4054 181 Little Spence Street, CAIRNS Q 4870 3 Sydal Street, CALOUNDRA Q 4551 11A Dexter Street, MOOROOKA Q 4105 49 Lawnton Pocket Road, LAWNTON Q 4501


2 | Motor Trader May 2018

Finance energy efficient equipment and get a 0.70% p.a. discount. Access a 0.70% p.a. discount and fund up to 100% of the purchase price when you finance qualifying energy efficient vehicles and equipment. To find out more, contact MTAQ on (07) 3237 8777 or email today.

From the desk of the CEO



TA QUEENSLAND’S CORE business is the motor vehicle industry and the associated trades. Now, our industry is on the cusp of exploding into an integrated dynamic of automotive, mobility and transportation driven by innovation services and new technologies coupled with demographic and socio-economic trends. Underpinning this integrated dynamic will be digital platforms that provide access to data, analysis and information for decision making. To a small extent this is happening, with ride share, vehicle sharing and bicycle sharing, smart infrastructure such as electronic road pricing, traffic sensors and the emergence of autonomous vehicles. This, however, is a mere blip on the radar - our thinking must expand to embrace the radical transformation of interconnected systems of how goods and people move, and services are delivered. The centrepiece of the integrated dynamics is mobility. As a key-note speaker at the 2018 Myriad Festival on 16-18 May, this is the focus of my address: ‘We are at the dawn of a new era where more seamless and integrated mobility promises to be faster, cheaper, safer, cleaner and more convenient than

4 | Motor Trader May 2018

ever. The automotive industry must embrace the digital economy and build business models capable of capitalising on the revolution of future mobility. Opportunities will be exclusive to those who build ‘excellent’ experiences into their mobility product or service. This is not simply about technology used to digitise and automate segments of traditional automotive business, but rather it is about getting closer to the consumer through data, insights and the evolution of ‘excellence’ in the customer experience.’ I’m convinced the Association can move into the ‘new era’ in the same way we’ve entrenched into our operations the concepts of innovation and digitisation - undoubtedly assisted by two Carmageddon symposiums.

MYRIAD FESTIVAL A priority focus has been the Myriad Festival set down for 16-18 May at the Royal International Convention Centre, Fortitude Valley. We are a major Festival partner and reflecting this, the MTA Queensland Board will hold its quarterly meeting at the precinct. We are proud of our involvement in this prestigious event as it ensures continuum of the momentum generated at the Carmageddon symposiums. Participation in the Myriad Festival has permitted increased emphasis on the emerging technologies, innovation and digitisation which have the potential to benefit members’ businesses. I’d be overjoyed to see members interacting with exhibitors and speakers and particularly in the Garage inspecting the amazing innovations such as Micro-olli, Ohmnibots, NXG3N (Flying Car), QUT Drones, and AEIT (OLEV wireless charging electric bus, light rail / tram system).

“PARTICIPATION IN THE MYRIAD FESTIVAL HAS PERMITTED INCREASED EMPHASIS ON THE EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES, INNOVATION AND DIGITISATION WHICH HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BENEFIT MEMBERS’ BUSINESSES.” If you’d prefer something cerebral, my keynote address is at noon on Friday 18 May – Stage B. This is followed by a panel discussing, ‘Are flying cars the way of the future?’. I’m the facilitator and the panel comprise Steven Baxter (Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur), Professor Michael Milford (Queensland University of Technology) and Dr Kellie Nuttall (Deloitte Partner). Don’t miss it, it should be a lot of fun! If you are looking for us, we won’t be hard to find as we will be the ones with the identifiable commercial branding and distinctive attire. For more details, refer to the recent Weekly Industry Bulletins.

MUMBRELLA’S AUTOMOTIVE MARKETING SUMMIT In February this year, Queensland University of Technology Professor Michael Milford interviewed me for a print/opinion piece entitled Driverless cars could create new jobs in a welcome boost to Australia’s motor industry. It received interstate and local media interest at the time. Interestingly, as a consequence of that, Mumbrella - a marketing event business - has invited me to be a speaker at its Mumbrella Automotive

Marketing Summit. The session that I, and representatives from Mercedes Benz Vans and BMW, will speak at is entitled: Driving into the future: Marketing autonomous vehicles’. Pleasing is the recognition given to the MTA Queensland in the event's advertising.

MEETINGS WITH STAKEHOLDERS Diverse stakeholders have been critical in shaping understanding of the automotive, mobility and transportation integrated dynamic. A fellow Myriad panellist, Deloitte’s Dr Kellie Nuttall – Consulting Decision Science and Analytics - shared views on the power of data, analysis and research particularly as it related to mobility and the transport sector. There will be follow on conversations with Kellie on data usage and its application to automotive, mobility and transportation. Deriving from our innovation interests and the powering of automated vehicles, I met with two Brisbanebased Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) researchers, Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader Dr Michael Dolan and Research Scientist Dr David Viano, who outlined their research on membrane technology for hydrogen fuel cells. This project, now into its second year, intends to fill a gap in the global energy technology chain to supply fuel cell vehicles with low-emission hydrogen sourced from Australia. The CSIRO research concentrates on the commercial viability and safety of transporting hydrogen domestically and internationally. Toyota Australia is working with CSIRO and is ‘at the forefront of this research’. „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 5

From the desk of the CEO QUEENSLAND ELECTRIC VEHICLE COUNCIL The Queensland Government has released its electric vehicle strategy - The Future is Electric. It outlines measures that the State will implement to prepare for the transition to electric vehicles, including the establishment of the Queensland Electric Vehicle Council (QEVC). The Department and Main Roads Director General invited the MTA Queensland to become a member of the new Council which I accepted on behalf of the Association. It includes representatives from government, industry, and the community. One of the QEVC’s responsibilities includes the provision of advice and information to assist in the development of legislation, strategies, policies, planning guideline, standards, technology, schemes and supporting systems relevant to electric vehicle adoption. The first meeting is on 9 May.

GENDER EQUALITY The MTA Q&A section in Motor Trader e-magazine showcases the gender equality that is apparent in automotive enterprises - from owner/operators to the staff. There is gender diversity in the MTA Institute apprentice and training classes – a fine example being the selection of Sarah Gale of Rego’s Mobile Mechanical Services in Atherton as the MTA Queensland 2014 Apprentice of the Year. In the corporate office there is gender equality with a well-balanced executive. This, however, cannot be said about the MTA Queensland Board. The participation in decision making at the Industry Division or District or Board levels from tradeswomen and owner/ operators in the automotive value chain would be valued. Deputy Group CEO Kellie Dewar’s Viewpoint draws attention 6 | Motor Trader May 2018


DIGITAL DISRUPTION AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS STILL EXIST BUT NO LONGER DAUNT DUE TO LEARNINGS FROM OUR TWO CARMAGEDDON SYMPOSIUMS AND ENGAGEMENTS WITH ACADEMIA.” to the opening of nominations for positions to six industry committees and for one district representative (northern). I encourage our tradeswomen and owner/ operators to offer their skills sets and nominate. As Kellie says, more details are in this Motor Trader edition.

AND THE LAST THING I’m on the cusp of my third year as your Group CEO. Working together as a team, the strategic goals set by the MTA Queensland Board have been achieved and the Association’s reputation as the State’s peak industry body firmly entrenched. The challenges of digital disruption and technological transformations still exist but no longer daunt due to learnings from our two Carmageddon symposiums and engagements with academia. Innovation is embedded in our structure with the creation of the innovation hub -MTAiQ. Planning for the third year will see the Group build on the work of the past two years and reach out into the automotive, mobility and transportation horizon to advance the Association and advantage the membership. Until June, as Henry Ford, the industrialist and the founder of the Ford motor company said, ‘execute ideas with enthusiasm . . . as it is the bottom of all progress’.

Planning for a super future Matthew Webster, 45 has a long way to go before he hangs up his hat, but is easily able to picture his retirement years. He plans to grey nomad it around Australia in a caravan with his wife, once he convinces her that it will be a lot more fun than she expects. Matt has spent his career in the motor trades and is well on the way to ensuring he has enough super to be able to see the nation in comfort. He started an apprenticeship in 1986 at the age of 16 and now works in an automotive training role in NSW. He became an MTAA Super member when it was first established in 1989. “I’m really happy I’ve been with MTAA Super. It’s the industry super fund for my trade and has been supporting careers in the automotive industry for over 25 years.” “I’m still a long way off retirement but I do think about what I will do when I stop working and how I will support myself and my family.” Matt, like many Australians is not alone in his concern about life after work. We can now expect to spend more time in

retirement than any previous generation, thanks to changing work patterns and increased life expectancy. Leeanne Turner, CEO of MTAA Super mentions “As people start drawing closer to the 60-mark, they begin to think more seriously about what they would like to do in their retirement and how they will be able to finance it. With people living longer, weak interest rates and stricter rules around the age pension, these concerns have come to the forefront like never before.” Leeanne shares, “The key is to take advantage of the compounding nature of superannuation. Super gives the opportunity not just to grow one’s employer and voluntary contributions but to grow the investment returns on these contributions as well.” “Small amounts can go a long way. Making extra contributions as little as $25 per week early in your career can result in thousands of dollars over a 30+ year working life.”

“Extra super contributions can be particularly important for people in casual or part time employment as well as those who’ve needed to take career breaks to raise a family or care for sick or elderly relatives.” With increasing life expectancy, many Australians could be in retirement for over 25 years and may well need to look at ways to boost their super such as salary sacrifice contributions and personal contributions.

Give your super a boost! For ways to give your super a boost while you’re still working visit

1300 362 415

This article is issued by Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty. Limited (ABN 14 008 650 628, AFSL 238 718) of Level 3, 39 Brisbane Avenue Barton ACT 2600, Trustee of the MTAA Superannuation Fund (ABN 74 559 365 913). Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty. Limited has ownership interests in Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd and Members Equity Bank Limited. The information provided is of a general nature and does not take into account your specific needs or personal situation. You should assess your financial position and personal objectives before making any decision based on this information. We also recommend that you seek advice from a licensed financial adviser. The MTAA Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), an important document containing all the information you need to make a decision about MTAA Super, can be obtained by calling MTAA Super on 1300 362 415 or visiting You should consider the PDS in making a decision.




N THIS MONTH of May, two events occur that will influence members’ business interests and actions. The first, and the nearest to home, is the election of members for six Division Committees and a representative for the Northern District. The second is the Federal Budget outlining the Commonwealth government’s policy issues, revenue aggregates, spending and taxation arrangements. The Association’s structure is based on 11 industry Divisions, six of which, under the constitution, are on a rotating basis and must face annual elections this year. Nominations have been called for (5) QLD Farm and Industrial Machinery Division positions; (5) QLD Motor Cycle Industry Division positions; (7) Tyre and Under Car Division positions; (5) Australian Automobile Dealers Association positions; (10) Automotive Engineers Division positions; (8) National Auto Collison Alliance; and (1) representative for the Northern District position. Nominations for the positions open at midday on Tuesday, 1 May 2018 and close at midday Friday, 1 June 2018. The election will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission under the provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) 8 | Motor Trader May 2018

Act 2009. More details can be found on the website and the advertisement in this Motor Trader edition. These elections occur amidst much digital, technological and economic change. In these circumstances leadership, engagement and advocacy is vital for awareness and discussion of policy changes and influencing decision making. I urge members aligned to the various sectors and in the Northern District to seriously consider nominating to serve on a Divisional Committee or the District. The elected chair represents the specific industry Division or District on the MTA Queensland Board and contributes to its constitutional obligations and responsibilities. The Association has as its core business service delivery, innovation, training and advocacy and due to its commercial interests may be classed as a medium-sized business. Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Brett Dale and I share a desire for women members to be in representation positions. The Association is committed to equal participation and I encourage our women members to consider nominating. I suggest a perusal of the MTA Queensland’s constitution would be a good start to commence thinking about nominating. It’s friendly, and accessible from our website. I am happy to discuss any of the requirements for Committee participation with members - please call if you have any questions or would like to know more. The other event with the capacity to affect member’s businesses is, of course, the Commonwealth Budget. I’ll be listening to and scanning it closely for any policy decisions of relevance to members’ commercial interests. Earlier, we made a pre-budget submission outlining priorities for the coming financial year. These


OFFICER DR BRETT DALE AND I SHARE A DESIRE FOR WOMEN MEMBERS TO BE IN REPRESENTATION POSITIONS. THE ASSOCIATION IS COMMITTED TO EQUAL PARTICIPATION AND I ENCOURAGE OUR WOMEN MEMBERS TO CONSIDER NOMINATING.” included: training and skills investment; a further extension of the $20,000 instant asset tax write-off for small/medium enterprises with an up to $10 million annual turnover; abolition of the luxury car tax; affordable energy supply; continuation of telecommunications and land transport infrastructure funding. As is the practice after Commonwealth and State Budgets, an overview relevant to the automotive value chain will be on the website.

ADVOCACY There’s a busy schedule of written advocacy duties. Completed and forwarded to the Commonwealth Treasury was our response to the consultation Regulation Impact Statement relating to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Review: Clarification, simplification and modernisation of the consumer guarantee framework. It is on the website for members to peruse. This submission built on a decade of contributions to the ACL framework. Currently, consideration is being given to input into a Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services’ inquiry into the operation and effectiveness of the

Franchising Code of Conduct. Again, I will draw on long-term comments expressed in previous submissions and, of course, the contemporary views of members. After being lodged, I’ll place it on the website. I’ve been working with the Auto Parts Recyclers Division on views for a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement inquiry into the theft and export of motor vehicles and parts. The Committee is considering the extent of and trends in theft and trafficking of motor vehicles and parts. According to the National Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, stolen vehicles exported as a whole, parts or scrap account for 4 in 10 profit-motivated theft. And, this trend is rising. It appears on the surface a more complex issue impacting our members and that is compliance by all operators. Pending too is a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics to its inquiry into impediments to business investment in Australia. The Committee will examine how governments at all levels can better support business investment in Australia. The terms of reference are wide including: the reduction of the cumulative regulatory burden and the impact of innovation policies (Commonwealth and State) on business investment; and the role of innovation policies in encouraging greater business investment. I welcome members’ views on this or other issues.

INDUSTRY ISSUES The Tow Truck and Other Legislation Act 2018 came into effect on Monday 16 April with the purpose of protecting motorists from unscrupulous tow truck operators. The legislation was based on recommendations made by an independent investigation into the removal of parked „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 9

Policy/Viewpoint vehicles from private car parks. The overhaul of the industry included changes to licence requirements, fees, signage, privacy, education and enforcement. For more information, members may access it at - The Commissioner of Taxation has advised that it will acquire information during the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial years, on vehicles that have been transferred or newly registered where the purchase price or market value is equal to or greater than $10,000. The information will be obtained from all State and Territory jurisdictions including the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. The data items to be obtained are comprehensive, such as details of the purchaser(s), seller(s), licensed dealer, fleet manager, leasing company (or representative of any of these) and the registering person for an unincorporated body. It is estimated that records of 1.5 million individuals will be obtained each financial year. These records will be electronically matched with ATO data holdings to identify non-compliance with obligations under taxation and superannuation laws. The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASB&FEO) has an inquiry underway into the allegation raised in the joint Fairfax/Four Corners investigation into heavy-handed tactics by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) experienced by small business operators. The inquiry has been requested by the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer. The ASB&FEO is seeking understanding of how the ATO is adversely interacting with small businesses to provide the government with constructive advice. If small business owners have such 10 | Motor Trader May 2018



FINALLY One of our constant advocacy issues to all levels of governments, is red tape reduction. There was an obvious reduction in 2014 under the new Motor Dealers and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014 when forms were cut from 14 to just three. Now, the Department of Transport and Main Roads at its customer service centres has commenced the rollout of paperless applications for registration and licensing transactions making it faster and simpler for customers to complete. This enables anyone with an existing smartcard, including Queensland drivers or marine licences and Adult Proof of Age Card, to complete several transactions without filling out a paper form. The initiative will be rolled out in phases for specific transactions during this year. Under the new process, customers still will be required to bring the necessary supporting documents to conduct the business, including identity evidence and any other materials they made need to complete a service. Until June, take care and stay safe.

Motor Trades Association of Queensland Industrial Organisation of Employers

ELECTION NOTICE - E2018/39 Scheduled Election Motor Trades Association of Queensland Industrial Organisation of Employers Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009

OFFICES AVAILABLE FOR ELECTION Nominations are called for: Queensland Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Division (QFIMDD) - Division Committee Member (5) Queensland Motor Cycle Industry Division (QMID) - Division Committee Member (5) Tyre and Undercar Division Qld (TUDQ) - Division Committee Member (7) Australian Automobile Dealers Association Queensland (AADA(QLD)) - Division Committee Member (5) Automotive Engineers Division (AED) - Division Committee Member (10) National Auto Collision Alliance (NACA) - Division Committee Member (8) District Representative Northern District - District Representative (1) Nominations, which must be in writing and comply with the registered rules of the Association, may be made at any time from 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Tuesday, 1 May 2018. Nomination forms are available on request. Alternatively, additional forms are available from the Returning Officer or the branch office of the Association. They must reach the Returning Officer via the lodgement method(s) stipulated below not later than 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Friday, 1 June 2018. How to lodge nominations, nominations must be lodged via the following method(s): By Post: Darren Drysdale, Returning Officer, Australian Electoral Commission: PO BOX 1205 NORTH LAKES QLD 4509 By Hand: Australian Electoral Commission, Level 1, 12 Endeavour Blvd NORTH LAKES QLD 4509 By Fax:

02 6293 7630

By Email: A properly completed nomination form including all necessary signatures and attachments may be scanned and submitted as a pdf file to PLEASE NOTE: 1. Emails to the AEC inbox that appear to be spam may be blocked. It is the responsibility of senders to ensure that their email reaches the AEC before the deadline for nominations. 2. In order to be able to be received by the AEC, emails (including attachments) should be no greater than 6 MB in size. 3. You may call 07 3049 2103 to check. VOTING PERIOD The ballot, if required, will open on Monday, 25 June 2018 and close at 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard PLEASE NOTE:Time (AEST) on Monday, 16 July 2018.

1. Emails to the AEC inbox that appear to be spam may be blocked. It is the responsib

senders to ensure that their email reaches the AEC before the deadline for nominati SCRUTINEERS

2. In order to be able to be received by the AEC, emails (including attachments) should

greater than 6 MB in The appointment ofsize. scrutineers opens at 9:00am 3. You may call 07 3049 2103 to check. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Monday, Voting Period9 July 2018 and closes at 5:00pm The ballot, if required, will open on Monday, 25 (AEST) June 2018on andFriday, close at 12:00pm Aus Australian Eastern Standard Time Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Monday, 16 July 2018. 13 July 2018.

Scrutineers A form is available from the Returning Officer for The appointment of scrutineers opens at 9:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time ( the purposes of appointing Scrutineers. Monday, 9 July 2018 and closes at 5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST Friday, 13 July 2018.


A form is available from the Returning Officer for the purposes of appointing Scrutine

Changed Address? Advise the Association now.

Other Information Changed Association now. Note: Address? A copy Advise of thethe AEC's election

report can be obtained from the Association or from from the the Association or fro Note: A copy of the AEC's election report can be obtained Returning Officer after the completion of the election. Returning Officer after the completion of the election.

Darren Drysdale Darren Drysdale Returning Officer Returning Officer Telephone: 07 3049 Telephone: 072103 3049 12 April 2018 12 April 2018


May 2018 Motor Trader | 11


Cameron Wright and Chris Jordan, owners of Automotion


Chris Jordan and Cameron Wright own and run Automotion, a workshop in the Brisbane suburb of Enoggera specialising in the mechanical servicing of exotic and classic sports cars, particularly models from Alfa Romeo, Lotus and Ferrari. Restoration work has always been a part of the business and, in 2018, the duo has expanded the focus of that area, drawing on their own expert knowledge and the expertise of other local businesses to offer a full restoration service to clients.

What products and services does Automotion provide? CJ: Our speciality is classic and modern

sports cars. We focus mainly on European models, but we work on all makes and models as our clients tend to bring their other cars to us as well. We have worked on Australian muscle cars and American muscle cars and there have been some weird and wonderful things in the mix as well. We are currently working on a Goggomobil and have worked on Messerschmitts, Trojans and old 12 | Motor Trader May 2018

Lamborghinis amongst others. CW: A lot of our customers have a collection of cars, so they’ll have modern sports cars as well as classics, and we work on all of them. Basically, we have two divisions – our service department and our department focusing on restoring and maintaining classic cars. CJ: The restoration work is a direction we are heading more towards. It’s Cameron’s passion and down the track I think we will move more towards that side of things and away from the everyday work.

CW: We have specialised in restoring

Alfa Romeos, Ferraris and Lotus – we get calls from across the country from people asking for advice on Alfas - and while we have taken on just about every make and model, that is where we may well focus in the future. CJ: To do restoration work you need to know the cars, know what needs to be done, know where to get parts. We have been around the traps for quite a long time now and our network around Alfa, Ferrari and Lotus is well established.

This year you have moved to team up with another very well-regarded business to offer panel repair and paint services to clients. Can you explain that collaboration? CW: We had been looking for an excellent

panel shop to work with for some time when, one day, David Stiling from Styling Automotive came in. The owner of a Porsche we were working on had asked him to come out and check the body of the car. We got to talking and we soon realised we had the same interests and ideas about the direction in which we wanted our businesses to go. We had been looking for a panel shop, he had been looking for a mechanical shop and

things went from there. It’s a team, a partnership, built on the quality of the work, of the finished product, and since the beginning of the year we have been working together, advertising together and offering what is effectively a one-stop shop for clients. Working together as a team means a whole restoration project can be done through us. We receive the car, strip it down to a bare shell and send that to David who will do all the body and paint for the project. In the meantime, we will rebuild and restore all the mechanical side of the car and, when the body comes back, put it all back together and complete the job. CJ: It’s early days, but we already have four cars going through the process.

When and how did you come to establish Automotion? CW: We established the business in 2007

but before that we worked together at a Ferrari dealership. CJ: When we worked together at Ferrari, we thought we could do the job better and for a better price - just because you own an expensive sports car, it doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to keep it „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 13

on the road. The idea for Automotion grew from there. When we started, we were in smaller premises at Breakfast Creek and we didn’t see a Ferrari for weeks. We did a variety of work to pay the bills, but then one Ferrari came in, then another and it began to grow. We were professional, we did the job right, and kept a clean and tidy shop, and word spread quite quickly about us. CW: Initially, we were a lot stronger in Lotus. When we were just getting going there was an independent on the south side who was doing Lotus, but they had just shut down and Lotus owners started to come over to us. We also did quite a lot of Mercedes and Alfas and really started concentrating on those few brands, which we expanded later to include BMW and Audi. We were at that original location for about six years before the need for bigger premises meant a move to our current shop.

Did focusing on such high-end vehicles mean investing in specialist equipment? CJ: It did. The first tester we bought was

specific to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. It was tough for two blokes, who were just kicking off on their own, to pay $16,000 on a piece of equipment that had to be bought unseen from Europe. But we bit the bullet and bought the tester . . . I think we are still paying it off ! 14 | Motor Trader May 2018

We have also bought testers from Bosch and others, and though they are a big investment they are vital – you need them to stay in the loop regarding the work required on these cars. Even modern VWs and Audis have software so advanced and developing so quickly that if you don’t stay on top of things, you’re quickly out of date.

Technology in the industry is always evolving. How do you keep across predicted changes such as electric and hybrid technology, and will that affect you? CJ: We keep a close eye on how things are developing and use systems such as Autodata and, of course, the world wide web as a resource. Our team here also have a lot of expertise and knowledge. CW: And the independent repairers who work with exotic cars are quite a close community. If there is any issue we might encounter, we could contact someone in Melbourne who we know has worked on that car, and vice versa – over the years you build up quite a knowledge base of people you can talk to. CJ: With the new all-electric technology, say for something as specialised as the Porsche Mission E, the chances of us seeing one of them would be very small. In fact, with Ferrari having put threeyear warranties and a seven-year free maintenanc program in place for new models, we don’t really see those cars

holiday in 1996. It was a struggle to get a decent job, but I was living right next to the Ferrari dealership, and have always been a real Ferrari nut, so I went down there and asked them for a job. I ended up doing an apprenticeship with them, stayed there for 10 years and got to do factory training at Maranello and Modena, before doing a stint with Mercedes and then starting Automotion.

until they are several years old. So, there will always be a time delay between new models coming out and them reaching us. In some regards then, there is less urgency for us regarding this new technology.

Is it fun to work on these cars? They are pretty incredible. CJ: They are breathtaking to look at. Some

of the old Alfas we work on – especially the stuff that Cam is currently restoring – are just beautiful. It is work, of course, and sometimes it feels like work, but then there are the moments when you turn around, look at one of the cars and you realise again just how nice they are. They are special, and we have worked on some pretty special cars. We’ve had an Aston Martin DB2/4 convertible come through here and worked on an Aston Martin One-77.

What is your background in the industry? CW: I always loved cars, and though I tried

university I ended up taking a light vehicle apprenticeship at a small shop on the Sunshine Coast. After a while there, I headed back to Brisbane and was working at a Mitsubishi dealership across the road from Ferrari before eventually finding my way there. I was at Ferrari for about three years. CJ: I’m from the UK and completed a degree in mechanical engineering there before coming to Australia for a working

How many staff do you have and what does it take to work on these vehicles? CJ: There’s Cameron and myself and

three boys in the workshop, and we are all geeks! I am a Ferrari fan, as is Cam with classic cars, our mechanic Ben is a complete nut and spends his time googling VW and Audi codes . . . we’re all a bit odd in our own way! CW: It takes a special kind of mechanic to work on these cars and to work here. You have to be passionate about the work, about the cars. They are harder to work on – some of the cars you wonder why they designed and built them the way they did and you can’t be frustrated by the job. You have to be up for the challenge. So, it can be difficult to find people who want to take on the work. These are expensive cars and some people just don’t want the responsibility. We expect our mechanics to make big calls on diagnosis - expensive calls - so if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t work here.

To what do you attribute your success? CJ: Over the years, people have come to

know us Australia-wide and our work has seen us gain a really good reputation within the communities we service such as Ferrari, Alfa and Lotus. CW: We’re honest, we don’t rip people off, we don‘t pretend we know everything and don’t try and tell people what to do with their car. We try to be friendly, honest and, of course, we do quality work. May 2018 Motor Trader | 15

2018 A





ROM MAY 16-18, Brisbane will be the epicentre of the fast-developing worlds of technology and innovation as Myriad - the threeday showcase of start-ups, new concepts, and next-generation technology - opens its doors at the RNA Showgrounds. The only event in Australia that brings together the five elements – start-ups, investors, students, government and enterprise – of an innovation ecosystem, Myriad is designed to deliver a program that is stacked with workshops, presentations, product demonstrations, 16 | Motor Trader May 2018

seminars and experiences - many delivered by industry heavyweights flying in from across the world - that shine a spotlight on the sharp edge of technological innovation. And there will be a tremendous amount to discover and learn. 200 exhibitors and more than 100 speakers will take part this year and Myriad’s program focuses on seven areas - Cities, Play, World, Health, Food, Money, and Culture – which together will mean the showcasing of technologies that touch every aspect of our lives. The automotive industry gets a guernsey too, and MTA Queensland will play a major

role at Myriad through its sponsorship of the Myriad Garage. The Garage is the exhibition space directly beneath Myriad’s main stage area and will feature exhibits and product demonstrations, including those from clients of the MTAiQ Innovation Hub. These will include a presentation of a flying car concept; a new electric ‘assembled’ vehicle; and a wireless-charging electric bus. The Association will also operate a purposebuilt theatrette to screen automotive innovation videos from around the world. Dr Brett Dale, MTA Queensland Group CEO, will represent the Association at Myriad as a keynote speaker, delivering an address that will cover how we are at the dawn of a new era of integrated mobility and how the automotive industry must embrace the digital economy and build business models that will take advantage of the mobility revolution. Dr Dale will also facilitate a panel discussion on ‘Are Flying Cars the Way of the Future?’ that will feature Steve Baxter, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur; Professor Michael Milford from QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty; and Kellie Nuttall, Global Mobility Expert from Deloittes. In addition, Juraj Vaculík, Founder and CEO of AeroMobil - an advanced

engineering company developing a flying car that combines a sports car and a light aircraft in a single vehicle - is flying over from Europe to join the event. “Australia is a perfect market for a real flying car capable of both road and air operation,” said Mr Vaculík. “Let’s imagine that with a single vehicle you will be able to travel absolutely free, door to door, up to 700 km radius. AeroMobil is ready for take-off in Australia!” In short, if you want to know not only where the automotive industry is heading, but where society is headed, then Myriad 2018 is the place to be.


2018 is Myriad’s second year of operation and follows a debut in March 2017, held at Brisbane Powerhouse, that was an unqualified success – more than 2000 people attended and even Cyclone Debbie, which battered the city during the event, could not dampen the spirits of the attendees, guests and exhibitors. The aftermath – of the event, not the cyclone – was all positive, with the Queensland government, which through its Advance Queensland initiative supports the event, especially pleased with its impact. “After a hugely successful 2017 event, „

May 2018 Motor Trader | 17

Myriad made its debut in 2017 and immediately claimed a spot as an important tech and innovation event

we are now looking forward to welcoming even more investors to Queensland, who will no doubt be seeking the next great start-ups and technology,” said Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy, at the time. “The concept of Myriad is strongly built on the foundation of facilitating and building connections and, on average, attendees to this year’s event each made nine new business connections. “We know the greatest motivation for people to attend was for the potential networking opportunities, and this year’s event certainly delivered. We must not underestimate the value of the thousands of new relationships formed and the countless ideas that have been sparked as a result of Myriad.” The success of Myriad 2017, and the enthusiasm with which it was met, is exactly what its founders, CEO & Co-Founder Martin Talvari - the former organiser and Chief Strategy Officer of, the world’s leading start-up event which now draws more than 40,000 attendees together over three days - and Co-Founder Murray Galbraith were aiming for. 18 | Motor Trader May 2018

“The first and most important part of the Myriad structure is that we include lots of students and allow them to grow with us,” said Martin. “Our main focus is on creating an experience-forward environment and our measurement for success is all about how many genuine connections are made. “Secondly, it’s all about mixing the industries. I believe my background in civil engineering and arts brings a unique twist to the Myriad events - innovation happens at the intersections - and this is why we are bringing together multiple industries and mixing students with senior executives, engineers with designers etc. The events are so much more than a networking opportunity, they are about an experience. We want attendees to leave with much more than business cards and potential investments - we want to open their minds to new opportunities and insights.” Tucked into Martin’s statement is one of the reasons that Myriad has become such a success – it is not just another festival or expo, not just another gathering of like-minded industry types. It’s a rather different beast altogether, with different goals and aspirations, not just for itself, but

for those who take part. “Most events are designed to preach to the converted,” said Murray. “If you are in marketing, you go along to a marketing expo and afterward you might say, ‘I learned some stuff and I swapped some business cards’. But what value was actually created? That’s a one-way conversation. “What we try and do is design an experience where there is organised discomfort. I want you to progress and be challenged, and challenge other people. Innovation is a contact sport, so I guess what we are building is one big stadium for that contact sport. “The government, brands, students, academics, investors and not-for-profits do not normally get together, and that’s the whole value proposition – the conversations and relationships that are made over Myriad’s two-and-a-half days genuinely shift the needle.” This special quality of Myriad is clear in the breadth of sectors and subjects it will cover and in its founders’ efforts to make the technology and innovations being presented not only as close to the latest in developments as possible, but also as relevant to Australia as possible. “At Myriad 2017, I thought the food topic was just part of the big health theme until I realised it deserves its own place,” said Martin. “So, at Myriad 2018, we are going to explore the Future of Food as one of the main themes. It’s a serious issue that we

don’t talk about nearly enough. Food and Health, or longevity in general, is a topic that I am extremely passionate about. We are currently at a crossroad, where society is at a time of deep uncertainty at every link in the global food chain. I believe Australia is on the cusp of change towards a healthier future and we can tap into that.” For the Food and Health segment of Myriad, Martin has put extra effort into inviting some of the world’s leading minds to share their insights. For example, Bill Maris - a neuroscientist, entrepreneur and venture capitalist focused on technology and the life sciences – is a speaker this year. The founder and former CEO of Google Ventures, where he managed $2.5billion and made more than 400 investments in companies, Maris is the creator of Google’s Calico project, a multibillion-dollar company focused on the genetics of ageing. “The Future of Cities is an obvious area to focus on for me personally, as a former civil engineer,” added Martin. “Australia is one of the fastest growing construction and real estate markets and, at the same time, one of the leaders in computer science. So naturally we should explore the mix of the two industries, because the built environment industry really needs a boost in innovation. With MTA Queensland including mobility and transport, the Future of Cities track will be one of the most interesting this year.” „

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Steve Baxter (with microphone) will be at Myriad again this year

„ May 2018 Motor Trader | 19

Showcasing up-to-the-minute technology means bringing some of the leading names and leaders in innovation and investment to make presentations, and some real heavyweights will be at Myriad this year. “For the Future of Cities, I was looking for something exciting and unique,” said Martin. “Last year, I joined the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, where SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave a ‘major’ update on his plans to not only colonise Mars, but also revolutionise city-to-city travel by rockets, right here on Earth. I thought it would be interesting to have Steve Jurvetson, who was an early investor in, and sits on the boards of, SpaceX and Tesla join us to speak about this exciting vision and other trends in technology. He has invested in just about every awesome company in Silicon Valley.”


For Martin, the path to Myriad started in an unusual way. “I began my career as a structural engineer and got my degree in Civil Engineering, specialising in the mathematics of structures,” he said. “I got

connected to the start-up world because I programmed a game and needed investors. I joined a ton of meet-ups and started networking and meeting people in the community. The next thing I knew, I was part of organising Slush. “It took me about four years of putting on events in 38 countries around the world - and traveling to 82 - to realise what I was doing could actually be a real, sustainable thing. One of those countries I visited was Australia and I knew straight away I want to build something special here. “Now, I see myself as this business-focused guy with an engineering background who relates to super-techy folks and can get ‘in the weeds’ about new innovations while also being able to connect at a high level with sponsors or venture capitalists looking for the next big thing. I have learned how to highlight the start-up and tech scenes in traditionally underserved geographies and really get to the heart of what makes those places and people tick.” Martin and Murray met at a Slush gathering in Melbourne - an event that Martin organised – and following Murray’s involvement with the Pause Fest tech event in Melbourne, they saw that a Slush-like

Myriad offers an environment where start-ups, innovators, academics, government and investors can meet and network 20 | Motor Trader May 2018


“ . . . I WANT YOU TO

PROGRESS AND BE CHALLENGED, AND CHALLENGE OTHER PEOPLE. INNOVATION IS A CONTACT SPORT, SO I GUESS WHAT WE ARE BUILDING IS ONE BIG STADIUM FOR THAT CONTACT SPORT.” event in Australia was well overdue. After “That’s why we are excited to be running some time and effort in securing interest, the Garage with MTA Queensland. We want the pair partnered with the Queensland 10,000 people to come in, to see an idea, government to bring it to Brisbane. see a concept, and think, ‘I didn’t know it “I knew wholeheartedly this thing was ok for me to drop out and start my own should exist,” said Murray. “We took the business. I thought I had to follow traditional idea on the road and tried to meet with paths, but this guy is not doing that’." as many governments as possible. Finally, Ultimately, Myriad’s purpose is to after Martin was invited to participate in a identify and showcase the next set of business delegation from Finland, we met brilliant ideas, concepts and projects, with some government people who said, throw their creators into the mix with ’We want the economic development that academics, investors and government, and came from Slush, how do we get it?’ and he kickstart conversations that will lead to a said, ‘You can have it. It’s called Myriad’.” cultural shift and a booming innovation Slush is something of a blueprint culture across Queensland, for Myriad. The two events cover Australia and the Asia-Pacific CLICK TO much of the same ground and have region. It’s a lofty ambition, but VISIT THE a philanthropic foundation at MYRIAD one that got off to cracking start their heart - like Slush, Myriad is WEBSITE in 2017 and one that looks set to moving towards becoming notgrow ever stronger. for-profit. And making students a “The first three-year strategy was vital part of the Myriad structure is to become the best in Queensland, a cool idea - having those most enthused then the best in Australia, and then the by the possibilities of technology and most influential event in Asia Pacific," said the start-up culture involved spotlights Martin. "I’ve seen this strategy happening the founders’ efforts in fostering and with Slush which, of all places, started in encouraging Australia’s start-up and Helsinki to become the most influential innovation culture. event between Europe and Asia.” “Many people in Australia believe the issue related to our start-up ecosystem is Myriad takes place from May 16-18 at the RNA the lack of funding or a lack of resources, Showgrounds in Brisbane. Find out more about the but that is just not true, it is all cultural,” event at said Murray. “And events such as Myriad Tickets for the main expo can be bought online at are by far the most efficient vehicle for Entry to the Myriad shifting attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. May 2018 Motor Trader | 21



HE CONCEPT OF flying cars is catching on. As we discussed in the pages of Motor Trader a couple of months ago, there is an entire industry steadily growing around the idea, and a handful of vehicles have already been tested, with some ready to be sold to hardy pioneers with an eye on the future. The argument for the flying car concept is clear - point-to-point travel via personal flying vehicle will be swift and congestion free – and manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. have embraced the logic and are steaming along in flying vehicle development. Australia, it seems, has been slow in latching on to the idea. That, however, is about to change. At the Myriad festival, and as part of the MTA Queensland-sponsored Garage presentation, Queensland-based company NXG3N Robotics will unveil an electric22 | Motor Trader May 2018

powered, autonomous flying car concept that could be a real game-changer. While the concept at Myriad will be in scaled-down form - with a one-tenth scale flying model and a one-quarter scale static display model offering a detailed look at its features and characteristics - a full-size vehicle is very much in development and there are some unique ideas within the concept that make it a very different proposition from its competitors. The most obvious difference is its appearance. Whereas many designers have created concepts that are more aeroplane or helicopter than car, NXG3N has taken a different tack. “Flying vehicles are a hot topic around the world when discussing mobility” said Neil Luu, co-founder of NXG3N Robotics and chief designer on the Pegasus flying car project. “But most of these vehicles look like helicopters or airplanes.

A one-tenth scale, 3D-printed, flying model of the NXG3N flying car concept will be demonstrated at the Myriad festival

“We wanted to literally design a car that can fly - a vehicle that looks like a car and that can fit into a garage, a driveway, or a space at a shopping centre car park, and actually fitting into our current lifestyles without too much change.” The result is just that – a two-passenger vehicle that looks like a car. But, while it’s a smart-looking vehicle, the really clever stuff, and the really clever thinking, is all happening under the shell. NXG3N’s concept, like other flying cars, is designed mainly as an eVTOL vertical take-off and landing machine that uses battery power and electric motors to drive its lift-creating propellers. However, with government regulations regarding flying cars yet to be set (there will surely be regulation around flight paths and other matters) and with electric power and battery technology advancing at a



furious rate, NXG3N’s concept is more than just a ‘take-off from your driveway’ vehicle - it can be driven and has a modular and uniquely adaptable design allowing elements to be replaced with ease, simplifying the assembly line as well as future maintenance and upgrades. “Realistically, governments will likely introduce no-fly zones,” said Neil. “To deal with that scenario, the car needs to be able to get to a spot where it can take off, so our vehicle can be driven if needed. “As for the technology, batteries and charging systems continue to advance, so much so that it can now take less than half-an-hour to charge a system when it used to take nearly a day, and there are even automatic battery swap-out systems that would mean no charging at all. “I think very modularly, so everything I design has a core that other elements can plug into. This means they can be easily repaired, easily serviced, and easily deployed. For me, the motors and the batteries of our flying car are disposable, and it is the flight navigation systems and other elements that are the core of this design.” A modular design built around a universal chassis that allows for elements, including the bodyshell, to be swiftly „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 23

removed and upgraded, means the flying car concept can be easily tailored for other work too – a distinct advantage in what will be an exhaustive testing phase. “It is designed as a two-passenger machine that will be completely autonomous, but we are also looking at it as a logistics solution and its first use will be in transporting cargo,” said Neil. “That will allow us to prove the technology and after perhaps a year we will be ready for passengers.” Neil and his brother and NXG3N cofounder Nathan, have pulled together a well-credentialed team to help with the project. They include Dr Toby Low, an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence, and Dr Thuc Vu, an ex-


TWO-PASSENGER MACHINE THAT WILL BE COMPLETELY AUTONOMOUS, BUT WE ARE ALSO LOOKING AT IT AS A LOGISTICS SOLUTION AND ITS FIRST USE WILL BE IN TRANSPORTING CARGO.” Googler, Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, creator of the Ohmnilabs telepresence robot (see page 26) and CEO of Kambria, a decentralised Blockchain Open Robotics and AI Platform. The development of the software that runs the flying car will be undertaken through the Kambria Open Innovation Platform. An open and decentralised Platform, Kambria engages a Global community of developers and programmers and is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of robotics and AI. It means that the software technology developed for the NXG3N Pegasus flying car will be available on an Open Innovation Platform, like the Raspberry Pi. Put that together with NXG3N’s physical, 24 | Motor Trader May 2018

modular vehicle, and what you have, said Nathan, is a vehicle that itself becomes almost open-sourced, with technical details one day to be available to anyone around the world on “Using an open platform means what we develop can be iterated and anyone could become involved,” said Nathan. “A bunch of students in a Robotics Lab in Vietnam could literally build a flying car with the components we are building now. It’s an open innovation marketplace. And that’s at the core of what we are doing pushing the speed of innovation, pushing a paradigm shift in thinking and pushing the capacities of collaboration and what we can humanly do.” The Pegasus flying car project is the latest in a series of ventures that Neil and Nathan have embarked on over the years, with the innovative, entrepreneurial-minded brothers starting their first business in 1996 – a car modification and customisation business called Ares Speed: Autostyling, Motorsport & Development that focused on the car modification sub-culture made famous in the film The Fast and The Furious. “Back then there was an emerging global trend in customising and modifying smaller capacity cars with aftermarket turbo kits and suped up Japanese rice racers that were quicker than most V8 Holdens and Fords,” said Nathan. “There were these pockets of sub-culture all around the world and when the movie The Fast and The Furious came out, that really cemented the trend and what we were doing became quite a big movement. “Ares Speed was a lifestyle proposition ARES stands for Auto Racing Enhancement System. We created a platform to help people modify their cars to best represent their individuality, because not everyone wants to be a plain-Jane commuter. “20 years on, we are actually aiming to do something similar with the Pegasus flying car – developing a multifunctional flying car prototype to be put on an

Iain Gilmour of 3DSL who used 3D printing technology to produce the flying car concept drone, with James Orr, MTA Queensland's Chief Technology Innovation Officer and Nathan and Neil Luu, founders of NXG3N Robotics.

Open Innovation Platform to essentially be customisable by teams in their own backyards around the world .”

THE JOURNEY TO HERE So how did they get here? An entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for advancing society through technology, and the cumulative knowledge of a career in design and product development seems to be the answer. Following a nine-year career in his own concrete construction business, Neil transitioned to a period working in product development for the Wagner Group in Toowoomba – the family enterprise behind the Wellcamp Brisbane West Airport –as their R&D, Product Development, Strategic Sourcing manager. While there, he was asked to be a judge for the F1 in Schools challenge – an international STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) competition for school children aged 5 to 17 in which they must collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air-powered balsa wood F1 cars. Teams must raise sponsorship and manage budgets to fund research, travel and accommodation. “What F1 was doing to teach kids engineering, design, and the business side of things really inspired me,” said Neil. “I

let myself get creative again and began doing lots of little projects on my own, and became friends with one of the other judges, Dr Tobias Low, who is a Mechatronic Lecturer at USQ: The University of Southern Queensland. I would have these crazy tech ideas, ask him what he thought, and he would help me polish them. “Starting on Autocad in 1994 while studying Architecture, I progressed to 3D design on my projects, which led to more 3D simulations which led to products and so on. And when you put engineering, mechanics, manufacturing and electronics together, you get to robotics.” A detour into software implementation services followed, all of which, said Neil, circled around inexorably once again to automation and robotics. “I went to work as a SaaS implementer for a cloud base software consulting company called RYPE and I saw that with the right systems you could run a business off any computer, any iDevice or Smart Phone, anywhere. That opened my mind to the software side of things. To realise what well designed, simple to use programs can do for business, and understanding the backend involved in doing that, led me to investigate a little bit more and that, once again, led me to robotics.” Enthused by the current technologies, the NXG3N team developed the tree-planting „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 25

A 3D rendering of the Pegasus concept, which shows its car-like design .

robot that was part of the cohort at the first robotics accelerator program in Australia – the Advance Queensland, Softbank, QUT BlueBox Robotics Accelerator. The three-month Accelerator program’s aim is to get start-ups commercially ready, and teams in the Accelerator must develop their market offering, pitch their business to potential customers, partners and investors in the start-up ecosystem with the top three teams winning funding for their projects. As a successful participant in The QUT Bluebox Robotic accelerator program, this brought Neil and Nathan into contact with MTA Queensland, the MTAiQ Innovation Hub and, ultimately, the flying car project and Myriad. “We came second in the hardware category of the Bluebox Robotics Accelerator with our tree-planting robot,” said Nathan. “With that success in our pocket and being part of the Queensland Start Up Ecosystem we were invited to come and check out the new MTAiQ innovation hub and immediately found ourselves a home. “NXG3N Robotics signed on as one of MTAiQ’s members, where support, mentoring and opportunities including the topic of flying cars project and Myriad came up. We didn’t hesitate and moved quickly to pull a team together and here we are.” While there is definitely a commercial 26 | Motor Trader May 2018

side to the Pegasus flying car concept, Neil and Nathan hope that the Myriad experience will ignite something altogether more profound. “20 years ago, we disrupted the modified car scene in Queensland and were part of a global movement that left a legacy on the automotive culture and today we are looking to do the same,” said Nathan. “We want to start the conversation right here in Queensland, to raise awareness in Australia and be part of the global disruption in mobility for the next 20 years. “Someone has to do this! Australia is a very innovative country and we have created many things that are world-leading – for example Brisbane Airport is the world’s first cryptocurrency-enabled Airport, through a start-up called TravelbyBit.” “The Pegasus flying car prototype and Myriad, for me, allows us to start the engagement and the conversation about the direction of transportation and mobility. With the help of MTA Queensland, we hope to make enough noise for all the other tech-heads to come on board, and this will once more put Brisbane on the global map.” You will be able to view the NXG3N Pegasus flying car concept at the Myriad Garage, part of the Myriad festival that runs from May 16-18. Entry to the Myriad Garage is free.

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MAGINE YOU ARE away from home, at a conference maybe, but would like nothing more than to spend a bit of time with the family. You can’t do that in person of course, so you use your phone for a chat or perhaps Skype in from your laptop. That will suffice, but it’s a little awkward – your view of the family abode is pretty limited and static. Bu what if you could do more than that? What if you could move around the house, perhaps help put the kids to bed or participate in dinner table conversation, and do it completely freely, unrestricted, able to be in control to move and turn and tilt to see everything going on as if you were physically there. Such is the freedom offered by the Ohmnibot, a telepresence robot and a splendidly clever device that allows a person to dial-in and be ‘present’ at wherever the robot is located. Thanks to the fact it can be folded and

28 | Motor Trader May 2018

transported with ease, that location could be anywhere. Fantastically easy to use – all its movements are controllable through just a few keyboard strokes – the Ohmnibot is, basically, a screen and camera sitting atop a long pole on wheels that is powered by an electric motor at its base. Motors in its head control the movement of the screen and camera allowing for side to side and up and down tilt motion. Simple. And it’s a simple idea with tremendous applications. Developed in the U.S. by Ohmnilabs and its founders and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Dr Thuc Vu and Jared Go, the Ohmnibot is being promoted and tested in Australia by MTAiQ Innovation Hub members NXG3N Robotics and its founders, Nathan and Neil Luu. It will soon be available for purchase. “The number one application for the robot in the U.S. is in senior care,” said Nathan. “It allows medical practitioners to dial in and interact with their patients and also allows family and friends to check-up and visit their loved ones at any time. “While that is its major application, it can be used for such things as conference or seminar participation too. When Dr Vu travels the the world to conferences he takes an Ohmnibot with him so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can dial in and take part in that event. That’s something we are testing now.” While there are other such robots available, perhaps the real advantage of the Ohmnilabs Robot is its adaptability, its cost (which currently stands at about $US1500) and the open source nature of its design. “There are other products out there but

NXG3N Robotics founder Nathan Luu using the Ohmibot to talk shop with Dr. Thuc Vu, Co-Founder of OhmniLabs and CEO of, who dialled in from Silicon Valley, California

Ohmnilabs have a global perspective and designed the robot so that it will be open source, allowing different labs around the world to actually take on a project and build their own version,” said Nathan. “Most of the Parts on the Ohmnibot are 3D printed, so it can be customised for individuals and to individual tasks. “That is something that we are looking into here – setting up a factory and robotics lab at MTAiQ to manufacture the robot locally.” While the Ohmnibot may be a useful tool in senior care and event participation, it also has promise in the automotive sector, OHMNIBOT: A ROBOT TO TRANSFORM HOW YOU COMMUNICATE

and MTA Queensland is investigating its potential use as a future aid in training. “The biggest issue with telepresence robots has been accessibility,” said James Orr, MTA Queensland’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “These robots can range in cost up to $20,000, so until solutions like the Ohmnibot came along, they haven’t been available to those that would benefit most from the technology. “Where the Ohmnibot sets itself apart is that it can be localised, it is 3D printed, it’s light and can be set up easily. It has lots of applications but the fact it comes in at a price point of about $US1500 means it has real potential to get into homes, businesses and offices across the country. “At MTA Queensland, we are always looking for new ways that we may improve training over and above the quality faceto-face training we already provide. We are definitely looking at how we can be even more accessible and how we can provide more one-on-one time with students. The Ohmnibot may well offer new ways of training and an increased opportunity to spend a lot more time with students.” May 2018 Motor Trader | 29


HEN YOU THINK year by Llewellyn Hyundai of of Virtual Reality Ipswich for the launch of the (VR), the chances i30. That VR project allowed are you think of computer users to ‘try before they buy’ games and/or science fiction and experience a showroom – of teenagers in bedrooms filled with rich features that wearing face-hugging goggles, showcased the i30 and all of its or fantastical futuristic functions and even included Hollywood adventures. The a 360-degree ‘test drive’ along Lex Van Cooten, Managing Director truth, however, is much more the streets of Sydney. and founder of Immerse Enterprise practical. While virtual reality Developed by Queenslandtechnology certainly has found based company Immerse a home as a new frontier in gaming and a Enterprise and its Managing Director and much-loved plot device in films, its realfounder Lex Van Cooten, the Hyundai VR world application is far-reaching. experience was a remarkable one, and one From real estate to medicine, from that highlights how technology will disrupt design to marketing, from training to the traditional way of doing business. tourism, plenty of industries are taking “The i30 wasn’t available on the market advantage of the opportunities virtual at the time and Virtual Reality was used reality has to offer. as a teaser to get pre-sales for the product Why? Well, if you’re an architect, it before it was actually available,” said Lex. “They used VR to make it more accessible. makes sense to be able to build a virtual “Their target audience of mums and reality version of your design to show dads are finding it harder to get themselves your client; if you’re selling real estate, and their kids to a car yard to physically go it makes sense to use the power of a VR for a test drive and this technology allows walk-through; and if you’re selling cars, a business to be a part of their customers’ creating a virtual reality showroom that can showcase every conceivable make and day-to-day world. More manufacturers are showcasing cars in shopping malls and the model of vehicle is a very cost-effective idea of a VR set-up like Hyundai’s is so that and innovative sales tool. mums and dads can save time and still That last example is one that MTA have that ‘hands-on’ experience on the way Queensland members may remember to grabbing their groceries.” reading about when it was debuted last 30 | Motor Trader May 2018

SERIOUS BUSINESS The virtual reality Hyundai showroom

“THE i30 WASN’T AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET AT THE TIME AND VIRTUAL REALITY WAS USED AS A TEASER TO GET PRE-SALES FOR THE PRODUCT BEFORE IT WAS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE.” The Hyundai i30 project, and indeed Virtual Reality itself is just one of the technologies that Immerse Enterprise uses to help clients reach and engage with potential customers. The company also produces 360-degree video footage, and develops applications using VR’s close cousin, Augmented Reality (AR) – a technology that combines VR with the real world in the form of live images digitally


enhanced with computer generatedgraphics and which is commonly used on mobile devices. “What we do is create immersive content, and we work with clients to develop virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree video content” said Lex. “We develop projects for various sectors and they have included real estate previsualisation work where we create a „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 31

VR experience that allows investors, other stakeholders and potential buyers to walk through a development project and engage with it before it is constructed. They can open virtual doors, turn on virtual taps and, in one of the projects we are creating for a futuristic high school development, even write on a virtual chalk board. “Another client, BUPA, were looking for a way to develop more engaging training for their staff that would also deliver better outcomes. We designed 360-degree video content that allows employees, no matter where they are in the world, to use a headset and effectively be in a store watching a customer engage with another staff member in a specific scenario, allowing them to learn from those interactions.” This type of content, and immersive technology in general, clearly has enormous potential across every industry and Immerse Enterprise is at the cutting edge of creation and delivery.


IMMERSIVE CONTENT, AND WE WORK WITH CLIENTS TO DEVELOP VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY AND 360-DEGREE VIDEO CONTENT.” Customers can interact with elements in the virutal showroom to get more info on the i30's features

32 | Motor Trader May 2018

Established in 2014, the company has benefited from the passion and drive of its founder, who saw the possibilities of the technology while a business student at the University of Queensland. “I was fairly entrepreneurial and had an interest in technology,” said Lex. “As I was coming to the end of my degree I researched other tech such as 3D Printing and drones, but it was VR that really stuck out and interested me. So, I started to learn to code and began to create my own VR experiences.” From that early start, the business now has nine employees and contractors, it services its growing client list from offices in Ipswich and Brisbane and, in mid-May, will be playing an important role in the Myriad festival. Immerse is involved with the flying car project being developed by NXG3N Robotics and its founders Nathan and Neil Luu. As part of MTA Queensland’s presentation in the Myriad Garage exhibit, the flying car project will include not only a real-world, scaled-down version of the vehicle, but a full-scale VR version with which people can interact. It is the perfect example of the business application advantages available with VR technology – illustrating the potential of an idea before that idea physically exists. “For the Myriad flying car project, we are going to help with visualising it on a one-to-one scale,” said Lex. “We will have VR systems set up at the Garage site and you will be able to put on a headset, have a virtual walk-around of the vehicle while also viewing the interior, inspect it from every angle and check out its blades, door and panel features, the underside – every detail. “The project is an awesome opportunity. It allows us to showcase our skills but also is an opportunity to tie the technology together in with industry through MTA Queensland and clearly demonstrate what is possible.”


In 360-degree video, viewers can use a small toggle button to move their point of view through a complete 360-degree turn


AHEAD FOR COMPANIES IS INCORPORATING THE TECHNOLOGY INTO THEIR PLANS AND REALLY ROLLING IT OUT SERIOUSLY.” While VR and AR technology has been around for a while and has often been talked about as being on the cusp of being a feature of our everyday lives, it’s not quite there yet. That is partly due, said Lex, both to businesses realising its potential but not yet utilising it, and the distribution of the created content. “The biggest challenge ahead for companies is incorporating the technology into their plans and really rolling it out seriously,” he said. “And distribution is key. YouTube, for example, allows 360-degree videos to be uploaded to their system, but that does not offer the user the best experience of that content. Similarly, there are a lot of VR headsets available that use cheap lenses that, again, do not offer the best way to experience the content. “We encourage clients to invest in good VR hardware and use it, as Hyundai did, to give potential customers the quality and seamless experience it was designed to be.”

Though the average man on the street may not have access to top-end VR hardware systems as yet, and their first exposure to VR or 360-degree content may not be as creators intended, the fact that there is affordable hardware available, and content can be accessed, proves there is a desire to see it and a desire to make it be seen – all of which indicates that the technology will, one day, be as much a part of our lives as the internet, smartphones and electric cars. For Lex, the time when every household has a VR set-up and accepts it as an everyday tool is just around the corner. “It’s a generational thing,” he said. “We spend a lot of time educating people on what VR and AR can do and it will likely be the next generation that pushes it into the mainstream. VR is different - there’s no mouse and keyboard in that world – and I think it will be from 2020 to 2025, as the baton passes to a younger generation who are more open to adopting this new technology medium, that we will see it really take off.” In the meantime, if you’re walking through your local Westfield and you see a VR set-up somewhere in store, take a moment and give it a try. Going for groceries will likely never be the same. You will be able to see the work of Immerse Enterprise and enjoy a full VR experience at the Myriad Garage, part of the Myriad festival that runs from May 16-18. Entry to the Myriad Garage is free.


May 2018 Motor Trader | 33

MTAQ Racing Team



FTER A STELLAR campaign at Bathurst at the end of March, where they finished 6th, 7th and 3rd in the three-race Federal Tyre Excel Challenge, the MTAQ Racing Team returned full of confidence to Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick on the weekend of the April 14-15 for the second round of the Queensland Series X3 Championship. And that confidence was justified, with driver David Wood piloting the racing Excel to the best result in the 18-month history of the MTA Queensland team. A second-place finish in Race 2 is a high-point in that short racing history and marked the team out as true contenders for a top podium position in future rounds. The team was looking to get back into the chase for a good spot on the championship ladder following the disappointment of Round One in March. At that meeting, the

34 | Motor Trader May 2018

Excel suffered cooling system damage in Race One that was so severe it had to be retired and withdrawn from the rest of the meeting. With no points scored that weekend, the pressure was on for something special in Round Two, and there was an extra opportunity to score points with the meeting to be a four-race event. And the weekend started well, with VIDEO: MTAQ RACING EXCEL GETS A SHUNT!









4th place on the grid secured for Race One after a solid qualifying session that included the team’s fastest ever lap posted on the Morgan Park circuit. David converted that 4th place start into a 3rd place finish after some tough, tight racing saw him fight back after dropping to 6th. Starting in 3rd place for Race Two, and with the car performing flawlessly, a tangle on lap one saw a slip to 4th place before another terrific fight back – a scrap that led David to the best-ever finish of 2nd place at the chequered flag. With the previous race positions determining the starting grid of the following race, Race Three offered David and the team the best opportunity yet to score their first podium-topping result. While the start from 2nd spot on the grid was good, with plenty of pressure exerted on the leader, an altogether different type

of pressure issue began OFFICIAL TYRE PARTNER to exert itself and a problem developed in the engine leading to the car slowly losing power. ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION PARTNER A fine defensive driving effort saw David guide the car home in 3rd but with Race Four scheduled to start less than half-an-hour after the end of Race three, a mighty struggle ensued in the pits as the Support Crew tried to locate and fix the car’s pressure problem. A tweak or two was all that could be managed in the time, but the problem remained and during a furious battle to stay in 3rd spot, David was shunted into a spin and off the track. Scrambling back into the race, but too far behind to make a dent in the placings, the final race of the weekend „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 35

MTAQ Racing Team

ended with a disappointing 20th place finish. As frustrating as that final race was, David and the team were well pleased with the weekend’s performance. “Even with the dropping of Race 4, we still finished 5th overall for the weekend, and have managed to elevate ourselves from 26th to 11th in the title chase,” said David. “But that lowly finish did hurt, with 20+ championship points slipping away. “Even though that was a sad ending to the meeting, there was a lot of positives to take away. Our improvement is continuing, with a new best finishing spot and lopping 0.7 seconds off our previous best lap at Warwick. In Excel racing, 0.7 seconds is an absolute eternity! To give you an idea, 0.9 seconds covered the first 11 cars in qualifying on the weekend.” That performance improvement is a testament to the work done by the MTAQ Racing Team Support Crew and others who have invested their time in preparing the car for race weekends. However, while their efforts are being rewarded with great times and podium finishes, the rest of the field are not resting on their laurels – things are, said David, improving all the time across the category. 36 | Motor Trader May 2018

“Every time we go out, we do better and better and that is very pleasing,” he said. “But that is also reflective of the rate of improvement in the class at the moment. It is just nuts! No-one is standing still. If we were doing the lap times we are doing now this time last year, we would be belting the field! “Which brings me to the class itself. It is exploding at a very rapid rate and behind the scenes there is an 'arms race' developing as teams strive to find more speed from cars. This is not just in Queensland, but in the other states as well. “There are now 330 Excels log-booked in Australia certified to race, and that breeds intense competition. It is an exciting time for the category, and the success of the recent Bathurst meeting showed how good this format of racing is. The spectators at the track were glued to the fence, and social media lit up with enthusiasm over how exciting the class is to watch. “And the major promoters have noticed,” he added. “2019 holds some exciting prospects and the class is on the verge of being thrust into the industry mainstream with a series of premier events. This naturally opens up better potential commercial and association outcomes, which is equally as exciting. “However, for now, we know we have to find a bit more power from our car, and we will have time to do that with the break we have before the next round of the championship. I am confident we will continue to improve.”

MTAQ RACING NEXT EVENT Shannon Nationals at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich on July 27-29.





HE FAIR WORK Ombudsman has begun auditing 1000 businesses across Australia, as part of a new campaign to ensure employers have the basics right in their workplaces. The industries and areas of focus selected for the campaign have been informed by the analysis of data obtained from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s intelligence reports, including its anonymous reports, which have identified hotspots of concern. The Workplace Basics campaign will see Fair Work Inspectors assist businesses in accessing and navigating the wide range of free resources available, to help them meet their obligations to pay workers correctly and follow record-keeping and pay-slip laws. Inspectors will also be checking the time and wage records of randomly selected businesses across a wide range of industries, with a focus given to sectors

38 | Motor Trader May 2018


THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS RIGHT, THEN THERE’S GOING TO BE A WHOLE HOST OF PROBLEMS DOWN THE TRACK FOR THE WORKERS AND ALSO THE EMPLOYER.” where large numbers of vulnerable workers, such as casuals, migrants and students, are employed. One area of focus will be the fast food, restaurant and café sectors in addition to others such as retail, security and manufacturing. Businesses within service networks and part of labour supply chains will also be examined. The Fair Work Ombudsman will be seeking to ensure that employers are aware of the significantly higher penalties

non-compliant businesses face under law changes passed last year to protect vulnerable workers, particularly those that relate to record-keeping. Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Kristen Hannah said successive campaigns conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman are finding that too many businesses were getting the basics wrong. “Failures to pay correct base hourly, penalty and overtime rates and inadequate or non-existent record-keeping and pay-slips are some of the breaches we consistently see from employers,” Ms Hannah says. “If a business cannot get the basic requirements right, then there’s going to be a whole host of problems down the track for the workers and also the employer. “Businesses need to appreciate the campaign will not only have a strong audit and education focus, but the Fair Work Ombudsman will use its compliance and enforcement powers where required. “Our field-based activities will shine a spotlight on those hotspots of concern across Australia. We will not hesitate to take action at any time where there is evidence of serious, repeated or deliberate breaches, including the commencement of legal proceedings. “It is imperative that businesses make themselves aware of their obligations as the potential penalties for such contraventions have never been higher,” said Ms Hannah. Changes made by the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 mean companies involved in serious contraventions now face penalties of up to $630,000 per contravention. The maximum penalties for individuals are now $126,000 per contravention. The Act also doubled the maximum penalty for failing to keep employee records or issue pay slips to $63,000 for a company and $12,600 for an individual, and tripled the maximum penalty for knowingly making or keeping false or


BUSINESSES MAKE THEMSELVES AWARE OF THEIR OBLIGATIONS AS THE POTENTIAL PENALTIES FOR SUCH CONTRAVENTIONS HAVE NEVER BEEN HIGHER.” misleading employee records to $12,600 for an individual. A reverse onus of proof can also now apply, meaning that employers who don’t meet record-keeping or pay slip obligations and can’t give a reasonable excuse will need to disprove allegations of underpayments made in a court. Employers and employees can seek assistance at or contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94. Small businesses can opt for priority service by following the prompts. A free interpreter service is available on 13 14 50. Information on the website can be translated into 40 languages. The Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) can be accessed at and provides advice about pay, shift, leave and redundancy entitlements. Employers and employees can also sign up to remain informed and receive tailored information by registering for a free Fair Work Ombudsman My Account. The Fair Work Ombudsman recently launched an online training course aimed at ensuring employers understand their record-keeping obligations. It and a number of other courses are available via the agency’s award winning Online Learning Centre at The Fair Work Ombudsman also has a suite of supply chain resources accessible at supplychain, including practical guides to help businesses monitor their contract arrangements to help ensure workers in their networks are paid fairly. May 2018 Motor Trader | 39

Auto news



UTOPARTS MAKER TENNECO has agreed to acquire FederalMogul, a leading global supplier to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket, for $US5.4 billion. Tenneco has also announced its intention to separate the combined businesses into two independent, publicly traded companies – an aftermarket & ride performance company and a powertrain technology company. The acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2018, subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals and other customary closing conditions, with the separation occurring in the second half of 2019. Federal-Mogul, with revenue of $US7.8 billion, operates two independent divisions – Federal-Mogul Powertrain designs and manufactures original equipment powertrain components and systems protection products for automotive, heavyduty, industrial and transport applications, while Federal-Mogul Motorparts sells

40 | Motor Trader May 2018

and distributes a broad portfolio of products in the global vehicle aftermarket, while also serving original equipment vehicle manufacturers with products including braking, wipers and a range of chassis components. The company’s aftermarket brands include ANCO, Beck/ Arnley, BERU, Champion, Interfil and Ferodo amongst many others. Tenneco is a $US9.3 billion global manufacturing company with approximately 32,000 employees worldwide. It is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of ride performance and clean air products and systems for automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment markets and the aftermarket. Amongst Tenneco’s principal brand names are Monroe, and Walker. “This is a landmark day for Tenneco with an acquisition that will transform the company by creating two strong leading global companies, each in an excellent position to capture opportunities unique to their respective markets,” said Brian Kesseler, CEO, Tenneco. “Federal-Mogul brings strong brands, products and capabilities that are complementary to Tenneco’s portfolio and in line with our successful growth strategies. Unleashing two new product focused companies with even stronger portfolios will allow them to move faster in executing on their specific growth priorities.”



Auto news

Ford Mustang



ORD HAS REVEALED the Mustang is to set to take its place on the grid for the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. The Mustang will make its Australian track debut at the first round of the Supercars Series in March 2019 at the Adelaide 500. Ford Australia and Ford Performance are working with DJR Team Penske and Tickford Racing in homologation of Mustang for competition next year, as the Supercars Series enables two-door coupes entry into the nation’s most popular series for the first time since its inception in 1997. “We’re proud to announce that Ford Australia, with our Ford Performance global team, is working with DJR Team Penske and Tickford Racing to homologate Mustang for 2019,” said Graeme Whickman, Ford Australia President and CEO. “There has been a lot of speculation and calls for Mustang to be on the track, and as a Ford Performance model that’s

42 | Motor Trader May 2018

raced around the world, it’s fitting that Australia’s most popular sports car should be on our race tracks.” Ford Australia and Ford Performance will work with DJR Team Penske and Tickford Racing. DJR Team Penske is the 2017 Supercars

teams champion, while Tickford Racing has also claimed numerous championships and endurance victories in recent years. “The Mustang nameplate is one the of the most legendary in the world and we are proud to have it lining up on our grid in 2019,” said Sean Seamer, CEO of Super cars Australia. “I know Australians, New Zealanders and our fans around the world will be just as excited as I am to see the Mustang take to our tracks in the world’s best Touring car racing.” “This is an exciting announcement for DJR Team Penske and for the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship,” added


Roger Penske, Team Co-Owner of DJR Team Penske, “We have been working closely with the Ford Motor Company over the past few years and this really builds a lot of momentum for Supercars. Ford’s dedication to the technical aspects of this process will continue to raise the bar for DJR Team Penske and the other Ford teams. The Mustang brand has such an iconic history in motorsports and it will be great to be racing them in multiple Series.” Ford Performance has worked with a number of competition partners globally, including Chip Ganassi Racing in the World Endurance Championship with the Le Mans-winning Ford GT; the Ford Fiesta with M-Sport, 2017 World Rally Champions and current leaders of the WRC. May 2018 Motor Trader | 43

Auto news



ANBERRA-BASED SEEING MACHINES, a company which that builds computer vision technologies which enable machines to see, understand and assist people, has launched phase one of its automated vehicle trial, CAN Drive. Supported by the ACT Government, which has committed $1.35m to the project, CAN Drive is the first automated vehicle trial in the world to focus on driver behaviour, using the Seeing Machines technology, and is getting underway at Canberra's Sutton Driver Training Track, testing how quickly a driver can be ready

to resume control of an automated vehicle. The Seeing Machines software monitors the driver's facial movements and expressions to determine whether they are paying sufficient attention, and sounds an alert if they need to look at the road and retain full control of the vehicle. "The ACT Government is proud to have formed an industry partnership with local company Seeing Machines to conduct this trial," said Rachel StephenSmith MLA (Australian Labor Party). "Seeing Machines is leading the world in decoding the interaction between people



USTRALASIA'S INDEPENDENT NCAP’s most experienced inspectors VEHICLE safety advocate, ANCAP, here enables the engineers to share has hosted one of Euro NCAP’s vehicle experiences and expertise to further safety assessment inspectors as part of its develop assessment processes.” reciprocal test data sharing and protocol “This is an excellent opportunity for alignment. Simon Edmonds, a senior information exchange,” said Dr Michiel vehicle safety inspector, attended van Ratingen, Secretary General ANCAP crash test laboratories of Euro NCAP. “It is important CLICK in Sydney and Melbourne as we collaborate on all levels. We TO VISIT THEANCAP part of a knowledge-sharing want safer cars for everyone, no WEBSITE and development program in matter which country or region place as part of ANCAP and Euro they live, and our approach NCAP’s 2018 harmonisation. to align with ANCAP from this "We not only adopted a common year is already seeing vehicle approach to testing, we also integrated manufacturers build cars to a higher policies and assessment processes standard for both world markets.” which are now shared between our two ANCAP assessment engineers will regions,” said James Goodwin ANCAP attend crash and driver assistance testing Chief Executive. “Having one of Euro in the UK later this year.

44 | Motor Trader May 2018

Ken Kroeger, Chairman and CEO of Seeing Machines

and machines, as increasingly-automated vehicles are developed. "Canberra is a progressive and growing city that has earned the reputation as Australia's testbed for innovative new technology and business models that can improve the lives of our citizens: we've supported Uber into our city, we're hosting world-first drone delivery trials, and now we're pioneering research to make automated vehicles safer." Seeing Machines is calling for Canberra drivers who are interested in taking part in the trial. Following this first phase at Sutton Driver Training Track, the trial is expected to move to Canberra's roads to study driver behaviour in real world conditions. "The data we collect in trials such as CAN Drive is critical to advancing safety of communities all around the world,” said Ken Kroeger, Seeing Machines Chairman. “Automated technologies are emerging across many transport sectors and it is Seeing Machines' goal, through our driver monitoring platform, to help advance these developments with safety as the highest priority. The continued support of the ACT Government helps Seeing Machines sustain its leadership position as we develop our core technology to meet CLICK TO VISIT the needs of our partners, THE SEEING customers MACHINES WEBSITE and stakeholders."

BENTLEY MOTORS TO BUILD THE UK’S LARGEST SOLARPOWERED CAR PORT BENTLEY MOTORS HAS started construction on the UK’s largest ever solar-powered car port at its factory headquarters in Crewe, UK. The installation of 10,000 solar panels, which has a capacity of 2.7MW, will take approximately six months to complete. Once done, the car port will take Bentley’s energy system to 30,815 solar panels. This includes the 20,815-panel roof top installation completed in 2013. “We continue to focus on new initiatives that reinforce our commitment to the environment, whether this is introducing alternative powertrain technologies in future models, or our award-winning work to reduce the environmental impact of our factory,” said Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Manufacturing. “This solar installation is another example of how we can make our factory more sustainable by using technological innovation. This helps us produce extraordinary cars with responsiblysourced materials in an efficient manner, while continually striving to reduce the company’s environmental impact.” The solar car port installation, which covers 1,378 car parking spaces, and an area of 16,426m², is backed by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency driven to support the science and technology initiatives.

CGI image of how the car port will look

May 2018 Motor Trader | 45

Auto news

Mercedes X-Class



USTRALIAN’S LOVE OF the pickup truck knows no bounds - the Toyota HiLux has been the nation’s best-selling vehicle for the past two years – and Mercedes has now joined the ute club with the X-Class, which became available for purchase in Australia in April. Starting at $45,490 plus on road costs, the X-Class had, said Mercedes at the model’s launch, more than 8,000 customers register their interest in buying the vehicle, with some leaving deposits at dealerships to secure early orders. 13 variants of the model are available, boasting two turbocharged four-cylinder engines. A high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released from mid-2018. The X-Class has coil springs front and rear and the suspension consists of a double wishbone front axle and a rear multi-link solid axle. Safety features include seven airbags,

46 | Motor Trader May 2018


Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist as standard. The X-Class POWER model comes with a 360-degree camera and the PURE and PROGRESSIVE models are equipped with a reversing camera. As an optional upgrade the 360-degree camera is also available on the PROGRESSIVE line. There’s an engageable 4MATIC allwheel drive with low-range gearing and standard differential lock on the rear axle. Permanent all-wheel drive will be available



with the V6. All the all-wheel drive models come with Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) on board as standard. The X-Class can haul a payload of up to 1.1 tonnes and can tow up to 3.5 tonnes. “The high level of interest and anticipation in the lead up to revealing the new X-Class has been a reflection of just how ingrained dual cab utes are in both the Australian and New Zealand culture,” said Diane Tarr, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand. “The fact is we love utes and we are showing a desire to incorporate this type of vehicle into our lives in more ways than we did in the past. Not just for work, but also increasingly for private use. “The new X-Class finds the perfect balance between the stylish design expected of a Mercedes-Benz and the uncompromising robustness and functionality demanded of the category. As a result, with the X-Class, we can effectively provide a solution for trade and fleet customers, and we will find out just how far this category can evolve for private customers who need the vehicle to support their lifestyle.”

HE FEDERAL COURT HAS approved an agreement between Ford Australia and the ACCC that Ford pay a penalty and implement a consumer redress scheme relating to its response to customer requests for a refund or no cost replacement of select vehicles fitted with PowerShift (PST) automatic transmissions. Complaints made to Ford regarding Fiesta, Focus and EcoSport vehicles fitted with PST included excessive clutch shudder, excessive noisiness from the transmission, delayed acceleration and excessive shuddering when accelerating. “As we said from the outset of this action - we took too long to identify the issues and we acknowledge that PowerShift customers did not have complaints handled appropriately between May 2015 and February 2016,” said Graeme Whickman, President & CEO Ford Australia. “Of particular concern was the Owner Loyalty Program, which resulted in customers paying an additional cost to buy new vehicles although they may have been eligible for a refund or no cost replacement vehicle. We now realise this program was flawed as it didn’t ensure an adequate assessment of customers’ rights under consumer law. It was discontinued in November 2016." Ford Australia has agreed to implement a range of actions including establishing an independent complaints review program for customers who requested, but did not receive, a refund or no cost replacement vehicle between 1 May 2015 and 1 November 2016. “Accepting the $10 million fine is the first action on our commitment to make right,” said MrWhickman. May 2018 Motor Trader | 47

48 | Motor Trader May 2018


May 2018 Motor Trader | 49


ACK IN 2000, the film Gone In 60 Seconds was released. The film, starring Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall, is about a group of car thieves trying to pinch 50 expensive motors in 24 hours and was a pretty big hit at the box office, raking in more than $300million worldwide. To be honest though, while the film did have some big-name Hollywood 50 | Motor Trader May 2018

heavyweights in the cast, the real star of the show was the 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, nicknamed Eleanor, that was the ultimate target of the film’s protagonists. It’s a cracking car, and the odds are pretty good that fans of American V8 muscle have seen the film and had more than their fair share of daydreams in which Eleanor is parked in their driveway. Gone In 60 Seconds is not a bad film. It’s not great, but not bad. However, those amongst you who enjoy a decent car flick will know that the Cage movie is actually a remake of a 1973 film. And that version of Gone In 60 Seconds is a dead-set classic.


For those that haven’t seen it, the original is on YouTube and really is worth a watch. True, the human performances are so wooden they’ll give your eyes splinters, but once again, the real star of the film (it even gets star billing in the opening credits) is Eleanor the car, this time a 1973 Mustang Mach 1, and her performance, especially in the outrageous 40-minute chase scene that is the film’s centrepiece, is flawless. The Mach 1 Mustangs, produced from 1969 to 1973, were big cars. Wide and long, they were the most aggressive-looking Mustangs ever made – a look befitting what was the performance-oriented model of the Mustang line. Under the massive hood you wouldn’t find anything smaller

than a 302ci (4.9 litre) V8 during its entire production run, and at the top end you could buy one fitted with a 429ci (7.0 litre) Super Cobra Jet V8 churning out 375hp. That’s some monster grunt. This 1973 Mach 1 has a 351ci (5.8 litre) Cleveland V8 and it is owned by Peter Dever from the Supamerc prestige used car dealership in Coopers Plains, Brisbane. A Mustang fan since he was a kid – his father was one of the first importers of used Mustangs into the country back in the day – Peter stumbled across this particular car when surfing eBay. Having owned and then parted company with a ’69 Mach 1 in the past, the opportunity to get another was too „ May 2018 Motor Trader | 51

good to miss and having made the highest bid that hadn’t met the reserve, Peter was able to contact the owner directly and organise to meet at the famous Munchies Friday Night Car Meet in Brisbane. “When he rolled into the car park, I thought ‘Wow! Look at this!’,” says Peter. “I walked around the car a couple of times, and then quickly said, ‘Yep, that’ll be fine, take it home!’ because I didn’t want anyone else to see it!” Peter organised for his mechanic to check the car out the next Monday and, following a glowing report, he was in possession of the car the next evening. Such was the condition of the Mustang, that in the following three years the changes Peter has made have been mostly cosmetic. “When I got the car, it was in pretty much the condition you see it now, although I have replaced a lot of the ‘jewellery’ as I call it - the cosmetics,” he says. “Having owned a Mach 1 in the past, I knew where to source all the little odds and sods – there is one particular Mustang parts supplier in the U.S. called Ohio Mustang who has a massive array of stuff - so I was able to put a Mach 1 grill on it, which it didn’t have, and bought new anodised nuts and new rubbers. I changed

52 | Motor Trader May 2018

the tail lights, the honeycomb panel on the back, the rear bumper bar, the vents in the bonnet, and installed a new fuel cap . . . when you own an old car it’s always a work in progress, there is always some piece of ‘jewellery’ that you want to get. “I am actually still looking for new windscreen and rain gutter mouldings,” he adds. “With the ’71-’73 Mustangs there are not quite the array of reproduction parts available as there are for, say, the ’66 Mustang, and though you can buy reproduction stuff, Ohio Mustang says that these mouldings are extremely tricky to fit and are quite soft which means you may leave dints in them. So, I am looking for ‘new’ old stock there. “The interior of the car is as I bought it. It had been redone at some point in the past, and had a trim kit and carpets put through. Power windows, which weren’t standard back in the day, had been fitted too. Really, the interior is one area of the car where I haven’t had to do too much. “The colour is different to the original and was done in 2014. It’s called Deep Impact Blue and I have had a lot of people comment on it. It really pops.”

With Peter’s background in prestige cars, his lifelong love of Mustangs, and his contacts in the trade, the car is simple enough to maintain and besides, he says, it’s hardly a daily driver. “It’s an easy car to maintain,” he says. “You’re talking about a pretty basic 1970s motor car. It has an MSD ignition system but there really is no comparison to modern cars with all their electronics. “We are fortunate in that Ford Australia’s products of the era carried the same driveline – a 351 Cleveland was in an XY and XA Falcon. There are subtle differences, such as the Mustang’s brake callipers being different to a Falcon’s, but generally speaking they’re similar. “So, from a maintenance point of view, there are no major difficulties. I change the oil once every 12 months, regardless of mileage but, I must admit, it doesn’t do a lot of miles. “It’s really an indulgence, and considering the amount of use it gets, it is hard to justify owning it!” he adds with a smile. “But as far as I am concerned,

you only get one go at this life. I’ve had Mercedes, Porsches and Ferraris, but I guess it comes back to my history as to why I bought this car - when I turned 18, my dad dropped the keys of a ’65 Mustang in my lap and told me I would have to fix it up. I rebuilt that car over about 7 months and not only did I learn a lot about Mustangs, I was hooked on them too.” For Peter then, this car will likely stay in his possession. It might not be rational to own the car, but the emotional attachment is strong. Which isn’t to say there might be something else he would pick up if it came across his radar. “It’s not a practical car for driving to the shops,” he says. “It’s an enthusiast’s car and I take it along to events like Cars and Coffee and so on. It’s pleasant to drive and there isn’t a time when I am out in the car that I don’t get some sort of comment or a thumb’s up, or people coming up to the car to take photos. It’s a keeper. “No, I have no intention of selling,” he says, before adding with a smile. “Unless something absolutely amazing fell into my lap. That would be another Mustang, of course. A Boss 302 perhaps. We’ll see.”


DO YOU HAVE A PRIDE AND JOY IN THE GARAGE THAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE IN THE PAGES OF MOTOR TRADER? Contact Jonathan Nash at and let’s see if we can share your classic with other members.

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HIS IS THE battery-powered BMW iX3 concept, tagged as a Sport Activity Vehicle, which has a fifthgeneration electric motor that generates output of over 200Kw/270hp, has a range of more than 400kms, and a high-voltage battery which can be charged in just 30 minutes from a fast-charging station. Perhaps more important than its looks, or that it is another addition to the evergrowing list of electric vehicles/concepts, is what the iX3 represents. Among the innovations showcased in the vehicle is the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, a key benefit of which is the modular grouping together of the electric motor, transmission and power electronics within a new, separate VIDEO: BMW GROUP ELECTRIFICATION STRATEGY

BMW Concept iX3

54 | Motor Trader May 2018

electric drive component. This, BMW says, makes integration into different vehicle architectures significantly easier. In order to exploit this potential, the company says vehicle architectures of current and future models will allow for the integration of different drive systems. This will pave the way for models from all the company’s brands to be equipped with a combustion engine, plug-in hybrid drive system or battery-electric solution, as desired. While BMW has production facilities around the world - the eDrive components for these vehicles are supplied by plants in Germany, China and the U.S. – manufacturing of the future seriesproduction version of the Concept iX3 will be via the BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture in Shenyang, China.



IN CORDLESS TOOLS With a heritage forged over decades of innovation in the tooling industry, SP Tools is proud to showcase the new premium SP Max Drive power tool program, developed to offer superior performance to automotive, industrial and trade applications. Each SP Max Drive tool offers the best componentry for longevity and durability for the life of the tool and are rated in real working torque for real performance with optimal size, weight and comfort. SP MAX CORE MICROPROCESSORS The core to the SP Max Drive program are the Max Core microprocessors that offer the ultimate charger to battery to tool interface to improve outright performance. We have embedded microprocessors in all three components to give users longer run times, charge and discharge protection, intelligent current flow and temperature protection. With SP Max Drive using Max Core technology we can offer more work time, more power, more recharges and ultimately better performing tools.

CHANGING MARKET DEMANDS Todays requirements for productivity and useability have seen a major swing away from corded electric tools and air tools. Tradesmen want and need their cordless tools to be smaller, lighter and more powerful but above all they have to be reliable. SP Cordless have an envious reputation for longevity within the auto industry and the new SP Max Drive range will exceed expectations.


The challenge has always been to have the batteries that not only have the required power output but can give a good runtime. SP Max Lithium Batteries are at the cutting edge of todays battery technology. MULTI-VOLT PLATFORMS The SP Max Drive range spans across 12, 16 & 18v paltforms to give you Performance and versitility to suit your applications and needs

SP MAX LITHIUM BATTERIES The SP Max drive cordless range is powered by next-gen Samsung INR chemistry battery cells. The INR chemistry combines the safety and low resistance of Manganese and the high energy capacity of Nickel. When we combine these cells with Max Core electronics, the result is a battery pack with superior performance and safety or in simple terms, the very best available.

• L����� ��� ���� • L��� �������� • P���� ���� ��� ���� �� • S������� ������ �������� • M��� ���� ������ ��� ��������� �� ������ ������� ���������

12 Volt - This range is widely used in the automotive industries where size is important due to inaccessibility on todays vehicles and machinery. As most of the jobs are not repetitious, usually one battery will last the whole workday so many of SP Max Drive’s 12V models are available with one or two batteries. 16 Volt - These are used when you need that extra power but still not as bulky as the bigger voltages. 18 Volt - While this voltage is used mainly in the building and construction industries, with the new high power motors and batteries cordless is moving into new fields.


Auto news

Jaguar XJ50 anniversary edition



AGUAR IS CELEBRATING 50 years of the XJ luxury saloon with the introduction of the XJ50 anniversary edition. The XJ50 introduces a series of exclusive exterior design elements including unique front and rear badging, Autobiography style front and rear bumpers, a gloss black front grille and 20-inch alloy wheels with a unique finish. Customers also get a choice of four exterior colours; Fuji White, Santorini Black, Loire Blue and Rosello Red. Available in short and long-wheelbase, drivers can choose between the 250kW 3.0-litre V6 petrol or 221kW 3.0-litre diesel powerplants. These engines provide

56 | Motor Trader May 2018

performance of 0-100km/h times of 5.9 seconds and 6.2 seconds respectively. Advanced Adaptive Dynamics dampers adjust to suit the conditions and driving style by monitoring the car up to 500 times a second. Analysing acceleration, cornering, throttle and brake pedal activity, and working alongside the air suspension system, the intelligent set-up improves body control in dynamic driving without compromising ride comfort. Steering feel and vehicle dynamics is enhanced by the application of electric power-assisted steering (EPAS). This set-up also underpins a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) including Lane Keep Assist, Driver Condition Monitor and bay and parallel Park Assist. The XJ50 comes with All-Surface Progress Control (ASPC). Developed for low-speed driving in adverse conditions, ASPC automatically manages the brakes and throttle to deliver the best possible traction. ASPC is fitted to all automatic models and operates between 3.6km/h and 30km/h with the driver using the cruise control switches



to select and maintain the desired speed. There’s a raft of state-of-the-art technology, including the Touch Pro infotainment system and Connect Pro package which keep the XJ connected to the world. The intuitive technologies provide features such as door-to-door navigation, 4G Wi-Fi and a 1,300W Meridian Sound System. This can all be accessed through the 10-inch central touchscreen with smartphone-like usability. “The XJ is the ultimate expression of saloon car luxury and refinement and has been for half a century,” said Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar. “We couldn’t let such a landmark pass without recognising 50 years of Jaguar comfort and performance and the XJ50 is as desirable as it is understated. From its soft-grain leather upholstery to its distinctive alloy wheels, the enhancements are designed to showcase its traditional strengths – its unmistakable presence, trademark refinement and engaging driving dynamics."

IN RESPONSE TO rising public concern about the towing of vehicles from private property parking areas, in 2017 the Queensland Government commissioned an independent investigation into the tow truck and vehicle removal industry. All 22 recommendations made by the independent investigation were accepted and amendments made to the Tow Truck Act 1973 and Tow Truck Regulation 2009. The changes coming into effect from April 16 include: •  private property towing may only be performed in regulated areas by drivers and assistants who have the necessary certificates and are using licensed tow trucks • tow truck licensees must have towing consent evidencing an arrangement with the occupier to remove vehicles from the property and to notify the police as soon as practicable after removing a vehicle from private property • conduct requirements on tow truck licensees, drivers and assistants including prohibiting intimidating, abusive or insulting behaviour, and requiring reasonable steps be taken to locate the motorist before loading a vehicle onto the tow truck • vehicles removed from private property may only be taken by the most direct route to the licence holder’s nearest holding yard • set maximum towing charges for a standard private property tow ($250), the on-site release of a vehicle ($150) and storing a vehicle ($25) and prohibiting the charging of call-out fees and charges for separate activities incidental to the towing service CLICK such as administration fees FOR MORE INFORMATION ON • increase the maximum penalty THE LEGISLATION that may be imposed under CHANGES the Tow Truck Regulation from 20 penalty units ($2523) to 80 penalty units ($10,092). May 2018 Motor Trader | 57

Auto news



EW VEHICLE SALES have enjoyed a solid first quarter to the year, with strong figures for March of 106,988 sales helping push the sector to 4.4 per cent first quarter growth over last year according to the motor industry’s official statistical service VFACTS. Australia’s new vehicle market grew 1.5 per cent in March which marked the ninth month of record industry sales in the past 11 months and brought the year-to-date total to 291,538 sales. SUVs continue to dominate with - sales grew during the first quarter to now represent 42.3 per cent of the total market. Small SUVs climbed 32.8 per cent compared with March 2017, while medium SUVs increased sales by 10.1 per cent. The light commercial market dipped (down 0.4 per cent) in March, although sales of 4WD utes and cab chassis models were still up 3.2 per cent ver last year. The

58 | Motor Trader May 2018

LC segment now represents 19.7 per cent of the total market. The micro car market jumped 47.2 per cent, while light cars gained 6.9 per cent. Five of the states and territories recorded sales gains during March compared with the same month last year. The Northern Territory recorded 12.8 per cent growth, followed by the ACT with 7.9 per cent, then Victoria (+6.3%), Queensland (+1.8%), and Western Australia (+1.3%). South Australia, Tasmania and NSW recorded falls. Toyota was the market leader for March with a 17.6 per cent share, followed by Mazda with 9.1 per cent, Mitsubishi with 8.2 per cent, Hyundai (7.9%) and Ford (6.3%). The Toyota Hilux maintained its topseller position in March with 4,348 sales, followed by the Ford Ranger (4,064 sales), Toyota Corolla (3,218), Mitsubishi Triton (3,109) and the Mazda3 (2,780).

Representing the legal interests of MTAQ’s chosen firm Queensland’s automotive industry for Representing the legal interests of TheMTAQ’s MTAQ’s chosen firm more thanthe 15 years Bennett Philp Representing the legal interests Representing the legal interests of Representing legal interests of& of chosen firm Representing legal interests of for for automotive industry Queensland’s the automotive industry MTAQ’s chosen firm MTAQ’s chosen firm MTAQ’s chosen firm Lawyers are acknowledged asfor experts Queensland’s automotive industry for Queensland’s automotive industry for Queensland’s automotive industry Queensland’s automotive industry more than 15 years Bennett & Philpfor for for theautomotive automotive industry industry, more in a broad range of commercial issues more than 15 years Bennett & Philp more than 15 years Bennett & Philp than 15 years Bennett & Philp complimentary legal more than 15acknowledged years Bennett as & Philp for automotive industry for automotive industry Lawyers for automotive industry Lawyers are experts involving the automotiveasindustry. acknowledged as Lawyers are acknowledged as experts Lawyers areare acknowledged experts providing complimentary Lawyers are acknowledged asexperts experts in a broad range of commercial issues complimentary legal advice aa range of issues broad range of commercial issues in ainin broad range of commercial issues complimentary legal complimentary legal complimentary legal in abroad broad range ofcommercial commercial issues We advise car and truck dealerships, involving the automotive industry. legal advice involving the automotive industry. involving the automotive industry. involving the automotive industry. involving the automotive industry. advice vehicle tuning and customisation advice advice advice We advise car and truck dealerships, companies, performance and accessory advise and truck dealerships, We advise car and truck dealerships, WeWe advise carcar and truck dealerships, Take advantage of our Take advantage our expertise and ask of MTAQ Take advantage of ouryour expertise and ask for a referral today. Take advantage Take advantage of our Take advantage of of our Take advantage ofour our expertise and ask MTAQ MTAQ representative expertise and MTAQ expertise and ask MTAQ expertise and askask MTAQ expertise and ask MTAQ for today. fora areferral referral today. aa today. for referral today. forfor a referral today. for areferral referral today.

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We advise car and and customisation truck dealerships, vehicle tuning manufacturers and automotive industry vehicle tuning and customisation vehicle tuning and customisation vehicle tuning and customisation vehicle tuning and customisation companies, performance and accessory suppliers. If its auto industry related, we companies, performance and accessory companies, performance and accessory companies, performance and accessory companies, performance and accessory manufacturers and automotive industry are the experts forautomotive legal advice. manufacturers and industry manufacturers and automotive industry manufacturers and automotive industry manufacturers and automotive industry suppliers. If its auto industry related, we suppliers. IfIf auto industry related, suppliers. its industry related, we suppliers. If its auto industry related, wewe suppliers. Ifits its auto industry related, we Call on 07auto 3001 2999 are theusexperts for legal advice. experts advice. are the experts for legal advice. areare thethe experts forfor legal advice. are the experts forlegal legal advice. Call us on 07 3001 2999 Call 2999 Call us on 07 3001 2999 Call usus on 07 3001 2999 Call uson on07 073001 3001 2999

Our team’s legal expertise includes: • Motor Trades licensing and regulatory compliance;

Our team’s legal expertise includes: Our team’s legal expertise includes: •team’s Business structuring and succession planning; Our team’s legal expertise includes: Our legal expertise includes: Our team’s expertise includes: • Motor Tradeslegal licensing and regulatory compliance;

••• •Motor Trades licensing regulatory compliance; Motor Trades licensing and regulatory compliance; • Motor Trades licensing regulatory compliance; Purchasing, sellingand orand leasing commercial property; Motor Trades licensing and regulatory compliance; • Business structuring and succession planning; ••• •Business structuring and succession planning; Business structuring and succession planning; • Business structuring and succession planning; Franchising advice; and succession planning; Business structuring • Purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property; ••• •Purchasing, selling oror commercial property; Purchasing, selling leasing commercial property; • Purchasing, or and leasing commercial property; Raisingselling finance entering into security arrangements; Purchasing, selling orleasing leasing commercial property; • Franchising advice; ••• •Franchising advice; Franchising advice; • Franchising advice; Contractualadvice; advice including compliance with consumer laws; Franchising • Raising finance and entering into security arrangements; ••• •Raising finance and entering security arrangements; Raising finance and entering into security arrangements; • Raising finance and entering intointo security arrangements; Intellectual property protection; Raising finance and entering into security arrangements; • Contractual advice including compliance with consumer laws; ••• •Contractual advice including compliance with laws; Contractual advice including compliance with consumer laws; • Contractual advice including compliance with consumer laws; Employment law and workplace relations; Contractual advice including compliance withconsumer consumer laws; • Intellectual property protection; ••• •Intellectual property protection; Intellectual property protection; • Intellectual property protection; Workplaceproperty health and safety; Intellectual protection; • Employment law and workplace relations; ••• •Employment law and workplace relations; Employment law and workplace relations; • Employment lawand and workplace relations; Insurance liability advice; Employment lawpublic and workplace relations; • Workplace health and safety; ••• •Workplace health and safety; Workplace health and safety; • Workplace health and safety; Insolvencyhealth and bankruptcy Workplace and safety;advice, and • Insurance and public liability advice; ••• •Insurance public liability advice; Insurance and public liability advice; • Insurance andand public liability advice; Commercial litigation and debt recovery Insurance and public liability advice; • Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, and ••• Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, and • Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, andand Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, and • Commercial litigation and debt recovery ••• Commercial litigation and debt recovery Lachlan Thorburn I Associate Brian Smith I Director Commercial litigation and debt recovery • Commercial litigation and debt recovery Commercial litigation and debt recovery T: +61 7 3001 2914 Brian Smith I Director Brian Smith I IIDirector Brian Director Brian Brian Smith Director T:Smith +61Smith 7I Director 3001 2914 T:T: 7773001 +61 3001 2914 T: +61 7+61 3001 29142914 T:+61 3001 2914

T: +61 7 3001 2957 Lachlan Thorburn I Associate Lachlan Thorburn I IIAssociate Lachlan Associate Lachlan Thorburn Lachlan Thorburn Associate T: +61 7Thorburn 3001I Associate 2957 T:T: 7773001 +61 3001 2957 T: +61 7+61 3001 29572957 T:+61 3001 2957

Our team’s legal expertise includes: • Motor Trades licensing and regulatory compliance; • Business structuring and succession planning; • Purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property; • Franchising advice; • Raising finance and entering into security arrangements;

• Contractual advice including compliance with consumer laws; uck dealerships, • Intellectual property protection; ustomisation ance and accessory • Employment law and workplace relations; utomotive industry • Workplace health and safety; ndustry related, we • Insurance and public liability advice; gal advice. • Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, and Appointed by Motor Trades Association of Queensland in 2010, Bennett As industry specialists we are ideally positioned to assist dealers and • Commercial litigation and debt recovery Representing the legal interests of 2999 Our team’s legalsuch expertise includes: leasing, supply & Philp Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law firm of choice in providing MTAQ to suppliers with operational issues as commercial Appointed by Motor Trades Association of Queensland in 2010, Bennett As industry specialists we Trades are ideally positioned to assist dealers and •we Motor licensing and regulatory compliance; Queensland’s automotive industry forspecialists its members with business and commercial advice and legal assistance. agreements, employment issues and franchise and consumer law. Appointed by Motor Trades Association of Queensland in 2010, Bennett As industry specialists we are ideally positioned dealers and Appointed by Motor Trades Association of Queensland in 2010, Bennett As industry specialists we are ideally positioned to assist dealers and Appointed by Motor Trades Association of Queensland in 2010, Bennett As industry are ideally positioned to to assist dealers and Appointed by Motor Trades Association Queensland in 2010, Bennett industry specialists we are ideally toassist assist dealers and & Philp Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law firm ofof choice in providing MTAQ toBennettAs suppliers with operational issues suchpositioned as commercial leasing, supply Lachlan Thorburn I more Associate Brian Smith I Director than 15 years & Philp • Business structuring and succession planning; Our expertise has proven a vital resource for MTAQ, its members and We have expert advice available to assist with dealership and business && Philp Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law fi rm of choice in providing MTAQ to suppliers with operational issues such as commercial leasing, supply Philp Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law fi rm of choice in providing MTAQ to suppliers with operational issues such as commercial leasing, supply & Philp Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law fi rm of choice in providing MTAQ to suppliers with operational issues such as commercial leasing, supply & Lawyers is the MTAQ’s law firm ofT:choice in2957 providing MTAQ to suppliers withemployment operational issues issues and suchfranchise as commercial leasing, supply +61 7 3001 T: +61 7 3001 2914 itsPhilp members with business and commercial advice and legal assistance. agreements, and consumer law. Lawyers are acknowledged as expertsemployment the automotive industry. acquisitions and sales, financing, negotiations with lenders tolaw. the • Purchasing, selling or franchise leasing commercial property; law. members with business and commercial advice and legal assistance. agreements, employment issues and and consumer its members with business and commercial advice and legal assistance. agreements, employment issues and franchise and consumer law. its its members with business and commercial advice and legal assistance. agreements, issues and franchise and consumer its members and assistance. agreements, employment issues and franchise and consumer law. Our expertisewith business has proven aand vitalcommercial resource foradvice MTAQ, itsalegal members and We have expert advice available to assist with dealership and business in broad range of commercial issues automotive industry, and business succession and restructuring issues. Our expertise has proven a vital resource for MTAQ, its members and We have expert advice available assist with dealership and business Our expertise has proven a vital resource for MTAQ, its members and We have expert advice available to assist with dealership and business • available Franchising advice; OurOur expertise hashas proven a vital resource for for MTAQ, its members andand WeWe have expert advice to to assist with dealership and business expertise proven a vital resource MTAQ, its members have expert advice available to assist with dealership and business the automotive industry. acquisitions and sales, financing, negotiations with lenders to the involving the automotiveacquisitions industry. Complimentary telephone advisory service automotive industry. acquisitions and sales, fi nancing, negotiations with lenders to the the automotive industry. acquisitions and sales, fi nancing, negotiations with lenders to the thethe automotive industry. and sales, fi nancing, negotiations with lenders to the • Raising finance negotiations and entering into security arrangements; the automotive industry. acquisitionsindustry, and sales, financing, to theissues. automotive and business succession with and lenders restructuring Don’t quite know where you stand on a legal issue? - Your MTAQ We takeindustry, pride in and knowing ouradvice team focuscompliance their considerable knowledge automotive industry, business succession and restructuring issues. automotive industry, and business succession and restructuring issues. business succession and restructuring • and Contractual including with consumerissues. laws; automotive industry, and business succession and restructuring issues. We advise car and truckautomotive dealerships, Complimentary telephone advisory service Membershiptelephone entitles you to fi ndservice out — before you pay any legal fees.  and experience to•deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Complimentary telephone advisory service Complimentary telephone advisory service Complimentary advisory Complimentary telephone advisory service Intellectual protection; tuning and customisation Don’t quite know where you stand on a legal issue? -vehicle Your MTAQ We take pride in knowing ourproperty team focus their considerable knowledge Our initial legal advice is free and accessed –---the advantage for WeWe legal services toknowing the automotive industry. Take advantageknowledge ofknowledge our Don’t quite know where you stand aalegal issue? Your MTAQ take pride team focus their considerable Don’t quite know where you stand on legal issue? Your MTAQ We take pride in knowing our team focus their considerable knowledge Don’t quite know where you stand onon aeasily legal issue? - Your MTAQ take pride in in knowing ourour team focus their considerable Don’t quite know where on legal issue? Your We take pride in knowing our team their considerable knowledge companies, and • Employment law andfocus workplace relations; Membership entitles youyou to fistand nd out —abefore you pay any MTAQ legalperformance fees.  andaccessory experience to deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Take advantage of our Members is it provides immediate and direct access to senior lawyers expertise today. Membership entitles you to fi nd out — before you pay any legal fees.  and experience to deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Membership entitles you to fi nd out — before you pay any legal fees.  and experience to deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Membership entitles you to fi nd out — before you pay any legal fees.  and experience to deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Membership entitles you to fi and nd out — before you –pay any legal fees.  and experience deliver specialist, and cost-effective manufacturers and • automotive Workplace health andvalue-added safety; Our initial legal advice is free easily accessed the advantage for automotive legalindustry services to to the industry. Take advantage of our expertise ask MTAQ who can give the right advice at the right time –– the avoiding potential Our initial legal advice isand free and easily accessed –––the advantage for legal services automotive industry. Take advantage Our initial legal advice is free and easily accessed the advantage for legal services to the automotive industry. Take advantage of our Our initial legal advice is free and easily accessed advantage forauto legal services to to the automotive industry. Take advantage of of our Our initial legal advice is free and easily accessed the advantage for industry legal services tothe the automotive industry. Take advantage ofour our suppliers. Iflawyers its related, we Members is it for provides immediate and direct access to senior expertise today. • Insurance and public liability advice; a referral today. problems. Simply ask MTAQ forand aand referral toaccess Bennett &senior Philp Lawyers. Members it provides immediate direct lawyers expertise today. Members it provides immediate and direct access to senior lawyers expertise today. Members is itisis provides immediate direct access to to senior lawyers expertise today. Members is it provides immediate and direct access to senior lawyers expertise today. are the experts for legal advice. who can give the right advice at the right time – avoiding potential • Insolvency and bankruptcy advice, and who can give right advice right time –––avoiding potential who can give the right advice at the right time avoiding potential who can give thethe right advice at at the right time – avoiding potential who can give the right advice atthe right time avoiding potential Bennett and Philp•areCommercial the chosen legal problems. Simply ask MTAQ for athe referral to Bennett & Philp Lawyers. litigation and debt recovery Call us on 07 3001 2999 Automotive Dealers and Industry Suppliers problems. Simply ask MTAQ for a referral to Bennett & Philp Lawyers. problems. Simply ask MTAQ for a referral to Bennett & Philp Lawyers. problems. Simply ask MTAQ for a referral to Bennett & Philp Lawyers. problems. Simply ask MTAQ for a referral to Bennett & Philp Lawyers. firm of the MTAQ, and proud supporters Dealers and suppliers need to know their legal advisors can expertly Automotive Dealers and Industry Suppliers of the industry - including being a major Lachlan Thorburn I Associate Brian Smith I Director guide them through the sale and purchase of dealerships and related Automotive Dealers and Industry Suppliers Automotive Dealers and Industry Suppliers Automotive Dealers and Industry Suppliers Automotive and Industry Suppliers Dealers and Dealers suppliers need to know their legal advisors can expertly T: +61 7 3001 2957 T: +61 7 3001 2914 partner of the MTAQ Racing Team. businesses throughout Australia. It’s also important for dealers and Dealers and suppliers need to know their legal advisors can expertly Dealers and suppliers need to know their legal advisors can expertly Dealers andand suppliers need to know their legal advisors cancan expertly Dealers suppliers need know their legal advisors expertly guide them through the saletoand purchase of dealerships and related suppliers to knowthe their lawyers are experts pursuingand litigation for guide them through the sale and purchase and related guide them through the sale and purchase of dealerships and related guide them through sale and purchase of of dealerships related guide them through the sale and purchase ofindealerships dealerships and related businesses throughout Australia. It’s also important for dealers and unpaid debts and other matters, and also counselling clients in areas businesses throughout Australia. It’s also important for dealers and businesses throughout Australia. It’s also important for dealers and businesses throughout Australia. It’s also important for dealers and businesses It’sexperts also important for dealers and suppliers tothroughout know their Australia. lawyers are in pursuing litigation for such as dispute resolution processes. suppliers to their lawyers experts litigation suppliers to know their lawyers are experts in pursuing litigation for suppliers to alternate know their lawyers areare experts in in pursuing litigation forfor suppliers toknow know experts inpursuing pursuing litigation for unpaid debts and their otherlawyers matters,are and also counselling clients in areas For more information contact: unpaid debts and other matters, and also counselling clients areas unpaid debts and other matters, and also counselling clients in areas unpaid debts and other matters, and also counselling clients in in areas unpaid debts and other matters, and also counselling clients in areas such as alternate dispute resolution processes. For more information contact: such as alternate dispute resolution processes. such as alternate dispute resolution processes. such as alternate dispute resolution processes. such as alternate dispute resolution processes.



Looking after MTAQ and its members Lookingafter afterMTAQ MTAQand andits itsmembers members Looking after MTAQ and its members Looking after MTAQ and its members Looking MTAQ’s chosen firm for automotive industry complimentary legal advice


As industry specialists we are ideally positioned to assist dealers and suppliers with operational issues such as commercial leasing, supply agreements, employment issues and franchise and consumer law. We have expert advice available to assist with dealership and business acquisitions and sales, financing, negotiations with lenders to the automotive industry, and business succession and restructuring issues.

For more information contact: Phone: 07 3001 2914 For more information contact: For more information contact: For more information contact: Phone: 07 3001 2999 Phone: 3001 2914 Website: Website: Phone: 3001 2914 Phone: 07 3001 2914 Phone: 0707 3001 2914 Website: Website: Website: Website:

We take pride in knowing our team focus their considerable knowledge Representing the legal interests of and experience to deliver specialist, value-added and cost-effective Queensland’s automotive industry for

MTAQ’s chosen firm

Our team’s legal expertise includes: • Motor Trades licensing and regulatory compliance;

Auto news



HIS IS THE BT62, the first vehicle from Brabham Automotive and a supercar that will be built in Australia. A pure-bred carbon-fibre track car, the BT62 was unveiled on May 2 at Australia House in London, and it marks the return of the Brabham name to track car manufacturing – a sector it dominated in the 1960s when F1 legend Sir Jack Brabham guided his company to became the world's largest manufacturer of singleseat racing cars. The new Brabham company paid homage to Sir Jack with the livery of the BT62 – its green and gold body a nod to his BT19 race car and historic victory at the 1966 French Formula 1 Grand Prix, the year in which he made history in becoming the first (and to date only) driver to win a World Championship in a car of his own construction. The BT62 will be a genuine, track-only supercar and owners will join Brabham’s tailored driver development and experience program. With just 70 of the cars being made – one for every year of Brabham’s illustrious history – interested parties will need to be quick to get their hands on one and have deep pockets too – the base price is £1million ($AU1.8million) plus local taxes, and before options.

60 | Motor Trader May 2018

BT62 Spec highlights • A mid-engined track car, with its power driven to the rear wheels via a rearmounted race-spec transmission. • With a dry weight of just 972kg, the vehicle boasts a power to weight ratio of 720hp per tonne. • Power comes from a Brabham 5.4 litre V8 engine which produces 700bhp (522kW) and 667 Nm (492 ft/lb) of torque. • A performance-optimised body and aerodynamic package means the Brabham BT62 delivers over 1200kg of downforce. • Brakes are carbon/carbon featuring 6 piston calipers front and rear. The BT62 will wear Michelin racing slick tyres, marking the start of the brand’s partnership with Michelin as official tyre supplier and technical partner to Brabham Automotive.

Brabham Automotive will have its US, European and Middle Eastern office in the UK, whilst its Australasian and Asian office will be based in Adelaide, South Australia, where the manufacture of the BT62 will also take place in a 15,000sqm facility. “It’s with great pride that I honour and continue my father’s legacy in revealing the next chapter in the evolving Brabham story,” said David Brabham, Managing

Director of Brabham Automotive. “The team we have in place, and the vision it shares, provides a solid platform for Brabham Automotive to execute its longterm business strategy. Our first step to deliver on that strategy is the Brabham BT62, a car truly worthy of carrying the iconic Brabham name.” First deliveries of the Brabham BT62 are expected later this year.

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AUTO CAMP During this 3-day course, designed for male and female high school students (14-17yrs), you will get hands-on experience in a range of skills connected to the automotive industry. This is a great experience if you are interested in electronics, engineering, design or manufacturing.


July 3-5th 2018 MTA Institute, Building 8, 2728 Logan Rd Eight Mile Plains 9am - 3pm daily $225 per person (inc GST)

Required: Enclosed foot wear / work boots and work trousers / jeans

ENROLMENT & ENQUIRIES or 3722 3002 Class size limited to 20 students Includes lunch and morning tea All safety equipment eg: glasses, face shields, gloves will be provided Certificate of Completion for students

Right training. Right place. Right way.

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The benchmark of training standards. 20180664

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YUNDAI MOTOR HAS won two Red Dot Design Awards, one of the most renowned international design and innovation prizes. Hyundai’s Fuel Cell vehicle Nexo and Kona small SUV were awarded in the Cars and Motorcycles category. The Kona gained recognition for outstanding design and innovation in SUV/Off-road vehicles and the Nexo Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell vehicle showed its form in its sub-category. The award evaluates the products functionality, durability, level of innovation VIDEO: INTRODUCING HYUNDAI NEXO and overall quality under aspects of form and function. The Nexo is Hyundai’s second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle and is the technological flagship of the company. The hydrogen-powered SUV combines the practicality of an SUV with the clean advanced fuel cell know-how and offers autonomous driving capabilities and smart advanced driver assistance systems. The Kona broadens Hyundai’s SUV line-up producing cars that demonstrate a unique and evolving design language’. with the company saying its look, spacious Drawing on a jury consisting of interior and engine line-up making the high profile designers, professors and small SUV suitable for urban customers. journalists, the Red Dot Design Award Hyundai says that design is increasingly is recognised globally as one of the most the number one reason why customers choose the brand’s models and receiving sought-after marks for high quality design. Red Dot recognition ‘reflects the The 2018 contest attracted entries from company’s ongoing commitment to 59 countries. Hyundai Kona

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TA QUEENSLAND’S SECOND Cars and Coffee gathering was a cracker. More than 100 cars and hundreds of enthusiasts made the trip to the Association’s head office on a crisp and sunny late-April Sunday morning and some decidedly exotic vehicles turned up to join the party. Making their first visit was a 2016 McLaren 650S Roadster and a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Coupe, and these beautiful

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VISIT WAS A 2016 MCLAREN 650S ROADSTER AND A 2017 LAMBORGHINI HURACAN COUPE . . .” and powerful supercars met one of their forebears in the form of a couple of stunning early ‘70s De Tomaso Pantera Coupes. Add to that list an Alfa Romeo 105 „

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Roadster, a 1941 Chevy Coupe, a 1960 Studebaker Lark Sedan, a 1973 MG MGB V8 Coupe, a 1957 Chevy 210 Series Coupe and a host of other superb examples of classic and exotic cars and it was a clear that a pretty special gathering was going on. This was just the second edition of the MTA Queensland Cars & Coffee event, and already it is finding a place on the schedule of car enthusiasts. Its location at the Association’s head office at Freeway Office Park ensures an event held off public roads, and with Zali’s Café open for business, and a sausage sizzle put on by MTA Queensland staff, there’s plenty of good food and drink to keep everyone’s fuel tanks full.


SECOND EDITION OF THE MTA QUEENSLAND CARS & COFFEE EVENT, AND ALREADY IT IS FINDING A PLACE ON THE SCHEDULE OF CAR ENTHUSIASTS.” So, if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare on the morning of the last Sunday of every month, and you like to talk about horsepower and speed while contemplating some truly jaw-dropping machines, this is the event for you. The next Cars & Coffee gathering is on May 27. See you there! May 2018 Motor Trader | 69

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Specalising in matters such as print solutions, finance, electricity, gas rates and solar; Core SME Services is a vendor neutral business with one simple objective; reduce costs, increase profits and streamline workflows for your business.

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The MTA Institute delivers world-class automotive training at your workshop, at the Institute’s state-of-the-art facility, or a combination of both. It’s the right training, in the right place, in the right way.



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Capricorn makes it easier for its members buy parts, earn reward points and share in the benefits of being a member of the largest and oldest automotive parts buying cooperatives in Australasia.




Providing legal services across a number of core areas, Bennett & Philp Lawyers have been providing effective legal solutions to meet the needs of dealers, suppliers, racers, financiers and other motor vehicle professionals for more than ten years.


MTA Queensland actively engages with state and federal governments on automotive industry issues, ensuring members have a voice as the industry continues to evolve.


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Dun and Bradstreet is the nation’s foremost credit control and debt collection agency. Members are eligible for substantial savings on annual subscriptions.



MTAA Superannuation is the industry’s superfund. Our superannuation partner has over 200,000 members who enjoy excellent service and returns.

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Carmageddon events and our Innovation Hub mean that you have access to cutting-edge information and business solutions connected to the automotive digital revolution.

OurAuto Tech-Centre is a repair information service offering technical information on more than 90 per cent of passenger vehicles on our roads. Available to MTAQ members at a 20 per cent discount. OurAuto Digital specialises in online marketing solutions that are tailored to your business, including website design, online marketing, and website hosting.


Safety Help provides the automotive industry with a service dedicated to making your business complaint properly and professionally.

MTA Queensland | Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence Address Freeway Office Park, Building 8, 2728 Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland, Australia 4113 Training +61 7 3722 3000 Fax +61 7 3844 4488 Email Website Postal PO Box 4530 Eight Mile Plains, Queensland, Australia 4113

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OMETIMES, WHEN THERE’S so much going on, it’s easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is it that drives you to achieve what you want from work, or in life? I find myself in the midst of organising our compliance, marketing, operations, resource development, and the training agenda that our core business uses to train and skill the automotive workforce. That’s our purpose. It seems simple to think, ‘How hard can it be to skill the automotive workforce?’. Well, these many factors need to be looked at: Do you focus on schools? Do you look at pre-apprenticeships or focus solely on apprentices? Do you look at post-trade training or at the very high end for mechanical professionals to provide innovative world-class training solutions? For the MTA Institute, we look at it all of these factors and deliver on them all. Let’s take schools. We have our Auto Camp coming up in the July school holidays. This course offers high school students hands-on experience in a range of automotive skills, from new technology

such as Hybrid/Electric Vehicles to the principles and maintenance of a vehicle. We’ve also got our AUR20716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation starting on the 14 May. Moving onto apprenticeships, we have 28 highly-skilled trainers across the state and offer on-site training in the workplace virtually anywhere delivering to apprentices the best education in automotive. After their apprenticeship is finished, we have post-trade skill sets in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing, Advanced Body Repair & Refinishing and Welding. And if you haven’t got your trade certificate, we also offer a Trade Recognition program. Furthermore, for the higher-level technician, we’ve got courses in technical areas and also offer management courses to develop business skills. It’s all here. Not only do we provide training, but we also have pathways to motorsports, apprentice awards, overseas scholarship opportunities, links to employers and graduation ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of our students. Our purpose is to create the best automotive workforce in Queensland. It’s what drives us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Training GM's Professional Circle perspective


Professional Circle training



OT EVERYONE CAN say they’ve been in the engine bay working on a V8 Supercar. But the same can’t be said about Dane Turnbull who is completing a two-week work experience placement with Triple Eight Race Engineering. Dane, who works at Pedders Suspension in Slacks Creek, completed his Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology through MTA Institute in November 2017. Prior to this he was awarded the MTA Institute Apprentice of the Month in May 2016 and was nominated for the prestigious title of Apprentice of the Year. “I was ecstatic when I was nominated,” said Dane. “After my trainer nominated me for Apprentice of the Month I thought that was as far as it would go. So, to be nominated for Apprentice of the Year, and then get the experience of working at Triple Eight Race Engineering, it’s fantastic and the opportunity was a real surprise.” So, for two weeks Dane has found himself in the midst of the Triple Eight Race Engineering workshop; a buzzing

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hive of activity where the excitement combined with an incredibly high level of productivity creates a palpable vibe that is very easy to get caught up in. And it certainly isn’t lost on Dane. “The vibe at Triple Eight Race Engineering compared to my normal mechanical workshop is like comparing apples to oranges. They’re completely different. “Both are very busy, but my usual focus is on getting multiple cars out per day, whereas here the focus is ensuring that each car is perfect and prepared to the highest standard so it’s ready to go for the next race meeting. “It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming and just seeing the team here strip the cars to nothing and completely rebuild them over a day or two is a huge spinout. The team are so focused and disciplined. You blink your eyes, and everything is done. “I’ve been trying to help as much as possible without getting in the way; but the amount of work that goes into the cars between each race meet is something that


-CAR AUSTRALIA, THE organisation that delivers information, training and education to the collision repair industry, is acknowledging the achievements of industry employees from across the country who have achieved I-CAR Platinum Individual accreditation and I-CAR Welding Certification. The following is a list of Queenslandbased collision repair industry employees who have received I-CAR Platinum Individual Accreditation:

These are the latest Platinum Individual and Welding Certifications for March: Platinum Individuals:

• Daniel McHenery • Peter Sullivan • Ross Smith • Karen Dyer

IAG RACQ Insurance IAG A&L Smash Repairs

Welding Certifications:

• Luke Vaughan • Jeremy Ledgard • Ben Anderson • Shawn Fancourt

Sommerville Smash Repairs Swains Motor Body Repairs Mark McHugh Bodyworks Domroy Prestige Autobody May 2018 Motor Trader | 73




can’t be believed until racing was a career you see it with your own that Dane aspired to eyes. Even down to the be a part of. presentation; everything “I think everyone is done meticulously working with cars has in preparation and it’s that secret desire to unbelievable to say I’ve work in racing and had a part in it.” after seeing it firsthand Although the work I take my hat off to placement will only the guys here. They go for two weeks, the put in a huge amount skill and experience of work and hours Dane has picked up which is reflected Dane in the Autoba rn Lowndes Racing truck will be implemented in the standard of in his future work both the vehicles. It’s so professionally and personally. different to a normal “I’m really excited for next week when retail mechanical job of nine to five and I the cars have gone,” said Dane. “The think that would be the hardest part of all. workshop will be a bit quieter and I’m But the passion is there for sure. hoping to get a bit more hands on in the “For those that get this amazing and rare fabrication shop and try and hone my opportunity to work at Triple Eight Race skills with some of the best in business. Engineering, I think the biggest thing is “Triple Eight Race Engineering is a pretty to have an open mind so you can absorb inspirational place to be and I’m already everything. Ask questions and speak to coming up with plenty of ideas on how I’d everyone you can. The team are really like to implement what I’ve learnt here friendly, so your best bet is to just be a into my VT Commodore, turbocharged sponge and suck up as much information, ecotec v6 which I’m building at home.” advice and new skills that you can. It is a So, the question came as to whether once in a lifetime opportunity.”

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF TRAINING WITH THE MTA INSTITUTE? • Trainers with extensive automotive industry experience • On-site one-on-one workplace training • Flexible employer arrangements • State-of-the-art training facility • Online learning capability • Free wi-fi at our training facility • Strong connections to government agencies and industry stakeholders • Unique student opportunities - Pathway to motorsports - Apprentice of the Month and Year Awards - Overseas scholarship opportunities - Links to employers that are members of MTA Queensland - Access to jobs board - Graduation ceremonies THE MTA INSTITUTE offers a full suite of nationally accredited automotive apprenticeships and traineeships in the fields of Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Motorcycle, Mobile Plant, Automotive Body Repair, Refinishing and more.


RTO No: 31529


In addition, accredited short courses for licensing requirements are available for Motor Vehicle Sales, Dealers, Wreckers and Automotive Air-Conditioning. We also offer non-accredited short courses in MIG Welding, Paintless Dent Repair, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Common Rail Diesel Injection.



• Are you employing an apprentice who is excelling in the workplace? • Do you have a high-achieving apprentice colleague? • Are they training with MTA Institute? If the answer is 'yes', then nominate them for the MTA Institute Apprentice of the Month award.



knowledge in the use of the latest diagnostic and computer equipment. It’s experience that helped him land the job with Leda Mechanical after struggling to find the time to dedicate to his apprenticeship training. “Doing the training was difficult at my previous employer,” said Scott. “I wasn’t given the time and was there for nine months and completed just one module. It was difficult. “It is so much better where I am now. My COTT BEADEL IS the MTA Institute boss, Garry, has been working in the trade Apprentice of the Month for April. for 50 years, has an unbelievable amount of The 23-year-old fourth-year light vehicle apprentice has been working at Leda knowledge, and has all the time in the world to show me how things are done and explain Mechanical Repairs for just over two years things to me if needed. There’s just the two and Scott received the award in recognition of us and we work really well as a team.” of a terrific work ethic, excellent skills At Leda Mechanical, the skills Scott and an enthusiasm to learn that saw him overcome a few hurdles to be within striking picked up over the past few years are extremely useful as a wide variety of distance of completing his apprenticeship. vehicles come through the workshop door. An early starter, Scott was just 13 when And they are skills he plans to develop he began working weekends at his uncle’s further as he looks to the future. wrecking yard and he has been involved “I really enjoy the diagnosis and in the industry ever since, completing electrical side of the trade, and I a TVET (Technical and Vocational CLICK TO would like to get my auto-electrical Education and Training) through VISIT LEDA qualification,” he said. “And I do his school and going on to work at MECHANICAL REPAIRS want to have my own business a range of businesses on a variety at some point, which is why I am of vehicles – from Jeeps to Skylines striving to learn as much as I can.” to Ferraris – where he picked up APPRENTICE: SCOTT BEADEL WORKPLACE: LEDA MECHANICAL REPAIRS APPRENTICESHIP: LIGHT VEHICLE


Apprentice of the Month: April



Styling Automotive produces top quality work on top quality classic cars



T HAS BEEN an interesting and busy requirements. The result has been very few years for David Stiling. The owner positive and business is charging along for of Styling Automotive in Yeerongpilly, David and his team, and while a purposeBrisbane, David established the bodyshop built facility is in the planning stage, the business just four years ago to offer panel business has already grown from a relatively repair and paint services to owners of small workshop to one that has doubled its classic cars while also doing retail and footprint and expanded into neighbouring dealership work. It has been four years buildings. of steady growth during which time “We have become more focused on our the business has built an exceptional restoration work and moved to do more of reputation for the quality of its work. that as opposed to the mainstream bodyshop 2018 looks to be an even busier year and work,” said David. “Our past record has seen the business is on the move, expanding plenty of people come in to talk about their its workshop, focusing its services on potential projects and teaming up with the classic car restoration market and Automotion has got off to a great start. developing relationships with other expert “I met Cameron and Chris through a automotive businesses. mutual customer - a client who asked me to A recent partnership between Styling inspect the body of a Porsche that had been Automotive and Chris Jordan and sent to them for a pre-purchase mechanical Cameron Wright from classic and exotic inspection – and they were interested in vehicle service specialist Automotion doing what we were doing, which was has seen the companies team up focusing on restoration, and they CLICK TO VISIT THE to offer clients a one-stop shop are, like us, a small business offering STYLING solution for their restoration quality work. AUTOMOTIVE WEBSITE

76 | Motor Trader May 2018



“As it turned out, we needed a is focused on building the business ‘mechanical division’ to help us and providing a secure environment and they were struggling to find a for staff while giving them the freedom to bodyshop to keep up with their demand. do their work and showcase their ability.” So, we talked and connected and now we Acknowledging that working with classic have four cars on the go between us, which cars is different to the work required is a great start and a big step to where we in bodyshops working on modern cars, want to go.” David said that shouldn’t deter skilled The partnership means that bringing tradespeople from considering the move a classic back to life is a whole lot easier into car restoration. for clients and as Styling Automotive “While speed and volume are perhaps continues its growth by teaming up with more important in some businesses, the other automotive service providers and fundamentals are still taught in good focusing on restoration, David has turned workshops,” he said. “And if a tradesperson his attention to the recruitment of more has those fundamentals and skills, they staff to help keep up with demand for his will slot in with us just about straight away company’s services. with a bit of tweaking. There are tricks and Currently on the look out for panel techniques to working with these vehicles, beaters and spray painters to join his but those are the unique skills we can team, David said that Styling Automotive teach, and which become another tool offered a unique opportunity for those in their toolbox. with the right skills and right attitude “Ultimately, we want to change the to challenge themselves, develop their way people look at restoration work and talents, and reconnect and indulge their attract people who want to be a part of passion for classic vehicles. that. We work from a professional facility “We provide a great environment and that is neat, tidy and fully-equipped to do culture, as well as the opportunity for a the specialist work we do and deliver the tradesperson to use their skills on some quality our clients demand. We are growing, wicked cars,” he said. “Working on these evolving and passionate about our projects classic vehicles takes you back to and that’s what I like to see in my team. CLICK TO when you fell in love with cars in It’s not just a job, it’s a passion, and if VISIT STYLING the first place - to what brought you’ve got that, then come and work AUTOMOTIVE'S FACEBOOK you into the trade - and my energy with us!” PAGE May 2018 Motor Trader | 77

Concept corner


78 | Motor Trader May 2018

S ESSENTIA May 2018 Motor Trader | 79

Concept corner

Genesis Essentia Concept


OW’S THIS FOR a piece of stunning concept work. It’s the Essentia Concept from Genesis, unveiled at the New York International Auto Show. The all-electric, high-performance concept is the brand's first battery-electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbonfibre monocoque, a multi-motor electric powertrain, and a custom-tailored interior. Finished in Stardust Gray Metallic, the carbon fibre-bodied Essentia is positioned low to the ground and its graceful, aerodynamic lines scream performance. And, as with most all-electric performance vehicles wheeled out by manufacturers these days, there is plenty of power under the elegant body. Beneath the carbon-fibre monocoque of Essentia is a high-density battery pack and multiple electric motors generating enough power to get the concept from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds. The battery pack is housed in the centre tunnel in an I-shape structure, as opposed to underneath the passenger compartment. This, Genesis

80 | Motor Trader May 2018


says, allows Essentia to achieve the superlow, 50-inch roofline and spacious, GT-style cabin. The interior of Essentia utilises a mixedmaterial approach influenced by ‘high fashion and classic colour combinations’ there’s cognac leather seats with herringbone quilting and a slim centre console covered in Oxford Blue leather bisects the cabin. Blue velvet covers the roof and its pillars, the front and rear seat belt slots are composed of glass pearl finished/treated aluminium and polished aluminium and layered carbon fibre

Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept

features on interior details. Rear seats are accessed through Essentia’s butterfly doors and are covered in Oxford Blue leather. Genesis says that the Essentia was designed to be thoroughly connected to the world around it. The concept features advanced vehicleto-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle technology and uses machine learning intelligence to recommend routes based on driver inclination. When the route is chosen, Essentia automatically tailors the driving character to its owner’s preference

for that road - from seat position to powertrain performance and audiophile system to chassis settings. Essentia also integrates with smart homes and devices, and Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in its technological capabilities. Voice recognition and the Genesis Intelligent Assistant allow for two-way dialogue and full vehicle control through voice command, as well as individual driving behaviour analysis and driver mood determination. Very, very cool. May 2018 Motor Trader | 81




Industrial relations


2018 ANNUAL WAGE REVIEW DECISION THE FAIR WORK Commission's Expert Panel is about to conclude its annual review of minimum wages. Once the review is complete, the Commission will decide on a new National Minimum Wage and new minimum Modern Award wages. We will be issuing our updated Consolidated Award Wages Guide in June once the decision is brought down. The Guide will set out the new minimum wages for both industry Awards. You can find the current Guide here {James to provide link}, and that link will update when the new Guide is available.

WHAT AMOUNT OF INCREASE SHOULD WE EXPECT AND WHEN WILL WE FIND OUT? The Expert Panel will hold its final hearings on 15 May in Melbourne, & 16 May in Sydney, with a decision expected around the first week of June. Any increase will take effect from the first pay period in July. Although in theory the National Minimum Wage and the Modern Award minimums are determined separately, they usually increase by the same percentage amount. In determining the amount of 82 | Motor Trader May 2018

the increase, the Expert Panel invites submissions from all interested parties and can conduct its own research and investigations. Factors influencing their decision include how the economy is performing, the living standards and needs of the low paid, and what the outcome might mean for jobs. In last year’s decision, the Commission decided that unemployment doesn’t rise in response to wage increases that are “modest and regular”, though they are unlikely to be moved by the submission this year from the ACTU that wage increases can actually reduce unemployment. Although the National Retail Association has called for a freeze on minimum wages, most representations from employer groups are looking to keep any increase to the current rate of inflation of around 1.9%. The ACTU have called for a $50 per week increase to the National Minimum Wage and a corresponding Modern Award increase of 7.2%. Recent past increases have been around 2.5% to 3%, with last year’s 3.3% slightly higher than usual. Members should look out for the email with our revised Consolidated Award Wages CLICK FOR MORE ON Guide, and of course if INDUSTRIAL you have any questions RELATIONS about wages, then or in the meantime, call or email our industrial relations team.

Right training. Right place. Right way.

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24-25 July 2018, 6pm – 9pm Click for more information.

23 May 2018, 8:30am – 12:30pm Click for more information.




19 June 2018, 6pm - 9pm Click for more information.

30 - 31 May 2018 Click for more information.

GAP TRAINING (3 DAY) 18 – 20 June 2018 Click for more information.



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All Courses are held at the MTA Institute

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LOBAL EQUITIES WERE soft, triggered by US President Trump’s decision to impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminium imports. President Trump also announced a US$50b tariff on Chinese imports. US technology stocks were soft after the Cambridge Analytica controversy triggered concerns around privacy issues among social media stocks. In recent months, the concern regarding inflation in the US and the unravelling of quantitative easing has increased. Add to this concerns regarding banks and technology stocks and pressure has been building on the market. The S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index closed down 3.77%. Nonetheless, the pullback and the volatility are beginning to create market opportunities. Global growth continues to surprise to the upside and the Australian economy remains robust, with the recent Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) survey remaining supportive. Tourism remains strong, agriculture will benefit from recent rains, mining is recovering and so far housing has experienced a soft landing. We retain concerns about household leverage, but there are reasons to be positive about the local and global economy. Global growth is still robust and productivity improvements could drive earnings. Productivity gains have been surprisingly soft since the GFC. Some of 84 | Motor Trader May 2018

GLOBAL GROWTH CONTINUES TO SURPRISE TO THE UPSIDE AND THE AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY REMAINS ROBUST, WITH THE RECENT PURCHASING MANAGERS’ INDEX (PMI) SURVEY REMAINING SUPPORTIVE. the technology improvements could be utilised to drive stronger productivity improvements. Valuations have come back into range for many sectors and companies. The overall valuation of the market at 15x is largely in line with long-term averages and the growth forecast of the market at 5.8% does not seem overly optimistic. Alternatives like term deposits and housing do not appear too attractive. DISCLAIMER This document has been prepared by DNR Capital Pty Ltd, AFS Representative - 294844 of DNR AFSL Pty Ltd ABN 39 118 946 400, AFSL 301658. It is general information only and is not intended to be a recommendation to invest in any product or financial service mentioned above. Whilst DNR Capital has used its best endeavours to ensure the information within this document is accurate it cannot be relied upon in any way and recipients must make their own enquiries concerning the accuracy of the information within. The general information in this document has been prepared without reference to any recipient’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making any financial investment decisions we recommend recipients obtain legal and taxation advice appropriate to their particular needs. Investment in a DNR Capital managed account can only be made on completion of all the required documentation.

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