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Law Court Building, University of Hertfordshire

Putting AV furniture at the heart of the building design The University of Hertfordshire invested £10 million in their brand new Law Court Building on the University’s de Havilland Campus. The building offers law students the opportunity to study at one of the most innovative law schools in the UK. At the heart of the building is a full scale replica court room where students get the opportunity to practice their skills in a ‘real’ setting. In addition to this the building hosts a number of IT suites and seminar rooms all designed to a high to a high specification ensuring a premium feel when attended by the local legal community. Adam Harvey, CTS is the Events and Technical Support Manager at the University of Hertfordshire and was responsible for the design of the complete audio visual solution for the Law Court Building. The system was designed in close working proximity with the requirements of the Academic Staff at the School of Law as they are at the forefront when it comes to the ‘cutting edge’ of teaching and delivery methods. Combining lectures and practical teaching methods the equipment they use to complement their teaching was of the utmost importance during the design and build of the flagship building. The overall brief was to design a system that provides the full standard technical specification for teaching; laptop, projector, visualiser. The challenge was that the Academics didn’t want the technology to be visible as they felt that often bulky furniture and lots of technical equipment creates a physical ‘barrier’ between the Academics and their Students. The PP1200-15U provided the perfect solution for the project; the mobile teaching desk provides all of the functionality as standard with a lockable 15U rack cupboard, lockable and removable back panel, 4 castors (2 lockable) and available in a wide range of wood and veneer finishes. The real point of difference with this innovative piece of audio visual furniture is that it is completely customisable. Using a RAL colour number specified by the Architects and Adam Harvey, CTS at the University the PP1200-15U was identically matched to the environment in which it was situated. Adam Harvey, CTS commented “we had never had painted lecterns before and instantly knew it was a great concept. We had the paint matched to fit the décor of the rooms and they look fantastic. The colour matches the acoustic panelling and light fittings exactly, this teamed with white projectors and white screen housings made the audio visual elements of the room particularly unobtrusive.”

“Not only does the PP1200-15U look good, it also does the job. The rack got really busy during this project and it has held the full system and is keeping it cool.” Adam Harvey, CTS

The installation of the PP1200-15U went to plan with the Audio Visual Reseller reporting that the engineers were extremely happy with the product. However it is inevitable thatduring the installation process the audio visual furniture will receive some bumps and scrapes. During sign off it was identified that some of the PP1200-15U’s angled sections were chipped. “Sue at JM Supplies snagged more than anyone when she came to see the finished product and provided pots of touch up paint free of charge which immediately solved the problem. This not only showed that they really wanted the product to look right, but that they had an immediate solution to my problem, great customer service.” Adam Harvey, CTS. JM supplies took this issue immediately on board as it is imperative that audio visual furniture can withstand the knocks and scrapes that are inevitable throughout installation and general use. The solution was to improve the quality of our paint finish with an AC Lacquer. In order to meet the project deadline JM supplies pulled out all of the stops. From receipt of the order to delivery on site took just three weeks. As a rule the turnaround time for this order would be four weeks but we can improve on this if a project requires.

“The product was superb for the features and the price, the customer service provided was excellent and we will definitely be working with JM Supplies again.” AV Systems Integrator At JM Supplies we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide customers with exceptional service, ensure delivery dates are met, provide the best audio visual furniture available for your budget and value honesty and integrity across everything we do.

“We were so impressed we have since ordered more” Adam Harvey, CTS.

We feel that the University of Hertfordshire’s Law Court Building Project is one we are extremely proud to have been a part of. We hope you enjoyed about this project, the PP1200-15U or any of our other products please get in touch, we are waiting to speak to you.

JM Supplies Ltd Unit 2b, Follifoot Ridge Business Park, Pannel Rd, Harrogate, HG3 1DP, UK Tel: +44 (0) 845 458 8594 Email:

The Bath Uni Presenter, University of Bath

Even the smallest room deserves the best lectern! The University of Bath was named as The Sunday Times University of the year 2011/2012. This award highlights the Universities commitment to achieving excellence across research, teaching, employability and most of all the student experience. It was the desire for excellence across teaching and the student experience that was the catalyst that led to the development of the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’, an audio visual lectern tailored to fit the exact requirements of Pete Clark, Audio Visual Manager and his colleagues at the University of Bath. Looking after over 100 teaching rooms, larger rooms and tiered lecture theatres Pete and his team were keen to standardise the use of audio visual equipment. This task proved to be difficult due to the difference in size and scale of some of the Universities smallest teaching rooms to the largest lecture theatre.

“We now have a standard lectern that we can use on all of our smaller teaching rooms with fully integrated connectivity and control system.” The smaller teaching rooms had no lectern at all; the PC, Control System, DVD and amplifier were sat on a shelf on a wall with all the cables exposed. Not only an extreme hazard, but unsightly and not fit for purpose. The academic staff at the University required an integrated system but there was no room for a conventional lectern and something had to be done about the students sitting on the shelves and breaking them! The University of Bath had traditionally used a competitor of JM Supplies to supply all of the lecterns for the many lecture theatres and large teaching rooms across the University. Pete Clark, was extremely happy with the product currently used, however the competitor of JM Supplies did not have a lectern option to fit the requirements of the University for the Smaller Teaching Rooms the University were looking to refurbish.

“Considering the flexibility, the design element and the customisation the product is extremely competitive.” Initially JM Supplies and the AV Integrator on the project installed the ‘mobile presenter’ the smallest presenter JM had in the range at the time. This product did fit some of the customer and end users requirements but due to the restricted space a full width door was awkward to open. The feedback from academics was that they needed to use visualisers but there was no room on the top of the lectern along with the keyboard and mouse.

“I took these issues back to JM and they solved all of my problems, together we developed an oversized rounded edge top that gave that bit of extra space. The door problem I mentioned was solved with double centre opening doors. The Bath Uni Presenter was born!” JM Supplies took the issues presented by Pete and his team and developed a lectern that would not only successfully house all of the audio visual equipment required for teaching but also fit within the smallest teaching rooms. A lectern that was designed to the exact specification the University of Bath required.

“It ticks all our boxes here at the University.” The next round of installations went well and the design became a standard for the University. To make the process even simpler for Pete Clark, the AV Integrator and JM Supplies the standard design created was named specifically for the University of Bath, so the specification could be added directly to the tender document, without the need for more consultation. Since the initial design and development stage, the University of Bath have installed over 80 of the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’. Not only have the University been extremely pleased with the product and put it into refurbished rooms, they have also retro fitted the wider tops onto older lecterns and departments are now requesting that they have a JM lectern installed.

“We at the University of Bath have installed 80+ of these products, all of the smaller teaching rooms now house the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’, where we require single cabinets it’s a JM lectern!” Here at JM supplies we are proud to provide a product that meets the exact specification of not only our client but also the requirements of the end users, in this case the academics and students. This is what we are in business for, to solve your lectern problems. If there is something you require but can’t see it anywhere, a slight tweak or a design from the ground up please get in touch, we’re waiting to speak to you to solve your lectern problems.

The Uni of Notts Presenter, University of Nottingham

Improving the student experience through AV furniture The University of Nottingham, described by The Sunday Times University Guide 2011  as ‘the embodiment of the modern international University’, with award winning campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia the University has received considerable praise for enhancing the student experience and listening to the students’ voice. One of the key aims for the University from 2011 – 2015 is;

“To optimise the configuration of teaching and learning spaces and the technologies used in them.” Here we explore how JM Supplies helped Dave Halford, and his team at the University achieve this. The University had five new build projects in 2011 and as teaching and learning spaces are central to the success of the student experience the look and feel of the audio visual furniture was of the utmost importance. This project needed to provide an improved technical environment that remained aesthetically pleasing. Members of the Teaching & Learning Spaces Strategy Board were invited to view a selection of lecterns from different manufacturers. Their remit included providing a high quality learning environment for all staff and students, including the provision of teaching space, availability of new technologies and access to a comprehensive range of learning materials. A number of audio visual lectern manufacturers were invited to present at the University for the Space Management Committee. The University’s existing lecterns were very traditional and the new lecterns needed to have a look that was modern and contemporary, reflecting the University’s approach.

“We chose the JM Lectern because we felt it reflected the style and feel of the new buildings that were to be built” Dave Halford, Teaching Room Support Group Leader.

Any JM product can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of the end user and it was this feature that really appealed to Dave and his team. To begin this process JM Supplies provided the University with a PP1200-15U for use within a teaching space so that Dave and his team could generate feedback from lecturers and end users to create a custom design. Although the look and feel of the PP1200 was exactly what the University wanted there were a number of revisions to be made to get the precise fit for the purpose of the University.

“The key feature of the JM Lecterns is that they are made of wood and complement the teaching desks perfectly.” Dave Halford, Teaching Room Support Group Leader. Dave Halford met with the JM Supplies Design Team at the Harrogate Head Office to run through the University’s design requirements. Following customer feedback gained during the 2011 Autumn semester changes were made to the original design. The changes included; an increase in rack space from 15U to 18U, access to the equipment via the side pods of the unit which enabled extra space for cables, a larger desktop to facilitate a control housing, keyboard and visualiser with a curved edge to remove the desktop overhang above the door so the PC can be easily seen. The initial order was for twenty-three lecterns and upon receipt it was identified that there was a problem in relation to opening the front door of the lectern. JM Supplies quickly rectified the problem allowing the University to install the lecterns whilst awaiting the new front door panel. The open communication between Sue Eldridge at JM Supplies and Dave Halford at the University meant that the modification was dealt with promptly and since initial manufacture a number of minor tweaks have been made including adding the University’s logo as a branding option. This has resulted in a bespoke product that is easy and practical for customers to use and is accessible for the support staff.

“Because it is a lectern that has been developed to our exact specification I just state on the order‘JM Lectern – University of Nottingham design’, simple.” Dave Halford. The PP1200-18U University of Nottingham Presenter is now the standard lectern used across all campuses in seminar and large seminar rooms. JM Supplies are proud to be creating bespoke designs that provide the perfect solution in which to house audio visual equipment. If you have the need for quality audio visual furniture that can be tweaked, designed and developed to fit the exact requirements of your end user then get in touch with us here at JM Supplies, we are waiting to speak to you.

Southampton Solent University

Blending Style with Function Southampton Solent University (SSU) is a dynamic and distinctive new University dedicated to academic excellence, social justice and the integration of theory and practice. ‘Real world’ experience is built into an exciting range of innovative courses in business, technology, art and design, media production, maritime, the creative industries and sport. SSU aims to provide exciting, inclusive and flexible Higher Education which prepares students to succeed in a fastchanging competitive world and also meets the needs of employers. The SSU Estates and Facilities service provides and maintains buildings in which students study and live and where staff work and collaborate. The buildings also provide a safe, pleasant and aesthetically pleasing environment worthy of a modern University and which support the University’s core teaching and learning objectives. It was the need to be aesthetically pleasing, distinctive and innovative that led SSU to choose JM Supplies for the refurbishment in the Reginald Mitchell building in the summer of 2012. The Estates department at SSU was planning to improve the classrooms in the Reginald Mitchell building. Working closely with the University’s Interior Space Designer the brief was clear: the colour scheme should complement corporate branding and the furniture should not only be fit-for-purpose but should express SSU’s individuality and distinctiveness. In essence, the success of project would be judged on the delivery of an exciting look and feel. JM Supplies worked closely with SSU staff including Ian Taylor, Classroom Technology Support Analyst and Libby Upson, Interior Space Designer, the Estates team and also the Audio Visual Integrator responsible for the installation of the new Audio Visual System. The brief included a requirement for a lectern with a difference - it needed to be affordable, built to a specific width and configured to promote corporate branding and use by a wheelchair user. JM Supplies found that an SSU branded presenter from the ‘Alpha’ range would be a great fit for the requirements of the brief.

“When we saw the graphic wrap on the Alpha Presenter, it looked fantastic. It was like nothing we had ever seen before and we knew instantly that it would provide the WOW factor for students and staff that we were looking for.” Ian Taylor, Classroom Technology Support Analyst

Although the Alpha Presenters were not DDA-compliant or height adjustable, JM and the SSU team worked closely to modify the product. The modifications meant that not only did the University get a product that looked good and was fit-for-purpose, it also got a product that had been specifically designed to meet the needs of the new refurbishment, the interior space design department and the disabled member of staff. JM Supplies negotiated a three-week reduction in manufacturing timescales in order to meet the deadline. From receipt of the purchase order it was all systems go at JM Supplies.

JM Supplies worked with the Audio Visual Integrator responsible for the installation of the new Audio Visual System to make sure that the project went smoothly. They tested a number of approaches so that there were no hitches: the Alpha Presenters were racked up and tested prior to installation, for example, ensuring a seamless installation and no additional storage headache for Ian and his team. The SSU teams were extremely proud of this refurbishment project and decided to generate feedback from students and staff to find out if they felt the same... here is some of the feedback for you to read for yourself:

Picture: Ian Taylor, Classroom Technology Support Analyst

“The new room layouts create a new dynamic in these rooms, reducing the barrier between the tutor and the students. The new lecterns have a much more professional appearance compared to what we had before. There is more space to place other teaching aids....” Timothy Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Business Analysis

“The rooms are a huge improvement - much better for teaching in general. They also seem much fresher and easy to be in.” Debbie Moores, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication

“The students seem to be happy with the new furniture, and I think the lectern looks very professional. Two projectors are excellent for bigger classrooms, but I especially like the fact that I am able to display two different things at the same time, eg PowerPoint and a textbook on the DocCam.” Dr Barend Schutte, Associate Lecturer in Languages

Need we say more? To discuss in more detail how JM Supplies can help you put AV furniture at the heart of your learning space design please contact us on the details below. We look forward to hearing from you.

JM Supplies Ltd Unit 2b, Follifoot Ridge Business Park, Pannal Rd, Harrogate, HG3 1DP, UK Tel: +44 (0) 845 458 8594 Email:

University of Glasgow

DDA 2000 for everyone and every space Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. As a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities, the student experience using audio visual technology is at the heart of everyday university life. With over 3000 lecturers at the University the requirements for presenting, lecturing and learning are extremely diverse. The University as a whole is focused on inclusiveness and meeting the current Equality Act obligations, the AV/IT team led by Brian Husband work towards ensuring that all AV furniture is DDA Compliant. In addition, the many listed buildings across the university campuses create the need for audio visual furniture that fits both the requirements of the academics and the building space. Here are two projects that JM Supplies are particularly proud of.

Project 1: Kelvin Gallery

Height adjustable desktop

Project 2: Kelvin Building Lecture Theatre

JM Supplies sought to address the needs of wheelchair access and the varied heights of lecturers by designing and manufacturing the DDA range. This range does not meet every criteria of the current Equality Act but does go some way to address some of the key areas. All of our electric height adjustable desks and lecterns work with a touch of a button either up or down. They have an anti-collision mechanism built in to ensure no finger trapping or coffee mug incidents can occur. The actuators we use do not interfere with any of the AV equipment or hearing loops that may be installed into the lectern or desk. JM Supplies have worked with Brian and his team, and AV Integrators to develop a number of lecterns that work with the academic requirements, DDA Compliance and fit within the University’s architectural needs.

Same lectern different desktop heights

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