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Hello parents. Your reading assignment is a bit smaller than usual in this newsletter. Many newsworthy things will be happening between now and the next issue so enjoy your reading reprieve. I do want to share a bit of good news with you regarding the academic performance of our students at MEA. Adventist education seeks to educate the whole person: mental, physical, and spiritual. Academic excellence is not separate from spiritual growth. An awareness that we are created by a loving God gives us a reason to excel that goes far beyond a desire for prestige or affluence. Our best efforts are an act of worship, an offering to Him. As a Christian school we have good reason to set high standards. Many are aware, by now, that the recent Cognitive Genesis Study provided empirical evidence for the outstanding quality of academic instruction in SDA schools across North America. Recently Mt. Ellis Academy received the results of the fall achievement tests. These scores confirmed the finding of Cognitive Genesis with very strong scores across the board. Additionally, there were several remarkable things about the scores for the sophomore class at MEA: 1.



As a class group the 10th grade ranked in the 99th percentile compared to all the other 10th grade groups in the nation. One hundred percent of the 10th graders scored at the proficient level or above in every tested subject. At least 45% of the 10th grade class scored at the advanced level in every single tested subject with 82% advanced in reading and 73% advanced in science.

The Mt. Ellis Academy mission statement commits us to Discover the Reality of Our Creator, Develop our God-Given Gifts, and Serve in His Kingdom. For us, the purpose of academic achievement is to make us better able to serve. So it is with humble and grateful hearts that we strive to achieve at the highest level.

Iowa Tests of Edu. Dev. (ITED) Form: A Test Date: 10/03/2011 Norms: 10/01 2005

Grade: 10

Level: 16

Building: Mount Ellis Acad

% Below Basic

Conferen Montana Conf Union: North Pacific Union State: SDA

% Basic

% Proficient

Below Proficient 100%




Disaggregation: All Students Score Type: National Proficiency Levels Admin. Type: Print

% Advanced

At or Above Proficient







Reading Total 0%






Revising Written 0%






Concepts & Prob. 0%






Math Total 0%






Social Studies 0%






Science 0%







Documentary Showing With Producer

Winter Music Concert

and got to watch their playful antics for ten or fifteen minutes.


olverine.” It’s not a word that comes up in casual conversation—it’s more of a word associated with a shadowy creature that I’d never even seen a picture of. I would have described it as a badgerlike creature, perhaps, but had no idea where wolverines live or what makes them tick. All of that changed last August when Mount Ellis Academy staff and students spent the first week of school in Glacier National Park. While hiking back from Grinnell Glacier, we stopped to see what everyone was pointing at, and a ranger exclaimed, “Wolverines!” I snapped a few far-off photos with my telephoto lens and passed my camera around so others could watch the wolverines tumbling down the snow, galloping back to the top, and sliding down again. The ranger told us that she feels lucky to see one wolverine each summer. We saw two in one day,

A few months later, I saw a notice for a program on wolverines at a local sportinggoods store, and decided to learn more about these elusive creatures. The presenter, Gianna Savoie, had written and produced an Emmy-nominated movie for Nature on the little-known wolverine. A casual conversation led to a series of emails and a program at Mount Ellis Academy on a Saturday night. Ms. Savoie, who currently teaches at Montana State University in the Science and Natural History Filmmaking program, hosted a screening of her film, “Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom” for a free community event. After the movie, she answered questions from the audience—about 60% of those present were community members who had seen posters around the MSU campus, public library and local food co-op. After the program, a gentleman came up to me and said, “In fifty words or less, tell me what this place is. I’ve lived in Montana for 25 years and had no idea it existed.” As a result of the event, our community now knows more about wolverines, as well as Mount Ellis Academy. - Anita Ojeda, MEA English & Spanish Teacher






junior benefit

19-22, 2012 ry ay in dormito • 3-night st r Bowl, ts to Bridge ill • Lift ticke i H Sk EA M Big Sky, and nner , Lunch & Di • Breakfast Center & on to Swim • Admissi t Springs Bozeman Ho orships & Evening w • Morning ies vit cti r a he • All ot r January 20

* Registration afte

Ski the Summit S now season has arrived and with it comes Ski the Summit. It is a tradition here and a prime time for potential students to receive a taste of what academy life is like. Many of you may have brought your own child when contemplating sending them

On our website there is additional information ( or send them a Facebook invitation (

costs $155

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATE: February 25, 2012, at 6:30 pm. The class of 2013 is raising graduation funds. The theme is Medieval time period and we are giving away one gift certificate to the best dressed couple or individual so grab your armor, swords and elegant dresses and join us for a great evening. There will also be music, poetry, archery and much more! Dinner is included in the entrance fee. There will be a few extra booths & horse riding(for tots) after the dinner that will cost extra tickets (tickets are $.50 each).

Adults Children 7-16 Children 6 and under Family (immediate)

$8 $6 Free $26

**If you bring one food item for the food bank your family will will reduce the total admission price by $.50 per person. This is a wonderful family event with a little something for all ages. For any questions please call Juanita at 587-5178.

to MEA. As a friend of the school or parent of current students we would like to pose a challenge to you. If you know anyone who might be interested in coming to school here, give them a personal invite to experience worship, friendship and fun on the slopes.


Upcoming Events @ MEA WU Friendship Tournament // Feb 8 - 12 W Home Leave // Feb 8 - 12 The One Project // Feb 13 & 14 Faculty Families // Feb 15 Community Families // Feb 18 Ski the Summit // Feb 19-21 Music Tour // Feb 28 - Mar 4


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New and exciting things at MEA!

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