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Why Soil Remediation is Gaining Importance Did you know that contaminated soil contributes to 40 percentage of world’s total death rate along with air and water pollution? Soil is contaminated by many chemicals and pathogens, which are passed on to humans through direct contact or in through food and water. Pollutants such as metals and pesticides seep into the earth's soil and contaminate the water as well. This type of pollution reduces the amount of land suitable for agricultural production and contributes to global food shortages. Increased soil erosion worldwide not only results in more soil being displaced, but also contributes to the spread of disease microbes and various toxins. In short, soil pollution causes major health risks to entire ecosystem and can turn fatal in extreme cases. Soil remediation is the collective term for several strategies that are used to purify and revitalize soil. In order to ensure sanitisation of the affected area, often contaminated with toxic lead content, soil there is treated or removed with many remediation techniques. Soil remediation solutions can be grouped into two categories broadly. In-situ treatment and ex-situ treatment. In-situ treatment refers to treatment of polluted soil on site while Ex-situ treatment refers to treating the soil away from the site. As technology advances, new techniques for reclaiming contaminated soil are evolving. This will empower the efforts taken to purify land and terrain. A large number of awareness campaigns are being conducted across the globe to spread the importance of soil conservation& remediation. People now realize how chemicals such as lead or pesticide cause damage to environment & humans alike. It is therefore highly important to engage in various soil remediation techniques & methodologies to treat contaminated soil. MT2 is an industry leader in providing overall environmental clean-up & soil remediation services on a nationwide basis. MT2 has processed over 1,000,000 tons of lead and other hazards-impacted materials utilizing their patented ECOBONDŽ technology. Learn more on firing range services and firing range remediation. Visit:

Why soil remediation is gaining importance