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Urban Green Energy is a world leader in small wind energy, focused on providing high quality, high performance, and attractive products to customers around the world. UGE's products include vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid streetlamps, both of which use state of the art technology to meet the standards of safety, reliability, and elegance our customers expect. UGE takes pride in partnering with best in class companies providing innovative solutions to today's energy needs. Today UGE has sold our wind turbines to more than 35 countries. We as MTS Green Energy are very happy to call us a UGE distributor. UGE vertical axis wind turbines has received third-party certification for their power curves, noise levels, vibration levels, and safety. UGE provides solutions for unique applications and projects and

Urban Green Energy understands that costumer confidence is a central aspect in the continued growth of the small wind industry. Customers investing in a renewable energy system must have every assurance that their new equipment will perform as advertised. This is why UGE has dedicated itself to being a leader in having its products certified to international standards.

can customize a product to meet your requirements. UGE can supply our wind turbines along with the tower and all electronics necessary for energy production. UGE owns its own dedicated production headquarters






development capabilities allowing quick and costeffective






technologies. With 25 acres of land and already 35,000 square feet of factory space, we are poised to become one of the largest manufacturers of small wind turbines worldwide.

UGE is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer. Urban Green Energy has developed and implemented this quality management system to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer,




requirements, and to address customer satisfaction









prevention of nonconformity.

effective including and


In February 2010, UGE received certifications for their UGE-600, UGE1K, and UGE-4K wind turbines' power performance, becoming one of the first manufacturers in the world to do so. Beyond that, UGE has also had third party




confirm its turbines' safety, sound, and vibration levels. Among




carried by UGE's turbines are: - Safety Certifications (European Conformity (CE) and IEC 61400-2)

- Power Performance Certifications (IEC 61400-12)

- Noise Level Certifications

(IEC 61400-11)

- Vibration Level Certifications All







Certified and available to meet local requirements. UK Accreditation Urban Green Energy is currently working with a UKAS accredited certification body to ensure that the certification tests carried out on our turbines comply with the requirements of the Microgeneration Certification following

Scheme reports




information from current test reports.


UGE Vertical Axis Wind Turbines With Urban Green Energy's UGE600/1k/4k vertical axis wind turbine, you can make your own energy choice and ensure your energy is provided by 100% clean, renewable energy. Quieter than a human whisper, the UGE can be installed on a tower, on a roof, or just about anywhere! The highly adaptable UGE turbine is suitable for numerous applications. From residential use to street lamps, and from remote power to advertising, the UGE turbine will provide a dependable energy source with minimal required maintenance. Together with UGE we, MTS Green Energy, can offer you three models of the vertical turbine: -

UGE-600 (Eddy)


UGE-1k (Eddy GT)



Rated Power

640 W

1 kW

4 kW

Rated Wind Speed


12 m/s

12 m/s

Operating Range

3 - 32 m/s

3 - 30 m/s

3 - 30 m/s

55 m/s

50 m/s

50 m/s

Maximum Wind Speed Rated RPM




Swept Area

1.47 m2

3.24 m2

8.8 m2

Noise Level at 3 Meter Distance: @ <7 m/s

< 40 DB

< 38 DB

< 39 DB

@ 7 - 10 m/s

< 43 DB

< 42 DB

< 45 DB

@ 10 - 13 m/s

< 47 DB

< 47 DB

< 50 DB

1.6m x 1.38m (63” x

2.7m x 1.8m (106” x

4.4m x 3m (173” x




Tower Height (Standard)

7m (23’)

7m (23’)

7m (23’)

Gross Weight w/o Tower

81.6 kg (180 lbs)

175 kg (386 lbs)

444 kg (979 lbs)

Physical Parameters: Mill Size

Generator: Type Temperature range Certifications: CE - European Certification IEC-61400-2 - Safety Certifications IEC-61400-11 - Noise Level IEC-61400-12 - Power Performance ISO-2631 - Vibration Level

Permanent magnet direct drive generator -40oC to 115oC

Urban Green Energy Sanya At Urban Green Energy they have set out to innovate the world of street lighting by designing a customizable, 100% renewable energy powered street lamp. The base design incorporates a 600W UGE vertical axis wind turbine as well as 80W of solar panels to provide more than enough energy to ensure the street lamps are shining 365 nights a year. Up to five days of energy can be stored in our lamps' battery bank to make certain that all lighting needs are met. UGE street lamp is ideal for a variety of public lighting establishments such as roads,








Installation is always quick and affordable. In a traditional grid powered street lamp installation, much of the expense is in wiring the lamps to the gird. This is not necessary with our product. Installation only requires pouring a concrete foundation, connecting the street lamp, and then turning on the power switch. From day one the lamps will be ready to light the ground below. For individuals looking for a grid-tie set-up we suggest using our UGE-1K VAWT which will provide a large excess of energy that can be fed into the grid to provide power for other nearby applications. Instead of providing one design and forcing it to all projects, our wind/solar street lamp solution is customized to fit each project depending on the lighting, color and design needed, as well as the wind and sunlight available. This gives our customers a product that can be tailored to fit all of their needs without the customization fees. At UGE they know that a project doesn't end after installation; therefore, we have chosen all of our components to be long lasting and nearly maintenance free. In addition, our engineers have developed a product that requires minimal maintenance by designing all electronics and batteries to be accessible at ground level.

Aeolos Horizontal Wind Turbine till 50kW Aeolos wind turbine is a leading small wind turbines manufacturer in the world. Aeolos wind turbine was founded in Denmark in 1986. After 20 years development, Aeolos built thirteen companies and plants in seven countries. Aeolos owned 12 patents on wind generator, control systems, blade design and inverter. Aeolos wind turbine has built an international






industry. At present, Aeolos products included horizontal axis wind turbines from 500w to 50kw and vertical axis wind turbines from 300w to 10kw. They were widely applied for home, farm, village, school and small wind farm. Aeolos wind generators are working in US, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique and more than 60 countries and regions. We try to provide more efficient and reliable wind power system to the world. Technical Features: Features: K Aeolos patent wind generator provided more power output than traditional wind generators. K Aeolos residential wind turbines use light weight design to ensure the easy installation, better safety and low maintenance. K Automatic safety system protects the over speed, over charging and other wind turbine faults. Output per year Annual wind speed (m/s)









Average wind speed(mph)









Annual power output(kWh) 500













































Please Please note: The output data of Aeolos wind turbines is based on the test of National wind power lab. The actual output of Aeolos wind turbine will be influenced by the wind speed of your area, local topography and any nearby obstructions such as trees or other buildings. For all other Aeolos turbine output please contact the MTS sales team.

Technical details Horizontal turbines 500W




Rated Rated Power


1 kw

3 kw

5 kw

Maximum Output Power


1.2 kw

4 kw

5.8 kw

Output Voltage

24 V

48 V

220-240 V

220-240 V

Blade Quantity

3 blade Fibreglass

3 Glass Fiber Blades

3 Glass Fiber Blades

3 Glass Fiber Blades

Rotor Blade Diameter

2.7m (8.9ft)

3.2 m (10.5 ft)

4.8 m (15.7 ft)

5.0 m (16.4 ft)

StartStart-up Wind Speed

2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)

2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)

2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)

3.0 m/s (6.7 mph)

Rated Wind Speed

12 m/s (26.8 mph)

12 m/s (26.8 mph)

12 m/s (26.8 mph)

10 m/s (22.3 mph)

Survival Wind Speed

45 m/s (100.7 mph)

45 m/s (100.7 mph)

45 m/s (100.7mph)

45 m/s (100.7 mph)

Generator Efficiency




Turbine Weight

28kg (61.7lbs)

60 kg (132.3 lbs)

138 kg (304.2 lbs)

180 kg (396.8 lbs)


28 db(A) @ 5m/s

28 db(A) @ 5m/s

30 db(A) @ 5m/s

31 db(A) @ 5m/s


Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Generator >0.85

Temperature Range

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +50°C

Design Lifetime

30 Years

30 Years

30 Years

30 Years


Standard 5 Years Extended 10 Years 10kW 10kW



Rated Power

10 kw

30 kw

50 kw

Maximum Output Power

13 kw

34 kw

54 kw

Output Voltage

220-380 V

320-480 V

380-500 V

Blade Quantity

3 Glass Fiber Blades

3 Glass Fiber Blades

3 Glass Fiber Blades

Rotor Blade Diameter

7.5 m (24.6 ft)

12.5 m (41.0 ft)

18.0 m (59.1 ft)

StartStart-up Wind Speed

3.0 m/s (6.7 mph)

3.0 m/s (6.7 mph)

3.0 m/s (6.7 mph)

Rated Wind Speed

10 m/s (22.3 mph)

10 m/s (22.3 mph)

10 m/s (22.3 mph)

Survival Wind Speed

45 m/s (100.7 mph)

45 m/s (100.7 mph)

45 m/s (100.7 mph)


Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Generator

Generator Efficiency




Turbine Weight

420 kg (925.9 lbs)

1380 kg (3042.3 lbs)

3120 kg (6878.3 lbs)


34.5 db(A) @ 5m/s

41.5 db(A) @ 5m/s

48.5 db(A) @ 5m/s

Temperature Range

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +50°C

Design Lifetime

30 Years

30 Years

30 Years


Standard 5 Years Extended 10 Years

Nedap – Naïade Shortage of clean drinking water For millions of people a shortage of clean drinking water is a reality they must face every day. Sometimes they simply do not have enough water; in other cases the water that is available is contaminated. Impoverished populations are the most severely affected by this problem; they simply can’t afford to buy safe water. Aid organizations and governments in developing countries are striving to improve the availability of clean drinking water. Significant investments are being made in this area. This means the creation or expansion of safe water sources, improved storage and distribution, education about hygiene and the improvement of sanitary provisions. However insufficient infrastructure, electricity and money are often obstacles to achieving these goals. Working on solutions Aid organizations and governments in developing countries are striving to improve the availability of clean drinking water. Significant investments are being made in this area. This means the creation or expansion of safe water sources, improved storage and distribution, education about hygiene and the improvement of sanitary provisions. However insufficient infrastructure, electricity and money are often obstacles to achieving these goals. Dirty water is a health hazard In developing countries poor water quality is the leading cause of health problems. This is particularly true in situations where sanitary provisions are inadequate. Eighty percent of all illnesses in developing countries are caused by polluted water. It is estimated that two million people die from these illnesses every year. Serious illnesses transmitted via polluted drinking water include: • Cholera, an extremely infectious and deadly intestinal disease • Typhoid fever, caused by the production of toxins by salmonella bacteria • Hepatitis A, an infection of the liver resulting in jaundice • Dysentery, an acute intestinal disease often resulting in death

The Naïade solution Naïade is an easy-to-install water purification unit for drinking water. It functions independently, without needing to be connected to an electrical energy source or water mains. Naïade cleans and disinfects water using sunlight. The installation kills all pathogens and makes drinking water safe without the use of chemicals. Naïade can be used anywhere in the third world. The system is reliable and inexpensive. Naïade is being introduced via organizations in various countries. Maintenance and management of the installation can be done by local people. To ensure that this is done properly the Naïade system has been developed. It can be funded by the beneficiary themselves at a minimal yearly cost per person. For Malaysia MTS Green Energy is the sole distributor. Technical Data Energy source

: Sunlight

Solar panel

: 75 watt

Energy storage

: battery

Daily average capacity

: 2,000 liters (up to 400 people)

Water pre-filters

: included

UV disinfection lamp

: 20 watt

Water tank

: 100 liters


: 44 kg

Dimension Effective against

: 54 x 75 x 140 cm (excl. solar panel) : viruses, bacteria, protozoa and worm eggs

PowerFilm Solar PowerFilm, Inc. is vigilantly searching for opportunities to not only improve our solar technology but make flexible, thin-film, solar modules more accessible to more people through complete solar solutions. The versatility and flexibility of the solar modules and the nimbleness of the proprietary manufacturing process allows PowerFilm to be creative and integrate solar into wide varieties of solar applications. Recognizing the need to offer complete solar solutions, in addition to standard and custom solar products, the PowerFilm team looks to bring innovative, total solar solutions to niche markets. The recreational vehicle, emergency response and disaster relief, watercraft, and electric vehicle markets are market segments identified by PowerFilm to realize benefits of solar energy, especially lightweight, flexible, durable, thin-film solar already proven in the field. PowerFilm, Inc. will continue to identify and develop real, complete solar solutions for real power needs now and in the future. Just one more way to "Keep the Power On with PowerFilm". There are numbers of solution PowerFilm can give the website give a full spectrum of the range of products we can offer. The thin, flexible, durable, and custom length attributes of PowerFilm Solar's building integrated panels enable unprecedented opportunities for materials, structure, and building integration. Building Integrated Solar, or Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), are solar panels that are integrated with building materials to offer an alternative power source direct from the structure. At PowerFilm, Building Integrated applies the company's expertise for combinations of thin film solar products with materials such as fabric, metal, membrane, and other materials. PowerFilm offers solar solutions with long lifetime warranties (up to 20 years) for integration with buildings, structures, or building-related or grid-connected products. Building Integrated includes our commercial and technical product/systems expertise for grid connect systems, along with experience in balancing systems for remote applications. Examples of successfully integrated solar panels include warehouses, hospitals, commercial buildings, and schools. For Malaysia MTS Green Energy is the sole distributor.

PowerFilm, Inc. Foldable Solar Chargers are the lightest, most compact, and most portable solar solution for remote, expeditionary power needs. Performs even in low light – PowerFilm Solar chargers have been designed to absorb light even during light conditions. The panel is able to charge for more hours per day than competing technologies. Originally designed for military use – PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers are highly durable. Foldable Solar Chargers resist point damage extremely well, resulting in a charger that still functions, with minimal loss of output, even after subjected to puncturing. Accessories Included - Using the Foldable Solar Charger is made easy with the included 12 V female barrel adaptor. Plug in 12 V compatible devices to the solar charger directly. Designed for reliability – Unlike crystalline solar cells that are prone to shattering, PowerFilm Solar modules are flexible. The Foldable series of PowerFilm Solar chargers also use a redundant design to help provide power in the event a section should become damaged. Waterproof - A perfect solar solution for wet and water-logged environments, PowerFilm Rollable Solar Chargers are fully waterproof and constructed with marine grade connectors to provide a portable solar solution for marine environments. PowerFilm's OEM Stock Component Program is perfectly positioned to fast track a solar integrated project from concept to development to production. The stock OEM solar module products offered by PowerFilm have been selected from years of experience to offer the most versatility for use in a wide variety of potential applications. If it's improving an existing product by adding solar or developing an entirely new product incorporating solar, PowerFilm's stock OEM solar modules are a perfect first step. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and power output configurations, PowerFilm's stock OEM solar modules have been developed to match existing battery-based electrical systems most commonly used today.

Solar/wind water pump from Danske Pump â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Danish perfection Photovoltaic pumping system is Opto-Electro-Mechanical integration System with the rapid development in the past several years, which is using the electricity by the solar, through the maximum power point tracking and conversion control device drivers DC, permanent magnet, brushless, sensorless, Plastic dual-rotor motor or high-performance high-speed asynchronous motor or switched reluctance motor driven high efficiency pump, pumping water for irrigation or human and animal consumption from the depth to the ground. Also known as photovoltaic water pumps is solar water pumps, in recent years it has been increasingly recognized the most attractive means of water supply in the sun-rich areas of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world, especially in the remote areas of lack of electricity and without electricity, using the solar energy which is taken from everywhere and inexhaustible to achieve water supply of high economic and high reliability. Pumps work sunrise and stop sunset automatic, there is no need of looking after and safeguard the workload can be reduced to a minimum, is an ideal green energy high-tech products with economic, reliability and environmental benefits. The PV water pumping system consists of a motor, a pump, a controller, a solar array and some accessories as shown in the picture. According to userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs it can also be operated in cloudy days or even in the night by means of adding batteries and replacing a controller. The PV water pumps are fitted to 4 inch (100 mm) diameter shallow or deep well. It can also be used in river, lake or pond. All the system components are made by environment friendly materials and oil-less bearing. It is absolutely protected from water source polluting. The system is easy to install and operates full automatically without watching. We will provide any specifications photovoltaic pumping systems which are specially designed and manufactured according of your needs.


- High efficiency & high reliability - Driven by PM. Brushless DC Motor - Minimum maintenance, long life & without washing - Powered by PV/wind/battery - All the necessary production - Environment friendly materials, lubricate without oil


- Village or family water supply - Animal drinking water and livestock watering - Garden/Courtyard irrigation - Natatorium/swimming pool - Water supply for bivouac or camping car - Water supply for remote areas

Automatic control:

- Operate automatically & without watching - Protected from dry operation - Maximal Power Point Tracking (MPPT) - Intelligent management for battery charging & discharging

New Technology:

Applications innovation The DC PM brushless motor has increased its efficiency up to 25% in comparison with traditional small asynchronous motor 25% PV modules could be saved. Technology Innovation (Patent) Stator and rotor are sealed by environment friendly casting resin. The motorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insulation resistance can be hold higher than 300Mâ&#x201E;Ś for more than 10 years. It consumedly increased the security and reliability of the submersible motor. Structure Novelty Casting resin technology processed stator and rotor as well as the water lubricated bearing make the submersible pump environment friendly (no even one glob oil), easy to install and more reliability.

BBH Hemer MTS Green Energy proudly presents to you the training aids from BBH Hemer. This 100% engineered en manufactured in Germany. Every module from BBH is designed to teach your students from A till Z the meaning of renewable energy. These are unique product that are nowadays needed in Schools and Universities. BBH products are widely used in Europe. BBH Products are also used in companies like Grohe, Bosch, Danfoss, Porsche. All top companies that confirms the high quality. Please contact the MTS Education division for more information. They are the distributor in South East Asia.

Model Photovoltaics Photovoltaics The functional model photovoltaics serves the explanation of the fundamental operation principle of a photovoltaics power generation plant, for the use of the solar power as renewable energy source. Beyond the simple demonstration, the metrological equipment permits also the execution of quantitative tests. The physical basics, which should be present to plan a solar power generation system correctly, will be indicated in practical tests (efficiency, expected electric performance, electric storage from photovoltaic module charge regulator/battery; estimate the operable loads etc.). The mobile design consists of a photovoltaic-module, whose output current can be supplied alternatively to a direct load (bulb or mounting bushes for external voltage supply) or by way of a charge regulator to a storage battery. On a plastic coated plate - apart from the battery - all components belonging to the system are built up. Component designations and function notes are engraved on the board.

Model Solar Collector The functional model solar collector can be used for the explanation of the fundamental functional principle of a solar collector and its use within an domestic water supply system. Beyond the simple demonstration, the metrological equipment of the functional model permits also the execution of quantitative tests. The physical basics, which should be present to plan a solar heating of industrial water system correctly, will be indicated in practical tests (efficiency, expected thermal output, calculation of energy flows from temperature differences and mass flows etc.). The system consists of a closed solar collector circuit, whose over the collector absorbed heat by means of a heat exchanger is transferred to an domestic water reservoir. The circulation caused by a water pump can be stopped and read from a flow meter with flow control valve. On a plastic coated plate - apart from swiveling solar collector - all components belonging to the system are built up. Component designations and function notes are engraved on the board.

e-MO took the challenge of democratizing the scooter. e-MO allows everyone to reduce their environmental footprint while increasing its purchasing power by 80% (compared to a 50 cc thermal). Maintenance-free, petroleum-free and without any noise, rolling green becomes a powerful reality: E-MO shows a speed of 45 km/h and a range of 20 to 40 km depending on use. With a carrying handle, its removable battery recharges in less than two hours, at home or office. Compact and lightweight, e-MO can be placed anywhere, even in elevators. Without COX and without NOx (nitrogen oxide), it is the best choice for future generations. With its dynamic lines, white, pistachio, orange or black, e-MO embodies more than a scooter is a new lifestyle, fashion and eco-friendly. e-MO+ is the version with equipment suitable for more intensive use for more fun: disc brake front, hydraulic forks, rear suspension with a double shock, tubeless tires and grips. e-MO can be used in every location even indoor as it is clean and not pollution. MTS Motorsport is the sole distributor of the e-MO in Malaysia.

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