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Relaxed big city feel Łona, rapper, music producer, University of Szczecin law graduate, works at a law firm Szczecin’s the Paris of the north, I’ve got no doubts about that. The city’s northern qualities can best be discovered by venturing into its northern neighbourhoods. These are beautiful, mysterious, somewhat neglected areas with a rough reputation. You need to maintain a certain degree of caution when visiting them. For travellers who aren’t keen to examine the locals’ more ‘colourful’ habits up close, I’d suggest viewing these districts aboard an excursion boat. Viewed from the Oder, northern Szczecin makes an even bigger impression. I suggest coffee at Stojaki (below), where you can get a good sense of Szczecin’s genius loci: on one hand there’s a big-city feel with Szczecin’s booming hipsterdom, but on the other hand,

there’s something of the sleepy little town, with natives curled up like cats on comfy cushions in the window sills of their flats. Check out the jam sessions at Piwnica Kany (above, about once a month, on a Friday) to hear great tunes and fraternize a bit with the rather unpretentious Szczecin bohemians, or just drink some good beer •

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