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New Director Named Julie Jordan has more than 25 years of professional experience as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a trainer, and a project manager. She holds degrees in engineering and education technology from Mississippi State University. She began her career working in the private sector with the first personal computers and computer networks in the early 80s. Ms. Jordan was the technology coordinator and computer teacher at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science from 1988 to 1996. As computers began making their way into schools, she worked for the Mississippi Department of Education as a training consultant for several years in the early 90s helping teachers and administrators learn to incorporate computers in their work and student learning. In 1996, she started an Internet company, formed a partnership, raised private equity funding, acquired three other Internet companies, and, within 3 years, sold the company. She has served as an adjunct instructor for Mississippi State University and Mississippi University for Women. Ms. Jordan led community development outreach programs as a project manager for the Mississippi State Community Action Team (MSCAT). While at MSCAT from 2007-2009, she served as co-principal investigator on two grant programs totaling almost $1 million. She served 10 years on the board of trustees of the Columbus Municipal School District and served as a director and an officer of the Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA) for 6 years. Ms. Jordan regularly leads and develops continuing education training for MSBA. She is enrolled in an international development doctoral program at the University of Southern Mississippi. She is part owner of four Sylvan Learning franchises in Mississippi, and she enjoys the outdoors, plays golf, goes hunting, and loves to travel.

RCU Workforce News Donnie McCarter, Media Producer for the Workforce Development section, recently passed Apple’s certification exam for Final Cut Pro 7, Level One. Final Cut Pro is recognized as the industry’s leading video editing software and is used by more industry professionals than any other system. In addition to Final Cut Pro, Mr. McCarter also holds an Apple certification in DVD Studio Pro 4.

Dr. Lemond Irvin, Project Manager for the Workforce Development section, was nominated by the National Association of Industry-Specific Training Directors to become “Member at Large” for his work with the organization. Dr. Irvin developed and now maintains the Website as well as advises the group on Web-based technology issues.

Mississippi Workforce Directors’ Meeting August 26 26--27, 2010 The Workforce Directors’ Meeting was held August 2627, 2010, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. There was representation from State Board Community Junior College, workforce development center directors, project writers,

Randy Henry (PRCC) discussed the lineman program, which is a blend of Career and Technical Workforce. Dexter Holloway, SBCJC, gave updates from SBCJC and TANF and a discussion on Sector Strategy 101 and their benefits.

Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) staff, and other career personnel.

Making a Difference in Workforce Training Holmes Community College completed a pre-employment training September 7-8, 2010, for Grenada Area Manufacturers. The purpose was to increase the skill sets of individuals looking for entrylevel employment in manufacturing, which in turn will allow area manufacturers a larger and more competent labor pool in which to hire from. The results will be based on feedback from manufacturers and individuals who complete the training. The objectives of the training were to improve employability skills, such as basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job, and to introduce and improve skills in critical areas as identified by area

manufacturers (measurement, blueprint reading, math, quality, etc.). The training set goals of completing a minimum of four pre-employment trainings per year and placing graduates of the training in jobs in a timely manner. Slade Redwine, Workforce Development Coordinator of Holmes Community College, said, “Four companies participated set-up like a minijob fair. The employers who were interested in hiring came to the college to interview graduates on the spot immediately after graduation. In the past the graduates would have to wait for interviews through the WIN Job Center. The outcome was two fold.

It allowed the companies access to work ready employees and it allowed the graduates to put the interview skills that are a part of the training into real world practice.”

The advisory committee for the training is made of local industry reps, college staff, WIN Job Center staff, a local staffing agency, Grenada Economic Development District, and the Grenada Community Foundation. Below are participants who completed the training.

MEET OUR PEOPLE PROFILE: DONNIE MCCARTER As Media Producer for the RCU, Mr. McCarter relies on his expertise in media production to develop variety of materials for the Leadership and Workforce Development section as well as Mississippi business and industry. Donnie has his BS degree in communication and holds certifications in Apple Final Cut Pro and apple DVD Studio Pro. Prior to joining the RCU staff in 1988, Donnie worked 2 years as a videographer for the WCBI-TV news department in Columbus, Mississippi. Next quarter meet Dr. Lemond Irvin, Project Manager of Workforce Development


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