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Company Overview


Company Overview

Our purpose is to see increased revenue, productivity and business growth by developing people, through a truly personal and bespoke service

MorganAndersen is an international resourcing, engagement, training & development specialist, dedicated to helping organisations realise internal and external opportunities within our fields of speciality. Recognising that every company is unique, we customise each approach to meet the specific needs of each customer with one sole purpose; to see increased revenue, productivity and growth through a truly personal, bespoke service to it’s clients.

The MorganAndersen team have a wealth of expertise in resourcing, engagement, training and development and have won awards for the work and increased value they have brought to businesses in their care. MorganAndersen fills a void in the personalised training and resourcing arena by providing solutions to companies looking to differentiate themselves from their competition through their people. MorganAndersen is rich in skills and expertise through its specialised team ideal for companies looking for a trusted, knowledgeable and results driven business partner. This unique team allows MorganAndersen to source talent that fits your company DNA, engage with your culture and up-skill your people to drive bottom line results through effectively executing and developing your company vision.



Company Overview



We believe some of the biggest challenges in relationships come

The size of our success will be measured by your desire to

from clients not having a truly personal service. We want our

develop our relationship. We believe in fully measured and

relationships to last and work with our partners to focus on their

evaluated performances. Results are what we want to drive

needs. We value the importance of what we add and give, not

and welcome being held accountable for the results achieved

what we can take.

through our products and services.



We want to add value - not complicate things. Our job is to

Continuous growth and success through development are of

make our clients activities easier by enabling them to recruit,

paramount importance to us. We see development as an on-

train, develop and nurture high-performing personnel by being

going journey that leads to continued success, prosperity and

responsive, relevant and by consistently delivering value.

achievement and are passionate about imparting knowledge and skills enabling others to utilise their full potential.

BEING GOOD ISNT GOOD ENOUGH We believe in success and achieving more than expected. We want to see getting better as a starting point, not an endpoint. You know what you do well; we want to develop ways of making it better. We want to dedicate what we know and have learnt into making you become great.



Company Overview

WHY CHOOSE MORGAN ANDERSEN? Our team have decades of knowledge and experience from a wide breadth of industries, across many sectors. This successful knowledge and skills base is fully utilised with our approach to assignments and work methods and is fully translated into the passionate way we operate for our clients. MorganAndersen is formed of a great, likeminded team who all live out our vision and values and have all operated at the forefront of their specialist areas within successful organisations in the UK and

MorganAndersen is formed of a great, likeminded team who all live out our vision and values and have all operated at the forefront of their specialist areas within successful organisations in the UK and internationally


In addition to being part of the MorganAndersen team, our senior board all currently hold non- executive directorships and mentoring roles with many leading UK and International highly successful companies, keeping them at the cutting edge.









Company Overview

RESOURCING We believe the ‘fit’ is equally (if not more) important than skill

The MorganAndersen team have recruited for FTSE100

set or ability. Getting this right first time adds tremendous value

companies and blue chip organisations as well as extensively

to your business, morale and dramatically reduces personnel

working with SME’s and business start-up’s, resulting in

acquisition costs. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the

thousands of personnel being placed globally. Our team are

need to match your required behavioural traits and skills in the

high level recruiters and have extensive experience using fresh

people we find, i.e. they have the right DNA for your business.

approaches to recruitment created within MorganAndersen that really work.

Our psychometric and behavioural profiling enables us to share highly accurate information about a candidate’s behaviours and

Also unique to MorganAndersen is our specialist after care team.

personality that can be used to determine how successful they

This team provides a unique level of after care for our customers

will be in the role you are recruiting for. This method of profiling is

and candidates, ensuring the relationships made go smoothly

accredited by the British Psychological Society, and is the only

and that candidates are integrating within your organisation

one of its type to gain their seal of annual endorsement.

as intended. This period is vital for both the customer and candidate, which is why we have our aftercare team in place.

We make it personal with each customer having a dedicated point of contact who will not only learn about your business, understand your company culture and work with you to determine what skills are needed; they will most importantly map out the type of person that would fit your DNA and culture in order to drive longevity in employment.

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For MorganAndersen the service after is as equally important as the service before

Accredited by

Company Overview

ENGAGEMENT Employers are increasingly trying to find ways to attract

places to work by providing practical, effective solutions and

and motivate their workforces. Employers that understand

support on what you need to improve and maintain. We have

how to do this well are reaping the rewards by having loyal,

extensive experience in helping organisations plug their people

results driven, focused individuals working for them. Great

into their company culture and lessen the gap between top

workforces want to be truly bought into the company vision

level and shop floor mentality, all of which produces great

and feel a sense of belonging and fulfilment by what they do.

results as well as creating a fantastic organisation to work

MorganAndersen is skilled in helping organisations be great

for in the long run.





MorganAndersen are experts in Sales, Leadership, Customer Service and Call Centre development. Our team’s backgrounds cover a wide spectrum of industries from board level to shop

your current and future leaders to help get you to the next

floor within start-ups, VC’s and SME’s to blue chip and FTSE100

level, MorganAndersen will take your people to a higher skills

companies. Having worked with many leading organisations

platform with a modern, no non-sense approach. Our methods

and won multiple awards, we know how to ignite passion

add value to your business resulting in strong results in your

and enthusiasm within people and sharpen skills needed to

business disciplines.To that end MorganAndersen offer a wide

be successful in today’s working environment. Whether it is to

spectrum of courses, workshops and bespoke development

increase sales productivity, help differentiate yourself from the

packages across a wide breadth of disciplines all tailored to

competition by strengthening service skills or by investing into

helping you drive your visions, values and results.

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Company Overview

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT With the multifaceted collection of backgrounds in the

We also specialise in strategy development; helping companies

MorganAndersen team, we understand the tremendous value

globally realise their own potential through meticulous strategy

that can be added to an organisation through developing its top

planning and execution. We utilise decades of successful

executives. Many senior executives in organisations do not fully

experience which will add huge value to your company long

utilise their own potential and thus fail to fully utilise the potential

term and will create stronger results and growth year after

of those they lead and manage. Because of this, companies

year. Helping you create wealth, success and security in your

often miss opportunities and lose valuable personnel from

organisation is paramount and is at the top of our agenda.

poor management and lack of direction being given in an

Utilising our skills will not only be beneficial in articulating your

appropriate manner.

vision and strategy on paper, but will also add value when delivering you strategy with your people. Whether you have

We believe in being better and also believe that everything rises

short, medium or long term objectives, our team is ideally

and falls on strong leadership. Whether your company is a large

positioned to help get you to the next level in your company

blue chip, SME or start-up, our specialist Executive Leadership &


Strategy Development Team, have a unique set of skills, targeted at developing the key influencers within your organisation. Our team are talented in bringing out the best in others and skilfully challenging them to be better and achieve more, resulting in your organisation being stronger and skillfully profitable.



Company Overview

EXECUTIVE NETWORKING MorganAndersen has an enviable network of some of industries most senior executives. We create distinctive, value adding environments for top professionals to develop relationships with others at their level or higher in their respective fields. These events are by invitation only and as such are exclusively for those at Executive / Director level allowing the creation of powerful environments for growth.

All events are held at prestigious venues ideal for hosting recognised and respected keynote speakers to further add value to you through their specialism and experience. This is a unique network to be part of and one that is sure to benefit you personally as well as professionally.



Company Overview

RETAIL & INTERNET SERVICES Our team has substantial experience and a truly enviable background in Retail and E-Commerce and have led some of Europe’s fastest growing retail chains and most successful internet businesses. Our bespoke services are designed to create extra revenue, drive sales and increase productivity and are aimed at getting a maximum return on investment. We have a finely tuned and commercially astute set of skills and our approach to Our retail division specialises in all areas of retail activity from

developing businesses is effective and drives sustained growth.

recruitment and training, to process and strategy development. We offer practical, effective solutions all designed to fit your DNA and achieve your vision, values and objectives.

Our proven track record at increasing sales, driving efficiencies, improving processes and creating a ‘buzz’ within departments, makes MorganAndersen the ultimate business partner when

Our Ecommerce and Call Centre specialists have industry leading knowledge and experience that can be imparted into your organisation to generate higher conversion and reduce marketing costs whilst seeing greater results. In the digital arena, we know how to produce more with less and can guide you to achieve more, be more successful and strategise your approach to be more effective.



looking for ways to expand, create more revenue and develop a more engaged and productive workforce.

Company Overview

WE’D LOVE TO TALK For more information regarding any of our products and services or to arrange an independent assessment of your needs, contact:

Email: Web: Call: 0845 680 4702

OUR PAST The MorganAndersen team have worked in a wide breadth

Here are a few of the organisations our team have previuosly

of industries; from SME’s to large multinational corporates, Blue

made an impact in:

Chips and FTSE 100 companies.

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MorganAndersen Company Overview  

MorganAndersen Company Overview