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2 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project



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1.1 Introduction


1.2 Objectives


1.1 Design Research - SWOT Analysis

Mood Board

1.3 Campaign



1.4 Communication


1.3 Logo





1.7 Target Audience






Perception & Tone


1.10 Marketing Strategy


1.11 Contributions to Society

1.12 Summary

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4 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

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- Competitive


- Development

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3.1 Voice and Tone



Eco Friendly Business


3.2 Appropriate Imagery



Recovering Resources



Employee Apparel



Stationery Packet

3.3 Approved

Color Pallets


3.4 Typography


3.5 Gridlines and Guide






Promotional Items


4.5 Printed Publications


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References -Research

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3.10 Eco Friendly Products


Eco Ideas For Life 5


I Reasearch

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. ~David Orr


For Life


Panasonic’s founder Konosuke Matsushita validates a “People before

Product” attitude and expresses that the corporate vision is to be a factor in an ever present interactive civilization that coexists within the international environment. Being ‘green’ has been part of Panasonic’s mission for a long time” and this brand expansion project will introduce Eco Green concepts, explicitly tailored to different regions around the world, leaving impressions about how these ideas can augment the lives of consumers and business procedures.

10 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Panasonic strives to be the number 1 Green Innovation

Company with a global perspective by promoting environmental activities as defined by the eco ideas declaration. Panasonic is taking responsibility for the most detrimental problems of the earth and developing procedures that will protect the biosphere from future destruction.

Eco Ideas For Life 11


The campaign’s objective is to expand the Panasonic brand name as the

number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by its 100th anniversary, increasing public awareness by fostering Eco-Ideas while increasing sales and loyalty in greener products.

12 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


The main objective of this campaign is to make the environment central

to all of the business activities of Panasonic and bring forth Green Life and Green Business innovation; hence the slogan “Eco Ideas for Life�. Panasonic is also focusing on expanding brand recognition, as well as customer satisfaction through Eco-Ideas marketing objectives.

Panasonic realizes that the world can’t be changed by one organization

so they are sharing and teaching Eco Ideas in collaboration with the public, shareholders, government regulatory agencies, social action organizations, suppliers and distributors. Panasonic will gain a competitive advantage and as a result increases its transactions with consumers and business proprietors.

Achieving these advertising objectives will expand the Panasonic brand

worldwide, provide an influence over the evolution of mankind, and ensure the Eco ideas awareness and participation. Any one can sale a product or service, but in this instance Panasonic is selling the preservation of the world: A Greener Future, a safer and healthier destiny for mankind.

Eco Ideas For Life 13

For Life


The web site redesign will provide direct

Majority of the site will be mostly a brochure-

communication methods including film and

type site with controlled interactivity and database

television show profiles, featured articles, and

origination. There is already a password protected

company information. The website along with social

supplier and consumer area for current projects

networks such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, and

and communication, as well as an internal company

Linked In will develop a measurable means of

Intranet that has been used to simplify internal

results through feedback and click thru rates.

communication and company news.

14 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Business practices must fully understand their effects on biodiversity. A

very delicate balance of different species called the ecological system is what supports and subsidies our lives. Panasonic focuses on saving green space, procuring products that have the least amount of influence on the environment, and designs creations that help biodiversity. For this reason Panasonic is creating areas that coexist easily with the habitat and partnering with WWF Japan to preserve the ecosystem in the Yellow Sea’s water.

Eco Ideas For Life 15

For Life


The green plan of 2018 is the main objective of Panasonic, getting

people to understand how their lives can be augmented by green life innovation, and getting business owners to realize the utmost achievable means to reducing the environmental impact of business processes while continuously proposing concepts for improvement. Based on a philosophy to contribute to the progress of augmenting peoples lives through greener business activities, Panasonic suggest seven strategic eco ideas which will drive green innovation, firmly rooting these practices into every day life and production activities.

16 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Reducing CO2 Emissions – Save, Create, Store, and Manage Energy.

Water Efficiency – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Conserving Biodiversity - Initiatives in Land Use, Products, and Procurement Resource Recycling - Recyclingoriented Manufacturing and 400 Waste Electronics Drop Off Sites

Tree Planting Activities – Proposing Green Lifestyles and Green Business Procedures Chemical Substance - Minimize environmental impact caused by chemical substances Collaboration with Stakeholders – Global Citizenship Activities, Collaboration with Suppliers, Environmental Communications, and Human Resource Development

Eco Ideas For Life 17



Panasonic has made a worldwide

The Panasonic team states that

commitment to secure a healthy

it isn’t sufficient to make technologically

future for the planet and mankind.

superior merchandise; it’s fundamental

The Panasonic organization upholds a

that the technology expands consumer’s

corporate social responsibility philosophy

lives, assist them in living better,

meaning that the most important aspect

provides them with innovative methods

within their mission is meeting the needs

to devote their time, original ways to

of their consumers and the public. This

create, save and distribute memories,

philosophy includes contributing to the

and continuously delivers smarter,

growth and progress of society and the

easier techniques to produce their own

welfare of people worldwide.


18 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Panasonic is very concerned about its

environment, encouraging consumers to

image and reputation amongst its important

participate, and become physically involved.

constituent groups; which are called

The Eco Green campaign will target men

stakeholders. These stakeholders have an

and women, ranging from age 8 – 55

investment in the company and are affected

including principal stakeholders such as:

by the actions of the company and, their

customers, distributors and retailers, financial

actions can affect the company.

institutions and analysts, shareholders,

government regulatory agencies, social

Economic and environmental

awareness activities frequently catches

action organizations, the general public, and

the attention of consumers young and


old interested in saving money and the

Eco Ideas For Life 19

PERSONA Mahamad Faisalabad

Reads scientific novels,

37 year old Male.

chemistry publications and

Green Bay, Wisconsin

frequents art museums.

Married with four children.

Democrat, Hindu, Indian

Bachelors degree, Accounts


Manager 67,000 a year.

Family first attitude. Member of the local gym,

Bike riding, hiking, skiing,

restores old mustangs, and


chaperones his children’s

Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In

extracurriculars activities.

Mahamad came to the U.S. in 1992

to continue his education at the University of

Wisconsin. Mahamad enjoyed the country living

waste disposal plant 2 weeks after the birth of his

of Wisconsin and spent every spare moment

little girl. Even though Mahamad was eager to jump

enjoying outdoor activities. After graduating with

back into the job market he was still hesitant about

a chemistry degree in 1996 Mahamad applied for

accepting this job offer knowing there are many

permanent citizenship and received his green card.

hazards associated with it. After research Mahamad

He immediately started working for a waste disposal

learned that this company had a collaborating

plant as head of waste water treatment plant

contract with Panasonic to supply Radiation

operators in 1997. Mahamad worked on his job for

Measurement Systems which are used to monitor

14 years, married his wife Ahailier, and conceiving

radiation in your personnel work environment such

three kids. Then devastation hit as he was laid off

as nuclear power utilities, government, medical

from the plant due to economic recession in 2011

facilities and research institutions preventing

three months before his last child was due to be

potential radiation exposure. Mahamad felt relief


and assured as he accepted the position.

20 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Mahamad received a job offer at a nuclear

52 year old Female

activities, bike riding.

Kokomo, Indiana

Twitter, Linked In and

Married, two children

personal blog.

who are also married, 5

Classical music,

grandchildren, 3 adopted

renosance art, romance

stray cats that wouldn’t

novels and reality shows.


Republican White.

Doctrine in Education.

Anything worth

Chancellor at the

having is worth working

University of Michigan-


Flint 114,000.

Christian book club,

Gardening, cooking

iphone user, starbucks,

on grill, green house

fanatic, and gym member.

Ruth R. Person a chancellor at Indiana University

Ruth is also health conscious, taking vitamins and

Kokomo since 1999, will soon leave that position

drinking plenty of water, trying to preserve her body

this summer to become the chancellor at the

for herself and her family’s future while encouraging

University of Michigan-Flint. Ruth is an alumni of

them to do the same. At home Ruth uses a TK-7585E

the University of Michigan, and will begin her new

Alkaline Ionizer a high performance Ultra Filtration

job Aug. 18, upon approval by the Board of Regents.

System that removes 13 substances, which could be

With this new position comes a lot of responsibility

unintentionally sorted into the water that flows into

and opportunity. Ruth will be able to travel to

her home. Ruth worries that substances ranging from

different colleges around the world and lecture on

micro dirt to agricultural chemicals can inadvertently

her life long commitment to preserving the world’s

seep into her families’ water supply. This system

natural resources. Ruth is an exercise enthusiast,

puts Ruth at ease when she gives her grand children

who loves the outdoors: planting exotic flowers in

cold glasses of water after they have played hard.

garden, growing vegetables and fruit, cooking her

The filtration system is easy to clean, stain proof,

meat on a environmentally safe non-smoking grill,

made from stainless steel and is made in Japan by

and bike riding on the country trails of Indiana.


Eco Ideas For Life 21


Technical, Innovative, Responsible, and Efficient.


Educational, Corporate, International, and Environmental.


Use current Panasonic marketing & branding efforts in a

new and different way.


Information should have a fresh and conversational tone.


Easy to navigate and find information.

22 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


The Summer Olympic Games

million dollar contracts with advertising/

2016 in Rio de Janeiro can be used as

sponsorship elements, revenue sharing

a key marketing strategy by entwining

models, purchases of equipment and

Eco Ideas into the advertisement of this

professional services contributing to

very important worldwide event. This

short-term and long-term revenue

campaign will create and implement

growth. Marketing campaigns will

an industry-segmented sales plan for

incorporate videos, collateral trade shows,

sports, transportation, hotels and theme

graphic designs, and public relations;

parks in the general area of the Olympics

which must be produced to support these

resulting in a focused sales organization

new initiatives and advance Panasonic’s

and stronger client relationships. Also

corporate relationships with owners,

this campaign will construct multi-

executive management, and key clients.

Eco Ideas For Life 23

For Life


LIC is a stand-alone power system from Panasonic’s “energy creation”

and “energy storage” technologies packaged into the 20ft container to provide electricity to non-electrified regions all over the world for a better living and sustainable society. 
18 solar panels (includes 6 panels on the roof) generates about 9.9kWh of power a day, and 48 storage batteries inside the container enables to keep supplying electricity even if it’s not sunny for 3 or 4 days. It can be installed easily and is very portable.









T 24 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Panasonic donated 1,000 solar powered LED lanterns to

the Millennium Village in March 2011, which stores electricity that can be generated in daytime and illuminates light at nighttime. These lanterns are used widely in non-electrified regions.

By Panasonic donating these energy saving creations in

various regions of the world it lets consumers know that their initiatives are readily available and demonstrates the extraordinary Eco Idea Green procedures.

Eco Ideas For Life 25


It is imperative that Panasonic differentiate its brand from the

competition, where they had become sandwiched between them and small upcoming businesses, trying to gain recognition in a difficult and competitive market. Diversified business operations, strong brand name, constant focus on research and development, strong balance sheet, more sophisticated gadgets, and ecological technology sets Panasonic apart from the competition. Panasonic also use sustainable development by inculcating the process of maintaining human needs while preserving the environment for future generations. The unique selling proposition of Panasonic is its superior quality; out performing the competitor’s product and is made with higher quality and Eco Friendly materials. Single-Minded Message: Collaborating Eco Ideas

26 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Panasonic cannot achieve green innovation on a global level without the

help of society including consumers, specialists, and the supply chain. A greater influence to preserve nature can be made by involving logistics associates and suppliers. Employers will implement environmental education programs for children and participate vigorously within their regions using cleaning curriculums under the Eco Relay Plan established in 2008; improving ecoconscious cognizance that will lead us into the future. Executed internationally Panasonic reinforces tree-planting events, looking forward to planting ten million trees by FY2019.

Eco Ideas For Life 27

For Life


Every region has different conservational needs so Panasonic is developing

specific custom-made initiatives for each one. Panasonic is currently setting regional goals to help spread the advancement of energy saving green products internationally. Panasonic realizes the harmful impact of manufacturing a product and aims to control the reduction of CO2 emissions and surplus through ingenuities that target each region specifically.

28 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


China is contributing by obtaining authorized credentials for both their

products and factories; Europe fortified affiliations with environmental NGOs; and the Asia Pacific is raising environmental awareness among stakeholders and validating environmental marketing practices. Panasonic acknowledges global environmental conservation is a collaborative effort and through the use of vigorous promotion focused on specific regional areas success can be obtained.

Eco Ideas For Life 29

CONTRIBUTIONS TO SOCIETY Initiatives include: Panasonic Foundation - which partners with school districts that are committed to school reform. Rewards students with scholarship.

Panasonic Kid Witness News - a worldwide video education program for public school children in underachieved communities. Panasonic Design Challenge - a program for New Jersey high schools that encourages engineering achievement, especially related to preserving the environment.

30 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

The Panasonic Corporation supports public responsibility and a

communal attitude towards meeting the privations of their consumers and society. This philosophy includes being a factor in the development and evolution of mankind and the prosperity of the inhabitants of the world. Panasonic Global Eco Learning Program (PGELP) is a nationwide environment sensitization program initiated across ten different schools in Ludhiana to over 1000 students from 4th to 8th grade in 2011.

Also known as Eco Skhool (this is the correct spelling), activities uses

an hour of school and uses it to develop student environmental awareness, and teaches them what small contributions they can make on society. These activities start with the students and then issued to parents through genuine communication and excellent presentation skills of Panasonic promoters.

Eco Ideas For Life 31

For Life


32 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Continuing in a destructive matter will be detrimental to the survival of

society so it is vital that Panasonic pursues the advancement of Eco Ideas. Eco Ideas will distinguish Panasonic’s brand from the rivals where small imminent businesses are attempting to increase identification in an obstinate and challenging market. Panasonic will present this campaign to the public in an effort to rebrand Panasonic as the number one green revolutionary organization to the public in the electronics manufacturing industry, intensifying community and corporate knowledge by nurturing Eco-Ideas, accumulating sales and allegiances in greener products. Panasonic is concentrating on escalating the brand’s identification, as well as client gratification through Eco-Ideas marketing objectives. Panasonic is truly marketing innovative and highly valuable products, which saves the consumers money while saving the environment and preserving the future for mankind.

Eco Ideas For Life 33

Pansonic Brand Expansion Project 34 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


II Creative Development We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Eco Ideas For Life 35 Eco Ideas For Life 35


For Life

SWOT ANALYSIS Diversified business operations. Strong brand name. Constant focus on research and development. Strong balance sheet. More sophisticated gadgets. Ecological technology.

Growing global consumer and industrial electronic market. Growing international appliances market. Supplies materials in house. New and better means of advertisement. Improving features and technology. Improved process development.

38 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project 38 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

MOODBOARD Weak financial performance. Decreased employee productivity. Unfunded employee post retirement. Low new customer acquisition rate. High quality to price ratio. Revenue per employee rate is low. Recovering from earth quake tsunami.

Economic slowdown.. Government regulations. Intense competition. Low cost competitors. 18 different mobile viruses and spyware. Cheap counterfeit products made in S. Africa.

Eco Ideas For Life 39 Eco Ideas For Life 39



40 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


For Life


Eco Ideas For Life 43

For Life


44 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 45

The most interesting aspect of this website is that it uses HTML5 to

develop an application on the web in a similar manner to those currently built in mobile applications for the Droid and iPhone. This website is educational, direct and to the point, informative, and relevant with easy to read text, and no distracting images drawing you away from the ultimate goal. The layout is consistent with logical navigation and minimal scroll. The functionality is simple, quick and accurate, willing users to interact from the beginning. Great websites provide a way to measure learning, skills development, or other aspects of effectiveness. Unlike most futuristic sites it does not use animation, complex design methods or other effects geared toward drawing consumers. Finally this site is also cross platform or browser compatible.

46 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


The Panasonic team states that it isn’t sufficient to make technologically

superior merchandise; it’s fundamental that the technology expands consumer’s lives, assist them in living better, provides them with innovative methods to devote their time, original ways to create, save and distribute memories, and continuously delivers smarter, easier techniques to produce their own information, so it is imperative these characteristics show evidently in the development of a website that is going to be used to persuade consumers internationally.

Eco Ideas For Life 47

For Life

Using this methodology the Panasonic Campaign platform. wil be built.

Every region has different conservational needs so Panasonic is developing specific custom-made initiatives for each one. Panasonic is currently setting regional goals to help spread the advancement of energy saving green products internationally. Realizing the harmful impact of manufacturing a product Panasonic aims to control the reduction of CO2 emissions and surplus through ingenuities that target each region specifically.

On the intended campaign site the homepage will open with logo,

slogan and revolving world image asking if it can access your GPS. After locating your location it will then automatically open campaign objectives, events, and regional goals specific to them in their language. Panasonic already has a small version of this on their homepage but I have revised and made it bigger for the launch page.

48 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 49


III Style Guide

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb


The creative work

must build consumer awareness, purchases and loyalty, while conveying a public message that Eco Ideas is not only vital to saving the world’s

environment but also to reduce waste and increase consumer savings.

UNIQUE Selling Proposition (USP)

Panasonic’s is Superior Quality that out

performs the competitor’s product and is made with higher quality and Eco Friendly materials.

54 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Key Features and Benefits

Indispensable Develops products consumers need. Develops products consumers want. Economic Develops products that save money. Develops products that saves environment.

Eco Ideas For Life 55


Reassures Futures

This collage consist of approved images which e and promote the Panasoinc Initiatives and proce by collaborating Eco Ideas.

Reduces CO2 Emissions Eco Business 56 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Recycles and Reduces Waste


Eco Environment

enforce edures

Eco Community Preserves

Eco Ideas For Life 57


Staying with original color scheme of Panasonic blue combined with

various blue greens this color palette portrays the evolution of Panasonic transforming into the world of Eco Ideas. The choice of blue greens was depicted in order to distinguish Panasonic’s Eco Green Idea campaign from the typical green that has become so popular with most “Go Green” brands. Cool colors such as blue and green are connected with the sea and sky depicting water and biosphere preservation, calmness, tranquility, and unity.

58 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

TYPOGRAPHY Logo Font Supria Sans

Headlines - Mosquito Formal

Subhead - Lucida Calligraphy (used for graphics only)


Subhead - Akzidenz-Grotesk Std Extended Medium (used for tagline only)

The typographic font Supria Sans will be used to keep logo consistent

since it is already very familiar public but also adding a new emerging twist. Supria Sans is a bold design with enough charisma to be impressive and original; though confined to endure usefulness. Composed of blunt ink traps, tight curves, and solid weight, the details of this font is charming and never gets frivolous. Remaining consistent with the Sans Family type PT Sans body copy collaborates traditional conservative presence with modern trends of humanistic sans serif and possess enhanced legibility especially in caption styles.

Eco Ideas For Life 59

For Life


60 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 61


Defined is an ‘X’ height

for each logo and tagline down-

Recommended clear space

load Required: minimum 1/2 of

Minimum clear space

this X-height around any of the downloadss, but we recommend


full X-height of space around the


very strongly that you maintain a logo and advise using a minimum X-height margin around the logo only in extreme cases (for


example, a design for a very small object like a pen.)

1.75 inches width X 1 inches Height Large Logo for Publications

1 inches width X .25 inches Height

1.75 inches width X 1 inches Height

Small Logo for Promotional Items

Black & White logo for publications with limited colors (newspapers)

Images can be re sized to fit certain

publications as long as proportions are constrained.

62 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Don’t search for the logos on

a search engine and use whatever you find there. There are many unofficial variations on the Panasonic logos that are

DON’T Don’t clip, cut or crop any of the white space assigned to logo design.

not authorized, are unofficial, and do not respect these guidelines. Please do not use them or spread them further!

TAGLINES Don’t substitute or change any colors.

For Life

For Life .50 inches


Don’t stroke or add any additional effects.

.50 inches

White background is recommended,

but downloads are also available with transparent white space precisely assigned.

Don’t skew or transform from original design. Eco Ideas For Life 63


To Learn MORE visit:

All digital graphic publications will be available for

download in their percise color and size. Please do not resize, or change colors unless specifically sent by email to you by the Panasonic design team.

64 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 65

With theses graphic design publications Panasonic will express the

different Eco Ideas and services in which Panasonic offers such as tree planting, coexisting with the biosphere, water recycling, and conserving and duplicating energy with solar panels. By imitating and duplicating the advertisement that is already being developed and issued online, brand identity will remain consistent in technology business such as: printing services like large format printing for banners and exhibit booths, as well as printing brochures and printing business cards and it will also help to saturate your company message and stimulate sales.


66 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project 66 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


This building sign is exclusive by creating a plunging perspective,

capturing the simplicity of everyday life, and enhancing transient effects by encapsulating the atmosphere. Making this graphic easily seen in a high traffic areas the Panasonic brand will become familiar in any community. This outdoor signage will serve as a constant reminder of your message throughout the year (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), will sustain the brand’s name and image awareness which can’t be turned-off, tuned-out or put aside, and will capture and maintain a reader’s attention.

Eco Ideas For Life 67 Eco Ideas For Life 67


It is important that Panasonic

employees represent and promote the new Eco Green initiatives at all times. For this reason the Panasonic Eco Ideas logo will be embossed on all employee apparel and promotional items. Most articles are unisex (except for female dress), and are availabe in all sizes upon request.

68 Panasonic Brand Expansion Proj-


Note: All

Panasonic paper products are




o anas ww.P



recyclable and all ink cartridges are refillable.





ww .Pa





t/E co

Eco Ideas For Life 69

Panasonic produces superior technology such as: HD digital recorders, phones, Blu-Ray DVD players, plasma televisions, printers, and an industrial strength laptop branded as Toughbook. With the growing international appliances market Panasonic is also developing products for the entire home such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, and ac units, with Eco-Navi technology.The efficiency that is included in Panasonic’s household Eco-Navi appliances still assumes responsibility for the world’s most detrimental problems. Panasonic recycles, reuses, and reduces waste with new appliances such as NAVX7100-X drum-type washer/dryer which contains resin recovered from used products such as: air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and TVs at Panasonic’s recycling facilities.

70 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

While Eco Navi products

reduces the amount of waste it also saves consumers time and money demonstrating Eco Green Life Innovation. Photovoltaic power generation systems (generates electricity from solar light and fuel cells will be used in consumers’ homes. Energy efficient and energy creating products will lso be used to reduce CO2 emissions in customers’ homes. Executed internationally Panasonic reinforces tree-planting events, by planting a tree for every Eco Navi product sold around the world and is looking forward to planting ten million trees by FY2019.

Eco Ideas For Life 71


IV Final Design Modern technology Owes ecology An apology. ~Alan M. Eddison

74 Panasonic Brand Expansion


Eco Ideas For Life 75

For Life

HOSPI can get on and off automatically by using the hospital elevator program.

76 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


HOSPI is taking on in- house tasks at a hospital at night

Nurses receive medicines from HOSPI from nurse’s station. Eco Ideas For Life 77


By using recycled

materials Panasonic has reduced the costs of new materials, while also designing approaches to reduce waste in its business operations. By reducing the amount of waste generated and recycling the waste, Panasonic is making full use of its recycled resources and working towards zero waste emissions.

78 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Committed to preserving

efforts in all aspects Panasonic will

water through the use of water

also be using Photovoltaic power

saving products Panasonic has also

generation systems and fuel cells

developed initiatives, cyclic usage,

in all phases of business activities,

in the process of manufacturing.

and introduce the initiatives to Top

Water that is discharged during the

Runner Factories who have

manufacturing process is collected

accomplished best practices for

and reused, reducing the amount of

saving energy.

new water that is used. To intensify

Being used in many familiar home appliances chemical

substances make our lives more convenient. There are many concerns about hazardous substances that have been carried by wind and oceans from Antarctic raising environmental awareness. Panasonic has reduced its use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for internal wiring since it is not easily sorted for disposal. Panasonic has strong rules with suppliers to assure they identify chemical substance content. Finally the organization has voluntarily reduced, replaced or discontinued the use of chemical substances throughout each stage of procurement, use, and recycling of commodities.

Eco Ideas For Life 79


80 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project





o anas ww.P




Eco Ideas For Life 81


Business practices must

saving green space, procuring

with the habitat and partnering

fully understand their effects

products that have the least

with WWF Japan to preserve the

on biodiversity. A very delicate

amount of influence on the

ecosystem in the Yellow Sea’s

balance of different species

environment, and designs

water. To Learn MORE on how You

called the ecological system is

creations that help biodiversity.

can preserve the biosphere in your

what supports and subsidies

For this reason Panasonic is

region visit:

our lives. Panasonic focuses on

creating areas that coexist easily

82 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 83

BILLBOARD FOR HIGHWAY 84 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Eco Ideas For Life 85

For Life

The sunrays rotate around the C of Panasonic as the green shadow fades in and out.

86 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


The animated logo will not tell a story, so it should be kept simple and

subtle, since its purpose is to attract visitors, not irritate them. The only text used will be the Panasonic logo, tagline, and call to action dispaying clearly and legibly, taking no longer than two seconds to read. There will be no looping since that can become distracting and last no longer than 3 – 5 seconds keeping in mind the differences in browser speeds.

Similar to traditional headers, the purpose of this banner is to set a mood,

reinforce the brand Panasonic, invite visitors, and encouraging them into viewing more of the site to learn more. The theme would be resource conservation and world preservation. Two principle animation formats are used for animated banners so animated GIF will be used on the simply coded homepage and Flash will be used on the alternate flash homepage.

In order for the banner to load quickly file sizes will be kept as small as

possible, compressing the jpegs and gifs. Flash is great but also creates huge files Recommended shape: square and sizes for the banner: 728 x 90 = 65,520 sq pixels 300 x 250 = 75,000 sq pixels 160 x 600 = 96,000 sq pixels

Eco Ideas For Life 87

88 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Eco Ideas For Life 89

For Life

90 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project


Multimedia designs should include children with the people who influences them the most: parents,

teachers, and mentors in settings where they are not only teaching but also showing them hands on the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling the world’s most precious resources. In this instance the common Monkey-See-Monkey-Do concept is iterated.

Eco Ideas For Life 91

For Life

After Effects , Illustrator and Photoshop has assisted in producing a

more complex motion and transformation of these slides. Above the script motion development is outlined in detail. The output video can be .wmv, .swf, flash, or .mov since all will be uploaded and viewed directly from Panasonic website. Youtube edition will be formated to their specifications. Scalability across all formats is a major advantage with motion graphics and animation because once developed for DVD it can be used for output to broadcast television, email distribution, or the web.

92 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

Children asks the questions; while the following frames will describe

Panasonic initiatives that answer their questions; cohesively tying the brand in with the green explanations the children are seeking.

It is important that consumers understand that Panasonic has been

continuously developing these initiatives, over many years, and did not just jump on the green bandwagon.

Eco Ideas For Life 93


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94 Panasonic Brand Expansion Project

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New Eco Home image page 20’s-visionof-home-energy-management-systems-hems Co Existing page 7 Co Existing page 8 Traffic Flourishing World page 85 342434892476898.89335.338077742912613&type=1&theaterFlourishing Future page 85 https:// 42912613&type=1&theater Solar Panes Types of solar panes Get Solar

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PANASONIC HD TV - dp/B00392147E PANASONIC HDTV with iPod dock - PANASONIC HDD CAMCORDERS - PANASONIC LED LIGHT BULBS - bulbs_with_wide_light_distribution_angle_of_approximately_300_degrees_for_japanese_market.php PANASONIC LITHIUM ION RECHARGABLE BATTERIES - Brand Strategy – Corporate Brand, Sub Brands - Opportunities Lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emmissions Concept of green plan 2018 - Eco Ideas Environmental Activities banner - Panasonic Olympic banner - Workers holding solar panel - Toyota Hybrid - Eco Navi Inverter logo -

IMAGE REFERENCES Evolving Digital Networks - Eco for the Entire Home - Panasonic Teaching Students Eco Ideas - Panasonic HD Conferencing - Toyota Hybrid - Threats Economic slowdown - Viruses and spyware - Low Cost Competitors - Cheap Counterfeit Products - Government regulations - AAAAAAAABeo/182TKsQQKzA/s1600/government+regulation.jpg Weaknesses Panasonic Financial statement - Panasonic-Digitalkkameraumsatz-4Q10.jpg Employee Productivity- earthquake-tsunami costliest disaster in world history EARTHQUAKE TSUNAMI


html LG logo - Korean Won -


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For Life (904) 294-3235

Panasonic Brand Expansion Project wk4 final  

Panasonic Brand Expansion Project wk4 final

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