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Thanks for contacting Ms. Veronica’s. I would love to share my corner of the web with you. The following ad options are available:

Pricing is for four (4) full weeks. Refunds within 24hrs of purchase.

Option A - Top right single column - 440px by 150px - $20 Includes Be Featured/Giveaway (see below) Four ads total for this space - 2 are available via auction at Option B - left column (top) - 200 X 200 - $12 Option C - left column - 200 X 100 - $10 Option D - right column - 125 X 125 - $5 (Ads do not need to fill the entire noted space, but the measurements above, is the max size for each space.) I also offer one month free of option C or D to anyone who’s never advertised on Ms. Veronica’s. You can also contact me for a button exchange of a like-sized button for a like amount of time. Be Featured/Giveaway - $5 (can be purchased as an add-on to Options B-D) A feature article/post and optional giveaway hosting. Your feature will include links, keywords and pictures of your products. It will also direct the readers to where they can find your products. I usually include interview questions. Giveaways are submitted to different listing sites, promoted during the giveaway and tallied. I also offer ad design and slide-show/animated ads. ---------------After you choose which option is best for you, go to the bottom of the page at, to “PICKUP THE TAB” then “UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE” under the adjacent tab. All payment must be in USD. I usually respond within 24 hours (weekdays). Roanne./Ms. Veronica’s

Ms Veronicas Media Kit  

Ms Veronicas Media Kit