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Dr. Howard Farrell Vice President for University Advancement & Student Affairs


Although academics are the focus of an undergraduate education at Midwestern State University, participation in Greek life can be an integral part of the complete college experience. Every Greek chapter at MSU has embraced the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and unity and as a result, the young men and women in our diverse Greek system receive a strong framework for personal achievement and development. Through the support they receive, as well as the relationships they cultivate, our Greek students not

Joining a fraternity or sorority can help you leave your mark on the MSU campus and beyond. Here are some things “Going Greek” can do.

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Provide a support system Create lifelong friendships Develop leadership skills Provide community service opportunities

only become successful scholars, but also future leaders and role models. Midwestern State University is a special place where inspiring things happen every day. Our institution is enriched by the many outstanding contributions of our Greek community. Along with their college degree, a student’s Greek experience and memories will last far beyond the undergraduate years. I encourage all new students to consider sharing in this life-changing experience and fully explore the exciting opportunities that Greek life at Midwestern State University has to offer.

• Offer scholarship programs for members • Remain active through recreational sports • Become a home away from home

MSU Greek Chapters Panhellenic Council The National Panhellenic Council (NPC) is the governing body for the four National Panhellenic Conference sororities at Midwestern State University.

Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the four National Interfraternity Conference fraternities at Midwestern State University.

National Pan-Hellenic Council The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is the governing body of the historically African-American Greek-letter fraternities and sororities.

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Alpha Phi Chi Omega Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Kappa

Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Nu Tau Kappa Epsilon

Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Alpha Psi

COST AND TIME COMMITMENT Each fraternity and sorority member pays dues to the chapter for various operating costs such as guest speakers, chapter house fees, and national affiliation. There are some onetime initiation costs that make the first year of membership slightly more expensive. Being a member of a Greek organization is like participating in any other co-curricular activity; it requires an investment of time. However, the amount of time and energy dedicated to Greek commitments is entirely up to the student. Some studies have shown that students who are Greek report a more satisfying college experience than those who are not.

Multicultural Chapters Midwestern State University has four multicultural Greek chapters which are not included under one of the three national governing bodies. These chapters foster the preeminent standards of the Greek community as well as their own, unique values. • • • •

Kappa Delta Chi Kappa Sigma Omega Delta Phi Sigma Lambda Alpha

HOW TO JOIN. The recruitment process varies between the 16 different chapters on campus. Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (NPC) recruitments are held in the fall semester while the Multicultural Chapters conduct recruitment throughout the year. To learn more about recruitment, contact the Office of Student Development & Orientation at (940) 397-4500 or

Panhellenic Council

Alpha Phi



Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of individuals who share a commitment to excellence in everything they do and a passionate desire to help each other along the way. Alpha Phi develops character for a lifetime.

Alpha Phi strives for academic success by providing study hours and tutorials for members. Alpha Phi is also an active contributor to the community, holding a High Heel Walk for Cardiac Care each year. The chapter is made up of a variety of individuals from artists to business women, athletes to academicians— each member coming together to become sisters and friends.

Nickname A-Phi National Founding September 18, 1872 Colors Silver and Bordeaux Flower Lily of the Valley Forget-Me-Not Philanthropy Alpha Phi Foundation National Website

QUICK FACTS Nickname Chi-O

Chi Omega


Chi Omega is the largest women’s fraternal organization in the world with more than 300,000 initiates and 173 collegiate chapters. Chi Omega is a sisterhood that provides a network of friends and lifelong development for collegiate and alumnae members. The Omicron Theta chapter of Chi Omega at MSU is committed to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, inter-generational participation, community service, leadership opportunities, and social enrichment.

National Founding April 4, 1895 Colors Cardinal and Straw Flower Red Carnation Philanthropy Make-A-Wish Foundation National Website

Panhellenic Council

QUICK FACTS Nickname Gamma Phi

Gamma Phi Beta


Gamma Phi Beta’s primary objective is to promote the highest type of womanhood, and the organization’s creed is “Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty.”

Gamma Phi takes great pride in its scholarship, community service, and sisterhood. The sorority has been presented several awards such Highest New Member GPA and Program of the Year. The programming award was received because of the unique program called “Cutie Phis,” which creates mentoring opportunities for fifth- and sixth-grade girls.

National Founding November 11, 1874

Gamma Phi Beta also participates in various social activities both on and off campus such as Family Day, Homecoming, and mixers with other organizations. Members participate in Greek Week, Recreational Sports, and Big/Little Week. Every year, Gamma Phi Beta has a formal and informal banquet, called Crescent Ball. Overall, the Gamma Phi Betas at MSU are involved on campus and within the Greek community.

Flower Pink Carnation

Colors Brown and Mode Pink and White

Philanthropy Camp Fire USA National Website



Σ Κ 1874





Sigma Kappa was the first sorority on the MSU campus. Sigma Kappa is a group of ladies who become a home away from home … members can turn to their Sigma Kappa sisters when they’ve had a lousy day or to celebrate birthdays when they fall on a Tuesday. In Sigma Kappa you will find friends who become sisters — sisters who become bridesmaids. The calendar will be filled with things to do: mixers, socials, volunteer opportunities, and sisterhood retreats. Sigma Kappa is involved with philanthropic organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Inherit the Earth, and Maine Sea Coast Mission. Currently, volunteer activities include House of Hope, a residence for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Members, along with the alumnae chapter, go to



Sigma Kappa

Nickname Sigmas National Founding November 9, 1874 Colors Maroon and Lavendar House of Hope every other Sunday afternoon and do activities such as making banana splits with residents, taking walks with them and completing crossword puzzles. Chapter members’ grades are also a priority; members complete weekly study hours based on the chapter’s overall GPA.

Flower Violet Philanthropy Alzheimer’s Association National Website

Interfraternity Council

Phi Sigma Kappa


Phi Sigma Kappa is a lifelong brotherhood dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the university community, and our world, by giving its members opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in service to others, achieve academic excellence, experience cultural diversity, and practice personal integrity. The fraternity is devoted to three cardinal principles: the promotion of brotherhood, the stimulation of scholarship, and the development of character. To be a Phi Sigma Kappa is to be a man of character. Members exemplify this principle by their actions not only around campus, but through philanthropic work in the community. Phi Sigs pride themselves on academics, helping brothers by implementing study hours and tutorials for all of their members. Phi Sigma Kappa stands for greatness and the brothers at MSU are proud to maintain the high expectations and ideals upon which they were founded.

QUICK FACTS Nickname Phi Sig National Founding March 15, 1873 Colors Red and Silver Flower Red Carnation White Tea Rose Philanthropy Special Olympics National Website

Sigma Alpha Epsilon


The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, and service for its members based upon the ideals set forth by its founders and as specifically enunciated in its creed, The True Gentleman. The Texas Omega chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was colonized in January 2009 and is in the process of developing True Gentleman at Midwestern State University. Members come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide variety of interests. SAEs are proud to support MSU both on the athletic field and off, in the classroom and in the community. It is SAE’s goal to live every day to its fullest and always “Be True.”

QUICK FACTS Nickname SAE National Founding March 9, 1856 Colors Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower Violet Philanthropy Children’s Miracle Network National Website

Interfraternity Council

Sigma Nu


Sigma Nu, above all, is a brotherhood. The friendships and memories formed at college last a lifetime. Fraternity, for Sigma Nu, is about supporting one another and working together to build a powerful collegiate experience. Furthermore, Sigma Nu is not just four years, it’s a lifetime. Sigma Nu exists to cultivate and develop ethical leaders. An education is the most important part of that formula. Membership offers study hours, academic programs, peer tutoring, on-campus resources, professional mentoring, and other means to ensure academic success. Sigma Nu’s acclaimed LEAD Program (an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and

QUICK FACTS Nickname Sigma Nu National Founding January 1, 1869

Development) helps members discover new levels of achievement and grow socially, intellectually, and morally. Sigma Nu also provides an opportunity for philanthropic activities and community service. The Eta Upsilon chapter at MSU does extensive work with Habitat for Humanity and the Wichita County Humane Society.

Colors Black, Gold, and White Philanthropy Habitat for Humanity Humane Society National Website

Tau Kappa Epsilon


Tau Kappa Epsilon creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community, and professional success. TKE’s mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.

The Mu Gamma brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon at MSU are athletes, leaders, academicians, and eccentrics. As a member, one finds the support of brotherhood, help with studies, volunteer opportunities, and a great time; the perfect way to enhance any college experience.

QUICK FACTS Nickname TEKE National Founding January 10, 1899 Colors Cherry and Grey Flower Red Carnation Philanthropy Alzheimer’s Association National Website

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Alpha Kappa Alpha


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated was founded in 1908 at Howard University, Washington, D.C., and is the oldest sorority founded by women of African descent. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, and to be of service to all mankind. AKA’s service network is comprised of more than 130,000 college-trained women in more than 330 chapters across the United States as well as the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, West Africa, Korea, and Germany. The Rho Nu Chapter at MSU was charted on March 17, 1996. Rho Nu’s evolution from Family Unity was due to many years of work and support from the local graduate chapter, Omicron Epsilon Omega, and the administrators at MSU.

QUICK FACTS Nickname AKA National Founding January 15, 1908 Colors Salmon Pink Apple Green Flower Pink Tea Rose Philanthropy Education and Family National Website


Alpha Phi Alpha


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders and promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for its communities. The chapter’s motto is “First Of All, Servants Of All, We Shall Transcend All!” A Phi A aims are “Manly deeds, Scholarship, and Love for ALL mankind.” The Rho Mu chapter at MSU is involved in many aspects of campus life and within the community. Rho Mu has invested time and resources in service projects that include the Wichita Falls Boys and Girls Club, an Annual Soulfood Dinner with proceeds going to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, and the Alphapollo Step Show.

Nickname A Phi A National Founding December 4, 1906 Colors Black and Old Gold Flower Yellow Rose Philanthropy Minority Voting National Website

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Delta Sigma Theta

QUICK FACTS Nickname Deltas


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide services and programs to promote human welfare. It was founded at Howard University by 22 African-American women who wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and provide assistance to the needy. Today, this sisterhood has more than 200,000 college educated women in 292 chapters located around the globe and in the United States, the

National Founding January 13, 1913 Virgin Islands, and the Republics of Haiti and Liberia. It is the sorority’s intent to continue this legacy as well as seek cultural diversity and unity of the student body. In addition to supporting school programs, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. works within the community on projects such as teen pregnancy, economic development, physical and mental health, and political awareness.

Colors Crimson and Cream Flower Violet Philanthropy Race for the Cure National Website

Kappa Alpha Psi


QUICK FACTS Nickname Kappas

Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. is a brotherhood that strives to live by its motto, “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.� The fraternity is defined by five objectives: to unite college men of culture, patriotism, and honor into a bond of fraternity; to encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor; to promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of members; to assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities; and to inspire service in the public interest. Brothers of the Omicron Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. welcome all students at Midwestern State University. Kappa Alpha Psi shows continuous devotion to its brotherhood and MSU through community involvement and campus events.

National Founding January 5, 1911 Colors Crimson and Creme Flower Red Carnation

Becoming a member of this prestigious fraternity is an honor that most do not receive. Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. strives to extend a welcoming hand into its bond to those who first achieve.

Philanthropy Boys and Girls Club Kappa League National Website

Multicultural Chapters

Kappa Delta Chi

QUICK FACTS Nickname K D Chi National Founding April 6, 1987


A sorority based on serving the Hispanic community, Kappa Delta Chi is the strongest network of Latina leaders in the country. Among its members are doctors, lawyers, teachers, activists, mothers, daughters, and, of course, sisters. Since 1987, Kappa Delta Chi has been helping young Latinas achieve the dream of a higher education and become successful women leaders.

Membership in Kappa Delta Chi means having a family that will be available not only during the college years, but also throughout life. KDChi sisters and friends guide young women in becoming the type of women they want to be. The meaningful friendships and warm memories will last a lifetime. Kappa Delta Chi members live by the motto of “Leading with Integrity, United through Service.�

Colors Pink and Maroon Flower Pink Rose Philanthropy Boys and Girls Club National Website


Kappa Sigma


There is nothing more rewarding than a fraternity. Unlike most organizations that end after graduation, Kappa Sigma is “not for a day, an hour, or a college term… but for LIFE.” Kappa Sigma promotes individuality and leadership. Many of its members have held offices in several other organizations on campus. The Theta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity promotes a beneficial and successful atmosphere during a student’s educational career at MSU. Scholarship and community service are top priorities of the men of Kappa Sigma. Many of the community service projects have raised contributions of more than $40,000 during the past 12 years for local charities.

Nickname Kappa Sig National Founding December 10, 1869 Colors Scarlet, Emerald Green, and White Flower Lily of the Valley Philanthropy Faith Mission National Website

Multicultural Chapters


Omega Delta Phi

Omega Delta Phi is the right choice for those with a desire to give back to the community by growing both academically and socially and developing long-lasting friendships. The brotherhood depends on a student’s success and growth, as well as his interaction and participation to expand the chapter. Omega Delta Phi seeks gentlemen of high morals who are dedicated to its values, which consist of honesty, unity, integrity, and leadership. The brotherhood rewards its members by providing several incentives for achievement in both academic and social areas. In addition, the brotherhood provides in-house tutoring programs, study hours, sports, social events, career-related seminars, workshops, scholarships, and financial assistance.

QUICK FACTS Nickname O D Phi National Founding November 25, 1987 Colors Scarlet, Silver, and Black Flower Silver Rose Philanthropy Boys and Girls Club National Website


Sigma Lambda Alpha


Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first Hispanic sorority at MSU, is an organization built on the foundation of community service, academics, friendship, loyalty, sisterhood, and culture. Its purpose is to promote the importance of community service involvement and academic achievement as well as to educate and excel the stance of Latino cultures in our diversely enriched society. Members come together as sisters to develop

National Founding October 1992

Colors strong senorita women who become leaders in the local, as well as the national community. Since 1992, sisters of Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. have been agents of change in their respective fields of study and at their respective institutions. Sigma Lambda Alpha, Inc. seeks ladies who hold high morals and standards and who are committed to making a difference in the community while creating lifelong friendships. Sigma Lambda Alpha, Inc. members are “Latinas by Birth, Senoritas by Choice!”

Burgundy, Forrest Green and Gold Flower Red Rose Philanthropy Boys and Girls Club National Website slanational

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Welcome to Greek Life  

Midwestern State University - Greek Life

Welcome to Greek Life  

Midwestern State University - Greek Life