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merican Indian Studies at Michigan State University Press and Michigan State University seeks to form an understanding of American Indian, First Nations, and Inuit cultures and identities, the place of Indigenous peoples in today’s world, and the changing demands of American Indian/Indigenous peoples in the pursuit of cross-cultural diversity. This catalog contains a broad range of material: The MSU Press American Indian Studies Series (edited by Gordon Henry, an Anishinabe poet, novelist, and Associate Professor at the Department of English/ American Studies at Michigan State University); Great Lakes art and artifacts material from Museum Studies, First Nations, and Aboriginal Cultures, and many other voices. This American Indian Studies catalog contains books and CD-ROMs published by Michigan State University Press, plus books distributed by MSU Press from University of Alberta Press, University of Calgary Press, and University of Manitoba Press. Michigan State University Press participates in the Green Press Initiative and is committed to developing and encouraging ecologically responsible publishing practices. All new Michigan State University Press books are printed on paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our books meet the minimum requirements established by the American National Standard for Information Sciencespermanence of paper for printed materials, ANSI Z39.481992 (R1997). We participate in the Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Program. We are a member of the Association of American University Presses and the Society for Scholarly Publishing.


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Archaeology & Anthropology Archaeology & Anthropology

Environmental Studies



Archaeology on the Edge

The Dance Partner

New Perspectives from the Northern Plains

Diane Glancy The Ghost Dance was a nineteenth-century phenomenon among American Indians. Diane Glancy presents short story voices that might have been alongside many original voices from the Ghost Dance culture. Paper, 160 pp., 978-0-87013-757-X, $19.95

Brian Kooyman, Jane Kelly This collection focuses on innovative directions in plains archaelogical research, Aboriginal sites, oral tradition, and other aspects of Alberta. Photos, maps, tables, index. Paper, 276 pp., 978-1-55238-138-0, $39.95

Modeling Archaeological Site Burial in Southern Michigan A Geoarchaeological Synthesis Book and CD ROM G. William Monaghan and William A. Lovis David L. Ruggles, Series Editor Compiled and synthesized data on deeply buried archaeological sites in southern Lower Michigan, resulting in the most comprehensive, single compendium of such data available for any region of the Great Lakes: examines relationships between regional and local scale fluvial system evolution and the processes that result in the deep burial of archaeological sites. The CD:ArcView 3.2 or higher software. Paper, 278 pp., 978-0-87013-738-9, $35.95

Environmental Studies Cold, Clear, and Deadly Unraveling a Toxic Legacy

Melvin J. Visser From Arctic Circle Inuit lands to Lake Superior, this is the powerful story of a scientific search for the source of chemicals that continue to poison our environment, affecting birth rates and natural rescources. Pesticide POPs and industrial PCBs were banned when they were found to cause cancer in humans and to devastate wildlife. Yet, they remain in the environment at dangerous levels. Notes, references, index. Cloth, 160 pp., 978-0-87013-802-7, $24.95

Fish for All An Oral History of Multiple Claims and Divided Sentiment on Lake Michigan

Indian Summers Eric Gansworth Set against the backdrop of a contemporary reservation with losses to the dominant culture— a third of its total land mass taken for a New York State water reservoir...its only religious structures Christian churches— Indian Summers introduces identity conflicts through the lives and circumstances of its major characters. Paper, 220 pp., 978-0-87013-479-1, $22.95

The Invasion Janet Lewis Originally published in 1932, this novel includes a brief Johnston genealogy. and marked the debut of Janet Lewis “...with close attention paid to the densities, the shading, and the smells of the Northern forests and its peoples, at the time when the Americans first came to them.” —Larry McMurtry Paper, 248 pp., 978-0-87013-495-1, $24.95

Lies to Live By Lois Beardslee Two selections of stories by Ojibwe storyteller Lois Beardslee, reflecting the storyteller’s role in interpreting traditional stories for contemporary audiences, while preserving traditions based not in mysticism but in pragmatism. Paper, 160 pp., 978-0-87013-663-4, $19.95

The Light People Gordon Henry American Book Award Winner 1995 A multi-genre novel that includes a series of nested stories about a tribal community in Northern Minnesota. Paper, 236 pp., 978-0-87013-664-1, $19.95

Michael J. Chiarappa, Kristin M. Szylvian

Historical Society of Michigan Award Lake Michigan’s fisheries have been divided by disputes from sport/commercial fishing, policy-making of state government, ecological changes, and the reclamation of treaty-rights fishing by Native Americans. 100 b&w photos. Cloth, 544 pp., 978-0-87013-634-4, $49.95 Paper, 544 pp., 978-0-87013-654-2, $24.95

Shaping the Upper Canadian Frontier Environment, Society and Culture in the Trent Valley Neil S. Forkey The Trent Valley’s geography, prehistory, and native peoples (the Huron and the Mississauga) are discussed alongside the Anglo-Celtic migrations and “resettlement” of the area. Four case studies of environmental, social, and cultural change are presented with attention devoted to the life and nature writings of Catherine Parr Traill. Cloth, 450 pp., 978-1-55238-049-9, $34.95 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

Sage Dreams, Eagle Visions Danielle M. Hornett “ important contribution to American Indian literature....Danielle Hornett respects and embraces the community she writes about— something that is often lacking in American Indian literature today.” — Lisa M. Poupart (Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe), University of Wisconsin. Paper, 192 pp., 978-0-87013-660-3, $24.95

Smoke Dancing Eric Gansworth The power struggle between traditionalists and progressives on a modern-day reservation is at the center of Eric Gansworth’s latest work of fiction. “Onondaga author and artist Eric Gansworth has done it again....a magical story, a good read filled with realism, humor, and insight.” —Clifford E. Trafzer Paper, 288 pp., 978-0-87013-708-2, $22.95



General History & Lore Tortured Skins and Other Fictions Maurice Kenny Fourteen short fictions from Mohawk writer Kenny push us to explore what we may perceive as truth, showing us different truths: truth of character, natural truth, everyday truth. Paper, 280 pp., 978-0-87013-531-60, $22.95

General History & Lore After Wounded Knee Correspondence of Major and Surgeon John Vance Lauderdale while Serving with the Army Occupying the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Edited by Jerry Green Arriving for his duties at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota only days after the encounter between the Seventh Cavalry and Lakota, describing what had happened. This correspondence contains details of daily life on the Pine Ridge reservation under military occupation. Illustrations, notes, index. Cloth, 250 pp., 978-0-87013-405-X, $39.95

Ambiguous Justice Native Americans and the Law in Southern California, 1848 –1890 Vanessa Ann Gunther

In 1769, Spain took action to solidify control over its northern New World territories by establishing missions and presidios in what is now California. To populate these remote places, the Spanish crown relied on Franciscan priests, whose role was to convince the Native Californian population to abandon traditional religious practices and adopt Catholicism. Bibliography, index. Paper, 256 pp., 978-0-87013-779-2, $29.95

Arapaho Historical Traditions, as Told by Paul Moss For the first time, outstanding examples of indigenous North American literature are printed in their original language (in the standard orthography used on the Wind River Reservation). Glossary. University of Manitoba Press. Paper, 529 pp., 978-0-88755-683-8, $48.00

Dark Storm Moving West Barbara Belyea From Hudsons Bay Company to Native hides to Lewis and Clark, these are the maps and stories of explorers and fur traders, effects on Native populations, European versus Native cartography, cultural definitions of space, and communication of traditions. Illustrated with B&W Maps and vintage Native maps; color endpapers. Index, Notes Paper, 204 pp., 978-1-55238-182-3, $49.95

Death Stalks the Yakama Epidemiological Transitions and Mortality


Clifford E. Trafzer Death Stalks the Yakama examines life, death, and the shockingly high mortality rates that have persisted among the fourteen tribes and bands living on the Yakama Reservation in the state of Washington. Illustrated , charts, graphs. Bibliography, Index. Paper, 278 pp., 978-0-87013-463-X , $29.95

Early Encounters Native Americans and Europeans in New England - From the Papers of W. Sears Nickerson

This is Nickerson’s extensive study of his family ties to the Mayflower, and his exhaustive investigation of the first contacts between Europeans and Native Americans, in what is today New England, made him an unquestioned authority in both fields. Bibliography, index, illustrations, photographs. Paper, 258 pp., 978-0-87013-411-1, $21.95

Empty Beds Indian Student Health at Sherman Institute, 1902–1922 Jean A. Keller Empty Beds explores the early era of change in Indian education ideology and student health, at Sherman Institute in Southern California between 1902 and 1922. This is the first comprehensive study of Indian student health at a nonreservation boarding school. Illustrated with B&W photographs. Notes, Bibliography, Index. Cloth, 352 pp., 978-0-87013-633-7, $59.95 Paper, 352pp., 978-0-87013-650-4, $24.95

Exterminate Them Written Accounts of the Murder, Rape, and Enslavement of Native Americans during the California Gold Rush, 1848-1868 Edited by Joel R. Hyer, Clifford E. Trafzer Newspaper accounts of the era depict both the barbarity and the nobility in human nature, but while some protested the inhumane treatment of American Indians, they were unable to end the violence. Natives fought back, but they could not stop the tide of white miners and settlers. Photographs, bibliography, index. Paper, 220 pp., 978-0-87013-501-9, $25.95

Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf Tamanwit Ku Sukat and Traditional Native American Stories from the Columbian Plateau Edited by Clifford E. Trafzer, this is grand collection of oral tales of the Yakama, Nez Perce, Whisram, Klickitat, as well as several other tribes. Notes, bibliography, index. Paper, 245 pp., 978-0-87013-445-6, $25.95

Living in the Land of Death The Choctaw Nation, 1830–1860

Donna L. Akers Oklahoma Book Award Finalist, Nonfiction “Akers...of the Choctaw Nation, clearly posits that she is providing an “insider’s” perspective and intends to show that Choctaw culture survived the juggernaut of assimilation...she achieved her objective in a commendable fashion...a balanced and readable account....” - Journal of the West Paper, 168 pp., 978-0-87013-684-9, $24.95

New Faces in the Fur Trade Selected Papers of the Seventh North American Fur Trade Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1995 Edited by Jo-Anne Fiske, Susan Sleeper-Smith, William Wicken This is a collection of 15 essays that question the traditional focus of fur trade literature. Notes, maps, photographs, tables. Cloth, 265 pp., 978-0-87013-434-X, $49.95 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

General History & Lore Schoolcraft’s Expedition to Lake Itasca Edited by Philip P. Mason This book contains a semi-official report of Schoolcraft’s 1832 trip to the upper Mississippi region, now part of Minnesota. His goals were to quell a feud between warring Chippewa and Sioux factions, and to explore and locate the Mississippi headwaters. Index. Cloth, 390 pp., 978-0-87013-334-3, $39.95

Schoolcraft’s Indian Legends Edited by Mentor L. Williams Drawn from Schoolcraft’s rare 1839 edition of Algic Researches, stories from Oneota and The Myth of Hiawatha are also included. Notes, bibliography. Paper, 322 pp., 978-0-87013-301-5, $21.95 Cloth, 322 pp., 978-0-87013-300-8, $38.95

Schoolcraft’s Narrative Journal of Travels Edited by Mentor L. Williams

This important work recounts Schoolcraft’s participation in the 1820 expedition to explore the uncharted territory from the upper Great Lakes, into what is now northern Minnesota. Bibliography, index. Paper, 520 pp., 978-0-87013-314-5, $21.95 Cloth, 520 pp., 978-0-87013-313-8, $38.95

Schoolcraft’s Notes on the Iroquois

Indians of Canada / First Nations / Inuit Indians of Canada / First Nations / Inuit Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta Five Hundred Generations Susan Berry, Jack Brink Canada’s Royal Alberta Museum exhibition was unlike any other in the country: over 3,000 artifacts, recorded voices, film, interactive computer technology and Aboriginal interpreters told a story of triumph and survival. Full color illustrations throughout. Paper, 92 pp., 978-0-77852-852-4, $19.95

Akak’stiman A Blackfoot Framework for Decision-Making Reg Crowshoe, Dr. Sybille Manneschmidt Crowshoe and Manneschmidt examine the two health structures that co-exist on the Peigan reserve in southern Alberta; one based on traditional Blackfoot culture, the other on Western European theories of health and healing. Paper, 133 pp., 978-1-55238-044-4, $19.95

Ancestral Portraits Frederick R. McDonald This is a celebration of a rich Cree heritage, a retrospective of the art and life of Frederick R. McDonald, one of the most exciting Alberta First Nations artists working today. Cloth, 120 pp., 978-1-55238-064-2, $29.95

The 1847 Edition Introduction by Philip P. Mason First published in 1846, Notes on the Iroquois is the result of an 1845 census of Indians living on reservations in central New York. He also met with Indian leaders and chroniclers, local officials familiar with Indian history, and others who had information about other aspects of Indian life and culture. Paper, 528 pp., 0-978-0-87013-649-8, $26.95

Schoolcraft’s Ojibwa Lodge Stories Life on the Lake Superior Frontier Edited by Philip P. Mason This book includes articles, poems, and announcements on all aspects of Indian life and customs, historic battles, ceremonies, superstitions, burials, fur trade, war chants, totems, the effect of alcohol on Indians, and the intertribal war between the Chippewa and Sioux. Index. Paper, 193 pp., 978-0-87013-457-9, $21.95

A Short History of the North American Indians Frederic Baraga; Translated from French and edited by Graham A. MacDonald Originally published in 1837, this is the first-hand account of a Catholic missionary in the Great Lakes. Paper, 250 pp., 978-0-87013-735-8, $34.95

We Are Not Savages Native Americans in Southern California and the Pala Reservation, 1840-1920 Joel R. Hyer Hyer traces the history of the California Indians Cupeños, Luiseños, and Kumeyaays - and recounts how the federal government forced more than one hundred Indians to the Pala Reservation. Notes, illustrations, index. Cloth, 352 pp., 978-0-87013-575-X, $39.95 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

As Long As This Land Shall Last A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 18701939 Rene Fumoleau This book is a thorough and accurate historical documentation of Treaties 8 (1899-1900) and 11 (1921) between the Canadian government and the First Nations people from northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. 29 B&W Photographs. New Edition, with an Afterword by Joanne Barnaby, former Executive Director of the Dene Cultural Institute. Published by the University of Calgary Press. Cloth, 587 pp., 978-1-55238-063-5, $24.95

Blackfoot Ways of Knowing The World View of the Siksikaitsitapi Betty Bastien; Edited by Jurgen W. Kremer Blackfoot Ways of Knowing articulates the philosophical and epistemological foundations of the Blackfoot–Siksikaitsitapi ways of knowing, examining the relationships of identity, knowledge, and research among the Blackfoot-speaking peoples; a journey of connecting the ancient pieces of the building knowledge processes among indigenous peoples. Paper, 226 pp., 978-1-55238-109-X, $34.95

From Rupert’s Land to Canada Essays in Honour of John E. Foster Edited by Theodore Binnema, Gerhard J. Ens Foster spent many years researching and interpreting the Metis, re-examining the fur trade, finding new lines of inquiry, and seeing a new Canadian West. Published by the University of Alberta Press. Paper, 250 pp., 978-1-55238-109-X, $34.95


Indians of Canada / First Nations / Inuit I Will Fear No Evil

Magic Weapons

Ojibwa-Missionary Encounters along the Berens River, 1875–1940 Susan E. Gray Susan Gray offers a new perspective on missionary-aboriginal encounters among the Berens River Ojibwa and Christian missionaries between 1875 and 1940. Maps, figures, and tables Paper, 180 pp., 978-0-87013-792-1, $29.95

Aboriginal Writers Remaking Community After Residential Schools

In Order to Live Untroubled Inuit of the Central Arctic, 1550 to 1940 Renée Fossett Drawing on a wide array of eyewitness ac--

counts, journals, oral sources, and findings from material culture and other disciplines, historian Fossett explains how different Inuit societies developed strategies and adaptations for survival to deal with the challenges of their physical and social environments from the 16th to the 20th century. 22 b&w illustrations, 7 maps. Paper, 356 pp., 978-0-88755-647-X, $24.95

The Indian Commissioners Agents of the State and Indian Policy in Canada’s Prairie West, 1873–1932 Brian Titley Between 1873 and 1932, Indian policy on the prairies was the responsibility of federal government appointees known as Indian Commissioners. These officials directed a complex configuration of measures that included treaties, the Indian Act, schools, agriculture, and, to some degree, missionary activity. In this study, Titley constructs critical biographical portraits of the six Indian Commissioners, examining their successes and failures in confronting the challenges of a remarkable period in Canada’s history. Illustrated with b&w photos, map Foreword, notes, bibliography, index Paper, 352 pp., 978-0-88864-489-3, $39.95

Jemmy Jock Bird Marginal Man on the Blackfoot Frontier John C. Jackson Jemmy Jock Bird, the son of a Cree woman and a mixed-blood trader employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company, has become part of the mythology of the mountain man era, caught between opposing sides of a dual Metis heritage. University of Calgary Press. Paper, 200 pp., 978-1-55238-111-3, $24.95

The Letters of Margaret Butcher Missionary-Imperialism on the North Pacific Coast Edited by Mary-Ellen Kelm Lively and descriptive observations of the Haisla people, life on the coast, mission work, and the role of women are all set against the backdrop of the settler community of the Kitamaat Valley, giving a compelling glimpse into this period. University of Calgary Press. B/W photographs, Paper, 300 pp., 978-1-55238-166-3, $29.95

Like the Sound of a Drum Aboriginal Cultural Politics in Denendeh and Nunavut Peter Kulchyski Part ethnography, part theory, and part narrative, Kulchyski uses first-hand interviews and stories from the Dene communities of Fort Simpson and Fort Good Hope and the Inuit community of Pangnirtung (Panniqtuuq), Nunavut. 12 b/w photographs, 3 maps, index, bibliography. Paper, 300 pp., 978-0-88755-686-9, $26.95 5

Sam McKegney Magic Weapons is the first major survey of Indigenous writings on the Canadian residential school system, and provides groundbreaking readings of life as well as in-depth critical studies of life. . University of Manitoba Press. References. Paper, 300 pp., 978-0-88755-702-6, $28.95

Muskekowuck Athinuwick Original People of the Great Swampy Land Victor P. Lytwyn This challenges misconceptions about the Lowland Cree, the original people of the Hudson Bay lowlands, known to themselves as Muskekowuck Athinuwick. 22 illustrations. Paper, 290 pp., 978-0-88755-651-7, $24.95

Muskox Land Ellesmere Island in the Age of Contact Lyle Dick Winner: The Harold Adam Innis Award Historian Lyle Dick analyses relations between Native People and Europeans in the Ellesmere Island region of Canada’s High Arctic. University of Calgary Press. 8 color illustrations, 65 b/w illustrations, 20 maps, 3 graphs. Bibliography. Parks & Heritage Series, No. 5. Paper, 631 pp., 978-1-55238-050-5, $34.95

Natives and Settlers Now and Then Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada Edited by Paul DePasquale New insights to the interpretations of signed treaties and pre-contact treaty-making processes, examining land claims still under negotiation, and the vitality of Aboriginal laws and paradigms in a country new to decolonization and nation building. Index. A copublication by the University of Alberta Press and Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée. Paper, 220 pp. 978-0-88864-462-6, $39.95 *S

Neighbours and Networks The Blood Tribe in the Southern Alberta W. Keith Regular Neighbours and Networks explores the economic relationship between the Blood Indian reserve and the surrounding region of southern Alberta between 1884 and 1939. The Blood tribe, though living on a reserve, refused to become economically isolated from the larger community and became significant contributors to the regional economy. Photos, maps, tables Paper, 240 pp., 978-1-55238-243-1, $34.95

Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene Ila Bussidor, Üstün Bilgen-Reinart The Manitoba Sayisi Dene led an independent life, following the caribou herds and having little contact with white society. In 1956, an arbitrary government decision to relocate them catapulted the Sayisi Dene into the 20th century. In Night Spirits, the survivors, including those who were children at the time of the move and the few remaining elders, offer a stark, brutally honest account of the near-destruction of the Sayisi Dene. Paper, 192 pp., 978-0-88755-643-2, $18.95 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

Indians of Canada / First Nations / Inuit Nunavik Inuit-Controlled Education in Arctic Quebec Ann Vick-Westgate This book documents the development of education from the arrival of the first traders and missionaries in the mid-nineteenth century through the creation of the Kativik School Board and the evaluation of its operations by the Nunavik Education Task Force in the 1990s. 33 b&w photos, color photos, maps. University of Calgary Press, the Arctic Institute of North America, and the Katutjiniq Regional Development Council. Cloth, 416 pp., 978-1-55238-056-7, $39.95

People of the Lakes: Stories of Our Van Tat Gwich Googwandak Nakhwach’ànjòo Van Tat Gwich’in Vuntut Gwichin First Nation This book has oral accounts that Elders have been recording for 50 years, representing more than 150 years of their history, all meticulously translated from Gwich’in. 7.5 x 10”. Paper, 480 pp., 978-0-88864-505-0, $34.95

The People Who Own Themselves Aboriginal Ethnogenesis in a Canadian Family, 1660-1900 Winner: 2005 Harold Adam Innis Prize best English-Language book in the Social Sciences. Published by University of Calgary Press. Cloth, 300 pp., 978-1-55238-115-1, $49.95

The Plains Cree Trade, Diplomacy, and War, 1790 to 1870 John Milloy This is the first economic, military, and diplomatic history of the Plains Cree from 1670s contact to the disappearance of the buffalo from Cree lands by the 1870s, focussing on military and trade relations between 1790 and 1870. Illustrations, maps. Paper, 178 pp., 978-0-88755-623-4, $21.95

Indians of the Great Lakes Region The Art of Tradition: Sacred Music, Dance, and Myth of Michigan’s Anishinaabe, 1946–1955 Gertrude Kurath, Jane Ettawageshik; Edited by Michael D. McNally Foreword by Frank Ettawageshik In 1959, three writers collaborated to produce a 450-page typescript of a study entitled Religious Customs of Modern Michigan Algonquians, together with sound recordings and photographs. Their work offered a detailed view of the life of Ojibwe and Odawa music, dance, myth, and ceremony at mid-century. Now published for the first time in book form, this material offers a unique glimpse into a significant and largely overlooked era in the history of North American ethnology and ethnomusicology. Illustrations, notes, references, index. Cloth, 576 pp., 978-0-87013-814-0, $79.95

At the Crossroads Michilimackinac During the American Revolution David A. Armour, Keith R. Widder At the Crossroads argues that British, French, and American Indians who were living at Michilimackinac and in the western Great Lakes region worked together to keep the fur trade functioning during the American Revolution. 210 illustrations. Cloth, 279 pp., 978-0-911872-24-8, $18.00

Battle for the Soul Métis Children Encounter Evangelical Protestants at Mackinaw Mission, 1823-1837 Keith R. Widder In 1823, William and Amanda Ferry opened a boarding school for Métis children on Mackinac Island, Michigan Territory, setting in motion an intense spiritual battle to win the souls and change the lives of the children, their parents, and all living at Mackinac. Paper, 296 pp., 978-0-87013-491-3, $29.95

Restoring the Balance

First Nations Women, Community, and Culture Edited byGail Guthrie Valaskakis Restoring the Balance combines elements of First Nations traditions and mainstream feminism to produce an outstanding collection of historical and critical accounts of the impacts Aboriginal women have had in the areas of law, politics, education, community healing, language, art, and cultural retention. Contributors: Kim Anderson, Jo-ann Archibald, Cleo Big Eagle, Yvonne Boyer, Marlene Brant Castellano, Viviane Gray, Gaye Hanson, Anita Olsen Harper, Emma Larocque, Mary Jane Norris, Sherry Farrell Racette, Cynthia C. Wesley- Esquimaux. 12 color photos, tables, notes, bibliography, index. Cloth, 384 pp., 978-0-88755-186-4, $59.95

Writing Home Indigenous Narratives of Resistance Michael D. Wilson Writing Home explores the ways that indigenous writers use ideas and structures from primarily oral traditions to resist: colonial metanarratives that legitimize and even demand the disappearance of indigenous peoples—Manifest Destiny, Social Darwinism, and the inevitable plight of the tragic “mixed blood.” Paper, 212 pp., 978-0-87013-818-8, $24.95 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

Contemporary Great Lakes Pow Wow Regalia, Nda Maamawigaami (Together We Dance) Marsha MacDowell Essays on contemporary Native American Indian artists who make and wear pow wow dance regalia in the Great Lakes region. 75 photographs, glossary of terms, bibliography. Paper, 71 pp., 978-0-94431-110-3, $24.95

Edge of Empire Documents of Michilimackinac, 1671–1716 Translated by Joseph L. Peyser/Edited by Joseph L. Peyser and José António Brandão Preface by David Armour Few places were as important in the European colonial New World as the pays d’en haut. (“upper country” - refering to the western Great Lakes-Huron, Michigan, and Superior-and the areas immediately north, south, and west). The region was significant because of its large Native American Indian population, an extensive riverine system needed for beaver populations—essential to the fur trade—and because it held the transportation key to westward expansion. Photos, maps, notes, references, index. Cloth, 336 pp., 978-0-87013-820-1, $39.95 6

Indians of the Great Lakes Region Fish in the Lakes, Wild Rice, and Game in Abundance Testimony on Behalf of Mille Lacs Ojibwe Hunting and Fishing Rights James McClurken, et al. On August 13, 1990, members of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe filed a lawsuit against the State of Minnesota for interfering with the hunting, fishing, and gathering rights that had been guaranteed to them in an 1837 treaty with the United States. In order to interpret the treaty, courts had to consider historical circumstances, intent, and the treaty’s implementation. In 1999, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor delivered the United States Supreme Court decision upholding the hunting and fishing rights of the Mille Lacs. Cloth, 572 pp., 978-0-87013-492-X, $34.95

Huron-Wendat The Heritage of the Circle Georges E. Sioui; Translated by Jane Brierley Wendat, or Wyandot, was the name that the five confederated nations of Wendake gave to Huronia, the Ontario territory described by the French in the 1600s. Paper, 276 pp., 978-0-87013-526-2), $23.95

Minong The Good Place—Ojibwe and Isle Royale Timothy Cochrane This account traces the Ojibwe people’s long history with Isle Royale. Minong (the Ojibwe name for Isle Royale) is the search for the history of the Ojibwe people’s relationship with this unique island in the midst of Lake Superior. Paper, 224 pp., 978-0-87013-849-2, $24.95

Our People, Our Journey The Little River Ottawa Band of Indians James M. McClurken Winner: 2010 Michigan Notable Book; 2009 Michigan Historical Society State History Award Our People, Our Journey is a landmark history of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, a Michigan tribe that has survived to the present day despite the expansionist and assimilationist policies that nearly robbed it of an identity in the late nineteenth century. McClurken documents in words and images every major lineage and family of the Little River Ottawas. Vintage lllustrations, maps. Cloth, 403 pp., 978-087013-855-3, $39.95 Paper, 403 pp., 978-087013-856-0, $24.95

Preserving the Sacred

Poetry The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade The Three Thought Worlds of the Iroquois and the Huron, 1609-1650 Roger M. Carpenter The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade examines the changing worldviews of the Huron and the Iroquois in the first half of the seventeenth century, during a period of increasing European contact. From Champlain’s armed encounter with the Iroquois, in 1609, to the dispersal of the Huron in the mid-seventeenth century, this traces the evolving thought worlds of Iroquoian peoples. Illustrated. Paper, 192 pp., 978-0-87013-728-X, $27.95

Rethinking Michigan Indian History (with CD ROM) Patrick Russell LeBeau “Rethinking Michigan Indian History is a ground-breaking text. The lessons, historical overviews, topics, definitions, resources, and activities are carefully researched and clearly presented...a copy should be in all Michigan class rooms and libraries.” — A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff, University of Illinois at Chicago, and former interim director, D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History, Newberry Library. Maps and handouts. Paper / CD, 215 pp., 978-0-87013712-9, $29.95

To Be the Main Leaders of Our People History of Minnesota Ojibwe Politics, 1825-1898 Rebecca Kugel In 1868, upper Mississippi Ojibwe villages were relocated to a new reservation more than 100 miles to the west. Publicly, the Indians appeared to embrace their move, a conversion to Christianity, and a new agrarian lifestyle. However, there were deep and bitter political divisions that shaped Ojibwe society for several generations. Notes, photographs, maps, index. Paper, 230 pp., 978-0-87013-431-9, $27.95

Poetry Absentee Indians and Other Poems Kimberly Blaeser As Blaeser turns to the mysterious passage from sleeping to wakefulness, from nature to spirit, she reveals the movement from experience to vision. Paper, 128 pp., 978-0-87013-607-8, $24.95

Historical Perspectives of the Ojibwa Midewiwin Michael Angel The Midewiwin is the traditional religious belief system central to the world view of Ojibwa in Canada and the United States. There were many accounts of the Midewiwin published in the 19th century, often riddled with misinterpretations and inaccuracies. Illustrations. Cloth, 260 pp., 978-0-88755-173-4, $55.00


Combing the Snakes from His Hair James Thomas Stevens Winner of the $35,000 Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation Award This book tells a classic Iroquois story of healing: Atatarho, the Onondaga leader, who had a crooked body and a head covered with snakes. Paper, 136 pp., 978-0-87013-590-3, $23.95

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Reference / Language The Feathered Heart Mark Turcotte This revised and expanded edition of The Feathered Heart, Mark Turcotte’s celebrated collection of Native American poetry, brings traditional oral culture to print. Torn, painful, vibrant, and full of hope, his poetry weaves together the multilayered and textured fabric of contemporary Native American urban and rural existence. Paper, 75 pp., 978-0-87013-482-1, $12.95

In the Time of the Present Maurice Kenny This collection of poetry explores identity, honors nature, and celebrates spirituality as a way of life, respect for nature, sharing with others within an extended family, living in the present - traditional Native values. Paper, 120 pp., 978-0-87013-546-X, $17.95

National Monuments Heid E. Erdrich Erdrich sometimes imagines what ancienbones would say if they could speak. Her poems remind us that we make monuments out of what remains — monuments are actually our own imaginings of the meaning or significance of things that are, in themselves, silent. “Erdrich’s poems are beautiful and brave explorations of the depths of national identities and the realm people who live them...these are poems I loved reading.” — Robert Warrior Paper, 106 pp. 978-0-87013-848-5, $16.95

Nickel Eclipse, Iroquois Moon Eric Gansworth Gansworth’s paintings complement his poems, using the metaphor of the cycle of moons identified in the traditional Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) culture’s calendar. Paper, 176 pp., 0-87013-564-3, $19.95

Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets Edited by Adrian C. Louis These poets are bound by a common attitude as well as a common heritage. All four—Joel Waters, Steve Pacheco, Luke Warm Water, and Trevino Brings Plenty—are Sioux, and all four identify themselves as “Skins” (as in “Redskins”). In their poems, they grapple with their heritage, wrestling with what it means to be a Sioux and a Skin today. Paper, 126 pp., 978-0-87013-823-2, $15.95

Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems Patrick Russell LeBeau Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems, Patrick LeBeau’s first collection, is a self-reflective work on identity, ancestry, and family relationships voiced in three parts. ‘Stands Alone,’ the first voice heard, is the singular ‘he’—an entity lost in a sea of loneliness, loneliness that freezes growth and stagnates creativity. Paper, 88 pp., 978-0-87013-533-X, $17.95

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Reference / Language Anishinaubae Thesaurus Basil H. Johnston The Anishinaubae language (of the Chippewa/ Ojibwe) has a beauty in the spoken word, a deliberate rhythm, simplicity, and mysterious second meanings. This thesaurus contains a sampling of the 400,000 words that comprise the Anishinaubae language; a practical reference tool for teachers, translators, interpreters, and orthographers. Glossary, appendices. Paper, 320 pp., 978-0-87013-753-2, $39.95

Alberta Elders’ Cree Dictionary alperta ohci kehtehayak nehiyaw Nancy LeClaire, George Cardinal; Ed: Earle Waugh This dictionary is based upon both Northern Cree (the “TH” dialect) and Plains Cree (the “Y” dialect). Published by the University of Alberta Press. Cloth, 978-0-88864-309-4, $80.00

The Dog’s Children Anishinaabe Texts told by Angeline Williams, with an Ojibwe-English glossary

Published for the first time, this is a collection of 20 stories, dictated in 1941 to Leonard Bloomfield’s linguistics class, and originally edited by Leonard Bloomfield. This edition is edited from manuscripts now in the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian Institution. The text is in Ojibwe, with English translations by Bloomfield.Anishinaabe Texts told by Angeline Williams, with an Ojibwe-English glossary. Newly edited, with an Ojibwe-English glossary and other linguistic study aids, by John D. Nichols. Publication of the Algonquian Text Society. Cloth, 256 pp., 978-0-88755-148-2, $37.50

Spoken Cree, Level II C. Douglas Ellis This newly revised edition is the second of three levels in a complete Cree language course, based on the “N” and “L” dialects spoken west of James Bay: basic conversation, a discussion of Cree grammar, drills, conversation practice, a vocabulary list, and a review section. Published by the University of Alberta Press. Paper, 300 pp., 978-0-88864-396-4, $45.00

Stories Through Theories / Theories Through Stories North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique Gordon Henry, Nieves Pascual Soler, Silvia Martinez-Falquina This newly revised edition is the second of three levels in a complete Cree language course, based on the “N” and “L” dialects spoken west of James Bay: basic conversation, a discussion of Cree grammar, drills, conversation practice, a vocabulary list, and a review section. Published by the University of Alberta Press. Paper, 364 pp., 978-0-87013-841-6, $34.95



American Indian Studies

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American Indian Studies - Index by Title & Subject Title Index Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta, 4 Absentee Indians and Other Poems, 7 After Wounded Knee, 3 Akak’stiman, 4 Alberta Elders’ Cree Dictionary, 8 Ambiguous Justice, 3 Ancestral Portraits, 4 Anishinaubae Thesaurus, 8 Arapaho Historical Traditions, 3 Archaeology on the Edge, 2 Art of Tradition: Sacred Music, Dance, and Myth of Michigan’s Anishinaabe, 1946–1955, 6 As Long As This Land Shall Last, 4 At the Crossroads, 6 Battle for the Soul, 6 Blackfoot Ways of Knowing, 4 Choctaw Nation 1830-1860, 3 Cold, Clear, and Deadly, 2, 4 Combing the Snakes from His Hair, 7 Common Hunger, 5 Contemporary Great Lakes Pow Wow Regalia, 6 Dance Partner, 2 Dark Storm Moving West, 3 Death Stalks the Yakama, 3 Dog’s Children, 8 Early Encounters, 3 Edge of Empire, 6 Empty Beds, 3 Exterminate Them, 3 Feathered Heart, 8 Fish for All, 2 Fish in the Lakes, Wild Rice, and Game in Abundance, 7 From Rupert’s Land to Canada, 4 Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf, 3 Huron-Wendat, 6 Indian Commissioners, 5 Indian Summers, 2 In Order to Live Untroubled, 5 In the Time of the Present, 8 Invasion, 3 I Will Fear No Evil, 5 Jemmy Jock Bird, 5 Letters of Margaret Butcher, 5 Lies to Live By, 2 Light People, 2 Like the Sound of a Drum, 5 Living in the Land of Death, 4

Magic Weapons, 5 Minong, 7 Modeling Archaeological Site Burial in Southern Michigan, 2 Muskekowuck Athinuwick, 5 Muskox Land, 5 National Monuments, 8 Natives and Settlers Now and Then, 5 Neighbors and Networks, 5 New Faces in the Fur Trade, 3 Nickel Eclipse, Iroquois Moon, 8 Night Spirits, 5 Nunavik, 6 Our People, Our Journey, 7 People Who Own Themselves, 6 Plains Cree, 6 Preserving the Sacred, 7 Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade, 7 Restoring the Balance, 6 Rethinking Michigan Indian History, 7 Sage Dreams, Eagle Visions, 2 Schoolcraft’s Expedition to Lake Itasca, 4 Schoolcraft’s Indian Legends, 4 Schoolcraft’s Narrative Journal of Travels, 4 Schoolcraft’s Notes on the Iroquois, 4 Schoolcraft’s Ojibwa Lodge Stories, 4 Shaping the Upper Canadian Frontier, 2 Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets, 8 Short History of the North American Indians, 4 Smoke Dancing, 2 Spoken Cree, Level II, 8 Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems, 8 Stories Through Theories/Theories Through Stories, 8 Surviving in the Hour of Darkness, 2 To Be the Main Leaders of Our People, 7 Tortured Skins and Other Fictions, 3 We Are Not Savages, 4 Writing Home, 6

Subject Index Archaeology & Anthropology, 2 Environmental Studies, 2 Fiction, 2-3 General History & Lore, 3-4 Indians of Canada / First Nations / Inuit, 4-6 Indians of the Great Lakes Region, 6-7 Language and Reference, 8 Poetry, 7-8 Order Form, 9 Sales, Shipping, and Returns Information, 1 tel 517.355.9543 • fax 800.678.2120 •

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