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R esour ce Guidebook University is a great opportunity for all first year students to make new friends, establish connections with their faculty, and become familiar with the McMaster and Hamilton communities. Transitioning

into second term of university can sometimes be tough but there are many great support services on and off campus to help you through your university experience and make it the best it can possibly be!

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PEER SUPPORT LINE McMaster student peer listeners are trained to take confidential phone calls and discuss anything a caller may face. The line operates 7 days a week, from 7PM-1AM. The phone line is a great option for students seeking after-hours help or phone-based emotional support. Information shared on the line will remain confidential and within the service of the Peer Support Line and their professional affiliates. 905.525.9140 x28888

SAP Student Assistance Program


This program available to all students. Confidential psychological counselling services are offered by phone to a 27/7 year-round toll free call-centre. The program offers master level counsellors speaking 180 different languages and dialects. Counselling support is then received by in-person counselling, online chat, video or telephone. SAP also has academic-life services including legal consultation, financial consultation, life coaching, nutrition consultation and resources covering topics such as parenting and everyday life. 1.877.234.5327

SAS Student Accessibility Services Student Accessibility Services provides academic accommodation assistance and related supports to students at McMaster. This service aims to assist all students at McMaster. Visit them in MUSC room B101. 905.525.9140 x28652

SSC Student Success Centre The Student Success Centre aims to engage students in diverse learning opportunities to support their academic, personal, and professional growth. The SCC offers a variety of academic support services including writing and tutoring services, as well as professional development services, international student services, career services, and financial management resources. Visit the SCC in Gilmore Hall room 110. 905.525.9140 x24254

QSCC Queer Students Community Centre The QSCC is a service run by students of the McMaster Students Union that provides a contact point for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies. The service offers educational programming and access to resources of interest to the LGBTQ community while aiming to challenge problematic attitudes and norms at the systemic level. The QSCC is located in MUSC room 221. 905.525.9140 x27397

SHEC The Student Health Education Centre Located in MUSC room 202, SHEC is a peer run service that focuses on engaging with students about health-related issues through performances, peer support, fundraisers, and events. SHEC also provides a number of free services including confidential peer support, anonymous and confidential pregnancy testing, referrals on and off campus, health-related pamphlets, condoms, lubricant, dental dams, and menstrual products. 905.525.9140 x22041

SWELL Student Wellness Centre/Student Wellness and Education Lower Lounge This is a place on campus to address your physical and mental wellness needs. The Student Wellness Centre (MUSC room B101) provides a wide range of Counselling Options, Medical Services and Wellness Education resources, while SWELL (MUSC room B118) provides students with a place to relax, pick up wellness resources, study and enjoy a cup of tea. Both the Student Wellness Centre and SWELL hope to enhance your academic success and your McMaster experience. 905.546.0805 905.525.9140 x27700

MACCESS This service aims to build and maintain a campus that celebrates, advocates, and ensures inclusiveness in the area of disability. They provide programming and events in effort to establish a sense of community for those who selfidentify as having disabilities or disabled. It strives to advocate on behalf of the students in a proactive and affirmative fashion and provide peer support, educational programming and opportunities to learn about critical disability studies. Visit Maccess in MUSC room B111. 905.525.9140 x26575

WGEN Women & Gender Equity Network A service that caters to women, transfolk, people who identify outside of the gender binary, and all survivors of sexual assault. WGEN provides a safe(r) space on campus in MUSC room 204. WGEN acts as a place for people to go and feel safe, talk about articles and issues in the media, make friends, and bond through experience. 905.525.9140 x20265

EFRT Emergency First Response Team A group of approximately 30 student volunteers who provide emergency medical services to the McMaster campus, with an average response time of 2-3 minutes. All responders are certified Emergency Medical Responders and have Mental Health First Aid Training. If EFRT is called, a team of responders will be dispatched to your location through Campus Security. EFRT is a completely confidential service and can be contacted by dealing “88� from any campus phone, directly colliding a McMaster Security Dispatcher at 905-522-4135, using the McMaster University Security Service and Transportation app available for download on your smart phone, or by visiting the EFRT office located in MUSC room 103. EFRT is available 24/7 throughout the academic year except Thanksgiving, Easter, the winter break, and both Reading Weeks. 905.522.4135 or 88 from any campus phone

s u p m a Off -eCsour ces R CMA Canadian Mental Health Association The Canadian Mental Health Association is dedicated to promoting the mental health of all people and ensuring the provision of the best possible mental health services. The CMA has a Hamilton branch located at 131 John Street South, which provides a number services to adults experiencing mental illness including a health care clinic, mental health support, and mental health promotion and resilience. 905.521.0090

GOOD2TALK Post-Secondary Student Helpline A branch of Kids Help Phone, this is a new toll-free, post-secondary student mental health helpline. Free, bilingual and confidential, this service offers professional counselling, information and referrals in Ontario 24/7/365. Students can call for support on a wide range of topics including mental health, substance abuse, addictions and suicidal ideation, to other factors that can impact post-secondary student success and well-being, such as academic stress, personal or family relationships, residence life, financial concerns and feelings of loneliness. Students can reach Good2Talk by calling 1-866-952-5454, or by dialling 2-1-1 from anywhere in Ontario.

LGBTQ YOUTH LINE The LGBTQ Youth Line aims to provide services for youth by youth, that affirm the experiences and aspirations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, 2-spirt, queer, and questioning youth in Ontario. Through telephone, texting, and the internet, the LGBTQ Youth Line provides informational resources, emergency/crisis services, confidential peer support, leadership opportunities and referrals. Call: 1.800.268.9688 Text: 647.694.4275

SACHA Sexual Assault Centre Located in Hamilton, SACHA is a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization guided by anti-racist and anti-oppressive values. SACHA provides services to people who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives, while also working towards the end of violence, oppression, and the equitable inclusion of all women through education, advocacy, activism, and community partnerships. 24/7, free confidential support line: 905.525.4162

ST. JOSEPH ’S HEALTHCARE HAMILTON COAST YOUTH Crisis Outreach and Support Team A program supported by St. Joesph’s Healthcare Hamilton that provides emergency mental health and addiction services to members of the Hamilton community. COAST works with a multidisciplinary team including youth crisis workers, mental health workers, social workers, and police officers to help individuals overcome mental health crises. COAST offers telephone support 24/7. 905.972.8338

YOUTH WELLNESS CENTRE St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Located on the 2nd floor of 38 James Street South, the Youth Wellness Centre provides a safe environment for people age 17-25 to receive expert care for mental health and addictions. mental-health-services/youth-wellness-centre 905.552.1155 x31725

MENTAL HEALTH HELPLINE A free and confidential service that listens, offers support, provides strategies to meet you goals, provides information about counselling services and supports in your local community and also offers education about mental illness. Free mental health service is available by calling them. 1.866.531.2600

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Spark Guidebook: Support & Wellness Resources  
Spark Guidebook: Support & Wellness Resources  

February 2018 | Volume 3, Issue 1