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Parent/Family Newsletter November/December 2013

Welcome from the Office of the Dean of Students Dear Parents and Family Members:


We are are pleased to send you our final Parents and Family Members Newsletter for the Fall 2013 semester. There are a number of important articles that we think will ‘keep you in the know’.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Russ Hall, 1st Floor (973) 655-5211 Disability Resource Center (DRC) Webster Hall, Room 100 (973) 655-5431 Financial Aid Office College Hall, Room 208 (973) 655-4461

We are also very excited about several new things that our students can continue to enjoy next semester: Nextbus service, the Parker phone app, the Just in Case phone app, and our new ZipCar service. We have included information about all of these new initiatives in this newsletter.

Health Promotion Stone Hall, Room 144 973-655-7397

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that several students and administrators represented Montclair State University at the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge in Washington, DC this semester. You can read about the trip in this newsletter under Accepting the Challenge.

Office of the Dean of Students Student Center, Suite 400 (973) 655-4118

Thank you for working with us to help your students achieve academic success. If you have any questions you may email us at

Parking Services Red Hawk Parking Deck, Level 1 973-655-7580

We wish you a very happy and peaceful holiday season.

Residential Education and Services (RES) Bohn Hall, 4th Floor (973) 655-5188 University Health Center Blanton Hall, Ground Floor (973) 655-4361

Sincerely, The Office of the Dean of Students:

Rose Mary E. Howell, Ed.D. Dean of Students

Margaree Coleman-Carter, MA Associate Dean for Student Life

Shannon Gary, Ed.D. Associate Dean of Students

Jerry Collins, MA Director, Student Conduct

University Police Next to Red Hawk Parking Deck (973) 655-5222


Winter 2013 Residence Hall Closing Notice Winter 2013 Residence Hall Closing Notice Your student has received the message below regarding winter break at the university. As you talk to your student about checking out of his or her residence hall please use this notice as a guide to ensure he or she has appropriately checked out. The residence halls will close Friday, December 20, 2013 at 11:00am. Freeman Hall, Bohn Hall, and Blanton Hall will be closed during the winter break. The entrance doors will be locked, and residents will not be permitted access to these residence halls until Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. Dinner will be the first meal served on that day. In order to check out for Winter Break properly please complete the check-list below. Failure to complete all or any of the items will result in fines and/or conduct sanctions.

WINTER 2013 BREAK – CLOSING CHECK-LIST • Take home all valuables. Your student may leave valuables in his or her room, but it is at his or her own risk. December health and safety inspections will occur by Friday December 20, 2013. • Disconnect all plugs, including lights, clocks, refrigerators, microwaves, microfridges, curling irons, blow-dryers, etc. Leave disconnected plugs visible for staff to quickly identify. • Clean out and defrost refrigerators/microfridges, dispose of the water, and leave the door(s) open. All refrigerators/microfridges must be unplugged. Remove all perishable food from the room. This includes all food in the refrigerator. Remove all trash from your room, and flush the toilet.

IF YOUR STUDENT IS NOT RETURNING TO THE UNIVERSITY FOR THE SPRING 2014 SEMESTER 1. The student must complete a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form on the Center for Advising and Student Transition’s website ( 2. The student must withdraw from all courses on WESS. 3. The student should notify the Office of Residential Education and Services via email at 4. The student will be notified via email of his or her cancellation being approved from the Office of Residential Education and Services. Once the four steps above have been completed the student will be able to officially check out if he or she does not plan to return for the Spring 2014 semester. Residents who have been approved to not return for the Spring 2014 semester must make arrangements to officially check out of their room and return their keys. Failure to follow this directive will result in a lock change/key replacement charge posted to the student’s account. The student should contact his or her Community Assistant at least 24 hours before he or she plans to check out. Please Note: If your student does not have authorization from Residential Education and Services to check out he or she will be responsible for housing charges for the Spring 2014 semester. If you have any additional questions about checking out for winter break please contact Residential Education and Services.

Contact Information: Residential Education and Services Bohn Hall, 4th Floor 973-655-5188 Director: Mr. John Delate

• Close and lock all windows, and pull curtains/window coverings closed. Turn out all lights, and lock the door. • If the student lives in a residence hall that is open during the break and he or she plans to remain on campus during the winter break, please make certain he or she completes the on-line survey which was sent via email so he or she is permitted to remain on campus.


University Code of Conduct The mission of Student Conduct is to ensure an environment at Montclair State University committed to providing best educational and social experience for our students and other members of the campus community. The office’s primary goal is to be developmental when working with students. All members of the community are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Code of Conduct. You may recall attending a presentation about community expectations while at the University for New Student or Transfer Student Orientation. Below is a link to the Code of Conduct and presentation. This will allow you to reacquaint yourself with the material covered during the summer prior to the start of the academic year. Code of Conduct: code-conduct/ Presentation: NSE-Parents-2013.pdf

Contact Information: Student Conduct Student Center, 4th Floor 973-655-4118 /student-conduct/ Director: Jerry Collins

Parking Services Smart Phone Apps The Nextbus smart phone application allows students to quickly and easily track their Montclair State University bus. Please follow this link to find out more and download the application: The Parker smart phone application is now available to assist commuter students find parking on campus. Please follow this link to find out more and download the application:

Contact Information: Parking Services Red Hawk Parking Deck, Level 1 973-655-7580 parking-services/

Zipcar Now Available at Montclair State University

Just In Case Phone App Montclair State University students are now able to use the “Just in Case” phone application. The application is a quick and easy way for students to access mental health help and resources on their smart phone.

You student can now join Zipcar for only $25. Students must be 18 years old to join. Cars are on campus in Lot 20. Follow this link to find out more about Zipcar and how your student can join:

Contact Information: Counseling and Psychological Services Russ Hall, 1st Floor 973-655-5211 Director: Dr. Jaclyn Friedman-Lombardo


2014 Spring Statements Are Posted On WESS

2014 Spring Payment Plans

Due date for Spring 2014 is January 6, 2014

It is time to enroll in the Spring Payment Plan

Spring 2014 BILLING INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WFS.MONTCLAIR.EDU (WESS - WEB ENROLLMENT SERVICES FOR STUDENTS) Your student may pay his or her balance by e-check or credit card via WESS. To pay by e-check please use the link entitled e-check on the “Account Summary” page of WESS. The student will need to enter their CWID, routing and checking account number. If payment is returned for any reason he or she will be assessed an additional fee. MSU has arranged with Sallie Mae to accept credit cards on the University’s behalf. Sallie Mae accepts AMEX, MC, VISA and Discover. To pay by credit card, the student should access his or her WESS account and use the “Pay by Credit Card” link. Please note that there will be a non-refundable convenience charge based on and in addition to his or her payment amount. The student can also pay his or her balance in person with a certified check, money order, or cash at the Cashiers Window located on the second floor of College Hall, room 216. Computer terminals are provided in the Student Accounts Office in College Hall, room 218 for students’ convenience. To prevent financial and academic liability, it is the student’s responsibility to check his or her official MSU e-mail and WESS account on a regular basis for registration, billing and financial aid information. If the student’s account remains unpaid, the University may de-register him or her from all classes, place a hold on his or her account, deactivate his or her Blackboard access, withhold release of his or her transcripts or certificate of degree, remove him or her from student housing, assess interest and/or late fees and collection costs on the unpaid amount, refer his or her account to a collection agency for collection, and notify any credit reporting bureau of his or her failure to pay this debt.

Spring 2014 Payment Plan: • 5 payment(s) beginning November 01, 2013 Payments Due on: 11/01, 12/01, 01/01, 02/01, 03/01 • 4 payment(s) beginning December 01, 2013 Payments Due on: 12/01, 01/01, 02/01, 03/01 • 3 payment(s) beginning January 01, 2014 Payments Due on: 01/01, 02/01, 03/01 • 2 payment(s) beginning February 01, 2014 Payments Due on: 02/01, 03/01 Your student may enroll through: the link via his or her WESS Account Summary; online at Sallie Mae; or speaking to a TuitionPay consultant by calling (800) 635-0120. If the student chooses to enroll in a payment plan, it is his or her responsibility to check his or her MSU WESS student account online at to keep the plan up to date. If the student’s payment plan account is under-budgeted, a hold will be placed on his or her account which may prevent registration and/or release of his or her transcript.

Contact Information: Student Accounts College Hall, Room 218 973-655-4177 Email:

The Office of Student Accounts is located in College Hall, Room 218 and the hours are: During the traditional term: Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 6:PM; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM The University will be closed December 25, 2013 - January 1, 2014


Accepting the Challenge Montclair State participates in President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

Representing Montclair State at the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge event were, from left, Shannon Gary, John Klarman, Weaam Ali, Rachel Drucker and Esmilda Abreu. A delegation of Montclair State University students and administrators recently participated in the third annual President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge gathering at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Attending for the first time, the Montclair State contingent joined with those from other institutions to share and learn about interfaith and community service activities on campuses around the nation. Launched by the White House in 2010, the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge is an initiative inviting institutions of higher education to commit to a year of interfaith and community service programming on campus. More than 300 colleges and universities around the country are now involved. Montclair State was invited to attend the event to present on interfaith engagement and to highlight the University’s community service activities. “We were able to showcase the impact Montclair State has on the surrounding communities through the efforts of our students and religious organizations,” says Shannon Gary, Associate Dean of Students and one of the leaders of the Montclair State team. Director of Equity and Diversity Esmilda Abreu was the delegation’s other leader and also represented Montclair State on the panel for the presentation, “Interfaith Engagement at Public Institutions,” along with representatives from the University of Maryland and Delaware State University. “It was an absolute pleasure to represent Montclair State University at this third annual White House-sponsored Interfaith Gathering with such a diverse and committed delegation of students,” says Abreu. “It was a great privilege to share the quantity, variety and creativity of Montclair State’s cutting-edge interfaith programs with more than 300 other colleges and universities. I was delighted and humbled when the other institutions commented on how impressed they were with the strength of Montclair State’s level of genuine inclusion” Rounding out the Montclair State team were student delegates John Klarman, Weaam Ali and Rachel Drucker, who represented Newman Catholic, the Muslim Student Association and Hillel, respectively.


Community Health Message You may have heard that there has been a few outbreaks of meningitis on two campuses in New Jersey. As a precaution, the following letter was sent to the entire campus community.

an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. The active ingredient in these hand sanitizers is usually alcohol, not an antibiotic.

To Our Campus Community:

Meningitis is not as contagious as other viruses such as the flu but is a serious medical condition that warrants immediate treatment. It is spread by exchanging respiratory and throat secretions such as coughing or kissing or lengthy, close contact. Participating in activities, classes or using common eating facilities is not a risk factor for infection.

As many of you have heard through news media, Princeton University is experiencing an outbreak of meningitis. Monmouth University also has a confirmed case of an employee with meningitis. At this time, the cases at Princeton are meningitis serotype B, a rare strain in the United States. It is still unknown which strain of the disease has occurred at Monmouth University and whether the cases are related. We want to assure our campus community that there are no cases of meningitis at Montclair State University and we are actively monitoring the situation through daily updates from the New Jersey Department of Health and careful screening of patients seen at the University Health Center. With all public health concerns on or off campus, the University makes every effort to use prevention and education strategies to keep our campus healthy. The following are ways in which faculty, staff and students can reduce the risk of infection from common colds, influenza, mononucleosis and meningitis: Do NOT share anything that comes in contact with the mouth, including: • water bottles • lip balm • toothbrushes • towels • drinking glasses including drinking straws • eating utensils • cosmetics • mouth guards • face masks • smoking materials • food or drink from a common source (e.g., punch bowl) Do not cough into another person’s face. Cough into your sleeve or a tissue. Wash or sanitize hands frequently. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick or spreading germs to others. If you are concerned about creating antibiotic resistant bacteria, use regular soap rather than antibacterial soap. There is no evidence that antibacterial soap is more beneficial than plain soap. If soap and water are not available, use


The early symptoms of meningitis mimic many other illnesses, especially influenza. If any flu-like symptoms progress to those listed below, you should obtain prompt medical care. The signs and symptoms of meningitis include: • A high fever of 101.5 or above • Severe headache • Stiff neck • Visual sensitivity to light • Difficulty concentrating • Confusion • Decreased or no appetite Students experiencing any of these symptoms should contact the University Health Center at 973-655-4361, or their local health care provider. Faculty and staff are encouraged to seek care at their own health care provider or a local emergency room. More information is available at meningo/documents/meningococcal_faq.pdf It is our goal to keep our campus community healthy with continuous monitoring of the current situation and prevention strategies. If the current status changes, we will communicate additional updates to the University community. Sincerely, Dr. Donna M. Barry, DNP, APN Director, University Health Center Contact Information: University Health Center Blanton Hall, Ground Floor 973-655-4361 Director: Donna Barry, APN-C, DNP

Cheer on the Red Hawks!

Come to campus and cheer the Red Hawks!

You are invited to attend sporting games and events here on Montclair State. Visit our Winter 2014 Athletic Schedule! The Montclair State Athletic Department offers 17 sports for men and women, and most compete in the highly regarded New Jersey Athletic Conference. Montclair State is a member of the largest athletic conference in the country - the Eastern College Athletic Conference, and all sports are designated in the NCAA as Division III. Can’t make it to a game? Visit the Athletics website to track live stats or listen to Montclair State events on live streaming audio. The site also features schedules, news, athlete bios, and more.


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