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Spring 2013

CSAM ‘s Decade of Growing Awards

In this Issue From Dean Prezant

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CSAM Helps Newark Schools

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Faculty Win $1.3 M Wipro Grant

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Effects of Different Learning Envir.

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CELS — An Update

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MSU Signs Agreement with BCC

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USGBC Student Chapter Established p. 4


ver the last decade, all measures of academic growth in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) have increased significantly with a 45% rise in undergraduate enrollment, a 40% increase in graduate enrollment, a jump from 87 to 110 faculty members (with over 60% hired in this time frame), and remarkable growth in research grant support (see graph below for state and federal awards only between 2002 and 2012). $5,000,000

Advisory Council Member Profile

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Featured Alumna

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CSAM Offers Accelerated BS/MS

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A Path to Nursing Careers

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$3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000

CSAM Collaborates on ‘Math and Science Days’

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622 Years Cumulative CSAM Excellence in Education p. 8 Faculty Activity

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Student News

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Calendar of Events

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The CSAM Newsletter is published semiannually by the College of Science and Mathematics Robert S. Prezant, Dean Jinan Jaber, Associate Dean & Editor Lynn F. Schneemeyer, Associate Dean Raquel Peterson, Administrative Assistant

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Dollars Awards

Developing Pharmaceutical Research Collaboration p. 5

report. Here, however, is a very brief summary of some of the awards from our faculty’s activity just this year:

$0 2002







As federal funds have become tighter in our strained economy, last year showed a drop in external funding from national and state granting agencies reflecting constrained budgets but, as the graph demonstrates, CSAM overall has seen a steady climb upward. Federal funding has come from NIH, NSF, NASA, DARPA, EPA and others. Similarly our outstanding partnerships with industry have been sustained and grown. Today we have research and programmatic support from DuPont, Celgene, Merck, Roche, Bristol-Myers Squibb, PSEG, and others. After years of growth, a full summary of the progress in scholarship and programming will take a separate


Drs. Nina Goodey, John Siekierka, and James Dyer and Cigdem Talgar have been awarded a $166,475 NSF-TUES grant titled "Incorporation of Research Skills into the Undergraduate Biochemistry Curriculum to Create Extraordinary Scientists for the Modern Research Environment". The grant provides support to fundamentally transform existing biochemistry laboratory curriculum at MSU to an approach that better simulates research and produces scientists for the modern research environment. The grant will run until January of 2016. 2010



Dr. Henk Eshuis was awarded a TURBOMOLE GmbH program development grant titled “Maintenance and development of the RIRPA module and application to alkane metathesis”. Free access to the source code of the electronic structure method program TURBO-MOLE is granted for the duration of two years. Dr. Eshuis will use the development license to maintain and extend the program module RIRPA, which incorporates all functionality related to the Random Phase Approximation, a method he developed in previous research. The program will be used by his group to study the metathesis of alkanes and olefins in homogeneous Continued on page 9

Montclair State University - College of Science and Mathematics Newsletter - Spring 2013  

College of Science and Mathematics Spring 2013 newsletter.

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