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The Montclair District Energy CHCP Combined Heating, System Cooling and Power Project Innovative Public-private partnership Environmentally responsible energy Economic Development engine

Heating, Cooling and Power Plant CHCP Combined

Environmentally Friendly Energy Plant to Power a University Montclair State University is replacing its aging generating equipment with a new combined heating, cooling and power plant that will provide 100 percent of all steam and approximately 75 percent of electricity to the 252-acre campus.

The plant embodies the University’s commitment to environmental stewardship by delivering clean, cost-effective and energy-efficient power and thermal services through the use of a combustion turbine, utilizing natural gas as the fuel source. By extracting multiple energy end-use products from a single fuel source, we will achieve the maximum possible efficiency with available technology.

Green Recognitions By producing environmentally responsible energy products, the plant continues Montclair State’s commitment to sustainable practices. Our dedication has not gone unnoticed. Green recognitions include: n First educational institution in the nation to sign a green

building construction and operation agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency nD  esignation as a “Green College”

by The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges since its initial release in 2011

nA  warded Combined Heat and Power Partnership 2011

Certificate of Avoided GHG Emissions by the EPA

nD  esignated a “Coolest School” in Sierra Magazine’s

rankings of America’s greenest campuses nT  he New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 2010

Environmental Stewardship Initiation Recognition

Heating, Cooling and Power Plant CHCP Combined

Fueled by an Innovative Public-Private Partnership with Energenic As a result of the 2009 New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act, Montclair State has made history by utilizing public-private partnerships. The University’s $90 million public-private partnership with UMM Energy Partners, LLC*, not only employs 400 workers, but also provides funding for the Montclair District Energy System without the University or state putting up the capital for the new facility’s construction. The Montclair District Energy System is the University’s second publicprivate partnership. The Heights, completed in 2011, is New Jersey’s largest campus residence and dining project and was the first public-private construction project developed under the Economic Stimulus Act. This award-winning $211 million project employed 1,350 workers.

“Montclair State continues to demonstrate initiative in utilizing public-private partnerships to finance both facility expansions and infrastructure improvements. The new CHCP plant is not only an example of the University’s entrepreneurial management of its scarce financial resources, it also reflects our campus-wide commitment to environmental conservation and alternative energy.” – Susan A. Cole, President, Montclair State University

*UMM Energy Partners, LLC is owned by Energenic-US, LLC, a long-term partnership between DCO Energy LLC and Marina Energy LLC, a subsidiary of South Jersey Industries.

Heating, Cooling and Power Plant CHCP Combined

A Powerful Project The Montclair District Energy System is located on the campus of Montclair State University and includes a 7,500-square-foot Central Energy Center containing: power generation, chilled water, steam production and condensate return, electrical distribution, fuel storage, pumping systems and an instrument control center. “This project is a win-win-win – a win for Montclair State, a win for its students and a win for the environment. The University should be commended for its foresight in providing students and faculty with a cleaner and more efficient power source.”

– Frank E. DiCola, President & CEO, Energenic-US, LLC

The plant provides 9.4 million ton-hours of chilled water, 230,000 MLb of steam and 35.7 million killowatt-hours of electric generation annually. It will provide full thermal service to more than 25 buildings on the Montclair State campus.

The Montclair District Energy CHCP Combined Heating, System Cooling and Power Project $90 million project made possible by a


public-private partnership between Montclair State and UMM Energy Partners LLC, an Energenic Company

18 months to construct


400 construction jobs created


2 public-private partnership initiative

n  nd

for Montclair State

35.7 million kilowatt-hours of electric


generation annually

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Combined Heating, Cooling and Power Project  

Montclair State University's commitment to sustainable practices through the public-private partnership for a new combined heating, cooling...