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The Mustangs continue their unstoppable romp through the Lone Star Conference, beating West Texas A&M 35-21.


Brave Combo visits MSU to share a refreshingly oddball sound.

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November 9, 2011

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Student arrested on trespassing charge CHRIS COLLINS EDITOR IN CHIEF An MSU student was arrested by campus police Monday for criminal trespassing, after ordering a motorist to drive him to Mexico. Twenty-year-old Stanley Umoh, who lives in Pierce, entered a occupied vehicle parked in front of a residence

on the 2100 block of Clarinda, according to Jeff Hughes, public information officer with the WFPD. He then told the operator of the vehicle, 27-year-old Matt White, to start driving. White is not an MSU student and was working on Clarinda when the incident occurred, Hughes said. Umoh, who was apparently unarmed, ordered White to drive him to

Mexico. Hughes said Umoh reportedly told White that he had plenty of money and that they were “going to a nice place.” White drove to the intersection of Taft and Midwestern Parkway, stopped. He opened the door and ran, leaving Umoh unattended. Umoh, left in the car alone in the middle of busy intersection, also started hoofing it.

Hughes said Umoh was seen jogging west toward campus, eventually slowing to a casual walk. He entered D.L. Ligon Coliseum, where he was apprehended by campus police at about noon. Hughes said arresting officers found him standing on a basketball court in the gym. Hughes said it did not appear as if Umoh was under the effects of drugs or


alcohol, but no tests were administered by officers. “It was just kind of a weird deal,” Hughes said. According to Wichita County Jail records, Umoh is not currently being detained. Umoh’s Facebook profile indicates that he works for Enterprise Rent-aCar.

How to make a



town filled with frightened and clueless villagers, a tall and menacing monster, and to top it off a remote-controlled bird puppet. These are just a few of the things students will get to see when Bandersnatch, a comedic play based on Lewis Caroll’s poem Jabberwocky, premieres Nov. 17. The play, written by MSU Theater Professor Brandon Smith, features Lief, the guy who just defeated the evil Jaberwocky and now must protect the dopey townsfolk and his love Rose from an even more execrable monster, the Bandersnatch. The costumes for the play, however, are not being sewn. They are being built. And not only by theater students. MSU’s mechanical engineering department is getting into the act by bringing these rattan and paper mache animations to life with robotic parts and microcomputers.

Engineering and theatre students work together to create the perfect monster in this adaptation of the Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky


GOP debates to continue Wednesday DAVID LIGHTMAN MCT

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MSU theatre student Russell McKinley displays his costume’s claws – he plays the Bandersnatch in Brandon Smith’s original play. It debuts Nov. 17. Photo by Chris Collins

Republican presidential candidates will debate Wednesday night for the first time since Herman Cain became controversial, Rick Perry unveiled his optional flat-tax plan and Mitt Romney explained in detail how he’d reduce budget deficits. Cain, who scheduled a news conference Tuesday to defend himself against accusations of aggressive sexual behavior by several women, will be watched most closely. “People are still getting to know him, and the allegations are one of the most likely things people know about Herman Cain at the moment,” said Matt Grossmann, an assistant professor of political science at Michigan State University. Eight Republican candidates will spar for two hours, starting at 8 p.m. EST, at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., a Detroit suburb. CNBC will televise the debate. They’re supposed to talk about the economy in a state that’s suffered more than most. Since the last GOP debate, on Oct. 18, Romney and Cain have remained at or near the top of national Republican preference polls. Perry’s been sinking, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has maintained solid support around 10 percent, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has begun to climb to low double digits. Cain, dogged by sexual harassment accusations, is stumbling. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken last Wednesday through Saturday found that 35 percent said they viewed Cain negatively — double last month’s number. The poll was taken after a report Oct. 30 by the Capitol Hill newspaper Politico that when Cain headed the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, two employees accused him of aggressive sexual behavior. He kept the story going with his repeatedly changing account of what happened, saying first that he was unaware of any financial settlement with the women, then later saying a settlement had been reached. Last week, The Associated Press reported an account by a third accuser, and a fourth surfaced Monday, Sharon Bialek, the first to allow her name and face to be public.

2 Wednesday

November 9, 2011

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Obama fights for veterans “I won’t wait, nor will I let politics “As commander-in-chief, I won’t wait, nor will I let politics get in the get in the way of making sure that way of making sure that veterans veterans share in the opportunity they share in the opportunity that they de- defend,” Obama said. What “opportunities” are veterans fend. If Congress won’t act, I will.” -President Obama in Monday speech defending? Too many to count. And isn’t it ironic that these people It seems that in the Obama-bashing era, the President of the United States who fight for our freedom have little when they return home from war? isn’t always the bad guy. They come back to wage a different Obama is doing his best to help kick-start the solution the economic kind of war – unemployment. When the idea for the program was recession. His proposed plan would give vet- first proposed (in front of TV camerans access to career centers across eras), both parties of Congress stood the country. It would also implement up and applauded. This week, when a My Next Move for Veterans pro- the idea comes up again and a vote gram online, as well as incentives for is required, there will be no camera crews, no national television stations employers to hire them. The plan, tentatively being called recording the members’ actions. The vote and the support of the plan the Veterans Job Bank, could create more than 500,000 jobs for those who is up to them. Obama is challenging Republicans served this country.

to choose between their desire to defeat him in 2012, and their obligation to the nation’s veterans. Will U.S. government finally work as one, instead of breaking into cliques like it recently has? Will either side stop using schoolyard tactics to publicize its distaste for the other party? It seems as though it’s time to buckup and be grownups about making a decision that will help the economy. If Obama is successful in implementing this plan, he may pull Congress out of the gridlock it has been so hopelessly stuck in. Currently it would appear that members of both parties are in favor of passing this legislation. It’s time for Americans to see the United States government as one unified body, not as one sole person making the important decisions.

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This girl plays games KAJA BANAS-SALSMAN OP-ED EDITOR Gamers rejoice. The much anticipated Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) was released Tuesday. What exactly makes this game, developed by Infinity Ward, different than the previous versions? To be honest, not too much. The game hold true to the same old idea:

shoot to kill and kill to win. No need to worry – this is coming from a gamer. I’m not spitting opinions about a game franchise I’ve never played. In fact, despite millions of complaining players, I absolutely loved CoD BlackOps. It was my thang. I loved the maps (well, most of them) and I loved the graphics. Sure, it was glitchy at times (in multiplayer mode), but it all panned out in the end. And just like my male counterpart, I could play for days on end if my bladder, stomach or dreaded education didn’t stop me! Now, back to MW3. Infinity Ward threw players for a loop with its biggest, and maybe most shocking change to the game: strike packages instead of kill streaks. As G4TV ( put it, “There are now three separate ‘sets’ of reward packages available. Assault is the most similar to what series fans know, with rewards coming as you streak through multiple kills in a single spawn. The Assault Package rewards are built around death and destruction, offering things like Predator missile strikes and covering fire from an

Johnny Blevins

attack chopper.” What else is new? Prestiging. You don’t fall straight to the bottom anymore. This, to me at least, is a huge perk! Starting from zero with crappy weapons wasn’t my style and I HATED prestiging. This new features gives you “token” incentives. The best part of the new game? No last stand. Those dirty, rotten, pistol-shooting, goodfor-nothing, obnoxious last standing SOBs are out of the picture. Shot him in the head once and in the legs twice? He’s dead instead of scooting around shooting you in the back with a surprise bullet from his handy-dandy hand-gun. Praise the Lord and Hallelujah, Infinity Ward has stepped into the realm of pure awesome! So pick up a controller and join this girl gamer in fragging and dragging enemies through the digital dust. You scared of getting beat by a girl? Get in the game! Hear my war cry!

Do you remember your mother grabbing her favorite pair of scissors, her sparkly horn-rimmed glasses and her latest Good Housekeeping magazine? Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But seriously, do you remember your mom clipping nearly everything that caught her eye and using thumbtacks or push pins to put them onto a corkboard or using a glue-stick to glue them in a cutesy little album? Well, kiss your magazine clippings goodbye. Glue sticks have become a thing of the past. Never again will you lose a pair of scissors. Today the newest and greatest addictions is Pinterest. What does Pinterest say about itself? “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Web. People use pin boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pin boards created by other people. Browsing pin boards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.” What’s so great about it, you ask? Everything. It lends itself to a mind-boggling number of ideas. An endless supply of inspiration. A virtual way to organize all those crazy ideas in your head. It goes from how to reuse your Swiffer WetJet bottle (more on that later) to how to pose a lady for a boudoir photograph. And there’s more: cupcakes, cakes, chicken, sewing, clothing, shoes, dance lessons, photography ideas, nifty tricks, how-to’s, and so many things that will make you giggle your little head off! Some of the things I stumble upon when I’m browsing Pinterest blow my mind! “Wow! I never thought of that!” I say to myself. “Oh my goodness!! I am going to save SO much money doing that!” I actually say that, too. It just gets better and better. Every day there is something new. And the best part about it? No joining fee, no membership fee, and you can share your own ideas! I never thought that recycling old, beat up, outdated furniture could be so amazing! I never realized how useful the simplest items in my home could be! I’m a broke college student. Hell, I just paid the school yet another $500 for the current semester. I’m looking for ways to save money and feel thrifty. I like to impress myself. Don’t worry, I know you do too, no matter how much you deny it! You know those pesky, and ridiculously expensive, Swiffer WetJet refill bottles? $5 for a bottle that lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks was just not something I was wanting to spend money on. I was cruising around Pinterest one day and stumbled upon the greatest tip I’ve ever seen in my life. The instructions told me to boil water in a pot, take my empty WetJet bottle and stick the cap end of it in the boiling water for 10-15 seconds. It then instructed me to remove the bottle from the water and twist the cap off (with a towel!) and fill it with whatever cleaning solution I desired! Absolutely life changing, let me tell you. This community is like the Facebook of ideas. The Yoda of Magazines. The master of all everyday knowledge. Check it out yourself, Happy pinning!

e thwichitan Wednesday

November 9, 2011


Library fines sky



MSU Board of Regents Meeting 1:30 p.m. J.S. Bridwell Board Room.

or get any transcripts from MSU. Latham said MSU Board of Regents Meeting in extreme cases where students have 9 a.m. J.S. Bridwell Board Room dropped out of MSU, the district attorney might be contacted if the student is unUPB: Hiking in the Wichita Mountains reachable or unco9 a.m. - 8 p.m.Sign up begins Nov. 1 operative. on OrgSync. “One time a graduate student didn’t return 242 books,” Latham said. “He Literature Review for Graduates had dropped out of school.” 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Moffett 212 A. Call She said the liMoffett Library to reserve a spot. brary contacted the Hannah Hofmann district attorney. Eventually, the student’s mother ing cash with canned foods. Classic Film Series: The World’s FastDuring this time, students take care brought in about 200 of the est Indian. of their fines faster by using canned books, mentioning a fire situation at their home. goods instead of money. 7 p.m. Museum of Art at MSU. At times, the Dean of As a reminder, emails are sent to students when they are late to return a Students may get involved. The Dean may send Wichita ing them. book. Fines, however, still remain the same “They will claim otherwise and say Falls Police to students’ homes. In cases that they didn’t know about it,” Brezina where individuals are living on campus, despite the fact that some students are the library notifies the resident assistant allowed to have books much longer. said. Students from Vernon College and Brezina said the library goes as far for the dorms. To explain the high dollar amounts, Wayland Baptist University are allowed as making phone calls to students who do not respond to e-mails. Letters about Brezina said all fines are sent back ev- to borrow books from MSU’s library. All the students have to do is present returning books are also students to stu- ery six weeks. Therefore, if a fine were outstanding, their Texshare card at checkout. dents’ home addresses as a reminder. In a case where a book may be lost Holds are placed on a student’s uni- it would add to the update of the current or returned, the college that he or she versity account if fines total more than figure every month. Graduate assistants and teaching as- attends will be responsible. $250, or if they have not returned the sistants are allowed to borrow books for Faculty and staff of MSU do not pay item or lost the item. an entire semester. any fine whatsoever no matter how late With a hold on an account, a student Some tend to forget and keep them they are when returning both books and cannot register for any classes, graduate for another semester instead of return-


ICIS MORTON FOR THE WICHITAN MSU is falling short when it comes to collecting library fines. Last year, library fines hit $48,634,14 but only $13,179.42 was collected. In 2009, library fines totaled $45,312.52 but only $11,181.43 was rounded up. Since August, 245 students have been fined $1,762.01 by the library. Roughly half that, $941.76, has been collected. “From the $13,000 collected last year, the majority of it is money people paid for books that were not returned – lost items. This just shows that students are not worried about bringing back books late,” said Dr. Clara Latham, university librarian. “Most of the $48,000 is overdue fine calculations,” she said. “We don’t place holds on students’ accounts if they have less than $250 in overdue fines. They walk away owing the library $50-$100 and we never collect.” Latham said the students have no incentives to pay back the library unless they wish to check out more books in the future. Over the years the figures gradually build up and stay in the system as unpaid money but the book is usually back on the shelf, she said. In the future, the library should look at unpaid debts for over five years and forgive them as unaccountable so the figures will not look so high, Latham said. Jason Brezina, circulation department manager, said fines start as low as 25 cents per day and max out at $10.


Saturday Monday

No one will be asked to pay more than $10 for a book whether it is 20 days late or three months. Media is $1 per day with $10 maximum. If a book is two months overdue, the computer considers the book to be lost and then charges the individual for the actual price of the book. If there is not a price for the book in the system, the default is $25. Brezina said that while fines have increased over the past five years, the number of lost items has been reduced. Instead of paying money for fines, students are allowed, once a year during Library Week in April, to pay for fines with canned goods. This benefits both the Wichita Falls Food Bank that gets the donation and the students who save money by replac-


PLAY continued from page 1 In a sense, it’s a form of human puppetry as students step into these creations, using them as extensions of their own bodies. “We’re figuring out new modes of storytelling,” Smith said of the near two-hour production. Bandersnatch features some not-so-typical characters. Several are animals or monsters, including a squawking bird and a menacing wraith. Each suit had to be custom tailored – or in this case, engineered – for the actors, leading to early casting decisions. Smith wrote Bandersnatch in 2009 alongside a friend, Josh Blann, when they attended graduate school at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth. Smith and Blann had written two other plays previously, Wright, a historical play about the Wright brothers, and Green, a cloak and dagger mystery play about cold fusion. Green was produced as part of the Water Tower Theatre’s Out of the Loop Festival in Addison, Texas in 2008. “We wanted to write something silly and fun,” said Smith of Bandersnatch, “and that’s how we came up with this.” Smith was asked to do work with Abilene Christian University theater students during a summer Shakespeare festival in 2009. It was there, with actors ready and an audience waiting,

that Smith was able to have a reading of Bandersnatch performed for the first time. But Smith wanted the first full production of the play to premiere at MSU. Other than one-act plays performed as senior projects, this will be the first original script made into a full production in nearly 30 years at MSU. As excited as Smith is to see his vision come to life, he says that the best part of the experience has been working with the engineering department. Rip Martin, Cody Bates and Zach Evetts, mechanical engineering students, hopped on board as part of their mechanisms class. It wasn’t until Smith attended a workshop on grant writing taught by Dr. Patti Hamilton, however, that engineering even entered the picture. Hamilton, interim dean of health science and human services, steered Smith to that nuts-and-bolts department. Smith applied for a research grant, receiving an initial $1,500. With it, he and students laid the initial groundwork for the costumes and produced videos of their concept. They presented it all at UGROW (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Workshop) last summer. UGROW is a summer program at MSU that allows undergraduate math and science students to be involved in research that is usually reserved for graduate students. Over the summer, each engi-

‘Qdoba’ and ‘Qdoba Mexican Grill’ are registered trademarksof the Qdoba Restaurant Corporation ©2010.

Chris Collins

neering student clocked more than 40 hours of work a week on the project. When school began, the engineering students continued their work, putting in 20 to 30 hours weekly. Often, they came in on Saturdays and Sundays, bringing their personal tools to help build and wire the suits. The production is considered by Smith to be one the most difficult projects he and the theater department have ever tackled. From the elaborate costumes to actors finding comedic inspiration, Bandersnatch has proved to be a challenge all around. Nicole Neely, a sophomore who plays Rose, the story’s damsel in distress, says that the comedic aspect of the play was not easy to come by. “Go for the funny,” is what Smith told her and other Bandersnatch actors, Neely said. In order to get a feel for the comedy, Neely said she watched movies like Princess Bride and the Monty Python films. “It’s really silly,” said Neely referring to Bandersnatch, “but it has a lot of meaning underneath, too.” Because of a lack of research on mechanized costumes to fall back on, they often found themselves scrapping some ideas and starting from scratch. But Smith says he wouldn’t have had it any other way. “Not many people are afforded an opportunity to do this kind of research,” Smith explained. “Hot glue and hope” has become a motto for the team, and Smith is proud of the work that the joint effort has accomplished. Smith referred to the Handspring Puppet Co., which spent approximately four years working on the realistic puppet used in the 2011 Broadway production War Horse. He noted that his team had just over four months to get the character apparatuses for his brainchild Bandersnatch completed.


4 Wednesday

November 9, 2011

e thwichitan

MSU alumna to compete in Miss California pageant BRITTNEY COTTINGHAM MANAGING EDITOR When Amar Spencer hits the runaway at the Miss California pageant, the MSU alumni has plans to represent her Alma matar proudly. The 24-year-old from the Caribbean island of Antigua will be competing in her first beauty pageant in January and is looking for the support from the place she once called home. “It is very important to have MSU support because I am a product of MSU,” Spencer said. “The skills I learned from my Alma mater will help me tremendously in this competition.” In August 2005 Spencer found herself at Midwestern because of the Caribbean Students Organization (CSO). Spencer said her education in mass communications at Midwestern has helped her tremendously in the intellectual aspect of the pageant. “Professor Gorham’s studio procedures classes help me to feel comfortable in front of a camera and Dr. Sernoe’s editing classes remind me not to be redundant and verbose,” Spencer said. “These will definitely go a long way come pageant night and even in the media events prior to the contest.” After graduating from Midwestern in August 2008, Spencer moved back to Antigua.

Amar Spencer Then she worked as a journalist at the Daily OBSERVER and its radio station OBSERVER radio in December of that year. She then moved to California last August to pursue a masters in mass communication. Spencer said she chose California because of her dream to work in television in the entertainment industry. “My first few days at California State University, Northridge, I had to walk

around with the campus map,” Spencer said. “The school is over 300 acres of land and has 35,000 students. I felt overwhelmed at first, but then I got accustom. However, there are still many places on campus that I don’t know. This is very different from the MSU campus.” Spencer admits finding a job after college was not the easiest and understands why future graduates would be worried about job opportunities.

Hannah Hofmann

Computer lab hours change to save money Computer lab hours at Midwestern have been altered to save money. From 2007 to 2012, Michael P. Dye, chief information officer, said the 20 computer labs were not being utilized and were costing MSU too much money. The computer hours have changed at the Clark Student Center to 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday through Sunday. The other open labs are closed on Saturday and Sunday and the hours are from 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m. Dye said it was hard to find a student who wanted to work midnight to 8 a.m. The students would work it, but it was difficult to balance with school. The cost of using the computer labs has increased since 2007. That year MSU was $349 over budget. In 2008, MSU was $1,919 over budget while in 2009 the budget was over $3,949. The largest case of the computer lab spending was in 2010 when MSU was $28,800 over budget. Summer of 2011, MSU was $15,000 over budget.The money increase was based on the extended hours of the computer labs. Dye said when the minimum wage started going up in 2007 the wage allocation was flat. Cutting back on the hours for

no matter how small, in this world because there are so many people out there in need,” she said. “The skills I have learned in my years as a mass communication major would go a long way in organization and promoting these philanthropic events.” Spencer advises anyone who has dreams of being a beauty queen to think of pageants as more of a journey than a destination. “Through (the pageant) journey, you will meet so many amazing people and you will learn certain skills that will help you in your professional and personal life,” Spencer said. Spencer has spent $4,000 so far on the Miss California pageant. Half of that cost caters for her evening wear, swim suit, make-up, hair, nails, shoes and accessories. With open arms Spencer welcomes any support from MSU and the community. To help with the cost, Spencer is using the to get Wichita Falls businesses to sponsor her for the pageant. Also through the pageant production company, individuals can help out Spencer in her pageant preparation by purchasing clothes, shoes and other fashion items from, using the discount code ASpencer4MissCaUsa. This will give anyone who enters the code a discount on items and she will receive commissions.

Fantasy of Lights brings new spark to 70-year-old tradition ALEXIS ELDER FOR THE WICHITAN


“There is no doubt that the economy is not at its best,” she said. “Times like these call for creative and innovative ways to get hired or to become your own boss.” For mass communication majors, she said many opportunities exist thanks to social media. “With the advent of social media comes several job opportunities,” she said. “Follow the trends and be innovative.” Spencer said 90 percent of the contestants who enter Miss California USA each year are new to the pageant scene. “Most people have the misconception that women who compete in pageants are not academically inclined,” Spencer said. “Many of the girls I’ve met are either in college, graduated from college or making attempts to apply to college.” It is a daily challenge for Spencer to balance college and pageant life while working full-time as well. “At the end of the day, it is all about balancing my time,” Spencer said. “As much as I would love to spend all my time on the pageant, I still have a commitment to school and to work. It’s definitely about balance.” If crowned Miss California 2012, Spencer would have to dedicate a year of her life to philanthropic work. Spencer said she has always believed in serving people above self. “I always want to make a difference,

the computer lab has helped tremendously by not having to pay a worker for those eight hours. Dye thinks the fiscal year of 2011 to 2012 will still be $2,000 short, even with the hours cut. For students who find the changing of the hours inconvenient, Dye advises them to utilize the wireless network MSU boasts throughout campus. On Friday, there will be a November Board of Regents meeting to discuss technology advancement opportunities at MSU. The board is currently working on a mobile Web CT program. “By next fall, students can register for classes, pull up the catalog and look at financial aid through their mobile,” Dye said. They also want to have a portal, which will give students their own web page that consists all their favorite websites together on one page. “We are fortunate that we can use a few extra dollars for technology,” Dye said. Dye said the board is also thinking of replacing the Dillard computer lab with a wireless lounge. “Two years from now, all the stuff we talk about will be old school,” Dye said. “On the amount of technology budget we have, we are trying to do the most we can.”

The new coordinator of Fantasy of Lights at MSU aims to put a new spark into a 70year old tradition by bringing new additions to the historic program. For the first time there will also be live music. Randy Canivel, assistant director at the MSU Wellness Center, was appointed the new chairman of Fantasy of Lights on Sept. 1. “My goal as chairman is to keep Fantasy of Lights alive and growing in the years to come,” Canivel said. Fantasy of Lights started when Lester Thomas Burns and his wife, Lillian, decided to put festive displays on their yard. Burns died in a car accident in 1921 and Mrs. Burns continued the tradition. According to Canivel, Mrs. Burns died in 1971. The displays were given to Archer City. Archer City donated them to MSU in 1978. “It takes 1,200 to 1,500 man hours to set up the 34 displays,” Canivel said. The labor begins Nov. 7. All displays are adopted or sponsored by a family or business. “We go out and ask for donations,” Canivel said. “I send them a personal letter or approach the business requesting if they would be willing to donate or sponsor a display.” Companies that donate have a good form of advertising because a lot of people are going to see the companies name on the dis-

play, he said. local organizations and businesses to doIt takes two days to put the displays on the nate. lawn and three weeks to set up. The Burns family adopted the Nativity According to Canivel, MSU facility ser- scene and the grandchildren still continue to vices and the Wichita Falls County prison donate. volunteers help to set up. They donated $5,000 this year. Displays include Nativity Scene with “Displays are a non-profit organization Camels, Dickens’s Christmas Carol, Santa’s and donations are what keep the project goHouse, Eskimo Village, the Gingerbread ing,” Canivel said. “People think MSU funds house, Cinderella, Covered Wagon, Dumbo, the whole thing but we don’t.” Flipper, Horse, Humpty Dumpty, Lion, Little With the new addition of live music, there Engine that Could, Old Woman in Shoe, Pe- will be one performance every week. ter Pan, Poinsettia, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Performers include Sacred Heart, the Snoopy, Robot, Santa in Chimney, Santa and Wichita Falls school choir and the Caribthe Flying Reindeers, Skater’s Table/Piano, bean tan ensemble. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Snowman, Opening night is the first Friday in DecemToy Castle, Three Little Pigs, Welcome San- ber, starting at 6 p.m. on the Hardin lawn. ta & Cana and The Wizard of Oz. There will be live music to bring in the The displays are valuable. Security is holidays, Canivel said. available 24/7. Operation hours will be from Monday“Security is a cooperative effort between Friday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and SunMSU police and MSU students needing day 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. money for the holidays,” Canivel said. There is no charge to drive or walk through Student Damian Atamenwan helped with the display. the security for the fall of 2010. However, donations are welcomed to keep “It was graveyard shift, and very cold,” the tradition going. Antamenwan said. “Sometimes I would “(Fantasy of Lights) is a holiday tradition work midnight to 4 a.m., but it was a great some people grew up going to and now they experience.” are taking their kids,” Canivel said. “Imagine MSU has a capital campaign to raise mon- what the holidays would be like in Wichita ey for Fantasy of Lights. Falls without the Fantasy of Lights.” It cost $40,000 to run Fantasy of Lights. This includes labor, repairs and marketSTIMULATE YOUR SAVINGS ing. Canivel is trying AT to raise money and asking families and


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November 9, 2011


Dusty travels produce inspirational tunes MEGAN FERNANDEZ FOR THE WICHITAN

These broken fingers, some things don’t heal

Singer Sam Baker’s scuffed boots have seen miles. Thursday night, he gave voice to some of those travels. In a dust and gravel tone, the native Texan set those narratives to music. One was about the rebellious daughter fighting with her father, another of the El Camino that got him around in Odessa. One dealt with skinny boys going off to war. It is in Broken Fingers that Baker tells about himself and war. He was riding on a tourist train in Peru in 1986 when a bomb exploded, nearly killing him. “I found myself in the middle of someone else’s war,” Baker, now 56, said of the blast. Peru was going through a revolution and the Shining Path guerillas had planted a bomb in the luggage rack on the train. Others died, including a family of three sitting next to him. Little did Baker know that this would be a life-altering experience, one that would prod him – now with mangled fingers and a constant ringing in his ears – into the world of music.

I can’t wake up from a dream, when a dream is real

Josh Hayter

Accompanied by pianist Chip Dolan, Baker performed songs of not just his own life but the lives of others before a packed exhibit room at the Museum of Art. These stories, he insists, “help the world go ’round.” Baker said he believes it is his job to write and tell stories. “I try to be a plow field and if a seed comes to me I try to help it grow,” he said. Back to the train bombing. “There was a boy here, a mother here and a father here. The bomb was above her head,” he said. “The mother died instantly along with the father but the boy

died slowly.” About the boy, a German on the tourist train, he writes in Broken Fingers: Forget his face? Of course I don’t, it’s echoed like a crystal vase Baker was taken by cab to a hospital. He almost bled to death, the main artery and vein in his left thigh severed. There


The trend of releasing mixtapes over proper albums in the world of hip-hop and rap music has seen an extensive increase within the last few years. While some will argue whether or not this is due in part to Lil Wayne’s successful run of mixtapes that predate the release of the first Tha Carter album, there is no denying that rappers have found mixtapes as an outlet to continually release music to their fans with few hindrances, such as sample clearances or label ties. The last few weeks have seen an exceptional output of great mixtapes from the well known to the new breed of rappers looking to gain recognition. Possibly one of the most talked about (and well done) mixtapes that’s been released lately comes from Harlem MC A$AP Rocky. The interesting thing about Rocky is the fact that even before releasing his first official mixtape, he had already been given a $3 million contract advance with Polo Grounds Music both for his solo output and to start up his group label, A$AP Worldwide. To put this into perspective, Young Money artist Drake was reported as receiving a $2 million advance, while 50 Cent’s original contract with Aftermath Records was signed for $1 million. If that doesn’t already put a weight on the career of Rocky, I don’t know what does. So, does Live.Love.A$AP. live up to the warranted hype of a $3 million deal? The answer is an emphatic yes. In a time that’s being characterized by cliché rap styles and content, Rocky finds a way to combine his musical influences

to be the proverbial “breath of fresh air” the hip-hop scene is in desperate need of receiving, especially in the East Coast scene. Ironically enough, the East Coast, most specifically Rocky’s native Harlem, New York, seems to be the area of influence he is least concerned with. While deep down Rocky is a tried and true Harlem slick talker such as area heroes Cam’ron and Jim Jones, it’s the influence that the Houston Screw scene that seems to shine the most in his music. Rocky, himself, acknowledges this in Live.Love.A$AP’s opening track “Palace” where he says, “Influenced by Houston/ you can hear it in my music.” This statement is only strengthened by the use of dark, ominous g-funk beats reminiscent of the Houston scene created by A$AP crew members Clams Casino, ASAP Ty Beats and Miami’s own up-and-coming rapper/producer Spaceghost Purrp, who is also making a name for himself in the underground hiphop scene (for further reference, check out his mixtape Blackland Radio 66.6 that was released earlier this year). The standout track “Purple Swag: Chapter 2”, which boasts features from Spaceghost Purrp and crew member ASAP Nast is a perfect example of Rocky’s marriage to the Houston sound; a slowed, g-funk sounding instrumental with booming bass that allows Rocky to gracefully glide along the track with a southern flow. It’s also on this track that Rocky decides to demonstrate another side to his already enigmatic flow, his ability to rap in the same half-sung cadence that was made popular by Cleveland rappers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. This in turns adds another dimension to Rocky’s aesthetic, almost placing him in the same category as early Three 6 Mafia

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recordings. However, Live.Love.A$AP. isn’t just a one-track affair. The Spaceghost Purrp produced “Keep it G” continues to demonstrate the Houston influence with a G-Funk inspired instrumental reminiscent of early Screwed Up Clique artists like Fat Pat and E.S.G. Clams Casino’s production on the aforementioned “Palace”, as well as “Bass” and “Leaf” provide the same gritty, sinister chillwave-like backdrop that he’s provided to prolific underground artist Lil B this past year. “Bass” even further draws connection from Rocky to Houston, slowing his voice down to a deep drawl during sections of the song that’s similar to the Screw style Houston is known for. And of course, there’s no denying the track that started it all for Rocky, the ASAP Ty Beats produced “Peso”, which hit the Internet earlier this summer and gave Rocky the momentum needed to break into the New York airwaves and eventually find a recording contract. “Peso” is ironically the only track that remotely displays Rocky’s Harlem upbringing, from the Jim Jones-like delivery to being one of the few spots on the mixtape that Rocky openly reps Harlem. Listening to this track, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding Rocky. With his first actual outing as a paid recording artist, A$AP Rocky has clearly proven that he just might be worth every penny that Sony has spent on him. From this point, he is said to commercially release Live. LoveA$AP., sometime in the near future, as well as releasing a mixtape to put his crew on entitled LongLiveA$AP sometime next year.

The Verdict: 87%

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ride. It happened at a festival in the village of Machu Picchu. “There’s a ritual where a priest cuts a heart out of a llama and holds it up to the sun and there’s a foretelling of the future by a dying heart,” he recollected. Baker said it was from then on that he began to grow uncomfortable. He said a lot of song material came out of his near-death experience, some of it unrelated. “Every time I began to write into it I would get so far and then another story would come to mind,” he said. He finally got it down, though. The family next to him died but the mind and heart of a songwriter remain focused on the boy.

was also brain damage, kidney failure, gangrene and severe hearing loss. Years of surgery followed. “After it all, it was just a long series of people doing miraculous unselfish things that kept me alive, along with modern medicine,” he said. Baker said he now realizes he had some dark intuitions before the train

Forget his eyes, His silhouette? Of course I don’t, Of course I don’t forget. There are blue eyes, A silhouette; There is a debt, A debt I don’t forget.

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6 Wednesday

November 9, 2011


he twichitan

What the hell is that noise? Denton musicians Brave Combo treat MSU to a polka-ing good time with a unique mixture of accordion, shouting and The Chicken Dance CHRIS COLLINS EDITOR IN CHIEF

A piano player wobbles precariously over his keyboard, furiously pounding keys and shouting incoherently into a microphone. An accordion player jerks her head forward and backward oddly every few seconds. A man next to her blows a whistle until he turns red in the face. A drummer bashes away at cymbals mercilessly and a bass player thump-thumps through all of it. This is Brave Combo, and the band definitely lived up to its namesake Monday evening at Akin Auditorium. The Denton-based quintet rocked MSU non-stop for an hour and twenty minutes with its atypical, polka-influenced sound. But to call Brave Combo a polka band is to belie its ability to play – and its immaculate execution of – almost every musical style under the sun. Throughout the course of the set, the band delved into blues, rock, tango, samba, jazz, cha-cha, rumba and other genres most people’s musical palettes aren’t trained enough to even recognize. Suffice it to say this: Brave Combo can play anything. But its performance did leave some room for improvement. The band’s stage presence – at least at the beginning of the set – could probably have used some work. Some on stage banter between band members came off as trite and superfluous. At other junctures, though, front man Carl Finch was able to get almost every person in the room to participate in the music. (The Chicken Dance seemed to be the crowd favorite of the evening.) Also, some songs found the group just a little off time. On a few numbers, the melody instruments rushed ahead about a quarterbeat of the rhythm section. It made for a muddy sound during a couple of the selections. At best, the band was brilliant that evening. At worst, it was cacophonous. In all, it was still a world-class act. And it has the Grammys behind it to prove that. Brave Combo kicked the evening off with an original song Finch described as a “demonic rumba.” This juxtaposition of styles proved to be a mainstay of the band’s set. Generally, the fast-paced, upbeatheavy songs in the vein of rumba emote happiness and well being in listeners. But with this rumba, the band took the upbeat sound, screwed with it, blew it up, added some minor chords and presented the final, chewed-up version to audience. The strange mixture brings two thoughts to mind. The first: “That was incredible.” The second: “What the hell was that noise?” Maybe the best way to describe the band would be like this – this is the music that would be playing during a race riot at a circus. In the rain. While all of the carnies are on acid. This Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde sound makes more sense if you take into account the appearance of the band members. Finch, who sings, plays keyboard, guitar and accordion wore all black except for a bright red velvet fedora that

This is the music that would be playing during a race riot at a circus. In the rain. While all of the carnies are on acid.

attempted to contain his mass of long, gray hair. His pockmarked face has probably led to more comparisons between him and David Carradine than he would care to admit. He looked like the oldest member of the group. Bass player Little Jack Melody sported what looked like a bathrobe over a simple white shirt. His messy hair made him look like a cross between Kramer and The Dude. He feigned playing Kevin Eubanks to Finch’s Jay Leno in between songs, but he was much better at playing the four strings than being the side man. The accordion player, who was identified solely as Jenny, is just a little bigger than her instrument. But instead of being consumed by the huge squeezebox strapped to her chest, she owned it. And she looked sexy doing it, as proven in a song she wrote, Seduction. She looked so comfortable playing the instrument, in fact, that most audience members probably forgot that this was the first time any of them had even seen an accordion played. She didn’t look one day older than 30. Woodwind player Jeffrey Barnes is a portly fellow, but played clarinet, flute, piccolo and two different saxophones with as much precision as a brain surgeon performing a lifesaving operation. At one point, he shared with the audience that he raised a baby raccoon and kept it as a pet when he was younger. If that ain’t quirky, then I don’t know what is. The percussionist, Alan Emert, didn’t share much about himself with the audience. He did, however, go into a lengthy diatribe about a three-eighth note pickup into a first measure of a famous Led Zeppelin song. (It was supposed to be a joke, but you could tell that it kind of wasn’t.) And the Zeppelin namedrop was kind of confusing, because Emert didn’t look old enough to have even been alive during the band’s heyday, much less playing drums. It was pretty obvious that all five of these guys are nerds, too. What’s worse, they’re music nerds. And it would’ve been impossible for them to navigate the inexplicably difficult nature of their song choices if they weren’t. Case in point: midway through the

Kassie Bruton Accordian player Jenny jams during Brave Combo’s Monday set in Akin. show, an audience member requested the band “play something French.” The band’s response: no sweat. Now that’s talent. In fact, Brave Combo sang in German, Italian, English and Greek, to name a few languages, during its set. Another thing the band should be commended for is being so damn likable onstage. The members weren’t exactly meek (in fact, Finch was fairly authoritative when it came to encouraging crowd participation in songs). They just seemed, well, like nice people. And it went a long way to gaining support from the audience. Speaking of the audience, the front and second rows in Akin were barren during the show. An approximate headcount of the room would lead one to believe this was the most sparsely attended Artist Lecture event of the season. It should be noted, however, that Wichita Falls was under a tornado watch when the band was playing, which could have affected attendance. Regardless, the band played as if it were putting on a show for a packed house. The pacing was quick, rollicking and in-your-face. Attendants were kept on the edge of their seats and no one dared yawn. Though the set was paced pretty well throughout, Brave Combo seemed, at times, to lack significant dynamic control during the actual songs (i.e. one entire song was soft and subtle and another song was balls-to-the-wall loud). Some of the higher-decibel numbers could have been far more effective with softer sections to even them out. This is really just a minor gripe. In all, Brave Combo put on an excellent performance. Dynamics and tempo could use some polishing, but that stuff’s hard to do onstage anyway. The band played an interesting, exciting set that made them one of the best Artist Lecture guests yet.

Kassie Bruton Bass player Little Jack Melody.

he twichitan Wednesday

November 9, 2011



MSU falls to Wildcats and Rambelles ANDRE GONZALEZ FOR THE WICHITAN The notorious dictator Napoleon once said, “You become strong by defying defeat and by turning loss into gain and failure to success.” Along with this uplifting quote by a not-so-uplifting figure in history, the Mustangs volleyball team can take the inspiration as a recovery from the losses they experienced over the weekend against Abilene Christian and Angelo State. First, MSU battled alongside ACU and kept a good run in the first two opening sets before falling to an indefinite loss, 30-28, 25-22, 25-18. The opening set featured 13 ties and three lead changes, but the Mustangs weren’t able to close out the winning points. Hillary White put down 10 kills, six of which were all committed in the first set.

White also helped MSU lead to a .255 team hitting percentage, along with her 10th doubledouble of the season with 12 digs and two blocks. In the second set, the Mustangs came close to a win once again as they made it through 17 ties and eight lead changes, but ACU used their outside hitter, Jennie Hutt, as a weapon to put down MSU. Shelbi Stewart endured a perfect match for her record, adding nine kills without a single error to account for a .474 hitting percentage. Caitlin Wallace added seven kills and four blocks, while the back row was lead by Kiara Jordan with 16 digs. Brandi Flores notched in 10 digs. The following Saturday, MSU went back on the road to the Stephens Arena in San Angelo where they suffered another loss to ASU, 25-21, 25-12, 25-16. The loss marked the sixth consecutive loss for the Mustangs.

Stewart was hot in action as she put down her team-high of 10 kills, seven in the first set, along with three blocks. Jordan once again led back row with 22 digs while Flores added 12. Katie Bertling notched three blocks for MSU. Even though the Mustangs succumbed to a loss, they will get another chance this Thursday afternoon in the opening round of the Lone Star Conference Championship at the West Texas A&M Event Center in Canyon. “I’m pretty excited about being able to get this senior group back into the tournament, it gives them their shot,” Coach Venera Flores-Stafford said. “I think overall our conference is pretty balanced,” FloresStafford said. “So it’s anyone’s game.” MSU will once again take on the Rambelles of Angelo State University. First serve is set for 2:30 p.m.

File photo by Hannah Hofmann Shelby Stewart recorded 10 kills and 12.5 points in the Mustangs loss to Angelo State.

MSU claims conference championship DAMIAN ATAMENWAN SPORTS EDITOR

Damian Atamenwan Payton Fookes gave the Mustangs hope by scoring an equalizer against West Texas A&M.

The Midwestern State women’s soccer team claimed the Lone Star Conference Championship after victories over West Texas A&M and Abilene Christian University. The Mustangs marked a remarkable comeback against West Texas A&M in the Lone Star Conference semifinals in Abilene. It was Becky McMullen who opened the scoring for the Lady Buffs in the 13th minute with a curling corner kick. The Mustangs responded to the goal with succession of attempts from forwards and attacking midfielders. Kelsey Hill, Lindsay Pritchard and Maddie Fraser were consistent in Midwestern’s attack but WTAMU Yvette Bedoy kept their shots out. Fraser had a terrific offensive form in the second half as well but her efforts were unyielding. The playmaker kept Bedoy on her toes for the majority of the game excluding the fact that her shots went wide or to the hands of the goalkeeper. Having weathered almost 90 minutes without conceding

a goal, Bedoy watched Payton Fookes capitalize on her fumble to level things up. The freshman slotted home the 85th minute equalizer into an open net and the Mustangs were eager to make the most of the overtime. MSU followed the remarkable second half with a 95th minute goal in the first period of extra time. Fraser served a fine corner kick for Hill to head her 10th goal of the season past Bedoy. “It was a great game even though West Texas played difficult and defensive after the lead,” Head Women’s Soccer Coach Jeff Trimble said. The Mustangs went ahead to take on Abilene Christian University in the Lone Star Conference final and defeated them in a similar fashion. After a scoreless first half, the Wildcats made a home impression when Krysta Grimm sent a long pass to Andrea Carpenter who scored an imposing opener. Carpenter came close to giving Angelo State another goal but was denied by the crossbar. The hosts seemed to have taken over the game and kept testing goalkeeper Mallory Whitworth’s palms.

But the Mustangs played with their heads up and found a 76th minute goal. Senior Heidi Avila sent a cross for Hill to head beyond goalkeeper Elliot London’s reach. Hill’s goal must have triggered momentum in the Mustangs attack as the visitors created way for another goal. Few minutes later, MSU completed the comeback when Mickey Brown bagged a one-touch goal from a Pritchard cross. “It is really special to see a comeback and not just tie, but win the game,” added Trimble. The Wildcats stirred controversy to the Mustangs retort when the referee pointed to the visitors’ penalty spot in the 79th minute. Grimm spurned a perfect opportunity as she watched her PK go wide. Brown tried to double the Mustangs’ lead in the 82nd minute but the ball went agonizingly wide to goalkeeper London’s relief. “Kelsey was the MVP of the conference tournament,” said Trimble. “She will surely be missed next season.” The Mustangs victories earned them a spot in the NCAA Division II playoffs.

Lady Mustangs run their way to Nationals DAMIAN ATAMENWAN SPORTS EDITOR The Midwestern State cross country team ran their way to a spot in the NCAA II Championship after claiming first place in the South Central Regionals. Senior Brissia Montalvo led

the Mustangs with an overall third position with a time of 21:49.30. Freshman Ashley Flores, who came 20th, followed Montalvo with a time of 22:36.00. Freshmen Janel Campbell (22:38.00) and Michelle Krezonoski (22:41.00) rounded up the Mustangs victory with 21st and 25th positions respectively. Head Cross country Coach Koby Styles was impressed with the girls’ accomplishment to claim the team’s first regional title. “They all ran amazing,” he said. “ It’s special to have four runners in the top 25.”

Styles particularly praised Montalvo’s effort in coming third overall in the 6K courses. “Third place finish is outstanding,” he said. “This is the highest record at regional in MSU history.” Preceding Montalvo were Abilene Christian’s Chloe Susset (21:37.90) at first position and Missouri Southern Marlee Tegenkamp (21:45.60) with second. The Mustangs will get ready for Nationals, which will take place on Nov. 19 at the Plantes Ferry Atletic Complex in Spokane, Washington.

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940-761-9099 940-761-9099

Ashley Flores (195) came 20th and Janel Campbell (193) came 21st Saturday morning.

8 Wednesday

November 9, 2011


he twichitan

MSU football wins conference title

Kassie Bruton RB Lester Bush rushes towards the Buffaloes defense after a handoff from QB Brandon Kelsey. The former recorded a touchdown in the Mustangs victory.

JOSH HOGGARD FOR THE WICHITAN In their final game of Lone Star Conference play, the Midwestern State Mustangs defeated the West Texas A&M Buffaloes, 35-21, Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium. With the win, the Mustangs earned the title for Lone Star Conference champions outright, going 9-0 in conference play. The Mustangs put the exclamation point on what is turning out to be the

best season in Midwestern State history. For the first time in school history, the Mustangs are 9-0, undefeated in conference play, and outright conference champions. The win also propelled the Mustangs to first place in Super Region four, which gives them a first-round bye in the upcoming playoff. The location and pairings for the playoffs will be announced this weekend and begin next weekend. The win also thrust Midwestern State from a ranking of fifth in Division-II football to a ranking of third, breaking

their record set only last week for highest ranking in school history. All five of the Mustangs touchdowns came on the ground on Saturday. So, it shouldn’t be a shock to hear that they rushed 62 times and put up 298 yards of rushing and kept possession of the ball for over 40 of the 60 minutes played. Brandon Kelsey accounted for three of the rushing touchdowns and 110 of the teams rushing yards. Running back Lester Bush saw 18 touches on Saturday for a total of 70 yards and a touchdown. His counterpart, Keidrick Jackson,

ran the ball 22 times for a total of 104 yards and found the end zone once as well. Jimmy Pipkin also saw five carries for 16 yards. Though he never found the end zone through the air, Kelsey also put up 177 yards passing, completing 16 passes and only being intercepted once. Wide receiver David Little caught nine passes for 88 yards on the day. Sheldon Galloway caught five passes for 68 yards, Edgar Theliar caught a pass for 16 yards and tight end Mark Strange caught a pass for four yards. The defense was equally as impressive on Saturday.

Neiko Conway had six solo tackles. Defensive end Kevin Birdow had two sacks for a total loss of 13 yards. The Mustangs had a total of four tackles for loss and held the West Texas A&M running game to only 15 yards on 15 carries. MSU scored on their first possession on an 11-yard run from Kelsey to put the Mustangs out to an early lead, 7-0. The Buffaloes would answer, however, on a 5-yard pass from quarterback Dustin Vaughan to Torrence Allen to tie the game through the first quarter. In the second half, however, the Mustangs surged for two rushing touchdowns, one a 3 yard run by Bush and the other a 1-yard run from Jackson with six seconds left in the half. The Mustangs went into the locker room at halftime ahead, 21-7. Far from the monstrous numbers they’ve been putting up, but a lead against a ranked conference opponent, nonetheless. The Buffaloes were able to get two touchdowns on the board from Tommy Hampton and Khiry Robinson. West Texas A&M came out in the third quarter and scored early on a 1-yard run to bring the Buffaloes within a touchdown. Kelsey would answer, however, on a 44-yard run five minutes later to put the Mustangs ahead, 28-14. Before the third quarter ended, however, the Buffaloes would score again on the ground, closing the gap to seven points with two minutes left in the third quarter. That score would stand for a majority of the fourth quarter and leave MSU fans nervous. The Mustangs have never been that close this late in a game yet this season. However, with a minute and 16 seconds left, Kelsey would run another one in, this time from 26 yards out, to put the nail in the coffin and put the Mustangs ahead for the final score of 35-21. The win leaves the Mustangs 9-0 on the season, 8-0 in conference, with only an away game at Northeastern State in the way of the first perfect season in MSU history. The Buffaloes fell to 6-3 on the season and 5-2 in Lone Star Conference play. Kickoff in Tahlequah, Oklahoma is set for 2 p.m. Saturday..

Midwestern soccer dribbles its way to the playoffs DAMIAN ATAMENWAN SPORTS EDITOR The Midwestern State soccer team overcame the speed of the Greyhounds of Eastern New Mexico with a 2-1 defeat at the Mustangs soccer field. David Freeland marked the first attempt of the game when he attempted a third minute shot. Four minutes later, the forward sent another ball which ENMU Matt Malak blocked. Chris Dwyer tried to take advantage of the rebound but Malak got up quickly enough to make another save. Dwyer also produced headers in the 10th and 19th minute which Malak saved with ease. While the MSU forwards were trying to way for an opener, Michael Wood secured the goal to render efforts from ENMU Eishu Kanemitsu and Kal Herbert wasted. Nathan Fitzgerald and Dean Lovegrove also tried to get on the scoreboard but joined the other players as they settled for a scoreless first half. The second half had barely kicked off when Dwyer assisted Freeland for his sixth goal of the season. A textbook pass in the 18-yard box made way for Freeland to score the opener for Midwestern. Like that wasn’t enough, Lovegrove drove a similar goal to his previous weeks in the 48th

minute to double the Mustangs’ lead. The 35-yard strike was placed into the upper right corner beyond Malak’s reach. The Greyhounds got back on track in the 72nd minute when Andy Wilkinson found a breach in the Mustangs defense. After a crucial Friday night victory, the Mustangs went ahead to shutout West Texas A&M and qualified for the Lone Star Conference playoffs. The Deadlock was broken after 23 minutes of play and clever footwork from unswerving forwards. Freeland kept his consistency intact with a superb goal. He sent his seventh goal of the season to the bottom left corner when Dwyer crossed a fine ball to the former. “Freeland played really well in both games,” said Head Soccer Coach Doug Elder. “He seems to create more chances.” The Mustangs were grateful for the first half lead and got ready for the second period. After great combination from Broadbent and Freeland, Fitzgerald found way to double the hosts’ lead in the 56th minute. MSU almost put in a third when Chase Robertson’s free kick hit the woodwork in the 74th minute. Elder also lauded the reserves particularly Robertson, who works hard on and off the field. The Mustangs marked their 41st consecutive home win as they qualified for the NCAA Division II playoffs.

Damian Atamenwan Junior Fernando Garza controls the midfield as the Mustangs dominated the Buffaloes of West Texas A&M Sunday afternoon.

November 9, 2011  

Wichitan Issue

November 9, 2011  

Wichitan Issue