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Reaching Out

Instead of collecting fines in the usual dollars

and cents, the Moffett Library will allow students to exchange canned goods to pay off their debts owed on overdue books.

Not only does a plan like this benefit the com-

munity, but it also allows students to help out in a well-publicized, easy way.

Library fines add up every year, and many stu-

dents wait until the end of the semester to pay off the amount accrued for overdue books checked out for

Life’s turmoil calls faith to question

midterm research projects. This program, which will run from April 15 until May 1, not only reaches out

I went to church one Sunday, and I have to say I was rather displeased and have Haley Cunningham b e c o m e For The Wichitan very cynical. The lesson of the sermon was called “Lost,” how to find yourself in a time of confusion. If you have been distracted or otherwise lost your way. I figured this was definitely something I needed to hear, and looked forward to a very enlightening message. However, what I heard was far from what I had expected. The praise and worship went on as usual, and ended in a very energetic song called “You Hold

to the community but draws in different groups from Midwestern.

This weekend will also bring another opportu-

nity for the campus to make a difference. Jeff Williams’ Sports Saturday will give students an opportunity to help raise money for a fellow student injured in a drunk driving accident.

These types of events, which give the MSU

community an accessible, fairly easy way to make a positive impact on other’s lives, reflect positively on

The trick will be getting students to partici-

pate, despite the relative ease. Attendance at most campus functions is low, and it isn’t for a lack of trying by groups such as the University Programming Board.

Service opportunities like this make it difficult

for even the most overscheduled students to find an excuse.

Don’t you wish they did that with parking


The Wichitan

That is where the song comes into play. “You Hold Everything Together.” If “you” hold everything together, what if everything is falling apart? Are you alone? He is out helping other people lead their condescending lives while they buy Gucci purses, have their babies, drive their shiny new cars, live in good health and state of mind. Sure, I’m financially lost. I’m morally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically lost. If “you” hold everything together, where can I find you when I am in desperate need of some super-mega-awesome strength glue? I’m not saying I don’t try to find help in faith. I pray every night. I try to lead a moral and ethical life the best I can. I am a Christian. I believe in God and I believe he gave His only begotten son for me to live a life and be forgiven. I hope that I am for-

given for my sins, but what is the point of living a life like I do if “God” has abandoned me? I suppose things could be worse. I guess I still have all my limbs and appendages, I have my job, but those seem to be the only things I really have going for me. All in all, I lead a good life. I try to follow God and not stray from what He wants me to do. But if He wants me to live, he will give me a life and the ability to live, the capacity to live, the want to live. Until then, God forgive me for being cynical and rebellious. I have to base my faith on something. Right now, I have nothing to prove any sort of higher power intervening in my life. Until I do, I will remain undoubtably and incur-

you tell them you’re a student here at Midwestern. It’s a look that clearly says; “Why; could you not get in anywhere else?” My answer is simple. I could have gotten into any number of other universities, including the big state schools like University of Texas at Austin that people love to brag about. I could have had a longhorn sticker on my car along with 50,000 other students. I chose not to. I chose to go to a university that doesn’t cram freshmen into lecture halls with 500 other students while a graduate assistant lectures about American government. I chose to go to a university where my professors would know my name; where I could drop into offices without an appointment. I like walking across campus and recognizing actual people

instead of seeing a horde of strangers. So we don’t have a Pizza Hut in our dining hall, but our football games don’t sell out months in advance for $50 per ticket. When it comes time to register for classes, even freshmen can get into the time slots and courses they need. And sure, there are things the big schools have that MSU doesn’t. We don’t have an enormous football stadium on campus; we don’t have a lacrosse or gymnastics team, and our list of availible courses tends to be a little more narrow than the schools that cater to 20,000 students or more per semester. But while we can’t sign up for Russian 101, our professors will take freshmen seriously. We may be a little short on parking, but at least there aren’t 10-level parking garages

to lose track of your car in for days at a time. Campus might be small, but it’s possible to get from one end to the other in five minutes instead of hiking 30 minutes to class at 8 a.m. Also, it was nice sitting at our table at the awards banquet for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and having MSU students walk up repeatedly for awards, sometimes beating out the “powerhouse” schools like University of North Texas and Texas Christian University. We may not have a state-ofthe-art multimedia newsroom with the ability to podcast, and we might not have a staff of 100 students that can crank out a paper every day of the week, but that doesn’t make us inferior to schools that do. For not being a “real” school, Midwestern seems to be doing a pretty good job.

Reporters Richard Carter Josh Mujica

Copy Editor Marissa Millender

Entertainment Editor Courtney Foreman

Photographers Loren Eggenschwiler

Adviser Randy Pruitt

Sports Editor Bobby Morris

Advertising Manager Correlle Ferlance

MSU is a “real school,”not a last resort

the university.

Everything Together.” Keep this piece of information in mind, it comes into play later. Then the pastor comes out and begins his sermon on being lost... financially. Instead of giving out light and hope to those he singled out, he seemed to harp upon one point. If you have money problems, you cannot wholeheartedly follow Christ. What? I can understand the frivolous spenders, but he did not clarify this point. Instead, he continued to say Jesus talks about money management in the Bible, and if you don’t straighten up, you can’t follow Christ the way He wants you to. Sure, Jesus talks about managing your finances, but doesn’t he also help the needy and the poor and befriend the thieves and the sick? If he wants me to follow him with my whole heart and soul, why doesn’t He help me?

Brittany Norman Editor In Chief

“Why don’t you go to a real school?’ Since starting my first semester at MSU this fall, I’ve heard that question a couple of times. I’ve also seen people turn up their noses at the mention of a “local” school, while they go on and on glowingly about Texas Tech or A&M. My relatively high GPA has been bellittled because, apparently, Midwestern is an “easy” school. Honestly, I don’t understand where the disregard for all things MSU comes from. Many of the people here in town graduated from the university, and many others send their children here. Still, there’s this look that comes over people’s faces when

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Photo Editor Patrick Johnston


Campus briefs • April 9

Leadership MSU will

sell $1 Jeff Williams wristbands. Benefit Jeff Williams fund; CSC 9 am. - 1 p.m.

• April 10

“Life After College”

by Andy Masters; Free pizza and $250 MSU Bookstore giveaway; Dillard 101; Thursday, 7 p.m.

“An Evening of Percussion and

Pan;” Akin Auditorium; Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

“The State of Bass Fishing Today;”

CSC Shawnee; no cost; Thurs. 7 p.m.

• April 11

“Student Leadership

Banquet;” CSC Camanche; Friday, 6:30 p.m.

Moffet Library survey for

free iPod; survey ends Friday;

• April 12

“Jeff Williams Sports

Saturday;” Football practice fields; all day Saturday.

“Circle of Love” benefiting Susan

Lewis; Good Times Party Barn; $10 adults, $6 children under 10; BBQ and door prizes; Saturday, 6 - 10 p.m.

• April 14

Artist Lecture Series

presents Bob Dole; Akin Auditorium; Monday 7 p.m.

sons on France’s culinary techniques, which are very labor intensive. French cuisine is a saucebased cuisine and the basis of all sauces is either a meat or vegetable stock (broth), which a French cook will spend days on preparing, he explained. McClintock compared French cookery to American. American cuisine is more national, he said, while emphasizing the diversities found among every province of a country the size of Texas. “In France, particularly in the big cities, when people want to go out to different ethnic kinds of restaurants, they don’t go to Mexican or Thai or Chinese restaurants, they go to restaurants


Staff For The Wichitan

At the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference held in College Station from April 3 until April 5, Midwestern’s student-produced newscast, “Campus Watch,” won the Sweepstakes Award. Sweepstakes is the highest honor achievable at TIPA, whose members include about 75 colleges from throughout Texas. The Wichitan took second place in the sweepstakes category for newspapers. Throughout the course of the annual competition, MSU students collected 42 awards, including 10 first-place finishes. “We require our students to take courses in print, broadcastspeech and advertising,” mass communication department chair Dr. Jim Sernoe said. “Students also complete a minor in a narrow area. As a result, they can handle just about anything the contests require.” MSU consistently competes well against the other Texas schools, Sernoe said. “Even though UT-Austin’s journalism program has nearly 10 times the number of of students, we have been able to match them year after year,” he said. “We’re not as famous as SMU or Texas A&M, but we know our program is just as good if not better.”


1st place awards: Kim Bailey, radio sports writing; Carly Burres, newspaper sports feature story; Krystle Carey, newspaper photo illustration; Melissa Dos Prazeres-Silva, newspaper feature story; Melissa Dos Prazeres-Silva, newspaper news/feature story; Clifford Jingles, Adrian McCandless, Ambra Nealy and Amy Taylor, television public affairs program; Randall Mobley, radio announcing; Bobby Morris, newspaper sports story; Carrie Sullivan, newspaper editorial; and Carrie Sullivan, general column. 2nd place awards: Kim Bailey, television news writing; Bethany Berry, television audition tape; Krystle Carey, opinion page design; Krystle Carey, newspaper single subject presentation; Ayesha Dorsey, radio advertising; Clifford Jingles, Adrian McCandless, Ambra Nealy and Amy Taylor, television documentary; Clifford Jingles, Adrian McCandless, Ambra Nealy and Amy Taylor, television production; Patrick Johnston, news photo; Patrick Johnston and Adrian McCandless, newspaper picture story; Randall Mobley, television sports writing; Brittany Norman, feature page design; Brittany Norman, feature writing; Brittany Norman, newspaper design; Konnie Sewell, newspaper critical review; and The Wichitan, overall newspaper. 3rd place awards: Marvin Arts, Krystle Carey, Rachel Tompkins and Lauren Williams, television public affairs program; “Campus Watch,” television newscast; Krystle Carey, front page design; Caitlin Hurley, copy editing; Patrick Johnston, sports action photo; Josh Mujica, sports page design; Robert Redmon, newspaper illustration; and Amanda Veitenheimer, press release writing. Honorable Mention awards: Kenny Bergstrom, newspaper indepth reporting; Kenny Bergstrom, Erika Moss and Carrie Sullivan, newspaper news story; Carly Burres, Deon Newsom, Nichol Phillip and Robert Redmon, television documentary; Carly Burres, Deon Newsom, Nichol Phillip and Robert Redmon, television production; Ayesha Dorsey, radio news writing; Loren Eggenschwiler, sports feature photo; Patrick Johnston, sports action photo; Marissa Millender, Nichol Phillip and LaToya Vaughn, television commercial/PSA/ promo; and Randall Mobley, television announcing.

of the French regions,” he said. At the end of the semester, the three groups will be challenged with the “Iron Chef France.” Each group will have to prepare a three-course meal for a panel of judges. McClintock has decided on two of the judges Dr. Lynn Hoggard, coordinator of the Humanities Department and English professor, and Dr. Friederike Wiedemann, MSU provost, both of whom are French speakers. McClintock’s background fueled his interests in French traditions. His parents worked in Switzerland and that is where his background in French began. After graduating with a degree in religious studies, McClintock

made frequent visits to different parts of France. Cooking is one of his hobbies and his personal history and extensive traveling in Europe have bridged his passions for culture and cuisine. Students in his upper-level classes knew of this interest and helped push for this course to become part of the curriculum. This is the first semester the “Provincial Culture and Culinary Traditions” course is being taught and according to McClintock, it may not be offered again until 2011. This is because of the rotation of the advanced classes on the French syllabus that, by law, must be offered at least once every three years.

Literature.......................................................................................................continued from p. 1 Fields said this change was a product of an unimaginative society. “The surge of children’s literature can be attributed to the failure of the modern age to account for human reality, which is a creature of creativity,” Fields said. Fantasy literature is a reaction to a cruel universe, Fields said. “It arises from people who doubt the place of human beings in the scheme of things.” A growing fascination with children’s literature has also changed box office trends. The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King is the second highest grossing film worldwide. The Two Towers is the eighth. J.K. Rowling proved in 2001 that her immensely popular Harry Potter series lost nothing in its translation from the page to the big screen. The Sorcerer’s Stone is the fourth highest grossing U.S. film. That’s doubly remarkable considering the series was originally released in the U.K. “J.K. Rowling is like Bob Dylan,” Fields noted. “She’s brought her audience with her and she’s created an audience she can make demands of.” Popular literature-based movies may also be increasing interest in older children’s books. Publisher Random House reported a 500 percent sales increase in its Golden Compass series after a popular movie based on the series was released in 2007.

April 9, 2008

MSU journalists rake in awards

French............................................................................................................continued from p. 1 paring a specific course. All the ingredients are grouped together, in their raw state, as first course, main course or dessert. McClintock then does a run through each one and the recipes’ procedure in French. Because of the specificity of local dishes, it has been a challenge to find certain products, sometimes. Some of these, especially different cheese, are available at Market Street but for other rare ingredients (like duck fat, which is a key element in Southwestern French cooking) McClintock buys them at Central Market, a high-end food market in Dallas. Besides studying the differences, students get practical les-

The Wichitan

“Our culture has ruled out imagination,” Fields said. “Young adult literature is successful because adults crave it. A society that buries its imagination will see it rise up again.” Fields said universal lessons can be learned from children’s literature. “All literature will give us some form of the hero’s journey,” Fields said. This refers to a tendency in literature to feature a descent into the unconscious and a resurrection, according to American mythologist Joseph Campbell. “Children’s literature also places an emphasis on revelation and ‘unusual knowledge,’” Fields said. “We’ve deprived ourselves of the unusual knowledge in mythology.” ‘Unusual knowledge,’ according to Fields, is meaning one can draw from literature and relate to one’s own life. If readers don’t relate unusual knowledge to their own lives, Fields said, they’re reading for the wrong reasons. “Fantasy literature is the tunnel, not the light at the end,” he said. “Our experience arises from our engagement.” Fields noted that more adults read children’s literature than many people believe. “Adults want to get in on the action of greater possibility. Adult genres are even piggybacking the juvenile literature fountain.” Wanda Stone, temporary MSU maintenance worker, is a testament to this. The Harry Potter series, she said, is one of her favorite series.

“My pastime is reading,” Stone said, who reads 10 or 20 books a month. “Books give you stuff that normally doesn’t happen and it gives you a chance to escape reality.” Fields warned readers, however, of interpreting children’s books literally. This may be a reference to a dramatic increase in “roleplaying,” where a person or group of people dons the costumes, laws or languages of fictional realities. Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons and even zombies have ascended the ranks of popular American role-playing scenarios. Fields said there’s no inherent solution in interpreting books literally. “Role-playing turns literature into escapism,” Fields said. This means students who interpret books literally may be missing the point. Fields said the only way to transform society into a place where imagination and logic can coexist is to make the world more like J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts School: a place where “accountability and responsibility are a part of our lives.” Until we’re able to do that, Fields said, we’ll have a “spiritual hunger.” “We have a destiny and we’re called to it,” Fields said. “Sometimes that means putting away childish things, including children’s literature.”

(Top, left to right) Randy Pruitt, Jim Sernoe, Randall Mobley, Bobby Morris, Patrick Johnston. (Bottom) Ayesha Dorsey, Amanda Veitenheimer, Brittany Norman, Kim Bailey, Caitlin Hurley.

Speaker to stress life in real world Bethany Berry For The Wichitan

Nationally recognized author and speaker Andy Masters will offer students some insight into the real world when he lectures Thursday on “Life After College…Networking for Future and Career Success.” Masters will speak at 7 p.m. in Dillard 101. The event, sponsored by the Student Success Series and Career Management Center, is free. “We want students to learn how to easily make their transition from college into the career world,” says Career Management Center Director Dirk Welch. The Career Management Center is known for sponsoring events such as career fairs, the etiquette series and various seminars, while the Student Success Series is recognized for hosting events that uplift the student body. Armed with degrees in political science, communications, marketing and human resources development, Masters has been able to take his message to universities across the U.S., including speeches at his alma maters, the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the University of Central Florida. “There are hardly any books teaching students what they need to know and expect after graduation or transitions,”

10 2,689

Masters said in a telephone interview. Masters says students will learn not only how to prepare for life after college, but will learn about networking, time management, self-motivation strategies and much more as they prepare for career success. By understanding what mistakes to avoid and apply these various skills, students will be better prepared and know what to do and what not to do, Masters said. Welch and Masters advise students to take their time in choosing their next plan of action. Plan ahead is the key, both maintain. Don’t wait until a few weeks before graduation to begin a job search. When selecting careers, Masters suggests that students be picky. “Don’t settle and be passionate. Choose your top 10 dream companies and cities you want to work. You will be the person working in the environment and need to be comfortable,” Masters said. Students who attend will also gain more than skills, Welch said. Students can also enjoy food and giveaways, including an autographed book by Masters, Life After College: What to Expect and How to Succeed in Your Career. One lucky winner will receive a $250 giveaway to the MSU Bookstore.

Number of years Zeta Phi chapter, MSU’s chapter of Delta Mu Delta, has been selected to receive a Star Chapter Award. Zeta Phi is a business honor society. Number of students who participated in fall Recreational Sports.



The Wichitan April 9, 2008

The Honorary Title Genre: Acoustic/Indie/Rock Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Sounds like: Bright Eyes, Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley Recently guest starred on the popular television series One Tree Hill, The Honorary Title has emerged as a band worth listening to. Far from ordinary, lead singer Jarrod Gorbel conveys pure emotion and raw talent through his voice and in each of his songs. The mellow tones and easy-to-sing to lyrics really bring their listeners to a different level when they put in one of their CDs. The Honorary Title, signed to indie label Doghouse Records, began work on their debut album “Anything Else But the Truth� in 2004 and just released their second album “Scream & Light Up the Sky� last Fall. The Honorary Title’s mellow tones are just what you need if your searching for the happy medium of bands that leaves you with a migraine and ones that sing you to sleep.

Shiela Harrison

The Honorary Title

Shiela Harrison Genre: Pop/Country Hometown: Austin, TX Sounds like: Carrie Underwood, Michelle Branch, Taylor Swift Just when you think you’ve heard all there is to hear when it comes to the female singing sensations of today, Shiela Harrison mixes it up a bit. Instead of sticking to one sound, each of her songs varies between country, pop, and even soul and she always seems to bring something new to the table. Harrison’s music has been most clearly defined as “mostly pop music but since she’s a Texas girl, a little country too.� This newcomer is a Texas native and began singing at a very young age and her talent runs deep. Some highlights on her debut album, released August 2007, are “Liquid Sunshine,� “First in Line,� and “All for Me.� If you’re interested in spicing up your country collection, I recommend Shiela Harrison’s renovated version of country tunes.

Almost amous by Courtney Foreman, Entertainment Editor

Red Car Wire

Boulevard Genre: Acoustic/Rock/Soul Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK Sounds like: Dave Mathews Band, John Mayor, Amos Lee If you like being ahead of the curve and listening to a band that can find the perfect acoustic sound with just the right amount of personal touch, Boulevard hits it head on. The very talented and diverse musicians of the band originally began when front man Brian Pounds dabbled in song writing while still in high school. The band officially formed in 2007 and likes to “try to play a diverse and blended mix of musical styling that will hopefully strike a chord with each specific target audience we play to.� Songs from the band will be available on iTunes beginning later this month and can also be heard on their website at Boulevard is a band just getting started, so if you’re interested in beating the crowd, I would highly recommend Boulevard to anyone searching for something new.

Red Car Wire Genre: Pop/Rock/Punk Hometown: Dallas, TX Sounds like: Blink 182, Cartel, Hellogoodbye Classic in-your-face, sing along to, punk rock music is what Red Car Wire presents to the world of alternative rock. Easy understandable lyrics and catchy tunes is exactly what you’ll get when you pop in one of Red Car Wire’s CDs. The band formed in 2005 and landed a spot in the Vans Warped Tour last summer. Red Car Wire’s self-titled debut Casas Grandes Pottery - Turquoise & Sterling - Original & Collectible Art album hit stores in June ((((Southwest Decor and Gifts Galore (((( 2007, and their second album “Let Never Get Older,â€? is set to 711 Indiana release the summer of downtown Wichita Falls ’08. Some highlights on (940) 716-0015 or (940) 781-1181 See our Virtual Tour at their CD that is availLeather Apparel - Hats - Rugs - Collectibles & Antiques able in stores now include “Kids in Loveâ€? and “Timing Just Isn’t Your Thing.â€? Basically, if you’re looking for a quick fix to satisfy your need for some standard punk rock, tap-your-toe        rhythm, Red Car Wire is      precisely what you need. 

Turtle Creek Trading Co.

When You Donate Plasma You Help Create Life Saving Therapies for: Newborns and their mothers Children and adults with hemophila Burn, shock, and trauma victims Vaccine development • Surgical patients • Hepatitis patients Bone-marrow transplant adult recipients


Immunedeficient children and adults Research and development in medical testing Name: Kevin Lloyd Occupation: Student Hobbies: Playing music and surfing the internet Why I donate plasma: Donating plasma is a worthy cause.


!" #

Name: Lua Augustin Occupation: ISM lead at Sears Hobbies: Reading and dancing Why I donate plasma: A simple way to contribute to medical advances. My mother is a nurse and I always wanted to do something to help other people.

Offer Expires: May 31, 2008     

Now open Sundays!


    !"# $%&$'

(  ) *+ 

,  ,


Getting in the rut of listening to the same music, by the same band, with the same melodies, can be easy to slip into. It’s not simple finding new music worth listening to, let alone worth downloading, when you’re not even sure what to look for. Consistency is comfortable, but I challenge you to get out of the rut and give your ears something new to listen to. These few new music suggestions might help you to branch out and possibly discover something you might not have ever heard before. There might not be anything wrong with your current playlist, but it never hurts to revamp a bit and give these sighing hopefuls a chance to reside in your iTunes one day.


1908 9th Street



THE WICHITAN Mar. 5, 2008

T W Whither Shakespeare? He’s backeth, 5 Entertainment he ichitan April 9, 2008

Familiar faces from the history, literature books live again on MyS

Rhythm Boys are

but later I learned how much of a noob I really was.â€? And in another circle of MySpace friends, the Founding Fathers hash out some speciďŹ cs of Lots of famous people are on the Constitution by commenting MySpace. But a good number of on each other’s blog entries. “I them are long dead. Ryan Hatcher the Rhythm Boys. He told me right then it was For The Wichitan think that’s probably a good Every dead poet,funny philosopher, because he got the name from my grandidea,â€? says Washington about a artist past president you can A local band has been climbing theand musical father, Clinton Delston and the Rhythm Boys.â€? hard-won compromise. “Let’s think the of has a MySpace page ladder, and has recently made quite name Shaw and his father, who plays lead guitar in –Terry, to President Abraham use that. WOOT.â€? and many are in the for themselves around Texas, Oklahoma and presented the group, are proud of the fact that they wake Kansas. We couldn’t resist dropping in ďŹ rst person, as if Thomas Edison Lincoln: “Thank you for the up every morning at 5:45 to lay bricks. –TomO, to President Abraham Cody Shaw and the Rhythm Boys on the heroes of history, the faand have Joan been of Arc are lounging “We would lie toadd. think I’ve of ourselves as a blue admired your courage Lincoln: “Abe, dude, that thing playing together for about three years, and owe collar band. mous ďŹ gures who have returned at home in their pajamas, post-Were not out there bullshitting peoand politics their success to dedication and hard ple singing about Honky Tonkin andfor hardquite work- awhile. I to us online for “networking ing work. pictures and updating their you are doing with trying to Shaw labels the band as a Texasblogs. Country band ing, then coming home our mansions,â€? Shawkinda hot and friendsâ€? (except for Pablo alsotothink you were free the slaves? Awesome. You but they call themselves “The Honky Tonk As-Franklin said. recomPicasso, who also signed on for Benjamin when you were younger. ...â€? sault Team.â€? They play a style that is influenced A read few aofbio the band’s songs, including “Amada man! You rock that hat like “datingâ€? and “serious relationmends that his visitors by classic country artists like Hank rillo,â€? and Women,â€? and “I Pledge shipsâ€?). Here’s what we learned that’sWilliams, posted on the site. “Whiskey “Mayno one else!â€? Merle Haggard, and George Jones. Other influ- Allegiance To the Hag,â€? receives regular air about how the famous faces of be,â€? he writes, “it will help peo–Annie, to poet Sylvia Plath: ences are marked as Texas, whiskey, and Shaw’s time on local radio stations as well as stations the past tend to mingle among ple realize that ying a freakin’ “HI, late friend Will McDonald. in Dallas, Oklahoma, andSYLVIA! Kansas. I’M GLAD WE’RE –Max X, to author George Orthe living online: kite wasn’t my greatest accom“We’ve been on the road for a while, trying to “The band likes FRIENDS. to play music COME that is relative READ MY When you’re famous (and deplishment.â€? well: “Good writing, loved Anicover some ground, and every town we go to we to the common working man. We play music ceased), how do you introduce Charles Darwin has gotten POETRY IN MY BLOG IF YOU are getting a nice response to the style of mu- you can relate to. You can get off work, grab mal Farm.â€? yourself? of people spamming sic were trying to bring back andtired reincarnate,â€? a beer and his sit downHAVE and listen to itTIME. becauseI it’s THE SHALL Shakespeare: “It is correct. I page. So he’ll be approving Shaw said. honest music,â€? Shaw said. NOT CLAIM TO BE ON YOUR am backeth! It was once that I before they’re posted, The band put out its debut comments album, Three –Nicole, to President George The band has shows booked through July of had a ight of sleep, but I have thanks. LEVEL, OF COURSE BUT I Chords and the Truth, in 2006 and have been this year, with some of the major shows being, Washington: “Thanks for leadarisen to reclaim my art in this promoting the CD ever since. And George Washington asks The Second Annual CrossMY Canadian Ragweed SING SONGS MAINLY FOR ing our country even though Shaw started playing music us: when he rocked was the Cody Shaw and the Rhythm Boys new and bright millennium.â€? “Who revolution? Music and Mayhem, and a tour of Ireland in late MY OWN AMUSEMENT, ANYperforming a live concert. Photo young, coming from a family of musicians. His Salvador Dali: “At the age of ... That’s right, I did.â€? June with Wichita Falls native Johnny Cooper. by now ur probably a ba-jillion courtesy. father, Ben Shaw, has played some large venues six I wanted to be a cook. At sevThe Internet can bridge disHOW! ;) BUT YOU MAY ENJOY years old ... keep on wearin including the Grand Ole Opry. tances, bringing people togethen I wanted to be Napoleon. And THEM. LET ME KNOW WHAT “I told my dad I wanted to name the band that wig.â€? my ambition has been growing er across continents. But now Cody Shaw and the Rhythm Boys, YOU THINK.â€? steadily ever since.â€? - thanksbecause to some creative souls his band when he was 13 was Ben James Joyce: “I’ve put in so with Shaw a lot ofand time on their hands many enigmas and puzzles that - it can also bridge decades, even –Nick, to writer Gertrude it will keep the professors busy centuries. Stein: “Thanks, Gert.â€? for centuries arguing over what Who thought Henry David I meant, and that’s the only way Thoreau, who found such solace of insuring one’s immortality.â€? in solitude, would approve of a Richard Nixon: “I welcome social networking site? Or that friends, too - after all, that’s tell Alexander the Great to have literate on MySpace. Mathemaand was announced the winner in December January of 2008 and went to of number one in New L auren W ood what MySpace is all about. But a great weekend, or urge Natician Rene Descartes _-he who this kind examination of my private Emily Dickinson would F or The Wichitan 2006. Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany and Swit-usthe anachronism raises all kinds poleon to hang in there ‘cause brought us “I think, therefore I proďŹ le, because the MySpace ďŹ nd the exhibitionism to blog? Female in America The winner’s Kellyas Clarkson’s “A zerland. 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How do you say, `Thanks for the add’?

‘honky tonk assault team’ How do you thank your hero?

Leona Lewis’ hard work pays off in big way

der ticl E like Wh tern jerk a je guy W T D.H My C Ch Pet C Em tian A ton Mi W J gal em onc ing M to TO TH and W net Ma wil son him E to m you Som boo aut the B you

Students get airbrush tattoos, enjoy activ during UPB-sponsored Sadie Hawkins S countdowns throughout the U.S. But this transformation is also occurring around the globe, as well. Writing fresh, provocative words and melodies, which when coupled with her vocal range, give a new and exciting sound, newcomer Leona Lewis has taken her part of the world by storm and is making her way to the US. In 2006, British singer, Leona Lewis, auditioned for the third series of The X Factor, made it through the final stages

In May 2007, it was awarded the Ivor Novello Award for Best Selling British Single. Adding to her awards, she also won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards and was nominated for four BRIT Awards in January 2008 including British Female Solo Artist and British Album for Spirit. Her debut album entitled Spirit was released in the Republic of Ireland and the UK in November of 2007 and became both country’s fastest-selling debut album of all time. The album was released internationally in

in its sixth week in the US Billboard Hot 100, “Bleeding Love� reached number one. This was the first time in over 20 years that a British female solo artist has achieved the top spot since 1987. With her wide vocal range, powerful lyrics and determination to spread her songs across the world, British beauty Leona Lewis dominates the charts and proves that talent and dedication can take you around the globe and rise you to the top.

Metal band Goliath mixes it up in local scene Progressive metal band Goliath chops, slices, dices, and curries together different musical genres like hardcore, metal, punk and southern rock. The popular area group’s newest Ron Popeil trick is to mix in Jesse Witt, formerly of Ten Cent Pistol, to sing lead after the departure of Aaron Kirkland late last year. Witt will sing with the band after former Ten Cent Pistol band mate bassist Jason Cooper became a member of Goliath last September. The quartet will play at the American Legion 169 on Saturday May 10. Goliath plays loud, aggressive music that is influenced by popular indie metal bands such as Between the Buried and Me. The latter band mixes together everything from western hoedowns to death metal. Guitarist Stephen Welch said that it’s become kind of a generational thing to mix together numerous musical forms. “Our generation is really

eclectic,� Welch said. “Everybody listens to everything. We take influences from so many types of genres and kind of melt it all together. “ That same mixmaster aesthetic also shows up in the band’s live shows. All sorts of musical time signatures, styles and sounds come together to create a veritable wall of heavy sounds. “It’s structured chaos,� Welch said. Eclectic, loud, fast and musical, Goliath played its first show as a trio at the Relief Aid show in the summer of 2006. Welch and Wilson formed the group after their past band Baxter Stockman broke up when vocalist Ben Wells

Baxter Stockman. and High Windows and Welch Wilson and Welch have is a drummer in John Henry played in bands since meet- Vs. The Machine. ing in the Old High marching The quartet manages to band. The duo formed Aergo, work around everyone’s work started Baxter Stockman and schedule, but it’s never a job, developed Goliath with Kirk- Wilson said, because it’s a land. musical outlet. With the departure of Kirk“It’s grooving, it’s strange� land to Abilene, the band said Welch. “It’s different from played one show with guest what other people are doing. It vocalists and then continued has so much potential which is to jam until they could find why I like it.� the right singer. When Coo per suggested to Witt that he Goliath band members Stephen Welch, Drew Wilson and should sing with them, he Jason Cooper. Photos courtesy. agreed. The band members stay moved to California. first show with Cooper since busy performing in other Saturday night will mark Ten Cent Pistol dissolved. PA ensembles, as well. Wilson Witt’s first area show since Cooper and (Left) WittGraduate knew student Sachin Yawalkar gets tribal emblem inked on his arm durin plays inat thethe MSU Jazz band, Center. Other activities included Scen moving to Dallas late last Welch and Wilson when Social lastTen Friday night Clark Student and dancing. (Above) Sophomore Gigi Mattar summer. It will also be his Cent Pistol used to play with Cooper plays in Lycergus smiles while she watches the tattoo a rary tattoo.

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The Wichitan April 9, 2008

Crossover games ready team for stretch run


Bobby Morris Sports Editor It’s been a long couple of weeks for the Midwestern State Lady Mustangs’ softball squad. After a weeklong hiatus for spring break, the Lady Mustangs have been playing games at a rapid pace. Including the annual Lone Star Conference Crossover weekend, the Lady Mustangs also competed in three different sets of double-headers against Texas Woman’s University and archrival Cameron University. After rallying to get back into the winning groove, the Lady Mustangs finished the thirteen games in fourteen days stretch at a solid 8-5 record. This pushed their overall record to 29-17, while improving them to 10-6 and into a solid place at third within the LSC North division. The Lady Mustangs came out on an offensive explosion in their first double-header back on March 25. They traveled down to Denton to take on the Texas Woman’s University Pioneers. MSU combined for 24 hits and nine runs in the double-

Player Spotlight

Maranda Bishop

Softball I #13

Junior I Center Fielder

header, while they only gave up a single run in each of the outings, due to stellar play by the Lady

Mustangs pitchers, Ashley Kuchenski and Brittany Tanner. Then, MSU headed out to Durant, Okla. to compete in the LSC Crossover games. At the LSC Crossover, the Lady Mustangs competed against all of the schools within the other division associated with their conference. These teams included Angelo State, Tarleton State, West Texas A&M, Eastern New Mexico, Texas

Wo m a n ’s , Texas A&M-Kingsville, and Abilene Christian. After struggling through their first three match-ups in the

Crossover, the Lady Mustangs made a dramatic turnaround against Eastern New Mexico to take a 1-0 win in the second extra inning. This neck-and-neck thriller propelled MSU to

Sophomore pitcher Katie Peterson

finishing the Crossover on a four-game winning streak, entering their home-and-home double-headers against Cameron University.

The Cameron Aggies traveled to town, first, and split a doubleheader against MSU at Mustangs’ Park. Last week’s LSC North pitcher of the week, Katie Peterson, started the first game of the set and absolutely dazzled in her third-career one-hitter to lead the 7-0 victory. The rest of the Lady Mustangs’ line-up pitched in with more than enough run support, all coming in the fourth inning. In the second game at Mustangs Park, MSU was obviously caught off-guard and allowed a season-worse twelve runs in the loss. Kuchenski was saddled with the 12-4 loss. Last week’s LSC North hitter of the week, catcher Lindsey Voigt, paced a decent offensive attack that plated four runs on nine hits, however the Lady Mustangs stranded nine runners on base and couldn’t keep up as the Aggies scored three runs in both the sixth and seventh innings. Then, in their second double-header against the Cameron Aggies, Peterson led the Lady Mustangs to Lawton, Okla. to an

impressive 4-1 victory in game one. On top of notching her twentieth win of the dwindling season, Peterson struck out 11 batters, only gave up three hits, but had her 30-2/3 scoreless inning streak snapped by a solo homerun by Cameron’s Megan Young in the bottom of the fourth inning. Peterson improved to 20-4 on the season, and also slammed her first career homerun to pace the Lady Mustangs’ offense. Kuchenski once again got the start for the ladder-half of the double-header, but another strong offensive performance by Cameron’s Young, including her twelfth homer of the season, led to a 7-2 defeat to end the series. The Lady Mustangs will begin a crucial four-game series with LSC North-leading Southeastern Oklahoma State. MSU will travel to Durant, Okla. to compete in the first two games of the series this afternoon, with the first pitch set for 2 p.m. They will then return home to complete the series at Mustangs Park as a part of the Jeff Williams’ Sports Saturday festivities. First pitch is slated for 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Jeff Williams Sports Saturday to be held this weekend

Hometown : Splendora, TX Major : Criminal Justice

Maranda is in her second consecutive season as the starting center fielder for the Lady Mustangs. She was named to the second-team All-Lone Star Conference North team for her consistant play on both sides of the plate.Maranda played one year at Blinn JC before joining the MSU softball program.

Kaitlin Morrison For The Wichitan

The Midwestern State Athletic Department will hold Jeff Williams Sports Saturday on April 12 on campus. The day will begin at noon with the MSU Spring Football game at the practice field. The Mustangs’ softball team will take on Southeastern Oklahoma in a double-header at Mustangs Park. First pitch is set for 3 p.m. To wrap up the day the men’s soccer team will play an exhibition

Did you know?!

Maranda competed for the Team USA softball team in a tour of Australlia. She is also affiliated with the Texas Eclipse squad.

game at 7 p.m. The football team will be hosting a free youth clinic that will begin right after the spring game. The Grove Apartments are sponsoring t-shirts that will be sold for $5 dollars each. There are also commemorative bracelets for $1 each. Williams, a redshirt freshman football player, was injured in an automobile accident on Friday, Feb. 22. After being taken to United Regional Hospital, he was transferred to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

Williams suffered from a broken pelvis and wrist and was in coma for about two weeks. He has begun rehabilitation and could be released from the Baylor Medical Center within the week. “He continues to make progress,” said Jewell Randle, Williams’ mother. “He’s growing tired of the hospital, but knows he is not ready to leave yet. They had him up walking with the parallel bars and in the pool.” Randle said Williams will transfer to another in-patient facility after his release from Baylor.

Mustangs’ cycling team dominates at UT Gary Achterberg For The Wichitan

The Midwestern State University Cycling Team won eight individual events during a weekend of racing in Austin co-sponsored by the University of Texas and St. Edward’s University. Defending national collegiate criterium champion Natalie Klemko won all three Women’s class A events the road race, the individual time trial and the criterium. Other winners were: Francis Hamre, Men’s A road race; Jason Short, Men’s A time trial (tie); Matt Sauls, Men’s B road race; Sean Brown, Men’s C time trial; and Tyler Matthies, Men’s C road race.

In an unofficial point tally, the Mustangs finished second in the weekend both in overall points and in points for A-riders, which are used to determine qualifiers for nationals. MSU tallied 1331 total

points, compared to UT’s 1656. The Mustangs collected 1017 Arider points, compared to 1206 for the Longhorns. After two race weekends and a total of four events so far this year,

the Mustangs also are second in both of those categories. MSU has 1327 A-rider points, compared to UT’s 1544, while MSU has 1718 overall points, compared to 2090 for Texas.

All proceeds from Jeff Williams Sports Saturday will go towards the Jeff Williams Fund, to help pay for medical expenses.

Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church Where Everybody is somebody and Jesus is LORD

Reverend B. J. Robinson Pastor

1318 Harding St. Wichita Falls,TX 76301 Office: (940) 767-2545 Church: (940) 767-2011

Sunday School: 9:45 am Morning Worship: 11:15 a.m. Bible Study, Wed 7:00 p.m. Come Join us!

on deck... Take a look at what’s on tap for Mustang athletics this week and come support your Mustangs!




@ Southeastern

Oklahoma State 2 p.m.






Jeff Williams’ Sports Saturday


@ Southeastern

Oklahoma State 2 p.m.

Men’s & Women’s Tennis @ Dallas Baptist


@ Houston 5 p.m.


Spring Game @ MSU Practice Fields 12 p.m.

Come out to the MSU practice fields, play games, and have fun with all proceeds going to the Jeff Williams fund



Golf - @ Red River

Intercollegiate Golf Tourney (Thackerville, Okla.)



Golf - @ Red River

Intercollegiate Golf Tourney (Thackerville, Okla.) Softball - @ Central Oklahoma (DH) 1 p.m.


The Wichitan April 9, 2008


Chalmers Clutch for Kansas

Missed opportunities plague Memphis Tigers in tough championship game defeat, 75-68 Joe Posnanski MCT

As soon as Mario Chalmers’ shot went up in this wild Kansas-Memphis championship game, you could feel that crazy twist in your stomach. It’s going in. It’s the same feeling that every sports fan has in the last second, when the last Hail Mary is thrown, when the last fly ball is hit, when the last putt is curling toward the hole. Of course, most of the time the Hail Mary is knocked away, the last fly ball dies at the warning track, the last putt breaks left of the hole. And the last shot usually hits the rim and bounces away. Great finishes, like straight flushes, rarely come through. Only, when Chalmers shot the ball well, the feeling was alive. It’s going in. This game had been over. Memphis had led by nine with 2:12 left. Kansas had started fouling. The rest of the game seemed as scripted as a sitcom. Kansas would foul, Memphis would make enough free throws, the Jayhawks would lose valiantly.

Then again, people said that free throws might come back to haunt Memphis. Right? People had been saying that all year. The Tigers had vowed to solve the problem, and they made their first two free throws. Then Memphis’ Chris Douglas-Roberts missed one. Then he missed a shot. Then he missed two more free throws. And suddenly the game had started to turn back, Kansas’ Russell Robinson made a huge steal, Sherron Collins made a huge three-pointer, Darrell Arthur made a huge shot as well, you know they’re all huge. And Kansas cut into the lead. With 10 seconds left, Memphis’ Derrick Rose, who had been absolutely magnificent, it’s no wonder that some NBA teams are now talking about him as the No. 1 overall pick ahead of Michael Beasley, had two free throws that would have put away the game. He missed the first one. Memphis only led by three. There was still that crazy hope sports fans have. The Jayhawks rushed the ball up the floor. It seemed

likely that Memphis would try to foul to prevent Kansas from shooting the three-pointer. The Tigers didn’t. The ball worked around to Mario Chalmers, who came off a screen, and he had a hand in his face and he fired a very high threepointer. You know, heartbreak has followed this Kansas program like a stray dog. There was the three-overtime loss in ‘57 with Wilt Chamberlain at the center. There was the 1997 loss to Arizona when Kansas had, perhaps, the best team in its’ history. There was the championship game loss to Syracuse when Nick Collison, as solid a player as the Jayhawks have ever had, could not make a free throw. And now there was this team, this gifted, intense and tough team that Bill Self had put together. These Jayhawks could play fast with North Carolina, and they could play slow with Davidson. They could beat you with speed, with defense, with athletic ability, with precision passing, with high-flying dunks. For most of this game, the

Jayhawks had done what many thought they could not do, they played Memphis’ talent even, they had matched all of Memphis’ athletic ability, they had run the floor with Memphis, they had flown above the rim with Memphis. And now, Chalmers shot the ball over two outstretched hands, and the ball was in the air, the shot was heading for the basket, and that feeling was all over the Alamodome. It’s going in. The basketball swished through. It is now the greatest shot in Kansas’ basketball history. That’s all. After it went through, Kansas could not lose. There was no way. Memphis’ great players had been knocked out by the shot. The Jayhawks rolled in the overtime, winning 75-68. Confetti fell from the ceiling. There were tears. Hugs. More tears. It had been a long time at Kansas. It had been a long time since there had been a champion in the Heartland. “This is for you,” Kansas coach Bill Self said to everyone.

Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT

Kansas’ Mario Chalmers (15) puts up a game-tying three point shot against Memphis will little time remaining in the second half of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Monday, April 7, 2008.

Sports briefs Women’s Basketball

Football • Potential offensive coordinator,Lee Hays, was not able to fulfill his interim duties for spring workouts due to his contractual obligations to Baylor University. The Mustangs’ search for an offensive coordinator to replace Glenn Thomas, who left for a position with the Atlanta Falcons franchise, is still continuing. • Walk-on tryouts will be hosted at the MSU practice fields on Saturday, April 19. Registration for current high school seniors and junior college players that have exhausted their eligibility will begin at 9 a.m.. For more information please contact Brian Natkin at (940) 397-4494.

• The Lady Mustangs will be hosting open tryouts on Wednesday and Thursday, April 23rd and 24th. The tryout is open to graduating high school seniors and junior college transfers. Any player under 18 will need to have a participation release signed by her parents, and a current physical is required for all participants (no more than six months old). Recruits may attend either or both practices. For more information please contact coach William Milton at (940) 631-2367.



• The men’s tennis squad was dominated in a 8-1 defeat by archrival No. 11 Cameron University. The No. 35 Mustangs have dropped three of their past four matches, as we head to the end of the season. • The women’s tennis squad has also began to struggle, losing four of their last five matches. No. 32 Lady Mustangs most recently dropped a match to No. 30 Cameron, 6-3.

Rugby • Although shorthanded, the MSU rugby team was able to run up the score against the Dallas Diablos with fast passing and aggressive running, taking the victory 46-5. The Diablos stayed posititive throughout the match, and recieved their scoring opportunities late in the match. Poor tackling led to some easy scores for the Mustangs.

• Midwestern State finished with a final round score of 325 to finish 14th in the Emerald Coast Collegiate at Tiger Point Country Club. MSU finished last of the all of th South Central regional teams there. Freshman Travis Klutts led the way for the Mustangs individually, finishing tied for 19th with a 7-over par 223.

Noel Johnson named women’s head basketball coach Bobby Morris Sports Editor

Last Monday, in a boardroom full of press, other staff, and present women’s basketball players, MSU president, Dr. Jesse Rogers, and new MSU athletic director, Charlie Carr, announced that former Texas Tech standout and present Texas Tech Hall of Honor member, Noel Johnson, will be the eighth head women’s basketball coach in the program’s history. Johnson lettered in basketball four years at Texas Tech University, and in that time helped the Red Raiders capture four-straight Southwest Conference championships and fourstraight NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances. Overall Johnson started 106 games for the Red Raiders and former-head coach Marsha Sharp. Johnson was a three-time AllSouthwest Conference selection at point guard, and was a key part of a 1993 national championship squad. Johnson started all 32 games of that season, and gained valuable experience for her remaining two years in col-

lege. “I feel I can bring the same work ethic I’ve brought on the court and in the classroom to this program,” said Johnson at Monday’s press conference. “I feel I know the sacrifice it takes to be successful as a studentathlete, and that I can translate this onto these girls.” After graduating from Texas Tech University in 1995 with her bachelor’s degree, Johnson went to Texas Statue University in San Marcos to become the

associate head coach. Johnson served nine seasons as the recruiting coordinator for the Texas State Bobcats, leading to very promising recruits and an eventual job opportunity at the University of North Texas. Johnson spent last year as an assistant coach at the University of North Texas under former head coach, Tina Slinker, who had some very promising words to say about coach Johnson. “Noel’s just a great person because you want loyalty more


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than anything,” said Slinker. “She’s a great teacher of the game and has passion for it. You don’t often find that.” Former-head coach Shannon Burks was the longest tenured coach in the women’s basketball program until resigning following this season to pursue opportunities outside of collegiate athletics. Burks has been the head coach since 1999 and has led the Lady Mustangs to multiple South Central Region qualifiers, including a 2001

Lone Star Conference championship. Coach Noel Johnson will need to help the women’s basketball program rebound, however, after one of the worst seasons, record-wise, in the 32-year history of the program. Last year’s squad finished 9-18 on the season, and featured only eight student-athletes on the squad for most of the season. A lack of depth on the bench, especially with three seniors leaving, will be a main

concern along with immediately improving the Lady Mustangs’ position in the LSC standings. The west Texas native feels like she is ready for the challenge as a first-time head coach. “I feel like I’m coming home,” said Johnson. “Here with players and staff that I feel like are family. I’ve always known Midwestern as an institution of integrity and class. This is a great opportunity for me to make a difference as a first-time head coach.”

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Individuals Looking For Work In The Oil & Gas Industry

• No cost to attend the Job Fair. • All types of workers are needed – both professional and non-degree workers. • Bring your resume & meet with companies including: Halliburton Energy Services, Chesapeake Energy Corp., Complete Production Services & many more. JOB FAIR: April 15: 5:30 - 8:30 pm

April 16: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

LOCATION: MPEC Kay Yeager Coliseum

1000 5th Street, Wichita Falls

The Job Fair is being held during the Alliance Expo & Annual Meeting of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. Other Annual Meeting events include:

April 15: Barbecue-Buffet Open 7:30 - 8:00 pm $20/person

April 16: Breakfast-7:30 am $17/person • Luncheon-noon $25/person

Call 940-723-4131 for more information or go to


The Wichitan April 9, 2008

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April 9, 2008  

Library fines add up every year, and many stu- run from April 15 until May 1, not only reaches out for even the most overscheduled students...