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Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Doctor dabbles in cinematography

Photo by Herschel Self Student filmmakers Sandeepkumar Singh and John Dotson set up a shot for a collaborative work.

Chris Collins For the Wichitan Filmmaker Dr. Sandeepkumar Singh has big plans. When the 27-year-old medical doctor left India three years ago to pursue a master’s degree in health administration, he found something unexpected. He found art. He found passion. He found purpose. Now the doctor who came to the U.S. to chase a career has stumbled upon something just as rewarding: a hobby. Singh, a graduate student at MSU, has produced, directed and co-written about six films since May 2006. He said he’s self-taught. “Making films relieves the pressure of work,” Singh said. “Movie-making just isn’t work to me.” Singh said it’s difficult for filmmakers with tight budgets and limited equipment to keep up with competition. “It’s tough for an independent filmmaker to do one thing,” Singh said. “You have to do everything. You should know how to do everything. We don’t have big cameras but we get it done right.” Singh, who’s nicknamed “Deep,” established Deep Entertainments in February 2006. The production company is currently working on about three projects, including a documentary, a short film and a web series entitled Falls Town. Falls Town, a web series about a real con man in Wich-

ita Falls, was written by Falls Media Production. They specifically asked Singh to direct the project. He describes it as a “Western mafia” film. “I like twists. I want to surprise people. All my movies, especially the short films, have twists. But I like it to be reality-based.” Dramas, westerns and reality-based films are Singh’s favorites, he said. “ W h e n e v e r I first saw Western movies, I was like, ‘Wow, these guys have style!’” Dilemma, one of Singh’s short films, was accepted to the New York Student Film Festival. The film was also shown at the Independent Film Festival for Y’all in North Texas. “Film is my passion,” Singh said. “I love it. When I talk about it, I feel it.” Wichita Falls has been a huge influence in Singh’s films, he said. “I don’t want to go to Hollywood and make a movie,” Singh said. “If I’m going to make a movie, I want to make it here. This town has everything that Hollywood has.” John Dotson, an MSU sophomore, said Singh encouraged him to start making movies. “Deep’s a great filmmaker. He pushed me to write my first screenplay,” Dotson said. Dotson and Singh are currently working a short film entitled One Last Fight. “He’s a growing artist. I’m

Free lunch? ‘Complimentary’ pizza offer

comes with unexpected price Laura Hull Patrick Johnston For the Wichitan It was not the typical day at the local Domino’s Pizza on Maplewood Avenue, as students from MSU lined up April 7, waiting for their “free pizza and drink,” the promise of a lime green flyer passed out around campus. But was it really as simple as showing up and getting free food? Many expected it to be that easy, with “no purchase necessary,” but they immediately learned that wasn’t the case. The students were promptly greeted by a representative from Citibank asking for their MSU Student ID. A Citibank representative led

them to a computer to begin the process of signing up for a credit card. The offer at this particular event was for a Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card, created specifically for college students. The students didn’t know it, but both Citibank and Domino’s violated MSU policy, according to Dail Neely, dean of students. There is a strict no solicitation policy on campus, especially with credit card companies, unless it is approved by the Clark Student Center. “Until we can provide some programs so people understand how to financially manage themselves, we just don’t want folks getting into trouble,” Neely said. “It is bad enough that students have to borrow a lot of money

See “Pizza” pg. 4

Required exam tests writing skills Lindsay Lemon For the Wichitan

The MSU Writing Proficiency Exam (formerly the English Usage Exam) has been moved from the English department to the Office of the Provost. According to WPE Coordinator, Dana Barnett, the test is now under the Provost’s office because it is a university policy rather than an English department policy. The WPE, according to the MSU Web site, is an essay exam that “tests the ability of juniors to write a college-level persuasive essay.” Either the WPE or English 2113 is required for any student at MSU seeking a Bachelor’s Degree who has over 60 credit hours and who has passed both English 1113 and 1123.       

The WPE is an MSU policy that has been approved by the Board of Regents and has been in place since 1983. The WPE, as well as English 2113, are offered in every semester: fall, spring, summer I and summer II according to the WPE’s MSU Web site. According to Barnett topics for the exam are chosen at random. “We have a test bank of about 70 topics, and two are chosen at random for each test,” Barnett said. According to Barnett, the average failure rate for the WPE is around 22 percent, though the number varies from semester to semester. The papers are graded by at least two full-time English faculty members, according to the

See “Exam” pg. 4

Population control filmmaker finds inspiration in disability crucial, expert says See “Deep” pg. 3

ing and production. “My handicap has also inspired future projects,” he said as student passed by saying “What’s’ up D He speeds down the hallways Rock?” of the Clark Student Center at “Just Rollin!” he responded. 20 miles an hour on his Quickie In April of 2007, Dotson had P222, a camera in his lap. the chance to meet a film direc Meet 22-year old John “Dtor, Wes Craven, who made an Rock” Dotson, business marketappearance at MSU for the Artists ing major with ambitions to beLecture Series. “I got a chance to come a great film director. get his autograph on one of my Dotson, better known to fellow scripts. I just talked to him for a students as “D-Rock,” was born second, but he wished me luck in with cerebral palsy. The condithe future.” tion affects body movement and In April of 2007, Dotson made muscle coordination and is caused Photo by Sandeepkumar Singh ground on his first short film. “Pulby abnormalities in the brain that John ‘D-Rock’ Dotson poses with director Wes Craven. verize: the Kung Fu Catastrophe,” control muscle movements. an action-comedy starring fellow Dotson, a former student at The Art Institute of Dallas, was given no words of inspiration when he MSU friends. The filming only took one day. After the final cut it informed them of his dream. The faculty told him he had no chance, was 12 minutes in length. because he would not be able to properly operate cameras. Since that day, he’s come to use that negative attitude as inspiration for his writSee “D-Rock” pg. 3 Sean Hasling For The Wichitan

Ryan Hatcher For the Wichitan

Mankind must learn to manage world resources in order to cope with rising global population, an expert said Tuesday night. Werner Fornos, president for the Population Institute, and a former Maryland state legislator, spoke to MSU students, faculty and the Wichita Falls community. “I hope that our politicians come to grip with problems that are current, instead of dealing with issues like religious phenomenon and scientific discoveries,” Fornos said. According to Fornos, the world overuses and abuses natural resources in numerous ways. Within the last 10 years, more

than 600,000 miles of tropical rainforest have been destroyed. “If you ever fly over the Indonesian Islands at night looking down looks like the islands are having a boy scout jamboree with the burning fires lighting the night,” he said. Fornos pointed out that one of the major problems is urbanization of lands rich in resources. “Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana has behind it a climbing region of vegetation. Because of marginal farming and urbanization when it rains now, a large portion of the life will wash away,” Fornos said. According to Fornos, 26,000 miles of topsoil were eradicated for urbanization last year. “Half of our world’s population live in urbanized cities, and

See “Speaker” pg. 4

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The Wichitan

Staff Editorial

Scam awareness

Despite the school’s best efforts, somehow

businesses looking to exploit students manage to find their ways onto campus.

Beyond the fact that solicitation on campus

is against university policy, campus police still find themselves escorting tenacious salespeople off of MSU property.

On April 7, students found fliers all over

campus, even slid beneath the doors of residence hall rooms, advertising “free pizza” at Domino’s. Students, expecting a no-strings-attached meal, walked into the business only to be escorted to a computer by a Citibank representative.

There was a catch to this free meal. You

had to sign up for a credit card first.

Free pizzas were handed out to about 300

students. This means that the same number of credit card applications were completed.

Citibank, to promote their pizza scam,

managed to get around the rules, enlisting students to hand out and post the fliers. With campus canvassed, there was no way the advertisements could be completely removed before students caught sight.

A free meal is a tempting offer, especially

when so many students are strapped for cash. A credit card can be equally tempting, especially with offers such as rewards points and zero percent APR sweetening the deal.

The problem is, these promotional offers

rarely last long. Then, the interest rates increase and the spiral toward debt begins.

The school shouldn’t have to keep scam-

Everyone has a chore that they hate and avoid doing at all costs. I am so low maintenance Haley Cunningham that, as disFor The Wichitan gusting as it sounds, I can go weeks without doing laundry, vacuuming or doing dishes. However, I can’t avoid doing the chore that I loathe with my entire heart and soul, because doing so would deny the inevitable clockwork that is American routine. Once a week, sometimes more, I am dragged or forced to go to Wal-Mart. And I absolutely despise it. Going to Wal-Mart for milk, socks, light bulbs, granola, tire gauges, shampoo or whatever will guarantee a bitter mood on my behalf. Perhaps you have seen me there. (I am now taking the opportunity to apologize, because in the off chance we made eye contact, I probably didn’t give you a very pretty look.) I was probably dragging my heels, sighing heavily and angrily mouthing words that shall not be repeated. I am miserable the entire time, even if I get to ride in the basket. Wal-Mart makes me angry for three reasons, mainly.

mers off campus. Businesses should be responsible enough not to come in the first place.

The Wal-Mart commandments

When students find themselves in the

midst of a ruse like the recent free pizza fiasco, they should realize that free food isn’t worth giving up important financial information for.

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One, as Americans, even I can’t go without a trip to WalMart. Somehow we have grown addicted to the conglomerate and we don’t know how to function if “gasp! this town doesn’t have a Wal-Mart! Now where are we supposed to get our economy sized elephant flea dip?” Two, the entire population happens to do their shopping the exact same day that I do, despite frequent schedule changes or outrageously wee hours of the morning. Finally, three, it seems no one manages to leave home without their list. No, not shopping list. The list of things to do to annoy other people, mainly yours truly. Apparently there is some sort of Wal-Mart cult following and the infamous list is their code. Legend has it, the list was first found among the ruins of their sacred forefathers. It was silly of me to grow up thinking that anyone had to capacity of being so annoying on their own. I wasn’t even aware of this “list” until someone that was a particularly large chafe in my butt happened to drop theirs. I’ve been wary of it ever since. Now, I have never attended one of their sick rituals, but apparently the shopper with the list that has the most check marks earns some sort of cov-

eted warehouse-priced crown. Allow me to share with you some of the highlights of the legendary scroll. (Taken from “The Wal-Mart Commandments” checklist edition, section one through fifteen.) –Thou shalt take up the whole aisle with your cart, grandmother, grandfather, great-aunt, husband, seven children and your own large derrière. –Thou shalt always allow your children to climb all over everything. This includes shelves, carts, employees and other customers. Thou shalt not do anything to stop them. –Thou shalt always try to run your cart into other people’s heels. –With the cooperation of WalMart employees, only three of the seven-hundred-and-eightyone aisles shall be open. –Thou shalt fill up two shopping carts with small items. (Double checks are awarded for three carts. Triple checks are awarded if you go through the express aisle.) –Thou shalt take ten minutes to decide between generic or brand name saltine crackers. (Double checks are awarded to those who obliviously block the rest of the section from the other customers.) –Thou shalt find at least one person you know and chat them up about the atrocity of last night’s American Idol elimina-

tion. (Loud enough for all to hear earns double. While taking up the entire lane earns triple.) –Thou shalt walk painfully slow down the middle of a busy lane. (Note: be sure that those who are in a time crunch cannot maneuver around you.) –Thou shalt drop and break things. (Economy size pickles or other smelly items earn double checks.) –Do not bathe or have other offensive body odor. –Thou shall back up the line at deli, pharmacy, photo lab etc., by asking particularly moronic questions. –Thou shall manhandle as many pieces of produce as humanly possible, without buying any of them. –Thou shall attend regular shopping sessions with list in hand. (Note: if you happen to see a small brown-haired girl with leopard print glasses popping Xanax in the store with you, exaggerate your list to the fullest extent possible for triple check marks. She goes by the name of Haley. To recognize and chat her up when she is obviously in a hurry will earn quadruple check marks. ) –Finally, thou shall always remember our motto: Mankind’s worst enemies are pain, boredom and ridiculously stupid people in department stores. Exaggerate all three to the fullest extent possible.

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The Wichitan April 23, 2008

Deep..........................................................................................................continued from page 1 looking forward to what he does in the future,” Dotson said. There isn’t much leisure time in India, Singh said. It wasn’t until he arrived in the United States that he truly discovered art. “India is basically work, work, work,” Singh said. “People are working toward education and once their education is done they work. They have literally no spare time.” While there’s a big emphasis on education in India, there isn’t an emphasis on fun, Singh said. “After coming here I started enjoying life. I feel like there is more to life than working.” Singh was born in the village of Kalyanpur, in the state of Uttarprdesh. The village wasn’t very supportive of artistic endeavors, Singh said. “We didn’t have the mentality towards art, entertainment, that sort of stuff,” Singh said. “It’s there, but nobody focuses on that.” Finding a steady income and making money is India’s prime interest, according to Singh. Competition in the Indian job market is fierce. “There’s much more competition,” Singh said. “You have to work harder than the other guy or else you’ll be gone. The other guy is qualified to pick up your job.” Singh earned a doctorate in medicine from the Rajiv Gandhi Mumbai University in Bombay in 2003. There were very few Indian schools that offered master’s degrees in health administration then, Singh said, so he enrolled at MSU. “It’s a good school,” Singh said of MSU. “They go out of their way to help people.” Singh will be able to practice

medicine in the U.S. legally in July. He’s required to pass a series of exams for the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certification class before he can practice. The doctor doesn’t yet know where he wants to practice in the States, but does look forward to starting. “I haven’t thought of anywhere at the moment,” Singh said, “but I have been all over America and it all looks good to me.” Singh also hopes to begin his own practice in India, using socialist medical concepts to treat international patients. Currently, Singh said, the U.S. medical system needs to be reworked. “It’s like a closed book. No one can

open it,” he said. Singh said his practice will rely mostly on U.S. citizens who can’t afford expensive treatments. “My whole target population will be Americans because they’re the ones who are suffering from high cost,” he said. “The problem is infrastructure. It’s a different kind of practice over here.” Singh said India’s socialized medical system hinges on free treatment from government hospitals that work in tandem with more expensive, corporate facilities. “We are doing well when it comes to health,” Singh said of India. “We aren’t getting the best

quality of care, but most everyone is getting medicine.” Moving toward socialized medicine would be good for the U.S., Singh said. “Whenever we start talking about starting socialized medicine in America, people directly relate that to communism. It’s weird,” he said. Singh said he has truly enjoyed his experience in Wichita Falls. He hopes to use all his new skills, both in health administration and filmmaking, when he returns to India. “I learned so much living here,” he said. “America helped me know my potential. What I always had inside me came out.”

Campus briefs • April 23

“Taking Care of

Business;” Streich lecture series; speaker Comptroller Susan Combs; Dillard, Bridwell Hall; Wed. 3 p.m.

• April 24

Symphonic Band

and Wind Ensemble Concert; Akin Auditorium; Thurs. 7:30 p.m.

Visit from Dr. Carole Brandt,

SMU emeritus professor; theatre students can talk about MSU theatre program; Bea Wood Studio Theatre; Thurs. 3: 45 p.m.

First meeting of Club Green-

light, for aspiring filmmakers; CSC Apache; Thurs. 7:30.

• April 25

One Act Festival;

Fain Fine Arts Theatre and Bea Wood Studio; Fri. 7:30 p.m.

• April 26 One Act Festival; Filmmakers Sandeepkumar Singh and John Dodson shoot a film together. Photo Hershel Self

“D-Rock”...................................................................................................continued from page 1 “I was satisfied with it and it was a good learning experience,” he said. Despite his handicap, Dotson became very involved in the camera process. “I chose all the camera angles and somebody else shot the film.” The film has not been released to the public yet. Dotson gathers inspiration from big directions including Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Alfonso Cuaron and Martin Scorsese. His favorite movies are Fight Club, Gladiator


Fain Fine Arts Theatre and Bea Wood Studio; Sat. 7:30 p.m.

Gilrose Studios Art Show

and Man on Fire. “I like movies that make me think,” Dotson said. “When I was growing up, I watched a lot of movies because I wasn’t able to go out and play outside as much. I learned story structure, characters and different camera angles.” Robert Rodriguez has been a big influence in Dotson’s directing goals as well. “In his movies he uses wheelchairs and camera dollies. That is one of the reasons I believe I can do it.”

One of Dotson’s favorite actors is the late Heath Ledger. “His commitment to the role of the Joker in the upcoming Batman film was intense; he stayed in solitude for six weeks getting into the mindset of a psychopathic, mass-murdering clown with no empathy. I would have been honored to meet him.” When Dotson isn’t filming he is writing scripts, usually several at the same time. Asked where he comes up

with ideas he said, “I’m not as cheesy as getting inspiration from a flower blooming, but when I get a concept, I build in it until I feel I have something solid.” Dotson has no upcoming auditions for his future projects but is looking to start film production in July. “It will be a mystery-thriller,” Dotson said. “My goal is to become a successful movie director and to own my own production company.”

His plan after graduating is to move to California or Amsterdam and try to make as many contacts as he can. He is

shooting for a 2010 graduation at MSU. Until then, he said, he will “Keep on rollin’…and shooting.”

she said. Clinton was desperate for a win, especially a big win, to jumpstart her campaign heading into the final stretch of primaries. She’s looking for a series of victories to convince pivotal superdelegates that she’s the strongest Democrat and that Obama is a flawed candidate who can’t win big states against

the Republicans this fall because he couldn’t beat her in them in the spring. “I think maybe the question ought to be: Why can’t he close the deal? With his extraordinary financial advantage, why can’t he win a state like this one, if that’s the way it turns out?” Clinton said earlier Tuesday. Obama turned his attention

quickly to the next round of votes, flying Tuesday evening to Evansville, Ind., site of the next primary showdown in two weeks. “There were a lot of folks who didn’t think we could make this a race when it started,” he said of the campaign in Pennsylvania. “They thought we were going to be blown out. But we

worked hard, and we traveled across the state to big cities and small towns, to factories and VFW halls. And now, six weeks later, we closed the gap.” He brushed aside as trivial much of the recent campaign, which seemed to have stalled his gains in Pennsylvania. “It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and the silli-

ness and the tit-for-tat that consumes our politics, the bickering that none of us are entirely immune to, and that trivializes the profound issues _ two wars, an economy in recession, a planet in peril,” he said. “But that kind of politics is not why we are here tonight. It’s not why I’m here and it’s not why you’re here.”

Rodeo; Gilrose Studios, 600 6th Street; Sat 7 - 11 p.m.; refreshments, alcohol will be served.

Clinton takes win in Pennsylvania Steven Thomma MCT

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton won a hard-fought Pennsylvania primary Tuesday, beating rival Barack Obama in a scrappy victory that she hopes will keep her underdog campaign alive to fight another day. The New York senator was carried to victory by whites, women, the working class and the elderly - the third time she’s been rescued from the brink of political death after must-win victories in New Hampshire in January and Ohio in March. With 82 percent of the precincts reporting, Clinton led by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent. The television networks and the Associated Press declared her the winner based on exit polls and early return trends. “Some counted me out and said to drop out,” Clinton told cheering supporters in Philadelphia Tuesday evening. “But the American people don’t quit. And they deserve a president who doesn’t quit, either. “You listened and today you chose. Because of you, the tide is turning.” Noting that Obama outspent her 3-1 in the state, Clinton made a direct appeal for contributions to shore up her cashstarved campaign. “We can only keep winning if we can keep competing against an opponent who outspends us,”

When You Donate Plasma You Help Create Life Saving Therapies for: Newborns and their mothers Children and adults with hemophila Burn, shock, and trauma victims Vaccine development • Surgical patients • Hepatitis patients Bone-marrow transplant adult recipients Immunedeficient children and adults Research and development in medical testing

39 348

Name: Kevin Lloyd Occupation: Student Hobbies: Playing music and surfing the internet Why I donate plasma: Donating plasma is a worthy cause.

fitness classes are offered each week on campus through the Wellness Center Program. students and alumni attended the MSU Career Fair seeking employment. Employers at the event represented 102 businesses.

Name: Lua Augustin Occupation: ISM lead at Sears Hobbies: Reading and dancing Why I donate plasma: A simple way to contribute to medical advances. My mother is a nurse and I always wanted to do something to help other people. 3114082

1908 9th Street



The Wichitan April 23, 2008

UPB hosts casino night

Patrick Johnston The Wichitan Left: Eric Rhodes thinks about his next move while Ben McNinch checks his cards. Above: Adam Milne plays with his poker chips while Daniel Harris tosses the dice in a game of craps.

Pizza........................................................................................................................................................................................continued from page 1 just to go to school and they get in debt that way, and then they get into additional debt.” Student reaction varied when they found out there was a catch to the “free pizza.” “I wouldn’t do it. It’s just a trap to get in debt,” sophomore Michelle Payne said. Michelle was with her twin sister, Megan, who chose to sign up for the credit card. Megan said that she wasn’t actually going to go through with getting

the card but just wanted to get the free pizza. A pamphlet was given to students after they signed up, displaying benefits such as no annual fee, a 0 percent APR for the first six months and the ability to receive reward points for academic performance. The points could be redeemed for airline tickets, VIP passes to mtvU’s Spring Break or tickets to the MTV Video Music Awards. If also offered 10 per-

cent off music, DVDs and electronics on MTV’s website. However, after the first six months, the APR shoots from 0 percent to 17.49 percent variable. For students who fail to make the minimum payments or go over the credit line, the APR rises to 31.49 percent. The Citibank–Domino’s Pizza arrangement has been happening on campuses all across the U.S. over the last few weeks. Student

reaction has been similar. In Wichita Falls, 300 pizzas were given away over a two-day period. Citibank footed the bill for the pizzas. According to Mike Selby, manager of the Domino’s Pizza on Maplewood Avenue, Citibank paid a discounted $5 flat rate for each pizza. The normal cost for a single-topping medium pizza and drink is about $10. “From a business aspect, its an opportunity for us to get on to

the campus and to get our name out,” Selby said. Selby feels that students had the opportunity to walk away from the offer and forego the free pizza if they didn’t want to sign up for the credit card. “When they got there, they had their choice,” he said. “They could either do it or leave. My mama always told me anything that’s been given away free, there’s always a catch. You know as a student you can’t re-

ally be that naïve.” Citibank is not the only credit card company trying to get their card into students’ pockets. “People come on campus with duffle bags with stuff in them like credit card apps and giveaways,” Neely said. “They will come in, find a lounge or something, unzip (their bag), and start trying to get people to fill out credit card applications. We basically have to run them off.”

Exam.......................................................................................................................................................................................continued from page 1 grading sheet that is available on the WPE web site. According to Barnett’s assistant, Jennifer Marshall, the papers are graded in a blind grade which means that the faculty members grading the exam do not know the student’s name, major, GPA, or any other information. The WPE web site states that graders also do not see one another’s grading sheets and no

marks are placed on the actual exam. If two faculty members do not agree on the grade, the exam will be sent to a final grader who follows the same rules as the previous two graders According to Barnett, the time it takes to grade all the WPEs varies by the number of students who take it each semester, but students are able to

see whether they have passed the exam within six weeks. Students who fail the exam and wish to see their grade sheets for the WPE may make an appointment with the WPE office; however, grades may not be appealed. According to Barnett and the WPE Web site, some of the main reasons that students fail the WPE are multiple mechanical errors, not writing on the topic,

lack organization or development, and lack of support for their thesis. The $25 fee for each exam is put to use by the WPE office because it does not receive any budgeted money from MSU, according to Marshall.   “There is zero budgeted money from MSU,” Marshall said. The fee pays for proctoring, running off exams, postage for the 1,400 to 1,800 reminder let-

ters per semester and the salary of the Writing Proficiency Assistant. According to Barnett, the fee is approved by the Board of Regents. Students who live over 150 miles from MSU can take the exam via proctor at a testing or assessment center at a college/ university in their area, according to the WPE Web site. According to Barnett, some

graduate school students choose to take the English 2113 class as a writing refresher. Any student who wishes to know more about the Writing Proficiency Exam or English 2113 is encouraged to call the Writing Proficiency office at 397-4131 or access the Writing Proficiency Web site at http://

Speaker...................................................................................................................................................................................continued from page 1 by 2020 two-thirds of our population will live in cities,” Fornos said. Another problem is the issue of global warming. “ In the last 15 years, we have had 14 of the hottest years in recorded history,” Fornos said. He said that global temperature change has caused more intense storms in the past few years. He commended California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Vice President Al Gore for their attempts at

making global warmth a serious issue. He said two of the most important issues confronting the world are water crises and food crises. “Water will become our most precious commodity for Texans in the next five years,” Fornos said. He said 97 percent of the world’s water is salt water. Fornos said that the U.S. has been struggling to get bonds to pay for water purification plants.

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“We can’t even get a school bond passed unless we attach the bond to building a new football stadium,” he said. The overuse of limited resources is where the overpopulation problem comes into play, he said. “We have a limited amount of resources, and now have over 7 billion people dibbing into them,” Fornos said. He said that by 2050 the world will have about nine billion, all looking for a livable lifestyle. Fornos said that there is still

In-Home Childcare accepting children of all ages! Mon - Fri, 7 AM to 6 PM Reasonable rates Breakfast, lunch, & snack provided Located in Lakeside City - only 6 miles from MSU! Contact Amber Gemar @ 940-642-0550 or

hope for the children of the future. He said there are simple fixtures to this solution. “ We need to eradicate our female illiteracy. Literate women have half as many kids as their illiterate counterparts,” Fornos said. Fornos said that countries should try reducing the infant

mortality rate. “ This does not defeat the purpose of trying to control populations, but families will achieve their desired family size quicker,” Fornos said. He said that a final solution to controlling the population is proper access to controlling family planning. “ I’m not talking about abor-

tions. Abortion, like war, is an attempt to correct a historical mistake,” Fornos said. Fornos said that 1 billion people in the world are less than 24 years of age, and counts on those who are coming into adulthood to help control population and preserve our natural resources.

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5 Scotish native making his mark on the big screen Courtney Foreman Entertainment Editor

Before up-and-comer James McAvoy hit the big screen and became the movie star he is today, the young actor started small. McAvoy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and lived with his maternal grandmother at age seven. The actor trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and drama before beginning work on the big screen. McAvoy met his wife on the set of a UK television series and they married in 2006. Although we are just now seeing McAvoy on the bigscreen, he has

been in over 20 films has won five awards in numerous categories and been nominated for 17 total. Recently, McAvoy was ranked number 18 on Entertainment Weekly’s “30 Under 30,� the Actors List in 2008, and chosen as one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive for 2007. But what film roles have truly catapulted this actor onto the A list? Below is a list of the five most recent movies James McAvoy has been in that has truly impacted his career as an actor: The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (2005) James McAvoy played the friendly face of Sir Tumnus, the Faun, in this summer block-

buster hit. McAvoy helped four unsuspecting kids travel through a wardrobe and enter the mystical world of Narnia. Becoming Jane (2007) This biographical film paints a picture of her romance with a young Irishman played by James McAvoy. This romance flick follows the life and death of the acclaimed writer Jane Austen and her one night engagement to Tom Lefroy. Atonement (2007) The lives of Robbie Turner (James McAvoy) and Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) are changed forever when a young girl accuses her older sisters love of a crime he did not comit. This bittersweet romance movie is based on the British novel

April 23, 2008

written by Ian McEwan. Penelope (2008) This modern fairy tale follows the life of a pig-faced girl and the Journey she takes to find the true meaning of life. Max (James McAvoy) sweeps Penelope (Christina Ricci) off her feat when he proves to her that looks are only skin deep. Wanted (set to release summer 2008) James McAvoy teams up with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in this action-filled summer flick. McAvoy plays an indifferent nobody who is transformed by his union with a fraternity of assassins to become an enforcer of Justice.

James McAvoy

Small-town country band makes major headway in Texas Richard Carter For The Wichitan

To paraphrase the popular old saying, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting at least two good guitar players in Wichita Falls. So, it’s no surprise that, like a number of promising or established Texas bands, Brazos Stone found its lead guitar player locally. Originally from Throckmorton, and now based out of Lubbock, Brazos Stone formed over a year ago. But it wasn’t until they discovered area guitarist Colby Schwartz that their sound started to come together, said vocalist and rhythm guitarist Brady Ash Now the band is getting regular play for two singles on 94.9

Photo courtesy

Members of Brazos Stone.

The Outlaw. “There’s a lot of talent in Wichita, you know,� Ash said.

“Colby is young, and he’s really a prodigy. He hasn’t even been playing that long. He just has a

“21� Starring: Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth Synopsis: Based on the true story of the brightest minds in the country and how they robbed Vegas of millions. Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a shy, genius M.I.T. student who finds himself needing money for his school tuition. He is recruited into a group of the school’s most talented stu-

dents by a crafty teacher, Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) that heads to Vegas weekend to turn the tables in blackjack. Critics Rating: Lou Lumenick of The New York Post gave it a C. “The fascinating story of six college students who took Las Vegas for millions gets dealt a bad hand in “21,� which turns their true-life saga into a slick, shallow and thoroughly generic caper flick.� Student Rating:

knack for it. You can tell it comes naturally for him.� Originally Ash put the band together to play for fun. But after Schwartz joined the band--after seeing them play an Iron Horse Pub show--the group is taking music a lot more seriously. The band just completed a four-song demo and is getting radio play for “Beginning of the End� and “Brazos Breeze.� Brazos Stone plays pretty much every weekend from Wichita Falls to Lubbock to Graham and even Albany. They recently played Woodystock to very good reviews. The band also features Bridget Briles on fiddle and harmony vocals, Drew Moses on drums and Monty Scrogum on bass. Like most bands lumped under the red dirt label, the mem-

bers of Brazos Stone are not sure what to call their music. “It’s kind of hard to put a genre on it,� Ash said. “They say red dirt or southern rock or whatever, I mean, it’s hard for me to sum it up in a genre. We’re kind of just a rock and Texas country mix.� The vocalist explained that the band’s sound comes from a pretty interesting and diverse blend of personalities and influences. “Collectively as a band,� he said, “I would say Reckless Kelly is definitely an influence on our sound.� But the vocalist said that listeners will also hear Schwartz’s love of Led Zeppelin and Metallica in his solos and guitar licks. In contrast, Briles was classically trained on the violin since the age of five. “She plays a real distinct, a different sounding fiddle, than what you would hear in

Eric Smith, freshmen Mass Communications major gave it an A-. “I thought it was a great Vegas casino movie with a humorous ending.� “Prom Night� Starring: Brittany Snow, Johnathon Schaech, Idris Elba Synopsis: After surviving a horrible tragedy, Donna (Brittany Snow) finally moved on and is ready for

the night of her life - prom night. Except her dark secret comes back to haunt her and the night turns deadly. Donna and her friends must find a way to escape from the cruel rampage of an obsessed killer who escaped from his maximum-security asylum. Critics Rating: Michael Rechtshaffen of Hollywood Reporter gave it a D. “After significantly toning down the usual shock/camp value,

regular country or swing. It’s not anything like that.� A relatively young act ranging from age 22 to 25. Brazos Stone members are dedicated to pursuing music as more than a hobby. “We’d like to do it as our occupation,� Ash said. Whenever the band plays, crowds should expect a lot of energy. “We are all pretty young and we actually pride ourselves on our live performances. We get the crowd into it.� The band members have been putting back money from their shows to be able to return to the Lubbock studio where they recorded their demo. They would like to get enough songs done to release an album. At this point, Ash said, it’s a matter of getting dates reserved that all of the members can make.

Weekend box office hits and misses Lauren Wood For The Wichitan

Instead of making the average reader search and study the latest movie reviews and comments, I have provided for you the alternative. Below is a brief synopsis, what the critics rated it, and then an MSU student’s rating. “The Forbidden Kingdom� Starring: Jackie Chan and Jet Li Synopsis: While shopping in a Chinatown pawnshop, Jason (Michael Angarano) finds himself being sent back in time to ancient China by grabbing the pawnbrokers (Jackie Chan) staff. There, Jason is given the task to free the legendary warrior, the Monkey King (Jet Li), who has been imprisoned by the evil Jade Warlord. Jason befriends a wise kung fu master (Jackie Chan, again) and a band of rebel warriors including Silent Monk (Jet Li, again), to assist him with his challenging task. He must learn the art of kung fu in order for him to succeed, and to find a way back home. Critics Rating: Matt Stevens of E! News gave it a C. “This mishmash of other, better films boasts thrilling fight sequences, but the bland story and characters aren’t worthy of its international superstars.� Student Rating: Misti Knowles, senior Education major EC-4 gave it a B+. “It was an innocent throw back to old-school kung fu movies.�

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“Prom Night� cries out for the sort of lurking dread and prevailing off-kilter mood that are hallmarks of the more effective psychological thrillers.� Student Rating: Torik Jiwks, senior Mass Communications major gave it a B“It was a good movie, but predictable. I have seen the plot before but it was an decent movie to pass the time.�



The Wichitan April 23, 2008

MAVS need a Jump Start

The Championship window seems to slowly be closing for the Mavericks’ franchise picks, and monetary compensa tion. For all that came Kidd and the serviceable, yet bench-rid-

Bobby Morris Sports Editor February 19, 2008.

It’s a day that Dallas Mavericks fans will always remember, one way or the other. It all depends on the next few games. It was on that day that Mark Cuban made one of the boldest moves since taking over as owner of the Mavericks franchise. Cuban shipped off young, inexperienced talent in return for a proven, playoff-tested all-star point guard. Over the past month and a half, every “expert” has been butchering Cuban and the Mavericks for making such a blatant blunder. Everyone was crucifying him for lack of judgement, but what if Cuban just saw the light of Championship opportunities dwindling before everyone else? The trade centered around point guards Jason Kidd from New Jersey and Devin Harris from Dallas. Cuban thought that the future was now, so sacrificing Harris’ potential, he shipped him along with Desagana Diop and Maurice Ager, two first-round

den, Malik Allen. During the past month, it’s been an ugly mix for the Mavericks. Kind of like putting a rock into a blender. The rock is good and the blender was running just fine until the rock was there. Then, nothing. Cuban didn’t make the move for the regular season, though. He made the move to get a Championship trophy into his case. Kidd is no stranger to the postseason. He led the New Jersey Nets into multiple playoffs, including two seperate NBA Finals runs where they were beat out by the superior Western Conference. So, was it worth it? Will the deal that caused so much noise and left many Mavericks fans hopefully wondering come to help them the most in the playoffs? It’s time to find out. Expectations are high in Dallas nowadays. Not like they were over a decade and a half ago

when Kidd was drafted by Dallas, initially. Heck, they made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth this year with 51 victories, while last year they were flirting with the 70win plateau. I have to say that I was one of the many skeptics when I initially heard the rumors that this blockbuster deal might actually go through. I grew to be a fan of quick Devin Harris and his developing jump shot. I was even a bigger fan of DeSagana Diop who I believe was one of the main reasons for the exceptional season last year. But after looking the trade over, I have to say it made sense. Regrettably. Cuban wants a championship ring more than any owner in the league, and I don’t blame him for making the trade that increased the playoff experience and poise in the locker room. I just think that the timing of the trade might have been a month or so too late for this year’s squad. It’s hard, even for a group of all-stars like Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard to

fully mesh together in less than two months. Add to that the fact that Nowitzki missed more than three weeks due to a reoccuring left ankle sprain in between this “meshing” period and there’s every reason in the world why the Mavericks shouldn’t succeed. Except they have to. Now. Kidd isn’t getting any younger. Nowitzki is mid-way through his four to five year prime in which Cuban has been waiting for. And Howard is quietly becoming one of the most versatile and all-around small forwards in the game. This is it for the Mavericks, at least for now. All of the building of talent through the draft and free agency, as well as all of the excess cap room as gone out the everclosing window. Something needs to happen. I’m not for sure what, but there’s got to be a spark signifying that this team has come together. I fear that if it isn’t now and in this series against New Orleans’ MCT Chris Pauls that this chamion- Jason Kidd (2) drives past Utah Jazz guard Deron Wilship window might be closing liams (8) in a late-season victory 97-94. The win was one of their first against a top Western team since sooner than anyone expected. Kidd’s arrival.

Midwestern drops final exhibition match to SMU Mustangs 1-0 Bobby Morris Sports Editor Last Friday, the Midwestern State Mustangs’ men soccer team took on the Division I juggernaut Southern Methodist Mustangs. Squaring off at Westcott Field, MSU gave SMU all they could handle, but

a penalty kick early in the first half proved to be the difference in the 1-0 loss. In their final exhibition game of the spring, MSU got an unlucky break as a shot-on-goal in the box glanced off of Brian Martinez’s arm 16 minutes into the match. SMU capitalized on the op-

portunity going up 1-0 early and played keep-away for much of the afternoon. The SMU Mustangs controlled time of possession for most of the evening, especially for the last thrity minutes, where they played man-up for the remainder of the match. Senior Kyle Kmiec proved

to have the only decent shoton-goal in the opening minutes of the match. The shot clanged off of the crossbar and squandered one of the few scoring chances that SMU would offer for MSU. Both goalkeepers played well for Midwestern State. Transfer goalkeeper Matthew Markin-

son came in on relief for Shawn Carr and made several quality saves down the stretch. Even playing man-down for the last thirty minutes of the match proved no problem for MSU as they held SMU in check and made some nice plays. This was the last exhibition match of the season for the

MSU Mustangs as they now look forward until August and Fall training. The Mustangs will open next season on August 29 at St. Mary’s to try and return back to the NCAA Division II Final Four, as they did this past season.

“They will be the first signees for me and that makes me very proud. The coaching staff has done a great job of getting them in and I’m extremely proud of that.” As a four-year varsity letterman at Rockwall High School, 5-6 guard Satery was a huge contributor to a program that won 87 percent of their games (136-20) with her on the roster.

She was a first-team District 10-5A pick as a junior in a season where she lead the Rockwall Yellowjackets to a 40-0 season and a state championship. Satery will graduate from RHS as the all-time assists leader with 641. However, she also had decent range knocking in 178 treys in her four-year career. Thompson, who actually

signed earlier in the recruiting process, was honored as the District 25-3A MVP for the secondstraight season while she led her Llano High School Yellowjackets to a regional finalist appearance this past season. Thompson was also recognized the past two seasons by the TABC and TGCA with allstate accolades. The Lady Mustangs coach-

ing staff are still continuously scouting and trying to fill their team around coach Johnson’s new coaching schemes. A lack of depth was a serious problem last year for the women’s basketball program, so this should be a decent challenge for the first-time head coach. “We’re working diligently getting kids more familiar with Midwestern State,” Johnson

said. “We’re trying to get them on campus. Our No. 1 goal is for them to know what we’re about and what we want to achieve.”

Johnson announces first pair of recruit signees as head coach Bobby Morris Sports Editor

In her first signings of her new tenure, MSU women’s basketball head coach Noel Johnson, announced the signings of Sunny Satery and Cierra Thompson to National Letters of Intent last Wednesday, April 16. “I’m extremely excited they are going to be a part of Mustangs’ basketball,” Johnson said.

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Sports briefs Women’s Basketball • The Lady Mustangs will be hosting open tryouts on Wednesday and Thursday, April 23rd and 24th. The tryout is open to graduating high school seniors and junior college transfers. Any player under 18 will need to have a participation release signed by her parents, and a current physical is required for all participants (no more than six months old). Recruits may attend either or both practices. For more information please contact coach William Milton at (940) 631-2367.

Athletics Department • On Tuesday the Midwestern State athletic training program announced their annual awards going to the best athletic trainer and the best newcomer of the year. Senior Travis Gray was named the athletic trainer of the year, while first-year athletic training student, Shalee Rater, was honored as the athletic training Newcomer of the Year.

Golf • Travis Klutts led the way for the Mustangs golf program from his first day on campus last year. Klutts averaged 73.9 over 12 rounds with a season-best 67 at the Charles Coody Classic. Klutts was garnered with All-Lone Star Conference Freshman of the Year and second-team honors. • Sophomore Mitch Molen also took home All-Lone Star Conference honorable mention honors.

Volleyball • Coach Venera FloresStafford announced the volleyball program’s fifth recruit in the 2008 class. Tiana Bond is a 6-foot outside hitter from Mansfielld High School. Bond earned all-District 5-4A honors last year and should add length and athleticism to the outside for the Lady Mustangs as they look to grow on last year’s recordsetting season.

“Let it Fly” • MSU will be hosting the Sixth Annual “Let It Fly” 7-on-7 Passing Championship. The event will be held on Saturday June 14 at the MSU Practice Fields. Teams will be placed into groups in which they will play in a round-robin format. According to records a single-elimination tournament will be set up and begin at 3:30 p.m. • Early registration costs $170 and has to be recieved by June 2. Any teams registering after June 2 will need $220.

with a lot of time on their hands - it can also bridge decades, even –Nick, to writer Gertrude centuries. Stein: “Thanks, Gert.â€? Who thought Henry David Thoreau, who found such solace in solitude, would approve of a social networking site? Or that friends, too - after all, that’s tell Alexander the Great to have literate on MySpace. Mathemaprivate Emily Dickinson would what MySpace is all about. But a great weekend, or urge Na- tician Rene Descartes _-he who ďŹ nd the exhibitionism to blog? the anachronism raises all kinds poleon to hang in there ‘cause brought us “I think, therefore I And who would have predicted of etiquette questions. What do Monday’s almost over? But, as amâ€? - introduces himself this that, in the Internet age, Abra- we say to our long-departed he- with almost everything online, way: “Well, I’m a famous philoroes? Canallowed we really banaliit’s best not to into overthink spher, Okla. mathemitician, ham Lincoln and John Wilkes Peterson fourtalk runs and drilled a double right things. ticket to Durant, to partici- and scienBobby M orris off of eight hits in the complete center field. pate in LSC postseason Sportsbe Editor ties with poet Marianne Moore After all, even the most articulate tist lol. I wenttournato college when I Booth would friends? game loss, dropping her down to Both Potysman and Voigt trot- ment from May 1-3. Todd Lincoln? Can ted we home voices of history seem il- Lady was Mustangs 8 because blasted I am so smart ro, They’ll you entered as their21-7oronMary The Lady add Mustangs the season. to score the first twonearly The


James Joyce: “I’ve put in so Marlon Brando (sad many enigmas and puzzles that will), Al Pacino, Emm it will keep the professors busy son, Mel Gibson (jus for centuries arguing over what him).â€? I meant,Tand that’s only way Ernest Hemingway: he Wtheichitan of insuring one’s Aprilimmortality.â€? 23, 2008 to meet all my fans. I’m Richard Nixon: “I welcome you all enjoy reading m this kind of examination of my Some of you may no proďŹ le, because the MySpace us- books, but hey, there ers have got to know whether or authors to choose fro not their friend is a crook. Well, there?â€? I am not a crook!â€? Beethoven: “I am Walt Whitman: “If you want you call a people perso purely biographical stuff, I un-

Softball team rallies to punch their ticket into the postseason


Students get airbrush tattoos, enjoy activities during UPB-sponsored Sadie Hawkins Socia

last Saturday’s tilt with the Northeastern State Riverhawks with their backs against the wall, as they needed a final victory to propel themselves into the playoffs. Riding one of the best performances of the season by senior pitcher Ashley Kuchenski, the Lady Mustangs rallied to decisively take the second game of the double-header and lock up an all-important spot in the LSC postseason tournament. The Riverhawks came out strong in the first game of the set and looked poised to spoil the Lady Mustangs’ chances at a late postseason run. Fueled by an outstanding performance by shortstop Aimee Bohannan, including a towering three-run homer in the second inning, the Riverhawks punished sophomore phenom Katie Peterson early to take a lead and keep it for good, 4-2.

Peterson walked first baseman Brooke Smith to force in the opening run in the first inning, before Bohannon’s bomb set the final score for the Riverhawks in just the second inning. That’s all the run support that NSU pitcher Lacee Craig needed as she improved to 13-8 on the season in the complete game victory. Craig was pitching a shutout into the fifth inning, when the Lady Mustangs look poised to make the game close. Opening the half-inning shortstop Amanda Potysman walked on four straight balls to get the leadoff runner on base. Then following a single into left field by Kuchenski, catcher Lindsey Voigt reached base on a fielder’s choice. After Voigt stole second base, leaving runner’s on second and third, center fielder Maranda Bishop stepped up to the plate

runs of the inning for MSU. That would be all the offense the Lady Mustangs could muster though, as both first baseman Jessica Rodriguez and third baseman Kristen Stonecipher would pop up to end the inning and the scoring threat. Feeling the pressure after the opening game defeat the Lady Mustangs had to circle the wagons and hope that their bats would come back alive like earlier in the season. Not only did their bats catch on fire, but so did Kuchenski who pitched her best game of the year in the most clutch outing. Having their fate in their own hands, MSU needed to get a victory to secure a spot in the LSC postseason tournament without relying on other teams faltering. A nine run explosion in the second inning by MSU would seal the game away and punch their

four homeruns on their way to the 12-3 rout of the Riverhawks, including three shots over the wall in the second inning alone. Lauren Craig led off the second inning with a homer to left field to begin the onslaught of NSU pitcher Jessica Johnson. Solid hitting, excellent base running, and untimely errors by the Riverhawks led to twelve batsmen coming up to bat for the Lady Mustangs in the bottom half of the second. Stonecipher got in the mix by smashing a grand slam to left field before second baseman Tabitha Yannetti hit her own solo homer to left field that ended the scoring. Kuchenski pitched all five innings in the run-ruled playoffclinching victory. She gave up three earned runs on six hits, but struck out three Riverhawks to keep their potentially potent offense in check for most of the

Patrick Johnston The Wichitan The softball team gathers to congratulate between innings during Jeff Williams Sports Saturday.

outing. Northeastern State fell to 22-21 on the season and 7-13 in LSC North Division play, falling out of the potential fourth-andfinal playoff spot with the defeat. The Lady Mustangs, however improved their regular season record to 31-23, improved to 12-12 in North Division competition, and secured at least a spot in the tournament next weekend.

No. 1 pick price tag beginning to burden some teams Mac Engel MCT

The name Bert Bell doesn’t mean much to the top NFL prospects of today, and if the former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and NFL commissioner were alive today, he would be aghast at what has become of his creation. Bell and George Halas are credited with creating the draft in 1935, and the idea was born out of parity and fairness. Whatever team had the poorest record in the previous season “earned� the right to draft first before the start of the next season. It’s 73 years later, and teams with the worst records now act as if the top pick in the draft is a curse. As visionary as Bell and Halas were in the 1930s, they could not have conceived the problems that have arisen with their creation. “It’s unfortunate; it was created to get a shot at the best players, period,� Colts general manager Bill Polian said.

“Money never entered into their thinking. Now money and (draft) position have become an issue, and it shouldn’t be.� Shouldn’t, but now more than ever teams don’t want the pressure and financial responsibility of having the top pick. Most teams are content with a mid-first-round pick because they’ll likely get more bang for their buck. Never has that been more clear than this off-season. The NFL’s worst-kept secret is that the Miami Dolphins want to unload the No. 1 overall selection in next weekend’s draft. Despite such top-rated players as Jake Long of Michigan, Chris Long of Virginia, Matt Ryan of Boston College and Darren McFadden of Arkansas, teams are scared away. The guaranteed money that players selected in the top 10 receive terrifies owners and general managers. The top pick will receive about $30 million in guaranteed money, and the

figure steadily drops for the following selections. If the player is productive, such as Peyton Manning, it’s worth it. If not, it can be a crushing blow to a franchise’s salary cap and long-

The final twin bill of the season for MSU is slated against Angelo State this Saturday at the ASU Softball field. The first pitch is set for 4 p.m.

Mustangs Player Profile

to spend $30 million on a 50-50 “When nobody wants it, there proposition? That is what the is no motivation to trade it,� Dolphins are facing. And no Casserly said. “It’s an evolution team wants to trade them mul- the past X number of years. As tiple picks to acquire No. 1. It’s the money has increased, people not worth it. don’t want it. The talent level Last season’s No. 1 overall gets closer, and it’s not worth pick, LSU quarterback JaMa- it.� rcus Russell, did not sign with Even though this is an issue the Oakland Raiders until after teams want to change, Casserly the regular season began. His doesn’t see alterations to the six-year, $61 million contract - current system any time soon. with about $29 million guaran- Because rookie draft picks have teed - was the richest ever for a their own salary cap, which is rookie. He didn’t play much as collectively bargained between a rookie, either. the owners and the players’ There are also issues of union, there is no incentive for “signability,� and even though the players to lower the value of the percentages should favor any contract. higher picks, there is always the “It’s been talked about, but term health. chance that they won’t pan out nothing ever changes,� Cas “If not for the quarterback and a team could get stuck with serly said. “As the league goes (position), using the picks another Ryan Leaf. forward, there are much bigger and spending that kind of dol- When the Houston Texans issues than this. This is seven to lars that are up there, you have had the top pick in the draft in 10 draft picks, which is imporrisk,� Cowboys owner/general 2006, general manager Char- tant, but there are bigger issues. PATRICK JOHNSTON THE W Golf manager Jerry Jones said. “It’s lie Casserly sent out feelers to So I don’t see it changing.� Freshman (Left) Graduate student tribal inked on his arm during the Sadie Hawk 50-50 up there.� teams who wantedSachin to tradeYawalkar up Sogets as much as emblem the Dolphins night at Clark Center. Other activities included Scene It? the DVD gam The top picks are noSocial longerlast forFriday the selection. Nothe team was Student prefer not to hear this, they are Hometown : Lake Kiowa, Tex.airbrush on a smart money. Is it smartand money interested. the clock. dancing. (Above) Sophomore Gigion Mattar smiles while she watches the tattoo artist

Travis Klutts

Major : Business Marketing

rary tattoo.

Wichita Travis brings a lot of ..3-)!".3*//"-2330-,0*&."33/"-'&)$33-&$&)'33*''" /&'"3-/Falls, TX 76308 Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Chu Corner of Kemp & Southwest Parkway young talent to the MSU golf program. Relying on ((((*0/%1"./3" *-3)!3&#/.3'*-"3(((( 940-692-1002 Where prep Everybody is somebody success and expe2731 Southwest Parkway

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rience, and Klutts has ascended the charts at both Jesus and is LORD MSU the entire LSC. Garnering three top-10 finishes this season.

Reverend B. J. Robinson Pastor Did you know?!

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on deck... Take a look at what’s on tap for Mustang athletics this week and come support your Mustangs!







Women’s Tennis - @ LSC Championships

Men’s Tennis - @ LSC Championships



Softball - @ Angelo State University 4 p.m.

Women’s Tennis - @ LSC Championships

Men’s Tennis - @ LSC Championships Cycling - SCCCC Road Championships @ MSU



Cycling - SCCCC Road Championships @ MSU






The Wichitan April 23, 2008

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*Our Surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc. of 11.3% of interstate & int’l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 4¢ Regulatory & 70¢ Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are not taxes (details: 1-888-684-1888); gov’t taxes & our surcharges could add 6% – 26% to your bill. Activation fee/line: $35 ($25 for secondary Family SharePlan lines w/ 2-yr. Agmts). IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Customer Agmt, Calling Plan, rebate form and credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee/line, up to 45¢/min. after allowance. V CAST and VZ Navigator: Add’l charges req’d. Offers and coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere. Rebate takes up to 6 weeks. Limited-time offer. While supplies last. Shipping charges may apply. Network details and coverage maps at © 2008 Verizon Wireless. SPSP

April 23, 2008  

Making the‘A’ list Wednesday, april 23, 2008 The sTudenT voice of MidwesTern sTaTe universiTy Scottish actor James McAvoy goes from humble b...

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