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Olympic hopeful

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Midwestern represented at Olympics Trials in volleyball

Improved Living

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MSU dorm rooms were updated with new technology over the summer.


ht e Wednesday — September 12, 2012 — your campus / your news

Top administration no longer a ‘boy’s club’ By ROYLYKA ROACHE STAFF WRITER

Over the summer, Midwestern cracked a perceived “glass ceiling.” For the first time in MSU history, two women have taken top administrative positions. Betty Stewart replaced Alicia White as the provost and vice president of academic affairs after White became the Provost at the University of Texas at Tyler. Marilyn Fowlé replaced Juan Sandoval as vice president of business affairs and finance after Sandoval retired. Most universities have the stigma of being a “boy’s club,” but Fowlé said over the past few decades women have started progressing through the system. “My mother always told me to be able to take care of myself and not need to rely on a man,” she said. “She wanted me to be

independent. These morals have been instilled in me from young to have a career and be able to take care of myself.” Stewart said the cycle is changing and women are now prepared to take on leadership roles. Fowlé applied to the university about eight years ago, but was not selected. When she received the news about the opening of the position once again, she then re-applied and this time was successful at gaining the position. “I love the location of the university,” she said. “The students are great here, and the size of the school is great for me, because all of my experience has been with schools about this size, the fit was just good. This university has a lot of great pieces that fit my career path and experience level.” MSU is in great shape, Fowlé said.

“Facilities wise, the campus is very beautiful,” she said. “It has a certain style of architecture that has remained true over the years.” In regards to the university’s current budget, Fowlé stated the state of Texas has cut down and Midwestern is no different. “We’re not trying to reflect the cost on our students,” she said. “We’ve been trying to make cuts without increasing the tuition, however the enrollment at Midwestern is not growing either.” If enrollment can be increased, that will be a next avenue to make up for the state cuts. “Enrollment drives how much tuition and fees you bring in,” she said. “Enrollment is based on factors such as marketing, recruitment, university standards, etc. It’s like a domino effect.” Doing more with less is the

direction Fowlé is attempting to go. “Not raising fees exuberantly on the students is something I will definitely be working on the next few years,” Fowlé said. MSU’s budget is currently around 95 million. The state only provides about 20 percent of the budget. However, tuition, fees and donations are the two main incomes that help the other 80 percent of the budget. There are also expenditures that come in to play such as salaries and wages, which can take up to 50 percent of the budget. Fowlé said operating costs can only be trimmed so much. She hopes the university can reduce the cost of campus labor to increase savings of the budget. Stewart is no stranger to Midwestern. From 2006 to 2010,

Marilyn Fowlé and Betty Stewart. Photo by KIRSTEN CASKEY

Stewart was the Dean of Science and Math. Stewart was contacted by a search firm for the provost and academic affairs position. After discussing the idea with her family, and reminiscing on her four years as dean, Stewart said she decided to accept the offer.

“I had a good four years here and I wanted the opportunity to make a greater impact at this university in terms of leaderships,”

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Man exposes self at lake MSU launches social media campaign

Police warn joggers about Hispanic male seen near Sikes Lake By BRITTNEY COTTINGHAM Editor-in-chief

ERIN WRINKLE - STAFF WRITER Tweeting, commenting, posting and liking are just part of what graduate Matthew Steimel will be doing in his now full-time job pushing MSU’s online presence. His office in the Clark Student Center houses two desktop computers, one iPad, and one Droid Bionic to make sure he focuses on being as social as possible. Steimel is in charge of all of the Midwestern State platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He is also in the works creating new platforms as well as maintaining the website. Steimel said even though it sounds like a fun job, he is always working to keep MSU students up to date. “I am constantly checking [the accounts],” he said. “I check them at least once an hour.” Midwestern’s main Facebook has 1704 friends and its Twitter page has 585 followers. Steimel said he tweets five tweets a day unless there is a big event Midwestern is hosting. He also interacts with its followers. His first priority he said, when using social media is to communicate with students. “Students want to feel invested in the university and for the university to feel invested in them,” Steimel said. Midwestern’s other goal for using social media is to promote school spirit. He retweets and shares the students’ positive experiences. From the student’s acceptance into college, to their experience at Spirit Days, and even their first night at the dorm, Steimel said MSU wants to recognize these experiences. “There are some great things happening,” the 22-yearold added. One of these accounts includes the University Development office. Steve Shipp, the Director of University Development wants to students to have an open door policy with his department. Although the secretary, Jeannette Perry is the “tweeter” Mr. Shipp is always ready to reach out in any MEDIA pg. 4 way he can. “The Facebook and

According to police chief Dan Williams, a man has exposed himself to female walkers on campus. The university notified students, faculty and staff Friday afternoon through the MSU ALERT system. “A female walker advised us of the subject,” Williams said. “He originally had not exposed himself, but was just acting suspicious and then the next report

that came in he had exposed himself to walkers.” It was later released that a Hispanic male between the age of 50-52 had exposed himself to female walkers and joggers on numerous occasions. In a statement released to students, Williams said the suspect has never approached any victims or attempted to contact the victims. The suspect, who has been seen driving a green Jeep Cherokee, normally parks off-campus near an office located on Plaza Parkway and stands outside of his car exposing himself. “Sometimes these individuals are very sporadic in when they

commit the crime and it may be nearly impossible to set up a sting to catch them,” Williams said. Williams, who has served as chief of police for two years, said this incident is not common for Midwestern. “It gave me comfort to know that, again, our police reacted decisively and quickly,” said president Jesse Rogers. “They do a commendable job of protecting out students and campus.” Campus police urge students, faculty, staff and the community to be aware of their surroundings, always carry a phone while on the Sikes Lake track and to immediately report anything suspicious.

Two colleges get new deans

New leaders take over business, science schools By MADISON STANFILL STAFF WRITER

With the start of every fall semester, there are new faces to be seen around campus. Some belong to freshmen, trying to find their way in this exciting world of college. Others belong to transfer students, who are just learning about the traditions of Midwestern State. The university this semester, however, welcomes two deans: Terry Patton, dean of the Dillard College and Lynn Little, dean of College of Science and Mathematics. Born in Dallas, but claiming Plano as his hometown, Little’s passion for academics is evident by the five academic degrees he holds, as well as a post-doctoral internship with Harvard Medical. “Going to school is a hobby,” Little joked. Although Little may be the new kid on the block at Midwestern State, he is not new to the realm of academia and the leadership roles. He has taught at six different universities through the course of his career, including Howard Payne University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

It was during his time at Howard Payne University that Little first became acquainted with president Jesse Rogers, when Rogers was an invited speaker. Little had visited MSU a year before while attending an EPA-compliance training, but the meeting with Rogers sealed his enchantment with MSU. “I fell in love with the campus and I felt that he [Rogers] would be a great person to work for,” Little said. “Then when I learned that the position of Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics was being advertised, I decided to apply.” In addition to his academic career, Little has worked with the State of Texas in the capability of the director of microbiological Services in Austin, as well as the Centers for Disease Control. Little said he has clear goals for the College of Science and Mathematics. “I want to see us [the College] enjoy steady growth while maintaining or increasing our quality in all areas,” Little said. “I want to see the faculty, staff and students receive the resources that they need to accomplish their individual and collective goals.”

As the dean of the Dillard College of Business Administration, practical experience is the name of the game for Patton. Serving as a professor at MSU for five years, Patton has teaching experience at both Texas Tech University and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and is already familiar face around the campus. With additional experience as a research manager at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and the new publication of his textbooks, Introduction to Government and Not-ForProfit Accounting, Patton said he knows how to be successful and how to be a key instrument in the growth of his students. Midwestern State’s continuous strive for the betterment of their students is what reinforced Patton’s interest in the university. “With the things we were doing to improve the education of our students, I saw this and thought that I would like to be a part of building something at this scale at a small university that will really help and effect our

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campus voice


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Wednesday — September 12, 2012 — your campus / your news

MSU pushes school spirit our view The football team is hitting the road to participate in The Lone Star Conference Football Festival at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Thursday. Yes...this Thursday. For students who want to go support the Mustangs, they have some important questions to ask themselves. Should they go to the game and miss class? Or skip the game in fear of what they’ll miss in class? Maybe you really don’t care. Either way, many students have a hard decision to make this week and my question: is it fair to make students choose? Time and time again we hear, “support YOUR mustangs!” The slogan plastered across billboards all over the state tell students that MSU is “your university.” Yet, here we have the most exciting game expected this season and it is during class time for those with afternoon or evening classes. How can administration ask students to make that kind of decision? The game will be televised nationally on the CBS Sports Network. This is something

a small division two school rarely gets the opportunity to participate in. Our suggestion to students, faculty and staff: Go! It is only one game and hopefully your professors understand. The school has provided a shuttle for a small fee, much less than one would pay for gas, discounted tickets and reasonably priced t-shirts. Did we mention the game is at Cowboys Stadium? It would be such a waste if students passed up on this awesome opportunity to watch the Mustangs play. Last football season, MSU had an undefeated regular season and were Lone Star Conference Champions. A loss this past week against Tarleton State does not have to determine how this season will go. The Wichitan encourages students to support each other by going to different activities on and around campus. Football is not an exception. Having a positive athletic following has shown to boost enrollment, something MSU has been struggling with recently. The basketball team and football team have both been nationally recognized, which brings great notoriety to Wichita Falls.

Being invited to play in this festival will not only help the university, but our city too. In an effort to encourage more students to attend this game, the university has lowered the price of tickets from $10 dollars to $5. You can’t even go to the movies, or dinner for that price anymore. The university has done a great job publicizing this game all across social media. Buzz about the upcoming game has been flooded across Twitter and Facebook. In years past, student attendance has been less than impressive, not just at UPB and Student Development gatherings, but sporting events as well. This will give students a chance to take in the excitement associated with a big school without all the cost of going to a big school. Sports teams are more motivated when they have a solid fan base, so go support them. Do your part and take the two-hour drive and show A&M Commerce and CBS Sports why MSU is definitely where you want to be! Remember, Aggies aren’t the only ones who can bleed maroon.

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University museum board contains no students D oes anyone remember the old slogan “No Taxation Without Representation?” I am betting many people do. I would also wager many MSU students would not be happy to find out that they are not currently represented in all campus facets. No need to grab the nearest blunt object (ironically for me, it would be a textbook), and gather into mobs. The solution here is student participation. The Wichita Falls Museum of Art, which has been the property of MSU since 2005, does not presently have a student on its advisory board. Newly appointed Museum Director, Dr. Francine Carraro,

said nothing is stopping a student from being on the board. “There’s nothing preventing that. Cody Parish STAFF Writer In fact, Dr. Rogers says he likes that idea very much,” she said. Carraro said she viewed the prospect of having a student on the Board as “very positive.” “Having a student from the university on the board would

be one more positive way to get engagement and to get participation,” she said. “We do need to build that bridge. I need to hear their point of view.” Sounds to me like words from a reasonable museum director who understands the vitality of having a connection with the students. Without the students there is no university, and without the university there is no museum. That is simple logic. So why haven’t there been students on the board previously? Apparently there were, but they did not “participate actively.” Those students graduated during a transitional period for the

museum, and consequently, they weren’t replaced. This is a good opportunity for business majors, including finance, marketing and education majors, not to mention, obviously, students majoring in art. You guys should be getting tingles just by reading this. But hold on, all you eager beavers! Carraro said she wants to develop a nomination process and find students who are interested. Not having had a student on the board for some time makes it difficult to dive back into the process; the selection procedure will need to be tweaked in order

to ensure success. As a student on the museum advisory board, you could have some say in which classes are taught in the new lecture hall, what new events and activities the museum could host for students, and help target organizations and majors at MSU that would be interested in the events and exhibits. It’s an exciting and exceptional opportunity. “A student on the board would be another good way to continually have a voice from the university,” Carrao said. “It would continue to build those bridges, build better communication, and that’s what

we’ve got to do.” We need a student member on this advisory board. I mean, hell, we have a student on pretty much every other board, including the Board of Regents. Additionally, a portion of our tuition and fees is allocated to fund the museum, so why not? In this way, we’ll have more input into the use of this facility, given its current applications and future potential. Let’s get the ball rolling and get a student representative on that board to collaborate on ways to better utilize this university asset for all students.

Freshmen survival tips Fresh-meat. Fishes. Newbies.

What do all these things have in common? They’re all names for the newest members of our campus: Freshmen. At some point, everyone has gone through the dreaded freshmen phase. Some of our students are living away from home for the first time, completely new to the world of high-pressured academics, and trying not to forget where their classes are. Others may be wondering how they’ll meet new people and enjoy new experiences (Stage West, anyone?). Here are some tips to save freshmen some trouble:

Across: 5 Who is the MSU president? 9 Where should students go to study? 17 A Starbucks coffee shop is found in this college. 18 Offering free teeth cleaning. 19 Offering medical help when a student is sick. 20 All the major basketball games take place there. 21 When students need to work out, this is where they go. 23 I am a psychology major. This is my college. 24 Name of the MSU mascot. 25 The bookstore and post office are in this building.

Down: 1 I want to be an engineer. This is my college. 2 The place where students do business. 3 A fountain is in this area. 4 Criminal justice is my major. This is my building. 6 An orientation for new students. 7 The statue of the indian is in this place. 8 The information systems and telecommunications offices are located in this building. 10 The sorority house. 11 The name of the cafeteria. 12 I’m a theater major. This is my college. 13 MSU bus system 14 The print shop and credit union are here. 15 The schools newspaper. 16 The street named after MSU. 22 Where do students take math and science courses?

Parking Pains: Now this may not apply to all freshmen, but I think it’s important to note that one of the most complained about topics at Midwestern State is parking. Many say that we don’t have enough parking for our student body. Whatever the case may be, if you live off campus, get here early! You don’t want to have to park across the street and play human Frogger to get to class, do you? You’re Not Ferris Bueller, so Don’t Take the Day Off: As freshmen, you may think that you can skip class and it won’t affect your grades. WRONG! It’s important to understand that if you go to class and do well, you won’t have to pay money to retake it. Don’t be that person that realizes that you have a higher attendance rate at Denim and Diamonds

thanyour class. It Takes a Village to Raise a Freshman: Get involved in different MADISON StanFill campus orSTAFF Writer ganizations! College is all about experiencing new and exciting things that you may have never been exposed to before. Don’t just sit back and let the best four years of your life go by without being involved. Join a Greek organization, a scholastic/ honor club, intramural sports, or a group dedicated to hobbies. There’s a lot to do on campus once you look! That Awkward Moment When: Do not—I repeat, do not—be that person that walks into class 20 minutes late. Not only do you disrupt the professor’s lecture, but you distract your fellow students as well. Be considerate and try to get to class on time. Oh Em Gee, LOL!: Understand the basic rules of classroom etiquette and put your phone away and on silent. This is going back to the whole ‘considerate’ thing I just talked about. You don’t know how many times I’ve been in class when someone’s phone starts blaring the latest Justin Bieber song. Trust me, you do not want to see the look on the professor’s face (hint: it’s terrifying).

Study Buddy: The most useful thing I was told when I was a freshman was to talk to your fellow classmates and get to know them. Not only is it friendly, but by getting to know those around you in your class, you can create a study-buddy system. Plus, should you miss class, you can copy the notes from them. Open Your Mind: University life is a whole different realm than high school, and brings with it many different opinions and beliefs. Keep your mind open to new ideas, and don’t just brush someone else’s ideas off. You could learn a thing or two. Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping: Time management is a key skill in college. You’ve got a five page paper due on the same day as a presentation for another class? Start one early. I know that it’s easy to wait until the night before, but don’t add that unnecessary stress on yourself. It’s Not Hard with your Library Card!: Take advantage of the facilities on campus! The library is the perfect place to go when you have to study for that big test, or even just to read over a chapter for your discussion group. You can even use the computer labs to write that paper you’ve been stalling (I told you not to!). Don’t forget to use the Clark Student Center, too! We are Young: Lastly—and most importantly—go out and have fun! You can’t be serious all the time. YOLO, right?


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3 — your campus / your news

Wednesday — September 12, 2012

On-campus residents enjoy new dorm perks Increase in housing cost improves dorm laundry services By ruth fitzgerald-black staff writer

MSU dorm residents can enjoy a few new perks this semester due to new laundry installments and technological updates. Pierce Hall, Killingsworth Hall, McCollough Trigg, and Bridwell Court Apartments have been provided with a new laundry system on each floor along with technology provided to allow students more ease of access to these facilities when

they need them. Residents now have a laundry fee included in their rent payments so there is no need to purchase pre-paid “debit cards” for laundry use. According to MSU Housing Director, Michael Mills, the new laundry system in the dorms was approved after the Residence Hall Association conducted a survey asking residents if they would mind an increase in their rent to subsidize the updates and the positive responses were overwhelming. Rent for dorm residents increased only slightly between 3-4%, Mills said, and they try to keep any rent increases in any fiscal year at about 3%, depend-

ing on utility costs. In most cases, rent increases in any fiscal year are lower than 3%, he said. “Increases in rent are subsidized only through rental and housing fees, and do not come from tuition fees or state appropriations,” Mills said. The new laundry machines are rented through a company called Mac Gray that also provides maintenance and upkeep of the new system. “They (Mac Gray) will provide all the maintenance, service, and technology for the students,” Mills said. While the dorm buildings all remained locked at their main entrances, a resident student ID

card is all that is needed to gain access to the building. Therefore, there is a possibility of students abusing the new laundry system by propping open doors for visiting friends or relatives. “No thefts have been reported, and the old laundry system could have easily been abused in the same manner,” Mills said. “If I were to walk into Killingsworth Hall with a female’s ID card, I would immediately be stopped at the security desk, because it is an all-female facility and they would know that I don’t belong there.” According to Mills, the Housing department has only received one complaint of a non-resident doing laundry in Bridwell Court over the summer, but has not had any problems reported since. If more issues arise, the Housing department might consider implementing more policing of the dorms to prevent abuse of the system or theft of property, he said. Students may also go online to check the availability of washing machines and dryers for their building and floor. An application is also available on your mobile device that

MSU freshman Jenna Degnan seen doing laundry. Photo by BEKAH TIMM

actually shows you a picture of which washers and dryers are in use in a particular dormitory. The application will also send the student a text message notifying him or her when the washing or drying cycle is completed. These updates solve the problem of students lugging laundry down to a specific floor, only to have to wait an hour on someone else’s cycle to finish. In addition to the new laundry system, approved at the university level for the upcoming fiscal year, the entire campus, dorms included, will be com-

pletely wireless. The change is currently in progress along with a new single-sign-on student portal that will allow students to log in to all of their MSU accounts (WebWorld, Web Mail, and Desire2Learn) with only one sign-in prompt. Currently, all dorm students must plug in a wired Ethernet while in their dorm rooms to gain access to the internet, and students must log into each individual student account separately to view their information.

ADMIN from pg. 1

Students can go online to check the availability of the washers and dyrers. Photo by BEKAH TIMM

Stewart said. “As Provost I now get to see the college in its entirety.” Stewart believes getting to know the faculty, the staff, the students, and even the community are essential tools to becoming a good Provost. “I don’t see this new role as pressure because it is just part of the job of being a Provost,” Stew-

art said. Only being on the job for about 34 days, Stewart is still getting into the groove of everything. However, she said there are some important items on her agenda that needs to be accomplished this year. Her office is working on the reaffirmation of accreditation which is a national reaccredita-

tion of the college which is done every 10 years. Also, the core curriculum is being revised because the university is going from a 48 hour core curriculum to a 42 hour core curriculum which needs to be in place by 2014. “Those two items are the main topics on the agenda that need to be accomplished,” Stewart said.

Student Org Spotlight P.R.O.U.D (Providing Respect for Others Unity and Diversity) Their mission: To promote tolerance and acceptance for the LGBT community, fight for equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexuality, race, ethnicity, or gender, provide a safe place for LGBT students, family, friends, and anyone else who needs a safe place and supportive community, raise awareness of the dangerous consequences of bullying, and in general to promote equality and a sense of community both on campus and off. Who: Anyone can join. When: Meetings are held on Monday at 1:30PM or Wednesday at 4:30PM, the third week of every month. Where: Clark Student Center Atrium (the room with the piano, and the flags) Cost: None required. Upcoming Events: P.R.O.U.D. will be car-pooling to Pride on Sunday, September 6, 2012. Contact: President, Abbie Scott. Advisers: Dr. Beverly Stiles, Dr. Millie Gore, Dr. Julie Wood, Mary Wines Email: Facebook: Every week, the Wichitan will feature a student organization that is active on campus. If your organization would like to be featured please email with the subject OrgSpotlight.

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Wednesday — September 12, 2012 — your campus / your news

The week in PHOTOS Photo by HANWOOL LEE












Welcome Week offered new and returning students a variety of events to get back into the swing of things and start out the semester on the right foot. 1) Students serving food at the Portico 2) Curtis Zimmerman 3) Students at the waterpark 4) Elena Bennett 5) Students at the Greek desert reception 6) Students hanging out at the Portico.

MEDIA from pg. 1 Twitter accounts are monitored daily,” Shipp said. Perry also tweets and posts about important deadlines. “This creates a more public face for the department,” she said. “Since social media seems to be so prevalent in society, we

wanted to be a part of that,” the Perry said. On Aug. 28, Midwestern annouced the launch of its application through Apple entitled MSU2U. The process of creating MSU2U app started in the fall of 2011.

The creation of this app was a team effect between computer science professors Terry Griffin and Tina Johnson and students Eric Binnin, Chase Sawyer, Miminar and Shawn Seals. “Creating the app was a way to allow some of our students

to gain experience while creating something very useful to the MSU community,” Johnson said. Not only will Midwestern have an app for iPhone users, but soon Android users will have an app as well. “The grant has been extend-

ed and this year we plan to add more features to the existing app and create a comparable android version,” she said. The app was created through a faculty research grant secured by the department of computer science as a teaching tool for both

faculty and students, according to Julie Gaynor, the director of marketing and public information.

DEANS from pg. 1 students, I saw this and thought that I would like to be a part of building something at this scale at a small university that will really help and effect our students education in a positive way,” said Patton. Hailing from Wichita Falls, the Robert Madera Distinguished Pro-

fessor of Accounting said he has clear cut goals for his college. “I want our college to provide a good education for our students, as well as provide them with the skills that are needed for entry level employment,” Patton said. Patton considers his focus on practicality as an important mar-

keting point for attracting new students to the College of Business Administration, citing such amenities as the Security Trading and Research Lab, which give students real experience by simulating a trading floor for investments. “Each area of our mission state-

ment is a selling point.” Patton said. “My goal is to make each area well-rounded.” Keeping this goal of real world, practical experience in mind, Patton said he wants to place an emphasis on developing focus groups, research studies and nonprofits.

One example of this practicality would be the upcoming marketing project later in the term, in which students will work to come up with a marketing campaign for a local Texoma Chevrolet dealership. Such campaigns are in line with what Patton said he wanted

to be his legacy. “I think that leaving behind successful students and graduates and leaving structures in place for the continuous faculty success is the biggest legacy I ask for,” he said.

arts & entertainment

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5 — your campus / your news

Wednesday — September 12, 2012

The Falls adds Whiskeyta Club to nightlife By brandi stroud ONLINE AD MANAGER

There is a new hot spot in Wichita Falls that will appeal to many in the 21 and up crowd. With spacious room, crazy variety of alcohol and beverages, appetizers for the late night munchies, and just that good vibe feeling, everyone will be rushing to Whiskeyta this weekend. “There are many stories about the name, but back in the early days of Wichita Falls alcohol was easily available,” said Abbey Wuthrich, co-owner and operator of the new 7,200 sq. ft. whiskey bar. “People who were passing through town gave the nickname ‘Whiskeyta’.” Located in the Millennium Towers behind Marriott Courtyards Hotel off Lawrence Road, Whiskeyta opened its doors this summer on July 26, 2012. “We wanted to bring something new and different to the area,” Wuthrich said. “A really nice place to go sit, watch the game, feel relaxed and comfort-

able.” Abbey Wuthrich, along with her father and mother, Mike Amburn and RaLane Amburn, own and operate Whiskeyta together. Mike Amburn also owns two other bars in town, Stage West and West End. Mike is an alum of Midwestern State University with more than 30 years experience in the bar industry. Mike can be tied to some of the old school bars such as Rodeo West, Cheyenne Cattle

Company, Stesons, Babalus, and TJ Cassidy’s. Wuthrich is also a graduate of MSU, which is why pictures of Wichita Falls and MSU fill the walls. She said spotlighting MSU, which she called a big part of Wichita, is really important to her. Whiskeyta is not your traditional bar with space. “People have given great feedback,” Wuthrich said.


“They can have their own space with friends without bumping elbows with others.” Whiskeyta has large stage for potential bands and a floor for dancing. Now that football season is kicking off, Whiskeyta will be a place for guys, and gals, to gather around the large TV’s that surround the main bar. “The main bar is the focal point,” Wuthrich said.

The main bar seats 22 and has four drink stations. The booths along the walls can fit 8 to 10 people. After including the rest of the high top tables and booths, the Whiskeyta club can seat a 200 people comfortably. “No one in the bar has a bad seat, everyone can see a TV,” Wuthrich said. Their full service bar offers over 100 whiskeys as in whiskeys, scotch, and bourbon 40 different domestic and imported

beers, frozen margaritas and daiquiris, and a good selection of wine. If you are feeling really thirsty try “The Big Wichitan” Whiskeyta’s signature 32 ounce beer. Or if you have a taste for variety, you can join the Whiskeyta 100 Club. Those who join can try 100 whiskeys (over a period of time) and have their name and picture added to the wall. Whiskeyta has Happy Hour weekdays 3-8pm.

Local charities get the red carpet treatment By Rachel Bingham Print Ad Manager

Wichita Falls turned chic Thursday evening when United Way and the owner of Tangles Salon rolled out a red carpet and put on the city’s first Fashion’s Night Out to raise money for women and children of the community. Fashion’s Night Out is an international event that occurs annually on Sept. 6. Every city takes their own spin on it and raises money for different causes. Robin Cook, owner and master stylist at Tangles Salon, decided that it was time for Wichita Falls to join in. She met with Shirley Craft, who became a consultant on the project and part of the Steering Committee. Early into their planning, women from United Way con-

tacted them, asking to join forces and blend Fashion’s Night Out and Power of the Purse into one evening. Power of the Purse is an event that has taken place over the past 7 years, in which United Way hosts a silent purse auction to raise money for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. “Imagination Library funds books for children in this community of elementary school age,” Craft said. “When they apply for that, they get a book a month in their mailbox, so they can start reading early.” The Steering Committee, which included Regan Benabides, Robin Cook, Shirley Craft, Kristi Faulkner, Maurine Grant, Jackie Hoegger, Becky Lindemann, Dottie Murphy Morrison, Jana Ono, Diana Phillips, Betty Rea, Jackie Riley, and Leah Thomas, decided to stick on the same path and help women with education. Faith Refuge for Women is a local

shelter for women and their children in the community who have found themselves homeless. According to the FNO - POP program, “these women from the streets are caught in a downward spiral of desperation and hopelessness that overwhelms them and robs them of everything of value.” Faith Refuge for Women has a year-long recovery program called New Beginnings. “It is very unique,” Vicky Payne, Director of Marketing and Development for Faith Mission, Faith Refuge for Women, and Faith Mission Thrift Shop, said. “If you ever try to find a place that will take you with a drug addiction, it’s very hard to find one without a waiting list and won’t cost much.”

Faith Refuge for Women has a scholarship fund in place for these women. “When they come out of the program at Faith Refuge, they have some education money available to them that they can use to learn a trade or go back to school or do something to help them to learn and have the skills to be sustainable,” Craft said. “A lot of these women, when they come into the shelter, have not worked in a long time. Some of them haven’t completed their education, so we want to help them do that.” Brendan Cannon, a celebrity stylist from New York who came down to style the fashion show, spent an entire day visiting Faith Refuge for Women and United Way. He wanted to understand the non-profits and get to know them. “I went down to Faith Refuge and it broke my heart,” Cannon said at the event. “The people

down there are doing amazing things. Then there is United Way. It is really special because they help with families that are dealing with drug addiction and people who cannot do things on their own.” Once the focus had been decided, the committees had a very short time period to put everything together - 90 days! They quickly searched for interest in sponsors and donators. Carlin Development Co. allowed usage of the old Dunlap’s building, and Two Clever Chicks were the event production team that did the room. “It was an amazing production, because there was not one thing in that building,” Craft said. The location steered the idea to get community involvement from surrounding Parker Square businesses including: Tangles Salon, The Shoe Closet, Annie Jewel and Charlie’s Kids, Harvest Boutique, Holder’s Jewelry, First United Bank, Fidelity Bank, Wells Fargo, Jason’s Deli, Pasqual, Ganache Cupcake Lounge, and Edible Arrangements. “Most of them were sponsors with food, drink, or donations,” Craft said. “Shoe Closet and Tangles were also in the live auction with big packages that they put together with items at each of their stores. Jason’s Deli was a food contributor and Ganache Cupcake Lounge and Edible Arrangements donated the desserts for the event.” The amount of money raised through ticket sales, donations, the silent purse auction and the

Model Adrinna from the Anthony David Agency. Photo by NICOLE BARRON

live auction will not be finalized until later this week. The clothes in the style show were mostly from stores in Parker Square, and then there were a few things that Cannon brought from designers in New York. Most of the models were local, but there were a few professional ones who were hired for the event. The fashionable night on the Square came together in a swift motion to create a glamorous, inspirational evening in Wichita

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Falls. “This amazing group of women were honored to come together to work in a unique way of joining these two events on one amazing night to benefit education for children and women in our community,” Craft said. “The

community just loved going to the event and being part of that... and of course seeing an amazing fashion show on a caliber that you don’t see often in Wichita Falls, with all the New York influence in it.”





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Wednesday — September 12, 2012 — your campus / your news

MTV Video Music Awards: A night of epic proportions By Brooke Draper A&E editor

MTV once again showed the world just how much they do not care in the Video Music Awards. From the music, performances, and the outlandish number of bleeps for profanity, the VMA’s were a night full of fun and excitement. The show aired September 6 and despite coverage of the Democratic National Convention, more than 6.13 million people viewed the show. Along with the

moving. His first dig went to Chris Brown and Drake who had an infamous bottle throwing incident earlier this year at a night club. Hart reminded them they were fighting over a “mistake.” Hart said Drake is from Canada and loves to recycle. When Brown sent the bottle over, Drake was trying to throw it in the recycling bin and not actually hit Brown with the bottle. Another mistake Hart discussed on included the secret

Taylor Swift MCT

various videos and lavish celebrities, one person stood out among the rest. A group dressed as Secret Service agents, each not much shorter than the 5’2 host Kevin Hart, escorted him out on stage. Hart took the audience by surprise by calling out some of the mistakes made in 2012 by celebrities.He reminded people that even though we make mistakes, it’s always important to keep on

affair between movie director Rupurt Sanders and Kristen Stewart. Sanders is the director of Snow White and the Huntsmen where Stewart played the lead role (Stewart was absent for the Breaking Dawn movie premiere) and the many mistakes he claimed he would make throughout the evening. The night began with a dub step/house music remix of Rihanna’s song “Cockiness,” which

is gaining popularity. Dancing seductively, Rihanna has really been changing the game where she would once not dance at all. The pop star later came on stage to receive the Video of the Year Award for song “We Found Love” wearing an all white Adam Selman gown, proving how much of a “Bad Girl” she really is. Other performances throughout the night included One Direction, Green Day, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, and more. Frank Ocean remained a trending topic on Twitter as fans crazed over the “Novocain” singer as he poured his heart out. In early July, Frank Ocean came out on his Tumblr page by letting the world know that his first love was indeed a man. Ocean sat on stage singing “Thinking About You” and had many wondering was it a man or woman that he was singing to. Regardless of whom the song was intended for, Ocean gave an astounding performance using his sultry sexy voice to remind everyone why he has been loved for so long. The artist was later voted Best Raw Performance of the night by As far as awards go, all who received a moon man had a story behind their success and definitely deserved everything they had achieved. The British–Irish household name, One Direction, not only performed but received several awards that evening. The band admitted to this being their first time at the VMA’s and they were happy to have been able to win and perform all in the same night.

Band member Louis Tomlinson tweeted Friday afternoon saying, “Wow can’t believe we won three awards! I said it on stage but I’ll say it again! The awards are because of you guys, thank you everyone!” Another artist of loyal followers were just as excited as the next artist picked up his award for achieving a new feat. Drake added to the long line of great acceptance speeches giving a shout out to “any kid that’s ever had a long walk home by yourself.” Drake was referring to when he was younger and was made fun of at a party for being Jewish and Black. The Video for “HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)” was made to remember his past and commemorate just how far he has gotten. Last year, diva Beyonce was not only present to the VMA’s, but gave the best surprise by letting the world know of her pregnancy during her performance of “Love on Top.” This year someone else had their own “bun in the oven” that they wanted to share as well. The recent under the radar rapper, Wiz Khalifa, told the world what he has been up to, as girlfriend Amber Rose appeared next to him on the red carpet wearing a long black dress; beautiful and pregnant! Also Rihanna and new gal pal Katy Perry made quite the scene together as they constantly congratulated each other every time their names were called. The now dynamic duo both remained a hit throughout the night for the many kisses that were given out. After winning Best Video of

Kevin Hart MCT

the Year, Rihanna was greeted and kissed by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who allegedly assaulted her in late 2009. Katy Perry had thousands of teenage girls very angry at her as she kissed One Direction members Niall Horan and Harry Styles on the lips when they received an award for song “What Makes You Beautiful.” Last but not least, the night ended with once sweetheart and now heartbreaker Taylor Swift singing “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” Swift reenacted the “Back Together” music video and showed that she too could work it on the stage. Over all, the night was full of laughter and fun as celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Resheeda Jones and Andy Samberg, Dwight Howard, Zoe Saldana, The Fierce Five, and more all had unique ways of making the night exciting. Resheeda and Andy’s free style session may not have been proved to be the

best performance of the night. Miley’s hair is still a golden blonde force to be reckoned with. Between Kevin Hart and numerous candid happenings throughout the show, the 2012 Video Music Awards deserved an all-around A+! The nominees for all categories were announced on July 31, 2012 and voting continued all the way until the show. This year’s winners included: • Rhianna ft. Calvin Harris- “We Found Love” for Video of the Year • Chris Brown-“Turn Up the Music” for Best Male Video • Nicki Minaj-“Starships” for Best Female Video • One Direction-“What Makes You Beautiful” for Best New Artist and Best Pop Video • Coldplay- “Paradise” for Best Rock Video • Drake-“HYFR” for Best Hip Hop Video

Summer albums hit and miss with audience By ORLANDO flores jr. staff writer

The Wichitan is taking a big step this year in the arts & entertainment area by launching The Wichitan Music as its online host of anything and everything music-related. From album and song reviews, artist features and local coverage, The Wichitan Music plans on covering it all. But before looking forward to all the upcoming releases this fall, let’s look back at what has been a great summer for some, and bad one for others.

The Good: Frank Ocean – Channel ORANGE Channel ORANGE is everything that any artist would wish for out of a debut album. Frank Ocean’s soulful croon, heartfelt lyrics, and smooth production have helped him exceed every expectation expected of him from the sample he gave the world with 2011’s Nostalgia, Ultra, and also create what may be the album of the year. While it can be debated that Frank’s coming out about past feelings for another man may have boosted interest in his album before its release, there’s no doubting that Frank’s quick wit and sincere honesty more than carry the weight of this album. Standout tracks like “Thinkin Bout You,” “Pyramids,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Bad Religion” are prime examples of Frank’s supreme songwriting. Guest spots from Andre 3000 and Earl Sweatshirt give a hip-hop edge to this pure R&B album, and John

Mayer also makes a great appearance playing a guitar solo over the interlude “White.” The only complaint I can come up with for this album is that the excellent “Voodoo” is drowned out in the closing track from the tape hissing and whirring that was made novelty on Nostalgia, Ultra. From start to end, Channel ORANGE is a near perfect masterpiece that puts Frank far above his peers and signifies a bright future for his career.

Beach House – Bloom In 2010, Baltimore gained another superstar indie band in Beach House with the release of Teen Dream. With this album, the music world witnessed Beach House come into their own, writing one of the most emotionally gripping albums about love and desire and ending up at the top of many Best Of lists that year. Two years later, the band has shown the continuation in lush sound exploration and higher quality recording with Bloom. Tracks like “Myth,” “Wild,” “Lazuli,” and “New Year” demonstrate the bands ability to pace a track and let it breathe and build up as it progresses, as well as the new full sound the band has embraced. The tracks no longer cower within the bedroom walls they were recorded in, but breakthrough them and fill up as much space as they can – something people were never sure the band would learn how to do. While I’ll still hold Teen Dream as a better album, there is no denying the quality and growth that Bloom

has. Expect this album to once again land them near the top of many year-end lists, and don’t miss out on seeing them in Dallas at the Palladium on September 21. Fiona Apple: The Idler Wheel… This year finally saw the return of Fiona Apple after eight long years. Her last album, 2005’s Extraordinary Machine, left a bitter taste in critics’ and fans’ mouths alike after she broke up her musical relationship with producer Jon Brion, the driving force behind her previous efforts. With Brion out, producer Mike Elizondo, famous for working with Eminem and Dr. Dre, was brought in to restructure the songs Apple and Brion fleshed out. As you can expect, the results were as awkward and forced in some places as it sounds on paper. So for The Idler Wheel…(the full title is really long), Apple made the logical move of making this album on her own. Gone is the over-produced, almost hip-hop-like tones of Elizondo, as well as the lush string arrangements Brion was known for. In their place is what may really be the first full-fledged Fiona Apple album she’s released. Many tracks are simply Apple and her piano (“Every Single Night”,” “Werewolf”), an approach so simple that it’s a wonder she never did this before. The payoff is a more intimate, personal album from an artist known for being intimate and personal. Apple is much older and wiser than the young lady she was when she wrote hits like “Criminal” and

“Paper Bag.” While still angry and as fiery as ever, she comes off as more subdued, at times understanding, when it comes to love and relationships (“Valentine,” “Johnathan”). To sum it up nicely, The Idler Wheel... is an excellent album that shows the growth of a talented young lady into an even better, matured woman and all the struggles she’s survived.

what can only be described as a “WTF?!” album. From the awful appearance of Wiz Khalifa on “Payphone” to “Moves Like Jagger,” this whole album feels like a stab in the heart of those who were fans of Maroon 5’s former quick-witted and sophisticated rock from the Songs About Jane era. For his band’s sake (if he even has one), hopefully this was just a one-off that Levine had to get out of his system before they could move on to bigger and better things.

The Bad: Maroon 5: Overexposed At this point, is Maroon 5 even a band or just a moniker for Adam Levine? It’s not a secret that Levine’s become a huge star off the success of the NBC show The Voice, but with this new stardom has obviously come a new muse for Levine. Gone are the instruments and what sounds like the backing of his band, Levine is front and center over C grade electro-pop for over an hour on

Justin Bieber: Believe I’ll be the first to admit that Believe isn’t that bad, at least in the sense of everything else that is out there in the pop world that’s at Justin Bieber’s level. The thing that puts this album on the bad side of the summer spectrum, though, is Bieber’s age and new image. It’s understandable that as he ages, Bieber doesn’t always

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want to make music as bubblegum as “Baby” or “One Time” – I get that. But the makeover was not very well calculated. It seems like he went from an innocent 12 year-old singing innocent pop songs to this 18 year-old yelling “swag,” beating photographers, attempting to rap/hanging out with rappers and trying to act older than he was with hardly any transition in between. Many have already compared this album to the transition that Justin Timberlake made with Justified and Future Sex/Love Sounds. The main difference in Timberlake and Bieiber (other than true talent) is that Timberlake was a lot more believable in his new role as a smooth adult crooner bringing “Sexyback” than Bieber is on any part of his latest album. Timberlake proved himself effortlessly with each new song he put out and every live performance. Bieber on the other hand appears to be trying too hard to remind people that he is 18 now. Is it fair to base the opinion on his album by perception and comparison Maybe, maybe not? But considering the generic dance-pop sound used throughout all of Believe, it’d be a far stretch to consider it anywhere near the good spectrum.

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sports 7 The Real Coach Carter

e thwichitan — your campus / your news

Ken Carter inspires Midwestern State student athletes By Orlando Flores, jr. Staff writer

The power of knowledge and perseverance were a few of the key themes of the annual StudentAthlete Life Skills Day. The MSU Athletic Department provided student athletes a rare glimpse into the life of the man behind the hit movie Coach Carter. Students and the Wichita Falls community crowded into the D.L. Ligon Coliseum Saturday to hear Coach Ken Carter spread his message of winning. “I came here to talk to all the athletes and to teach them a little bit about life,” Carter said in a pre-speech interview. “I want to take forth the information that I’ve learned throughout the years, and share it with all these young people. You can never see a sunset if you keep running east.” Carter said a lot of students are running in the wrong direction. “What they really have to understand is that people who have access to the best information are the people who are usually the most successful,” he said. In 1999, Carter rose to fame when he benched his then-undefeated Richmond High School boys basketball team. The infamous gym lockout was in response to 15 of his 45 players not upholding the personal grade requirement he made for the Richmond high athletes. Carter’s

requirement for the players was a 2.3 GPA, .3 points higher than the state’s 2.0 requirement for the no pass, no play rule. Since the release of Coach Carter, he has become a renowned public speaker focused on educating students not just athletically, but academically as well, through his Coach Ken Carter Foundation. He is also the author of the best-seller Yes Ma’am, No Sir: The 12 Essential Steps to Success in Life. “[The movie] has given me a bigger platform,” Carter said. “I get to speak and influence more people now, it is truly a blessing.” Carter is now in the process of starting up the Coach Ken Carter Impact Academy, an all-boys school in Marlin, TX. “It’s been almost a three-year process of getting the school open,” he said. “January 4, the day that I actually locked the gym up in 1999, is looking like it will be the day in 2013 that I’ll be locking the kids into the school.” Whether it was his powerful enthusiasm from which he spoke or his surprise attacks on the athletes in the audience, Carter’s message centered in on one thing – winning. He said before students can win, they have to make sure that everything was in its right place. Winners are not born, they are made, he said. The famed high-school basketball coach said he knew the upcoming season would be on the athletes’ minds, but he wanted them to look more to their dis-

Wednesday — September 12, 2012

tant future, instead. “I was brought in to say to these athletes, ‘Listen, young people. [I’ve] walked in your shoes,’” Carter said. “[I] Was a high school All-American, a college player and [I] played two weeks of pro ball, but my career was done after that. So now I have to do something else to make a living.” Carter gave out the statistic that only 1 out of every 500,000 athletes get the opportunity to play some kind of professional sport. “Have you checked Microsoft recently?” Carter questioned. “There are over 25,000 millionaires in that single company as of this morning.” Carter used this example to stress the importance of education through the opportunities that it can create for you. “Young people, you don’t want a job,” he said. “J.O.B. means just over broke. It’s when you have a career that you can really start to stack your paper.” Carter said that there are four things that define a winner: accountability, integrity, being a good follower before you’re a good leader, and being a part of a team. “If you write things down, they’re ten times more likely to come true in your life,” Carter said. “You have to live up to your full potential. You don’t get paid by the hour, but by the value that you put into the hour. The universe will give you what you really work for and want. It has no choice.”

B.A. Catney scored the lone goal against Newman University Friday night. Photo by BEKAK TIMM

Carter stressed the importance of knowledge and making good decisions while you are young, as well. “Knowledge is not power,” Carter said. “The use of knowledge is power. You have to have access to get information, and then you have to put it to good use.” Carter went on to say that wanting something does not mean that it will come easy. He reminded the athletes life is all about the seasons, and that at some point winter will come. “It was very motivational and inspirational,” said Katelyn Vinson, a freshman softball player. “He is pushing us to be the greatest that we can be, and I’ve always looked up to him. I like how he reminded us that spring always comes after winter.” MSU Athletic Director Charlie Carr said Carter is a great example of hard work and perseverance. “He’s a dynamic guy,” Carr said. “He makes you think a lot about what you’re doing, especially when the students are at this stage of their lives.” Carr said it was special for MSU to have someone like Coach Carter to help kick the year off and that he hopes this can be repeated in the future. “Hopefully we can make this grow into something that’s more than just our student athletes,” he said. “We want everyone to hear and see this. We’ve got a good start, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Ken Carter shares inspiring words with athletes Photo by MEGHAN MYRACLE

Andrew Powers was crucial to the Mustang attack as he scored the opener against the Colorado State-Pueblo. Photo by BEKAH TIMM

Mustangs clinch overtime victory By Damian atamenwan Sports editor

Words could not describe the relief the Midwestern State soccer team felt after an extra time goal concluded a sensational match in favor of the Mustangs at Newman University Friday night. But before the deadlock was broken, both teams had their fair share of unforeseen entertainment.B.A. Catney took the first shot on goal which followed a superb save from Newman’s Robin Allard. Catney had no idea he would eventually be the hitman in the final minutes or

did Allard know his agility would keep Jets hanging for a while. Head Soccer Coach Doug Elder applauded the efforts of Catney. “B.A. is doing really good and has picked up his game,” he said. “He is playing quicker than he used to.” The Mustang attack, piloted by Catney and Andrew Power, continued to torment the Newman defense with numerous shots. Nevertheless, Allard was as surefooted as a deer to forwards’ disappointment. Meanwhile at the other end of the field, Ray Clark was grateful to his back four as they were strict against the Newman offense. The

Jets barely recorded any shot on goal by the end of the first half. The referee blew his whistle and the second half was underway. MSU was putting together a superb performance which included shots from Len Smith, Bryan Santiago, and Power in quick succession. However, Allard was unyielding and continued to produce textbook saves. Idi Camara was whiskers away from granting Midwestern State the lead when he hit the post in the 74th minute. Griff Stratford also came close to getting on the scoreboard with three successive shots, one sailing wide and the rest being dealt with by Allard.

After 90 minutes of an agonizing goalless draw, the teams had a chance to break the tie in extra time. The first period displayed numerous attempts but no goals while the second period proved otherwise. With a few seconds left on the clock, Santiago delivered a fine cross for Catney to head past the goalkeeper for a top-drawer goal. The later struck the ball so well that even a goalkeeper of Allard’s caliber had trouble saving it. “We got the win and that’s what matters,” said Elder. This breathtaking moment was rewarding to the Mustangs who worked particularly hard for 110

minutes. MSU improved on its performance Sunday with a 3-1 victory over Colorado State-Pueblo. The Mustangs took the lead in as early as the eighth minute with Power scoring the opener courtesy of Aaron Douthit’s assist. The second goal came in the 15th minute and this time it was Douthit who pulled the trigger and David Freeland who provided the assist. The Mustangs enjoyed the majority of the first half in a comfortable lead over their guests. Eventually, the ThunderWolves struck with a 74th minute goal from Jon-Michael Krasovic after clever footwork of Matt Marchena from

a corner kick. “We have to quit making mistakes,” Elder commented. “We have a young team and the schedule is going to get harder.” However, this goal was deemed consolatory when Stratford bagged the winning goal at the end of the 89th minute. The Mustangs were pleased with their third victory in as many games, but Elder felt they could have done better. “We scored some goals but we didn’t play as well as we could have,” he said. MSU will travel to Texas A&M International this Friday. The game is scheduled for 7 p.m.



e thwichitan

Wednesday — September 12, 2012 — your campus / your news

Sophomore Running Back Jimmy Pipkin gets tackled by the Tarleton defense.

Sophomore Cornerback Ricardo Riascos prepares to make a tackle.



No. 4 Mustangs upset by Texans, 20-17 Orlando Flores Jr. Staff Writer

The Mustangs’ football season did not get off to the start it expected Saturday night in Stephenville, losing to Tarleton State 20-17. Two special teams miscues from the Mustangs led to the Texans upset over the No. 4 ranked team in Div. II college football. The first miscue came in the third quarter after a 37-yard field goal from Greg Saladino allowed the Mustangs to retake the lead 10-7. The Mustangs went on

to force the Texans to a threeand-out the following drive, but a fumble from Kendall Wrenn on the punt return allowed the Texans to take control of the ball on the Mustangs’ four-yard line. Nearly 30 seconds later, the Texans’ Jerome Regal charged into the end zone to allow Tarleton State to retake the lead at 14-10. The Mustangs’ luck worsened on their next drive when the Texans’ Jamal Mays blocked and recovered Garrett Rhodes’ punt on MSU’s 19-yard line. This led to a 25-yard field goal by Brandon

Barnes to lengthen the Texans’ lead to 17-10. The Mustangs struggled to get any sort of offense going the following drive, except for a 17-yard pass from Brandon Kelsey to Wrenn, forcing them to again punt it off to Tarleton. The tandem of Regal and Vaughn Smith charged the Texans down the field to another Barnes 25-yard field goal to give the Texans a 20-10 lead at the start of the fourth quarter. With nine minutes left in the game, Kelsey led the Mustangs down the field from their own

25-yard line. After reaching the middle of the field off a series of rushes and an eight-yard completion to Ricky Collins, Kelsey threw a 45-yard bomb to Jared Freeman that set up a six-yard run from Kelsey for a Mustangs touchdown. A Saladino extra point kick brought the Mustangs back within three points. The Texans attempted to run the clock down behind the legs of Regal, but the Mustangs were able to shut down Tarleton’s offense, leaving them one more chance to complete their come-

back with 90 seconds left on the clock. Despite leading the Mustangs to the 50-yard line, Kelsey threw an interception picked off by Tarleton’s Marquis Wadley at their 40-yard line that shut down the Mustangs comeback. The Texans ran out the final 47 seconds of play to pick up their victory. Kelsey led the Mustangs’ rushing attack with 13 carries for 72 yards and one touchdown, aided by Keldrick Jackson’s 13 carries for 37 yards and one touchdown. Kelsey also completed 16-out-of-

32 passes for 173 yards and two interceptions. Leading receivers for the Mustangs were Freeman (four receptions, 83 yards) and Wrenn (four receptions, 53 yards). Defensive standouts for the Mustangs were Gadrian Muse (six solo tackles, six assisted tackles), Antoine Morris (four solo tackles, five assisted tackles) and Dayvyon Henry (four solo tackles, four assisted tackles). The Mustangs (0-1) next game will be against Texas A&M-Commerce tomorrow at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

Senior tries for London Olympics Volleyball star reaches a new career highlight One of our own tried out for the 2012 Olympic Games this year. Kiara Jordan, 22, a psychology major in her senior year at MSU participated in a three-day tryout for the U.S. women’s national volleyball team. The university sent her on an all expense paid trip to Colorado Springs, where she competed with about 300 other women. “It was awesome, besides it being 13 degrees and snowing,” Jordan said. She roomed in the dorms at the Olympic training center with two girls from Michigan. The first day of trials consisted of “six on six” scrimmaging. The second day focused on individual work such as passing and servicing, the third day was filled with more scrimmaging. She was told she did a great job despite not being accepted to represent the U.S. at the Olympics.

A quote she lives by is “Live ignorance of a man is believing every day as if it were your last,” what you did yesterday is suffiand she enjoyed every minute of cient enough for today.” This rethis experience. ally motivates her and pushes her “I never in my life dreamed to do her best every day. that I would be at a U.S. National Kiara Jordan has been playing Team tryout. sports most of I’m so grateful her life. for the opporHer mother, tunities that Crata, who was I’ve been given a volleyball, basin life. It was a ketball and track humbling expe- “I never in my coach started rience and you her off playing never know life dreamed that basketball and what you can I would be at softball in the accomplish if a U.S. National 2nd grade. All you don’t try,” Team tryout.” the while she she said. was learning the Jordan got fundamentals of Kiara Jordan volleyball. She to meet Karch senior officially started Kiraly, an American volplaying volleyleyball player ball on the A who is the only person to have team in high school and played won Olympic gold medals in club volleyball during her off seaboth indoor and beach volleyball. sons. She has always been active She got some good tips and ad- in sports since she started. vice from him and he signed one Jordan’s mother is a major inof her shirts. spiration in her life. Crata raised One of her favorite quotes she her and her brothers Cory, 25 heard during the tryouts is, “The and Jordan, 14 as a single mother.

chos doubled their lead with a remarkable finish by Bond from inches outside the penalty box. But the Lady Mustangs fought hard to get on the scoreboard before halftime. The offense poured forward and eventually Megan Barnhart was able to hit her target from 10 yards out in the 39th minute. Midwestern State was back in it.

With the score at 2-1, the Lady Mustangs headed into the break with the hope of completing a comeback in the second half. However, UCO had plans to punish the Midwestern defense. The winning goal came in the 78th minute by Cierra Allen with an assist from Ciara Mitchell. Unfortunately for the Lady Mustangs, they were unable to make

Tolu Agunbiade Staff Writer

Kiara Jordan Photo by HANWOOL LEE

She went back to school and just passed a test to become a principal and has ambitions of eventually becoming a superintendent. Another one of Jordan’s role models is Destiny Hooker, a member of the U.S. women’s national volleyball team. Hooker says, “If you put your mind to it you can be great at what ever you do.” Jordan has had a very successful college volleyball career. She has a very long list of accolades from her 4 years at MSU. Among these are being the first MSU volleyball player to earn All America honors in the NCAA, and being named Lone Star Conference Libero of the Year two seasons in a row. She is a hard worker and believes in pushing herself towards excellence. She is set to graduate in December and looking forward to what the future brings. “I would love to go to grad school at UNT and be in the sports psychology program, if not, I would enjoy going back home to coach high school volleyball,” Jordan said.

Lady Mustangs hit with fourth loss of the season Damian Atamenwan Sports Editor

The women’s soccer team emphasized a poor start to the season with third consecutive loss, trailing 3-1 to Central Oklahoma Friday night. Caitlin Bond produced the first attempt on goal in the ninth minute which was blocked with ease by goalkeeper Mallory Whit-

worth. Bond continued to be an attacking threat for the Bronchos and contributed to the opening goal. Brittni Walker collected a pass from Bond as she got through the Mustang defense to slot in the opener. Walker’s 14th minute goal was her second of the season. Seven minutes later, the Bron-

a comeback. The Lady Mustangs then travelled to Southwestern Oklahoma State University where they witnessed another disappointing fixture. Cori Kelly scored the opener in the 65th minute with a left footed shot that found its way past the goalkeeper. Kelly was thankful to Samantha Nunez’s assist.

Miranda Balezentis scored a similar goal from 10 yards out in the 85th minute as SWOSU took full control over the game. The Lady Mustangs will travel to Angelo State University this Friday for an opportunity to bounce back from its losses. Kickoff is set for 5 p.m.

September 12, 2012  

Wichitan Issue

September 12, 2012  

Wichitan Issue