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Dear Prospective Client


I am particularly interested about getting an interview for Precision Graphics due to your prodigious work. Your work on Saladin’s Anatomy and Physiology textbook and the Essentials of Geology, is exactly the kind of projects I want to be apart of. The designs are crisp and clean with high quality graphics that show knowledge and a great amount of research behind them. I could definitely contribute to future projects like these.

Michigan State University, 2007–2011 Bachelor of Arts Primary Concentration Graphic Design Secondary Concetration Pre-Med Deans List, Fall 2009 GPA 3.33

Just coming out of Michigan State University, I am ready to jump into the medical illustration field. I have always been interested in science but after taking a graphic design class I decided to enter the field of medical illustration. I want to use my design skills to help communicate ideas and information on the complex human body.

EXHIBITION & ORGANIZATIONS Undergraduate Exhibit, 2008 Untitled, Drawing Undergraduate Exhibit, 2010 Asleep, Plaster MSU President’s House Exhibit, 2010 Asleep, Plaster STA 391 Exhibit, 2010 Untitled, Drawing

I believe I would do well at your company because of my great work ethic and my intense desire to prove myself. I have creative problem-solving skills and I take and give critique well. I am a strong draftsman with a background in life studies and I am current on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have created logos, posters, brochures, and various other projects. On the other hand, I have also taken a myriad of science courses as in biology, human anatomy, comparative anatomy and so forth with a dissection lab as well. I graduated Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts and a concentration in graphic design along with a pre-med track.

Spartan Art Voice, 2011 As a member we created a community of artists dedicated to helping, creating and putting on shows for everyone’s benefit.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you in person. My resume is attached and my online portfolio can be found at

WORK EXPERIENCE Costco, 2007–2011 Brighton, MI Cashier/Food Service I was given the responsbility of handling money, and I had to interact with customers on a daily basis, Communicates and works well with peers and employers.


Vonette Bigham 517-672-1595

4748 Hawthorne Dr East Lansing MI 48825


4748 Hawthorne Dr East Lansing MI 48825

SKILLS Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Microsoft Office Mac or PC Strong Draftsman 2 years of Japanese

INTERESTS soccer, sculpting, writing, kayaking, cake decorating, video games, dancing, human anatomy, biology

This poster was made to inform the viewer as to who made the font, and why. Special characteristics of the font are listed and shown throughout the poster.

Charcoal, Untitled. A self-guided project dealing with questions about humanity.

Charcoal, A study of a female model. I was working on different techniques of shading and finding the form.

A brochure concept for the Irish Milwaukee Festival with information on dates, places and entertainment.

thank you , if you want to see more or talk,


Vonette Bigham's PDF Portfolio Package for Senior Seminar


Vonette Bigham's PDF Portfolio Package for Senior Seminar