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Michael Stuck OL # 263 Technical Communications Professor Cari Ogden December 27, 2010


Description of Equipment

Materials & Equipment Required

Directions for changing the oil


This will be what we change the oil in today

The instructions in this pamphlet will help you change the motor oil in a motorcycle. Following these steps will ensure a hassle free way to accomplish this task. Read each step one at a time until all tasks are complete. All tools and materials will be addressed as you progress through the pamphlet. Each time an oil change is required, use this pamphlet to complete the task in 10 to 15 minutes.

This document should be used in any situation that mechanical direction is needed. Note! A trained mechanic is a very useful in any vehicle related task. Caution! Before beginning, ensure that the vehicle is properly secured on level ground. Use proper eye, ear, and skin protection when encountering any type of chemicals.

Parts of the motorcycle that will be used: Dip Stick/Fill hole (Located on right side top of engine) 

Dip Stick/Fill Hole

Drain Plug (Located on bottom of engine) 

Oil Sight Glass (Located on right hand side of engine) 

Sight Glass Drain Plug

Before beginning the oil change gather the following material. 

Motorcycle stand or equivalent to secure vehicle

Drain pan to catch old motor oil

3/8 drive ratchet

3/8 inch extension

17mm socket

1 oil funnel

1 qt. 10w-30 motor oil (owners preferred motor oil may be used) 

Stands Drain Pan Oil

Ratchet, Extension & Socket

Step 1

Once all the material and parts are located let’s begin: 1.) Secure motorcycle on level ground. Use stands to prevent falling. 2.) Place drain pan under motorcycle.

Securing Vehicle

3.) Remove drain plug with 17mm socket. 4.) Allow motor oil to drain until oil stops draining. 5.) Reinstall drain plug and tighten with 17mm socket.

Steps 2, 3, 4 & 5

Draining oil into pan

Continuing our oil change: 6.) Remove fill plug.

Steps 6 & 7 Funnel

7.)Place oil funnel in fill plug hole. 8.) Poor 1 qt. 10w-30 motor oil into funnel/fill hole.

Fill Hole

Step 8

Continuing our oil change: 9.) Check oil sight window. Note! (Oil should be half way up the window. If not add additional oil up to half way mark.) 10.) Reinstall fill plug. Step 9

Add to Half Way Mark

11.) Start engine for 1 to 2 minutes. 12.) Inspect oil sight window to ensure proper level one last time. Note! (Add oil if needed. Does not have to be exactly half way, Not too much though!) Steps 10, 11, & 12

Proper oil level

Finishing up: 13.) Clean up materials and dispose of oil waste. 14.) Enjoy until next oil change is required.

Frequently asked Questions. Q) I do not have a level area to secure the vehicle? A) Level areas are best suited for this task. Ensure vehicle will not fall over on the area available. Q) The drain plug is rounded off and not loosening?

Level Area

A) Try using a set of vise grips to clamp on drain plug. This will eliminate the wrench slipping and enable the plug to loosen.

Drain Plug

Q: The oil has drained for many minutes and continues to drip? A: There will always be some additional fluid that will be left over. The drain plug can be installed and new oil installed. Q: The oil is past the very top of the sight glass? A: If the oil level is overfilled, it should be drained and refilled. More oil than necessary could damage the engine. Q: Where is the proper place to dispose of old motor oil? A: Used motor oil may be dropped off at most Oreilly’s Auto Parts Stores and others for proper disposal.

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