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November 2011 // T : 01884 234470 or 01752 690390


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£335.0 excl VAT

0 Space Heater Diesel JS-AB1008

£155l V.A0T 0

Space Heater Propane


102,000 BTU DR-19752

Space Heater Diesel £299.00 JS-AB7081  Space Heater Propane 136,000 BTU £185.00 DR-19753 Battery Starter Charger £214.00 DR-40180

Battery Load Tester 100A £33.33 DR-53090

Tow Rope 3.7 meters, 4T capacity £12.49 DR-65297

Intelligent Battery Battery Booster Charger 12V Cables 3 meters, Heavy Duty £46.00 DR-66806 £36.66 DR-51875

Portable Power Pack £87.49 DR-40134

Mega Deals Inside

Drills TH-MAK8391DWPETK BB-GSR14.4-2 GH-9651SET1-10MM GH-9651SET1-13MM GH-499CSKSET GH-2049.013 GH-2050.Set

Makita Combi Drill/Driver 18V Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver 14.4V Drill Set 1-10mm TIN Drill Set 1-13mm TIN Countersunk Drill Set 6pce TIN HSS Drill Set Cobalt 1-10mm Drill Set Stub 1-10mm

£99.00 £75.00 £34.50 £49.00 £44.00 £46.50 £49.00

Winter Wonderland Open evening for all with hog roast, equipment demos, special offers and a one off not to miss sale! For more details keep your eye’s on

O pe 2p n D m ay – 9 fr pm om

At our Tiverton Head Office - 6th December 2011

Dunlop Wellington Boot Devon Sizes 9-11 £11.00

Tan Lined Rigger Boot Sizes 9-11 £23.00

Hi-Vis EN471 Jacket Sizes M-XL £17.60

Sealtex Jacket Navy 100% Waterproof M-XL £20.00

Sealtex Trousers Navy 100% Waterproof M-XL £15.00

CAT Beanie Black (one size) £7.50

CAT Thermal Gripster Glove Black £2.50

CAT Socks 6-11 £7.95









November 2011 // T : 01884 234470 or 01752 690390

Winter Plasma Promotions Avoid t he Rising Cost of Oxy and Fuel G as!

Lincoln Tomahawk 1025 & 1538 (415V) Max Cut 25 x 38mm (LN-MK12048-1.3/415) & (LNMK12039-1) 3 Years parts and labour warranty

Lincoln PC-210 (230V)




Max Cut 10mm LN-MK12038-1 230V 2 Years parts and labour warranty

Max Cut 18mm WL-MTA76I.240V 1 Years parts and labour warranty

£1395 and £1795

Visor System Headband SF-RP294000 


Visor Clear SF-EP294001 


Visor Weld/Green SF-RP294002 


LN-MTSW03X0893-25A LN-MTSW03X0893-50R LN-MTSW03X0893-29A.PK5 LN-MTSW03X0893-41A LN-MTSW03X0893-60A.PK5 LN-MTSW03X0893-70R LN-MTSW03X0893-64A LN-MTSW03X0893-67A LN-MTSW03X0893-75A LN-MTSW03X0893-76A LN-MTSW03X0893-77A LN-MTSW03X0893-5R.PK3

Electrode PC1030 PK/5 Gas Distr.40-60A PKA Nozzle 1.1mm PC1030 Retaining Cup PC1030 Electrode 1538 Tomahawk Swirl Ring Pk2 Nozzle/Tip 100A 1538 TMH Drag Shield Pk2 Electrode (Pk5) PC210 TIP/NOZZ 2sa PC210 Pk5 Outside CAP/NOZZ PC210 Gas Distributor PC620 Pk3

£10.28 £25.62 £10.24 £15.84 £18.63 £24.79 £11.79 £15.87 £7.62 £7.18 £11.41 £17.82

November 2011 // T : 01884 234470 or 01752 690390

Available in Ral colours please call for more details. RU-THH73262.5 RU-THH73482.5 RU-THH73652.5 RU-THH73792.5 RU-THH7381 RU-THH73922.5

Combi-Colour Blue 2.5L Combi-Colour Safety Yellow 2.5L Combi-Colour Red 2.5L Combi-Colour Smooth Black 2.5L Combi-Colour Light Grey 2.5L Combi-Colour Gloss White 2.5L

£24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95

RU-THH6469 RU-THH6487

Rustoleum Shopprimer Red Rustoleum Shopprimer Grey

£12.95 £12.95

RU-THH7691 RU-THH7695

Rustoleum Damp Proof Red Primer 1L Rustoleum Damp Proof Red Primer 5L

£12.99 £56.00

NOW LIVE is now live, however please bear with our super trained web monkeys as they slowly add our massive range to the site. This may take a few months, but keep checking back, subscribe to the eletter and we will promise to let you know about the latest deals the second they go live !

Super blitz is produced by Parkins Industrial Supplies. © 2011 Printed by Acanthus Press, Wellington Terms and Conditions. The statement and information in this publication are for general guidance, and are not warranties or binding descriptions. We reserve the right to make changes to prices or withdraw products without prior notice. Prices are correct at time of print and exclude VAT. Start date of all promotions is 1st November 2011 and Finish date is 31st December 2011.

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