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Mission The mission of The Pennfield School is to create an inclusive community of dedicated learners, where students are given a foundation and appreciation for the joyful pursuit of understanding, while fostering respect for oneself and others as a way of life.

Core Values • We are committed to creating an environment in which everyone is treated with kindness and respect. • We are committed to being a joyful place, where students learn by example: the importance of honesty, integrity, generosity and humor. • We are committed to providing a challenging and balanced curriculum, enabling our students to succeed at a wide variety of secondary schools and beyond. • We are committed to fostering a strong partnership between faculty, students and parents. • We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that is diverse in make-up, is tolerant and accepting, and helps develop a strong sense of social and community responsibility. • We are committed to embracing the uniqueness of every member of our community and providing the individual attention needed to help each student’s talents unfold. • We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to take academic, artistic and athletic risks.

Board of Trustees 2012-2013 Peter Mottur Chair Robert Kelley, Head of School Steve Bakios, Jr, ‘97 Christopher Bartlett Stephanie Bartley, PSA Chair Nick Downes Tim Froggatt Christine Frost Helen Glover Jeremy Howard Colin Jackson Alison Kiely Kathleen Morse Bernadette Ottiano Dejan Radeka Suzanne Ramponi Anson Stookey

Trustee Emeriti Mark Bistline David Carnegie Bill Crimmins Stefani Hulitar Dale Rheault B.Mitchell Simpson, III Miriam Smith Anna Tillinghast Head Emeritus John R. Pedrick


Statement by the Head of School What a remarkable community! At Pennfield we have a dedicated faculty, bright-eyed and eager students, supportive parents and grandparents, and loyal donors. Volunteers at Cornucopia, MayFair, The Golf and Tennis Scholarship Tournament, and the PSA-led Hot Lunch Program are tireless and cheerful! To no one’s surprise, this year’s giving is extraordinary. We all agree that something special happens at Pennfield. Students are valued as individuals and are inspired by the faculty to make sound choices both in and out of the classroom. Students at Pennfield enjoy learning – and certainly are well prepared for the next steps in their educational journeys. The environment at Pennfield School continues to foster joy, understanding and respect because of the generosity and support of the individuals and institutions listed in the pages of the Annual Report. Quite literally, we couldn’t fulfill our mission without you! Even those who are new to Pennfield School understand the importance of giving to this institution, since tuition alone does not cover the expense of educating our students. Others of you generously contribute to Pennfield because of what Pennfield has done for your children academically, artistically, athletically and, of course, socially. Your commitment to ensuring the School’s stability for the next generation of students and families is inspiring and heartwarming, and it speaks to the vitality of our community. On behalf of the faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, our current students, and the alumni, thank you. Your gift makes a difference – and it is greatly appreciated. Respectfully,

Rob Kelley, P’06, P’08, P’09, P’13   

Faculty 2012-2013


Robert Kelley

Peter Dorrien Traisci

Susan Kremer

Richard Schlegel

Jennifer Alexander

Mattie Edwards Kemp

Kris LaBadie

Ashleigh Smith, '93

Jewelle Allen

Kristin Emory

Karen Lambert

Erik Sperl

Deborah Bartlett

Lesley Faria

Lindsay Lyons

Dana Staats

Mathew Bottone

David Gleason

Michael McCarthy

Heather Strout

Elizabeth Bouch

Tara Gnolfo

Richard McMorrow

Elisabeth Swain

Faith Callahan

Judy Hall

Polly Meadows

Maria Takacs

Valerie Connor

Mandy Howe

Piper Padillia

Beth Cook

Karen King

Dawn Cronin Pigott

Linda Derome-Cabral

Judy Knowles

Kimberley Roderick

Statement by the PSA President As I look back at the last two years as the PSA president, I am very proud of where our organization has gone and where it is heading. Our strength comes from the fact that many individuals are involved and many hands do make the work lighter. All of the PSA programs mentioned below are growing due to all of our efforts. Regardless of our fundraising and community development success, there is still a critical role for volunteer development. We must continue to encourage every Pennfield family to participate in any way it can. Our community supported fundraising efforts included the Hot Lunch Program, the SCRIP program, Box Tops for Education, and Clements’ Market Receipts. We held our 2nd annual Barnes & Noble book fair and this seems to be turning into another successful way of bringing our school community together for a family enriching event that is not overly volunteer dependent. The 2012 MayFair & Silent Auction was again blessed with good weather and a great group of chairs. Robbie DeSouza, Sabrina Paradis, and Betsy McCabe organized and pulled off a wonderful family event that also put Pennfield’s best foot forward to our local communities. It is a win:win when the school can display the quality Pennfield experience at the same time it generates over $10,000. Because these fundraising efforts were only possible due to all of our volunteers’ hard work and donated time, we were able to deliver back to the Pennfield community $35,000.00 in the form of teacher & student enrichment, technology and building improvements, hosting fun events, and faculty appreciation gifts. Our focus continues to be effective fund-raising and school development. I was blessed with wonderful volunteers on the executive committee over my two years as president. Over 40 years ago, Pennfield School was born from a motivated group of parents who wanted to provide children with an academic, artistic, and cultural experience that produced happy and successful students. This mission will forever need people like you to be involved. Please encourage every parent to do what he or she can to help us carry on with this goal. It has been my honor to serve this organization. Respectively submitted, Bernadette Ottiano, P’18   -

PSA Leadership 2011-2012 Bernadette Ottiano President Sabrina Paradis Vice-President Beverly Muessel Treasurer Robbie DeSouza Secretary Susan Kremer Faculty Representative

Class Representatives Nursery Sara Gray Pre-Kindergarten Karen Buzard Suzanne Ramponi Kindergarten Cloud Howard Class I Stephanie Bartley Class II Cathy Seibold Class III Sharyn Dennis Class IV Maureen KennedyAntonellis Class V Dina Karousos Class VI Stacy Carlson Class VII Grit Nanfelt Class VIII Karla Little Beverly Muessel


2011 – 2012 giving report


The Pennfield School Benefactors The Pennfield School Benefactors are the financial foundation of The Pennfield School. Although many others support Pennfield (and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of them), these individuals below have given, including 2011-2012, consistently, significantly and with heart-felt loyalty to The New School/The Pennfield School. Their support is extremely important and deeply appreciated by all who believe in our mission and core values of The Pennfield School.


Supporting Benefactors $15,000 – $24,999

Tom and Christine Bandoni

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bakios

Peter and Liz Alofsin

Mark and Susan Bistline

Scott and Deborah Bartlett

Walter and Bevin Baetjer

Bill and Gael Crimmins

Steve '79 and Liz Cotta

Ed and Karen Baldwin

Jeffrey '77 and Karen Houston

John and Denise Crimmins

Gerald Baudet

Stefani Hulitar

Drs. Tom and Jackie Fantes

Holly and David Brown

Julia B.Lundwall

FJS Associates

Fred and Diane Campagna

Tony Manory

June Gibbs

Brett and Stacy Carlson

Mark Nickel and Allison McMillan

Bob and Alison Kiely

John Croy and Erica Buchanan

John and Nancy Pedrick

Karl and H. Greer Lyon

Drs. Mary and Tom Day

Pennfield School Association

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mottur

Nick and Karyn Downes

Mike and Loel Poor

Scott and Grit Nanfelt

Drs. Jim Freess and Sondra Gold

Raytheon Matching GIfts for Education Program

Kevin and Julie O'Halloran

Francis and Christine Frost

David and Dale Rheault

Roy and Isabelle Penny

Pam and Jack Grant

Cora Saccucci

Bill and Judy Hall

Sasco Foundation

Elizabeth Holmes

Tom and Vickie Settle

Garry and Cathy Holmstrom

Bob and Miriam Smith

Ted and Dina Karousos

Major Benefactors $25,000 +

Anna M. Tillinghast

Sustaining Benefactors $5,000 – $14,999

Frank and Kate Spinella

Rob Kelley and Ann Cotter-Kelley

Anson and Marilyn Stookey

James and Diane Kurtis

Dr. Susan Walker

Rich Marcotte and Colleen Murphy John and Gwenda McQuilkin Ruff and Polly Meadows Christopher and Bernadette Ottiano Burke Rogers and Anne Laurie Tuttle Jim and Amy Simmons Tony and Wilma Simpson Ed and Kate Sisk Heather and Dick Strout Peter and Liz Tardif Dr. Guy ‘72 and Kelly Tillinghast Jean F. Tye


Paul and Stephanie Bartley Will Bladt David and Holly Brown Rob and Andrea Bullard Patrick and Kathleen Burke Jefferson G. Burnett John Burnham and Rachel Balaban Thomas Burnham and Alessandra Ghezzi Tom and Faith Callahan Fred and Diane Campagna Brett and Stacy Carlson Dorothy M. Cunningham Jeff and Jessica Day Nick and Karyn Downes Drs. Tom and Jackie Fantes Elizabeth Gibbs '77 David and Karen Gleason Mrs. Paul Houston Jeremy and Cloud Howard

Consecutive Yearly Giving

Mandy Howe Colin and Beth Jackson Ted and Dina Karousos

We extend our sincere appreciation to these families who have provided consistent support through annual or capital giving for five, ten, fifteen and twenty and twenty-five years of consecutive giving to The Pennfield School.

Twenty-Fifth Silver Club 25 Year Giving

Fabulous Fifteen 15 Year Giving

John and Judy Allen

Scott and Debbie Bartlett

Bill and Gael Crimmins

Dan and Lesley Faria

Drs. Tom and Mary Day

Dr. Dan Freess ‘95

Drs. Jim Freess and Sondra Gold

Katie Meadows Gray ‘96

June Gibbs

Anne Griswold

Ruff and Polly Meadows

Andrew Kemp and Mattie Edwards Kemp

John and Nancy Pedrick Roy and Isabelle Penny David and Dale Rheault Cora Saccucci

Tom and Christine Bandoni

Bob and Miriam Smith Anna M. Tillinghast

Terrific Twenty Club 20 Year Giving Steve and Elaine Bakios Mark and Susan Bistline Pam and Jack Grant Stefani Hulitar Larry Ivens Kevin and Julie O'Halloran

Rob Kelley and Ann Cotter-Kelley

Katie Freess ‘99

Drew Kemp '04

Bill and Judy Hall

Bob and Alison Kiely

Michael and Lisa Hansel

Jamie Kurtis '74

Elise Burden Hoblitzelle '83

Jim and Karen Lambert

Garry and Cathy Holmstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Lipsett

Dr. Jeffrey ‘77 and Karen Houston

Henry and Karla Little

Julia B. Lundwall

John and Anne Ludes

Richard Marcotte and Colleen Murphy

Karl and H. Greer Lyon

Nicole M. McDermott

Christine Manory

Mr. and Mrs. John McQuilkin Betsey Meadows ‘99 Scott and Grit Nanfelt Dick and Irene Needham Darcey O’Halloran ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poor

Pat and Piper Padillia

Raytheon Company Matching Gifts Program

Frank and Kate Spinella

Decade Honor Roll 10 Year Giving Peter and Liz Alofsin Walter and Bevin Baetjer The Rev. and Mrs. Edwin P. Bailey

Burke Rogers and Annie Laurie Tuttle Ashleigh '93 and Ryan Smith Heather and Dick Strout Peter and Liz Tardiff Hale and Nellie Walcoff Dr. Susan Walker

Stephen Bakios, Jr.'97 Lauren Bakios '01 Matthew Bakios '04 Mathew Bottone and Sharon Rust David and Beth Bouch Linda Cabral Chuck Cabral ‘93 Robyn Cabral Kendrick '95 Steve ‘79 and Liz Cotta


Mr. and Mrs. William Kelley

Tony and Judy Knowles

Tony and Wilma Simpson Margo Stapleton

John and Denise Crimmins John Croy and Erica Buchanan

Quintessential Givers’ Club 5 Years Giving Anonymous Elizabeth Avenengo '82 Ed and Karen Baldwin Chris and Ana Bartlett

Steve and Lindsay Lyons Tony Manory Richard McMorrow Peter and Kathleen Morse Mike and Bev Muessel Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Nathan Lauren O'Halloran '06 Lillian E. Paul Peter and Pila Pexton Jay and Meghan Picotte Dawn Cronin Pigott William Pitts and Stephanie Buckley Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka Sasco Foundation Tom and Vickie Settle Ed and Kate Sisk Anson and Marilyn Stookey Guy '72 and Kelly Tillinghast Dr. and Mrs. Ali Tural Hazel F. Tuttle

40th Anniversary of The Pennfield School In the spring of 2011, Pennfield began celebrating their 40th Anniversary! Wow! What an incredible year full of celebration honoring all people that are such an integral part of The Pennfield School. On September 17, 2011 we had the 40th Anniversary Birthday party. Each class presented to the school 40 items of something that the school could use –pencils, glue sticks, poster boards, presentation boards. The faculty donated 40 Hula Hoops for the PE classes! What a great day with children’s games, lots of food and, of course, a big birthday cake! The Winterfest Gala took place on Saturday, February 25, 2012, at Ochre Court, Salve Regina University. Dinner, dancing, auction…a memorable evening! Over 200 people raised their glasses high in honor of this great school - 40 Years and Many More! Christine Bandoni and Anson Stookey led the 40th Anniversary Campaign: Celebrating Teaching Excellence. Over $250,000 was raised to support Pennfield’s most valuable asset – the Faculty. Monies raised support professional development, technology, and the establishment of a writing skills educator and a sustainability program. The campaign also supports the John R. Pedrick Legacy Fund for strategic initiatives. With deep appreciation, the following people have donated to the 40th Anniversary Campaign, Celebrating Teaching Excellence: Anonymous (2)

40th Anniversary Gala

Joseph and Mary McCabe

Jeff and Cathy Siegal

John and Judy Allen

June Gibbs

John and Gwenda McQuilkin

Jim and Amy Simmons

Walter and Bevin Baetjer

Jim and Helen Glover

Ruff and Polly Meadows

Mr. and Mrs. B. Mitchell Simpson

Elaine and Stephen Bakios

Kiki Glover ‘98

Rick and Cate Meffert

Robert S. and Miriam E. Smith

Ed and Karen Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grimes

Charles and Mary Millard

Margo Stapleton

Christine and Tom Bandoni

Roger and Anne Griswold

Rick Moore and Kathy O’Donnell

Anson and Marilyn Stookey

Chris and Ana Bartlett

Elizabeth N. Holmes

Peter and Debbie Mottur

Pete and Liz Tardif

Mark and Susan Bistline

Jeff ‘77 and Karen Houston

Libby Mottur

Anna Tillinghast

Patrick and Kathleen Burke

Sam and Anne Howell

Beverly and Michael Muessel

Guy ‘72 and Kelly Tillinghast

John Burnham and Rachel Balaban

Stefani Hulitar

Scott and Grit Nanfelt

Brian and MJ Torello


Dick and Irene Needham

Laura Wadsworth

Fred and Diane Campagna

Colin and Beth Jackson

Rob and Dawn Cardeiro

Ted and Dina Karousos

Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Bernadette Ottiano

Judith S. Wawro

Brett and Stacy Carlson

Hale and Nellie Walcoff

Rob Kelley and Ann Cotter-Kelley

Pennfield School Association

Sonia Lowis Wilson

Richard and Janet Colby

Bill and Pat Kelley

Roy W. and Isabelle H. Penny

Tot and Mary Wright

Steve ’79 and Liz Cotta

Bob and Alison Kiely

Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka

Bill and Gael Crimmins

Graham and Claudia Kilvert

The Delken Companies

Lou and Maja Krzych

Raytheon Matching Gift Educational Program

Nick and Karyn Downes

James T. and Diane Kurtis

Tom and Jackie Fantes

Philip and Tallulah Lloyd

Samantha Hines and Don Farias

Heather Locke

Francis and Christine Frost

Tony Manory

John and Patricia Rust Salve Regina University Kristin Emory and Jamie Schapiro Tom and Vickie Settle


Annual Fund As chairman of the 2011-2012 Annual Fund, I would like to thank all who participated and express my great appreciation to Rob Kelley and Polly Meadows for their leadership and all our devoted Class Agents for their polite persistence reaching out to the Pennfield Community. Each year Annual Fund provides not just the necessary capital to meet our operating budget, but a reminder of the strength and commitment of this community. Our participation numbers are always strong, reflecting our collective appreciation for the environment, experience and preparation for future success that Pennfield provides its students. Perhaps most impressive, though, has been the participation of the school’s faculty, which has been a steady 100% over the same period. This expression of their commitment to Pennfield and their students provides further evidence that they are the foundation on which our school is built. To the faculty, parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of Pennfield who showed generous support for Annual Fund, I send my sincere thanks. Anson Stookey, P'14, P'17

Cranston Society $5,000 + Tony Manory

Head of School’s Circle $750 – $1,499

Pennfield School Association

Anonymous Christine and Tom Bandoni

Benefactor $3,000 – $4,999 Cornucopia ‘11 Karl and Greer Lyon Mike and Loel Poor

Chris and Ana Bartlett Paul and Stephanie Bartley Mark and Susan Bistline Doug and Jennifer Bonoff Kevin and Susan Boulay

Sasco Foundation

Tom Burnham and Alessandra Ghezzi

Anson and Marilyn Stookey

Fred and Diane Campagna Patrick Churchville

Academic Patron $1,500 – $2,999 Anonymous Ed and Karen Baldwin Scott and Debbie Bartlett Brett and Stacy Carlson John and Mary Coyne Jeff '77 and Karen Houston Bob and Alison Kiely James and Diane Kurtis Jay and Bizzy McCabe David and Dale Rheault Tom and Vickie Settle Southeastern Oral & Maxillofaciial Surgeons Guy '72 and Kelly Tillinghast

Bill and Gael Crimmins John Croy and Erica Buchanan Geoffrey and Lisa Davis Delken Companies Chris and Sharyn Dennis Nick and Karyn Downes Tom and Jackie Fantes Tim and Wendy Froggatt Francis and Christine Frost June Gibbs Mike and Sara Gray Sam and Annie Howell Stefani Hulitar IBM Colin and Beth Jackson Ted and DIna Karousos Zackary King and Kerry Tyson KVG Communications, Inc. Heather Locke Philip and Tallulah Lloyd Betsy McCabe Peter and Kathleen Morse Michael and Bev Muessel Scott and Grit Nanfelt Christopher and Bernadette Ottiano Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka Charles Samdperil Humanitarian Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Schapiro The Sisk Family Pete and Liz Tardif Anna Tillinghast Jean Tye Dr. Susan Walker


Brad and Lissy Dellenbaugh

Heather Locke

Chris and Sharyn Dennis

Mark and Kristine Lowney

Frank and Robbie DeSouza

Steve and Lindsay Lyons

Nick and Karyn Downes

Tony Manory

Tim and Wendy Froggatt

Christine Manory

Francis and Christine Frost

Rich Marcotte and Colleen Murphy

Jim Garman

Rich and Judy Mason

Will Glennon and Josephine Martell

Betsy McCabe

Mike and Sara Gray

Richard and Kristen Miner

Paul and Kim Grimes

Rick Moore and Kathy O’Donnell

Jeremy and Cloud Howard

Peter and Kathleen Morse

Sam and Annie Howell

Teresa Mowery

Euan and Barbie Hutchison

Michael and Bev Muessel

Michael and Anne Hyder

Chris and Kara Museler

Colin and Beth Jackson

Dean and Christy Nadalin

Rich and Kerri Jaffe

Scott and Grit Nanfelt

Rob and Julie Kallman

John and Hillary Olinger

Ted and DIna Karousos

Christopher and Bernadette Ottiano

Rob Kelley and Ann Cotter-Kelley

Rachel Balaban

Ali and Zahra al Abri

Chris Bartlett

DJ and Jenn Alexander

Mark Bistline

Pete and Liz Alofsin

Jennifer Bonoff

Mike and Maureen Antonellis

Diane Campagna

Ed and Karen Baldwin

Bill Crimmins

Chris and Ana Bartlett

William L. Douglas, Jr.

Paul and Stephanie Bartley

Nick Downes

Tiffany Bentley

Christine Frost

Doug and Jennifer Bonoff

Helen Glover

Mathew Bottone and Sharon Rust

Stefani Hulitar

Kevin and Susan Boulay

Colin Jackson

Paul and Lynne Bulger

Rob Kelley

Rob and Andrea Bullard

Alison Kiely

Patrick and Kathleen Burke

Tony Manory

Tom Burnham and Alessandra Ghezzi

Kathleen Morse Bernadette Ottiano

Robert and Karen Buzard

John Pedrick

Fred and Diane Campagna

Roy Penny

Brett and Stacy Carlson

Dejan Radeka

Patrick Churchville

Dale Rheault

Jeff Colby and Stephanie Sanford

Tony Simpson

John and Jane Conlin

Miriam Smith

John and Mary Coyne

Anson Stookey

John and Denise Crimmins

Liz Tardif

John Croy and Erica Buchanan

Anna Tillinghast

Geoffrey and Lisa Davis

Daniel and Vickie Kerloch

Marc and Sabrina Paradis

Bob and Alison Kiely

Dana and Teresa Pearson

Zackary King and Kerry Tyson

Michael and Kelly Pennell

Ron and Michelle Kosegarten

Pennfield School Association

Jamie Kurtis

Peter and Pila Pexton

Chris and Jacki Lane

Kyle and Dawn Phelps

Henry and Karla Little

Joe and Jen Pierik

Philip and Tallulah Lloyd

Jeffrey and Leah Poole

2011-2012 Annual Fund Statement of Giving Annual Fund July 1, 2011 - June 20, 2012 Restricted Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Unrestricted Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$6,100.00 $112,200.03

Total Annual Fund Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Annual Fund Donors Donors

Parents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trustees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friends. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grandparents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Matching Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Foundations/Corporations. . . . . . . . . . . . . Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Total Donations

$43,200.36 $23,363.50 $3,650.00 $11,515.00 $12,465.00 $3,517.00 $2,325.00 $7,583.17 $4,601.00


Isabelle Pitts ‘11 MacKenzie Roderick ‘07 Francesca Spinella ‘08 Cecillia Spinella ‘10

The Panther Circle Alumni who have doubled their donation from the previous year Lauren Bakios ‘01 Matt Bakios ‘04 Stephen Bakios ‘97 Megan Fantes ‘10 Elizabeth Gibbs ‘77 Betsey Meadows ‘99 Eliza Radeka ‘10

Acorn Circle Alumni from classes '08-'11 Chase Brown ‘11 Dejan and Mary Pat Radeka Stephen and Suzanne Ramponi Samantha Richard

MacKenzie Roderick ‘07 Elizabeth Avenengo ‘82

Bill Sherman ‘93

Lauren Bakios ‘01

Ashleigh '93 and Ryan Smith

Elizabeth Robinson

Matt Bakios ‘04

Fiona Simpson Soni ‘86

Burke Rogers and Annie Laurie Tuttle

Stephen Bakios ‘97

Francesca Spinella ‘08

Jamie Schapiro and Kristin Emory Jon and Cathy Seibold Tom and Vickie Settle Jim and Amy Simmons The Sisk Family Mark and Margaret Solomons Rosanne Somerson Evelyn Sterne Anson and Marilyn Stookey Jeremy and Lis Swain Pete and Liz Tardif Brian and MJ Torello Ted and Bridget Torrey Morgan and Tracy Trubovich Ali and Gulten Tural Rob and Carolyn Van Petten Thomas and Anna Vrankar Robert and Laura Wadsworth Jon and Nan Wagshul Dr. Susan Walker Rob and Tara Wilson

Grant ‘96 and Liz Bartlett

Cecillia Spinella ‘10

Nick Benson ‘79

Guy '72 and Kelley Tillinghast

Kyle Brown ‘06

Betsy Burrell Whittaker ‘83

Casey Brown ‘08 Chase Brown ‘11

Megan Fantes ‘10 Callie Hall ‘09 Will Hall ‘11 Charlotte O’Halloran ‘10 Isabelle Pitts ‘11 Eliza Radeka ‘10 Francesca Spinella ‘08 Cecillia Spinella ‘10

Bistline Circle Alumni who are donating for the first time within 10 years

Bruce and Anne Birgbauer

Megan Fantes ‘10

Nick Benson ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burke

Dr. Dan Freess ‘95

Kyle Brown ‘06

Fritzi and Kemp Byrnes

Katie Freess ‘99

Casey Brown ‘08

Richard and Sandra Carlson

Elizabeth Gibbs ‘77

Chase Brown ‘11

Arnold Cernota

Kathryn Meadows Gray ‘96

Caitlin Burke ‘11

Dorothy Cunningham

Caitlin Burke ‘11 Chuck Cabral ‘93 Robyn Cabral ‘95 Whitney Connell '00

Anne W. Birgbauer Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bottone

Callie Hall ‘09

Callie Hall ‘09

Joseph and Marjorie Ducharme

Will Hall ‘11

Will Hall ‘11

Ben and Dianna Emory

Elise Burden Hoblitzelle ‘83

Motoko Maegawa ‘88

Jeff ‘77 and Karen Houston Drew Kemp ‘04 Motoko Maegawa '88 Betsey Meadows ‘99 Darcey O’Halloran '02 Lauren O’Halloran '08 Charlotte O’Halloran '10 Drew Pigott ‘00 Chris Pigott ‘94 John Pigott ‘96 Isabelle Pitts ‘11 Eliza Radeka ‘10


Caitlin Burke ‘11

Class Participation 2011-2012 Nursery ’22 66% Pre-Kindergarten ’21 81% Kindergarten ’20 82% Class I ’19 100% Class II ’18 93% Class III ’17 93%

Class IV ’16 Class V ’15 Class VI ’14 Class VII ’13 Class VIII ’12

100% 93% 89% 88% 65%

Francis and Ursula Ferrance

Rich McMorrow

Joseph and Alice Giordano

Polly Meadows

Lisa Heyward

Piper Padillia

Mrs. Paul C. Houston

Dawn Pigott

Bill and Pat Kelley

Kim Roderick

Louis and Regina Krzych

Rich Schlegel

James and Diane Kurtis

Ashleigh Smith '93

Patricia Levy

Erik Sperl

Shelly Lipsett

Dana Staats

Jay and Bizzy McCabe

Heather Strout

Joan McKelvey

Lis Swain

Pamela S. Michaud

Maria Takacs

2011–2012 Revenue Tuition Revenue 83%

Barbara Lovell Moore

Other Program Income 12.4%

Libby Mottur Lilian E. Paul Charles and Jill Pennell Mike and Loel Poor Veljko and Lela Radeka Patricia and John Rust Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Schapiro Samuel and Gretchen Shubrooks Margaret Stapleton John and Katherine Stookey Hazel Tuttle Jean Tye Anthony and AnnMarie Vitale Stuart A. Watters Mel and Sherian Weiss

Jenn Alexander Judy Allen Debbie Bartlett Mathew Bottone Beth Bouch Faith Callahan Erin Carr Toni Ciany Valerie Connor Beth Cook Linda Derome-Cabral Peter Dorrien Traisci Kristin Emory Lesley Faria Dave Gleason Will Glennon Pam Grant Judy Hall Mandy Howe Rob Kelley Mattie Edwards Kemp Karen King Judy Knowles Susan Kremer Karen Lambert Lindsay Lyons Michael McCarthy

John and Judy Allen Annual Fund

Bevin Baetjer


The Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Bailey Elaine and Steve Bakios Christine and Tom Bandoni Scott and Debbie Bartlett Gerard Baudet Will Bladt David and Beth Bouch David and Holly Brown Stephanie Buckley John Burnham and Rachel Balaban

Ruff and Polly Meadows Kurt and Susan Nathan Julie and Kevin O’Halloran Piper Padillia Donald and Karen Pecchia Jay and Meghan Picotte

Jefferson G. Burnett

Dawn Cronin Pigott

Tom and Faith Callahan

Charles and Lynne Ramos

Charles and Toni Ciany

Kim Roderick

Frank and Valerie Conner

Cora Saccucci

Drs. Tom and Mary Day

Gary Sargent

Jeff and Jessica Day

Rich Schlegel

Linda Derome-Cabral

Chris Silvia

Peter and Amy Dorien Traisci

Frank and Kate Spinella

Tom and Jackie Fantes

Dick and Heather Strout

Dan and Lesley Faria

Sanders and Maria Takacs

Drs. Jim Freess and Sondra Gold

Hale and Nellie Walcoff

June Gibbs

Kent and Nina Willever

Dave and Karen Gleason

Sonia Lowis Wilson

Jim and Helen Glover Mrs. Roger P. Griswold Mike and Lisa Hansel Mrs. Frederick S. Holmes Garry and Cathy Holmstrom

Aquidneck Land Trust Audubon Society of Rhode Island Charles Samdperil Humanitarian Memorial Foundation

Mandy Howe

Delken Companies

Larry R. Ivens

East Bay Oral Surgery, Inc.

Andrew Kemp and Mattie Edwards Kemp

Feinstein Foundation

Tony and Judy Knowles John and Anne Ludes Julia B. Lundwall Karl and Greer Lyon

IBM Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program

For Military Cookout and support of military families at Pennfield Anne Birgbauer For Science Field Trip Audubon Society of Rhode Island For Drama Department Pam Grant Richard and Kerri Jaffe For printed report of Community Service by Pennfield Students Feinstein Foundation

Jack and Pam Grant Bill and Judy Hall

Cornucopia ‘11

Dick and Irene Needham

Home Depot KVG Communications, Inc. Notch Design Group Sasco Foundation

Michael and Michelle McCarthy

Southeastern Oral & Maxillofaciial Surgeons

Nicole McDermott


For Greenhouse Aquidneck Land Trust For clay pots for Earth Day plantings Home Depot, Inc. For Annual Fund Class Agents support Anson Stookey For Scoreboard on Field Class of 2012 Gift For Yearbook 2012 Erica Buchanan

John and Gwenda McQuilkin


Sixth Annual Golf and Tennis Scholarship Tournament As was reported in the Fall issue of The Spirit, the Sixth Annual Golf and Tennis Scholarship Tournament was a huge success despite the rainy weather and postponement of the tennis until the following week at Salve Regina University. The Pennfield Scholarship Fund increased by over $16,000. This special event allows many students to attend Pennfield that would not normally have a chance to be here. We give special thanks to our major contributors and sponsors.

Tournament Sponsors Newport Fed Andsager Bartlett & Pieroni, LLP CBIZ Tofias Glorious Affairs Greenvale Vineyards Salve Regina University Tom Peters Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Tremblay's Bus Co. LLC


John and Judy Allen

Delken Companies


Gas Lamp Grille

Stephen N. Bakios, DDS

Anne Hyder

Christine Bandoni

Colin and Beth Jackson

Blue Plate Diner Fritzi and Kemp Byrnes

Jr. Golf Camp of Green Valley Country Club

Carey, Richmond & Viking Insurance

Bill and Pat Kelley

Rob Kelley and Ann Cotter-Kelley

Richard and Janet Colby

The Kiely Family

Crystal Spring Water

Lou and Regina Krzych

Jeff and Jessica Day

James T. and Diane I. Kurtis

Lincoln School

Rockstar Limo

Dr. Jeremiah and Virginia Lowney

Rocky Hill School

Ruff and Polly Meadows

Jamie and Kristin Schapiro

Moses Brown School

SENCO Printing Co.

Irene Needham

Ships Wheel Brand Corp.

Newport Tent Co.

SHS Pest Control, Corp.

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Advancement Team 2011-2012 Peter Mottur Chair, Board of Trustees Rob Kelley Head of School Anson Stookey Chair, Advancement Committee Chair, Annual Fund Christine Bandoni Anson Stookey Co-Chairs 40th Anniversary Initiatives Diane Campagna, Karen Houston Dina Karousos Co-Chairs, 40th Anniversary Celebrations Polly Meadows Director of Advancement

Annual Fund Class Agents 2011-2012 Nursery Sara Gray

Class III Peter Morse

Pre-Kindergarten Sam Howell Jenn Bonoff Christine Frost

Class IV Jeremy Howard

Kindergarten Kara and Chris Museler

Class VI Ed Baldwin Tim Froggatt

Class I Nick Downes Zack King

Class VII Rob Wilson Jacki Lane

Class II Tom Burnham Chris Bartlett

Class VIII Vickie Settle Tony Manory

Class V Patrick Churchville

Statement by the Director of Advancement We have just concluded Pennfield’s 40th Anniversary! What a celebration we had! Our founders established a strong foundation – parents, students and faculty continue to expand and strengthen a special school. We are so very fortunate to know that the building blocks are stable. Pennfield will continue to excel in educating young children for many generations. It is with this spirit and a heartfelt thanks to each and every person that has given to The Pennfield School this past year that we write this report. There are so many students that benefited over the years from the spirit of giving and helping. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of our school. In compiling the Annual Report for 2011-2012, every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate and complete. Please direct any errors or omissions to the Advancement Office – – and please accept our apologies. Again, thank you to everybody who supports The Pennfield School with your time, talent and treasures.

Polly Meadows, P'96, P'99   


the pennfield school Little Slocum Farm • 110 Sandy Point Avenue • Portsmouth • Rhode Island • 02871

The Pennfield School 2011-2012 Annual Report  

The Pennfield School 2011-2012 Annual Report

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