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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences Department of Design Dean Prof. Jens Müller und Prof. Michael Stoll

Welcome! Innovation in design has a long tradition in Augsburg: from the early 18th century on the "nuts and bolts of design" were taught in this Swabian metropolis: It all started in 1710 in the Imperial Academy with fresco painting, life drawing and perspective construction drawing. A more comprehensive range of design disciplines was taught later on, when the academy became the Royal School of Art and in 1971 essential part of the University of Applied Sciences. Today the Department of Design offers a bachelor and master degree, both in communication design and multimedia, plus this master programme "Newsdesign".

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michaelstoll +49.821.55863401 (secretary) +49.171.4801803 (Prof. Michael Stoll)

Newsdesign With this master programme we'd like to continue this "tradition of innovation": No other master's course has the visual aspects of journalism as such a central topic, although today a news media's success heavily relies on visual aspects and design. Whether the "spark of information" reaches the reader, depends crucially on the visual structure of the journalistic product and its components. So an academic and scientific analysis of journalistic content and its design is long overdue.

The Study Programme The master's programme "Newsdesign" gives you the opportunity to explore the multilayer relations between media and media users. You may develop innovative solutions for a variety of media channels and design visual concepts that are appropriate in a given context for message mediation. Against the backdrop of rapid development in digital media, you also analyse what presentation formats are suitable as future business models. In this context you design cross-media formats for the media consumers of tomorrow.



work/employment parallel


Bremen Potsdam




Düsseldorf Dresden

Erfurt Frankfurt Mainz Saarbrücken Nürnberg


Stuttgart Augsburg


Final Degree With the completion of the "Master of Arts in Newsdesign" you are qualified as a designer with a high affinity for the visually oriented journalism or as a journalist with a high affinity for Newsdesign. You are aiming for leadership positions in media companies, research and teaching. We would be pleased if you are interested in our programme and are available for interviews and further information gladly. Prof. Jens Mueller Prof. Michael Stoll

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Idyllic location: library, computer center, cafeteria and outdoor seating


Historical and modern architecture: course rooms of the Faculty of Design

1. Semester

2. Semester

3. Semester

4. Semester

Master Project Newsdesign concept and design

Monomedia Project

Multimedia Project

Crossmedia Project

Research Project

Masterseminar Newsdesign teamwork

Newsdesign Cockpit (Newsroom) 1

Visual Journalism factual competences

Basics of Newsdesign history, characteristics and methods

Tools and Methods what to use and how to use it Media Science competence in science



Newsdesign Cockpit (Newsroom) 2


Taxonomy Vis. Journalism (photography, video, infography ‌) 3

Future of Vis. Journalism (integrated, augmented, virtual reality) 3

Software, Tools, Devices for input, network, transport and output 2

Multimedia News Social Networks, Web 2.0, Web 3.0

Media Performance conception, direction, production, analysis

Media Science 1 scientific working , media history and taxonomy 2

Media Science 2 media research, media law, media ethical codes 2



Newsdesign Cockpit (Newsroom) 3



Future of Media Development of Media and Communication Tec 2 Corporate Identity, Change Management, Brand Extension

Design and Presentation

Presentation Forms of Presentation 2


The "Master Project" is the center of the masters course. Here, the students actively design projects related to the area "Newsdesign". This takes place against the backdrop of the parallel modules offered with practical, applied and theoretical focus. Topic suggestions can be submitted by the students themselves, by the supervising faculty, or by external partners. While it is possible to work as an individual (in the first semester), in the later semesters growing team spirit and teamwork are requiring tasks. Ideally, the projects are planned on top of each other thematically, artistically and medial. The intention is to grow the high standard of journalistic and creative brainstorming, design, craftsmanship, design quality and presentation steadily. During the "Masters Projects", the students acquire the skills and main tasks necessary for acting as "Newsdesigner" in the future.

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Documentation Forms of Documentation 2

Masterthesis (maximum 6 months)




Requirements for your application The master course "Newsdesign" takes place parallel to employment and therefore is set up as lasting five semesters. Applicants must have successfully completed a degree in design, media, journalism or a similar field with 210 ECTS. Applicants also must have finished one year of professional activity at least. Candidates with less than 210 ECTS but at least 180 ECTS can make up for the lack by taking additional courses within the first year.




5. Semester


Studying in the countryside: the green yard of the Faculty of Design


Masterthesis (maximum 6 months) 9




Semester 1: Monomedia Project: Here a monomedial focussed "Master Project" is set up, in which a student explores the media specific expression and opportunities. Semester 2: Multimedia Project: The project is expanded to further mediation channels. A multimedia news presentation will be produced in knowledge of the specifics of individual channels. Semester 3: Crossmedia Project: Broadening of the "Master project" to cover converging media. Students will investigate and examin how crossmedia news work. Semester 4: Research Project: Explicitly research-based design of a suitable project topic. Students will take a process-oriented approach. In character, this project should be seen as one which leads to and sets the basis for the Master's Thesis.

Application Your application should include the following documents: the completed application form, download from the address (compact URL), a brief letter describing the motivation and interests in the programme, a CV, the evidence of the first degree with 210 ECTS (or 180 ECTS, see above) and more recent work (creative, journalistic or scientific projects and theses). Your application should be directed to the address on the back of this leaflet.

Application Process / Application Deadlines The program starts once a year. Application documents can be filed all over the year. As part of the process candidates will be invited to a colloquium at the university. Following the colloquium the Examination Board decides on the admission. For detailed information on how to apply for the programme, please visit the website of the University of Augsburg, Department of Design: (compact URL).

Facts and Figures Name of programme: Newsdesign Final degree: Master of Arts Maximum number of participants per course: 16 students Admission procedure: portfolio, colloquium Normal course period: 5 semesters (work/employment parallel) Total workload: 90 ECTS Weighting of the thesis: 24 ECTS Fees: 2.500 Euros (per semester)

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Infoflyer: Master of Arts in Newsdesign  

Information about the new Masterprogramme Newsdesign at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, English Version

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