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Secret Agent  Program  

2014 Field  Assets      

    Let’s  Talk  Mutual  Value     Finding  the  right  technology  solution  -­‐  then  applying  it  so  that  it  really  works  -­‐  is  our  single-­‐   minded  mission.    Due  to  the  significant  disruption  to  the  way  IT  needs  to  operate  in  the  new   world  order  we’ve  completely  redefined  how  this  critical  task  needs  to  get  done.     Our  Transformation  Enablement  Service  (TES)  is  dedicated  to  achieving  this  mission.     It’s  proven  and  rigorous.    It  exposes  and  then  synthesizes  never  before  seen  data  which   reveals  genuine  insights  that  actually  enable  change.    For  the  first  time,  TES  completely   removes  assumptions,  ambiguity  and  guesswork.    As  a  direct  result  we  can  close  the  critical   gaps  that  create  RISK  and  make  predictable  the  science  of  building  a  relevant  operating   infrastructure  to  win  -­‐  whatever  your  industry.    This  forensic  approach  is  wholly  dependent   for  there  to  be  any  real  progress  in  Big  Data,  Cloud  or  the  transformation  of  complex  legacy   client  server  architectures.    Think  of  TES  as  a  forensic  ‘X-­‐Ray  Vision’  into  an  enterprise’s   most  critical  environments.     We  want  to  invite  you  on  this  journey     Armed  with  this  weaponry  we’ve  also  redefined  how  we  intend  to  reward  genuine   partnership.    We’ve  created  a  ‘Secret  Agent  Referral  Program’  (SARP)  designed  to   properly  engage  partners  with  a  mutual  interest  -­‐  the  same  passion  for  our  mission.     Our  program  is  designed  to  directly  motivate  and  compensate  registered  Agents.    To  be   crystal  clear,  introductions  that  lead  to  a  new  TES  assignment  will  return  a  minimum  of     $10,000  to  the  Agent.    Should  the  transaction  lead  to  larger  opportunity  so  there  will  be   additional  percentages  of  earned  revenue.     The  Target  Audience  for  TES    -­‐  Any  senior  executive  at  a  Fortune  1000  company.    Ideally,   Chief  Information  Officer,  Chief  Technology  Officer,  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  SVP  of   Infrastructure,  or,  Chief  Financial  Officer.     The  Target  Industries  for  TES  -­‐  IT  Service  Providers,  Financial  Services,  Insurance,   Healthcare,  Pharmaceuticals,  Manufacturing,  Media  &  Entertainment.     Let  us  know  if  you  are  in!    Contact  us  by  responding  to  our  email,  or  via  the  link  below.    You   can  also  follow  us  on  Twitter.  





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