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December 2013

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Elize’s life changing surgery Bring it on with Pat Robertson Thank you to our Partners

A word from the Director, K Strugnell

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, (Matthew 25: 35)

A changed life, thanks to our Surgery Program. Elize Baker has just had a cataract removed from her right eye. It had been there for so long, she was starting to go blind! As we go to print, her eye is healing, and soon she will be able to see fine again. But not so long ago, Elize feared that she would lose her eyesight completely. She was unable to read. She couldn’t afford to have the cataract removed privately, so she went to government hospitals who told her to return next year. But each day her eyesight weakened and it scared her! Would she be able to wait until the new year, just for it to be too late? Elize heard about our Surgery Program in the last edition of Frontlines, and contacted us. In no time, she was headed to an eye specialist who had done over 20 000 cataract removal surgeries. Because of the support of loyal partners like you, CBN was able to pay for Elize’s consultation with the Doctor, the surgery, treatment and follow-up appointments. Soon Elize will be able to experience the full joy of having her eyesight back, and we rejoice at the promise of better days! Write to us at if you would like to join our network of Doctors, who make surgeries like this possible. PAGE


As Seen On 700 Club Pat Robertson answers your questions

Bring It On

How do I live my life for Christ? 2 Corinthians 5:12-20 states that we should no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who finished the work at Calvary. So how do I do that? The Apostle Paul said, “Of the truth in Christ, I lie not. I die daily” (see 1 Corinthians 15:31). There has to be a surrender of ourselves, of our ambitions and our desires. It takes doing this daily. You have to surrender daily, and you have to let the Word cleanse you daily. Do we all sin? Yes. Do we go astray? Yes, but you must be in a constant state of asking Him to make you more like Jesus. We fail along the way. There is so much in the world that distracts us, but you have to keep coming back to Him and praying, “Lord, please make me more like You.” The Apostle Paul said, “My little children for whom I travail in prayer until Christ is formed in you” (see Galatians 4:19). It’s a process of becoming more like Jesus day after day after day. That’s how it happens.

Thank you for being a blessing! In this season of giving thanks, we at CBN extend our heartfelt gratitude to our compassionate partners. Your prayers and generosity have touched millions of lives in so many ways. Because you cared, those in crisis situations throughout the world have hope. You have provided groceries to needy families, cared for abandoned orphans, given food and grain to famine victims, drilled water wells in remote villages, and helped those trapped in poverty start their own home businesses and farms. Plus, every day, you point people to Christ through, CBN’s Prayer Center, Superbook and powerful programs like The 700 Club and Turning Point - and many are finding Christ and reporting miracles! You’ve helped us reach milestones Thanks to you in this year alone, as of September 2013: • CBN’s international ministry centers handled over 522,000 ministry calls, and more than 1 million text messages • Over 500,000 people received ministry at more than 1,400 video evangelism events—with nearly 100,000 people praying to receive Christ • reports 1.1 million Gospel presentation views (an 80% increase over 2012) with 52,000 people receiving Christ! Here’s what people are saying: • “I appreciate you guys for your TV programs which have been a great source of encouragement, hope and solace to millions of viewers the world over. The episodes have helped me overcome guilt that had plagued my life for long, I’m now free.” - Jack. • “I called you a while ago requesting prayer and counseling because of poor performance in school. I’ve now improved a lot and I desire to continue doing even much better in future. Thank you.” - Ann. Thank you for standing with us to reach out with Jesus’ love. You are helping to transform the world, one life at a time. We look forward to continuing the work of the Lord in 2014, with your support. May God bless you and your loved ones this holiday season!

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GIFTS AT CHRISTMAS Joy to the world, the Lord is come by KEITH STRUGNELL, Director “The giving of gifts at Christmas has been common for two millennia. Our Creator God started it with the best Gift that could ever be given, His indescribable Gift (2 Corinthians 9:15), the Gift of His Son to redeem us that we might receive adoption as His sons (Galatians 4: 5). This Gift must be received like we receive any gift – by faith! This is a gift that lasts, for God’s Gift is eternal! (Romans 6: 23). The receipt of this Gift is what urges us to pass it on! How could we sit back complacently and not share the gift of salvation with the millions of people who still live in darkness and have not been enlightened by the Good News of sins forgiven and new life in Jesus Christ? That’s why it is so important and why we are so grateful for your prayers and your gifts to support the work of this ministry to pass on this message via the media and humanitarian endeavours. God bless you this Christmas as you remember the purpose of God’s Son Jesus coming into the world as a baby to be divinely human and humanly divine, and for God to be in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself (2 Corinthians 5: 19). Have a very happy Christmas and a blessed New Year. If you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to give something extra for the work of the ministry this Christmas the banking details are below this page. A superb Christmas gift for children and whole families can be found below too. Thank you so much and God bless you for your faithfulness.”

During December, KTN of Kenya are airing all 13 episodes of the

new SUPERBOOK. Other Kenya stations follow from January. In November at DISCOP, the TV trade market of Africa, we also brokered more contracts for the first season of the SUPERBOOK series to air in Uganda (from Dec ‘13), Zambia and Malawi (2014). Please continue to join us in prayer, as more stations around Africa sign on to get SUPERBOOK, including South Africa.

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BIG NEWS is that one DVD episode of SUPERBOOK, THE FIRST CHRISTMAS, will be sold in bookstores around RSA in December. Watch this space for other DVD releases soon, with the curriculum for schools and churches in 2014. We continue to believe that Superbook will reach and impact millions of chidren, and adults!

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