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Refrigerator Buyer’s guide

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Find your fridge type‌ To stoop or not to stoop? Pick a type based on your preferred stance.

Top-mount 1 Boasts the biggest size-to-capacity ratio, offering the most storage space for its size. Best bet for anyone looking for a low-cost and large capacity.


Bottom-mount 2 Offers larger capacities than top mounts, and puts the oft-used fresh food at eye-level. Solid choice if freezer access is not the prime concern.



Side-by-side Taller and narrower, the side-by-side construction is optimal in tight kitchens. Increasing convenience, indoor ice and water dispensers are usually standard features. 3

French door Saves on space and provides nice extras like the side-by-side. Offers sleek, contemporary lines and wide-open access to the interior. 4

Cool tips.

Clean the door gasket often to maintain a strong seal. For door storage, store heavier items closer

Drawers The newest fridge incarnation. Great for highly sought out items like snacks. 5

to the hinge to reduce stress on the door. New fridge features, like drawers and glass floors, mean less food will get lost in the shuffle. A defrosted freezer increases cooling efficiency and reduces power consumption. Refrigerators have come a long way—they are more efficient at cooling



and better at keeping even temperatures throughout the interior.

Smart technology for the smart 21st century kitchen. Check out the latest trends in refrigeration design—from managing energy to tweeting, manufacturers have got it all and then some.

Adaptive Defrost—Like a second mom, GE’s adaptive defrost knows when you’re using the freezer and adjusts the defrost cycle accordingly, preventing unnecessary warming throughout the refrigerator. ClimateKeeper—Featuring dual evaporators, the cold air circulation is kept separate for the fridge and the freezer, keeping fresh foods fresher and preventing moisture build-up in the freezer. Nucleus technology— GE’s Nucleus is a small device that communicates wirelessly with both your meter and GE’s Brillion smart appliances, allowing you to monitor usage and time-of-use rates for your electricity.

Linear compression—LG offers their state-of-the-art linear compressor. It’s 20% more energy efficient than government standards and runs off environmentally-safe Isobutane. Converta™ Drawer—The drawer offers the ability to convert it from a freezer to a refrigerator when extra space is needed.

Wi-Fi—Yes, you read that correctly. Samsung offers two models with LCD screens that go beyond calorie counting. The advanced technology offers Wi-Fi, apps galore, and even hidden speakers.

Air purification—If food is your passion, Sub-Zero’s antimicrobial filtration system will be a breath of fresh air. Based on NASA technology, it scrubs the air of bacteria, odors, microscopic contaminants, and even the dreaded food-spoiling ethylene gas.

Spill control—Whirlpool has made quick work of clean up with new MicroEtch™ shelves that magically contain spills and are far easier to clean than the raised spill-catcher designs.

Tailor the fit‌ Finding the right features is a matter of taste. Consider all the individual factors to find the perfect match for your personality.

Shelves Do you want your shelves to move up and down for space, or in or out for convenience? Is your family spill prone? Look for easy-to-clean glass shelves with rims. Obsessed with space efficiency? Think about how and where you store your most and least used items. Bins Would you use your humiditycontrolled bins to perfectly control the environment of your veggies, or would you toss in any old item that would fit? Be honest—why invest in features you are not going to use?

Door storage Just like shelves, consider how organized you want to be. If you are tired of bottles wobbling around, look for shelf brackets that keep everything in line. Special wine racks are also good at keeping space open and efficiently utilized. Water and ice dispensers Do you want filtered or unfiltered water? Lots of ice cube options or just ice? And, consider how much room the dispenser takes up inside.

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Buyer’s guide and more! Find your fridge type… To stoop or not to stoop? Pick a type based on your preferred stance. Bottom-mount Offers lar...

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