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Message from the Principal Dear Parents,

Greetings, Rocket Family! I am Nakia Williams the Project Tomorrow Facilitator/Curriculum Specialist here at Northeast. My job here at the school is to work with teachers to support their efforts to prepare your child for the academic requirements of each grade. I am also here to support you as a parent by serving as a resource when you need suggestions of successful ways for addressing your child’s academic success. If you would like to setup a time to meet and discuss ways to help your child, please contact me at 527-4166 ext. 2731.

It is hard to believe that we are half-way through the school year. It has been an exciting year. Northeast Elementary School has been involved in a project this year entitled, . As a part of Project Tomorrow, Students and staff members have been studying the 16 essential dispositions that successful people use when they are confronted with problems and the solutions to which are not immediately apparent. We want students to get into the habit of effective thinking. We want our students to not just solve a problem but also become an effective problem solver. The 16 dispositions are called The "Habits of Mind” prepare students to behave intelligently when confronted with problems. Traditionally, we are impressed with how many answers students know— scores on tests, for example. Although right answers are important, the critical attribute of successful human beings is not only having right answers or information, but also knowing how to act on it. With Habits of Mind, we are focused on how students behave when they don’t know the answer! As we prepare our students to live a productive life in the 21st Century, the Habits of Mind will provide them with tools to make good choices in the lives both in school and in the community.

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Kindergarten We have had many successes in kindergarten. Our children are learning to blend sounds to begin reading. Our multiple intelligence centers have helped to cement kindergarten and life long skills. They can identify what multiple intelligence is necessary to complete a task. The HOMs (Habits of Mind) are integrated into all subject areas. We have a bulletin board that spotlights our HOM as storybook characters. This is helpful to provide a real world connection to HOM in all the literature we read. Kindergarten integrates STEM by using Think Central manipulatives and games, Waterford, Study Island, Success Maker, classroom wiki pages (sight word recognition) and document camera to enhance lessons.

Teachers Memorial kindergarteners, Dyamon Daniels, Jacquel Winfield, and Denise Moore taking turns grouping their animals.

1st Grade

The First Grade Family at Northeast ElementaryMrs. Blount, Mrs. McPhail, Mrs. Rouse, and Mrs. Shockey- has gotten off to a great start this year. The Focus Board has been a wonderful addition to our classes and has made our lessons more enriching and integrated. We are also incorporating STEM in our classrooms through the use of computer activities available through in Math as well as Waterford and Study Island as a part of our Language Arts Curriculum. STEM is also being incorporated into our classroom as we use computers for small group instruction and our air tablets for whole group lessons that are interactive and hands on with an element of fun for the students. We’ve had many successes in our classrooms! Students are learning how to use the HOM and transfer this language through group work and centers. They have gained an in-depth understanding the HoM with a major focus thus far being on persistence and taking responsible risks. Students are using this knowledge to form corporative learning groups in the classroom and are now applying this knowledge to their daily lives.

2nd Grade Our 2nd graders have truly been working hard! The 16 Habits of Mind are infused in our daily lessons and activities. Our students are excited to learn about new habits of mind each week. These habits enable our students to be successful in school and in the community. We have witnessed many successes from our students such as: students consistently responding in complete sentences, students understanding/ demonstrating the Habits of Mind, and students taking what they are learning in the classroom and applying it to the “real� world. We have also been implementing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) into our classroom by utilizing the air tablets, document cameras, projectors, and other useful science websites for students to learn and explore. Using this technology allows students to be interactive and engaged in their own learning; therefore, learning becomes personal and fun for them!!



The Habits of Mind are used throughout third grade. They are integrated throughout our third grade curriculum. The Habits of Mind are identified and discussed while teaching our End of Grade selections, our PBS program and our daily teaching of the objectives. STEM is being incorporating in our grade level through the use of the students’ laptops during Multiple Intelligence centers and during daily teaching instruction. The integrating of the Habits of Mind has enabled each third grade teacher to visualize successes in their classrooms. Mrs. Jones stated that the students are managing their impulsivity while walking down the hall. Mrs. Simmons stated that the students are remembering to use complete sentences at all times while answering questions. Ms. Sutton stated that the students are applying past knowledge as they speak in complete sentences. Ms. Whitfield stated that the students are listening with understanding and empathy to their peers as they complete tasks in their Multiple

Intelligence centers. They are also open to continuous learning. The use of the Habits of Mind is enabling our students to communicate more efficiently and improve their thinking skills.

Important Dates: Feb. 25 - Early Dismissal

Feb. 26 - Teacher Workday

Mar. 25 - Early Dismissal

Apr. 2 - Teacher Workday

Apr. 5-9 - SPRING BREAK!

4th Grade The fourth grade team has worked together to create an atmosphere of learning in many different ways whether it is by making projects; making center materials used to manipulate and enhance their learning, using technology to do research. This team has incorporated the “Smarts” to their teaching strategies, which allow the students to produce feedback by using their strengths as they build upon other ways of being “smart” Our team works well together and share many things to build a strong unit and smart students. Here are just a few of our successes: Mrs. Ward’s class has been learning about the rainforest while they use their different “smarts” to display work and express their knowledge of understanding in different ways. Ms. Wooten’s students have done animal research projects using the habits of mind while incorporating science relating to STEM. Students have published their blogs to the classroom Wikispace. Please check out Ms. Britt’s class with their reflection writings about their thoughts towards Northeast School. Ms. Givens’ class used S.T.E.M. to watch Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his "I have a dream speech" and analyzed the time period to break down the habits. Please take a look at our displays outside of our rooms.

5th Grade It has been a busy first half of the year for fifth grade. Fifth grade students have had daily access to various types of technology, in our attempt to foster the STEM program. The students have enjoyed the student laptop computers, either for access to learning software or creating their own PowerPoint presentations. Mrs. Patton’s class has utilized the clickers (responders) in class either with morning work or review. Also, Mrs. Patton’s students have been busy creating PowerPoint presentations, and have had a lot of fun learning how to do so. In an attempt to stay connected with her students while in Hawaii, Mrs. Harvey Skyped in so she could speak to her students. Mrs. Shackelford incorporates Easiteach and the wireless tablet on a daily basis with her bell work. Mrs. Shackelford’s students were allowed to use the tablet and found out quickly that you must have really good hand and eye coordination to use effectively. Mrs. Fordham-Barrett has been out on maternity leave and has delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Fifth grade is eager for Mrs. Fordham-Barrett’s return, she has been missed.

I often get asked the question, “What does a School Counselor do?” There truly is not a “short” way to answer this question. At Northeast Elementary School, I wear many hats, but my main role is to oversee the school guidance and counseling program. This includes conducting classroom/grade level guidance lessons, facilitating small group sessions, and scheduling individual meetings with students, if necessary. While everyday brings about new tasks and challenges. I LOVE being a part of the Northeast Elementary School Family and I look forward to assisting our students, families, and staff in any way I can.

Northeast Newsletter February 2010  

Northeast Newsletter February 2010

Northeast Newsletter February 2010  

Northeast Newsletter February 2010