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Welcome, parents! n e s s a Ms. S

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First off‌

Thanks for coming tonight. Your child’s education is of interest to both of us.

Ways to get in touch with us

• You can always call us at 8410109 and 841-0086. • Between 1:00-1:45 the children are in special areas. • If we don’t answer, please leave me a message and we will call you back when we can.

Attendance • Send your child to school on time each day. • When your child misses school, they lose important instruction. • They should get to the classroom before 7:45. • Your child can have no more than 10 absences or tardies.

Nutrition • Children should eat a healthy breakfast. • Junk food is not allowed during the school day. • Please do not send food or drinks with little nutritional value with your child to school (Gatorade, chips, cheetos, etc.)

Homework • Expect homework almost everyday. • Every student is required to complete the homework every night. • When a child has incomplete homework, he/she will lose class points, sit out at recess, and sit alone at lunch. • If incomplete homework becomes a problem, the child will be sent to the principal’s office.

Homework you can expect: • • • • •

ADD Mad Minute Journal Spelling Read 30 minutes (the most important homework) • Sometimes we will assign Science and Social Studies homework. • Please sign the agenda every night.

Weekly Folder • Your child will bring home their weekly folder almost every Wednesday. • Please review all materials in the folder. • We will begin to include a weekly report. Please sign this.

Graded Work • Much of the graded work will be saved in the binders in the room. • We grade hard and expect a lot of our students. • Please talk to us if you have questions about a grade.

Discipline Plan • • • • • • •

We have 40 classroom rules. Please consider using these at home. Your child will earn or lose classroom money according to their behavior. In Ms. Sassen’s class, all students start the day on white. In Ms. Sweet’s class, they begin on green. In Ms. Sassen’s class, students will go to green with the first warning. In Ms. Sweet’s class, they go to blue with the first warning. Yellow follows. Students lose classroom money and sit alone at lunch. Red is the worst. We will write a note to you about the behavior At the end of the nine weeks, we will have an auction with the classroom money.

Other Information • This year there is less money available for field trips. We still hope to organize some educational field trips. • Parent conferences will happen in October and February. • The state test has changed. We no longer have the TAKS test.

Important Dates • March 27 and 28: STAAR Writing • April 24: STAAR Math • April 25: STAAR Reading

Thanks for coming!

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Back to School Night Presentation-English  

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