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Men are natural lovers of outdoor activities, they are men that can't stop moving, but they are also champion of living a chic lifestyle.Nature lovers simply cannot miss Nato Lens. An assembly of nylon straps and steel case, these two components of Nato Lens are inspired by the form of camera strap and camera lens. God is in the details: the stylish strap is comfortable as leather is topped by nylon, while the name and the model of the timepiece are respectively stitched and embossed on the straps; the design of dial is based on a rotating outer ring and the effect of fisheye lens, such is a perfect embodiment of the concept of Lens. Coming in the classical colours of blackish brown and olive green, Nato Lens is sporty and lively, it is a watch for those on the go.

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TACS approach is clean, comfortable design which dissolved in any places especially in lifestyle atmosphere. Positive humor comes out from...