ALUMNUS Spring 2022 - Mississippi State University

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SUPPORTING NEW IDEAS Julie Jordan, Mississippi State’s vice president for research and economic development said the university’s faculty can turn even small amounts of funding into impactful projects with long-term benefits.


SU has continued to pursue new avenues for internal research funding. In recent years, ORED has added a program to support research designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as supporting faculty visits to funding agencies. The university’s International Institute sponsors a seed program that helps early and mid-career faculty develop international projects and partnerships. Jordan said seed funding can be a good way to promote collaboration among researchers, connect faculty with

university resources and help get an idea off the ground that may not be ready for a major external proposal. “We have faculty with incredible ideas all over campus,” she said. “We want to give them every resource they need to carry out the vision for their research and help them make an impact in their field and in society. As we’ve seen with our current programs, sometimes a little bit of investment can provide a huge return with the talented faculty we have. I look forward to having more success stories to share as we grow these programs.” n